[Update] Intermittent Failure to Rez issues reported

[Update 5:04pm PST] We have corrected the code responsible for this internally and are currently testing the fix.  There will likely be a rolling restart later this evening, and a blog post to follow with more details on the restart once we have the timing nailed down.

In the past hour or so we have gotten a few reports of objects disappearing from inventory after failing to Rez inworld. The error message accompanying this loss is “Attempt to rez an object failed”. This issue seems to occur following an attempt to rez a no-copy object on a parcel you don’t have permissions on.

Our QA team has reproduced the error and our Developers are currently working on a fix. Depending on the severity of the issue, we may do a rolling restart, so stay tuned for further details. Although, we all know how averse everyone is to Friday updates… In the meantime, please double-check your permissions before trying to rez no-copy objects from your inventory. We will publish more details as we have them. Thank you.

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