The Concierge Inworld Office

The Concierge inworld office has now been opened; you can find it by teleporting to the region called ‘Linden Estate Services’ through your inworld map or by searching in Places by Linden Location and teleporting from there. The plan is to use this region for a variety of things including meeting with residents, promoting island living and a variety of educational purposes – please feel free to take a look around and say hi if you find us working there!

Please note, this is not a new support route, it is a place for us to work inworld and a resource for concierge customers. Please continue to use the support portal if you need support. If you drop by to say Hi, and we are unresponsive, please don’t be offended – more than likely we are on calls, in livechat sessions or otherwise occupied providing support to concierge customers.

In the foyer you will find an In/Out board for the concierge team, so that those who are eligible for concierge support can check to see who is inworld/working currently. We will also be putting image boards up to showcase some great examples of terrain and content work.

To the east of the Linden Estate Services region you will see the four default private island terrains as islands for those who wish to know how our standard island shapes look before ordering. To the north is a region called ‘Terraform Me’ which will soon be opened for concierge clients who need to practice terraforming – or for those thinking of buying an island and who wish to experiment a little beforehand. Instructions on how to get access to this region will be posted soon.

We’ll be adding more information to the area over the next few weeks and months, this is just the start!

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46 Responses to The Concierge Inworld Office

  1. Kenny Stinger says:

    looking for it i do need help bad to Cant find it

  2. Magi Merlin says:

    Excellent move Lindens – things are really improving around here – thanks!!!

  3. Jazzine Jewell says:

    WOW! Awesome! This is a much-needed idea. I plan to visit you soon πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work LL

  4. Hannah Hannya says:

    Thanks so much! Great idea. And I’ve been looking for somewhere to experiment with terraforming!

  5. eyerocker picket says:

    Fantastic idea! And I would like to commend Harmony (she needs a raise!) for the assistance she performed with my island. There was an object that brought one of my islands down and she quickly located it and brought the island back up. I am pretty ignoe..igon….well I’m not the smartest apple in the basket but I can tell you that this is a great idea as I had no idea what a new island would look like or even how to terraform before the first. Now if I could just figger out that new gadjet I just got…but thats part of the fun here. THANK YOU HARMONY!

  6. Jennifer Christensen says:


    This is wonderful improvement for Concierge customers. You’ve done a really great job setting it up and you have my best wishes and big thank you!

  7. Kenny Stinger says:

    Cant find it

  8. Sy says:

    You know…. there is not much one can say except…. YAY!! *

  9. Siyuri Watanabe says:

    cool hopefully this will werk smoothley

  10. Chaos Mohr says:

    I have been extrememly pleased with the overall new concierge support, and have had excellent response through the concierge support portal whenever I have had an issue. The new islands are a great and positive step forward for the concierge team – keep up the good work!

  11. [logs in to SL and goes to the desk]
    “Help! Help! I’m having problems connecting to SL!”


  12. Vincent Nacon says:

    Good luck keeping up with that kinda of support/feature when people everywhere requesting the try out. However, it’s a nice idea.

  13. nobody says:

    If this problem is fixed, please ignore this.
    And sorry to talk about different topic, it is very important.

    IF you own an Island or new shop, don’t set it Home!
    Linden’s security on “Forgot your password?” is very weak for a paid service, Linden will promptly tell anyone about your Password if he/she can answer the SIM name where your Home is.

    If you are a new SIM owner, you usually set your SIM as home, and thief can report the Owner Name and SIM name to Linden, and Linden will give them the Password for the account, they can take ALL YOUR MONEY.

    (I tried on my account, the page said “unable to process your request at the moment please contact support by phone”, if Linden has noticed this problem and took action, then its good, if its temporary system error….. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS MAJOR SECURITY HOLE!!!!!)

  14. Julia Hathor says:

    What a wonderful idea!

  15. nobody says:

    Report says Linden has closed its password recovery page by answering your Home SIM around an hour ago. Safe SL!

  16. Chance Unknown says:

    When is the announcement about tier increase to private estate owners going out? I have been told that Class 4 sims are being quietly upgraded to Class 5 without notice to the estate holders. Many of these estate owners may not realize they need to contact a Linden to determine what type of server hardware is being utilized.

    Is that the type of issue that requires a support call, or is in world visitation the appropriate method to address these kinds of policy questions?

  17. Dakota Dixon says:

    I have another avi, Tess Manen who while I was on,, logged in with out me, and then logged out, I logged off with Dakota, went to logg Tess on to see what was going on, and Im unable to logg Tess in now

  18. mmccann says:

    Excellent news! I know we’ve been wary of contacting concierge services due to what seem like very narrow support channels. I am wondering, though, will this be open to only those of us with island estates, of will it fall under the square footage rule for concierge level support?

  19. Sean Marsi says:

    Hmmmmmm I’m gonna go ahead and guess that this stuff isn’t coming to the Teen Grid so it has absolutely no affect on me

  20. Bobo Decosta says:

    Is there any learning centre for sim owners? Just been to the linden office and i’m a bit disappointed. What’s there to do except just say hi.

    Most people learn inworld so i would have expected a huge library or at least an tutorial island for people buying sims. For my part i think more people would buy sims if they would know how to maintain one.

  21. Kitsune Basiat says:

    This is just a way for those lindens to ease into taking support away from non-paying customers.

  22. Belial Zadeh says:

    so that’s why we can’t teleport anywhere today? lol

  23. Belial Zadeh says:

    So just to clarify, you only get good service if you spend a small fortune? What about the rest of us premium members who have to put up with a woefully inadequate experience and nobody to shout at?

  24. Molbio Merlin says:

    I’ve owned a region for 3 months and really had a lot of difficulty even finding the concierge. I found a link to the live chat tool under the Miscellaneous category in the knowledge base and spoke with a Linden about this. I asked if there was a better way to access the chat tool and he said there should be a link on the support page like “Are you a concierge customer?” – Nope, I’ve never seen a link like that anywhere? Has anyone else seen such a link?

  25. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    @17: By clarify, I assume you mean troll by pretending outrageous lies are on-topic for this thread?

    Last time I checked, premium customers had access to submit support tickets just the same as concierge customers. Which has nothing to do with this thread, as it’s about a new in-world gathering spot which is specifically stated to be *not* a support portal.

  26. Lord Leafblower says:

    Nice move.
    Let me add my support for the Concierge team.

    Today I had a frightful situation of identity theft thru SL and into PayPal.
    Spike Linden jumped on it immediately via the live chat and had the Lab trace the offender and solve a bad situation in a flash.

    Rock on Spike and good work Lindens!

    best regards,

  27. Atlwolf says:

    I found tons of people on ‘Linden Estate Services’ looking for help, specifically from lindens. One was a issue putting billing formation, another was a bad AO.
    I think there needs to be sign when you arrive explaining what a Concierge Customer is and maybe a landmark to Help Island Public. BTW WE NEED MORE HELP ISLAND PUBLIC’S and OORIENTATION ISLAND UPDATED TO THE NEW VERSION

  28. Atashi Toshihiko says:

    Great idea, when get home tonight I’ll be coming over to have a look at the new offices. Love the idea of having the four default islands available for viewing as well!

    Along those lines, is it possible to make the four default island RAW files available for download? Maybe in the part of the support portal that’s just for concierge customers?

  29. Dirk Felix says:

    #17 & #18
    Truth is, customer support isnt stellar and most Linden help is from a static script and wehn asking to speak with a manager or supervisor youre stuck with someone who cant or wont provide answres needed.

    I’m still stuck with having to prove that I actually puchased $L and didnt recieve them. Funny:
    β€’ My bank displays correct transactions
    β€’ LL $L are different in 3 transation instances, some in my favor, some in LL favor
    β€’ LL has recevied payment for hundereds of USD without crediting my account the correct $L.

    So even if you do spend on an average of $400 USD per week, customer service is not quite as good or easy as trying to end an AOL account.

    Revenue and good service are misaligned.


  30. MrKenneth Writer says:

    This is a joke. We all know that most lindens dont really help out with people in second life as you say most of the contact is through automated replies. the Abuse report system is a joke it takes 3 weeks often before anything is replied to and even then nothing is usually done

    the lag and crashes are still bad and the missing textures issue STILL has NOT been fixed after weeks of problems with it and friends list still does not display properly

    what exactly is this new “center” for. really more of a blog hype than anything else im afraid.

    its a joke and us long time serious second lifers known it.

    and yet again delaying the new update for second life…geez come on out with voice if your gonna put it in SL then do it dont just talk about it for weeks and do nothing

    and about the age verification thing welll how come we havent heard anything about that in weeks? “laughs”

    anyone in second life who has some brains know this whole blog is nothing more than a joke and its all about the money to them and not about quality of service.

  31. Taff Nouvelle says:

    I went there a few days ago before it was officially opened, could not get concierge on line chat to work, Leo was there, told me what the problem was and how to fix it, Harmony then sorted out my problem in nothing flat, Great work guys Thanks :-)))
    If you cant find it, just put Linden in map search, up comes a list.

  32. sterling Whitcroft says:

    Thanks, Jack!
    I’ll come visit as soon as the crowds disperse!

  33. Luna Larsen says:

    That is a good idea. Thanks LL πŸ˜‰

  34. Raul Crimson says:

    Great idea. Is good to open this channel of comunication.

  35. Lacey Brandeis says:

    Dirk I feel for you

    Yes we have had the same issue till finally we just let Linden Labs have the cash. I would not dare gamble $400 or any figure like that. There are two options left to you. One is to cancel and just enjoy sl as sl paying low buys. Or you can keep pushing to get it back. In the latter case you are dealing with a Corp they always are right and always win. You want to do big things in sl you have to gamble with the money or don’t. Most Corps have skilled stallers in that they can keep it tied up so long you just give up. On that Note I know lots of people who have had this trouble. I just hope the Lindens put the extra cash to good use. Linden Labs knows SL is an addiction in that most will overlook everything they do, and keep comming back for more.

  36. Victor Komparu says:

    Keep it staffed, and it’s a sure winner.

  37. Umphrey says:

    Where is the bar?

  38. Desmond Shang says:

    Well done!

    Not like I get a lot of time, but from all the help given to me in the early days I might be able to field a few questions myself for new or prospective sim owners if I wander by… I’ve always got great support from the concierge team.

  39. Jamie David says:

    Now can billing please have an inword representation.

  40. Jamie David says:

    πŸ™‚ thank you by the way. We live in SL so it is much nicer to work in SL not this nasty web stuff.

  41. Balthazar Lindman says:

    Good news, but…what about people living in different time zones and cannot get to talk to a Linden because it’s not office hours at Linden Labs? Anyways sounds really good for customer support.

  42. B. Lindman says:

    Oh another thing…will people without any billing nformations be able to terraform the terraforming isle? And what about creating real terraforming sandboxes in mainlands?

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  44. Popya Collas says:

    If there is absolutely no support for Basic or Premium members in Second Life, where would you go to raise hell? The new Concierge Office! In time, The Lindens will hate this place.

    Interesting how the Lindens stack their support in the Concierge Office to support land sales, in which they make a buck. At least potential buyers will get some questions answered. Everyone else is SOL.

    The Blog is a nice resource for general questions and news, but times are changing and current questions need answers. They can’t keep up.

    Keep chasing your tail, Lindens!

  45. Dingthat bellman says:

    Brilliant guys. I just took a look at it and I’m impressed. I know that, had this resource been around when I did my island it would have saved me a week in start-up time and 10K in Island designs. Thanks again

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