The bug-fixing adventures continue!

Friendly greetings again! It’s me, Torley Linden. You can learn more about what I do @ Linden Lab, and continuing from last time as I promised, I want to share further insights into the state of our bug-fixing progress with you. Let the numbers help tell the story…

So that’s a fun chart filled with serious figures from our Issue Tracker. Click-through to view full-size. The data is as follows:

JAN 07 146 146 71 17
FEB 07 130 120 52 30
MAR 07 309 216 68 33
APR 07 425 290 47 59
MAY 07 635 458 83 70
JUN 07 (partial) 653 463 43 155
TOTALS 2298 1693 364 364

* This doesn’t mean bugs fixed per month, but bugs reported within a given month that are now fixed.

** The date an issue last had any changes made, such as if it was resolved, but also if was reopened, linked to another issue, a comment was made on it, etc.

I’d like to find out how we can sort bugs by resolution date alone, but strangely, it doesn’t look like that’s simpler. Jeremy @ Atlassian (thanks!), makers of JIRA, pointed me to related info; it’d be a very obvious and useful stat to have.

Thus, remember that the numbers don’t tell the whole story:

  • Our Issue Tracker has only been around about half a year, since the Open Source initiative launched in Jan. ’07.
  • This chart only shows publicly-reported issues — lots of bugs that only showed up in our internal records without a “Public JIRA twin”, as well as showstopper exploits which are investigated via security@ list, aren’t counted. For a more comprehensive historical listing of specific fixes that found their way into releases, while you’re logged into Second Life, go to Help menu > Release Notes.
  • This chart does include fixes which had patches attached from the open source contributors lauded in Sardonyx’s detailed update.
  • Each bug is different. Some, like content loss are far more immediately severe than others, while others, like user interface quirks, cumulatively degrade daily usage. Another reason why context is so important.
  • “ALL REPORTED” includes every type of reported issue in a month. The “New Feature” issue type wasn’t introduced until Feb. ’07.
  • These measurements were made yesterday @ ~4:30 PM PDT, so Jun. ’07 numbers aren’t complete and have changed by now. Which brings me to the next point, a question I hear often…

How do I get these stats for myself without having to ask?
I know this is non-obvious, especially you’re new to the Issue Tracker. So let me assist and save your time:

  1. Login (if you haven’t already)
  2. Click this to view the Project Browser

From here, you can readily get a summary of stats in each category. Keep in mind, don’t interpret the numbers by themselves. As we’ll see, there’s a lot of rich context which must also be considered. Furthermore, ongoing education plays a big role in our community’s effective usage of the Issue Tracker, and a small amount of these issues are misfiled — and are subject to correction. Any Linden and Resident is free to make an issue more useful, e.g., changing components to make it easier to find in the future.

One of my fave features, accessible from that page, is:

Single Level Group By Report

From it, you can extract metrics for all sorts of intriguing info, like…

Do you know which Residents have reported the most fixed bugs?
This includes “Fixed Internally” bugs which are awaiting public release. When I last checked, it was:

  • Nicholaz Beresford – 24
  • Alissa Sabre – 17
  • SignpostMarv Martin – 10
  • Strife Onizuka – 10
  • SpacedOut Frye – 9

To get a report like this, set your “Filter” and “Statistic Type” as follows, then press the “Next” button:

And you should end up with a result like this. (And yes, I wish it was sortable by # of resolved, among other things… we have an insatiable hunger for info!)


What about Residents who’ve reported the most unresolved bugs?
After doing the above, see if you can figure this one out yourself. When I last checked, it was:

  • Gigs Taggart – 20
  • Lex Neva – 20
  • Dan Linden – 18
  • Alisa Sabre – 17
  • SignpostMarv Martin – 13

For more details on what criteria are used in these filters, see:

and at your liberty, you can modify and create your own filters to extrapolate data as you see fit. Like Second Life itself, you can customize the Issue Tracker. Infact —

Wait, why’s Dan Linden in there?
Several excellent reasons, including:

  • Lindens are gradually beginning to use the Issue Tracker more so we aren’t behind a wall, and so you can see bugs as we report them. It both communicates openly, and helps us provide examples of how to file issues. (I know that can be confusing.)
  • Dan’s a Quality Assurance Engineer (and ultra-prolific bug reporter in our internal systems!), and he’s been working on bringing attention to the Top 10 Viewer crashes, including Mac-specific crashes. He’s reported them on the Issue Tracker, so if you know how to fix them, or would like to explore the code and gain a better understanding, we encourage you.
  • Having more Linden participation in the Issue Tracker overall makes you feel better, because you have a clearer idea what we’re doing. I triage issues daily and chat with Residents about their concerns at my Office Hours, so don’t be surprised if you see comments and other actions from me.

How many open source patch contributions have been submitted?
Good (recurring) question, and you can also query the Issue Tracker for that. Notice how on the home page on the right, there’s a list of filters? Filters, as the name implies, make it a lot easier to search for issues you care about. So click “Issues with Patches Attached“, wait a few seconds, and there it is.

Want to narrow the criteria further? That’s easy once you know how, too. See on the left, where it looks like:

What you wanna do is click “Edit”; it’ll show you a lot of parameters you can search by.

In this specific instance, scroll down to “Dates and Times”, expand it (click the blue little “>”) if necessary, then you can enter:

Created After: 1/Jan/07
Created Before: 1/Feb/07

Like so:

Then scroll down a bit and click the “View >>” button. This’ll shows you all the issues created during that time which also have patches attached.

Note that this doesn’t tell you when the patches were attached, or how many patches were submitted a month, or when the patches were originally coded, just issues created within a particular month that do have patches. Nevertheless, it’s a healthy overview which leads us to:

JAN 07 33
FEB 07 29
MAR 07 27
APR 07 20
MAY 07 53
JUN 07 38

And when I specified I only wanted to see resolved issues with patches applied, it showed me 155/200, which means roughly 78% of issues with patches have been applied. And that’s going to keep changing as issues are updated for accuracy and progress is made everyday.

I learned from Rob Linden that we even have a “Source contributions” page showing individual Residents and their contributions.

Again, I emphasize that the context surrounding the numbers is important: Second Life, despite the woes we face daily (and I’m going to share which bugs I abhor the most in an upcoming post!), is a thriving and vibrant community, and many times, there are insightful discussions which inform and result in these patches being coded:

  • Within our tools – The Issue Tracker has mini-forum functionality. Each issue has a comment thread where further info, like a solid reproduction that helps recreate and squash a bug, can be provided.
    We also have the SLDev mailing list, highly recommended if you love technical discussion about Second Life, or are just curious about what’s “under-the-hood”. Too much text makes your eyes water? Look at Soft Linden & contributors’ SLDev Traffic summaries. Easier to digest. I highly recommend it.
  • On the Internet at large – Some Residents have taken to blogging about the processes they experience as they make the Second Life viewer better. I’ll highlight Nicholaz “The Mad Patcher” Beresford and his frequently-updated writings as a pioneer in what I hope will be a flourishing field. This is some constructive criticism and followup at its finest, folks.

To sum up, if you use the Issue Tracker, you don’t have to wait for us to feed you numbers — generate your own, do your own deep analysis, and if in need of further help using the Issue Tracker, check out Atlassian’s JIRA documentation.

Lastly, a general reminder…
If you come across bugs in the wild, please search the Issue Tracker to see if they’re already known about. And if not, report ’em with the requisite details, garner community support and vote — it lets us know “Lots of Residents care about this!” — and hopefully, they’ll be fixed soon.

I have a profuse amount of gratitude for the Residents mentioned above, and many more who’ve helped in a variety of ways. You don’t need to to be technically-minded to make Second Life better; simply being a keen observer and catching what other people miss, particularly if it’s a problem that could trip us up later, is invaluable. And that’s a heart of bug reporting.

Is it your duty to report bugs? Of course not! We want you to enjoy the Second Life experience and not have to worry. But when you have knowledge that takes a little time to share which makes the world better for yourself and those around you, what would you choose?

In the future, I’ll be sharing how I got started reporting bugs, and the embarrassments, pain, joy, and lessons learned along the way. So keep watching the Official Linden Blog for more posts by yours truely!

See you in Second Life,


Torley Linden

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111 Responses to The bug-fixing adventures continue!

  1. Benja says:

    The colours in the bar chart look familiar….

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow; the fixes are climbing Torley; but the yellow bar growth as opposed to the green bar stabilization is a lil’ disturbing to say the least, but I’m not here to rant..Thank you for informing us Torley 🙂

  4. Dirk Felix says:

    I dont see the bug fix that took my money and didnt give me lindens 😉

  5. cnyreject says:

    Questions; How are viewer crashes that info is sent on used? What percercentage of data info do you find and what percentage of fixes are completed as a result of the reports?

  6. Ann Otoole says:

    good… very good… to see the transparency. keep up the good work.

    however, i am one of the very many forced back to the .012 release as the .2 release is so unstable that it crashes constantly so i don’t see how the fixes for the last week can be counted. 😦

    perhaps its that exception in the exception handler that is more devastating than reported. since it is totally random it can’t be reproduced.

  7. Lex Neva says:

    Hmm, I’m tied for first in reported UNresolved issues. That’s a dubious honor… does it mean my bugs aren’t popular? 😉

  8. saijanai says:

    I’d like to point out that jira has a serious flaw i n how in categorizes bugs and feature-requests: scripting is buried deep inside 2 different categories even though scripting/LSL-related issues make up a huge number of the Jira entries. Please consider this juira suggestion to make scripting a top level category. I realize its not an official “project” within Linden Labs, but it IS how virtually all of us, the users of Second LIfe, think: scripting is different than the viewer or other services.

    Please vote for this if you agree.

  9. Karen Palen says:

    Hey – great progress, but unless I am rading the graph incorrectly the number of bugs reported still exceeds the number fixed!

    Looks like you are on the right track, but still have a lot of catching up to do!

    Personally, out of 8 computers at this facility only 2 can run V1.18 for more than a minute without crashing! That is progress becasue only one of them could run V1.16!

  10. Harald Nomad says:

    Thanks – I think… Our gas company also includes these nice charts, though without the fancy colors, but no matter how promising the chart looks, we always get to pay more than the same period last year. There’s conflicting explanations for every chart, but what would be really, really interesting to see is the top 10 long-standing-bugs-never-fixed. Alongside the top 10 long-promised-but-never-realised-features (reminder: llTeleportAgent() + PERMISSION_TELEPORT). If charts have any relation with reality, it seems have come to a turn-around (summer-stop?) A truely challenging chart would show the number of bugs reported/fixed in a month with no updates whatsoever. If only to satifisfy the resis who support the fix-one-create-two theory. Good or bad, I do like the charts, especially the one at the very bottom.

    (Is pink now a bad color?)

  11. Laser Pascal says:

    It’s nice to see the total number of bug fixes going upward… sort of. At least bugs are becoming more publicized. Can’t fix them if you don’t know if they’re there.

    Footnote: I don’t see how so many people have trouble running SL, or can’t get it to run at all. My computer, except for the video card, was built in 2002 – It’s an old Pentium 4 Northwood 1.8 GHz, with a 266 MHz bus, 512 MB of RAM, and a GeForce 6800 128MB. And I use Windows 2000. I rarely if ever have SL crashes, never has a viewer completely *NOT* worked for me. It runs slow often, but at least I know why (the processor sucks).

  12. Deer Barbosa says:

    I am tired of not being connected. I was being connected in this same computer, then I filed a complaint because I was not given the goods I bought and it seems that because of that I was bumped off. This is a scam or what?
    I am most dissapointed. I though you people had all the bugs resolved. Why bothen then if it does not work? I want an explanation, but I doubt I will ever get it. It has been four days I cannot connect.

  13. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    @10 I’m with you on that…although I just upgraded, I was getting good sl (generally) on a Pentium 3 with a geforce 2, 13gb HDr and 256 RAM.
    But experiments with friends (when the list works) indicate that every computer sees things a little differently anyway.
    SO go figure.
    Carry on Lindens thanks for the graph it’s lovely.

  14. Thaumata Strangelove says:

    Hey, thanks Torley for a really informative post. We use TRAC to trac the bugs on our site and I often wish we had something as open as the JIRA system here, so that I could show our own users how much actually goes into finding, replicating, repairing and deploying bug fixes for even the smallest issues. I love that you guys made this so easily searchable. Not only does it make things easier for you here, it helps people like me learn more about how a big company like SL – which has grown SO FAST in such a short time – is handling the issues that are inevitable with such rapid success.

    Super cool, and once again you inspire me. 🙂

  15. Lulu Pink says:

    simple maths:
    Bugs Reported total: 1693
    Bugs fixed : 364
    Bugs remaining : 1329

    to be proud of to blog it?

    WOW i am impressed NOT!!

  16. Luve Schack says:

    If I presented that graph at work – I’d be fired.
    I’m underwhelmed.

  17. concerned says:

    Congratulations on the increase in fixes would be great to see how many were resolved through open sourcing as these guys do a great job.

  18. Cappy Frantisek says:

    But you have to be impressed by the multi-colored signature that looks like a second graders, right? LOL

  19. concerned says:

    i mean open source reflected in the chart so would be great to see how they have been improving over the time since open source was unveiled.

  20. In other words the supply of bugs is growing exponentially while the fix rate is remaining relatively flat? Great…

    And do the fixes include Milo emailing us that he’s closing our bug if we don’t attempt to reproduce it in the current viewer and resubmit it? In many cases bugs you don’t have the resources to attempt to reproduce.

  21. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Well, I think the signature is very artistic.

    And yes, it is discouraging to see all the bugs that haven’t been fixed yet, but it is very ENcouraging to be able to see the statistics! This knowledge is invaluable, and will help to gauge progress on bug-fixing in the future.


  22. Montana Corleone says:

    Well, very nice piece of BS PR. The graph does show some very interesting stuff though. Apart from the last month where you had a bit of an effort, fix rate was well trailing report rate and still is. So far you’ve fixed about 1 in 5, or 1 in 7 of total issues. Although it’s nice, that after six months or more of users begging, you are finally addressing the biggest user concern: bug fixes over shinies.

    You’ve fixed about 60% of five month old bugs. The update numbers are getting much higher, indicating that in fact, you are not properly fixing them the first time, but they are being reopened, and NOT resolved like you say they are. So please, hold off saying something is resolved when it patently isn’t. Don’t pat yourself too much on the back, as core fix rate is going down, one month of peak refixing “resolved” bugs is not much to jump up and down about.

    And finally, which comes as no surprise to some of us, an enormous ramp in bugs reported over the last two to three months – exactly matching the introduction of all these new shiny features. So those that said new features would bring lots more bugs would seem to be justified from your own data.

    So good work, now is the time to stop new stuff, and work on the bugs, because at the rate you are going, you are still creating many more bugs each month than you solve.

    QED Linden.

  23. I just noticed

    Bugs Fixed(updated)**

    ** The date an issue last had any changes made, such as if it was resolved, –>but also if was reopeneda comment was made on it, etc

  24. Vincent Nacon says:

    The charts show us that more bugs and issues reported than bug being fixed over time…….

    Why in the world would you post that? That doesn’t show LL getting better….. just falling behind.

    Sure… it’s a good thing to have most bugs and issues to be known/reported, that way LL know what left to fix…. but really need to be careful when coding each time they thought they fixed another bug.

    I’d suggest hiring Gigs Taggart, Lex Neva, Alisa Sabre, and SignpostMarv Martin with a good offer. Not just leaving your jobs up for grab.

    If fishes won’t come to your bait, pull out your net.

  25. ok half my post was eaten…

    I just noticed

    Bugs Fixed(updated)**

    ** The date an issue last had any changes made, such as if it was resolved, —but also if was reopened,—- linked to another issue, —-a comment was made on it, etc.—

    Isn’t it dishonest to call a bug that is reopened or commented on “Fixed”?

  26. Cat Cotton says:

    That chart is not something I would be bragging about.

    Just saying.

  27. Dachine Daviau says:

    I cant log in…. it crashes while loading every time..

  28. Spikez Stine says:

    Hmm, how come the Issue Tracker pages load up so slowly? Is it my internet connection or is it really slow? LOL. If so, I hope they increase the speed or something. 😛

  29. Blinders Off says:

    I have a suggestion. Let’s simplify things and eliminated the obfuscation and just put two lines on that chart: bugs reproted / bugs fixed.

    Then let’s add another chart with two lines: long term bugs unfixed / new bugs cropping up.

    We are always glad to see that bugs are being fixed. But the truth is, right now property rights change without notice, we still can’t teleport without crashing, items still do not link properly, the client crashes regularly on even the best and most stable computers, chat and IMs lag beyond any sensible reason, inventory is lost daily, and the databases and asset servers still, after four years, do not perform properly.

    If LL can’t get a simple database to work, how can we hope for resolution of more complex problems? And with new “toys” coming out all the time to further mess up the works, it’s like adding more gasoline to a leaky gastank.

    We appreciate you folks keeping in touch. Now let’s try it with data that actually means something. 😉 Because from what I read above once I fan away the smoke, is that reported bugs are way up here and fixed bugs are way down there. And like the man said above, there are still MAJOR bugs on the system that have been around ever since I was a newb.

  30. Garnet Merlin says:

    “Having more Linden participation in the Issue Tracker overall makes you feel better, because you have a clearer idea what we’re doing.”

    That’s making a lot of assumptions about what makes me feel good O_o I’d feel better if, @27, the charts were straight-forward and just gave the numbers I cared about.

    Also, to be brutally honest, I care more about useful SL status info than about how Torley “got started reporting bugs, and the embarrassments, pain, joy, and lessons learned along the way.” Great, more posts to skim through trying to sift out the important stuff.

    And finally… it’s “truly”. Not “truely”. In my first life, I’m an English teacher 😉

  31. Esch Snoats says:

    These charts prove without a shadow of a doubt that LL should stop releasing new features until the current set of bugs are fixed. I always felt that every patch fixed 5 things and broke 20 others, and this is hard core proof of that. I hope LL looks at this data seriously and realizes they are in over their head and to start making drastic changes in how they conduct business on their end.

  32. Jayne says:

    guy’s its either this or they just don’t say anything and we are kept in the dark. I applaud Lindens honesty in publishing figures that don’t put them in the best light.

    Also take into account how much SL has grown in the last 6 months, more people = more bug reports

    Thanks for the blog, and keep going at it 🙂


  33. Thanatos Menatep says:

    I’m pretty sure the Lindens can grasp the fact that they are behind on bug fixes.

    I think the point they’re trying to make here is “hey, we hear you guys yelling for bug fixes, and we’re trying to track them and make a better effort at fixing them.” If that’s the case, hey, good start guys. Things are less than perfect, but tracking and working on problems is a step in the right direction.

    Or maybe I’m being overly optimistic.

  34. NewYorkCityDJ says:

    to me it looks like there is an unknow business inside SL..

  35. Edman says:

    I totally agree with #29 Jane at least they are honest and keeping us informed! I can not understand why with evey announcment made there is such a negative responce in these blog postings? SL’s not perfect and to be honest I hope it never is. Once it is growth and innovation will stop and the things that I love most about SL I will be forced to look for elsewhere.

    Bravo LL keep striving for perfection and never stop!

  36. NewYorkCityDJ says:

    i think secondlife should see if there is not fake business inside secondlife or clones of real business.because i see that before in the yahoos busses side making fake business for high money act and more ..u guys should know ur hackers with in the underground…
    some this was done before ..i think this time to take out the act before it kills secondlife ..

  37. Beezle W. says:

    While it’s a little alarming that SL is indeed such a bug-ridden mess, it’s very nice to have actual communications.

  38. petunia liveoak says:

    why in the world did they show us this? I still can’t change my clothes and my avatar is just a memory.

  39. Montana Corleone says:

    @ 29 Jayne – “Also take into account how much SL has grown in the last 6 months, more people = more bug reports”.

    Erm, no. Bugs are still bugs. The way JIRA works, is that if the bug report already exists, new reports of it are closed and folded into the previous one. So there aren’t any more reports, it’s still the same number of bugs, rising rapidly out of control…

    Now of course, having actually put it put there, we can at last see how much they do to fix it, or whether we will continue to have an extra 400 bugs a month they don’t fix…

  40. Luve Schack says:

    Just want to say… Love Torley…Hate Bugs.

  41. Bugger says:

    In other words bugs are created faster than they are fixed :O
    At this rate that still leaves us with as many bugs by Christmas.
    The bug-fixing progress is officially lame. =)

  42. Hey Torley, thanks for the stats, but I do have a question about them! When you mention about the amount of bugs reported, I’m assuming that your not double counting bugs. As in, if someone reports the same e-mail bug, that counts at one, right? (or that’s how I’m reading this graph!)

  43. Brett Finsbury says:

    I see the inventory loss is back again paid 995 and of course it took my money thats a given but never recieved my product.
    I filed a bug report now i will sleep better knowing something will be done. I wish

  44. Lupercaleb Walcher says:


  45. Weedy says:

    Boasting about bugs is absurd.

    Most tech starts will have bug in the interim, which get fixed in subsequent patches.

    Yet, Linden Lab generates bugs 4 years after the fact in a prolific manner, while patting themselves on the back for fixing some and ignoring the majority.

    Torley can paint whatever he likes with magenta and green, but it changes nothing. Second Life is still infested with bugs, horrid bugs.

    I trust the opinion of a 12 dollar per hour PR person about as much as I trust land bots, freebee resellers and ad farmers.

  46. Wyald Woolley says:

    I wonder how someone can say SL has grown lately. I was seeing numbers around 40k on line…then it settled into around mid 30K and is now at 26K.

    To me it looks like LL’s piss-poor customer service reputation has caught up with them.

    I applaud the new nicer openess and what seems like an aggressive attempt to squash bugs and introduce fewer new ones…however, I’ve changed nothing and have a harder time staying in-world without crashing and relogging. I can hardly TP or walk without problems, so the instability grows without me needing to do anything to aid it.

    I love the new shiny bar charts, even though they tell me a story of run-away chaos and little patches that cover less and less of a growing embarassment.

  47. Masuyo Aabye says:

    a few months ago i remember SL peaking at 44,000 online whereas these days it barely hits 39,000 at peak times. i guess a lot of people aren’t happy

  48. ravenlynn says:

    I’m glad someone mentioned the inventory loss bug ..#37, this is getting out of hand in a day i managed to lose over 3k worth in poses not counting the work i did to build the product around the poses, and just today another 3k in purchases gone.. Designers are getting tired of refunding or replacing objects that are disappearing, and a few refusing flat out to do it anymore, and I can’t say I blame them why do they have to clean up and take care of bug thats not there fault. So what are we suppose to do exactally..and dont say file a bug report cause those just get buried and forgotten..seriously tired of just throwing money out the window.

  49. Katana Redgrave says:

    lol. :/

  50. Tillie Ariantho says:

    About people with crashes… I did only crash once with the 17.0.1 release when trying to edit, and I did only crash once with the 17.0.2 release at all. Seems the viewer is not generally broken but under specific circumstances.

    Maybe this helps to make your system more stable too:

    System is processor: Pentium D920, ram: 2GB graphics: nVidia 8800GTX XXX, 768 MB, sound: creative x-fi gamer

    * WinXP SP2, latest patches
    * DirectX 0.9c, latest patches
    * official 8800 nvidia drivers, latest ones
    * official x-fi drivers, latest ones
    * .NET 3.0

    In SL all grafics settings are maxed.

    SL works quite stable for me, only annoying thing is the frequently reloading textures on my AV, which is pretty bad when you are doing lots of photos. 😦

  51. jade carnot says:

    @41 indeed!

    i wonder if there will be an in-world celebration when the dead accounts (i.e. not logged in for 60+ days) reaches 6,000,000 as it will before the end of july?

  52. Bradley Bracken says:

    I have to agree with Esch Snoats, this chart definately shows to me that LL needs to stop with the bells and whistles and really focusing on resolving these bugs. I would need to have a really good song and dance prepared to get away with showing a chart like this to my superiors.

    I do applaud you Torly and LL for providing such an honest picture of what is occuring, but it does beg the question….what are you going to do about it?

  53. Qie says:

    The reporting on bug-fixing is a major advance in the maturity of LL’s process, or certainly the transparency of that process. For the developers’ own benefit, I hope the gateway between internal tracking and jira is as automatic as possible–no idea what’s used internally, but I bet the jira is simple to use by comparison–because bug reports/feature requests are critical for managing releases (all changes to the code should have an accompanying entry in the tracking software as a condition of check-in) and for QA (as a critical source of regression cases).

    Only if you measure it can you manage anything. Success requires the will to manage and be managed, but at least the public is now able to see that some management tools are in place.

  54. Tegg B says:

    Thx Torley, keep up the good work 🙂

  55. LaeMi Qian says:

    heh heh – I just saw a blog relating to the upcoming addition of voice directly into WoW. Comments section was packed to the gills with cries of “This will kill WoW”, “This will slow the servers down even more”, “Fix the bugs before adding new features”. Nothing new under the virtual sun ;-P

  56. Digital Digital says:

    I am really tired of second life, I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem or not but everyone might want to start checking their transactions if you are using paypal, Just a bit ago I went to go pay rent on my Azure Islands plot, anyways I had to buy 10.89 worth of lindens which was L$2,816 which I was told before I hit the purchase button, anyways that is my rent amount I had to pay for this week, I went ahead and clicked purchase then I got my lindens then I got an e-mail from paypal stating the amount of the transaction, to my suprise the amount that I was charged was $11.19 USD, it looks like second life has mis charged me!! so I go ahead and send a e-mail witch screenshots of both my paypal amount I was billes as well as the amount I was showin I would pay to buy those lindens, I send the e-mail to and also anyways I get an email back stating that the support system has changed and to go to a knowledge base or something so I go in to the web site search for who I talk to about Billing and can’t find anything, I later on find their is a phone number to call but, I have tried calling in the past for billing problems and it is nothing but a hassle!!!! Linden lab needs to do something about this they are ripping me off and I hope you all look in to your transaction history to make sure they are not ripping you off!!!!

    Digital Digital

  57. AWM Mars says:

    Those figures can be seen as depressing or good, depending on how they are interpreted.

    Are bug’s fixed values indicative of bugs that were around before the chart started?

    Are the ones fixed due to a patch causing more bugs?

    Are bug fixes shown in June’s figures actual bugs identified in January? I.E. How long does it take between a bug being identified and being fixed?

    If before the chart was created, there were some 2,000 known bugs, and the figures of bugs fixed during Jan-June report, how do we know which are current bug fixes and which are historic?

    Judging by the amount of growing bugs, is this simply indicative of the now new reporting facilities, or is it due to more bugs being introduced in patches?

    On a positive side, Its refereshing to see some form of transparency to the proceedure, and a BIG thank you to the individuals that apply their free time and knowledge to help LL in sorting out and identifying these bugs. Great job guys/gals.

  58. Dajobu Ling says:

    Torley Rocks. I like how he’s been involved and genuinely concerned about us residents. If it’s not tutorials and videos, available for free, then it’s looking around the JIRA and commenting and constantly asking people to please post how to reproduce each bug to better find where it is in the code and get rid of it. He’s very supportive of just about everyone and everything towards making a better SL. There shouldn’t be a single bad comment pointed at him, since I really haven’t seen much of anything to do something to show thanks for all he’s been doing.

    As far as the numbers go, nothing new has really been added in 1.17. Almost every update is bug fixes. I’m still waiting to see how the end of the modularization of the code turns out. If one library function is updated and all hell breaks loose, at least it’s a lot easier to rip apart a few thousand lines of code to find the issue than to rip apart millions of line of code. I’m not saying we should ignore the issues, but I’m being optimistic that things are getting better. My top thing would be to get the asset server overhauled. I wouldn’t care if SL went down for a week straight if it meant that it’d be perfect when that week was over. In the end, you can only do so much at one time.

    I just hope more code is released more responsibly. More bugs fixed is nice, but bugs killed for good is much better. Thanks for still keeping communications open. Keep plugging away, Lindens.

  59. Lucian Halasy says:

    Wow, i didn’t knew SL had such problems. January makes SL look like a beta software, where june makes it look like SL has degraded to alpha status.
    Personally i would have liked to see LL fix all bugs until the green bar matched the pink or at least the yellow bar before releasing new content (and adding new bugs). Yes, even if that would mean no new content for several months.

    Furthermore, ongoing education plays a big role in our community’s effective usage of the Issue Tracker
    /quote end
    Uhm, i feel uncomfortable about that statement. Would you expect a company like.. let’s say Adobe to say something like that to it’s customers?

    Anyway, it’s good to see LL standing up here and show the situation. It’s good to see that finally more effort is put into fixing bugs. Thumbs up for that, it’s appreciated.

  60. Katrina Bekkers says:

    Deep thanks to Torley for her effort on this PR stunt.

    I really appreciate her dedication, committment and enthusiasm. Like enthusiastically trying to patch the Titanic hull breach with a band-aid 10-pack.

    Granted, if I presented my manager such a gloomy advancement report on my software projects, I’d be looking for a new job in a few hours.

    Still, I don’t want to see a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” approach to this miserable bug mess: MAYBE, just maybe, they are s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w-l-y learning that it’s feature freeze time, and 100% bug hunt time. There are good signals. We can’t but wait and see.

  61. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Wow, thanks for being so open and honest, Torley. Congrats on the rise in bugs fixed. I wonder if there actually more bugs now than there used to be, or if the rise in bug reports is due to live chat etc being closed and bad publicity inducing people to report more stuff. It seems residents are less patient than they used to be. I’ve kind of got used to SL bugs now and providing I can still use most of the features, I find the odd little quirk annoying but also endearing. One day we will look back on these buggy days of SL with the same fondness I have when I think of my old ZXSpectrum. 🙂

    One issue I couldn’t find on JIRA (some of the issue titles aren’t intuitive) is getting a blank window come up when I receive a new IM. I need to close this blank one but then I can see the IMs normally. Has this been reported? I didn’t see an issue with OMG BLANK IM NIFTERAMA in the title. 🙂

    Thanks again, Lindens, for all the work you do providing the greatest distraction known to mankind!

  62. Torley, I know they’re “your colours”, but please, pastel shades on a white background, like every other professional presentation, next time? My eyes are still stinging from the proliferation of neon-without-warning.


  63. Storm Nordwind says:

    Well done and keep doing better. Bug fixing can be a hard thankless task and you so often have to go by “No news is good news.”

    @Torley Linden : What tools or processes did LL use BEFORE it started using JIRA?

  64. Mimi says:

    hmm a presentation to convince us things are going well? omg lets hope it can be true in world! ^_^

    ” I’m glad someone mentioned the inventory loss bug ..#37″

    yes yes yes this one is a terrible one.. please fix it.
    not getting items in secondlife which one paid for is a horrible faulty thing which makes many users very angry

    I talk with customers with lost items often, mostly i try help them. But it makes me very upset though some get mad at me, they dont understand this is a secondlife error… it very much spoils beeing online or having a shop! 😦

    on a bad day, with so very much angry customers, i think for many, it is only a sane descision, not to help anymore. it is not a good thing, getting angry people get mad at you for something one didnt do!

  65. Mandy Bosshart says:

    Something weird is going on. Every update i could download. With this new update i cant. Even when i shut down my firewall abd ALSO on my brandnew laptop it isnt possible.

    This is the message:
    The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. This could be the result of a damaged dics, a failed downlad or a virus.
    You may want to contact the author of this installer to obtain a ew copy. It may be possible to skip the check using th /NCRC command line switch (NOT REcOMMendED).

    Anyone??? I cant play SL now!

  66. Thank you, Torley.

    As usual, hordes of comments putting the worst possible interpretation on everything.

    “Isn’t it dishonest to call a bug that is reopened or commented on ‘Fixed’?”

    That depends. Is the comment “Thanks for fixing this bug!” or “It’s still broken for me”?

    It’s not at all clear to me that this is enough data to extrapolate from, but the bugs reported rate does appear to be leveling off. In the last month, the bugs fixed value more than doubled from the previous month. Promising, but again not enough data to say it’s a trend.

  67. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    I wonder if fixing those bugs is simply going to encourage a rise in ‘logged in’ numbers as residents find, in the short term, Second Life becoming more usable?

    Because if it does, then you’re in trouble. It’ll get like yesterday, at just over 42k logged on I personally gave up and logged off as performance was being crippled so badly.

    35k is about the current limit with acceptable performance – anything that encourages more logins is very bad news until ‘scaleability’ issues are resolved.

  68. alexia cournoyer says:

    Funny, I do this for a living and my reaction to that graph is the same as it is to any other defect report I see where it’s not clear just what is being reported on.

    You would be much better served if you would change your reporting to KPIs. i would report on defect severity (I should include priority here, but I’m not too sure LL have a grip on prioritisation from a business perspective) and the average turnaround time for remediation. I assume the test and dev teams have thrashed out some kind of sla for turnaround times for test. it would help if you could publish these too – that way we can see just where the process failure is. (or don’t publish them and use it as it should be – as a mechanism to smooth your process by identifying areas of process failure. particularly if you have high retest failure or subsequent production failure).

    I say this because if the majority of the bugs you fix are low impact low priority, then your developer support for defect remediation is not really being very effective. The jira is so eyewateringly offputting that it actually makes me pleased that I only usually have to deal with the mercury toolset. Which has never been known for it’s ease of use when it comes to data analysis/reporting.

    ++To everyone else…++

    The number of defects identified and even fixed is almost irrelevant here. Some of these defects are probably so minor that they will never be fixed, yet will linger because they are defects. The thing that is relevant is the number of high priority defects that are outstanding.

    When Microsoft released office 2000 it had 67,000 known defects. probably by the time it was replaced it had the same number as most of them were in the functions that were rarely used. and most large systems do have a large number of outstanding minor defects that are not usually attended to (OK, usually not a large a number as microsoft, but…), simply because they really are minor – like correcting spelling in help text etc etc. It’s only by looking as the severity/priority of defect that you can really determine how successful or not the process is.

    Torley, if you have a spare hour and you’re interested, IM me and I’ll give you the dummies guide to smart defect reporting brain dump.

    well done though for providing the information. A for effort 🙂

  69. I’m stunned and speachless.

    Well, not exaclty. I’m just laughing too hard to focus my thoughts and post something coherent. 😀

    Even though I might have gone a different way presenting the facts in the blog, I still applaud LL for focusing on, and attempting to fix the bugs finally. 🙂

  70. Neveah Noel says:

    I’ll be impressed when I can buy Linden’s through Paypal again. 😉

  71. Rosen Janus says:

    Still, I hope the major bugs, like it not logging out all the way when I log out of the client, are fixed by 1.18

  72. Can't get one... says:

    Drat! I’m not able to post my bug! Somehow…
    But still…
    I’m not able to make an account… it tells me that the user is made, but when I try to login it says, it doesn’t exist! I haven’t got the mail yet… even though I tried lots of times! So not fair! 😦

  73. Siyuri Watanabe says:

    rolls eyes watever 😦

  74. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    More whining about “my bug is the biggest problem LL should be dealing with.” Par for the course.

    Non-programmers should shut up about “fix the bugs, no new features.” You don’t get it. You prove it every time you vomit on your keyboard.

    I can’t be bothered to go back and find it, but Lazer Pascal said it best. I do NOT want UI designers trying to fix database issues. I do NOT want networking guys trying to figure out why a database crashed. I do NOT want customer support people poking through the code. I do NOT want people sticking their noses in someone else’s rose garden.

    Most of you don’t get it. You never will. People specialize in one area. That is the area they work in. Windlight and new UI things come down the pike because – can you guess? – PEOPLE ARE PAID TO DO PRETTY. They are NOT the same people that are supposed to fix inventory issues.

    Stop telling LL to put 40% – 50% of their staff on hold while your petty annoyance gets fixed. You just make yourself looks like an idiot.

    Oh. And update your system regularly. Clean off the spyware. Get rid of limewire. Get rid of the 3000 free programs you downloaded off the magic intarwebz. A lot of us never deal with a single viewer crash because we don’t load our machines down with worthless garbage.

  75. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Thanks for the disarmingly honest report Torley (“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell).
    It’s encouraging to see so much effort being put into fixing the tsunami wave of bugs that are surfacing – though DIScouraging to see the mountain of bugs that are still outstanding. Hope you guys manage to get on top of it all?
    Be assured and heartened Torley (and all the other Lindens) – for as long as this kind of honest reporting continues I am sure many SL residents will do what they can to support your efforts.

  76. Raudf Fox says:

    I appreciate the honesty, but one thing I’ve really like to see is the JIRA made a bit more user friendly. A lot of people are having issues using it, simply because it was made for the more technical minded. I am NOT one of the technically minded, but fortunately, I can navigate it, even if there are a lot of them I simply don’t understand what they cover.

    Note: I don’t think this is a bad thing to have it so technical, but is has become the new fad to tell people to open a ticket there on bugs.. and some are having problems figuring out how to do that!

  77. Jay Prospero says:

    Gotta love that signature

  78. Dirk Felix says:

    Looks like the wiki is offline again this morning, maybe this is another bug fix too, an ongoing one?

    It bothers me that the portal is unusable and that you take the time to explain how to use it here. This is yet another symptom of what is wrong and how to fix it.

    Torley: Im really interested in knowing more on the following: “* This doesn’t mean bugs fixed per month, but bugs reported within a given month that are now fixed.” Is this a perm fix or a patch? I think this statement should read fixed for now.

    And, is it possible not to use you signature? Sloppy and unreadable giving me the sense of ego supreme, kind of like a burrito supreme only a little diffrent, but both are filled with hot air and not all that pleasant of scent. 😉

  79. Maggie McArdle says:

    pretty colors….O.o

  80. Poetry Bisiani says:

    When will the bug that took away poepoles credit with Linden Labs & STILL will not approve any credit, no matter how many credit and / or debit cards we submit, stating “update pending” for many days, close to 2 weeks now…….PLUS not allowing us to pay our land use fees & cornering us to where we will have to sell our land, homes & businesses, meanwhile never replying or responding to multiple bug reports – when you gonna fix that?????

  81. Moose Maine says:

    Bravo Zulu Torley: From your report, it’s obvious you’ve had no sleep. These stats are not easy to put together, never mind explaining them as well as you did. You need a pay raise.

  82. Poetry Bisiani says:

    PS : apologies for my soapbox speech, this issue has got me quite stressed & very upset….until resolved, i am sure i will be, will have to put my land for sale this weekend, if not fixed & soon 😦

  83. Starfish Miles says:

    OK since this new update, my clothes are having a big problem staying on. I was fine till i installed this update!!!

  84. Blinders Off says:

    >>Dajobu Ling Says:
    As far as the numbers go, nothing new has really been added in 1.17. Almost every update is bug fixes.

  85. Blinders Off says:

    Well, try again since the poster appears to have not worked….

    (Dajobu Ling Says:
    As far as the numbers go, nothing new has really been added in 1.17. Almost every update is bug fixes.)

    Dajobu you have GOT to be kidding. Sculpties. Voice. Windlight. Please people, take the blinders off. Look at the chart. Bugs are not only being fixed on a minimal level, they’re increasing by alarming amounts. READ THE DATA.

    And LOL, I loved the statement earlier about the dead accounts rapidly approaching the 6 million mark. At least one person is paying attention. 😀

  86. Slip Stringfellow says:

    I agree 100% with Alexia Cournoyer above. Number of issues is much less relevant than number of outstanding issues by priority, and it’s important to distinguish between priority and severity. High severity (impact on users due to widespread occurrence and/or nastiness) should normally lead to high priority, but priority also takes other things into account.

    Other things I would be concerned with: reopen rate (the % of issues that were closed in a given period that got reopened because they weren’t fixed properly); bug chain rate (the % of issues that turn out to be caused by previous fixes to other issues); and total outstanding issues including defects not yet reported. This would be the lowest priority for me, but it might be possible to determine how many defects there are left to be found (ballpark), using a seeding approach to determine the defect detection rate. I agree with Alexia that many/most of the minor issues may never get resolved, and that’s OK.

    To change the subject… my own experience with SL has been pretty good. I do notice some things here and there, but SL generally runs well on my laptop (X2 4400, 2GB RAM, 256MB nVidia 6800 Ultra) and almost never crashes.

    I think a lot of people here underestimate the complexity of the system LL has built. In my opinion it’s an achievement that dwarfs just about any other system out there, even other large MMORPGs… other environments don’t allow everybody to build and script stuff, or don’t share one big contiguous world like SL does. Other sites (say, on the web) with similar traffic don’t have anywhere the complexity of the subject matter – fine-grained security model, interaction between agents, etc).

    So sure LL could stand to improve their development processes (who couldn’t?), but this new error reporting is a good step towards getting a handle on things, and I for one applaud them for it. Thanks to Torley, especially, for putting it out there for everybody to see.

  87. ari blackthorne says:

    For all the ‘underimpressed’ and ‘yawners’ – the post isn’t about the actual stats in the graph (yes, it is a bit scewed toward the outstanding bugs) – it’s about the Lindenoniansters trying harder to -communicate openly-

    There have been so many complaints and whining about how they never communicate about what’s going on. Well, the wind is finally changing, please don’t make waves and scare them off again LOL

    Thank you Torley – just the post is most appreciated! And most of us (silent majority) know you guys are all working hard on it. 🙂

  88. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    @72 Yup…Torley may or may not be a pro-PR person (probably not since no pro would have a signature like THAT!) but I do applaud the idea of the bugstat graph…in fact we can never have too much info about what’s going on. What we don’t have is the time to sort through it ourselves.
    Which is what Lindens are for, and I look forward to more Torley posts with even more really nasty colours.
    Wear a red nose everyone and lighten up!

  89. Daten Thielt says:

    I rub an AMD Semparon 1.8ghz, 256 mem graphics card and 512 of ram,
    ive had 1-2 bugs that get on my nerve in the past 3 monthes, it goes to show sl just acts diferently with everyone, most character problems are in ur characters database files on the asset server not sl in general, and most bugs caused in the database files are in a serise of events ,

    plus with the graph u need to take into account that since feb there have been well over 150+ requests for new features, if u ask me LL is on the road to victory and all those complaining will ALWAYS complain about something, its your nature, and ur impacient little fookers as well, a little pacients never killed any one and it wont kill u so STFU!

  90. Siyuri Watanabe says:

    Yeah I see what 72 is saying, I guess we can be patient when there is some effort. *closes eyes* :-p

  91. Iexo Bethune says:

    And it might be noted as well that with every update, for new features and bug fixes alike, SL slows down a little more. I’ve been talking with a friend on this who used to work for Microsoft, and he made a valuable point: A patch is an addition to the program to bypass bad code that causes a bug. When patches stack up, they cause conflicts amongst themselves, and slow down the program. What LL should be doing instead is removing the patches and fixing the bad code they’re intended to bypass.

    I may not know much about programming, but this makes sense to me, after all, a patch, by definition, is: “13. to repair or restore, esp. in a hasty or makeshift way.” Sounds promising.

  92. JoeTheCatboy Freelunch says:

    10 bucks says a new feature is going to be thrown in quite soon.

  93. Brett Finsbury says:

    keep your money in your wallets and your inventory in the folder and do not try to rezz anything.
    Im losing things left and right. I attempt to set an object down and get a failure for object to rezz message. I relog and its gone from my inventory. This started last night and just happened again. In differant sims at that.
    Filed another bug report and of course Im out my items some just bought and some older as well as my money.
    Time to play it safe folks until its fixed unless you like throwing your money away.
    Good fix for a gambler. Will it rezz or will it be lost?
    Please fix this this for pete’s sake. this is getting old.

  94. Ric Mollor says:

    I also agree that the numbers are meaningless without any measure of bug severity or number of users affected. Certainly a huge loss of inventory items is more significant then an object not displaying properly but with this simplistic measurement they are given equal weighting.

    Perhaps it would be wise to allow someone versed in quality control methodology to review blog posts concerning QA issues before they are released. If LL ever plans on going public or becoming an acquisition target they need to start taking business seriously.

  95. Brett Finsbury says:

    Since we are unable to copy and back up our items we paid money for with LL policy. Can some programmer out there make an off world program that will allow us to back up our inventory?
    All this talk about protecting peoples permissions on their objects. Fine I agree. Now how about protecting us as the consumer and giving us some rights? Like to not lose our items we paid money for.
    As far as Im concerned if a seller gets reports from their customers that items are being lost then they are just as at fault for continuing to sell items when they know people are going to lose them.
    Yes we need a good back up program and if LL refuses to fix the problem and sellers keep selling when they know the system is broken then other measures need to be taken. This is just plain silly.

  96. veronica02 babii says:


    Sinds a few dayes i cannot loggin my account. This happend before and shows there must be some error. I sended some more emails about it and hope u guys can fix this bug(error? ). Hope to hear from u guys as soon as possible thnks

    veronica02 babii

  97. Ann Otoole says:

    ” 75 Iexo Bethune Says:
    June 29th, 2007 at 9:45 AM PDT

    And it might be noted as well that with every update, for new features and bug fixes alike, SL slows down a little more. I’ve been talking with a friend on this who used to work for Microsoft, and he made a valuable point: A patch is an addition to the program to bypass bad code that causes a bug. When patches stack up, they cause conflicts amongst themselves, and slow down the program. What LL should be doing instead is removing the patches and fixing the bad code they’re intended to bypass.”

    Sorry but the boss at Linden Research (to say his name is to get the post awaiting moderation) has already stated outright that they have no intention of “boiling the ocean” (rewrite) and instead prefer to “do things additively”.

    So basically we are going to see whether or not a Tower of Babel can be done in software.

  98. Ann Otoole says:

    Brett, according to a libSL guy i once spoke with (a wooden ball smoking a cig avi) the original purpose for what turned into copybot was to build a backup to local drive utility. perhaps libSL has one now.

  99. Cat Gisel says:

    Bugs? SL has bugs? Dang why didn’t anyone tell me about this…I am always the last to know everything…are you sure you didn’t just make this up, Torley? You do have a wonderful imagination you know….(a good thing)…well either way, SL still would have less bugs than FirstLife, heehee

  100. Chronic Skronski says:

    I can’t believe it has come down to moaning about a signature. Wow. Just… wow.

  101. Tony says:

    Nice increase in fixes in June. The chart does make some horrible reading overall but the transparency is something to be admired. Of course there are lies, damned lies and statistics but it’s encouraging to see openess.

    As others have stated, this graph alone only tells part of the story, we don’t know what the severity of the problem is, we don’t know how many bugs have been outstanding since January yadda yadda yadda. However SLA’s, they really are a pile of twisted pants.

  102. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    @ 83- “we don’t know how many bugs have been outstanding since January yadda yadda yadda”

    Er yes we do: “* This doesn’t mean bugs fixed per month, but bugs reported within a given month that are now fixed.”

    So, 146 bugs reported in January, of which 71 have now been fixed, just under 50% during the last five months.

    “** The date an issue last had any changes made, such as if it was resolved, but also if was reopened, linked to another issue, a comment was made on it, etc.”

    So for January, there are 17 of those. In other words, out of that 71, they fixed 17 that month properly, or at least they have not been reopened etc since. That’s assuming of course that none of these fixes mentioned are historically older than those reported, in which case the performance level is actually lower.

    But I do agree with the priorities. Also, although it is a bit meanlingless, an average time to fix a bug might be useful. It would be a measure if things are getting faster or slower, but it would give an average time to wait before us whiners should then start giving Linden a good kicking. 🙂

  103. Nad Gough says:

    Can we get a chart that shows mac specific bug fixes? Or is that just a flat line? Any of you Lindens run the mac for SL at all? It seems no one actually cares. I imagine if a Linden did run the mac version they would care. How can a JIRA posted bug get fixed if you rely on voting to decide which bugs to fix. Mac users are a definite minority. Is our money worth less? TAP TAP TAP – is this thing on? You see, when you ignore people for months they tend to get frustrated and angry. Are you going to fix the JIRA reported Mac bugs? When?

  104. Tony says:

    @84 I stand corrected and also very embarrassed as that’s right under the graph! I’ll get my coat.

  105. JPatrick Greatrex says:

    We keep getting new & improved viewers that crash right out of the updater; why were the numbers lower in Jan. with higher fixes than in June (partial) with less fixes? What’s a patch? Sounds like a bandage to me, certainly not a fix which would be a healing!

  106. Ann Otoole says:

    keep in mind the reason we see a large increase in defects reported could be related to the number of people figuring out how to use jira.

    the most disconcerting area of defects are the defects that were previously fixed being returned to production this week. that has nothing to do with the jira.

  107. Sgta DeCuir says:

    Was better befor rolling restart and update. If not broke dont fix and make broke

  108. Thraxis says:


    Your friend at Microsoft is evidently not a programmer. A Patch usually is fixing broken code so that it does work correctly. You only have to create a workaround patch IF you do not have access to fix where the real problem is occuring.

  109. Dirk Felix says:

    #88 Ann Otool
    This could also be the sun in their eyes and likely:
    • Lack of resources
    • Unstable platform
    • Non-modular design
    • Spaghetti code – (no offense to those who invented, make or enjoy pasta ;)0)

    With each new, (we’ll be down from 7 – 12, I promise Wednesday builds), we see more bugs, some of the same exsposing their ugly heads from a previous build and Gee, we’ll get it fixed real soon, but make sure to keep payin and non-game playin.

    Someone I know is selling 6 of her 7 sims for this reason. I wont be oredering another until I see actual stability for both front and back end.

  110. I just wanted to briefly say thank-you graciously for the comments, particularly the ones where I learned something new from and can apply it towards future improvements! Future responses for more involved (broader) concerns will come in later blog posts; as I said, I have no end in sight when it comes to relevant topics. Installments shall arrive at ~1 a week, I’m hoping.

    OK, not so brief —

    I apologize and realistically am aware that the following points don’t cover *everything*, which is why there’s always more to come. But I wanted to show my appreciation for you taking the time to read and say something:

    * Those of you who want custom charts & stats (e.g., issue priorities), first off, I’d recommend learning to find and filter issues in the Issue Tracker yourself. That gives you the power to sift through data as *you* see fit. You may be overwhelmed at first, but stay with it. Look what happened to me. 🙂 Then, you can export data in XML, and take queries to build into charts, be they functional, pretty, or both.

    * Apple iWorks’ Keynote is REALLY nice to make charts with. It’s what I used, for those of you wondering.

    * We don’t have a Mac-specific component in the Issue Tracker, but you CAN do a quick search = “mac”, “linux”, or other platform or OS-specific info. Many Mac bugs are preceded by “Mac” in their summaries. As noted, Dan Linden’s keeping tabs on top Mac crashes too.

    * Notice how I didn’t impose my own interpretation of the data? This was purposefully done to let you draw your own conclusions, and examine context for yourself. One thing for sure, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have “lots of new bugs that never existed before” — more likely, as I’ve witnessed firsthand, higher usage of the Issue Tracker means that Residents are entering bugs that’ve pained them for awhile but they just got around to it now. While there isn’t an easy way to determine that, look at the “Linden Lab Internal ID” field for Issue Tracker bugs linked to our internal system: the lower an SL-XXX number, the older a bug was known by us, relatively speaking. There are a number of ways we can trend this, and you’re welcome to discuss with me further at my inworld Office Hours (link in original post).

    * I have no professional clue about PR (?!). What the !@#$ is PR? I know the “definition”, but I don’t get it. I’m enthusiastic and well-mannered and hate to see people in pain, whether it’s emotional anguish or physical suffering. I’m happy I have the honor of communicating with you — better than dead radio silence.

    * Bugs fixed by CREATION DATE and UPDATED DATE are two different ways of looking at the same resolved bugs. *However*, as I mentioned, I’d love to simplify and sort by “resolved date”, but there’s not a readily-available way to do that in JIRA.

    * Yes, JIRA can be slow and hard to use. But this is in part due to all the details we need to keep track of. Not to say it can’t be done better, but there are seemingly not a lot of contenders in this market… if you know lots of about elegant bug tracking and issue resolution, please email me, torley at lindenlab dot com. Would love to learn from your experiences. I’m familiar with a few others, like Trac (which is used @

    * Re: “THESE GUYS RULE! WHY DON’T YOU HIRE THEM!??” Is Linden Lab hiring open source contributors who’re interested in working here? Heck yes we are! Understandably, I can’t reveal details of some potential hirees-in-progress, but some, like Soft (SLDev superstar!), have become Lindens. If you feel this means *you*, please go ahead and send us your resume via Always a good idea to attend related Office Hours, e.g., Rob’s bug triages, so we better understand who you are.

    So, I take what I’ve learned here today from you, humble myself before the crowd, and shall continue on and give you more updates in the future. Stagnation will slay us all, thus, the last few releases have seen a lot of bug fixes. Whenever possible, we’ll link ’em to Issue Tracker #s so you can view more details at your own convenience. It sure beats the days of vaguely referring to “that attachment bug”, and we’ve got a lot to improve on.

    Moreso than anything — please do remember what I said about being observant, and as a consequence of that, doing next actions. You can make a positive difference here, benefit yourself and your community in the process, and I say this only because I’ve lived it. =^_^=

  111. Blinders Off says:

    (78 Brett Finsbury Says:
    As far as Im concerned if a seller gets reports from their customers that items are being lost then they are just as at fault for continuing to sell items when they know people are going to lose them.)

    Stop blaming the merchants for Linden Lab problems. You want to quit your job because the boss messes things up? If the sellers stopped selling every time Second Life had inventory loss problems, the whole grid would have been without merchandise for about well… four years now.

    That said, since inventory is a database issue and Second Life now is four years old, this problem is gettting really really old and irritating. People spend hard cash on inventory only to have it destroyed on a daily basis. Someone at LL needs to get their heads out of their backsides and take care of the inventory loss problem… as well as a whole bunch of ancient, major bugs that have never been corrected.

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