Rolling Restart Complete

Good morning. Sorry for the late notice, but we are going to begin a rolling restart at about 10:55am (PDT) this morning. This rolling restart is required to roll out some server-side fixes and tweaks. Abbreviated release notes are below. One exciting thing about these release notes is the number that correspond to issues in Public JIRA. Thanks to everyone who has helped identify (and even fix!) issues through this new tool.

These fixes and features require you to be running viewers 1.17.1 or later to take advantage of the updated functionality:
* VWR-796: llStopSound() not working
* SVC-21: Request for making identification of llOwnerSay messages possible
* VWR-1101: Active Gestures > New button doesn’t auto-open gesture * Estate owners can now postpone a rolling restart for an hour

General fixes:
* SVC-242: Copyable objects are not appearing in inventory after being taken, are remaining, invisible, in world
* SVC-52: UTF-8 characters read from notecards are lost
* SVC-248: Viewer crash: Server sends malformed DeRezAck Packet (see VWR-176)
* A few simulator crash fixes

[Update: Pushed the start time back to about 10:55am to allow time for an in-world warning to be sent to all regions.]

[Update: Added links to the issues in JIRA. The restart is now under way. Time to completion is probably 2 hours.]

[Update: The rolling restart is complete as of 1:30pm PDT]

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81 Responses to Rolling Restart Complete

  1. Oldsarge Dowd says:

    Woot! a fix for SL-43881! question: Do we get our objects back?

  2. Arthure Zabblebeebles says:

    Yay. 1st Comment!! Thanks Lindens. Now, all the bitter people can complain.

  3. Roxanne Hynes says:

    How about the anims and poses that don’t work 80% of the time? 😦
    Sometimes people see my anim, sometimes they don’t and vice versa..

    Please fix this or it will be a boring weekend πŸ˜‰

  4. Soilent says:

    “This First Look Viewer is in sync with the normal viewer”
    is it? ?

  5. AttilaRock Kidd says:

    OMG…Restart quickly….i want to do my live concert tonight…SOON SOON RUN BABY RUN!!!

  6. Hg Beeks says:

    Can’t complain about downtime to fix bugs. Unless it creates new bugs. πŸ˜›

  7. finally, i’ll be able to save objects to objects contents again without crashing!

  8. Eddi Decosta says:

    Each time I connect myself my inventory is always downloaded as if I had emptied cash, which does not have the case. I would like to know how to freeze again that, because with 5,000 articles that becomes a little tanning especially if I want to give a trick to a person, it is necessary to await it finished downloaded

  9. Ford Mayo says:

    This may be off topic, I suppose. What amazes and delights me is how much of this incredibly complex place works as well as it does. I’ve been in a bunch of other virtual worlds by now. None of them – not one – can hold a candle to SL for the sheer richness of the experience. They are not even in the same league.

    Lindens, I’m along for the whole ride. Keep up the good work.

  10. Sascha Vandyke says:

    Yes, the anims are completely broken. I filed already a Jira entry. Will they be fixed with the restart????

  11. Meade Paravane says:

    Woohoo!!! No more svc-248!!!


  12. Lolita Laughton says:

    Will this address the issue where I have updated my payment information (added a valid and verified creditcard number), the my profile still reads “No Payment Info On Record”. I mean it’s been over 2 weeks!

  13. Isandra Willunga says:

    Well… now after the Rolling Restart the Client is crashing silently for me every few Minutes without any given Reason… and without giving out the Crashlogger Requester.

  14. Kid Ceawlin says:

    Mom and Dad Linden, I promise to clean my inventory if I can move back into 2nd Life. I’ll even get a job or go back to school if I have to. 😦

  15. Digital Digital says:

    After the restart I am crashing every 4-7 mins and it’s constantly, also now starting to have problems when I am teleporting as well.

  16. Youri Ashton says:

    Well this sounds very positive! Specially the SVC-248!
    Euhm.. I do notice inworld items randomly dissapear unfortunatly, I lost a wall (set to ghost) and somehow i see things of others also dissapear randomly. Bug perhaps? (wall is replaced, so isn’t a real big loss). I also had, like Isandra Willunga, had some problems with connections. I couldn’t move and it started to TP on it’s own! (didn’t get anywhere though). Noticed some things happening BEFORE the rolling restart started, like crashing without notice, talking and nothing comes onscreen (probably crashed or connection lost issue) and trying to walk but can’t.

  17. Ruud Lathrop says:

    Hmmm performance is down because of the rolling update 😦 That is not good!!!

  18. Broccoli Curry says:

    Is this heading West to East as usual? Because I’ve just gone through 4 sims and kept getting “restarting” messages… had to tp half way across the grid in the hope it’ll avoid me this time.


  19. Elpis Oh says:

    Oh, yeah…thanks

    No notice, and then my event gets screwed because of a previously unannounced restart!


  20. Rowana Rolland says:

    Hmm…I don’t see it listed in the fixes about they eyes. Please…please….fix the eyes. I went thru a rolling restart…when back to the region…they are still messed….


  21. Glauco Barbosa says:

    Now, the avatar does not walk, it flies alone, horrible total slowness

    Some hacker in the neighborhood, please, a bomb in the servers of the SL plays! Who knows thus bugs finishes!

  22. Laronzo Fitzgerald says:

    Very frustrated and disappointed. The rolling restart reverted to a state of my build that existed 30 minutes before the rolling restart – I lost everything created / built / rezzed within that time – data and objects.

    This is not on =( I hope you can fix that. This occured on IBM 7.


    Laronzo F.

  23. shay Abilene says:

    what about the bug where you change clothes and your skin goes blackand stays that way? all you see is the hair and eyes looks like a suit for robbing places hoe this fixes that error to.

  24. cnyreject codesmith says:

    Well that update didn’t bring back a 5,000L$ dance floor I lost on my property about 3 -4 weeks ago. And YES, i did report it to Lindens right after it happened.

    *stomps ground in anger*

  25. Dirk Felix says:

    Will this give me the $L’s that I purchased for $400 USD, three weeks ago and was never received? I hope so πŸ˜‰

  26. Montana Corleone says:

    @ Brocolli – they are usually North to South, could be the reason lol.

    So Okay, now I’m building. And I can’t set group to the last one in my list, which of course is the one I need… Begins with a Z, but when I change, it goes to (???). I can change to other groups np, but not the last one. Not just irritating, but means I can’t actually build at all if I can’t set the right group.

    Another fine borked tweak. Off to JIRA now I suppose, and wait two weeks till it gets fixed, if ever *sigh*

  27. Karine Koba says:

    Groups are down it seems like.

  28. Garnet Merlin says:

    Hmm just logged in, and my clothing and shape aren’t downloading for me. My avatar looks unusually husky and emo πŸ˜‰ It won’t let me change my clothing either; says that I have to wait until everything downloads… and it doesn’t seem to be downloading 😦 Is anyone else having this problem?

  29. Kenny Stinger says:

    Hope i get ny land or L$ back my 512 went to Govener Linden and paid 5120 L$ or 18.00 $ US for it!

  30. Keegey says:

    I still cant get in? is it only me? lol it stops of veriying protocol

  31. Ayrn Wake says:

    Eugh, hate the new owner say default color. Dark purple? On the dark background thats just ugly.
    Oh, and its bugged too. Instead of being

    [timestamp] Object Name: Text


    [timestamp] Object Name say, Text

  32. MadisonPaige Sands says:

    I STILL cannot update to the optional viewer .2 …everytime I try, it goes to 48K and then I get a message saying it can’t download because of a firewall or some other problem. Without this update I seem to have A LOT of lag and I’ll freeze out A LOT more often than normal.

  33. Proxima Saenz says:

    After the rolling-out there is a hige lag at all places.
    I cant move, fly, tp and have chatlag.
    Although I have a fast internetconnection.
    And TP is unstable as well…
    I dont know, but seem like SL is really messed up this time…:(
    I hope it all will turn out fine:)
    I believe that yes.
    But is it just a bit annoying.

  34. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    Server performance down to nothing now since Rolling Restart ..

  35. Geraldine Giha says:

    Is it just me, or did “SVC-21: Request for making identification of llOwnerSay messages possible”, in combination with 1.17.2, made the text an unreadable pink/purple?

    It could be me, since I’m a bit colorblind for shades with red (I couldn’t tell once when the red of my CRT was broken…) but now the text has become incredibly fuzzy, especially with gray backgrounds.

    Could the color be changed in a more “colorblind”-friendly color? Something with higher contrast please!

  36. pillete bromes says:

    hola a todos no hablo ingles y po res o no me entenderan pero me los boy a joder…

  37. Buckaroo Mu says:

    It’s no surprise to me that there might be trouble DURING a rolling restart – after all, you have servers that may not be able to communicate with each other properly. Wait until the restart is complete (well, like now) and see how things are before jumping to your conclusions.

  38. Tesla Miles says:

    I’m now having trouble with scupties. They all preview with holes or are broken. Even happens with sculptie textures that I previously uploaded fine.

    Want to know if this is only affecting me before I start up an issue.

    If someone would kindly upload scuplties that worked fine before…

  39. Adrastos Sikorsky says:

    my account is banned there is no support there has been no comments or contact from urself as to the reason i have thousands hundreds of thousands invested in my account i wish action and responce from one or two or all of you lazy butts, get yourselfs in gear and give me a responce i shall continue posting on every available section of responce as i can as there is no email to contact you no support no responce just emptyness and ignorance from yourselfs!!!!

    i want my account back with my inventory with my cash!! or i want the cash back which i invested into objects in my account!!!!!!!!!!!

    reply goddammit, cant be that hard for ya,

  40. Tesla Miles says:

    New problem, before I log it… can’t save notecards.

  41. Yumi Murakami says:

    I like the idea of making llOwnerSay more obvious, but the purple colour is painful to read against the grey background of the Chat History window. And why was the “:” separating the object name and the message changed to “say,”? Most of the time this is ungramattical (“Secure Server say, loading entry 100”). Why not at least “says,”?

  42. Enkryptor Voom says:

    It’s been hours since the rolling restart and things seem to be getting worse. I can’t even TP now nevermind walk anywhere. Nice one guys.

  43. Darien Caldwell says:

    great. hard to read, and ungrammatical. Way to go 😦

  44. NewYorkCityDJ says:

    this is not working now there useing bbs files to edit the devloping software and the crash report and editing things to computer software

  45. Sgta DeCuir says:

    great after restart lagg central feels like im walking on the moon

  46. Helen Dayton says:

    SVC-242: Copyable objects are not appearing in inventory after being taken, are remaining, invisible, in world

    I wonder if that’s what happened to my Huddles? Being copiable, I did have another in my inventory…. but the thousands of Lindens worth of dances and poses will never be completely replaced…. oh well…. if this update stops that sort of thing happening it can only be good. πŸ™‚

  47. Aryshta Cassini says:

    Temp objects are BROKEN again!!!! All of my Rez-box objects are randomly popping in and out of existence … ohhhhhhh how I hate this!

    Grand Opening was to be this weekend … guess it’s off once more!

  48. Anthony Hocken says:

    Agreed with Yumi. The default Purple colour for llOwnerSay is just horrible and painful to read. And pointless because it doesnt even distuingish between private and public messages which I would of thought would be the whole point (llSay and llInstantMessage are still the same old green text). And why not just use a colon like before instead of changing it to some stupid ugly ungrammatical “say, “.

    Please just use a decent default colour and change it back to using a colon like llSay and llInstantMessage do.

    The simplist of “fixes” and still manages to mess up on multiple counts. Very poor.

  49. brinda Allen says:

    well….the quality of our problems never ceases to amaze me. Sorry for not complaining….guess I’m still having way too much fun!

  50. Sascha Vandyke says:

    The llOwnersay color you can change in the preferences, but what about if you have show IM in chat history? It’s dark grey now and you hardly can read it there now. Since i always look first at the history, it’s annoying and i can’t change the color easily back to what it was before

  51. Wynndan Sands says:

    I have been having the same problems for 3 days with crashing every few mins and if i stay logged crash when I teleport. SUCKS TO BE ME

  52. Smith Feldman says:

    How come Sim preformance is down by 50% all over? That doesnt seem like much of a fix :/

  53. Whatever Linden is in charge of scripting changes really needs to read this. Whenever you are about to change anything how a script or a command behaves, why can’t we be warned???? Something simple as a command that uses llOwnerSay() now does something cute responds Object say, Hello Avatar! Just because of that little change I have to update 1000’s of customers! I have been bit several times because of changes that maybe better but it always is unexpected. Please listen and think Lindens, I’ll be up most of the night fixing the mess you created for me.

  54. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    OK you did the rolling restart and now there are some serious problems I use several methods to watch the performance on my islands. Beginning after the restart frame times started to go nuts. In most of the places I checked, where I know the frame times, the script time has doubled. Time dilation is very erratic bouncing from .89 to 1.00 fps. Besides the stats page I also use conover’s sim performance and while the numbers are ambiguous they are an excellent indicator of the performance health of a sim. Times for this indicator are also cut in half. I have an island that normally runs 8-12 ms frame time depending on the load and performance meter of 3800 to 4500 readings now are 16 to 20 ms and a meter of 2000 something has gone wrong again lindens. Is there a reason we have to tell you does anyone ever look at grid performance. You did put the stats tab in for a reason I presume. Please fix this and no I am not going to open a ja&^) on it keep tabs on what you do. Tired of complaining and would just like the game to function as it has before after you touch it.

    P.S. my slower island normally runs a maxed frame time of 22.3 ms and a meter reading of 800 to 1500 it is now still maxed but meter is 400 to 800 and going red (halted) every 3 seconds. Oh and the frame times spike to 80ms therefore indicating something is not working, huh???

  55. Wyald Woolley says:

    Maurice Linden wrote: “These fixes and features require you to be running viewers 1.17.1 or later to take advantage of the updated functionality.”

    Hello??? The current viewer is 1.17.0 (12). There is no 1.17.1

    There is a PENDING bug-infested viewer 1.17.2

    Please clarify what you are saying Maurice.

  56. Winter Ventura says:

    [22:46] Object say, Hello, Avatar!
    [22:47] Object: Hello, Avatar!

    Grimlock say, “Me no kisser, me KING!”
    Confucious say, ……

    Winter Ventura say, Am I the only one who finds this choice of text display confusing?

    Bring back “Object: ” for llOwnerSay.. a different colour was MORE than enough. Now, if you could just sdo something about llInstantMessage? kthxbye

  57. Benja says:

    I see that VWR-120 has been implemented in this rolling restart. This is the change to the colour of ‘Owner Say’ messages. A good new feature, but why change the default colour too? This feature attracted 8 votes. The change to the default colour affects every resident who has a scripted object that sends message only to its owner. Objects like security doors, vehicles, radars….

    The feature is a good idea, but should be voluntary. By changing the default colour it has become compulsory.

    youtube video for changing the Owner Say colour

  58. jade carnot says:

    WAY OFF-TOPIC! but it appears to be a dead thread anyway.

    will there be an in-world celebration when the number of dead accounts (i.e not logged in for 60+ days) reaches 6,000,000, as it will before the end of july?

  59. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    So… that is why there suddenly was purple text on the screen *ROTFLOL*
    I thought the viewer had gone crazy with negative hues πŸ™‚
    Nice feature, but as others have said… purple?????????
    Oh, well… Deep dive into preferences comming up …

  60. Dajobu Ling says:

    Just my two cents on the text color changes: Why are the colors randomly assigned and set statically? I think it would make sense to change it as a default, but also allow the users to override the default colors to something that would either be more readable to the user or make more sense / allow for better differentiation by the user. It’d be a simple list with a color picker inside a tab for the Preferences menu that allows a user override to change the color values for the different classes of text output. I’d code it up and submit it since it’s all in the client, but I’m still too much of a noob at coding to trust myself with that. While on that topic, the dialog boxes in the upper right hand should also be changeable for the same reasons. People with bad spending habits should be able to change L debits to red or whatever will scare themselves, for example.

    I agree on the formatting issue for text output, too. object: is much nicer than object say, . My guess is because it’s part of a new code block that didn’t have the strings checked better, but it’s still weird looking. Presentation is everything : )

    Also, I’ve noticed some hardcore lag just trying to look around in circles at home (an otherwise stable and responsive region). Hopefully it’s not a problem that will get worse over the weekend.

    I’ve rambled on long enough. Keep plugging away : ) I’ve noticed much more stability in the latest viewer than most of the viewers I’ve used since late March. I’m looking forward to all of the fixes to come (even with the slight hiccups here and there, overall it’s been positive for me. Actual user results may vary).

  61. Anthony Hocken says:

    @Dajobu. You can change the colours in Preferences. It’s something like Chat > Chat Color > Owner. Change from purple to something sensible.

  62. Captain Noarlunga says:

    My SIM performance ( on 3 SIMs) is down since the rolling restart, by around 25%. Why??? PLEASE ?????

  63. Captain Noarlunga says:


    I have exactly the same problems …………………..


  64. Ruud Lathrop says:

    @29 en @38
    I have seen exactly the same. On two sims (one is almost empty with not many scripts running) the “script perf” is cut into half. I also use the conover tool, and the number has gone way down.
    I also have a mall on mainland (thylacine) and there i dont see a performance issue.
    So how can we now get some Lindens response?

  65. Shockwave Yareach says:

    Suddenly, my friends list has gone wonky. People were shown offline while they were standing in front of me and talking with me. Not reporting it yet as it may be a self-correcting glitch and work fine later today. But has anyone else had this problem on Thursday Night?

  66. Sascha says:

    There are still some issues with the AOs, maybe people should vote for fixes on Jira:

  67. Farallon Greyskin says:

    I also noticed a massive script performance hit in SOME of my sims but not all. I chalked it up to the restart shuffling sims around on servers and them getting into bed with some other very laggy sims on the same server machine. But maybe that’s not the entire reason? If so many other people are seeing this too.

    Maybe some types of LSL functionality have gone laggy but not all of it?

    Also, what I have noticed is that there seems to be some new kind of “packet loss” going on. The loss it not registering at all as actual packet loss on the about box though. I’m getting much more “ruthed” avs suddenly, and weirdly, the SAME av on different people will be ruthed.

    Other things like trying to edit floppies, they don’t update (or “refresh) thier position properly so moving them into position is a PITA now. Also, I have prim light object that you touch to turn on and off. Well the lighting itself turns on and off but the prims “glow” feature doesnt refresh for quite a while.

    Some of these sound like viewer problems actually, but for some reason a ton of these things only became noticeable after the update yesterday. And a lot of friends started noticing weirdness that would lead one to believe they were having packet loss yesterday afternoon when nothing was being registered as packet loss on their machines either.

  68. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Sorry to take up two slots but…

    Another new and reocurring problem since yesterday afternoon. This again LOOKS like packet loss but I just logged in and have “0” packets lost according to the about box…

    Particle effects will just randomly be not working at all on a single prim (Like a camp fire or smoke stack etc). And they don’t start working till you tp out of and back into an area. This is happening to multiple people and is random. Something else that /seems/ to be packet loss but is not being reported or detected as such by the client.

    And it’s much WORSE today than say 2 days ago, in other words, definately after the rolling restart yesterday!

  69. LAG? says:

    I’ve noticed a marked increase in lag in just about every single SIM I’ve been to since the rolling restarts. The performance in some SIMs dropped over half…extremely frustrating to say the least.

  70. Sunni Jewell says:

    Music streams on the sim on which my land sits are not working, and objects not rezzing. Just wondered if this was tied to the rolling restart yesterday?

  71. Abbra Allen says:

    Still can’t log on – keep getting the same message – DNS cannot resolve host name. Even tried logging on with the beta version I downloaded today. Any suggestions?

  72. Since LL is in the mood to fix bugs.
    My traffic counter has been reset daily at Khisanth 64,64 both west/east properties since Feb 20 and no one at LL or any Linden has fixed it!
    I’m unfairly put at the bottom of the list with my count being so low. (13 today)
    I can bring friends to my property and they don’t register on the β€œTraffic Counter”.
    No point of buying any more land if even the easiest bugs can’t be fixed!!!

  73. Simon Kline says:

    @32 and others having trouble with the auto upgrader because of the ‘firewall’ error, download the new version from:

    Then the new upgrader that comes with this will work again for future updates πŸ™‚

  74. Impossible to play any DmC/Slingo games since re-start.

  75. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    It has been two days since you again destroyed the game. The previous update, while it had the edit crash bug, was much better as far as performance. The edit crash bug was easy to bypass by just leaving an edit window open minimized. In any case it was a much better situation than the current mess.

    Now to the lack of response to the many bug reports and complaints lodged here. You may have a restart, what is that pap. Restart the game with the last patch and give it back to us. Since the patch sales have been flat virtually nothing. As I see it you are going to kill the game by destroying the economy. I believe that all of we who follow your TOS and establish commerce in the game will in time hold you accountable. If your Linden dollar was not tied to real currency there would be no problem, but, you tied your currency to real money and I know of no one who does that and escapes with out opening recourse.

    Yes, the TOS says subject to change without notice but does it also state that we have to accept pathetic excuses for programming and the total lack of customer service and have to pay for the treatment.

    In conclusion many of the older subscribers with an investment in one of the finest concepts in gaming will most likely continue to hang on since hope springs eternal. BUT,and that is a big but, patience is wearing thin with your lack of a focused effort. Obviously you put great effort into this. I flap my arms very hard every time I get out of bed. I have yet to achieve flight by that method. This game though is something that could be accomplished, if, someone would wake up and actually do some competent screening of the code that is to be released. Your professionalism has been now observed for the last 18 months and while you do not receive the grade of F you are granted a D, passing but incompetent.

  76. uRieL soothsayer says:

    llStopSound() not working.
    and many of my products using this line in script now spamming half cut sound…..really messed up -.-;…
    when it will be fixed?
    plz >.

  77. Aryn Lassard says:

    I can’t imagine what lead any rational human being to think that:
    “Object say, ”
    Is a good solution for whatever issues there were with llOwnerSay. Was the programmer not a native speaker of English?

    Seriously, this one is just laughable. A very instructive example of the slipshod review process for new features and fixes.

  78. Helaz Saarinen says:

    I lost a Multi Animation Tool with a lot of good and expansive animations inside – was two objects taken together into inventory cause they shall not be linked – well it does not show anymore after many unsuccessful rez attempts. I had a lot of adjustments & work inside too. I cant believe it may have disappeared how is this damn database working??? We can cope with lag, bad functions, but how to cope with valuable objects loss??? Any way to gt it back please ??? tyvm

    BTW i also get all the time “gesture missing in database” even if no gesture is active… looks like the securities that work on any database dont work in yours.

  79. Salvatore says:

    Come on boys, is it really necessary to download THE WHOLE client everytime you do a slight change? I am really sick of downloading 32 MB almost everytime I run SL. Why don’t you just upload patches?

  80. Cat Gisel says:

    Hey this actually works. I know it’s going to sound sarcastic, but IF you promise not to slow down or get lazy on the repairs, could we get a continual rolling restart till stuff really gets fixed? It’s better than nothing πŸ™‚

  81. Aylah says:

    I can’t to play in sl because appear this message :”Unable to connect to Second life.Despite our best efforts,something unexpected has gone wrong.Please check to see if there is a know problem with the service..”Why?sorry for bad english but i’m italian girl…bye bye thanks

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