[Update] In-world Lindex purchases with PayPal

[Update 6.26.07 3.47 PDT] PayPal purchase and payment facility is now functional. However, some Residents may experience a “restricted” error that we are trying to fix.

[Update 6.26.07 3.03 PDT] We are close to resolving the PayPal purchase and payment issue. Expect a resolution shortly.

[Update 6.22.07 11.42 PDT] Purchases and payments with PayPal is still disabled. We are working closely with PayPal to identify and fix the problem. We know this is an inconvenience for many of you, and we ask your patience–this matter has our full attention.

[Update 12.25 PDT] We have temporarily disabled the ability to purchase or make payments with PayPal. You can still make purchases or payments via credit card or gift credit cards. We continue to investigate with PayPal to and we will update you as soon as the matter is resolved.

You account status will not be affected.

Thanks for your patience.

We have reenabled Linden transactions from within the viewer.

However, PayPal is having issues processing LindeX transactions from the web. We are working with PayPal to resolve the issue.

Also, LindeX transactions using credit cards are slow, but the transactions should complete. If it doesn’t complete for some reason, please retry.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to resolve these issues promptly.

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