[Update] Slow Logins and Login Failures – Fixed!

[Update 12:54 PDT]  We have brought additional hardware online to help resolve this issue and logins appear to be back to normal.  Thank you for your patience.

[Update 11:49 PDT] As our loads have increased this morning, we are receiving more reports of outright login failures. These are still related to the same issue and we ask that you continue to wait for the login attempt to time out prior to retrying to prevent exacerbating the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Hello again! This morning we are researching reports of slow logins. It appears that almost all of the login attempts are successful, but they can take a bit to go through (up to 3 – 4 minutes). Please be patient at the login screen and don’t re-try unless your login actually fails with an error message. This will prevent duplicate login requests being sent to the login servers. Our operations team is aware of this issue and is working on it as we speak. More updates here as they become available…

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