Release Update: 1.18.0 Postponed, 1.17.2 Viewer pending

Hi folks – Joshua Linden here, your friendly neighborhood release manager. Today was a little more exciting than I like my Tuesdays, but here’s the low-down:

Second Life 1.18.0 has been postponed to Wednesday, July 11th. The scheduled downtime for June 27th is canceled. The code appears stable, but there are some odd issues that have materialized relating to the configuration of how the various services that make up the grid communicate. We’re playing it safe while we sort those out. Unfortunately, this means we don’t get to celebrate DΓ­a de la LiberaciΓ³n for a few more weeks.

We’ll be releasing an Optional Viewer update, Second Life 1.17.2, with a fix for VWR-1369 “Creating, re-rezzing, then editing an object results in a viewer crash” mentioned previously on the blog. This should be available for download within the hour.

Finally, the rolling restart we’ve teased everyone with is back from the dead, in order to get those server side fixes out ASAP. We’ll be doing some further scrutiny of the changes to make sure that none of the issues identified in 1.18 affect this code, then we’ll roll that out to the grid either Wednesday or Thursday. No promises on when, but not before it’s ready!

We’ll be continuing to update the Beta Test Grid with viewers and servers tracking the progress of 1.18.0, and your continued help in ensuring it’s a high quality release is appreciated.

Thanks all, and my apologies for the changing schedule.

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124 Responses to Release Update: 1.18.0 Postponed, 1.17.2 Viewer pending

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    tsk tsk such professionalism will cut into your “surfing on razor blades” reputation.

  2. Oz Spade says:

    I’m a bit bummed, but it’s good that you’re holding off with it until it’s ready. πŸ™‚

    Remember, remember, 1.5.

  3. CasiAnn Qinan says:

    Look stop with the new F*cking versions already. You idiots can’t get them to work right and are only making things worse with each new version. leave well enough alone.

    As is I crash if I go to use the EDIT feature more then 2 times in a session. if you can’t make a version that doesn’t have bugs in ot then stop making them

    seems the only people who want these new versions are you linden assholes who can’t do a F*cking thing right. So knock it off already.

  4. Brian Engel says:

    As a reward for good judgement, I will remove one pin from my Linden Lab voodoo doll, but I’ll keep it handy.

  5. cnyreject says:

    Thanks for the heads-up! Patience is a virtue and we need all the patience we can get. Just keep working on making sure the next major release, if that is what 1.8 is called, has as many bugs irnonned out as possible. That way we and you can have a few days of fun in SL… LOL like that would ever happen.. Well we can all dream can’t we!

  6. Elendir Axon says:

    Glad to see the QoS department is cracking down on this, delay for quality is more important than rushing out the latest bug fix unsure if its going to bork anything.

  7. Kirra Ball says:

    Well, I am hoping this fixes MY frequent viewer crash. Whenever I RIGHT click on something animated that also emits light (like a torch) – my entire viewscreen fills with the light color (it looks like a giant sphere is being drawn around me) – and the viewer CRASHES.

    Anyone else get that? I can reproduce it rather reliably…

  8. Rowan Carroll says:

    oh this is FESTIVE!.. I crashed.. tried to log back on.. told to update to 1.17.2… I have updated.. now I can’t log in.. I get Verifying protocol.. then “Second Life Appears to have Crashed” yay!

  9. Tre Ceres says:

    yes, thankyou for this. Almost every object I have been trying to edit… Which for me is one every minute resulted in a client crash almost every time. I was praying it wasnt just my pc.

  10. Lets make sure the priority fixes (MEMORY LEAK) are gone in 1.18, please.

  11. Wise Clapsaddle says:

    id like you to explain to your customers why on earth fixing the edit bug has now left half the inventory missing?.

    I know the drill of clearing cache etc and it has always worked till just now, we will expect another version 1.17.3 tommorow, have a good night sleep LL cause your neverending tinkering will continue in the morning.

  12. kerunix flan says:

    @6 : disable the light radius sphere in the viewer option ?

  13. )) No promises on when, but not before it’s ready! ((


  14. As much as I would like some of the new features, I am glad to see you taking the extra time to make sure it works correctly behind the scenes.

  15. LOL:

    )) … and my apologies for the changing schedule. ((

    THANKS for changing the schedule!


  16. sterling Whitcroft says:

    Good Call, Joshua!

  17. Slip says:

    That’s cool and all – but unfortunately, some of us can’t get into the game as the UPDATER ISN’T WORKING!!!

  18. TyrisFlare says:


  19. TyrisFlare says:

    hope all goes well ll keep up good work:)

  20. TyrisFlare says:

    sorries from my rude comments from before i was just fusterated with sl.. but i understand work is in progress!!! Ty for haveing paitence on me:) and hope all lll employees are have a good day as well:) Huggzz to them keep up the work it should pan out soon i hope:)!!!!!!

  21. TyrisFlare says:

    ps i had no problem logging in today…:)
    but over all is the key!:) have a good evening all:)

  22. TyrisFlare says:


  23. TyrisFlare says:

    Pss sorries for typos!lol

  24. Dagmar Heideman says:

    BTW Character Test Go Away AFK/When Idle is broken too. Unchecking it does nothing. Time for another patch!

  25. Dagmar Heideman says:

    Think I will take a pass on this patch based on some of the above comments. Besides it is downloading at a snails pace. Btw for those of you experiencing the edit crash problem I had it too but when I removed the -multiple command line that was added running more than one client it stopped.

  26. svenja says:

    more about this update an you lost loooooot of european people

  27. Ochi Wolfe says:

    There must have something gone wrong with 1.17.1 and 1.17.2. Comparing the performance on my brand new system shows that runs a WHOLE lot faster in any case (around 2-3 times as fast under normal conditions and when looking up in the sky, 1.17.1 or .2 runs with 15 FPS while runs with 200 FPS with the exact same settings). Please check that again, Lindens!

  28. Trail says:

    Is that missing inventory a solo case?

  29. Tex Rhode says:

    Just curious, what constitutes whether a version number increase is first, second, third, or fourth place? As in, what makes a version go from 1-13-3-2 to 1-14-0-1 to 1-15-0-2 to 1-15-1-3 … etc and so forth … to 1-17-0-12 to 1-17-1-0 ? And, why is the fourth place sometimes placed in parentheses ?

  30. nika talaj says:

    Thanks Joshua, would far rather have update schedule change than a rocky release.

    @10 — me too YAY Nick — meanwhilst will continue to use your viewer, which works GREAT for me, ty!

  31. Garnet Merlin says:

    “Is that missing inventory a solo case?”

    My inventor isn’t missing, so I hope so O_o

    And I’m not downloading 1.17.2 after the edit crash fiasco O_o I’ll just wait for the mandatory upgrade to be sure (some of) the bugs are ironed out.

  32. Garnet Merlin says:

    … my inventor isn’t missing, and my inventory isn’t either. Stupid typos -_-

  33. Julia Hathor says:

    Thank you for not rushing it and causing havoc πŸ™‚ Slow and careful is much better then rush and regret it later.

  34. Franko Corleone says:

    Good on ya Joshua, ignore the doom sayers that whine and whinge….few of them could do as well as you blokes in the labs…

  35. Adam Hickman says:

    credit where credit is due….LL is finally getting it together

  36. Dytska Vieria says:

    200 FPS??? I Want!!!

    No problems here, including Inventory. Thank you Josh!

  37. Brenda Maculate says:

    “No release before it’s ready” is a good mantra.

    Thanks for the update, Joshua!

  38. Krimson Gray says:

    Now attachments are broken? Gah! Give me the crashes back, at least I could edit once or twice between the crashes. Now I can’t even put something on.

  39. Siowen Anatine says:

    Thank you for not updating until the viewer is ready. We appreciate that.

    People may whine and moan about how updates make thngs worse, and how bad they think it is, but honestly! Where else can you think of can you play a virtual world as involved and intricate as this? SL is one of a kind. If people want to whine about bugs and updates, submit a bug report. Thats what its there for!

  40. Lestat Demain says:

    hey lindens have you adressed the microsoft compiler inserting random bugs into your software via 26,000 int03 yet? it would make your job a whole lot simpler ya know πŸ˜‰
    oh and compiling voice with the same compiler threw the same things into it too and until you tackle that your software will have as many random features as the early versions of windows πŸ˜›

  41. Wicked says:

    Hi, I have been trying to log in for 3 hours and keep crashing when it gets to logging into region, anyone else haveing this trouble ?? Is there a fix for this?? Thanks

  42. Spiritfire Musketeer says:

    Oh I’m loving this update…as a creator, the ability to upload 32bit PNG files WITHOUT having to mess with alpha channels is a godsend to me!

    Thank you whoever added this FINALLY after only 2 years of begging.

  43. Wicked says:

    And Yet AGAIN. Glad your happy, I still cant log in after this update lmao.

  44. hmr1000 says:

    Well this new viewer is a real winner apparently, I have crashed twice within minutes of logging in already, so I guess if many people have this problem your 30 day logins will really start to look good. Way to go guys , why don’t you seriously try to fix the problem of these crashes for once and stop worrying about introducing new and unproven stuff that just makes more problems.

  45. Just glad to see you’re not only fixing things as fast as you can with the two optionals but aslo pushing back 1.18 until it’s as ready as it can be.

    A definate move forward over the past couple of releases.

    I almost lost faith in LL but it’s slowly returning. I hope we’re not disappointed again. πŸ™‚

  46. Spiritfire Musketeer says:

    well so far I’ve had no stability issues at all with this release, and no more crashing when I edit and build, so I’m happy

  47. Raul Crimson says:

    No need to apologize, Joshua, this is a good decision.

  48. Opalie Bade says:

    I just updated the non mandatory viwer – silly me – and now I am unable to see the hovering green text around the money trees and trivia pyramids. Wish someone had told me to dl it to a separate folder and not just overwrite my file.

    Sooooo, updates ‘fix’ some things but break others ???

    Now I get it

  49. Samanthamx says:


  50. Lance Corrimal says:

    I can just add my two cents:


  51. Annie Malaprop says:

    Very happy to hear that – thanks for playing it safe, Joshua. Stable releases make everybody happy. Well, except for those of us aren’t happy unless we have something to complain about. πŸ˜‰

  52. Veka Slade says:

    Why not work in the video card compaiibility instead of introducing audio? My ATI Mobility RADEON X300 is not supported !!! A driver patch will be very welcomed !!!!

  53. kasper bender says:

    lol , neaver find updates friendly

  54. Balthazar Lindman says:

    Good…but I think downtiming on Wednesday is quite bad…way more people use SL on Wed and weekends than the other days…you know, there are people from outside US, too πŸ˜‰

    At least I won’t get annoyed with 1.18 today ^^

  55. Chris says:

    Cool. See if you can fix the “llTargetOmega() function that seems to stop rotating objects client side when occluded” bug also. Maybe I missed this one on Jira.

  56. Chris says:

    Oh and the client debugging with an application Error “The instruction at “0x7c9910f29” referenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “read”. Colick OK to terminate the program. – bug also.

    CPU: AMD 3800+ x2 Dual Core (2062 MHz)
    Memory: 2048 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Graphics Card: Radeon X1950 Series x86/MMX/3DNow!/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.0.6590 WinXP Release
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 3/9367 (0.0%)

  57. What a pity, having to wait another two weeks for the Heterogeneous Grid πŸ™‚ But it’s nice to know that your Quality Assurance team is on the spot, ready to make a hard decision, if the need arises.

    Surprisingly, 1.17.1 was the stablest version I ever had running on my both computers πŸ™‚ What an irony, considering the reports I was getting from everybody around me. In some cases, I had so fast and stable performance β€” while seeing everybody else around me crashing and crashing β€” that it was a bit uncanny. I almost thought I got a special flag on my version, like if (user == Gwyneth Llewelyn) then give_extra_performance() πŸ™‚ To make sure, I downloaded 1.17.1 on my 4-year-old PowerBook G4, went straight to one of the laggiest and busiest shops in SL with an alt, and watched the performance.

    What a surprise β€” I was still getting 10 fps even when downloading 600 Kbps of data in the very crowded and heavy-textured area! Oh my. I think I have not seen that for a long time on the poor old PowerBook G4!

    So I’m pretty sure you are on the right track somewhere; I’ll be very curious to see how well 1.17.2 performs once I’ve managed to download it…

  58. ZoHa Boa says:

    )) No promises on when, but not before it’s ready! ((

    That’s the way to go!!
    Good decission.

    We do not need every week new versions; we only want a stable/working version. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  59. barney says:

    Well, a bit sad, the message template freeze was very promising, but hey, we waited so long for this, we can wait a bit longer, still πŸ™‚

  60. Fritz Otoole says:

    It seems to me that finally Linden Lab is responsing on our comments – oh yes as one of those IT freaks here sayd we are the whyners blocking new things. Give those Freaks a freak show with new items everyday, but please go on stabelizing the system. Thanks for that!

  61. Dominic Palisades says:

    Don’t worry Joshua…the cancellation of a downtime is always happy news. So no need for apologies πŸ˜€

  62. Tom Bender says:

    Hopefully the hud attachments will work now.
    And please – I want an answer no:
    When is the age verificatiton coming? I’m tired of all these “Kiddos”
    in SL – please make SL a place worth living again.

  63. Brick Cioc says:

    What a bunch of whinging sods. You get something for nothing (or practically nothing), and you expect everything in return. I’m positively sure Linden Labs IS doing all they can to make our SL experience as preasurable as possible. Whining, and carrying on like pork chops – IS NOT – going to speed up this process. All your base are belong to us.

  64. Blaise de la France says:

    Problem with download, failure of auto-update.

    I have a message on screen thta say:
    The second life auto-update has failure
    Problem caused by other software application or firewall…etc…

    I’ve deactivate windows firewall but dont start downoload,
    and have not installed new program on my pc in last days.

    Never have had problem with SL auto-updater.

    How do i can for resolve this problem?
    I’ve fear to lost my second life database, if i will do a wrong operation with update.

    Please help me

    Thank you for attention.

  65. Demelza Beaumont says:

    Somehow the release of 1.17.1 on Monday followed by 1.18.0 on Wednesday never rang true.

    Am I the only one who finds it unbelievable that SL has been running for 4 years *without* a static message template?

  66. roxysamantha boucher says:

    yea how come you have all these problems with your system causing grashes and log jams dont happen when i play active world just second life sond like they know more than you prhapes you should give them a call for advice on how to make a verual world work and anybidy can use anything there not like in second lif
    yea you will trah this i suppose cause you are all chikens t ad mit somone other than you gor virtual reality riht stupid linden stuff

  67. Anton Brody says:

    This is finally starting to sound like sane program management. Cudos!

  68. Rachel Darling says:

    Viva le Release Manager!

    Glad to see you’re delaying the release. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new focus on quality over quantity. Ultimately I am certain we will all benefit.

    Stick to your guns, QA.

  69. Trilobite Reisman says:

    Oooo, Lordy, It’ll be nice when Nicholaz’ memory patches hit the macOS version…

    Finally I get to say yay for the opensourcing… I was beginning to think that external tweaks would never make it back to the main viewer.

  70. awdf says:

    i knew they would postporn it!

  71. alexia cournoyer says:

    something a little off topic but could be heartening…

  72. Psistorm Ikura says:

    glad to see you taking a “quality over early release” approach. especially with something as critical as the sim caps feature, stability is paramount. Ill happily wait those extra weeks, provided there will be a stable release at the end of the road πŸ™‚

  73. Veronica says:

    Holding off on a bad update is great news. Thank you LL for finally realizing we aren’t crazy when we beg for things to be rolled out that are already tested.

    Keep up the work, good preferably πŸ™‚

  74. memory magellan says:

    weeeeeee i can get my SL fix !!! wooohooo !! does a few handsprings and lands perfectly on her feet !!

  75. Ai Austin says:

    Did anoyone else notice that a couple of viewer releases ago the up down camera angle change capabilty when using teh “Alt” key stopped working? Left/right works, and scroll wheel zoom in and out, but not up and down. You get a thudding sound instead. Its a pain havig to use the camera view control panel instead. Did I miss a message in this?

  76. Raudf Fox says:

    I’m becoming more impressed with the tech/coding team as we speak! While I’m kinda sad that the update won’t happen today, I’m more happy that you guys are unwilling to stick us with an unstable system!

    THANK YOU!!!

  77. Tethys Pestana says:

    Let’s teach ourselves that honorable stop, Not to outsport discretion. – William Shakespeare

    Heaping praise on you all this morning Joshua. I cannot remember many times in the past year we erred on the side of caution; this pause truly stands out.

    We need to constanty refine and improve SL, but not so quickly that we ignore issues that would affect residents enjoyment and livelihoods. Waiting another week will not cause the world to tilt on her axis . . . wait that was a previous release wasnt it? πŸ™‚

  78. jeannie says:

    omg….32 bit pings wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..soo happy!!!

  79. Kerik Rau says:

    Maybe if we could get some sane coding practices that reduces the likelihood of side effects we wouldn’t be needing all these bug fixes. Mind you I don’t have experience with large scale projects, but I’ve written stuff that runs for days on ends and never crashes.

    Instead of “we don’t know what is happening but lets fix it”, it should be “lets look into this issue more and try to prevent it in the future”.

    But kudos to LL for not dropping a horrible piece of buggy software on us.

  80. Simon Nolan says:

    @ Ai: The camera keyboard shortcut issue is JIRA VWR-1223, mentioned as fixed in the release notes in 1.17.1.

  81. Dave Powell "Times Sands" says:

    Since several folks have commented on missing inventory, I’ll add that the only times I’ve noticed missing inventory (and landmarks) is when I’m loggin in to an area that is very busy. Since all the missing items return after a few minutes, I’ve assumed that its just a “data transmission” lag to my PC display!

  82. Dave Powell says:

    Since several folks have commented on missing inventory, I’ll add that the only times I’ve noticed missing inventory (and landmarks) is when I’m loggin in to an area that is very busy. Since all the missing items return after a few minutes, I’ve assumed that its just a “data transmission” lag to my PC display!

    “Times Sands”

  83. CaptJosh Au says:

    Kirra,that actually sounds like potentially something to do with video drivers as much as the viewer. I suggest you check to see whether or not your video card driver version is A) up to date and/or B) if it is known to be stable or not.

  84. Ai Austin says:

    Thx Simon, dwnloading the 1.17.1 optional viewer now to get the ctrl/camara angle fix. Sorry to go off topic everyone.

  85. Mandi says:

    just a lil input for all its worth, when you refer us to the download site it would b nice if the download of latest version was IDENTIFIED there, ty
    Also( off topic) since i cant find a suggestion box anywhere LOL:
    Can you NOT limit groups its killing those of us who are umm ‘social butterflies & shopaholics* LMAO
    thanx keep up the good work now if i can just get my program to load lol

  86. ari blackthorne says:


    yeah, the Lindenonians are listening πŸ™‚

    As for all you having crashes – check your systems. No, really, not meant to be sarcastic or any of that. The problem with Windows is that it slowly kills itself over time no matter what you do (or not do)

    I did a full reinstall awhile ago, updated all my drivers and SL has been -SWEET- ever since.

    I know – it’s a tall order to reinstall your OS… but it’s worth the effort if you’re an SL junkie! πŸ™‚

    WTG Lindenonians!

  87. Captain Noarlunga says:




  88. Elrik Merlin says:

    Very grateful that things are being held back until they’re ready.

    I much prefer what I am using now to work better, than have all kinds of new features when the existing ones fall over.

    Bug squishing first; new features second is the way to go in my view. Keep up the good work!

  89. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Downloading the update when asked to during login DLs 48k then dies every time. NEVER did that before. WHat changed?

    (Yes I went to the website and DLed the file “by hand”)

    This next upgrae has the potential to be one of the biggest upgrade disasters yet with the change to the core communications mechanism. Thank you for taking the time to ensure that it will work first.

    As far as crowing about the “Day of Liberation”.. sigh, you do realize that you should never ever have used static packets to begin with? I was wriging dynamic/soft cross platform networked packet communication systems 7 years ago (long before SL) for a company that only had 15 employees and maybe 150 customers for our product. How you guys managed to write a system so “hard coded” in the 21st century is rally beyond me to be honest 😦

  90. Nad Gough says:

    YAY! I can finally walk in a straight line. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    Nasty Mac bug in JIRA – editing preferences – advanced grahpics – setting anisotropic either way corrupts the viewr – can that be fixed please?

  91. @Farallon Greyskin: “Downloading the update when asked to during login DLs 48k then dies every time. NEVER did that before. WHat changed?”

    Interesting – we had an internal viewer build with that bug but it was corrected before we opened up 1.17 on 6/13. It’s possible that a buggy version was briefly made available on the web site before being corrected. The workaround, as you surmise, is to download directly. My apologies.

    (The cause of the bug was actually a well intentioned but incorrect bug fix. For the C++ junkies, the Windows autoupdate code had a sequence that read something like “char buffer[BUFSIZE]; while( more_to_download ) { int result = downloadNextChunk( buffer, BUFSIZE ); if(result == error) { throw … } if(!buffer){ throw … } … }” – a well intentioned but incorrect test, that probably dates back to when buffer was malloc’d. A static code analysis pointed this out as a bogus (but harmless) test, but someone “fixed” the code to be “if( !buffer[0] ) ….” Which of course fails if once a downloaded chunk starts with a 0 byte. Ooops. This was caught and correctly quickly, but a bad merge resurrected this buggy code and it wasn’t caught until the last round of auto-update tests were done.)

  92. Shockwave Yareach says:

    I am very, very happy to see signs of responsibility and management in Linden Land. I can handle waiting a few weeks for a new version. What I cannot handle is being offline for a few weeks because something fundamental got broken because of poor testing. Most of us understand that this is new and very complicated. Thus we expect testing and debug to make things stable will take time.

    So don’t rush on our accounts. Get it right and we’ll accept the delay. Get it wrong, and we’ll be po’d no matter how little time it took.

  93. Shockwave Yareach says:

    Joshua: Shouldn’t result be the number of bytes that were fetched? Or a negative if an error occurred (presumably a timeout)?

  94. I just tried to update; the same error as Farallon; stops @ 48k πŸ˜‰
    Might want to double-check this πŸ˜‰

  95. @Shockwave Yareach: That’s just pseudocode. I don’t recall the exact API offhand; it might be the sort that results a success/error code (like an HRESULT) and uses out params (DWORD*) for the number of bytes transferred, or it may be as you suggest. But yes, the real API does tell you how many bytes transferred. πŸ™‚

    @Tommy Parrott: Can you confirm that you were running 1.17.0(12) (i.e. had skipped the 1.17.1 optional update)?

  96. Yami Katayama says:

    Thank you! It’s good to see LL actually deciding to WAIT until things are sure to be working rather than pushing out a “fix” that makes our lives more miserable. I hope this is now the trend and not the exception.

    @TyrisFlare – you DO realize that comments are capped at 100 and all your little comments are eating up spots others can use to get their comments in, don’t you? (don’t reply – don’t waste another comment0

  97. Bella Rosencrans says:


    Let people know when you change the ports we need to have opened!

    Currently fighting the firewall installed on my server to even be able to update!

  98. Ann Otoole says:

    i had random crashes with the latest viewer till i did a complete uninstall, removal of the associated directory under docs and settings, and reinstall. no further crashes.

    however, it appears audio streams are messed up now. streams are on, music playing, a lot of people cannot hear it at all or can barely hear it with volume all the way up. this seems rather odd.

  99. Bella Rosencrans says:

    “Interesting – we had an internal viewer build with that bug but it was corrected before we opened up 1.17 on 6/13. It’s possible that a buggy version was briefly made available on the web site before being corrected. The workaround, as you surmise, is to download directly. My apologies.”

    Funny because the server firewall of mine clearly denies an IP from lindenlab access – a problem I have not had in AGES!

  100. Nikkie Jua says:

    Same problem here, tried to auto update from version 1.17.0(12), but no way. stalled at 48k. What seems to be the problem???

  101. Montana Corleone says:

    Well, a friend did have a bet with me that 1.18 would be postponed lol.

    Well kudos. If it ain’t working, hold back. Nice to see you are finally listening. What would be interesting, would be to know what “fixes” caused the new borks? Yours or open source? πŸ˜‰

    To the naysayers, well, we who complain mostly do because we believe in SL. If we didn’t, we’d leave. But what we want, is the platform stable, so that people can do what they want – the biggest selling point of SL – rather than have rushed new features.

    We’re not Luddites. We want the new stuff too, but only after everything works. I mean, once every few weeks, I might have time to spend just watching the sky in a quiet moment with my lover. Most of the time, I’m too busy to even notice the sky. I expect many people are like that. We want tps that work, money when you need it, safe inventory, not having to relog when you go to a meeting because your attachments are up your ass.

    So to LL: you should employ a couple of people, whose sole job is to be a resident, start a business, interact, especially on weekends, and find out really how your creation looks to the rest of us.

    You will be the future if you:
    1. address concerns
    2. start thinking about global
    3. address arbitration methodology

    Until then, it will remain as it is, a small game of no consequence.

    100 million people in China use QQ Coin as a virtual currency, so get real. Others are out there already, you are not on the razor blade edge of life!

  102. Uhhh Dudes? I have been doing the Betas, Voice Betas, First Looks etc. I noticed that the secondlife:// protocol was opening a firstlook. I uninstalled all Betas, etc. When I tried to open a secondlife:// (or piece of compost) url it crashed. I got curious and started poking around the registry. When unistalling, it leaves all kinds of legacy registry entries. The main secondlife entry had been changed to point to the FirstLook browser. It could be that a lot of these random crashes are a result of leftover keys in the registry.


    I had to manually download on two machines, both of which had 1.17.1 installed. Stalled at 48k on both and told me to use manual download.

  104. Youri Ashton says:

    I installed every update and now with the last update the lagg has increased dramaticly AND the IM system is nearly impossible to do. I explain; I can recieve Im messages and continue to IM, but I can not start IM’s without problems, mostly not being able to send with message like “you not taking place in this conversation” both in group messages as person to person. Also I recieve ones in a while things that dont belong to me, as in lost & found. not tht i complain in soem cases but i can imagen for the real owner this can be very fustrating. Also crashes without any good reason which looks like runtime errors to me.
    Hope you, LL, can fix these things since I need my IM every day any time of the day. And crashign without any real problem isnt really funny 😦

  105. Suzi Ah says:

    I’m still eting stuck on the verifying protocol message at log in, only way i can find past it is a complete uninstal – reinstal of 1.17.2 (it was the same with 1.17.This s on a 1 yr old vaio laptop running xp pro – sorry to raise it here but have no ida where else to report it, i have another support ticket open since 25th may which still shows as work in progress, never gets any up date or comment from support and my emails go un acknowledged. I LOVE sl, want to stay, want it to work, but have to wonder what im paying for currently? Just my 2cents as a premium, land owning, net contributer to the economy 😦

  106. Annecha Jun says:

    Can I remove the update 1.17.2 again? After I uploaded it I keep crashing all the time 😦

  107. Suzi Ah says:

    Damn, now is not logging on even after the uninstll – reinstall, i was locked out all last night with this and it looks like it will be the same again 😦 I am close to pulling out now, loosing 000’s in inventory and relinuishin land, friends, it’s too depressing Please LL answer my ticket!! surely a month is long enough? And if i shouldn’t complain or be seen as a whinger here, please tell me where and how I should to get at least some answers, let alone resolution – totaly frustrated….. Sorry boys and girls

  108. Annecha Jun says:

    If I have to go on like this, like crashing every 2 minuttes, for a whole week, what am I then paying for?

  109. Wiked Weissenberger says:

    Is anyone else have major lag problems with the last 2 opional viewers? I wish i never downloaded them.

  110. Cole says:

    Uh, just a comment. When are you guys going to change the pics of the avatars on the Second Life website…same old same old….It has been at least a year that it has been the same.

  111. yamil says:

    esta mu complicado d entenderle y las grafica no estan bien

  112. Chaffro Schoonmaker says:

    Unbelieveable…when are LL going to understand the meaning of the word ‘Sorry’ and actually have the balls to use it once in a while. Time after time I see various Lindens popping up and going “Oh, we saw this doesn’t work” and “Hmm, apparently this issue is affecting 30,000+ of you” but not once have i seen any of them with the testicular fortitude to say “Sorry”. The closest we get is “Apologies for the changing schedule”. I couldn’t give a flying rat’s ass about the fricking schedule, moron, apologise about something that i actually care about please.

  113. Youri Ashton says:

    cant get back in and it keeps crashing, keeps telling me that it never recieved some package >

  114. Ochi Wolfe says:

    Some additional system information related to my comment #22 (the new versions since 1.17.1 are running much slower for me) as not everyone seems to have that problem:

    – Running the Linux Alpha on Ubuntu Feisty
    – Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 @ 2.666 MHz
    – 2 GB DDR2-1066 RAM
    – Asus NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS, 640 MB VRAM
    – NVIDIA 9755 driver with a component from the 100.x driver to make the 8800 GTS run (and it runs nicely)

    Maybe this helps to track it down… A friend of mine (also a Linux user) has the exact same problem with >=1.17.1.

  115. Youri Ashton says:

    just got in and it crashed directly again >

  116. Pius Noel says:

    Surprisingly, I was very happy with 1.17.1 on both of my PC’s. Not a single problem, even in laggy situations.

    However, since I downloaded 1.17.2 tonight, I had 4 crashes within less than 4 hours and right now I the client crashed twice during login.

    However, I’m happy you don’t release versions with significant big changes before you are sure everything will be ok. I appreciate your professional work! Keep up the good work.

  117. Simon Nolan says:

    Wow Chaffro, that was harsh. You might want to search the blog for the words “apologize” or “sorry” to see just how many times Lindens have indeed apologized when things didn’t go as planned.

  118. petunia liveoak says:

    @89 and others

    I have looked like a Hobbit for 3 days. Message: the world will see you properly. Hah! My Inventory is not available to me. I can’t change my Appearance. Tried to go to JIRA. Couldn’t do that either. I’ve closed my store and am close to giving up altogether. Help me Lindens! Help me!

  119. Those who want to go back to a preivous viewer, they are still there for download. See the blog post (and #4 comment) in the post named “Crashes Reported from selecting Edit in the Pie Menu” on the linden blog:

    But most likely these login problems are problems with the back-end/grid, not the viewer. But is still there and working.

  120. Whisper anatine says:

    downloaded the optional update… big BIG mistake! have constantly crashed and now can’t log on at all

  121. petunia liveoak says:

    @96 I just tried the old viewer, Nicholaz. It didn’t work for me. I’m still a hobbit. Nothing else is working either. Thanks anyway. I will wait for SL to get unborked.

  122. Chaffro Schoonmaker says:

    You know what Simon, you’re probably right. They may have said sorry before, but it was probably along the lines of “Sorry, we made a spelling error in our last blog post about some random piece of script you’ll never use” or “Sorry, due to unforseen circumstances we’ve had to cancel the ‘Who Can Balance The Most Prim Apples On A Dragon Avatar Contest’ rather tha, as my original point was, sorry for not actually ever including improvements into the scheduled update. I might go and search the blogs as you suggested…better waste of time than actually trying to accomplish anything in-world right now…oh, I can’t be arsed. Time for bed. Goddnight everybody.

  123. Chaffro Schoonmaker says:

    P.S. I blame the spelling errors in that last post on the fact that I am laying in bed, in the dark, mashing my laptop keyboard with my fists.

  124. sirhc DeSantis says:

    OK I don’t normally complain but i put in 1 17.2 and – guess what? the zone alarm warning is again hidden. and i end up under the sea. and i was in the middle of a build where i could rotate but not go up or down – so i couldn’t save it. *sigh* i try i really do. and i can’t get out. sl is trying to drown me – back to sitting on the beach and not trying to actually achieve anything…

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