Crashes Reported from selecting Edit in the Pie Menu

[Update 12:47 PDT] As has been noted in the comments and on the Public JIRA site for this issue, this bug has now been fixed internally.  The fix will be included in tomorrow’s viewer release.  Until then, please use the 1.17.0 version links below if you need to edit an inworld object.  Thank you.

We have received reports through our Public JIRA system that Residents are experiencing intermittent crashes with the 1.17.1 viewer released yesterday. The viewer will sometimes crash when a Resident selects an object and then selects “Edit” from the Pie Menu. You can see more information on the Public JIRA site. Our developers are actively working on correcting this issue and I will be posting updates here.

If you want to return to the previous version of the viewer, you may download the PC version here and the Mac version here.

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81 Responses to Crashes Reported from selecting Edit in the Pie Menu

  1. Buckaroo Mu says:

    Thank you for posting the previous version links! Very Big Kudos!! Might be nice, for future Optional Updates, to keep a link on the main download page for the latest non-optional update, especially once 1.18 is released and the Message Template is fixed (fixed as in “immutable”, rather than “not broken”) 😀

  2. elka says:

    Goooood!! Thanks to post this so fast, it was driving me completely crazy and I was wondering if it was only me. *Goes to get back previous version — pout*

  3. shelly says:

    Wish this had been posted sooner. I only updated to this viewer in the last hour and haven’t been able to do a thing since.
    Add to it the 10 minute log in time. What’s up with that??

  4. Phrosmai Nosov says:

    The PC link did not work for me (in Firefox). It seemed to include a around the “s3.” at the start of the link. Here is one edited and corrected for others who may have the same trouble:

    Here is the broken one:

    Good luck!

  5. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    This is why I always keep copies of previous viewers until I am sure tehy are no longer needed or usable. “Sometimes” is not the best way to describe this problem, the crash on edit bug was very consistant. Makes me wonder what other new and exciting bugs we are in for with the next viewer update. This should have been tested before being released and since it an optional viewer for the main grid it would have been easy to test this under “Real World” conditions.

  6. Girly Riederer says:

    all I am getting when i click the link is “page cannot be displayed”

  7. shelly says:

    Anyone else having trouble with the previous version links?

  8. Chris Anthony says:

    A timely, useful & informative post – thank you. 🙂

    This is one of the reasons I wait a few days with any optional update – that & I don’t do any kind of building so those issues don’t directly affect me. Problems with groups, friends list, asset servers & tp’ing – they cause big problems for me & my friends. Keep them under control & I’m sweet.

  9. Maggie McArdle says:

    any reason why so many got the download fail message?

  10. Jeremy Duport says: Life 1-17-0-12 Setup.exe
    is the broken link. The issue is the accidental addition of the .

    Suggest repairing to: Life 1-17-0-12 Setup.exe

  11. Zanduar Ceawlin says:

    Thank you for the quick responce!! I’m a Admin for 2 islands & not being able to select anything really slows me down.. THANKS!!

  12. Zebadee says:

    yaaay Great stuff LL keep it up!

  13. Asia Jansma says:

    Cannot get to the site to download the previous version of Sl, is this my problem only?

  14. Moaning Babii says:

    So… lindens read this or what?
    /me seriously doubt it. And thinks the whole comment system is useless

  15. Joshua Philgarlic says:

    It would be a good idea to post such messages ingame! My viewer crashed 10 times or more since I updated and it did’nt come to my mind that it could be a bug with

  16. Zebadee says:

    yaaaaay Great stuff LL keep it up

  17. Stsfuzzybear Hush says:

    So, I am not as alone as I thought I was.

    Now, I don’t know if it’s just my PC or everyone. After a couple of crashes I came back on to find the wrong resolution. When I tried to correct it I ended up with a window telling me it couldn’t change back. Well, I logged out fixed my desktop which had also been switched & logged back in. Found the ‘edit’ crash, crashed again. This time I went to preferences on the log in menu. I found that when I downloaded the optional viewer it changed most of my settings & all the graphics setting. Once I got that sorted out the resolution problem sorted it’self out. For good I hope. I saw this entry in the blog, knew no more work today ;). So I’m off to have fun somewhere in SL.

  18. Zanduar Ceawlin says:

    Log-ins are still long even after loading up the older ver.. I think something else went goofy!!.. 😛

  19. Siyuri Watanabe says:

    Yeah Now logins are horrid!! Way to go!

    I still love SL though…

  20. Zanduar Ceawlin says:

    well we got bug fixes then we got a “BUG”.. can’t complain that viewer was running faster tehn 17.0 i know that///

  21. Garnet Merlin says:

    So is this going to be fixed before the upgrade is mandatory? I hope, since I really can’t cope with crashing constantly while working on my projects…

  22. Ann Otoole says:

    proof positive that jira is the place to report issues/defects!

  23. Siyuri Watanabe says:

    Oh Secondlife when will we have a stable version or a week without any incidentals?

    Only a pipe dream 🙂

  24. Maurice Linden says:

    Thanks to Phrosmai Nosov and Jeremy Duport for the URL troubleshooting. I was having copy and paste issues. The post has been updated now. Looks like I need that second cup of coffee…

  25. Ragnar Blackflag says:

    Experiencing the LONG logins…went back to the older viewer, still taking forever to log in. New problem though. I made an animation and uploaded it, and when I went to add it to my AO, I got the error that the notecard was missing from the database. Logged out and tried logging back in, but am now waiting the required 2 hours to get back on (slight exaggeration due to annoyance factor). STILL not logged in yet though…haven’t even been warned there’s a newer viewer yet. 😦 Also experienced the crash when I tried to edit from the pie menu, but only once. Glad to see I was in a minority. Oh, and STILL not logged in…going on at least 6 minutes now.

  26. MrLunk voom says:

    Hi all,

    I have been trying to log in for the last hour and cannot conect !
    I made connection twice about 90 mins ago and 70mins ago but got horriffic lag on my parcel (bastet).
    user ping of over 40k (41000msec ping approx)

    MrLunk voom

  27. RulerOf Merlin says:

    i couldn’t even download the optional veiwer update cause someone screwed the code up so bad it keeps saying i’ve got a firewall, i don’t use firewalls cause they get in the way of the apps i develop. i hope they unscrew this up for the next update (that means get rid of whatever stupid changes they made that screwed it up and leave the protocol alone). i think it would have been better if you would have taken the time to test this code rather than rushing it out. we want working fixes not quick fixes, working fixes stay fixed and take less time in the long run cause you don’t have to refix them 2 days later and they don’t break other things. and where is the auto cache clearing feature? clearing old stuff out of the cache automatically could cut WAY down on how many people crash ‘every 2 minutes’ (more like every 4 hours, they like to be dumb with exageration around here)

  28. Kelly Yaud says:

    Hmm doh. Thanks for the working links. I thought it was just me also with the ‘edit crash’ glad it wasn’t. *reverts to previous browser*

  29. Bedsee says:

    no troubles with edit here, but don’t dare try to texture from the window…or mebbe my edit crash just lagged that long LOL

  30. Burpie Jun says:

    Maybe I better check in tomorrow again…Sorry peeps but I’m not able to log in at all. I don’t even get the question for vers. 1.17.1 anymore. Does every update mean trouble over trouble here? Can’t wait for the Voice and even more trouble…

  31. JayR Cela says:

    Thanks for the quick response to the issues with 1.17.1 🙂

    JayR Cela

  32. Pepper Haas says:

    When will the Lindens ever learn to STOP these upgrades?? They haven’t even fixed all the bugs they caused with 15!! Install this upgrade to improve system performance and stability —- NOT !! They NEVER do!!

  33. Paddy says:

    LL, i take my hat off to you. You had a problem, you identified it, you admitted it and you are fixing it. Thanks guys and gals! I love you:)

  34. Amanda Ascot says:

    And the Optional Update Blues (that really should be a song) strikes again. Or should I say “yet again”? I’ve had a couple good experiences with optional updates, but mostly just problems, a few bordering on the “nightmare” category with them. I don’t do optional updates any more. I wait until it becomes mandatory before I get my bug fix. That’s “bug fix” as in “drug fix”. We all dearly love our bugs, don’t we?

    I’m actually looking forward to the next great innovation from Linden Lab — the Het-Grid, and I’m not being my usual facetious self when I say that. This latest viewer *should* have been tested on the main grid. Something as trivially obvious as consistent crashing on something as commonly performed as editing an object simply cannot be allowed to get by quality control — not and maintain any semblance of professionalism. Other problems, though, tend to crop up only under high grid load, and these have, in the past, been just as crippling. Once the Het-Grid is rolled out we’ll get the *real* in-world tests many of us have been calling for.

    While this latest issue didn’t affect me, I’d still like to thank Maurice for giving us all this heads up, as well as supplying links (even though broken 🙂 ), to links to the previous viewers. For those of you who just *have* to have the latest available, untested, viewer, I strongly suggest *not* using the automatic upgrade you get through the viewer, though. Download it from the website. Keep a copy of that file for future reference. Then install it. If you always do this, only deleting past versions of the viewer when they become incompatible with the grid, you can roll back easily if something doesn’t work for you.

  35. Paddy says:

    Now I cant log in!! Take it all back.

  36. Wolf Eriksen says:

    for all requesting new bugs, lol:

    well there is one more bug in 1.17.1: in inventory the “recent item” tab has the same content as the “all items” tab, and its in both unproper assorted

    no, im smiling, not whining, barney

  37. Kenny Devoix says:

    Thanks for the quick response and posting the link to the older viewer. I normaly do my best to live with the bugs that come up but this particular one was killing me. I crashed 10 times as much since I installed the optional viewer last night then I have in the last 6 months altogether..

  38. andrew johnson says:

    thanks for link – i was finding trouble with update – i am really glad second life Lindens are sorting out – i really love SL!!!

  39. Jonnyfx Pontchartrain says:

    Nice response time 🙂

  40. It would be nice to have these messages sent out in world! I would not have downloaded the optional viewer had I known this. I thought maybe I needed to due to the slow log in. What I completely fail to understand is why these issues are not known due to testing before a new version is released. It takes time to download, time to go back and install old versions. Why cant things be thoroughly tested before release???? Why must we go through this every single time there is an upgrade????

  41. Titzalina Nieder says:

    My RL and Sl husband and I, are trying to run a business in SL, and getting really pee’ed off with the constant crashing issue.
    Whenever we select something from the pie chart or TP to another location we constantly crash. We have sent in one report after another, in fact our fingers are sore from all the typing.
    How the hell do you expect us to enjoy our Second Lives, when we are suffering badly from these bugs…..WE ARE SOOOOOOO CLOSE TO UNINSTALLING THE GAME. So come on all you lovely Lindens, give us some help here. Instead of just letting us send in the bug reports, tell us what you are doing to sort this annoying issue out….
    Thank you from a very angry SL business owner…..GGGgggRRRRrrrr!

  42. Jonnyfx Pontchartrain says:

    On second thought… The JIRA says this is resolved. ANy ETA on an update here?

  43. worthyourwhile says:

    In addition to logins being slow, my inventory is not loading. I’ve been waiting for my hair and shape to turn up for the past two hours… Things I buy or receive do not arrive in my inventory either. This is with both the former and latest release of the viewer.

  44. Buckaroo Mu says:

    Titzalina, if you would check out the issue in the JIRA, you would see that they have ALREADY isolated the problem and fixed it internally. I expect (IANAL (I Am Not A Linden)) that it will be released in tomorrow’s 1.18 release. Until then, go back to 1.17.0 and you won’t have the edit bug. That’s a damned fine turn-around for a bug, if you ask me.

  45. Karsten says:

    Also had a strange problem with llSetText. Sets the text fine on an object, but after removing and saving the text is still there. Seems like the only way to remove is is to set a blank text, and after this remove llsettext.

  46. Tillie Ariantho says:

    The 1.17.1 has still that ‘music goes away and never comes back’-bug. Forgot to jira that one yet.

    After some zoning the music is away, and you can stop/start music elsewhere as you like, but still hear nothing anymore until relog. Was in the previous versions, too.

  47. Kahni Poitier says:

    Considering I’m in the middle of a very large, contracted building job, this constant crashing is actually costing me money.

    Thanks for getting on it, and HOPEFULLY fixing it TODAY!

    *grumble grumble grumble*

  48. Amber Ur says:

    Actually, i saw this on the log in screen and decided to read it since this just happened to me. During that time i had SL log me in while i read through comments. So from the time it took for this page to load and me to read through everything SL crashed as i was getting ready to go have fun inworld.

    So it’s NOT just when you edit lol All you need to do is log in, do nothing but wait and poof you can read all the blog entries you want… 😉

    Not really looking forward to tomorrow’s downtime as i’m not sure what new bugs to expect. Hopefully, they won’t be *too* bad. Either way good catch on this one. i wouldn’t have updated this morning had i know of these issues, but i had no choice seeing how i couldn’t log in at all. i kept getting various error messages. Oddly, i didn’t get a single log in error after updating, just a long wait to get logged in.

    Ahhh well i’m sure there’s someone i can bother without spending money, opening inventory … but i definitely won’t be teaching any classes at this rate today!

  49. Ponk Bing says:

    Weeeeeeeee, thanks!

    Good move.

  50. Ponk Bing says:

    Oh it’s also the Create option too, but that’s not so often.

  51. Dead Homewood says:

    I needed that fix 
    Must say that the crash was very consistent!

  52. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    It’s really annoiyng when You miss something tiny but significant like this. Happens a lot of the time when I update my products. Thankfull,y I don’t even have 100 customers yet, whereas you guys have thousands. So your failures look that much worse.

    I sympathise.

  53. Maurice Linden says:

    Good question Jonnyfx Pontchartrain. You can find out more information regarding what the public JIRA status codes mean here.
    Fixed Internally means that we have corrected the issue in our internal code base, but have not yet published the fix. If/when the fix has been tested, integrated with the rest of our viewer code, and is ready to be included in a release, you will see the target release next to “Fix Version/s:”. This has not yet been updated in this case as the devs are still working to determine when the fix will be pushed out. However, you can continue to check the Public JIRA page for this issue to get the latest status. Thanks!

  54. Nikos Alexandre says:

    Please fix this asap… I’m trying to remodel my mall and all I do is bounce in and out all the time.

  55. Brett Finsbury says:

    good glad some one got the message through. The jira looks like nothing but goggly gook to me. Bunch of graphs and votes. why not just a place to describe the problem and fix them.
    Un installed the new version and reinstalled the old one still crashing on edit. Oh well if its not a challenge then its not fun.
    Good luck fixing this.

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  57. Jossy Joffe says:

    I wonder when you ever will get this program working correctly. Every update looks like a downgrade.
    The idea behind SL is great and opens a lot of oppurtunities for the future, but the program itself ?……….. Read the happy comments !

  58. Zlad Voom says:

    yes crash every 5min, but does not really hurt me coz before i need relog anyway every 10min to free the memory :->

  59. Ai Austin says:

    I updated to 1.17.1 today on my (previously stable) Vista system today and since thenm in some regions it crash within 10 seconds every time, in others it works fine.

  60. tx Oh says:

    also the sun isnt visible on (linux client)

  61. Letshava Goodnight says:

    How about a name and shame policy for the linden software designers that don’t properly debug there code.

    We could have a league table published of the culprits, and the Lindens could use the information in their next salary reveiw.

    Maybe that would improve quality 🙂 smiles a wicked smile.

  62. Letshava Goodnight says:

    ………Linden Lab is run in a different way compared to most companies – you have an unusual degree of personal freedom which is extraordinary and empowering…… Philip Linden

    So thats why all the bugs are there you can please yourself whether you fix them or not

  63. Cat Gisel says:

    Well I always get ice cream with my pie…and maybe you should start having different flavours of pie. I’d suggest perhaps offering a few selections to residents (e.g. cherry, chocolate, lemon meringue) and see what is the most popular. Alternatively, you might even consider having a contest to see who picks the most popular pie flavour. You could even have an SL “pie day” to not necessarily coincide with “pi day” (I have no idea when that is). The possibilities are almost endless!

    Oh they are calling me, I need to go back to the white room with the pillows on the walls, sigh.

  64. Taft Worsley says:

    Seems to me some very simple Q&A would have demonstarted this error in the client – i mean why force the upgrade – geez slow down and take some time in repairing the client – because this is a night mare for those of us who rely on editing anything in-world for a living….

    Enough said for the millionth time !!!!

  65. Ric Mollor says:

    ———————-Quoted text——————————
    ………Linden Lab is run in a different way compared to most companies – you have an unusual degree of personal freedom which is extraordinary and empowering…… Philip Linden


    Perhaps LL should consider enforcing a bit more accountability on these updates. If there is any money to be made in this market niche someone else with *sound business practices* will come along and put LLs name on the list of failed, overhyped companies.

  66. Jesa Li says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that praising a company for being quick to provide a way to *cancel out* their latest big public “improvement” error is just a tiny bit weird? Here we are all sooooo grateful for being given a way to go back to the last version, itself pretty bug-ridden but at least not this bad. We don’t actually expect improvements but only hope the new bugs introduced won’t be too bad to live with… and this one was. Strange world…..

    Thank you LL for letting me go backward to something not quite so bad. Such a silly dream I have of an SL that works…

    Oh, yes…

  67. Haliwa Aabye says:

    Me too crashed everytime i click on edit or create or take any from Pie Menu, Hope they work it soon =) Glad I not alone.

  68. Neelix Kazan says:

    Well! you has done again… you broken sl again FIX IT UP i cant build anything with all crash crap. Cry out loud patch from recent i bet it cause problem… TEST IT BEFORE RELEASE IT YOU MORON!!!

  69. W.B says:

    “i mean why force the upgrade” – the upgrade was OPTIONAL if you had looked.

    Most software companies would (and I know from experience) wait days before posting any kind of way back to previous versions – yet everyone is quick to start moaning when a company actually responds this quickly to an issue! Would you rather they ignore the issue and wait weeks for the next version??

    SL will never be bug free. It’s just the way software will always be. And something this big will always hide an error or to – that, yes – may be really obvious once you start using it but at the time slips past the developers. Their only human – give em a break.

    I for one and glad to finally see a company offer this kind of quick response to an issue – now if only every other software company out there would have this kind of support.

  70. Nanako Boa says:

    why today i have a lot of “crash” in SL….. it really make me crazy when i build something……

  71. Lorne Shepherd says:

    LOL – As a friend said after I logged back in this morning, “Welcome to SL!” Thanks for responding so quickly, guys.

    Now about that lag…. 😉

  72. )) Seems to me some very simple Q&A would have demonstarted this error in the client … ((

    Actually it would not. It even took some time get a good reproduction of the error after it was known in what direction to look.

    Thanks to Linden Lab for the quick info and info on the workaround!

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  74. Korena Starbrook says:

    unfortunately – reinstalling the previous client is not helping – I am still crashing every few minutes.

    Another winner from LL.

  75. Korena Starbrook says:

    and now I am continually receiving a “Login Packet never received by login server” message as well. It seems the glorious announcement of that fix was a little premature.

  76. Itsa Me says:

    It crashes when going it to build mode period.

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  78. Rex Cronon says:

    I am using “1.17.0(12)” and I used to crash like crazy for no reason. Therefore, I decided to take drastic measures. Before I login I delete all the files from “C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\SecondLife\cache\textures”. There are 16 subdirectories in this directory. The files from all of them should be deleted. Since I started doing that I no longer crash.
    WARNING: if you don’t know what you are doing, do NOT try this. You could do damage. TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  79. Montana Corleone says:

    @56 Rex – No, it’s safe. It’s only a cache folder, like browsers have. Just means that next time you login, things that were in cache take a little longer to load. You can delete the whole cache folder in that location. That’s actually better, since it’s probably not the images, but the database/xml file that is corrupted.

    As a matter of course, once a week, and before I run each update, I delete Network Cache in game, quit, then manually delete the cache folder, to avoid any messaging problems.

    On Mac that’s User > Library > Application Support > Second Life > Cache.

    The next step is to delete the settings folder, which means re-entering your password, and putting up with the help/info dialogs every time you do something new, but that’s for severe crises.

    What’s really really bad at the end of the day, is that most “optionals” are bug fixes, and they bork up even more, meaning they really have no clue about how their code integrates and intereacts.

  80. Rex Cronon says:

    @57: I was thinking that is possible that someone could go to the wrong directory and delete the wrong files. I didn’t want to have people come and say is my fault that their computer no longer works. That is why I put the warning at the end

  81. LeonAllen says:

    Could someone help I log into Second life, It freezes for a short period then kicks me off and all the colours go wierd and it says for me to restart because off it and I have to restart my comp and mayhem kicks off

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