[RESOLVED] In-world login issues

At approximately 6:20 PM PST we discovered issues that may prevent residents from logging in. Error messages may include, “Cannot connect to version manager”, “Cannot connect to simulator”. We are currently investigating these issues, we apologize for the inconvenience.

[7:20 PM] You should now be able to login, we will keep an eye on this issue. Thank you for your patience!


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125 Responses to [RESOLVED] In-world login issues

  1. UM says:

    can I post please! How am i suppose to get CS if you don`t let my IP GO TUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE LIFT THE IP BANNED!

  2. cnyreject says:

    Yup.. good luck hunting the problem down. I got the “cannot connect to version manager” on both the production viewer and the First look viewer.

    TGIF, except for Lindens Labs who always seem to have more then their share of problems going into the weekends. 🙂

  3. Very fast! Cool – well done on reporting this. 🙂

  4. Masin says:

    Good luck figuring it out, I love that I was just online needed to relog and now…nada. *frowns*

  5. jayse says:

    How long till its fixed and + i notice before i got booted off line the Im’s isn’t working

  6. Adrian Sloane says:

    Yep, been getting that since I got home an hour ago.
    (singing) “Linden Time, Linden Time. Oh my God, it’s Linden Time.”

  7. Dutch Hoorenbeek says:

    WTF????? of course a major f***up on a friday night when no one is around to fix it! I am a SL business person… and because of the NORMAL lag issue…I had to relog before I could complete a several thousand linden deal…and now I can’t get back in??!!! Way to go boys… f***ed up AGAIN

  8. Taint Rang says:

    well.. at least you know i cant log in 🙂 i hope you get it fixxed.

  9. Nahum Lahtoh says:

    actually they did good at fixing it, because i was experiencing this for a while before the blog was posted, and about a minute after it was posted i was able to log in

  10. Kerik Rau says:

    Bugs for everyone, come get em, there’s plenty to go around!

  11. Anna D. says:

    Thank you for addressing this quickly — we appreciate it.

  12. Minnie Trottier says:

    Yeps taking me a long time to get in! I was just about to submit a bug report too. No need I guess they are on it!!

  13. Mee Nah says:

    Whew! And I thought I was the only one, lol. You guys are quick to notice this problem 🙂

  14. tanner devonshire says:

    Uhm, doesn’t much matter, when you finally get logged in, crash pretty quick if you move, edit, well, about anything. Nothing new, problems increasing all day, it’s friday alright.

  15. erindale kamachi says:

    nice response time 🙂 , get it up as soon as u can.

  16. Dutch Hoorenbeek says:

    Y’all ever notice that there is never a foul-up when it comes to LL accepting our Tier payments?? hmmm? amazing huh?

  17. Ann Otoole says:

    best call in the entire crew to remain in place working and monitoring all the way through the birthday bash. including customer support.

  18. Masin says:

    I keep getting random errors, “cannot connect to version manager” “make sure your caps are off” “dispite our best efforts”…awesome! I just want one that says “yeah, we messed something up…..again…deal!”

  19. Wrath says:

    Thank you for confirming… was experiencing those errors many times this past hour, use normal and FirstLook viewers.

    NOTE: Was finally able to successfully log in at 7:14pm SLT

    Well done, LL.

  20. Charles Forman says:

    Im late DJing at Club boss and its all because of this log in issue, Thanks Linden, Thanks alot!! We really apperiate this!! Woohoo its problem friday!!

  21. Fortissima Rossini says:

    Completely uninstalled & reinstalled viewer after receiving “cannot connect to version manager” “cannot connect to simulator” and “cannot connect to region” on various tries to login… finally successuflly logged in, but notice that the “users online” number has been *exactly* the same for the past hour…

  22. Nahum Lahtoh says:

    was only expierencing it for about 10 minutes.. but then again i had to relog because of music lag.. >.

  23. darren oates says:

    I got the version manager notice now its hanging on logging in message great to see the fast blog notice 🙂

  24. Alexa Gregoire says:

    Thank you for getting SL up in such a timely manner.
    When you guys are good you are really good

  25. Dodi Voom says:

    Oh! Alas we shall get through this. I wait with hope!
    Thanks so much for the quick response.
    Cheers mates!

  26. Daos says:

    Yay for more SL issues. 4 years and going strong! More bugs than a roach motel and counting!

  27. Nahum Lahtoh says:

    eh give them a break.. everyone had problems.. how about you run a popular game with 30k+ users at once, and see how well you do? .. otherwise, shut up and let them do their jobs

  28. domineaux prospero says:

    just out of curiousity are there any plans to make SL somewhat stable at any point in the near future? I can understand a hiccupp now and then in performance but seriously things have been getting pretty bad lately. I would just like some answers in laymans terms to help a moron like myself understand if its worth the effort to keep investing in SL.

  29. Delilah Karas says:

    Kudos for two things

    1) actually catching and working on this issue after normal working hours. That’s pretty fantastic.

    2) for blogging about it asap.

    Really, good going on both things.

    If it matters, I’ve been getting terrible packet loss all night and it’s NOT my machine or connection.

  30. Beachy Jewell says:

    Thanks for letting us know. I thought it was my stupid computer!! hahaha

  31. Stephen Zenith says:

    Frontier is one of the better lindens I’ve had contact with, good job Frontier.

  32. miika says:

    In the interests of fairness, at least Linden did post a blog entry relatively quickly.

    Hopefully they will have the time to update it and let everyone know when they know more – or even that they don’t, as the case may be.

    Given the rash of things falling over within a short time of blog entries getting changed to “Resolved”, Linden might want to consider a new status in blog posts: Monitoring. Leave showstopper issues that you *think* are resolved in that status for 24 hours or so, *then* say resolved or not.

  33. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Looks like the login server badly needs a vacation. Thanks for informing us immediately.

    Uhm, there’s also a problem with occasional inventory losses in the last days… sometimes things don’t come back after clearing the cache and relogging. Could you look into that please?

  34. Vocianna Ziemia says:

    At approximately 6:20 PM PST we discovered issues that may prevent residents from logging in….

    U guys talk like it is new but I am having troubble loggin in since 1 WEEK getting that error message about beeing unable to connect on a simulator and I DID report it a few times.

  35. Chris says:

    Not fixed It wont accept my password now.

  36. shadowys Lane says:

    i keep getting this error message “loogin failed. please check that your caps lock key is turned off and you have your name and password correct.” i do have it correct but i still can’t login how do i fix this problem?

  37. Zo Halasy says:

    I just registered and it won’t let me log in… do you think it’s because I’m new?

  38. I think its time SL gets bought out & get some real team to design it & fix all the crap they keep breaking. Microsoft products don’t even have this much bugs in them.

    SL messing up is much worst than the Blue Screen of Death!!!!

    Can’t wait for the BIGGGGGG freaking birthday bash. too bad in 4 hours no one will be able to log in anymore.. prolly why they want a 4 year birthday party to last for a week. that way by thursday next week 35K users can get back on all at the same time.

    just think what would happen is SL had 100K users on at one time. SL would break for a whole moth before you could log back on. Lindens time to get some new servers your stuff cant handle what you are trying to do. use some of the L$ you make & re network SL to run properly.

  39. Crow Carter says:

    think you should wait until its fixed before you declare it “resolved”

  40. NewYorkCityDJ Cremorne says:

    may ask TheBIGGDoGG Richic is sounds like ur useing webcast file i main a cable file that you fond in the internet

  41. XSpidey Defiant says:

    hmm seems likes ya fixed the problem for most people but when i try it shows verfying protocal blah blah for a couple minutes then an error message pops up saying either system is offline or w/e so please dont just think that the problem is all done and leave it be cause i still cant get on

  42. XSpidey Defiant says:

    sigh me again this seems to be a long list of things thats gone wrong this month such as me loseing builds almost completed ( and i make a big mistake puting the original scripts into the object and lost all that work to) not only that lag lag lag (im used to runnin a bit off the beaten path useing wifi but when i have to relog 15 times just to see my hair ( if ya see me in sl ull see why i mention the hair) or my body and now this cant log in guy cmon you make thousands upon thousands at LL and please dont say ya dont cause i see the tracker an not only that u charge hugh amounts of usd for land and even larger amounts of ld for land i own a small store selling what lil stuff i can make an my rent while cheap (cause of the sim lag) still is rent so i have to make things to sell and have people to sell to or i lose my spot and all the customers that are used to that spot so cmon please help a brother out

  43. gilmar palmer says:

    I am sure that as always lab lindens is solving our problem! good luck:)

  44. Agaton Shepherd says:

    skitprogram kunde ej logga in

  45. Sam Brodie says:

    Just a note, the Blog was not updated quickly… people were having problems logging in hours before this posted, including me. And yes, Frontier is cool, he was in Mentor chat for a quite awhile, helping. I don’t know how to put this, except from our perspective, the resis, we are in the Bronx and LL is in Hawaii. You, LL, see all white beaches and cool palm trees, we see only uglyness. And cannot do anything we want or need to do to keep our SL happy and alive. I am doing my best not to be a troll here, but LL, you gotta listen up, peeps are screaming now. Things do not work. And Torley, you know I love you, but buckets of random happiness don’t make the world go round. I love SL, and the freedom it gives me, or did. I would like that back…

  46. sohanny Slade says:


    First to give you the congratulation for this magnificent program, every time I am mas hooked. But I have many problems to connect, fall very much and there goes out for me a message of mistake that he(she) says … ” closed connection, not usable region or something like that .. it try(mean) afterwards(later) ” The message of mistake it(he,she) goes out for me in English, but more or less it is.

    Me gustaria that you were giving to me a solution, though again I say to you that the program is magnificent. A kiss and graces(thanks)

  47. simonik says:

    Why can’t i use my account…….I made an account on the web and it doesn’t work…..:((……Why????PLS HELP ME!!!

  48. Flew says:

    yea, i had that login problem too. great that it got fixed so fast…still crashing a lot though. and some sims i still cant enter (only see blue water) even though i see people walking in that sim on the map.

  49. Tsami Bonetto says:


    I have only recently discovered SL and find it fasinating.
    Give people paradise and what do they do…. your site is truely

    Aside from praise, my other reason for writing is to let you know
    that within the few days I have logged on I have crashed 3 times and
    now can’t log at all.

    Judging by the comments above you are obviously aware of the
    problem and no doubt working on it. Hope that goes well.

    Once again, great site… good luck with the fix… Tsami

  50. Eikoku says:

    I am getting a dialogue box saying unable to connect to server. Could no resolve domain name:userserver.agni.lindenlab.com

    Is this the same problem?

    No help from Linden support …

  51. Sathyra Despres says:

    I had no problems when u say they were, but now I am not able to connect. I’ve deleted the SL program, restarted and reinstalled it and I can Loggin. The loggin bar stops at the middle and stays like that with no changes, i’ve been waiting for more than half an hour. Ppl sees me connected innworld, but I only see the loggin page, at a half of the bar and a wait sign on my mouse icon. That’s all.

  52. Doris Haller says:

    Issue? What issue?

    This was too fast, it was solved before I could even bitch about….

    That’s ideal: find and solve the problems before me, and -even more important- tell us what is going on when something happens.

    Do you want to marry me? At least I want to have a child from you…

  53. Micckey Sands says:

    Still waiting for the fix at 6:54 am. 6/23/07. SL time. I have logged in till I am blue. “Unable to connect to the Second life…the system may be down…Please try again in a few minutes….” error message. Restarted, reinstalled, searched the blogosphere..No indication that Im doing anything abnormal…Image that tries to load is where I left off last successful login. What gives? No explanations about why various error messages are being reported here. This bug is NOT RESOLVED…

  54. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Yeah, what is everyone peeved about? Online numbers haven’t gone above 33931 for days. As a matter of fact, it hasn’t gone blelow that either, hmmmm. Make you feel real good about all the bug fixes coming when they can’t even have the homepage stats right, eh?

  55. how do you get in to the in-world i dont knw how to i am new

  56. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @cappy, it was 9:12 or 9:11 am for days – clock is repaired now, so it is just natural that something else is static at the log in screen, isn’t it?

  57. Seth Paine says:

    I was on earlier then crashed. Still can’t log back in at 11:11am EST.

  58. Cappy Frantisek says:

    If you examine the xml page this information can be accessed from, some things are updating and some things aren’t. All entries have a time stamp when they ae updated as well.


  59. Crow Carter says:

    however many hours after this problem was “resolved” and i still cant log in the next day…. just keeps “connecting to region” forever. thanks for getting to work on the problem when it started… but does it being “resolved” for some people mean youre abandoning the people that still cant log in?

  60. Naka Hyun says:

    Not sure what the problem is but I can not log in now. Says “Unable to connect to Second Life”. With the above comments on the static information on the log in page, I am not sure if SL is up or not.

  61. Karalee Larsson says:

    I had those problems yesterday about 6:30 and have never been the same since. Either can’t log in, or log in and can’t move, or can’t see avi, or arms are stuck out to the side. Sometimes I am ruth and sometimes I am half Karalee and half Ruth. Cant figure out how to report on Jira.

  62. Diana Renoir says:

    It isn’t the weekend until something’s broken………..

  63. Fafner Hofmann says:

    Is SL4B opened to everybody ? teleportation seems impossible since hours.

  64. Alphabet Qi says:

    I can’t get in either, even to the emptier-looking sims. I’ve IM’d Iridium Linden, as he is the contact for this, as per the BD blog post, but no reply yet. He seems to be online, but I’m sure he is swamped.

  65. Alphabet Qi says:

    I’m in!

  66. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Thanks for fixing it so quickly. ~.^

  67. janie matahari says:

    how am i supposed to watch the video feed now, when i cant get in?

    how do i ask for help?

    why are there no instructions with your world wide notices?

    is this blog the only place to do it?

  68. Isabella Lubitsch says:

    The fact that many many people could not get in is an example of how badly some things are working here—this is my first complaint ever–wish it could be my last

    how can you run an operation & not even accomodate those who want to hear you?

  69. Torlof22 Allen says:

    i keep gettin the “login failed. please make sure your caps lock key is off,and that you have the correct account name and password” error for 2 days how do i fix that?

  70. Naka Hyun says:

    I have tried everything in order to get into SL and I am still not able to log in. Not sure what the problem is. I am in central US and I am able to get into other games online but not SL.

  71. Ebibby Deemster says:

    im still having issues

  72. Codey Allen says:

    my lgin isnt working and it keeps saying ake sure caps lock is off when it is off

  73. nice fixes. I get logged in & I just hang.. all my network ads across my atms keep stopping. even had 4-5 items i toughed edited the notecards on then next thing I know any item i recently touched, got returned to me in lost & found. no nothing to do with tags or land etc its my own land & stuff is coming back to me.

    You guys must feel so special 4 year old company & not a single day yet I’ve been on SL without something not getting messed up.

    Lets get to work & stop the damn birthbday bashes you guys have planned. I’m sure you guys are all partying out there in Cali drinkin wine & heading to the beach this weekend. But you better get you butts back into the offices get the big mess you got going on.

    Wonder if Bill Gates used to go have big parties when Windows was having problems? I bet not I bet he was in his offices working his ass off so he wouldn’t lose customers. You guy are losing thousands by the day. Sure few thousands might sign up but you need to start deducting all the ones who are quiting SL. If they have’t logged in the past 6 months chances are they won’t return. Give us the real numbers to what going on not the fake numbers…..

    By the way happy birthday great job again for how smooth SL is running for the big party.

  74. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Kept getting the “version mgr” window..unloaded sl 1.17 …reloaded… and I’m in.
    Like sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll…can’t recommend it..but…..

  75. Guy says:

    Just don’t try logging in to the website… that’s broken too

  76. agatha taurog says:

    Please it helps me I am not obtaining to connect me the region where it was. Always that having of the error, the e region seguinte(*Romantic Starlight Ballrrom * Formal Fun Dancing Romance. Hokkaido 71,59,374 (pg)) Not and problems in my PC, since I connect myself perfectly with other avatar

  77. Threshin Barnett says:

    /me can’t stop giggling.
    Support is down.

  78. Desjah Lock says:

    Anyone else having issues logging in right now? I’m getting the following message:

    Unable to connect to Second Life.
    DNS could not resolve the host name.

    Able to connect to the website….tried to go to support to report the problem….and guess what? Support is down for updating. Beautiful.


  79. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Hum, do we get a transscript of Phil’s speach from yesterday? :-/

  80. akagi says:

    Are we going to be able to see what he said?

  81. Waterstar Eilde says:

    @ 28
    Not the only one getting their own stuff returned to inventory – in fact, on Thursday mine didn’t even make it that far! I was simply changing auto-return permissions in About Land, when the entire collection of objects on my land disappeared, and only two arrived in Lost & Found. You can imagine how pissed I was! However, when I clicked the ground, they reappeared – just elsewhere. The skybox fell 600m to the ground but at least was intact, while everything from my garden was thrown at some 50m into the air, and up to 10m out of place on the Y and Z vectors. Go figure. Took me 4 hours to put everything back, but I was too relieved it was all there to complain.

    Then, within 24 hours, bits of my neighbour’s cave were scattered across four blocks, although the cave itself appeared intact. Our little community was clearing bits of rock from the flower beds for ages. Did I report? What was the point? Just another of the joys of SL. But do, do, do fix these bugs before unnecessary things like Voice? Yay, PLEASE!!!!!

  82. william Fish says:

    lindens where have you been? this problem has been going on for about two weeks now. i first received that error trying to log on two weeks ago. waited 30mins and was fine to log on while my alt was able to log on right away (so i knew it wasnt the sim). Since then i havnt received this error but it amuses me that LL finally said something about it.

  83. Well, on SL my ao’s havn’t bin working very well is there any, way you can fix them. Everybody elses ao’s work but mine dont can you fix, it?!?

  84. Conrad Beattie says:

    its still happing 2 mine plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  85. I don’t think the issue is fully resolved 😦 My husband is still having login issued! :O

  86. Xenitora Sautereau says:

    My account won’t let me login till a certain time and i didn’t do anything wrongdoes that mean i’m banned??

  87. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Just in case any random linden comes across this: the JIRA is down. I’d report it, but, you know…

  88. Tree Kyomoon says:

    Argh already…Enough with the whining and complaining about bugs people! If you see a bug, report it to the Jira http://jira.secondlife.com. If you find the experience in SL less than desireable, simply cancel your membership and move on to something else and stop spreading your negative energy to those of us that love SL and are committed to its success. Whining helps no one.

  89. Layla Taov says:

    Well, I guess the login problem is not fixed. I have been trying to log in for hours now and I cant get past “Connecting to Region”. SL freezes up at that time. My friend logged in on my computer and got in without any problems.

    I need help please!!!!!!!

  90. marie nakatani says:

    ahh Tree, you don’t get out much and interact with the world do you? Surely you could have done better than the typical troll response.

    I’m not seeing whining, I’m seeing customers (because, i’ll bet a large proportion of these people actually pay LL to access SL) unhappy because they expect a basic level of service that virtually all other companies in the real world can deliver, but somehow LL are failing to.

    implying that people who are unhappy about the service they receive don’t ‘love’ SL is stupid. if they didn’t have a commitment to the game they would just leave without a word. An example of this is the 90% of people who register, log on, leave and never come back.

    It’s because they do have a commitment to the game that they complain. A better game and better service means happier punters all round.. higher retention rates, happier customers who will spend more with LL and inworld, less money spent by LL in dealing with complaints, resources directed appropriately to development rather than firefighting.. the benefits go on and on.

    So, if you ‘love’ it so much, what are *you* doing to make it a better place? Telling people to leave is in no ones interests.. or has that escaped your notice?

  91. Anylyn Hax says:

    No the problems are NOT FIXED .. I still got exactly the same problems at login. Today is 24 iune 19:00 GMT
    Who cares of PDT

  92. Cat Cotton says:

    I have never crashed as much as I have this weekend. What’s the deal?

  93. Cat Cotton says:

    Yes Tree that’s great advice; watches LL go to bankruptcy court. Perfect solution ya got there Tree.

    Get real; when ppl pay fees to a company they have an absolute right to complain. If you don’t like it; I suggest you cancel your account.

  94. not a thieve says:

    Lindens are thieves, they steal accounts to get the money and the inventory from.

    if u ask why , they didnt answer.

    burn the lindens

    german press will love the true story how LL secures Paedos and disable fighters against paedos.

  95. not a thieve says:

    party has almost 3ßm guests….

    nice party

    but too much ppl

  96. Gonzalomon Cortes says:

    I have a ATi radeon 7000 series… when a run the program appears the first screen, but when i click on connnect the program does not work it stay… anda sena a message “no Response” up left… some body help me … please.. tanks Gonzalomon

  97. TyrisFlare says:

    with all ur residents u think there me more blogs on issues:)
    includeing this one lol

  98. TyrisFlare says:

    kinda*odd dont u think?
    32 somethin ppl and opnly a hand full in blog hmmm kinda fishy*!!!!!

  99. TyrisFlare says:

    that is

  100. TyrisFlare says:

    theres no such thing as free expression is there!lol
    especially if it is gonna block it outlmao!!!!!

  101. TyrisFlare says:

    32 thousand and sall so far si 42 ppl in blofg omgLmao!!!!

  102. TyrisFlare says:

    suprise suprise:)

  103. Sup Bing says:

    Tree Kyomoon, stop whining about whiners, “whining never helps anyone”

    *stops whining, about people whining, about people whining* o.O

  104. Droopy says:

    Ok cool, Inworld everything is slowing down, cannot take stuff back to my inventory, inventory not loading correctly, etc etc do i have to go on?
    stop messing around and get a stable version out their christ. you can really tell this stuff is 4 years old….

  105. Toeter Alva says:

    well resolved think there is a problem again i can not log in and can not get to support allso because half the blog and other pages dont show.
    I can only get here via my account and dont dare close it because i fear that will allso be gone then.need help visit support page lol i cant get there!!!

  106. gilmar palmer says:

    my sl no function, login error two days. what is happening?
    suport no function! where are members of help! vacation? when
    you go see my problems? you respect me?

  107. JokerOpus says:

    Cant log in still

    Either cant get the login packet,

    Getting the ‘system is logging you out’ 60 times

    *punches the monitor*

  108. JokerOpus says:


  109. Atilla Fegte says:

    Ok heres some more whinning for you. I have been trying to get in since Saturday night. I keep getting the “Verifying Protocal Version” error message. If I do get lucky and get in its like I’m underground. I can bring up my mini map and can see the little green specks over me but I can’t do anything. My friends are giving me IM’s but I can’t answer them.

    I just bought some land that I can’t do anything to stuck out here in RL. Also I have a shop that the rent is coming due on Tuesday and if I don’t pay it I will lose it and have to start looking for another place to set one up. Go figure

    I try to sign in on the website and its telling me they don’t have my name on record. Its been that way ever since I started in second life. So come on guys and get on the ball and get this issue straightened out.

    By the way happy 4th birthday……..

  110. S.Lean says:

    Yo!!!! I log in yet I CRASH before I ever get dfeet on the ground in-world!!!!!! WTF!

  111. Juliet Ceres says:

    “Cannot connect to simulator.”

    Yah. Cool.

    Happy Birthday.

  112. angeltf sands says:

    My account has been disabled and you need it reactivated

  113. Luiza says:

    I can’t login yet. I keep getting the “Unable to connect to server. Could not resolve domain name: userserver.agni.lindenlab.com Please check your network connection” message. Already checked my network connections and all lights are green. Any suggestions? 😦

  114. Flew says:

    well, i agree with the “whining”! SL has some serious issues… i mean, i can play online games like Halo and Quake with no problem or lag on my pc, but with playing SL i`m lagging and crashing like crazy every day.
    I`ts really too bad coz SL in itself is great. I can put a lot of my creativity in here. I hope the 5th year birthday will be something we all really can celabrate about.

  115. Celith Wendt says:

    Was on all weekend never had a problem connecting , never crashed , had no problems rezzing anything inventory loaded just fine mind you played with my settings which any intelligent person on any game SHOULD DO instead of whining bitching and complaining that its someone else ‘s fault.

  116. anonymous says:

    “Get real; when ppl pay fees to a company they have an absolute right to complain. If you don’t like it; I suggest you cancel your account.”


  117. Tillie Ariantho says:

    *waiting for the optional viewer* … *looks on watch* It’s 7.30 here now. .P

  118. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Is it just me or has packet loss been insane scince the problem?

  119. Nedria Cyr says:

    @38: I suppose there would be less reason to be annoyed with all the whiners, if 75% of the ones whining actually paid for their accounts. If you’re not paying for it, you have no right to complain.

  120. Montana Corleone says:

    @ Tree: well, if they fixed the stuff we ask ’em to fix, not add stuff we don’t want, and basically gave value for money, we wouldn’t complain. If you buy something from a shop that doesn’t work right, or as stated, do you take it back, or just chuck it in the bin and say, never mind, money wasted? Cos you have a legal right to seek redress if something you are sold doesn’t work. And a Linden ToS is not going to override the law on that one. See the judge in Bragg vs Linden.

    Now, what’s up with notecards? Can’t open lots, or edit them (upload error). And some, even though I have multiple copies, are saying missing from the database. Of course these are advertising notecards, which are not being given out because you’ve lost them. This bork is borking my buisness. Thanks.

    And yes, packet loss and lag have been insane since Friday and whatevr they sneaked in under the radar on Friday afternoon. Virtually unplayable for me.

  121. aric crossair says:

    How about the other ongoing problems that havent gotten a mention since friday. Friends list? TP’s? They’ve been broke/intermittant for days. Work in progress or shall we just resign to it? At least a mention would indicate someone was looking at them.

    @46 There are other ways to give money to Lindens besides monthly fees. I am not a full member anymore because the advantages of being so all disappeared. I enjoy SL, but if SL was a car, I would take it back as a broken lemon. I dont see why we should pay EXTRA for that.

  122. Lord Sullivan says:

    @35 Tree i noticed you are relatively new here in SL and therefore still got your Rose tinted glasses on, once u have been a while and keep seeing the same old things crop up that still havent been fixed from ages ago and your gameplay is slowly being eroded by the ineptitude of LL, then come back and say hey u dont mind spending money on a service that is far from perfect, many say SL should still be in beta and i tend to agree at least if they admitted that then we could accept the c**p and understand it but LL as u will see as u enjoy your carefree journey here, have an Ostrich like approach to business and treat the resis likes mushrooms, ie keep us in the dark and feed us bulls***t.

    For some of us here is a way to be with loved ones and family and whilst even the ones that moan love SL and dont want to leave we have the right to complain as paying customers and as LL has slowly over the last year or more removed our ability to complain to them sometimes here is the only place to vent as they sure do not listen to the very people that pay their wages and keep this place alive and still vibrant. Though they do pay lip service to us 🙂

    Have you ever tried to call LL Customer Non Service department to get a problem fixed? I love SL and will continue playing but i will always complain when they dont treat us the customers fairly just as i would complain to my phone provider, or any other company if they gave me a second rate service.


  123. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Opening the texture selection lasts some seconds, and textures generally are rezzing really slow currently… and I still see no new viewer yet. .)

  124. Amanda Ascot says:

    Cool! I can log in but I still can’t pay my flipping rent which came due today! Fix the “PayPal Connection” guys. This is causing not just a little bit of chaos, and don’t suggest, again, to use a gift card. I bought one of those just to make my rent payment and you rejected it. Thanks a lot! And sorry for putting this little gripe in this thread but you conveniently closed the only relevant thread … likely because you suspected you’d get 100 responses just like this one.

  125. Masuyo Aabye says:

    “# 103 Flew Says:
    June 25th, 2007 at 6:08 AM PDT

    well, i agree with the “whining”! SL has some serious issues… i mean, i can play online games like Halo and Quake with no problem or lag on my pc, but with playing SL i`m lagging and crashing like crazy every day.
    I`ts really too bad coz SL in itself is great”

    thats because in halo/quake the graphics etc are stored on your pc, whereas with secondlife, EVERYTHING has to be streamed down your connection to your computer. considering how much it sends and the amount of people it gets sent to, the lag is inevitable. a few seconds delay is acceptable when you realise this.
    oh and the past few days have been good on the grid, not had any problems whatsoever

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