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Friendly greetings! I’m on a mission to wake up and start work at 4-5 AM PDT. I’ve got several reasons for this, one being that in the quiet hours, I can really focus, concentrate, get things done. That “magic time” before 9 AM hits its stride is a great block for triaging bugs on the Issue Tracker, replying to email, and even doing some exploring inworld to better understand how you are experiencing Second Life — something I can always do more of.

I was originally inspired by an article on the Zen Habits productivity site, and began to think of how those practical principles apply within Second Life. As you may know, I believe that knowledge is often useless if not shared, and from the first day I was a Resident (almost 3 years ago) to today, I can’t help but share tips ‘n’ tricks.

My heroes in this field include both Ann Landers + Dear Abby, the inimitable Photoshop master Russell Brown, and even John Tesh — as some of you know, he runs a popular radio show about “intelligence for your life“. Reflecting on this the other day, I joked to myself, “what about intelligence for your Second Life?” then proceeded to transition into the kind of jubilant laughter you can hear in my video tutorials.

Speaking of vidtuts, did you know our Second Life Wiki’s 3rd-most-viewed page is the Video Tutorials one? I started it off on a lark, and thanks to each and everyone who used it, it’s going to cross 200,000 views shortly. Check it out if you want to learn SL skills in motion, and you may also be interested to know that as blogged previously, my esteemed colleague Eric Linden is working on a new series. Watch and learn! I’ve got ultra-passion for teaching SL in action, so if you make or know of some great viduts, please put ’em on the page and let me know. I thank you graciously!

And on a related note, because this hint hasn’t done the rounds enough, did you know you can convert YouTube videos to play in Second Life? Or even easier, for a small subset of videos, stream ’em directly from YouTube Mobile! (Thanx Callum!)

Anyway, maybe this should’ve come at the beginning than the end of my post, but I wanted to share that I’ll do my best to write at least once a week about my Second Life at work. Robin Linden — my warm Mentor, she r0x! — and I were talking about how we’ve certainly got lots of formal news here about Grid issues, support concerns, etc. but amidst the pieces of the pie, personal Linden perspectives are scarce. (That’s a big chunk of missing context that informs the why behind what we do!) Each post will be directly inspired by/in response to eclectic ideas brought up by you, our treasured Residents.

Another shot of my Linden Office Hour

In the meantime, don’t forget that a diverse cross-section of Lindens (with more to come I hope) are holding inworld Office Hours to discuss specific topics of interest. Attendance capacity tends to be limited so we can have cozy discussions (think of close-quarters concerts with your fave band), so come early!

See you in Second Life,


Torley Linden

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  1. Try staying up all night. Much better.

    Office Hours: But Torley – no one answers my questions at Office Hours. I get the royal run around when I ask a question that apparently mixes departments. From the wolves and the unarmed sheep discussing what is broadly offensive to land glitches which cost people money to… heck, the fact that even my billing information suddenly isn’t working… I don’t want to hear about Voice, or Windlight, or community dynamics theory armchair discussions. There are very practical issues which I’d like to see addressed – and don’t really apply to the categories in the JIRA dungeon.

    If this is treasured status, the coins must be cursed. I saw the movie. 😉

  2. Cherry Czervik says:

    Yeah yeah yeah … here come the grumbles.

    Well Torley, I too have just done a nice 5am start at work so before all the complaints roll in, good for you GIRL 🙂

    Have a coffee. Make the company pay for it!

  3. Raban Laborde says:

    In China a rice bag has fallen over.

    What about a lot of open Issues? No word from you. Bad.

  4. Anylyn Hax says:

    First its absolutly OT
    Second there are crucial Problems like Simulators down and Lindex not working … I talk seriosly, YOUR WORK is irelevant compared to these problems. Blog us good news about these things and drop the others.

  5. Dale Innis says:

    Woot! Good stuff; I’d love to see more conceptual coolness mixed in with the necessary-but-dry run o’ the blog. Tx as always for the words…

  6. Benja Kepler says:

    “I don’t see the point, what’s it for?” said a cousin I tried to show SecondLife to. “Creativity!” I replied. After showing her some of Torley’s vidtuts, she said “Wow! This looks like fun!”.


  7. Linda Sautereau says:

    For the grumblies among us, bah humbug!

    Thx, Torley, for providing a human face to a dry, clinical, techno blog. Good ideas! Nice commentary. Keep it up!

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  9. pleaaaaaaaaaaase just stop m,e from crashing ever few mins so i can play sl peaaaaaaaaaase

  10. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    Ahhh, all is now clear. Torley is one of these ‘full of it first thing in the morning people’! 🙂

    Midday is a FAR more civilised time of day to surface, jump-started by coffee of course. NO loud noises until mid afternoon please. Operating speed reached by evening, with luck.

    Early birds? The morning chorus? What do you think shotguns were invented for?

  11. LilMatty Althouse says:

    Well if you start removing the sexual shops from the PG land sl will take a step for the better.

  12. Dekka Raymaker says:


  13. I shun useless redundancy and celebrate your ameliorated experiences!

    Re: open issues (incl. bugs), I’ll be posting more about them, and resolved issues, and the critical dev work of STUDIO BLACKLIGHT. What is that? Who’s involved? Stay tuned.

    But for now, for a better idea of what’s involved with metrics for bugs visibly fixed in the public eye, log into and check out the filters on the right. Like…

    » Recently Resolved Issues

    More to come. After all, I have such a lively queue of subjects which Resis (affectionate shorthand for “Residents”) have personally asked me to talk about, and I will, one after another. Followup, followup!

  14. Desereck Creeggan says:

    Thats great Torely. One massive problem i see nowadays is the griefer toll rising. Furnation has been hit a couple times and it makes it so other residents can’t have fun. One suggestion i have tho is increasing the parcel ban limit to about 800 or so. But anyways Good job and stay awsome LL. SL has been running great for me so keep it up 😀

  15. Torley…your work is appreciated, especially for it’s deep creativity. But certainly you can understand the responses and the general disdain for such a post at present. LindeX, asset server issues, absentee Lindens…and the only response we get to this is “JIRA! JIRA! JIRA!” No offense, but it’s obvious that a bunch of programming nerds picked out JIRA because it’s the most user un-friendly thing I’ve ever seen. It’s what we used to refer to as a “CF” in the Army.

    A tutorial on taking panoramas serves no purpose if residents can’t login. So thanks, but if it’s all the same, we’d rather just hear what “da Labz” is doing to prevent bankruptcy. K THX BAI!

  16. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    It’s nice to see at least one linden wants to try and fix SL. Nevertheless, I do agree that you should publicly post the “why’s” behind what you do(and don’t do=P).

  17. Efemera Bisiani says:

    I think this is a great idea Torley! Will be nice to hear some more general words in the blogs instead of notices that x,y or z is borked or banned!

    And many thanks for dragging yourself out of bed at such an ungodly hour to work on the Issue Tracker – you’re a mad fool, but it’s nice to know you guys are working on things.

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  19. Jayden B says:

    Woot, a morning Linden, cool. Also a bit of positive spin, a real difference to the guff we normally see.

    Here’s hoping all the naysayers don’t scare Torley off like all the other lindens seem to have been.

    A bit of cheer to break the endless stream of “we goofed” messages is nice.

  20. Bad Bobbysocks says:

    If this develops into a regular post with a mix of points of interest and news on fixes. (We want to know about the storms to not just the sunshine). If thats the proposed format then I’m all for it.

  21. Juliet Ceres says:

    Can please someone post an update about the paypal issue? It seems to have been fixed. People can actually buy currency again by using paypal. This is IMPORTANT. POST IT ON THE BLOG.


  22. ari blackthorne says:



    Yes, the whiners will come out of the woodwork (I won’t mention names, but they are usually the same) – so some have ‘disdain’ for your post and the type of post it is.


    I say THANK YOU.

    When will *everyone* realize you are all human, too? You know about the bugs and you want them fixed as much as we do. yeah, and the busy factor makes it so that posting on the blog becomes a lower priority.

    With all the useless negative comments that always crop up, I’m not surprised comments are closed most often.

    I believe I speak for the silent majority. Keep up the good work and kick butz! 🙂

  23. Slartibartfast Majicthise says:

    Heck, I’m at peak at 4am – that’s just after dinner for me. Bedtime comes around 7-8am. I work best at late night, when there is less human static in the air – nobody rushing around, no traffic, just serenity.

    It’d be great if I didn’t have to be at work at 9am. |-0 zzzzzzz

    Anything you can do to fix that Torley, I’d really appreciate it. 😉

    (’cause everybuddy knows torley is a magic elf that can make everything better with super-sour watermelon power)

  24. Budd Raymaker says:

    I have one Question Is Torley Linden the president of Linden labs or am i thinking of someone else?

  25. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Well I, for one, welcome having Torley up and about with the larks so early in the day. And I’m sure all my fellow Australian/Pacific-rim colleagues will agree. We sometimes feel a bit on the outer with SL running on USA zone timetable. I hear there are plans for a branch office of SL in Europe (maybe Germany?). Any chance, in the far far future, that you may get around to opening a Sydney office? That would be cool, and would truly reflect your Global appeal?
    Torley, maybe when I get my act together (RL keeps interrupting!)and actually start building stuff on the land I’ve accumulated you might like to drop into my planned Aussie pub for a beer and say HI? Cheers cobber!

  26. Stsfuzzybear Hush says:

    Torley you have found that quiet time I’ve been hanging around in for months. But, then, I’m on eastern time. Your 5am is my 8am. It’s my work time. By 8am SL time I’m ready for play time, explore time.

    SL isn’t perfect, never will be (thank goodness cause I’m not & never will be). Anything breaks, software most of all, & SL most of all software. It’s a real first, which means my friends that we must put up with more than the usual headaches. We are the lab rats, err mice(?). The next gen will take a well running, ‘living’ sim normal.

    I trust that this is a good place to ‘live’ that I upgraded to Premium & paid, in advance, for a year. I’ve moved in & I ain’t leaving. NO MATTER WHAT!!

    Keep up the good work Torley. Keep bringing the humanity of SL to the attention of all us. 🙂

  27. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention that 4am YOUR time (9pm Aussie time) might be a bit early for a beer? But don’t worry, I’ll be serving soft drinks as well. LOL. 🙂

  28. Psistorm Ikura says:

    First of all: wow. I was truly amazed that the very first post on this blog is a big, useless flame. I do acknowledge there are a lot of issues to be sorted – but the lindens do know about it and are working on it. you dont need to remind them by getting all “ZOMG FIX STUFF NOW!” at them, and every. single. goddam. f*cking. time.

    no. you really dont.

    all those shouting people: SL is open source. grab the sourcecode and /try/ and do it better 😛 – OR just try and use the systems provided. the JIRA is a great thing, yet not many people seem to use it. also, it *might* help a bit if you:
    A) submit a useful bug report
    B) tell people when and how it happens and how to reproduce
    C) stop shouting “IT DUN WORK!!!! IT DUN WORK!!!!” – thats NOT a bug report. it does NOTHING but annoy the living shite out of everyone on this blog.

    its interesting how so many people come to this world, which provides something for FREE, with the OPTION to pay for extended features/support, and even lets you earn money off it by essentially doing some gaming, so to say… an offer noone forces you to accept. you take the offer and THEN complain because it isnt to your likings? get a fricken grip on things, all those senseless shouts get on my nerves big time, honestly.
    it honestly appears as if you NEVER bother to read the blog posts before you flame (other than the title, at least), and NEVER have heard of the JIRA. no, you rather seem to prefer shouting around and trolling the blog.
    just shut it already, use the forums or whatever, but:
    for the sake of god, please try and keep the blog posts vaguely on topic and not flame around every time a linden posts something other than a bug report. if you think things arent being worked on, try and look at the JIRA. youll see whats being worked on, whats fixed, and whats pending. find a bug you want fixed? vote for it!
    thats what the system is FOR!
    the top bugs only have about 130 votes – we have 40.000 active members at peak times, and an active userbase which is much larger, still. if people used this system, LL would easily see the most prioritized issues. shouting at them might do something, but its not as effective. you people should learn the basic rules of discussion, really…

    anyways… Im fascinated about such interesting work practices. I do find myself working at odd hours often, since I work best when Im in the mood. modelling highpoly things late at night when its cool and quiet really has its appeal 🙂
    albeit I must admit, your post sounded a little esoteric *grins*

  29. Quiet Sinatra says:

    Thanks Torley. Just to balance out the people who post to every blog entry with their personal off-topic issues, let me say thank you for what you have done. The Lindens who do post seem to get thanked by being insulted and yelled at. I know people are frustrated. I get frustrated waiting for problems to be solved. But some posters here are just broken records – same rant over and over again.

    Another early bird but not nearly as cheery as you….

  30. Hypatia Callisto says:

    thanks for the website (Zen Habits) looks like some good tips.

    I struggle a lot between being a night owl and early rising – my circadian rhythm sucks I guess. Maybe that will help 😀

  31. Cat Gisel says:

    Life is 90% attitude, 10% effort.

    dig it.

  32. Schizm Neutra says:

    While there is certainly always a reason to celebrate our RW lives, employment and general good things–there are people like me out here who wonder if I’m gonna be ‘disconnected’ because LRL can’t get my membership payment…again!

    My tier payment was taken care of on 6.8.07–but–once again–my membership payment is in limbo land. I have done everything I’m supposed to do–and yet, can’t get you guys the membership payment.

    My PayPal account is up to date; I still have the same two checking accounts I have used for almost three years; I added a new Visa Gift Card waiting in the wings should my checking accounts fail (although I can’t see why they would, they haven’t before).

    What really concerns me is that recently I became a volunteer for SL Africa…they have bought 3 islands, all paid for a whole year. SL Africa is a non-profit organization that hopes to present African artists who can hopefully help other organizations in Africa feed, clothe and educate Africans.

    I also host a couple of Prayer and Meditation days; I attend three churches in SL; opened a Chapel site called Rose Mountain Chapel; and renovated Rose Christian Retreat that is owned by Calvary Church. Carmel Harvey and Sugar Zucker own both the church and the retreat.

    These places perform functions and offer services that HELP; AID; and ASSIST other Christian sites. These other sites and churches are important to the SL citizen.

    I’m glad you like your job, Torley–it’s important to like what you do for a living. While I’m no longer employed because I’m retired, I FEEL employed because of my volunteer work.

    It’s just as important to me as yours is to you.

    IF SL can allow that we need to see the dimension that great employment can give to their employees; I’m hoping it can see how great it is to volunteer time through SL and let me pay my bill…today…the money is there, and I’ve sent in two tickets and made phone calls also.

    Can we move on now?

    Oh, by the way…I intend to go to the event concerning SL and the ways it can serve the public through volunteerism. It begins at 8:30AM and ends at 10:30AM…look under events.

    Thankx and I hope you enjoy your day, Phil, Torley…Del…J. Pierce and all who helped me before.

  33. Zen Zeddmore says:

    if i can put my youtube vids up (just like that) do you know what that means? (i don’t have to buy shoutcast time haha woooooot!

  34. Zen Zeddmore says:

    whoops sould have looked at the site first retracts wooot : (

  35. JD Carter says:

    Thanks Torley for this perspective. I’m not a “techke” (see, can’t even spell it right..) but I do know that I just love Second Life. It’s a pain in the a** for sure with the lags, the breakdowns, the problems, being kicked off the grid, etc. But I see it as a baby going through some difficult lessons to be better, stable and more resilient later in life. However, I guess if I was in SL to make my fortunes then I would be on here every minute of the day complaining as well when things don’t work as well.

    As I can say is it’s a great environment and one that I have come to count on almost daily now. Too many people sit behind their computer and want to beat up LL for all the problems yet honestly I sometimes wonder if they even have a real clue of how to balance customer service, business issues, board and investors pressures and all the things u need to look at as u guys grow.

    I fully agree with Ari and a few others that a mix of the “behind the scenes” perspectives with the more serious bug issues and fixes is a great approach. I know I get tired of reading this blog when all you see is negative comment and after comment (after comment).

    The positive (residents) outweigh the negative (residents)…sometimes it’s just hard to see that when you read these bog responses. Keep up the word to make SL better!

    BTW – I have an idea on how LL can blend geting more real time customer feedback with using the residents (and good tech ppl) to work through issues to help improve the grid more timely. Who/how can I submit this?

  36. Warda Kawabata says:

    I’ll sleep more soundly when LL starts billing me properly. LL claims to have last sent me a bill a few days ago. My card comapny says they last received a bill from LL about 2 montsh ago. Getting that fixed is a little bit important to me, more so than knowing that Robin Linden roxorz ur soxors.

  37. Cinos Field says:

    I don’t understand a word you’re saying but it’s all flashy language and bright pics. That’s A-OK in my book. o.o

  38. Dianna Voight says:

    All these are great !. But unfortunally i cant apreciate all this, because i have to put all my graphics at poor quality to avoid lag and be able to move in-world.
    Anyway..great work

  39. Lomgren Smalls says:

    See, I disagree with (13). I’ve been to the JIRA, even if only a couple of times. It isn’t that hard to go through and find what you are looking for, if it exists, and post your comments and bug reports on it. I’m curious as to why people say it’s so hard to navigate and post stuff there, because I had no problems.

    More on topic, I’ve found that ever since I started SL, I have a tendency to stay up until 2 or 3 AM and get up at 10 AM. That’s because I’m unemployed and still looking for work… but that’s still my experience. I think I’m naturally more of a night owl, so to speak.

  40. Nice Torley. I always enjoy your blogs. Keep it up 🙂

  41. Rusty Dagger says:

    I too get up at 5am, get a cup of coffee and go sit on my porch to enjoy some fresh air and read all the AD’s in my local AD Farm before I go to work! Wonderful!!!!

  42. Hewitt Huet says:

    Once again, style over substance. Went to “office hours” with Daniel Linden – to seek some advice on how to handle a very difficult situation and to determine whether there was in fact a ToS violation before frivolously filing an AR.

    We were traeted to a 25 minute discourse on what is or could be considered “broadly offensive content” which was more suited for an attorney’s office or a Sunday morning talk show on US TV. We were ignored and laughed at as “noobs”.

    Folks, get it straight: LL is not concerned about you. They are concerned about useless new features and inflated numbers – 7.2 million avs? – no, excuse me, 7.4, 6.9 of which are either alts or dead accounts of new residents who got scammed, spammed, orbited, ownaged etc and beat a hasty retreat. AR’s are ignored – I never, ever saw one of the three AR’s i have filed show on their so-called “police blotter”.

    Broadly Offensively Yours,


  43. Lhorentso Nurmi says:

    You should read A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander which is about how people experience building and spaces in different ways.

    Definitely relevant to the digital world too.

  44. “Speaking of vidtuts, did you know our Second Life Wiki’s 3rd-most-viewed page is the Video Tutorials one?”

    Hello Torley! I might be dim, but are transcripts of those tutorials, possibly with explanatory screenshots? Just personally speaking, I don’t really care for videos, and find written tutorials much easier to follow.

  45. Robin Ivory says:

    I’ll second the request for written tutorials!

  46. The Todd says:

    Thanks Torley — I was just watching one of your video tutorials yesterday, good stuff.

  47. mythica writer says:

    Your tut’s are grand, well deserving praise and incressed viewership.
    i personnaly would be lost if it weren’t for your time and effort. Thank you.
    My suggestion, perhaps when you wake at that early hour you could make some calls to your Programmers and make sure they are awake as well. It appears to me they have been sleeping in. i am not trying to be mean i know the works hard. But a few more hours a day working the grid would surely benifit us all.

  48. Luna Larsen says:

    thanks torley for all your work for us, you are great 😉

  49. Tactical Dagger says:

    Robin Linden — my warm Mentor, she r0x! — and I were talking about how we’ve certainly got lots of formal news here about Grid issues, support concerns, etc.

    just wanted to point that out that she addresses that she has noticed, which is quite important

  50. Miki Bouras says:

    Awwwwww … Torley, like many, I can get bogged down in “PayPal doesn’t work” and “why can’t I Tp?” …. then you come along and remind me, ‘It’s about the creativity, silly!”


  51. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    I appreciate your whole blog, my recent concern has been the inability to stay on long enough to build something without lagging down, it isn’t my computer, I notice I rez faster than almost anyone, but when textures take a long time to load and editing a build becomes difficult I lose my concentration- as far as grievers go they are a refreshing change from the moralists that seem to have invaded SL-do these people even pay or do they just want those of us that do to make a nice “upstanding” community for them? Give me a griever anyday at least I can shoot them without problems. good deal to the early morning riser, I would have made a nicer blog , but when I can I try to address issues with this format, no offense.

  52. arlo weir says:

    Ehhrm why is linden working on the new bling bling stuff while hundreds of people are having problems enteringen there CC data getting not auhtorized messages and not beeing able to buy lindens ? please linden read the forums and handle your tickets first. Then do the bling bling stuff.

    ik can wait for the bling bling and the voice stuff but i hate it when i have money issues due to LL totaly ignoring the issue.

  53. Master Pye says:

    I’ll keep the coffee hot for ya Torley, so dont be late, or Ill need to make a fresh pot,.I can do that too 🙂 I said some time ago when there were fewer Video tutorials, I’d wished there were more And alass there now are many! My hat’s off to you for your Second Life efforts!,. Greefers! Nothing better than a free hands off ride into orbit with a good view! lol Froggie huggs!


  54. Jeza May says:

    Ahhhh in your next adventure, stop by the Isle of Jade, and see my shop.. *shameless plug for my store* I build whatever I fancy any particular day, mostly leaning towards sci-fi and fantasy.. My partner and I have been on an Alien kick as of late, she has made facehuggers.. both wearable and non wearable, I made a stasis lab to house the facehuggers for further study.. muhaa haaa haa.. She made Queens eggs, for your fun and amusement lol! I have made many of the Star Trek ships.. I have 2 on display and rotate them every few weeks, cuz pics just don’t do them justice.. Also we have Star Wars ships, which Dani my partner has made, and I made an AT-ST for fun.. it’s on display with ED-209 from Robocop I made .. Anyways, we have a wonderful island with 2 very talanted scriptors as well.. you should come say hi some time 🙂 Oh and the name of my store is ‘Jade Innovations’ *ends shameless plug*
    Have a great day!

  55. JayR cela says:

    This post is a rather pathetic, attempt to admit that LL over sold them selves to the Corps. Who invaded our realm only to find it way to unstable a platform to actually conduct day to day business. Now LL wants us the artsy types back.

    JayR Cela

  56. JayR cela says:

    Hey mabey all the bugs ant so bad after all 🙂

  57. kroely streeter says:


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  59. Weedy says:

    My car has bald tires, burns oil, leaks water, paint peels and has a hole in the exhaust.

    I hung one of those paper spruce trees on the rear-view mirror and it is now ready for sale.

    Thanks for “sprucing up” SL.

  60. Mitsuyasi Tiger says:

    lol, plus one bump to Weedy ^^

    Mornings 😮 I get up at 4am anyhow cause I have a long drive into work

  61. kath McGill says:

    Id be estatic if I could get a simple note card from my inventory to open!! Id be jumping up and down for joy if some of the things id added to my inventory would stay there and the things that I build don’t go dissapearing off into — well, dissapearing. and its not just packet loss on my end, others have come and said, Nope, gone.
    My avitar reverts- to a very tall short haird woman as does my partners, but hes never been a girl, so what is that about?

    Bells, whistles and cheakey thrills are fine, Just find ONE version of SL that WORKS and stay with it.

    and when someone emails for help, its nice to get an answer back.

    Here is a suggestion!!!

    Get island advocates! For each server, have three linden responsible for that server and ALL the islands on it. Let the people on that island know who to call when there are issues!!

    I remember not so long ago when there was a little button you could click,a nd you could talk to a Linden. If there was problems on the island, you could have them RIGHT THERE…
    and it WORKED!!

    It was soooo much better than the email that said, “yes, you have reported a bug. Sorry, we arn’t going to respond to this…Please do not respond to this email…

    So.. Whats the point? Why even friggen bother to send it?

    Im happy your glad and glad your happy.


  62. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    where can I learn how to take such panoramic snapshots? (or do I just need to read the post better? I used by browser find function to see any references on “pano” and only one appeared, in that other comment…)

    ps: since this blog won’t send me notifications of new replies to my mail I would like to ask that if you answer my question that you please send me an email (or in world IM) letting me know about it

  63. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    ok, I foudn the links in the comments of one of the pictures linked here, it is

  64. shadow pointe says:

    Oh I didn’t know about that youtube tip, thanks,

  65. Tony says:

    Whereas I still don’t think you’d know what customer service meant if it slapped you around the face, this blog is a step in the right direction, now if you’d just open comments on technical issue blogs to allow people to vent there instead of hijacking other threads, you might be 10% towards actually learning what customer service is.

    However kudos for the way this blog is delivered.

  66. Ante Flan says:

    I guess it’s impossible for such a small team to keep so many people happy. I’m used to problems, and getting around them. I even bought Vista on the day it came out. I’m all for voice and windlight. They don’t seem to have any negative effects on anything. As for all of the broken stuff people won’t stop complaining about, I must not be noticing it. Group IMs are fixed, and even better with the new voice client, because you can see who is listening. It doesn’t take me forever to cross most region borders anymore, either.

    46: I did a few panoramas in SL. It’s very easy. Just take a whole lot of pictures in mouselook from one location, then use that program in the link in 47 and it will do all of the work. You might need something to convert all of the files to something it can handle, though. I use fireworks.

  67. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    gah I need a magnifying glass (cause since the blog has fixed width increasing the text size won’t help with the readbility all that much as the flow of words get more and more vertical), or even better if I could fix my eyes easily, anyway, I digress

    how about a webcasted (and network/cable/whatever too if there is interest) reality show showing us the day-to-day of linden labs? instant entries on a vlog (video web log for those unfamiliar with the expression) if there is necessity and about one whole “episode” per week or somthing like that

  68. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    ps: my original idea was for a documentary to be released in a couple of years, but having it as a weekly webcasted reality show would be much better for the community, with the documentary the contents of the footage would only affect stuff outside LL when it was released, and that could be too late by then

  69. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    lol, one last thing, I’m imagining Simon Cowel criticizing the Lindens xP

  70. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    mm, ok, this is the really last thing for now, that last remark was a joke, not to be taken as serious as the ones before that

  71. Tegg B says:

    Hmm good luck with the dtarting work early thing, on my last job that just turned into longer days, 2 hours earlier start meant I could go home 1 hour earlier sometimes :/

  72. Zaphod Kotobide says:

    You’ll love doing this, Torley. I’m up usually between 3:30 and 4 every morning, weekends included. No alarm clock to jar me out of sub-consciousness, it just happens. Peet’s French Roast smells SO much better at 4am than it does at 7, too.

    This will transform not only the way you work, but the way you live. Those hours in the early morning are the only hours that are truly mine, save for the occasional IM from a friend across the atlantic. By the time I get to the office, I’ve already accomplished in a few hours what would have taken 3/4 of the day to accomplish during the 9-5 grind.

    Living in the mountains, it’s even more special, as I look out my window and watch silhouettes slowly materialize into pine trees. Kinda like waiting for textures to render, only a heck of a lot more pleasant 🙂

  73. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Torley babe I knew you’d come through – all most of us need is someone to show they care and they listen. I might complain but I’m not going anywhere – you know we are all in love 🙂 And quit the 5 am gripes – i get up that time everyday 🙂 Thanks for being there.

  74. Isabella Lubitsch says:

    please keep up the positive words for us Torley

    The problems are awful, but no one is forcing us tohang out here

    and you make it fun!

  75. Once again Happy 4th birthday LL. Sure is nice people can’t log in SL right now. How about releasing those UPDATES NOW!!!!!!!

    Monday is too far to wait…..

    Get you butts back from the Cali beaches & get back to work the birthday party is over…..

  76. Zaphod Kotobide says:

    I’ll take a different angle on ThaBiGGDoGG Richez’s comment, and say Happy Birthday Second Life. The kickoff didn’t work out, and I’m disappointed by that. I always look forward to seeing/hearing Philip Rosedale speak in-world. I’ve missed two opportunities in as many days, one due to RL scheduling, the other due to packed regions. The latter excites me however.

    EVERYONE was there today. Most of us were scratching on the walls of the main sim trying to get in, but that we wanted so badly to “be there” reveals our commitment to this thing called Second Life.

    I would say to all those who have made Second Life what it is today, “Happy Anniversary” … 4 years running, and nobody can touch us, warts and all! And to SignpostMarv, and the many Residents who helped put this celebration together, outstanding work.

    This party isn’t over.


  77. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Well, Torley, people are interested in themselves, and that’s not a bad thing.

    They are interested in their own interests.

    In terms of SL, they are interested in their own SL.

    (I’m going to speak for the residents in this post, as well as for myself. While I can’t really speak for all residents, I can certainly say what I think most people want, and – I have to add! – I don’t think I’m wrong.)

    Residents come to the blog wanting more information on what is affecting them, sometimes severely and urgently, and they often don’t find it in a timely manner.

    And when they do find it, the comments are often turned off, which adds to the frustration.

    And they don’t find enough of it, and sometimes not updated frequently enough.

    Many people might like to read and chat about other things, of course, but most just want to know about the things affecting them – such as the payment problems. These are the sorts of things, after all, that are ruining peoples’ enjoyment of SL.

    Only when people feel those issues are being addressed sufficiently are they amenable to reading what I might call the “thought pieces.”

    I don’t know if LL has the idea that the blog is sort of a combination personal diary for the Lindens; a place to announce things affecting the grid; and a place to announce policy changes – but it seems that they see the blog more or less that way. And – unlike a newspaper or magazine – everything is always presented as if it were of equal value to us all.

    I think it would help if the blog were DIVIDED – in such a way as to put the diary-type entries (“My Trip to Wherever,” etc.) off in a sidebar, for those who are interested in that sort of thing, with the important current issues always taking front and center.

    I would also like to see more – MUCH more – about all of these issues that directly affect residents, with more detail and more frequent updates, and with comments enabled on all of them.

    In other words, residents WANT that “formal news about grid issues, support concerns, etc.” Far from being too much of that; there isn’t nearly ENOUGH of it.

    Too little about the pressing issues, and too much of the diary-type entry, fosters the impression that LL fiddles while SL burns.

    The “personal Linden perspectives” you speak of are of interest to a narrower spectrum of residents to begin with; and are certainly never as important to residents as the grid concerns, customer services issues, etc., that directly affect us.

    The personal perspectives are the sorts of things people want to read at their leisure, not when they are frantic to find out what is going wrong and what to do.

    I think two categories of blog entries would help address this problem:

    1. SL Blog Entries – front and center
    2. Linden Blogs – in a sidebar

    The difference: Linden Blogs would be where Lindens speak personally – musings on the future, personal trips to conferences, how their own project is going, etc. These are clearly personal, in that they are clearly associated with and dependent on the Linden writing them.

    SL blog entries would be about important announcements; bugs; customer service; updates, etc; and any and all issues and problems affecting many residents.

    People want to read all the more personal perspectives, yes – especially when it is from their favorite Linden, or the Linden working on what they are also interested in. But those things should be separate, alongside the main blog.

    Personal-type entries shouldn’t be automatically thrown to the top of the blog whenever a Linden decides to write one. Again, that gives the strong impression that what residents care about isn’t very important, and that LL is out of touch.


  78. Aromadon Enoch says:

    I couldn’t have possibly said it better, Coco! To come to the blog looking for information about why I suddenly can’t purchase Lindens or worse, can’t even log in and instead be met by a chirpy entry about how much fun a Linden had at a “play date” or how pretty this or that sim is (you know, the sim I can’t see because I can’t log in??) is like being slapped in the face with hust how UNimportant we are to LL. It may not be true, but that is the impression given. And if the person seeking information is a Premium or Consierge customer, you can then add the feeling of paying out your hard earned money for Lindens to go on said “play dates” and sight seeing tours… and the frustration grows and grows.

    You nailed the problem squarely on the head for sure. The only thing I would change in your plan is to put the “personal” blogs somewhere TOTALLY different, not even in view of the technical ones. THe impression that any “play time” is going on when major issues are being “ignored” (the impression given when no information is provided) is still enough to double frustration levels…

  79. “I’m curious as to why people say [JIRA]’s so hard to navigate and post stuff there, because I had no problems.”

    Because it’s a lot easier to flame than to do something constructive.

    The upcoming release has many bug fixes. Many have posted their appreciation, but there’s still a lot of “Well, you haven’t fixed X, Y, and Z.” Alas, bugs differ in how easily they can be found and corrected.

    I for one am glad to get bug fixes as they happen; if others wish an Open Letter #2 “No bug fix releases until all bugs are fixed,” they should go for it, though IMHO it would be far more absurd than Open Letter #1.

  80. Dave Powell says:

    There’s always room for creative nuggets…for WOW THAT’S NEAT, I GOTTA TAKE A LOOK pieces. You can only discover so much by Googling or by flying around SL. Those of us who simply love exploring the place might like to hear about the highest that anyone has built a house…or about the “Underground SL” (what goes on below street level). All things that seem to be of more interest early in the morning (or late at night).

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