Second Life’s Birthday: Celebrate Saturday, June 23, 2007 at SL4B!

In May, we blogged about Second Life’s upcoming birthday. June 23, 2007, that’s this Saturday, will mark the fourth anniversary of Second Life’s launch. Volunteers have been hard at work planning and building for the event, which will be held in the SL4B sim and surrounding sims and will continue until June 30, 2007. Due to the increasing number of new Residents, volunteers decided to plan this year’s birthday event around Second Life’s history.

Birthday Historical Sims

In the SL01 (PG and Mature) sims, you’ll find builds and art that represent Second Life’s first year of life, from June 23, 2003 until June 23, 2004. Highlights include, but are not limited to: the Americana Washington Monument, previously rumored to have disappeared after the early tax revolts, MistyWood Squares, Luskwood replicas of SL’s earliest furry avatars, one of Second Life’s first airfields, Zoe Airfield, and much, much more.

In the SL02 (PG and Mature) sims, you’ll find builds and art created between June 24, 2004 and June 23, 2005. Be sure to check out one of the earliest telehubs, and don’t miss the Alliance Navy Fleet history lesson. SL02 also offers an impressive line-up of DJs who will play around the clock over the weekend at SL4B’s music stage located at SL02 1, 36, 256.

SL03 (PG and Mature) sims feature builds and art that span June 23, 2005 to June 23, 2006. Make sure to swing by the Luxor Temple of Art builds (hint: it’s the enormous ship and the temple), the Academy of Second Learning display, the Fantasy Tower House, Relay for Life, and more.

SL04 (PG and Mature) features builds and art that spans the time frame between June 24, 2006 to June 23, 2007. Here you’ll find a mini-Midian City, Sensual Elements Club, the Second Life Museum of Publishing, and more. Look for sculpties and photography displays from some of Second Life’s most talented artists. And if you feel like a little role-play, drop by the graveyard and click on a 2nd feeding pose ball.

The center sim, SL4B represents things beta and things to come. Log in on the First Look Viewer to try out voice chat in this sim, and don’t forget to wish SL a happy birthday at the giant four-tiered cake. Then drop by the beta telehub and while you’re there, check out the beta time capsules. You’ll also find the open source display in this sim and a few Linden trinkets (including a few pictures of memorable Cornfield moments).

More Information on SL4B

The birthday sims will not be open to the public until 12pm PDT on Saturday, June 23, 2007, the date of Second Life’s anniversary. In the meantime, subscribe to the events schedule, and for more information on this year’s festivities, including builds, a site map, art schedule, general schedule, and music schedules, please see the SL4B wiki.

Still have questions? Contact Iridium Linden in-world.


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105 Responses to Second Life’s Birthday: Celebrate Saturday, June 23, 2007 at SL4B!

  1. Aeper Jie says:

    Sounds Cool. But this a MG Only Event right? Why cant LL Care about there 4k Teen Grid Residents?o well

  2. Iridium Linden says:

    @Aeper, Teen Grid is holding an event as well-TSL4B! Just search for the sim and teleport for lots of TG Second Life birthday festivities. It’s even rumored that Spike Linden will DJ. 🙂

  3. NewYorkCityDJ says:

    to Linden

    Just started using the Firstlook client and when loged out i got a plugin npqt ..

    and i know thats a bug ..

    if thats going to be fixes or not

  4. Ann Otoole says:

    NewYorkCityDJ, you should report bugs at as blog comments will not document said bugs in the proper location for Linden Research to acknowledge and address them.

  5. Threshin Barnett says:

    Happy birthday 😀

  6. Iridium Linden says:

    Thanks, Ann!

  7. Thaumata Strangelove says:

    I’m super excited about the SL4B event. So many awesome people have been involved in putting it together, and they’ve been working really hard. Because I have a gallery there, I was able to walk through a lot of it already, and I can tell you that it’s got displays from so many awesome and thoughtful SLers. Come out and say hello to everyone!

  8. NewYorkCityDJ says:

    happy birthday..

  9. Derek Ristow says:

    I`m on the Teen Grid so I would like to know: Will there be the same or similar activities on the teen grid or will it feture completely different things?

  10. Mimi says:

    Yay congratulations!

  11. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    Happy BirthdaY :)) i will certainly go!

  12. Raul Crimson says:

    Thaumata is totally right, i have a gallery there too and the place ROCKS!!! Great work of a lot of people to remind us SL is a place to live and dream. To create and enjoy, to share. See you all there and….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SECOND LIFE!!!

  13. Alex1 Richardson says:


  14. Samara Nerd says:

    Dont you guys mean Luskwood not Lost Furest 😛
    You may want to check the info again and fix the blog post ^^

  15. DanCoyote says:

    Happy Birthday to SL and congratulations to the LL team for keeping the grid alive, and all that you do to make this reality exist.

    SL residents! Please be my guest at SL4B and visit one of the Museum of Hyperformalism locations accessible at the 800 meter tower in SL04.

    See you there!


  16. Sputnik says:

    DOWN WITH THE ALLIANCE NAVY bunch of greefing frauds who fail sim payments

  17. Sandor Balczo says:

    Hi everyone!

    As a new resident, a fast learner and a long-time web user (established 1994), I would like to express my congratulations to Linden Labs for helping the internet go a step further with Second Life, which caught my imagination completely and led me to acquire land, buy a house and find a partner in less than a month and is now a part of my life at the RL age of 46.

    I am as amazed as a little child at the things one is able to achieve, while the few bugs that appear are only part of a teething process which should be understandable in the light of the mammoth work that has been done.

    I will definitely attend the event but I would also like to ask Iridium and other Lab members to please tell anyone during this event that good manners and a little experience in handling internet relationships, netiquette and the English language (or other languages for that matter, I speak three) are essential to ensuring a decent SL experience.

    Too often during this month of SL, I’ve met people who tell me that I have NO life if I am on SL, which leads me to wonder why THEY are on SL anyway.

    Happy birthday!

    Yours truly,

    Sandor Balczo

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  19. suzannah.soderstrom says:


  20. AnnDee says:

    four years…. and still not working properly, its just SAD! When will you fix it?
    maybe never….. but to me its no question i never will become premium if its not more stabile.

  21. Smiley Barry says:

    Happy birthday! Can’t wait for the TSL4B sim to open! (:-D

  22. Smiley Barry says:

    Ooo, forgot:

    Iridium Linden said:
    “…It’s even rumored that Spike Linden will DJ.”

    (:-O Woot woot! ‘^_^.

  23. ZoHa Boa says:

    Happy birthday !!!!

  24. Linda Brynner says:

    Congratulations to all !!
    We might have had critical notes from time to time, but we are still hanging on, so keep on the nice work !

  25. Aodhan McDunnough says:

    There’s the lag, there are the asset problems, and other funny stuff. But I’m optimistic that one day someone on your programming team will find that magical solution that will make SL the scaleable world you aim for it to be.

    Yet, despite all the problems encountered my stay in SL has been by far the most pleasant of all my MMO experiences. It’s a great world and a great set of toys (building, scripting, and now sculpies).

    Congratulations and don’t lose steam. There are a lot of people who still cheer you on towards making things great.

  26. Sheridan Jewell says:

    Happy Birthday SL…
    We always concentrate on the negative, for once lets be happy that you made it this far!

    Some good times have been had here, thank you LL for giving them to us.

  27. AWM Mars says:

    Happy Birthday SL

  28. wandarich says:

    Happy birthday!
    I may even show my face if my spastic eyeballs ever decide to uncross themselves 😉

  29. Votslav Hax says:

    how wouldi get to tsl4b

  30. Juliet Ceres says:

    Why is it that comments are only open on posts that aren’t stuff that’s broken?

    Why isn’t there any post about that paypal is actually WORKING again?

  31. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SECOND LIFE…. not that a lot of us will be around to see it… You see, I won’t give you my CC after seeing how you’ve handled things so far and you have chosen to abandon PayPal, despite the fact that this was offered by YOU when I signed up for my PREMIUM account. So, this Saturday, while you are celebrating your birthday, I’ll be receiving an email stating you couldn’t bill my renewal and will eventually suspend my account… and why? Did I give you false information? No, in fact you have used it several times in the past without problem when I purchased Lindens. Did PayPal change something in their processing? No, they are doing things just as always. Did I break some rule that will cause you to drop my account? Well, probably these blog posts, but if you dropped people for that…. So, when it comes down to it, whose fault will it be that my fee goes unpaid? Mine? No. PayPal? No. That only leaves one involved party, and that party is more interested in slapping in “features” and “partying” to celebrate a birthday that, by the look of state of things around SL, must be a 100th, ’cause it’s sure all falling apart…. Happy Birthday, Second Life… I hope your parents don’t just get bored and pull the plug on you…

    LL should be used in Business colleges….. as the NO example… /sigh

  32. Congratulations Linden Labs.

    Now we may bitch and whine and complain, but but when it comes to it, we love your product, SL is great. I can say for sure than I’m here for the long run, and I’m very thankful for this lil virtual world and hope that it will keep expanding and improve. And I seriously belive that SL is the future of tha intertubes.
    So I guess this is just my little thank you and congratulations.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t let our complaining get you down.

    Anders Bartlett.

  33. sirhc DeSantis says:

    I was so proud to help out a friend (in a very small way) participate in this. Happy birthday my beloved second life:) Now if you could build in some way that i could schedule my time to actually get anything done without distractions… lol. Congratulations all round

  34. Garance Kidd says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire à SL

  35. btw, speaking of history, I recently (through a friend) found what I thinkis one of the oldes objects in SL.

    Creation date Dec. 16, 2002 🙂

  36. BlkVelvet Jewell says:


  37. Revolution Perenti says:

    I’ll be there as Open Source Volunteer ^_^ Happy Birthday SL yay

  38. Brenda Maculate says:

    Happy birthday, SL! I hope to come by to see the displays!

  39. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Happy Birthday SL! Lets just hope the grid won’t experience technical difficulties today. ~.^

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  41. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    I can’t teleport to any on the SL0 islands, are they open yet?

  42. Rox Arten says:

    No bobbyb30 youwon’t be able to tp… the birthday is saturday…based on the time at Linden Labs in Pacific time USA….Right now it is Friday, 6:31 a, PDT…. as the blog post said:

    “The birthday sims will not be open to the public until 12pm PDT on Saturday, June 23, 2007, the date of Second Life’s anniversary. “

  43. Taggie Boucher says:

    Happy Birthday SL and I hope that you will have many many more birthdays. I just love Sl and i get so much pleasure from this wonderful experience. Kisses to all of you .

  44. Shockwave Yareach says:

    Happy 4th birthday!!! SL has, thus far, been a very fun game filled with creativity and cool people. It has been somewhat frustrating at times, yes. But I have put up with the pain in order to get the gain from it. I won’t be at the celebration, as I’ll be at a local Convention.

    But I hope poor ideas like requiring my SSN don’t prevent me from making it to the 5th birthday blowout.

  45. Cat Gisel says:

    My birthday was 10 June, and the Lindens actually turned off most of the lag, the group issues, crashing, TP problems, and more duting my party. Thanks a lot folks, I hope your 4th birthday is as fun as mine was 🙂

    (no I am not being sarcastic)

    Can we get an additional 25 groups as a present?

  46. Happy Birthday, SL! It was a great honor to be able to work on SL4B. I hope everyone has as much fun reliving great SL history as I and others had while building the sims and displays…

  47. Milo Bellow says:

    Hippy Pappy Birfday!

    Bissy Backson 😡

  48. Roxanne Hynes says:

    I hope someone made some sculpted Bugs for the event:)

    Anyway:) Congratulations to Linden Labs!

  49. OO
    Alliance Navy Fleet history day…..
    that should be interesting…

  50. Wow, I can’t wait to see the sims, I just zoomed the map over there and it looks like there will be a lot to see. 🙂

    I missed the last b-day and wasn’t registered before that, so I hope to see this one. 😀

  51. The Todd says:

    Happy Birthday SL!

    And I love the voice, can’t wait for it to open all around

  52. Tactical Dagger says:

    Happy birthday, where do I administer the spankings! 😀

  53. Harwood Hax says:

    Someone up there ^^ ?!? said;

    “we always focus on the negative”

    Its good to see that the root of this amazing trip into 3-D reality is continuing to accentuate the positive!! It always gives me reassurance that all the fake ideal’d green money i turn into the ever-amazing Lin ISN’T going to something that a year or three down the road wont be there like so many others….


    … and keep up the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING job you guys do!! (yeah, i said it… go ahead… TRY to give me a better MMO… isnt possible!!)
    there are more than enough of us out there (7,464,355 last i checked) that think you are doing a hell of a job!!

    …..and were here till the end!!!



  55. Vivianne OFlynn says:

    I ‘baked’ a birthday cake for SL’s birthday! If you would like a free copy of this big cake (not as big as Marv’s amazing cake at SL4B near the old welcome area!), pop over to Divivity in Minna!

    Though we have had our share of problems over the past four years, I am still enthralled with my second life!

    Bright Blessings and Happy Birthday Second Life!

  56. brinda Allen says:

    happy birthday! There will be those of us that can “always do a bettr job”…I’m not one of them. I’m so vry impressed w/SL. There have ben unintended consequences howevr…my life RL & SL has changed, betttr I’m sure. If you’ve been here 4 a long time maybe its easy to forget the wide eyed wonder we all felt when we first logged on.

  57. yuri says:

    happy birthday sl 🙂

    i hope it will be a great party and i hope that this 4th year will be the year of improvement and of more care about the resident of sl who have trouble and no elp sometime :/

    but i hope that will change and that sl will rock again and again 🙂 sl is like life , hard and good moment , so let’s forget problem and enjoy this birthday


  59. wandarich says:

    @41 – Lindens wont do anything with “project open letter” because those people who complained are STILL in sl, STILL making stuff and STILL earning money – and they will still be doing it while they can make money from SL.

  60. Dark Otsuzum says:

    This is all very fine… but on a more sombre note…

    Is there any truth in the rumours that SL Airfields are being used by the CIA for “Extraordinary Rendering” flights to Guantanamo Bay?

    I think we should be told…

    Torture, by any State, is wholly unacceptable and evil.

  61. Fenix Eldritch says:

    Happy Birthday SL!

    We’ve been through some tough spots in the past, and even now, but I know you guys are working! Keep it up! 🙂

  62. 4 years! Death to Videodrome! Long live the New Reality!

  63. Foxy Petunia says:


  64. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    I can’t TP still……when will be all open?

  65. Papp says:

    What time is the festival held?

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  68. Sandcroft Jannings says:

    Happy Birthday 2nd life…..I would just like to see SL focus on consolodating what we have rather than forever looking to expand the features and development. I am running 1 gig and a big number Nvidia card so it would be nice to rezz up and see myself arrive with a complete avatar, ideally not wearing my hair where my bits are.

    I would like to have my bling on and not see it floating a foot above my head. I would like to look out at my surroundings and not see oceans of grey for 10 mins. Or just to be able to walk through sims without suddenly appearing to develope legs of lead and the joy of getting through a night without disconnection is something that would have me reaching for the tissues.

    Second life is fantastic, I have met some great people and I find the volunteers a mine of information and really nice to talk too.

    As SL stands now I cant conceive myself being able to explore all that exists now so why cant we just keep the focus on solving issues and developing what we have.

  69. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    still not working for me…

  70. Zaphod Kotobide says:

    Yes, you guys know it’s already afternoon in much of the world.. when DO the sims open up? 🙂

  71. Roytoo Grut says:

    SL4B sims still are not open. Did someone accidentally set the opening time to 12 noon instead of midnight? 🙂

  72. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    JeanGenie and Zaphod:

    The sims open at Noon PST on Saturday. It says so right in the blog. If you don’t know what time that is, there are oodles of websites out there about time zones. Or you can check the time on your responses to the blog. You both posted around 6 AM on June 23rd. Six hours before the sims open.

    At the time of my posting, it’s just before 10 AM. Two more hours.

  73. Wyald Woolley says:

    Maybe it’s apparent to “old-timers” what SL01, SL02, and so forth are. Maybe some people know how to log into these sims, but maybe only “old-times” are welcome, so the instructions are non-existant for those only here a year or less. Too bad, only a select few “insiders” are allowed to attend.

  74. Zaphod Kotobide says:

    SL01, SL02, etc are areas which reflect Second Life during each of the 4 years it’s been alive. And no, it’s open to ALL residents. Contrary to a common belief, there are no “insiders” in Second Life. Some of the older residents may have developed friendships with some of the older Lindens, but this whole Feted Inner Core thing is just nonsense.

  75. m. balut says:

    I’ve been trying to TP there for 2 days now, and as of this moment SL keeps telling me that the sim is ‘closed’. What is this, by invitation only? Why even bother announcing this if we can’t visit?

  76. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    When are the sims supposed to open to the public? cause ya cant get in right now at all

  77. Geminian Teazle says:

    Why can’t I tp to any of the sims that the celebrations are on? Events are advertised, but can’t be reached.

  78. wandarich says:

    seriously all you people asking when the sims are open – look at the time you are posting and then check the original blog post

    The birthday sims will not be open to the public until 12pm PDT on Saturday, June 23, 2007, the date of Second Life’s anniversary.

    its not that difficult to understand is it?

  79. Alphabet Qi says:

    12:02 PDT
    Can’t get into the BD sims, even the ones that don’t look crowded.

  80. m. balut says:

    Still locked out…

    This is typical.

  81. Angel Cinquetti says:

    Honestly Wandarich, its after the time the event was to start and no one can get in. No need to be nasty. We just thought maybe they forgot to open the flood gates.

  82. Xuxa Yue says:

    Can’t TP to the SL4B sims…. Thanks! Happy birthday!

  83. Economic Mip says:

    12:15 PM “could not Teleport”.

    Yes this is very difficult to understand, perhaps if the instructions on how to get in were made clear, it would be easier, then again English is my fourth tongue, so perhaps I am missing something.

  84. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Cant tp in…yup its the Lindens birthday alright…its BROKEN LOL

  85. Alphabet Qi says:

    Yay, I’m in!

  86. m. balut says:

    Ok, so Philip is talking right now, but I still can’t TP to SL4B. WTF? All we have is a video feed, mms://

  87. m. balut says:

    I’m in! I’m actually watching myself arrive in the video stream! How weird is this?

  88. Michael Takakura says:

    I very much wanted to join the party… but the SL4B sims all have teleport issues.

    Then when I finally was able to tp into one of the sims (SL03 PG), it is clear that lower class servers were used for most of them… maximum capacity is only 40 people per sim! Can’t even walk into other sims because of capacity! (Why didn’t LL use class 5 servers, which can hold near 100?) The exception is SL4B sim, but tp issues won’t let you in anyways…


  89. Qat Zeno says:

    I can’t get in, nor any si close to it 😦

  90. John Sandlin says:

    Can’t even view the video feed!

    Well, so much for joining the party.


  91. Jamie David says:

    what a mess. 😦

  92. Zlad Voom says:

    tried to get there but it is like all the time. lag, lag and lag. cannot get it, video not work maybe Mr. Linden was busy to find a headset for the voice 😉
    just a waste of time that event….

  93. Well, as I’ve now logged off as it’s late at my local time.
    I enjoyed it lots, though haven’t managed to get in the centre sim yet due to it being constantly full, but what do you expect at such a huge event as this. You can’t really complain when the sims are being stressed like that. Just go around and look at a few attractions in the sim your in, then try again later. 🙂
    I certainly will tomorrow.

    Good night all! 😛 ^_^ Happy B-day SL too! 😀

  94. Alphabet Qi says:

    I was able to get into 2 of the sims, and enjoyed the displays very much. I would have really liked to have seen the video address, but it would not work for me:


    “Windows Media Player cannot connect to the server. The server name might not be correct, the server might not be available, or your proxy settings might not be correct.”

    Are going to be more broadcasts such as this? If so, does anybody know how to get them to work?

  95. Day Oh says:

    You guys, the event in the center sim was called off, lol!

    It stayed full ’cause people who tried so hard to get in wanted to stay and chat (:

  96. wandarich says:

    1. That the CEO of LL couldn’t get into the sim to make his speech because it was full.
    2. That a large chunk of those people filling the sim didn’t understand/speak English.

  97. red xu says:

    We tried to play a show at the Music Stage for SL4B, but it was an SL disaster.

    The server kept giving full errors, no one could get to the show because of teleport problems, none of our animations or visuals worked, and to crown it all, all 3 of our clients crashed.

    On the positive side, the audio was good.

    We always put a lot of work into our shows and, to be honest, we are seriously questioning the use of SL as a medium.

  98. Alphabet Qi says:

    Thanks, Day Oh. Good to know—how funny! And yes, wanda, so ironic.

    As for the non-English speaking crowd—-it would have been nice if, along with LL actually having functional video, there were other streams that could be accessed having translated audio or subtitles. It was a planned speech, not a Q&A session, so it shouldn’t be too hard to translate in advance.

    I once attended a 4-sim SL fashion show. The stage was in one sim, and the seating was in the other three. Very smart, so that the models could do what they needed with the least lag. The seating sims were so congested, though, that the models appeared (of course) all in grey, and alternately twitching or frozen. The only way I knew what was going on was through the very nice concurrent video available from a website. Why not something like that with SLBD?
    (I am not a techie—there may be reasons this would not work on a larger huge-o scale—I plead ignorance.)

    That event was small, though, in comparison to the SLBD. Fashion shows have a group-specific pull, and will be big, but not *that* big. It seems that there just isn’t yet a way to have an event with SL-wide appeal without paralyzing problems. Problems are to be expected with any big to-do, but not of such magnitude that the show can’t go on.

    I know that an incredible amount of planning has gone into this event, and this is the 4th such anniversary. What type of troubles were there last year?
    No, I take that question back. Last year, there were not a hundred million billion residents in-world. I guess that changes everything.

    I’ll keep trying to visit the celebration and hope for the best.

  99. Gimme Gimme says:

    Any freebies?

  100. Eon Peterson says:

    Happy 4th birthday SL/LL.

    Thanks for providing this wonderful world for us all and for your endeavors to clear up the bugs. You get a lot of flak but we really appreciate what you do.

  101. red xu says:

    Are you going to post my last comment then?
    Can’t you take an honest critical opinion?

  102. Jeza May says:

    I never could get into the place.. I hope it was fun lol!

  103. fernanda firmino dos santos says:

    eu quero jogar.

  104. Zephy Toshihiko says:

    Just read the article on the Second Life Herald web site ( )

    I think the reporter sums it all up well 🙂

  105. guuu hird says:


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