Second Life Speech Gestures Contest

In April, Linden Lab announced the launch of the Second Life Speech Gestures Contest. At the time, the Second Life voice feature was available only on the Beta Grid and so participation in the Speech Gestures Contest was limited. Now that we’ve launched the Voice First Look Viewer (download here), we’re re-launching the contest in the hopes that more Residents will not only be able to access the voice feature, but will also approach the customizable speech gestures that the voice offering provides with renewed interest.

More Information about Speech Gestures

The default speech gestures are randomly selected from nine different animations based on the intensity of your voice. To receive a set of these default gestures, please visit Iridium Linden’s office on MG (Beaumont 107, 151, 55) and TG (Dougall 148, 52, 31) and click on the Speech Gestures kiosk.

1) There are three gesture “sets” of three gestures each (that’s 3×3) for low, medium, and high speech intensity levels.
2) To enable speech gestures, simply drag the folder labeled “Default Speech Gestures” from your Inventory onto your avatar.
3) To disable Speech Gestures, right click the folder and select “Take Off Items.”


To provide time for judging, please submit all gestures to Iridium Linden no later than 5pm PDT on July 1, 2007. Please label them clearly with your name before dropping them into my inventory, and thanks in advance for your participation! Gestures will be judged on creativity, originality and visual quality by members of the Voice Team.

We will pick and announce the winners of the contest at the Voice Stress Test Extravaganza (date to be announced soon). We will also provide all Voice Stress Test Extravaganza Resident participants with a one-time special package containing a copy of each SLSGC entry. Watch this blog for more information on the Stress Test!

Contest Rules

1) All gestures must be PG.
2) Anyone who submits a gesture consents to have that gesture included in a one-time package of Voice Stress Test Extravaganza speech gestures. All gestures will be permissions restricted (no copy and no mod).
3) Before submitting your gestures please name them with your Second Life name and their “level” (low, medium or high).
4) No purchase is necessary to enter and win, and winner does not need to be present to win (although it’ll be more fun that way).
5) Contest void where prohibited. Subject to all international, federal, state and local laws.
6) Prize distribution: Gift will be awarded by Linden Lab via email, in-world or by mail.
7) Any questions related to the rules should be directed to Iridium Linden.

Have questions about the voice offering?

Good Luck!


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112 Responses to Second Life Speech Gestures Contest

  1. Diomedes Nikolaidis says:

    Just wondering, what part of “Voice chat will ruin SL” do you not understand?

  2. Damion Dagostno says:

    I find it odd how people can whine about the same things even long after the feature has been made. They want voice chat..let them have it. It’s not mandatory or anything so I see no point in whining about it when this blog post was meant to be informative for those who are interested..for once they’re not forcing something on you and you still complain..I think now it’s just complainign for the sake of doing so and to look cool in front of all of your blogger friends. please stop spamming these blog posts if you’re just going to complain about something that is undeeded to do so…if this were a post about lindex being down or a new all means..complain..I’ll complain with you…but I find it kinda pointless here

  3. anonymouse1 says:

    People were complaining BEFORE it was planned… people were complaining WHILE it was being implemented…. people were complaining WHEN it was in beta… people are still complaining….

    They are the majority of SL. SL has shown a disturbing trend of trying to force people to reveal as much about their RL selves as possible all the while being disingenuous saying “you don’t have to use it” or “it’s optional.”

    Please, don’t play revisionist history and say that people only started complaining afterwards…. there are posts and discussions going back to 2003 about how people do not want voice in SL and never wanted it.

    Unfortunately, until it’s in the main viewer, we won’t really know the impact it will have, not really. All I can tell you is that it doesn’t seem like people are downloading the First Look viewer with Voice in record numbers.

    I, for one, will have it enabled, but I won’t be using it. I like my anonymity… I like people not knowing who I am. If that bothers anyone, that’s not really my problem, it’s theirs. LL has been going down the insane path of “making SL closer to RL” when 99.9999999999% of all residents DON’T WANT THAT.

    People came to SL for a very specific reason… to have fun… to play… to be something they couldn’t be or to role play…. or to let something out that has always been hidden, to become something new.

    Where does voice leave all of this… you must remember that 99.99999999% of all of the major content creators in SL are IMMERSIONISTS…. this means that they are not into making their SL a reflection of their RL. Many MANY MANY people in SL aren’t and won’t be and will never be part of that camp…

    What I find most annoying is that so many “pro-voice” people try to convince people who are against voice that “oooh …. lots and lots of people wanted it… lots… really.” Where are they? Almost every single one of my friends in world isn’t for it, only one really likes it. I, for one, am not looking forward to the din of 10000 voices in my midst when and if I log onto SL.

    Another tactic that I find the “pro-voicers” use is “oooh… people who won’t use it will be ‘quickly marginalized.'” HAH!!! When most of the people in SL are against it… and most of the content creators are against it… people who CREATED SL AND MADE IT WHAT IT IS TODAY…. are against it… I somehow doubt that they/we will be marginalized in any sense of the word.

    You 20-somethings or early 30-somethings looking for a dating scene can have your “voice” feature… I, for one, will never use it and, if I do… I will only use it with close friends…. but I really don’t relish the though of SL becoming a big stinking conference call which is basically what is happening.

    Good Day,

    Anony Mouse1
    “Fighting for your rights in the Multiverse.”

  4. mo dryke says:

    I personnaly don’t care about voice chat IF:
    – everything else is fixed (crashes, eyes crossing, huge lag, difficulties to log in, etc… etc… etc…
    – there are no more inventory losses
    – we can buy l$

    and IF:
    – we are 100% sure voice won’t introduce new bugs, issues, more lag etc….

    IF NOT: forget the dal

    don’t want pretty skies
    don’t want voice chat
    don’t care about sculpties contests

    -> want decent support
    -> want stable platform

    I have a dream.
    I have a dream that one day the SL nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: all residents deserve a stable and optimized SL”

  5. Kristopher Handrick says:

    hmmm… what is it that you win or did I read over that?

  6. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I’m concerned that this is going to break apart a lot of communities.

    I’ve already run into people on Beta that I know on the main grid who just ignore anyone who doesn’t use voice.

    At the very least they need to let people who don’t have voice enabled see the glowing ball on the people who do, so they can tell whether they’re listening or just AFK.

  7. Benja Kepler says:

    I wish I had people ignore me on the Beta Grid – it got so bad I wore a t-shirt with ‘Not Testing Voice’ on it, in big letters. They didn’t read that either.

    Having said that, I’m all for new developments!

  8. Doris Haller says:

    I’m afraid it will take away the last fun.

  9. Zebadee says:

    the motto “your world your imagination” is wearing thin

  10. Drake Coalcliff says:

    What are you all whining about? Sure, SL is unstable, but it always has been.
    The introduction of new features such as Windlight or Voice are a good idea, although it is evident that LL has abandonned the average user in favor of people who give them money.
    Residents, be smarter about what you do. stop wearing bling scripts on every inch of your body, stop wearing attachments that have over 500 prims in them, stop wearing items that have so many scripts they could choke a cow, and MAYBE, just maybe, you wouldnt lag/crash so much.
    Dont blame LL for your own shortcomings. The only thing we really want from them are better support for the everyday resident, and better tech support for problems and bugs.

    Bring on Voice. those who want it, use it. Those who dont, wont. It’s just that simple.

  11. Iridium Linden says:

    While I greatly appreciate your respective positions on the voice offering and how it will change the landscape of Second Life, this blog post relates to the Speech Gestures Contest, not the feature itself.

    If you would instead like to discuss the merits of voice, please see any one of the many Resident-run forums and websites. For a list of those forums and sites, check out

    @ Kristopher, the prize will be fame and glory for the lifetime Library Inventory inclusion of your gestures and a t-shirt with a special and secret twist!

  12. Jayden B says:

    Cool, today I am sitting chatting with my family and a get an out of the blue and very annoying random voice chat request, I refuse it. The person does it again. I refuse again. A third time and she’s muted.

    Looking at her groups or any that are similar (going through a group list is the only way I can think she would get my name) is Rox Media.

    I just love that now to go with random TP requests we can get annoying newbs who want to random cyber. /me throws up in his mouth a little.

  13. I can see the point of IM or even Group IM voice chat. I imagine that will be very useful. But I can’t see the point of standing in a group and not being adble to make out who is talking or playing music over a constantly keyed up mic.

    Another question. How do you prove harassment when it is over voice chat? Does Linden lab keep a voice chat log like it does text?

  14. Hi Iridium.

    Which resident run forums do the Lindens answer on?

    The point of posting here is to try and get your attention and get something done. If that can be done on a resident forum. wonderful.

  15. Iridium Linden says:

    To suggest a new feature for the voice offering or report a bug, please see JIRA.
    If you are unfamiliar with JIRA, please see the wiki entry.
    If you have a feature suggestion but do not wish to use JIRA, please see our own forum feedback portal.

  16. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Iridium: people are commenting here because of the impression that the forums are not being read by the Lindens, so there’s no point in commenting in the feedback forums. This may be a false impression, but it’s a common one.

  17. Tony says:

    Oh here we go again, Iridium that was not a clever move, you’re going to antagonise a lot of people with your remarks, especially the implication about going to resident run sites to discuss voice. Seriously this is wearing thin, you guys need some customer support professionals inside your company. Your sentiments are spot on, your delivery unfortunately isn’t.

    Now back on track because I moan myself when people take blog posts off topic. A list of countries whom aren’t eligible for the contest would be useful and an explanation of why they’re not eligible. Probably along the lines of no corporate presence, it’s against local laws yadda yadda yadda, but it’s easier to get these matters out of the way early. Blizzard face up to these issues when they launch competitions in WoW, it does generate a lot of whining but it’s better to have it all out in the open.

  18. Iridium Linden says:

    @ Argent, point taken. I read the forums, and I know quite a few other Lindens that keep a very close eye on them as well. We’ll work on making that more transparent to Residents. 🙂

  19. anonymouse1 says:

    @ Iridium…

    Your comments are indicative of exactly the problem with Linden Lab. YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. *PERIOD* You are playing to COMPANIES *PERIOD*.

    I hope, one day… you guys wonder what happened…. and you look back and say “hey…. maybe… we should have listened.” But… knowing and, indeed, observing how “customer oriented” you AREN’T you won’t.

    You can tell Joe and Philip, that if this behavior continues… there are factions in SL that will start a competing service and beat LL at it’s own game *BY LISTENING TO IT’S CUSTOMERS.* Every post… ever post that has ever mentioned voice has been met with a *resounding* negative response.

    The community at large is very very pissed off at you guys for this. You have implemented this feature without thinking about what effects it will have… you’ve just slammed it in.

    Good Day…

    “Fighting for your rights in Second Life.”

  20. DoteDote Edison says:

    I wonder if so few are responding to the gestures contest because so few know what is expected or capable. Are these ‘gestures’ just regular animations or does the new voice client allow better facial ’emotes’ (to better simulate a talking mouth)?

    Personally, I would like to see a set of speech ’emotes’ rather than speech ‘animations’ that can be triggered based on voice input levels. I’ve always been under the impression that we can’t create custom facial(mouth/eyes) emotes, therefore we’re stuck with what’s built-in. I’m not into SL animations, but I’ve needed to create scripts that can simulate a talking/singing avatar. It seems we’re all stuck with the same, mouth open/eyes closed, or mouth closed/eyes open emotes (as evidenced by the U2inSL concert video.)

  21. Dirk Felix says:

    Linden Labs is the only entity that benefits from voice when other issues remain open. The value of the contest with no tangible prize is likely $100,000 or more in engagement and PR.

    @ Iridium:: “We’ll work on making that more transparent to Residents”
    Your either open and tranparent or your not, there really isnt anything in between, unless of course your a politician. 😉

  22. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Iridium: thanks.

    Dirk: We’re not quite in _The Transparent Society_ yet, thank god.

  23. Jessia Huet says:

    The SecondLife Voice is a little buggy yet.I tried it yesterday and crashed twice.Does the Voice Chat have filters to make your voice higher or lower.Some people are not who they seem.It’s not fair to ruin there fantasy by them having to use there own voice,true people true.Yes please agree.The contest is a wonderful idea still…more fun from SecondLife.

  24. anonymouse1 says:


    If a lot of other Lindens keep a close eye on them, then why do you guys constantly force features down the throats of residents? It’s tiring and sickening to watch this kind of thing happen with LL again and again.

    Why doesn’t LL simply change the name of Second Life to Real Life 2.0 and the motto to “Your imagination, your world… um… as long as your real life matches your second life.” Regretting that motto now are you?

    I’m really really quite tired of yelling at a brick wall with you guys, because it doesn’t seem to go anywhere or do any good whatsoever. Linden Lab has proven time and time and time again that they don’t care about the residents and they explain it away by saying “You don’t have to use it…” or “it’s optional” or “you can use third party software to do that.”

    The only time I think you’re going to witness full on voice adoption is when you implement something that can adequately disguise someone’s voice so that they can’t be recognized. Just because I bump into Bob from accounting, doesn’t mean I necessarily want him to know it’s me…. Second Life is Second Life, not Real Life 2.0 (Unless, of course… you follow my ‘advice’ from above).

    And, before anyone says it… yes, this is about people sounding like whichever sex…. or a dragon or whatever the heck else they want to sound like… one of the basic, fundamental freedoms SL provides is the freedom to escape from who you really are. Voice, without such mechanisms *EASILY* in place, effectively mutes everyone who isn’t. Additionally, there are people for whom using voice isn’t an option…

    What about the person who lives with other people, who doesn’t want them to hear him/her talking all of the time. The people I live with, honestly, would be a little annoyed at me if they heard me talking all of the time in my room… and, honestly, when I tried voice once, it felt like a conference call… seriously…. people were just standing there saying nothing most of the time. I can echo some of the concerns from the posts above where I was virtually ignored by people because I wasn’t using voice. However, I’m not sure if that translates to the main grid, since most people on the beta grid were there SPECIFICALLY to test the voice feature. I must say that, honestly, there were never more than a few people testing it at once.

    There are ways to disguise your voice on both Mac and Windows computers…. some of the best suggestions I’ve seen for doing this were available here:

    Many people in the “AUGMENTATIONIST” camp find my views horrifying “What does this person have to hide?” or “If you don’t tell me everything about yourself you’re being a ‘fraud’.” To that I say… ahem…. up yours. I’m free to be whatever the hell I want and I don’t need to ask permission from you or any one else to be that. This is *my* Second Life and I’ll live it in a way that suits me (for those of you who don’t know… I’m paraphrasing the SLCS-Second Life Community Standards here).

    If you don’t like it…. too bad.

    Anony Mouse One
    “Catch me if you can.”

  25. Moriz Gupte says:

    Thanks for the voice Iridium. You just saved our project. SL is now truly ready for serious applications. God bless you.

  26. anonymouse1 says:

    Honestly… and please don’t moderate me out… one of the problems with the forums is that I must use a SL name to post there. I personally, don’t want to reveal who I am in SL or in RL. I prefer to make my comments anonymously so that I can say what I need to say without potential reprisal from LL or from residents in SL.

    Open the forums to anonymous postings.

    Anony Mouse

  27. JayR cela says:

    All I have to say is that I got tired of complaining & trying to help out. Its the Linden’s show, and seems to be waste of time, at least my time is more valuable than to be bothered any longer. 😦

    JayR Cela

  28. janeforyou Barbara says:

    whuts all the hazzle bout? SIM owners can just make “voice” chat disable wen ever it comes to us. lol

  29. JayR cela says:

    right on #22 / the whole game is a big beta test anyways

  30. Peswold Desoto says:

    Why is gestures being tied to speech? Are we texters going to be stuck with the mid-air typing thing forever? Voice is so very much a non-event for many of us. I just don’t understand why gestures are confined to voicers.

  31. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    To all those who still insist on complaining that voice will ruin SL etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum:

    If you don’t want to use it, don’t enable it on your land. And don’t visit properties where it is enabled. Then you won’t have to worry about it.

    Based on previously available information, voice is not a default feature in Second Life. Property owners must turn it on, or else it will not work on that particular parcel of land. So you don’t have a thing to worry about. Don’t use it.

    We won’t be turning on voice at This ~N~ That. So voice won’t “ruin” our property.

  32. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Well I gave my positive post the last time I posted about a little time off from insanity.

    I have a question; If this little contest receives the same support that it seems to have on the beta grid will this tell you something. I for one never waste time on these diversions from the larger problem. Instead of the creation of this type of entertainment work on the basic problems the game has. It seems that you send us a patch and then spend the interim
    time fixing the multitude of new problems that you created. I believe this formula is close; 1 bug fix makes a new bug and breaks 2 base program items, such as that wonderful change in the facial animations.

    That brings up another point how are you going to do this with facials broken.

    I apologize to all of you who like to tell them how good they are, our friends at Linden Labs, but I have existed in the game pre 6.0 and it has not changed in over 18 months just the same ole’ same ole’ over and over for eternity.

    It either seems there is no coordination of the various changes that are presented or if there is they just say oh we will fix it in the game with those who are paying us to Beta test.

  33. Tillie Ariantho says:

    I know I will not use thr voice feature myself, but why not wanting that others can use it? I have no problems with it.

    Just go on, do you work on Voice, and fix a bug or two every know and then (or 10 or 20 .-D).

    And I find those competitions a great thing! Go on with it!

  34. Carbon Breed says:

    Hmm. I thought I should point out that the links to Iridium’s Speech Gestures kiosk have some problems. MG points to a SLwiki link, and TG, (Dougall), doesn’t seem to exist inside of SL at all. Rather interested in seeing these things in action, and I can’t quite do that if I can’t get there! D:

  35. Voice Chat!! YEA! One vote against the ludites.

  36. kaka noel says:


    Somebody can help, as I make for sell mine lindens, this me giving error when I go sell! Will be q somebody would know what I can make?

  37. Aromadon Enoch says:

    The only thing I can see this doing is attracting more of the mouth breathers who aren’t even quick enough to be able to type into the world… I just don’t see an upside…

    In the meantime, I’ll also just point out that… WE STILL CAN’T BUY LINDENS… oh, and PayPal says my account is fine, there is no reason you should not be able to request funds (as you have done at least three times in the last three months without a problem) from me and the problem is on YOUR end, IF there is a problem… See, seems nobody has even told them there is an issue… even though your blog says you are “working with” them to correct it… Hmmmmm

  38. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Just had what I consider an amusing thought…. just wait until some of these big macho stud “Masters” hear the voices of their 44DD “slaves” for the first time… and find out she’s a 40 year old man ROFLMAO That should pour some salt-peter into SL for sure! 🙂

  39. JayR cela says:

    Woooo #28 / Sock It To Em!!! Aromadon / LOL Way too too funny :_) I’m still laffing. Hmm ?

    JayR Cela

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  41. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    #28 There is an opposite side to that as well – There are some really good roleplayers out there that work very well with their voice. And not every female AV is a 40 old man – And if they were, then apply the agrument that is often used: Its second life, not RL.

    Strange that everything else in SL should be considered to be a freedom, a possibility to escaper from RL – Except changing your gender?

    Anyway voice is optional and there is always a risk that a rift between voice and non-voice citizens will occur. But hey, doesnt that rift already exist? I’ve seen some really bad manners being displayed towards what people consider to be “newbies”.

    On-topic: Contests are good and I like the fact that the commmunity is activated in something else than just “nagtime” in the blogs. Go for it.

    And for everyone that is complaining (again) participation is optional – Wether it comes to competitions, speech or even SL.

  42. Nanda says:

    Telling us here not to comment on the voice feature itself would be understandable, if comments are not switched off on every 2nd BlogPost
    and initiatives like OpenLetter would be taken serious.
    Now, giving the friendly hint, not to post here about voice itself sounds a bit like: folks: discipline yourself, we lead you follow.
    Does not really sound like “valued customer, we understand and will improve”.

  43. Nanda says:

    btw: i suggest, since McDonalds copyrighted in some countries “I am loving it”, LL should do the same with the statement “We are working on…”

  44. Chris Senior says:

    Since I can’t open anything voice-related(Beta Grid, First Look Voice Viewer) dues to an SL bug that says “unable to connect with server”, this lets me out of the contest completely.

  45. Chris Senior says:

    I’ve seen some really bad manners being displayed towards what people consider to be “newbies”.

    -Stoltz Sinatra

    And I’ve seen some really bad manners being displayed by those same “newbies”. 😉

  46. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Voice.. go ahead with voice. but please make the voice addon chat screen removeble when people don’t want voice.

    personally i don’t want voice. Chat and Im is more then oke with the surrounding music , but good luck wth the contest

  47. The XO says:

    @ Stoltz Sinatra #30:

    Agreed! Shame not everyone see’s SL as *SL* and wants it to be “virtual RL”. For a place where there is supposed to be freedom and understanding there is sure a lot of bias, intolerance and narrow mindedness.

    Personally I’m passed caring now… voice is going to be here but I hope it’s a miserable flop and it crashes and burns! It will certainly be disabled on my land. I don’t want to spend hours talking into a microphone all night – I have enough of that already.

    Besides, I’m looking forward to seeing the raving shouting mobs trying to talk over one another – it’s going to be a treat 🙂

    My personal take will be not using it, not enabling it on my land, and if I go somewhere voice enabled then ignoring anyone who speaks to me in that manner. In fact, I may just *avoid* voice enabled places altogether.

    I think there will be a market for NON voice enabled shops/malls/clubs/etc. The division is going to occur, so we may as well make the most of it.

    Now before any of you “pro voicers” start slapping me down, these are my views, my opinions and my choices – so please respect them as I do yours.

    On topic…. It’s good to see something everyone who is interested in can work on. No doubt it will open up more businesses and revenue streams.

  48. Kevin Paisley says:

    I enjoy watching all these sim owners who will disable voice in their sims. I certainly wont feel sorry for them when most users will not go to their sims anymore because voice chat is disabled and other voice chat sims will flourish.

    Most of the people complaining it seems are people that are probley men in RL in female AV’s. Most european countries require you to learn english in primary school so I dont see language barrier being a problem. And if you dont want it, dont use it. Simple as that.

  49. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Kevin, I don’t care if a female AV has a men controler. its SL. not RL . So keep it SL . voice means integrating RL into SL and removing the SL base from its original foundation.

    I don;t want to know how people’s voice is in RL , if i want that I use voip and call them .

    Besides the voice issue. With the unstability of SL as it is now, its not smart to implement new features before fixing all problems. I would say implement voice on the beta grid and keep it there forever.

    make SL stable should be priority ONE ! and support should be priority TWO . and between one and two should be COMMUNICATION. LL does everything execpt comunicating.

  50. Alpiskris says:

    Esto de second life es una autentica mierda….
    Muchos entran por ver como es y cuando ya lo saben no vuelven a entrar… lo de 7 millones de usuarios es por los registros obligatorios, porque de lo contrario tendrian alrededor de 20 o 30 personas como mucho.
    Esto en una caca.
    Ke les den a los de secon life…
    mi página si que es chula:

  51. pepe says:

    hello : the best page in the world is:

  52. raban laborde says:

    How about a contest of how to fix several open issues?

    And don’t tell me it’s off topic! You’ve blocked nearly every way to communicate to you – if the users use the remaining posibillities, you, Lindens, should listen instead of complain.

    Voice is of no interest for me.
    Windlight is nice – but of no interest to me.

    Inventory Loss, TP faults, database Issues, LindeX issues… a long list is waiting. Stop glueing undebugged new code to a buggy core.

  53. Juliet says:


  54. Juliet says:


  55. Masami Kuramoto says:

    I can live with the Linux viewer not getting voice chat capability, but PLEASE fix the OGG bug (VWR-219)! With more and more people streaming OGG into their parcels instead of MP3, this bug is quickly turning into a showstopper.

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  57. janeforyou Barbara says:

    Some reasons why i dont like voice chat in any of my SIMs :
    -Greefers,in a group of ppl with this green tabs it hard to find out whos calling you a ass.
    -At events with Djs ( i run 20 events live Djs a week) it will be disturbing.
    -Wen you voicechat with a person you need to go from a distens from others to get a understanding on what the person say
    -Securety, i like to be able to save a chat if there are serius publick harrssement against somone.

    I guess it will be possible to make a “parcell” in a SIM for voicechat like you can make a pacell for rezing items?..i dont know yet tho,, but if it is we can make that and them that insist on voicechatting can go there,,lol

  58. Catherine Dollinger says:

    janeforyou, I agree completely, especially as I like to attend your events :o)
    For me voice is a possibility those who long for may use – I won’t due to the cited reasons.
    With typed text it’s both possible to select items of interest and keep up to the conversation after being AFK some minutes – impossible with voice.
    Besides that, in my view it would take the magic from SL as it would pose a drawback on imaginations. And I don’t care if a girl was RL a boy or vice versa – gender is not of concern but the behaviour is. We are taking part in a big roleplay, and whether one wants to be a man or woman, dragon or dwarf, witch or shop owner, playboy oder anything – as long as the role is played ok, the imagination is kept up and thus the magic of this wonderful unreal world. Has anyone thought about the effect when a big broad shouldered security guy turns out to have the RL voice of a 20 yo girl?!? 🙂

    @37, Kevin, I doubt that masses will only go where the voice is. Ever thought why voice rhymes on noise? Voice does not give only benefits as written above. I also think of a deaf-mute friend who simply will not be able to follow the communication anymore. Thus it would be a means of discrimination I don’t like. Lest to say for some participants with lower speed connections which cannot run even the audio stream now. If voice communication is aked for in certain groups – well, go for it and have fun. Me, personally, I will refrain from using it. And I like to talk to people who can’t speak RL :o)
    The language barrier would nevertheless be existent: I surely understand well those who write syntactically and grammatically bad English as the words can be interpreted. Phonetically this might be more difficult, especially when it come to fluent communication. This way I still value the written conversation – if it will ever cease in SL, so will by participation.

  59. CD says:

    two words-

  60. anonymouse1 says:

    @Kevin #41

    Ummm no.. most of the people who are complaining are people who bought into the whole idea that Second Life is just that… a *SECOND LIFE* a chance to experiment and play. Bringing in aspects of RL, like your voice, is a *problem*.

    If I wanted to log into *SECOND* Life so that I could have more REAL Life, I wouldn’t have come at all. You really can take your “most of the people and complaining are men playing female avs” assertion and put it somewhere because it’s not always the case.

    PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO PLAY WHAT THEY WANT ON THIS THING. If a 50 yo man wants to make a 30 yo female av to play, he has that right. If a 60 yo woman wants to play a 20 yo male or female she has that right.

    SWITCHING GENDER IS A FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOM IN SL… if it wasn’t then why not tie the gender of the av to the RL gender of the person who registered? I mean… that would solve the WHOLE problem for you, right?

    The problem with voice is that it invades this and causes people to be essentially FORCED to bring their RL into their SL when they don’t want to.

    I, personally, know a lot of RL women (yes… I know that they are women) who don’t want to use it because they feel as though it would be “too personal” and it’s “not what they wanted from Second Life.” If you, or any of your friends, wish to think that they are men…. so be it.

    Second Life was *thriving* with a text based communication system… and it was really nice. It’s a shame the the “pro-voice” crowd can’t get it through their heads and constantly falls back on the “oooh… it’s the guys playing girls who are complaining” crud as a tired excuse.

    We’re tired of hearing it… really… sheesh.

    What really bothers me is the cavalier attitude with which LL is approaching this. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about their replacement.

  61. anonymouse1 says:

    @Kevin #41

    Oooh… another thing. I’ve found that, most of the time… people who say what you did are normally sexually frustrated, hard up males who can’t get a date in RL so they come to SL to get one and, thus, want re-assurance that the female av you’ve been macking on is actually a woman.

    Feel better now? 😉

  62. Montana Corleone says:

    Well, this should at least be the put down for all those who fall for the line that voice is external and won’t affect the grid or lag one iota: all these extra gestures running that would not otherwise be there. That’s a lot more stuff for the viewer to do, data to be uploaded and downloaded, db load and asset serever storage. Oh, not forgetting checking who’s in distance, whether the parcel has voice enabled or not, the extra tags or spinning balls to draw etc etc. Sounds to me like an awful lot extra for the system to handle, let alone the fact that almost every main element of the software and grid infrastructure has fallen over big time since they put in the back end code for Voice.

    There are supporters for voice and those against, for various of the reasons given above. I’m in the don’t care about Voice group. It either remains imaginination, or it’s a virtual 3D RL. If the latter, then we need some of the RL stuff: laws, courts, arbitration, law enforcement, consumer protection so that scammers and griefers can be taken care of and we have protection of our IP, and assets, like money and inv also protected from Linden’s ToS God clauses.

    This whole competition is disingenuous. Obviously Beta take up was less than envisaged. So now it’s extended to take in First Look, which is a Beta on the main Grid. Really, you should have waited for the comp so that all people could have a go, not those locked out of Beta for a month because they change their password, or the First Look client is too buggy to use.

    It really should wait until it’s is on the main grid. But then it has been delayed quite a bit now, so it’s obviously not ready for prime time for whatever reasons. It’s a feeble attempt to drum up support for voice.

  63. johannahyacinth says:

    Iridium, the contest post you linked to in the first sentence mentions dragging the “Speech Gestures” folder from the Library onto your avatar.

    Is this folder available only to people running the voice-enabled client? I’m using the Linux client, which doesn’t have voice yet, and I can’t find any “Speech Gestures” folder in my inventory’s library.

  64. Klaus says:

    Voice will be a polarizing issue. I think it’s creation has less to do with the residence of Second Life and more to do with current and potential corporate users who would like to use voice. I have no problem with its creation and implementation, best of luck to those who participate in the contest. I personally won’t be using SL Voice.

  65. Wyald Woolley says:

    @37 kevin “clueless” Paisley– you have no idea why a wonam might not enjoy having a voice chat with someone other than you own homophobic pea-brain can conjour. I get enough IMs and open chat comments when I walk into a club as I care to deal with. Now you expect me to also want to cyber with other homophobics so I can prove I’m a wonam.

    I go there to dance alone and listen to the music, not the voice chant equivilant of “WHOOT WHOOT, Talk to me pretty momma!” My voice chat will be OFF and I could care less what your heavy breating might sound like.

  66. DevinThe Merlin says:

    It is already annoying enough with gestures that have sound attached.

    Plus any encoding requires cpu time and then that inflicts a serious delay in real time communications.

    I wont use voice.

  67. janeforyou Barbara says:

    @37–i wil give the “voicechatters” a option in a own voiceparcell in my SIMs if that is possible-if not i wil not have it, then there may be 30% that want voice and 70% that dont want it and all my SIMs will be filled with that 70% non voicechatters….lol…i been in this 3D coms 7y now loong before SL so i got some clue….it wont be fun with vicechatt for everyone,,, a Goran first sword Master may sound like a mouse?…or Miss teen realy sound like a smoking whisky drinking 60y Lady?..Nope… voicechat do not fit for all in SL.. the magic, tha fantasy, the trill will be gone for some.

  68. Veronica says:

    @44-Hear Hear Wyald.

    Add the fact that my husband and kids don’t really want to hear me talking to some idiot making sexual advances on me as another reason to not have the “mouthbreathers” and voice chat!

    I have enough trouble keeping my 8 year old away from the screen as some griefer runs around with a hardon hanging between his malformed av’s legs.

    I know guys like Kevin just want to think that the only reason a woman wouldn’t want to use voice is because we are men, but hey Kevin, I have enough trouble in RL listening to unattractive, never get a girl men yelling at me in RL, don’t need it in SL too….

    90% of the women I have talked to in SL, most of whom I have spoken with on the phone or through some other voice option, do not think this is a good idea….anonymity, privacy and personal protection are all listed as reasons.

    I would say hopefully SL will think about these things, but heck….just read “broadly offensive” and you will know that they will not.

  69. Rocky Rutabaga says:

    Hey, Iridium!

    What about Montana’s comments about extra load (#43)?
    Is that true? Will 5 people gesturing in various ways lag up the sim more than 5 typers?

    As for the gender bending: I had to call a credit card company the other day. I talked to a customer service supervisor. Her name was “Tiffany”. Her voice was as deep as Barry White’s. I even asked her to spell it, since I thought maybe she meant “Timothy.” She didn’t. Moral: it’s gonna be much more interesting in SL very soon. And interesting in that apocryphal Chinese curse way: “May you live in interesting times.”

  70. Sisi says:

    I dont mind voice… but i do mind my privacy when im online..

    I dont want every person I know in real life beeing able to recognise me when I’m somewhere..

  71. Iridium Linden says:

    @ Rocky and Montana, I haven’t noticed that speech gestures especially lag a sim, and I’ve been using the First Look client almost non-stop since it launched. Did you see anything in the JIRA about this? I’ll do a little testing on my own and will pass this concern on to the appropriate Linden. Thanks for the feedback!

  72. martini says:

    When is a shared experience world, not a shared experience world? Answer, when the experiences stop being shared (obviously) And this is the way it’s moving. “Oh look at the lovely sky, the way the light bounces off my machines!” one says, the other neither hears them or sees the windlight effects running.

    Its also obvious that you can’t plan all software to run on the lowest common denominator machines, but with the introduction of Voice and the new sky system you are going to get a degree of fragmentation, an inability (in some cases) or a reluctance (in others) to share these features.

    Cynically you could argue that Voice is there to attract all these corporate bods who want to seem “in with it” and be in SL and at the same time be able to have their daily voice meeting in a virtual environment. fine, but please understand that it’s supposed to be a community, where once the thing I saw, everyone saw, the text I read, everyone close enough could read, the music I was dancing to, everyone could be dancing to.

    I am ambivalent to both voice and the enhanced light/skys, but the more things that are introduced into SL that won’t be shared will start to distract from the sense of community in general.

    I am not a “conservative” in that I understand the need for change (cheap jab…….especially changes that stop instability in the world!) but change always comes at a price, let’s hope it’s worth it.

    Add features, but don’t try to make it TOO close to RL, otherwise me might just as well stay there 🙂

  73. Vivienne says:

    Will there be the bird gesture i can show to all these idiots harasing me in their own voice with comments like “huh, babe, nice tits!”???

  74. Liv Kamloops says:

    Hello 🙂

    I’ve just downloaded the First Look Viewer to test Voice on my own land in Quat (it looks like it’s enabled on the map) but can’t see anything about it in Preferences, or About Land.

    I used Voice on the Beta grid and quite liked it; was just interested to try it now. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thankies 🙂

  75. Whitefire Zuhra says:

    Heh… I’m kinda just gonna go and talk my head off about the complainers. I, myself, am all for the idea of voice. I like to look at the positive things that I will be doing with it. For example… When I and a couple friends have a meeting and we are suggesting ideas to each other, it’s best to get them out there and talk about them. Some of them are slow typers and it takes forever for them to get it out. But with voice they will be able to speak in a some what normal tone and speed of voice.
    But as to those who talk about sexual parts, I don’t really know alot of people that have the guts that would go out and call some one up, demanding sex or to talk to them, ect. But that’s just me and my seemingly normal friends.
    I currently run a city, it incorporates weapons and the theme can sometimes appeal to young adults ( Youths, peoples who are under 18 ). I don’t dub them as a minor unless they act like one, and it seems to be happening more frequently. But the ones that I do call a child, I ask them their opinions on the voice chat. They object it completely. Why? Because it could ruin their identity and push them off to the teen grid or what not. So for the reason of finding out those kiddies, those complainers who are against it, I’m all for it.
    Does any of that make sense? Ciao

  76. Just a warning to anyone thinking of trying to find the “Speech Gestures” at Iridium Linden’s office mentioned in this article. The SLurls deliver you to a central point, not the office. From there you can wonder around all day and not find “Iridium Linden’s office”. Mybe thats the real competition here – can you even find the place. Very frustrating – even asked a Linden who himself had no idea where it was. Had to give up as it says in this book I’m reading that human life isn’t infinite, so I’d better try something achievable in a realistic timeframe instead.

  77. Iridium Linden says:

    @ Frankie, I just tried it. The slurl worked fine for me. In either case, my office is listed in my profile picks.

  78. anonymous says:

    Very interesting that;

    1. You would take away the ratings system which you said was causing insurmountable amounts of lag… (it was a very simple process)

    2. Introduce voice with all these new gestures. Are you saying that voice and its respective gestures WONT lag the system down? (VERY complicated process)

    Simply being stupid is one thing; but to insult our intelligence is demeaning to those of us that know better 😉

  79. anonymous says:

    I am beginning to seriously think you pulled the ratings system to make room for voice 😉

  80. Seraph Nephilim says:

    @ Iridium (50): make sure you try it with a non-Linden av. I suspect your Linden status is much like being an estate manager in that you aren’t redirected to telehubs or landing points, but can tp straight anywhere. Just a thought. (Can’t try the slurl myself right now or I’d have doublechecked.)

    To anyone else: The slurl is to Beaumont sim at 107,150,200. You should be able to fly there if you aren’t able to tp directly. If you use the slurl and you are “intercepted” there should also be a beacon to the final location. (That’s the vertical red line on the horizon and is pointed to by a red arrow.)

    Hope this helps someone.

  81. Iridium Linden says:

    Thanks so much, Seraph! Right you are about the slurl. (I’ll update the post.) So yes, my office is at Beaumont 107, 150, 200. You can teleport there by looking at my profile picks in-world. Alternatively, you can send me an IM stating your interest in receiving the speech gestures. I will gladly drop them in your inventory. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks again for your comment, Seraph.

  82. Max Kleiber says:

    More junk in inventory?

    “the prize will be fame and glory for the lifetime Library Inventory inclusion “

  83. Tesla Miles says:

    What is the prize money? It sounds like a very interesting competition I would participate it being an animator.

  84. like_ummm says:

    “I haven’t noticed that speech gestures especially lag a sim”.

    So they do lag a sim – just not especially. What happens when 10,000 or so users are using speech gestures and voice? I suppose this cant be tested until its implemented.

  85. Jes Bergbahn says:

    Ok, I just tried using the Voice FL… And whoever thought the new chat history window was intuitive needs to get a brain enema..

    How on earth is having ONE unified window to watch local and IM’s beneficial? Why does it even have a chat-line when in “Near Me?” and Why, WHY can’t “Near Me” be de-attached?

    Why is it so horrible to have a seperate IM window? Fine, add a tiny volume and “call” set underneath the chat bar in That window (I won’t be using voice anyhow, thanks for ruining a good thing Lindens), but jacking up the main chat window with a HUGE and hardly intuitive “near me” window with an equally blocky “profile/voice” control panel is just beyond inane.

    The last MMO that changed it’s chat interface for a more unified 1-window look ended up losing 80% of it’s userbase (300k->40k, SWG, True story). Don’t do the same, Lindens.

    Also, would it kill to at least seperate the ability to speak from the ability to listen? As security officer, I’d have to listen to a club, but I don’t even WANT the damned ‘touch-to-chat’ bar in the window. Why is this so hard, so troublesome that we should instead have all or nothing?

    Again, counter-intuitive, and pissing me off since all these changes directly harm my abilities as club security. And for what? So one or two people on SL can speak to eachother in a horribly downfiltered signal that already gets twisted beyond understandability on it’s way from mouth to microphone?

    Try listening to X-Box Live for once. THAT is how your ‘glorious’ Voice will sound.

  86. Ann Otoole says:

    i don’t understand how speech gestures can lag a sim any more than dance animations and animation overrides already lag a sim.
    they are animations triggered by the settings associated with the little intensity graph above the head while speaking.

    there is a stress test coming up. i hope it will be done in the main grid to be sure it is a valid test. and that is where such things can be documented. so if you have a real concern about this then make sure your at the stress test.

    while not a fan of voice i do see the potential involved for various aspects of business including the business need for voice to enhance the teen grid’s popularity.

  87. Shai Khalifa says:

    I’ve used voice on the Beta, and now on the First Look. I understand how it will be an option deemed firstly by the sim owner, then secondly (hopefully) by the parcel owner.

    What I’d like to know is:
    1) Will I as an individual, have the option on a voice enabled parcel, to turn off area voice chat, but still be able to initiate IM voice communication with selected people?

    Or will the setting in Preferences negate both area and IM?

    2) On a voice disabled sim/parcel, will I still be able to initiate a voice IM communication, or will I have to go to an enabled parcel/sim to do that?

    If that’s the case, I see further limitations to it’s application in-world. Personally, I intend to ensure voice is turned off on our beach club blocks (possibly with the exception of one for people to go to if they feel the need).

    I don’t want to spend my SL time being bombarded with rubbish conversations I either don’t want to hear, or don’t understand because I don’t speak the language. So personally I’ll have area chat off unless it’s warranted.

    But I’d still like to be able to speak over IM when required/desired, without also having to hear the babble.

    Can anyone answer these questions? I know it’s nothing to do with gestures, but I can’t seem to find anywhere to ask and get a response.

  88. donta tripsa says:

    Interesting topic, I like your name!

  89. Ryu Darragh says:

    Just started using the Firstlook client. My usual 28fps in the SIM I frequent a lot changed to.. 28fps when I started using voice.

    The only problem I have is that only group and spatial chat work, not person–to-person voice chat with one individual.

    Other than that, voice has had no impact. Heh.. VoIP works for people on dialup, after all. Its impact oughta be *minimal*.

  90. NewYorkCityDJ says:

    Just started using the Firstlook client and when loged out i got a plugin npqt ..

    and i know thats a bug ..

  91. Thaumata Strangelove says:

    For what it’s worth, I think voice chat will be great if you use it properly. I’ve played with it on the beta grid a number of times and always had fun. I realize people are concerned about idiocy but you know, the idiots are already there and that’s why you have a mute button, my dearies. If only real life were that simple!

    Rock on, Lindens.

  92. No Mimes Allowed? Bummer.

  93. WilliamAvalanche March says:

    > Kevin Paisley sez:
    > Most of the people complaining it seems are people that are probley men in RL
    >in female AV’s

    No dude, I am a guy who has a guy av, and I most certainly DO NOT want voice chat.

  94. NewYorkCityDJ says:

    sorry for that ..

  95. NewYorkCityDJ says:

    williamAvalanche March u dont have to use ur voice i know alot of people who dont but alot of people like talking on the mic ..
    what i like about its it gives people to talk with out typing to me that fun … for sompeople it help them because alot of people in the world do not know how to tpy right so it helps them ..iam not saying there slow but we all have typ bad before…
    to me this was the best idea that secondlife came up with it show that we can be better then any chate web sit in the world ..

  96. thordain says:

    Some days I wonder how many fewer complaints would be on this page if LL implemented a real minimum system requirements and bandwidth check in their viewer installer that refused to install if the requirements weren’t met. I’m sure at least three or four people will post back and parade out their AMD 4×4 system w/ 4GB of RAM, but some days I just wonder.
    Maybe I’m just lucky, but I just don’t see all these issues. I’d be willing to bet that I spend more time in world than 90% of the people commenting on this page, and that while in world I spend more time creating content (you know, doing things that involve the o-so-broken asset server?).
    I’ll agree, there are times during the day that things get a bit tough. I’ve even lost a few hours of work here and there. Some days I log in and find that the database can’t find a script here or there. But nothing that doesn’t sometimes happen on my very own computer ;-).
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I don’t think most of you have any respect for the amount of work and ingenuity it takes just to make this _work_, let alone work well.
    While I’m on my soap box. Two of my favorite quotes.
    1) “Stop working on anything other than bugfixes”. Are you serious? And if you are, what is this, your first day? Content providers and big land owners drive the second life market. Your one-time-fee $9.95 account doesn’t. Without new features and new “cool-factors”, they can’t hold peoples attention. Whilst I agree that I would love to see more stability in the grid, designating a 100% focus on bug-fixing a) wouldn’t fix the problem and b) would only serve to stagnate the world.
    2) “You don’t read the forums”. There are TWO MILLION users. There are what, a few hundred or perhaps a few thousand Lindens? You do the math. Even if they allocated 100% of their workforce to reading all forum posts, it wouldn’t get done.

    If you don’t like the world, Linden Labs isn’t forcing you to press that Connect button. If you don’t like voice chat, turn it off. If you hate contests, don’t participate. If your some super smart genius software engineer who “knows how to fix all these problems”, do so.

    But seriously, lighten up a bit! Give these people a break ;-).

    [On a side note, Voice is super cool. I do have to agree w/ people a bit that the new unified communications interface isn’t exactly what I’d hoped for. Mostly because I’m a keyboard shortcut freak, and Ctrl-T doesn’t do what I expect it to any more, and Ctrl-H doesn’t toggle chat history any more.]

  97. WilliamAvalanche March says:

    DJ, I was responding to that Kevin dude who said that “anyone who doesn’t use voice is a guy using a female avatar.”

    If you want to use voice that’s great. But people like Kevin are painting non-voicers with a scarlet letter, and that’s awful behavior IMHO.

  98. Fenleab says:

    Yay, annoying lil children voices to go along with the hacking, just like counter strike now 😀

  99. NewYorkCityDJ Cremorne says:

    the annoying can be fix secondlife if i know secondlife working working developers find there ip ,web blog or there stim there using so they can take them out i know that its more webcast ,podcast and locked out for useing it for bad use .the ownly thing u got to do is when annoying voice tup u is send report where u at so the devlopers watch or see if they do it again with a dif annoying
    if not there are way to find the person whos useing annoying voice ..

  100. NewYorkCityDJ Cremorne says:

    sorry for that…

    the annoying can be fix.if i know secondlife working with developers find there ip ,web blog or there stim or them out. i know if there using some thing diff like webcast ,podcast ,camcast they can be locked out for useing it for bad use .the ownly thing u got to do is when annoying voice taped u is send report where u at so the devlopers watch or see if they do it again with a dif annoying
    if not there are way to find the person whos useing annoying voices

  101. NewYorkCityDJ Cremorne says:

    i am sorry for that i was half sleep…

    the annoying voices can be fix. if i know secondlife working with developers find there ip andress,web blog or there stem and they can remove them. i know if there using some thing diffrent like webcast ,podcast ,camcast they can be locked out for useing it for bad use .the ownly thing u got to do is when annoying voice tabes you. then send your report where you at so the devlopers can watch or see if they do it again with a diffrent annoying voice.
    if not there are ways to find the person whos useing the annoying voices.
    Remeber some of the annoying voices are bugs or spam and sometimes more if u do hear annoying voice watch your computer to see if it acts funny in anyway..

  102. Gil Druart says:

    I was at a live music event the other night .. ruined for me by all the jerks who thought sound file “woots” and “howls” and “woohoos” added to the musical experience. Inlcuding some guy who thought we all desperately wanted to listen to a .wav of his own name over and over again …..

    Points is:

    The ones lacking any sense of restraint are only 10% of the poulation .. but they will pollute *any* channel open to them in a desperate attempt to put themselves centre-stage .. please make sure all spam loopholes in voice are thoroughly plugged .. and please think about a method that doesn’t involve muting each and every victim of verbal diarrhoea individually ..

  103. NewYorkCityDJ Cremorne: Some people just have annoying voices. That’s not a crime. It is sort of like annoying typos, annoying grammar, and erratic spacing before commas. Not a crime.

  104. sirhc DeSantis says:

    @72 the howls are a clan thing – live with it. and voice – will i be able to partition my land to allow/disallow at a granular level. building a club – fine there. building some privacy rooms (by the hour) – can i limit it? keeping my shore so me and my honey can just sit and im every five minutes and listen to the music – in any way possible? if i just have to break up the little piece of heaven i have then i will. and i think the voice gesture contest is a great idea – just wait til only the usual suspects enter

  105. Deira Llanfair says:

    Back on topic – I like voice and I entered some speech gestures in the original competition sponsored by Heretic Linden. I hope I am not expected to enter them all over again!

  106. sirhc DeSantis says:

    oh i do have an on topic question – what is a voice gesture anyway?

  107. Yngwie Krogstad says:

    This may be going off-topic, but I’d like to share some thoughts about voice, both pluses and minuses.

    1) Voice chat is a good thing in certain situations, such as voice meetings in organizations. This doesn’t have to be big groups like IBM, in fact due to some of the technical aspects of voice, in the long run it would be bad for IBM. They’d do better using Skype, or setting up a stream on their land to allow somebody to lecture. But for say business partnerships with four or five partners, it would be pretty good.

    2) Our store attracts people from many countries. It is a fact that not all of them can either type or speak English very well, if at all. In text chat, we can use Babbler. It’s not perfect, but at least it can do some translation work. There is not, and will not be, a Babbler for voice. So this brings up the issue of language. This could be a severe barrier to communication, and that’s part of why I don’t want to use it at our store.

    3) Also when it comes to language, some people are deaf. They will never hear what is being said. Is it fair to them to exclude them because those who can hear insist on using voice? Not even close. Who’s going to transcribe everything being said in voice for those people who are unable to hear it? Another reason not to use it.

    4) On the other hand, if you’re blind? Voice might open up some new possibilities in Second Life. I would think this is such a visual medium, a blind person would have great difficulty here anyway, but if voice could help, that’s cool.

    5) I’ve seen at least one instance, when an instructor chose to present a class in-world run entirely through voice chat. That’s an interesting idea, except for one problem: Many classes have to spread out to give people room to build what they’re working on. If those classes are being run through the voice chat, there’s a great risk some people will be too far away to be able to hear. In these cases, the best way to do this through voice if you do want to talk to your students, is to do it through a Shoutcast stream, or use Skype. Shoutcast would be better because that way you can lecture them and people can hear only you, without voice questions interrupting the flow of the information you’re presenting.

    Those are my thoughts anyway, I hope maybe some of them are useful to somebody.

  108. Deira Llanfair says:

    @72 Off topic – who are the “usual suspects”? Am I one!

  109. Deira Llanfair says:

    Sorry, I was @74 sirhc DeSantis.

    RL eyesight is suffering from too much SL :/

  110. anonymous says:

    @ Sirhc
    An animation that plays when you speak, making your AVies mouth move 😉

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