Where the heck is LiveChat?

From our previous blog postings about the new support system, our Premium and Concierge residents should be expecting a way to have a live text chat with our support staff. However, the links to LiveChat are not present on the front page of the new support system.

When designing our new support system, we found that many residents would contact support without first checking the knowledge base for answers. As part of our support improvement process, it was important to us that answers to basic questions be easily accessible to residents. So, we’ve implemented a much more functional knowledge base system, and hope that everyone will use it to look for answers before contacting support. We have also implemented a ticket submission type for suggesting new knowledge base articles.

To use our Live support channels:

Visit: www.secondlife.com/support and log into the support system.

Premium residents: Click the Solution Finder link and go through all the steps. If you cannot find an answer after searching (Step 3), you will be brought to a page that has links to Billing, Inworld and Outworld Support chat services.

Concierge customers have a link on the bottom of the home page of the support system (after the login page) to a Knowledge Base article that has the Concierge phone number and Live Chat link.

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115 Responses to Where the heck is LiveChat?

  1. Tasrill Sieyes says:

    So in other words it isn’t a bug it’s a feature?

  2. Aromadon Enoch says:

    That’s very nice… now, since you closed comments on the entry about the purchase of Lindens, I’ll just leave my comment here…. many of us CAN NOT purchase Lindens via the website either. Apparently, nothing that was said in recent posts about not paying attention to your customers has sunk in… the website purchase of Lindens is NOT working for a LARGE number of people. It is incredibly annoying that you have AGAIN posted a blog saying that it IS working. Did ANYONE read any of the complaints lodged over the (apparently three day as it is now Tuesday) weekend??

    This is just typical of what so many residents are up in arms about… /sigh

  3. Ann Otoole says:

    personally, regardless of following all the steps, i never once saw a live chat link. this led me to the conclusion LL simply reneged on what was sold as part of premium account holder services.

    There is no link to open a live chat. anywhere.

    whatever you lindens are looking at is not the same version we are looking at and this system of wading through useless knowledge base drivel is garbage.

    i don’t know where you guys found this customer support system but you should get our money back on it.

  4. Elex Dusk says:

    I’m sorry. None of us had any idea that paying customers were such a burden for Linden Lab. If you and your associates at Linden Lab prefer there can be a lot less of us.

  5. BloodDoll Lulu says:

    Nice but where the heck is my lost inventory?

  6. Alexander Regent says:

    I for one would like to say I like the new system.

    A request for help first leads you to self help system and then a live chat session if your question is not answered via self help.

    In all three cases I have used I have found the Lindens to be available and responsive. A great improvement over previous channels.

    Anyone who has read my posts know I’m normally one for throwing stones….but in this case ….well done! keep it up πŸ™‚

    Remember just because a problem is reported does not mean it can be instantly solved….Second Life now is kinda like a space ship that has reach critical velocity and left orbit of mother earth….now the code monkeys are trying to patch the leaks when and where they happen as soon and as well as they can.

    Let’s just hope there’s no explosive decompression before reaching Alpha Centauri πŸ˜›

  7. Montana Corleone says:

    Sorry for a scum bag NPIOF posting on the hob nob blog, but nowhere else to post about support issues is there?

    Smart move closing off the comments on the Cusutomer Support Focus Groups.

    So you want to know how people are using the new Support System?

    Well, let’s see. Since your system borked the passwords, following a password change (that’s the first bork, not the second one), I couldn’t access it for quite a while.

    Once that was fixed, I’ve needed to use it twice. Once it was down, and the other was over the weekend to report an issue, but that was when we were getting Grid Down status pages and stopped us getting to the Support Ticket System.

    So I’m not really using it at all, it’s never worked for me.

  8. SLurl Link says:

    The new support center could use a comprehensive HTML layout.
    At the moment, the home page still looks like a rushed word document pasted onto a web page. It’s somewhat confusing…

  9. Decimo Demina says:

    I’ve *always* used the knowledge base and solution finder before resorting to troubling anyone else with my enquiries. I’ve *never* found an answer to my questions…and *never* received a satisfactory explanation on the few occasions I’ve received a response from the outworld ‘support’.

    Apart from my personal life in SL I am also one of the managers of a very popular business inworld. When our sim is crashing, people are stuck there because tp’s refuse to work, nothing rezzes properly and the place in general is wrecked…can I ever get hold of anyone to help us?


    6 million+ residents…and Customer Support seems to consist of three people to devise the structure (individually of course, otherwise it might be consistent), one old dear to make the tea and clean out the hamster cage…oh…and of course the answerphone that makes you wait for 20 minutes before telling you that there’s noone free to take your call.

  10. Ryder Spearmann says:

    The support system worked ok for me once. I went through the knowledgebase, etc. and went to live chat. I got an operator in a reasonable time. Their info was helpful.

    The next time I went to use it (yesterday) I tried TWO chat requests, in and outworld. I waited for HOURS and did not get an operator!

    Also, people that order lots of land should INSTANTLY be given consierge status… so that they can get help during the land delivery phase (islands). To not do this instantly is foolish.

  11. Lord Leafblower says:

    Well I have had positive experience with the new support portal compared to previous offerings at all customer levels.

    The link is there when you work through the process, and I found that process fairly well guided all-in-all.

    With such a varied audience of awareness/wishes/expectations it is indeed hard to cater to all levels of intuition.

    Some banking support sites are dreadful in comparison to this, and that is a much more urgent need generally.

    Good start Lindens – look forward to the feedback sessions and the outcomes.

  12. Lee Ludd says:

    Visitors to live chat may find that Firefox crashes if you try using it. You may have to use IE to get through.

    I once had the same problem with Dell, so I don’t think this is LL’s fault.

  13. Eon Peterson says:

    My own experience, having used the new system twice now in two days for the same fault, is a positive one. I found the Live Text service on page 3 (or whatever it was), very easy to use, and the ‘operators’ very responsive and helpful. I also submitted a support ticket for the first time and got a quick response to that too.

    So, to my mind, although they are still rolling out improvements to this new system, I found it a great improvement on what we have had.

    One small criticism of the Live Text Chat window, not being a touch typist myself, is that while I’m looking down ‘hunting and picking’ at the keyboard, when I looked up to check what I’d just written before sending it, I was dismayed to see that my own entry had been stopped by the ‘operator’ I was talking to, who had entered a reply which stopped my own typing having any effect. So this made it a slower process because I had to keep retyping what I thought I had already entered. This, fortunately, does not happen in MSN Live Messenger. Maybe this could be addressed in the future as it would speed up the whole operation.

  14. tjwelles says:


    Do you think there will people that can actually answer questions now?
    Like, my whole building is under the sim, when are you going to fix this?

    The problem wasn’t your support system. It wasn’t that people would or could not read your support docs prior to contacting via live support. The problem was that the docs are lame and the content for newcomers. The problem was that the support staff could not or refused to answer any questions or had no knowledge to do so.

    The same exact situations remain in SL. No answers for them nor are any support people in a position to give any information out about them.

    Changing support systems doesn’t reduce lack of knowledge or the willingness to actually FIX the issues. Which at any rate, has not been

  15. Honey Bender says:

    I agree with Aromadon Enoch – the fact that you close a subject on a problem that is surely not fixed shows a kind of arrogance that no company can afford. Purchasing lindens from the webpage DOES NOT WORK. Please look into this right away – it is upsetting a large numer of people. THIS IS PARAMOUNT!!!!

  16. Har Fairweather says:

    I have really wanted to use the Knowledge Base to answer my questions. Only problem is, every time I go there, I find it virtually useless and a serious waste of time.

    Please rethink your customer support. Granted, there are a lot of assholes around who should be given short shrift, but when you give what amounts to a runaround to people acting in good faith who really want you to succeed, you are only exhibiting suicidal tendencies. And this is from someone who REALLY WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED! PLEASE LISTEN!!!

  17. Tristan Eliot says:

    Not sure about other residents issues, but I have used the support portal twice and submitted email support tickets to report issues. First one was a mega prim encroaching on my parcel and another was to report my home sim being down, both were taken care of within 10 minutes.

    I was skepticle about not being able to use live chat to report these problems, but the Linden’s new system worked and was reasonably efficient. I hope it stays that way when I have future incidents.

  18. Ann Otoole says:

    The support ticket portion of the support system does work well.

    Forcing knowledgeable users to go through a series of hoops resulting in the necessary entry of a bogus string to search on to get to the 4th level degrades any potential for Continuous Quality Improvement. This is because now everyone will simply bypass the 3 pages and get to the live chat by entering a bogus search term. thus you did not succeed in deflecting chat requests. All you managed to do was give users an extra series of steps to get to what they want. Think about it. And then inform whoever sold you on that methodology to get you to buy this support system they are clueless.

    SL is full of really smart people. The user interface is not usable by people with a low capacity to learn. Stop treating really smart people like idiots. There is no easy solution so stop trying to avoid it.

  19. Misterbear Fapp says:

    This is all so funny and to the moment. I just finished a Live Chat session and I’m pretty sure I WAS TALKING WITH A COMPUTER!

    First, I got a billing failure email which gave me the lamest double check ideas and then referred me to an email address for support which doesn’t work anymore. I’m especially impressed with the happy, smiley threat to suspend my account in 7 days because SL can’t get their money.

    Second, I get the email from billing which says the billing email is crap and sends me to the support portal.

    Third, I use the support portal knowledge base, also crap, and find nothing about billing failure. Next comes the amazing Live Chat!

    Fourth, Live Chat is initiated. It’s the fastest initial response I’ve ever seen! The answers are surprisingly circular and non-specific. It takes longer and longer for the computer to search for answers to general issues because the keywords aren’t specific enough. I’m surprised it guessed as well as it did. A human would have responded immediately.

    The Pelle bot introduces itself.

    Misterbear_Fapp: Hello Pelle. I just received a billing failure email.
    Misterbear_Fapp: Of course it referred me to an email address which is no longer supported.
    Pelle: hold on…thanks. checking account
    Misterbear_Fapp: Nothing in my account has changed and there are more than sufficient funds. How should we continue if SL second billing attempt fails tonight?
    Pelle: what was the error message?
    Misterbear_Fapp: The email only stated that it was unable to access funds in my account.
    Pelle: There is an issue with your billing address
    Misterbear_Fapp: Nothing has ever changed. All account settings are the same since day one.
    Pelle: I am going to send an email to your comcast email address…
    Pelle: It has to do with the amount/type of purchase
    Pelle: and sometimes paypal will have a bug and if you follow some simple steps, it’ll clear up
    Misterbear_Fapp: You may want to advise the SL people to change their email notification. It’s still referring customers to billing@secondlife.com
    Pelle: So sorry! That address has been erased. We have a new support portal. Log into secondlife.com and hit the support tab. You will then be submitting a ticket.
    Pelle: Thanks Misterbear. We’re happy to help again if it doesn’t work.

    Duh! I got to the support tab through their idiotic email and unknowledgeable base. And the email I received was all the same garbage they sent in the first bogus email! And what does my billing address and amount/type of purchase have to do with anything? It’s an unlimited business account.

    You know, sometimes you can’t even give SL money because something is broken. Now, they can’t take it from me. Then, Live Chat is really with a dumb Smart Bot. I think SL might be related to the dummies who run Palm.

  20. Joel says:

    Yay for me! I just uninstalled SL and closed my account. When it comes down to it people, the money you pay on here regardless will not be going with you. They day that SL stops “putting out” or you leave (which ever comes first), you’ll realize that you can’t take anything of tangible worth with you, unless you meet and keep RL friends through it. Anyway, toodles. RL, here I come!


  21. Ann Otoole says:

    The support ticket portion of the support system does work well.

    Forcing knowledgeable users to go through a series of hoops resulting in the necessary entry of a bogus string to search on to get to the 4th level degrades any potential for Continuous Quality Improvement.

    This is because now everyone will simply bypass the 3 pages and get to the live chat by entering a bogus search term. thus you did not succeed in deflecting chat requests. All you managed to do was give users an extra series of steps to get to what they want. Think about it. And then inform whoever sold you on that methodology to get you to buy this support system they have some things to learn.

    SL was built by really smart people. Thus SL is full of really smart people. The user interface is not usable by people with a low capacity to learn. Stop treating really smart people like they are not. There is no easy solution so stop trying to avoid it.

  22. Raudf Fox says:

    So far, I’ve not had to use the actual support system, but I have tried using the knowledge base in the support portal. I am still not exactly happy with the way it’s laid out and that I have to jump through hoops to get a live chat.

    First off, the knowledge base is woefully outdated in many of it’s articles. It’s also hit or miss on finding what you want to look at. I found the forums far more useful in looking up things for texturing and building.. and everyone knows it’s search is very limited.

    I have other issues, but if I can be in on the support portal focus group, I’ll try to mention them or at least pass on a notecard with the issues on it.

  23. kristiancee says:

    I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you guys just get out of the platform business? It seems like you only want to do the fun stuff (whee! new shiny!) and not the hard work — that is, supporting your paying customers.

  24. Chance Unknown says:

    So basically, you the hiding of that link is pre-planed. Nice work. I would suggest that instead of actually trying to force people to go on an Easter Egg hunt for support–just get rid of it. You know, an action like that could actually reflect on the bottom line of profit and dividends being payed out to the investors.

  25. Qie says:

    The Knowledge Base *is* — and perhaps *should be* — almost always useless for residents who’ve been in-world for, oh, say, a month. The thing is, there’s a wealth of knowledge about SL in document form, but scattered all over, unsearchable as a whole. The forums, the architecture notes in the opensource wiki, the LSL wiki, the jira, this blog, …–all have answers that could avert a Live Chat ticket from a more experienced resident, *if* there were a coherent way to search the whole body of corporate knowledge. It’s fine with me if the Knowledge Base and Solution Finder precede access to Live Chat (although navigation is pretty unintuitive), but it may be worth considering if effort spent on expanding those sources could be better invested in a mechanism for searching other sources of already existing text.

    Oh, for what it’s worth: I got quite satisfactory response to the one ticket I submitted (about a mainland sim needing a restart). If ticket-creators were given satisfaction surveys, LL might be pleasantly surprised at the results, and would anyway have a measurement with which to manage. It might even be something to track in each month’s SecondOpinion.

  26. Bobo Decosta says:

    Well can someone please tell me how i can purchase lindens? Stop saying you gonna improve customer support or point us at features that still don’t answer the big one question people have been asking already for over 4 days. How do we purchase lindens?

    You even don’t acknowledge the fact that lots of can not pruchase lindens because of some bug? So people go nuts reading again a blog saying it’s fixed when it’s not and after that a post saying that some of us don’t contact livechat how it’s intend to, well inform us as you are intend to.

    Ive been very patient with sl, but it keeps getting worse everyday. After logging in for 10 min i just shut SL down, don’t know if i will open it again today, but as nothing seems to work still i don’t even know what i even could do on sl.

  27. jefferey Heart says:

    After tying to use the NEW Support system to contact a LINDEN to come and take care of a GREY GOO attack the other night. I would have to say we are NOW officially getting LESS for our MONEY as premium players. We NO LONGER have access to LIVE assistance on the GRID when we come under attack. Time to go back to the drawing board LL. What your providing here isn’t SUPPORT. Your taking away SUPPORT and in turn that’s TURNING more and more people away from Secondlife.

    What more needs to be done to Help you understand you NEED to listen to your customers and be AVAILABLE to assist them in the MANNER they want and feel comfortable with?

  28. Quiet Sinatra says:

    Realtime support window open for 50 minutes ….

    Connecting: Please wait…..

    In case of death can my next of kin continue to wait?

  29. Selkit Diller says:

    The new support system is frankly… inadequate. The sim Balance on the mainland (Essentially the vehicle sandboxes rezzing hub) has been set no scripts for days, and as a result, is useless. Attempts to notify someone who can fix this have failed, And as a note to you Lindens, here’s how to actually stop a gray goo attack from travelling through a sim (Like why the sim was originally set no scripts): Disable collisions, return all scripted belonging to (offending user). Oh, the things you learn while moderating a privately owned public sandbox… but users can’t possibly know anything about running this world effectively, can they?

  30. Reality says:

    Want to buy lindens? find a place like Second Life Exchange or another third party site to do so at or just wait for them to fix the problem. Sorry folks, Linden Lab cannot perform magic – there is no pixie dust they can use to get instant results.

  31. Revel Rau says:

    Every time I try to go through the required Solution Finder link I am told I need to get a new password. So I tried changing my password (again), but I get the same message. Can’t get to the chat!

  32. Jamie David says:

    It seems not to be working. I am a Concierge entitled user. I have issue with credit card not being charged or charges not going through. Tried Chat with in the hours and it told me that the hours were wrong. But it was 1pm ish PST.

    Tried calling billing and after 1 hang up, 1 10 min wait and 1 hang up I then chose to try and call Concierge but that was friutless.

    Sorry I would like to say it was all working but it doesn’t. And on the off chance a linden who cares reads this could you please see why your system is not charging my card for 2 sims. It did last month and month before that for he past year. There is money in the account..

    Oh and an Email warning me would have been nice.

  33. Bobo Decosta says:

    “Want to buy lindens? find a place like Second Life Exchange or another third party site to do so at or just wait for them to fix the problem. Sorry folks, Linden Lab cannot perform magic – there is no pixie dust they can use to get instant results.”

    Well if they don’t have pixie dust why do they say they do. That’s the point of the issue! We are waiting and the only thing LL can say is that there is no problem. It aint qiet pixie dust but i call that dust!

  34. Jamie David says:

    Should have also added.
    Yes I did file a Support ticket first. No response as of yet.
    The time I tried to use Chat was 1pm on Tuesday so in the hours and days stated. Just tried now, 4pm Tuesday
    “Sorry, no operators are currently available.

    Live Help Hours:
    Monday – Friday 9AM-6PM PST

    Contact Us: ”

    So no answer from Support System, Chat, Phone to Billing x3 or to Concierge. 😦

  35. Reality says:

    Bobo – I am about to be rather blunt here, m’kay?

    complaining here doesn’t get anything at all done. Complaining elsewhere gets nothing done – case in point, Project Open Letter has gone ignored. about the only complaint options left are protests (not very effective at all) and simply pulling out of Second Life.

    I’m not very happy with the state of affairs either – However I’m not of the mind nor belief that complaints like the ones posted to a blog comment section do anything whatsoever. In fact that may well be the reason they close so many entries to comments.

    You may not have many ways to complain left but you will always have one of the most potent ones: Pulling the plug. That got attention in a great many issues.

  36. Neural says:

    The Knowledge Base is a firewall that protects customer service from the customers.
    I wonder what percentage of people who go to the knowledge base first simply give up and never continue to press their issue.

  37. Bobo Decosta says:

    Complaining here let’s the whole world see that it’s not like the lindens tell them.
    Pulling the plug? They are pulling the plug themselves. People that write about second life read this blogs so they are still the perfect spot to cry out your complaints. All the lindens want is good publicity so I’m sorry i will have to. Did you know at this moment people are evicted from there houses because the can’t pay the rent because of this lindex issue? And you tell me the that pulling the plug will deal wit the issues? Some people’s plug got pulled by second life so i think they don’t really care about people pulling the plug. Makes less people wine I suppose.

  38. Minnie Trottier says:

    Well I have to say so far no major difficulties. I have used the Knowledge base and found my answers fairly easily. We are buying an island from somebody and I had no trouble findng the submit ticket page and getting the request through to buy the island.
    Also, in the year and half I’ve been playing this game (under 2 avs) I’ve never had any reason to call LL physically. I have always been able to find my answers and have never had trouble getting a response.
    I am a premium member and will continue to be one! I am really enjoying my experience in SL. Good job LL and good luck with all the new improvements!!

  39. Lahar Broadway says:

    Reality: You are absolutely correct. I am pulling the plug. All of my renters have gotten notice that I am closing my shopping centers on the 30th, My airport is up for sale, and I am about to close a deal to get rid of my islands.

    They have had their chance. There is no place for me to even fill out a “How Are We Doing?” questionaire, much less ever get a linden to listen to me, so my only alternative is to dump everything and hope that the missing USD2,200 a month gets noticed in their bottom line along with whoever else gets to the point I have.

    The primary reason I am taking this route is because I wholeheartedly believe that customers need to be valued, appreciated, and supported. Unfortunately, I AM THE ONE THAT ENDS UP DOING THAT. I spend more time fixing Linden-caused problems for my customers than I do creating new products. Since I am unable to give my customers the support that they deserve, I am closing the doors.

    See you all in the next metaverse, hopefully run by a competent organization.

    Best Regards to All,

  40. Could you possibly teach the other Lindens how to enable comments?
    Leaving them disabled does not add to your customers experience and forces them to post bad comments on posts that are not related. It does not make the problems disappear.

    If you enable comments you can then see the problems your customers are having and maybe… even try to help them. Much better on the PR front.

    Thanks for reading this

  41. Reality says:

    Bobo, again I will be blunt and quite frankly my doing so in this may get this post removed or worse.

    Complaints here or anywhere else that are made by residents are useless – period. Unless you want to go to some news agency and try to give them a story you are not going to get a reaction.

    Homes? In Second Life? Please do not make me laugh ok? That is not ‘pulling the plug’. Pulling the plug is this: Cash out what Lindens you have – if you can, if not too bad – and leave Second Life to greener pastures.

    All you are doing right now is eating up space and showing the Lindens that they are right in closing off comments. No one is ever satisfied with anything, no one seems to have any patience anymore. This has become a world where everyone seems to think the Lab needs to drop everything they are doing and assign every programmer they have to fix a program and system that was NOT designed for this kind of use!

    Well guess what? They are under no such obligation, nor are you under any obligation to keep using Second Life. Jesus Christ the complaints that get left here …. To snag something from an old poster: If this had been my company I’d have pulled the plug on the entire operation already and invited everyone to try and do better!

    Cut them some slack and get back to whatever it is you do in Second Life people! I am certain there are some far more pressing matters in your lives than having to make a payment on a house that exists only as data in a world that deos not exist outside of the computer screen.

  42. Tony says:

    People who go directly to chat instead of using the knowledge base are highly unlikely to go through the steps you suggest in order to get to chat.

    You guys really need to hire some Customer Service professionals, you’re too technical minded, many users do not enjoy wading through knowledge base articles, they simply won’t do it.

    If you’re offering live chat, then offer it, don’t hide it, don’t put up walls via the knowledge base. If you can’t cope with the amount of people wanting live chat, then don’t offer live chat. Offer a different solution.

  43. Bobo Decosta says:

    Well no there is actually nothing else to at sl that’s the whole point. Nothing works so can i please raise my voice for the 300 USD i pay a month i think you might give me some slack.

    Some people need to pay people like me? People aren’t spending because of this lindex problem but staff needs to get payed, should i say “go to my money tree?” Wich I will need to shut down anyway now. So going inworld means just the same as having to explain to people that the blogpost from the lindens ain’t correct so if you wanna help me out by being my customer support please im me πŸ™‚

  44. Dirk Felix says:

    #2 Aromadon Enoc

    Whats worse is some of us have been charged and never recieved te lindens we purchased. In RL I would cancel the payment and if I do this here, I loose my account and my sim.

  45. like_ummm says:

    Any support system for Second Life is going to fail – as long as the product it is supporting is so broken.

    How do you provide customer support for a product that is broken? simple – you fix it.

    I dont know why LL would even bother. They’re putting themselves in an impossible situation. I think that this explains their lacklutre approach to customer support – how could you be at all enthusiastic about providing support for such a broken product.

  46. Liz Link says:

    #15 Joel
    #32 Lahar
    After finding filth prims all over my place last night that were so disgusting, I decided it isn’t worth it to come in as much-you never know what you’ll find.
    I have no build and no object entry set and this junk somehow keeps coming on-I spent an hour getting rid of it.
    And what is the point of posting blog topics if comments won’t be alowwed?

  47. Cocoanut Koala says:

    There doesn’t seem to be a more appropriate blog entry open for comments, so I will just put this here, since this is the most recent blog entry that allows comments:

    LINDENS PLEASE NOTE – Many of your residents CANNOT BUY MONEY.

    If they can’t buy Lindens, they can’t buy our stuff! They can’t buy Lindens from you, and I know you make a pretty penny from that!

    LINDENS PLEASE NOTE ALSO – Many of your residents can’t reliably or easily pay their TIER!

    This is because the payment things are all messed up!

    When your customers can’t give you money, that is an emergency of the highest order!!


    Please fix the billing and Linden-selling mechanisms so that they work properly and reliably.


  48. Liz Link says:

    Looking forward to going in world when i get home tonight as I just got a message from my neighbor about more self replicating objects-can’t wait to see it yay!
    Maybe I’ll try a live chat then?

  49. Pie Psaltery says:

    This is one of the most amusing blog posts I’ve read in a long time… Thanks for the laugh Fritz.

    My favorite part is: “As part of our support improvement process, it was important to us that answers to basic questions be easily accessible to residents.”

    That had me rollin on the floor. “support improvement process”… honestly I looked at the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

  50. I’ve used Live Chat 2 times so far – and it isn’t intuitive to find. Better breadcrumbs in the navigation would be helpful… and while I do appreciate the support interface is evolving – the frameset is pretty lame.

    Suggest AJAX.

  51. Yeah I am having trouble purchasing lindens as well from the web site as well as in world, and since I downgraded my account to basic there is no way I can open up any kind of support ticket, I have been purchasing lindens from other providers.

  52. Chris says:

    first, i admit i didn’t read most of the rest of the thread, sorry.

    but this type of policy is quite disappointing. This is the same thinking that makes banks etc have long horrible automated phone systems that never let you talk to a real person.
    Sure in any support system you will get some people that don’t RTFM- the solution to this is to make it easier to find help on your own, NOT harder to get a human on the line.

    If someone doesn’t bother to go through the FAQ or knowledge base then they won’t ever find the support link and they will go unsupported, which will make them annoyed/angry. And i believe it to be a simple concept that it is always a better business decision to spend more on support than to let angry customers float around.

    I’ve suggested before that a good solution would be to make it easy to get resident help, ie “CONTACT INWORLD HELP” vs “CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT”. Then recruit a group of residents to deal with the inworld help, screen them a bit and set up the system so people are advised that their question may go to a resident not a linden so don’t put passwords or account info. Then make it easy for either the customer or the resi who helps them to escalate their issue to a linden.

    Just my two cents though.

  53. dragon steele says:

    I like the new system as well i t helped a lot.

  54. Wulfe Bain says:

    OK, off topic but I too could not buy Lindens via LindeX either in game or by the web page. With nothing to lose I decided to take the “risk” and update my payment info.
    After 10 minutes I checked to see that it had been updated and tried to purchase some $L again by the web page and this time it worked.
    So anyone else having similar probs you may wish to try doing this if you already havent.
    Back to topic – The way LL is isolating themselves within their ivory towers behind complicated and frustrating support systems that are designed to stonewall and discourage people from receiving real assistance it nothing short of disgusting. Perhaps for LL’s sake they will one day realise as many large companies are starting to do so that they will attract and retain more loyal customers and have less complaints by offering real customer support even if it means having to pay that little extra.

  55. Anylyn Hax says:

    I must admit I was allwais angry with the secondlife suport people, but the ticket system seem to work. I got real good answers in a resonable time limit.
    Eaven when I overreacted and got personal they found a resonable way to answer me. They pass taskes from one to onather to reduce teyr own amount of work, but thats human.

    The support is miserable BUT ITS GETTING BETTER !!!
    So please lets give them a chanse to make it right.

    As bad as this system works its a management problem. But the poor suport people give theyr best. The Management is the main problem so lets focus on it.

  56. Broccoli Curry says:

    The problem with ‘hiding’ the live chat is that sometimes, you know that’s what you need.

    Case in point. Recently we suffered the “ghost prims” in Rosieri, and have needed a sim restart.

    Twice, we went through the “proper way” and submitted a support ticket. After four days, it hadn’t even been looked at by anyone. All this time, a large portion of our land was unuseable because of this.

    So instead we go on to live chat, skip through the silly questions, and on the second attempt actually get a live chatter.

    “Sorry bout that… hang on a second” is the response… up in the corner of my SL screen comes the “This region is restarting” message, I scoot over the border to Gunda, down goes the region, up it comes, problem solved.

    Considering that Second Life itself does not fit into any particular “selection of boxes” for gameplay style and activities to partake that are the same every time (think of Thottbot for World of Warcraft) what makes you think the support portal can work that way?

    Granted, there are times when it’s a regular issue that a user can fix on their own (akin to the famous “clear cache and reboot” response) but it’s frustrating to have to jump through hoops to get to live help when, as an experienced user, you really do know that you won’t find the solution anywhere else.


  57. Rob Bennett says:

    I nearlylost my house and land becourse of not been able to buy inworld currency from lindex and going to the website as stated in the blog only to find that didn`t work ether.I had to ask the people at the land next to me if I could have some lindens to pay my over due tiers in which they helped me and I was thankful.I could not use paypal as I had problems with them also in the past.

  58. Dirk Felix says:

    Gee looks like you got a real Information Architect or a Human Factors guru. Given that LL customer service is seen as something of an after thought you might want to think about bringing it up front.

    Customer service costs money and so does loosing some of the people that have allowed, ( yes, allowed), Second Life to have the success it has. Churn is also a bad thing.

  59. Kittie Munro says:

    That’s confusing, you want to offer customer service, but you don’t want people to talk to the customer service employees, so you make a secret encoded method by which to contact the customer service employees and disguise it as “The Knowledge Base”. (Knowledge Base works much like the mind of Piccaso by the way)
    Either you do, or you don’t offer personal 121 service. Please just be clear and honest about what it is you are offering. That would be a good first step toward customer service by the way.

  60. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    I don’t think the live chat was hard to find at all. But I do agree it’s a bit frustrating.

    Personally, I’m not stupid. I only EVER use live chat for things which are not in the knowledgebase. Mostly including sim restarts thus far.

  61. Broken Xeno says:

    I like the hand-holding that they put us through. It’s ironic that everyone spends such a huge amount of time stressing over this age verification thing, making sure we’re all adults, yet consistently being treated like nothing more than the children they don’t want in the maingrid.

    That’s irony.

  62. william Fish says:

    “we found that many residents would contact support without first checking the knowledge base for answers. As part of our support improvement process, it was important to us that answers to basic questions be easily accessible to residents. So, we’ve implemented a much more functional knowledge base system, and hope that everyone will use it to look for answers before contacting support. We have also implemented a ticket submission type for suggesting new knowledge base articles.”

    soooo… if my mainland region i own is sick, with low physics fps and high total frame time, im suppose to look through the nonfunctional knowledge base system BEFORE i try to find the nonworking non exsisting Concierge chat link? PLEASE! Oh and if im a yearly paid member and my lindens are not working im suppose to look through the knowledge base system to find what?….. PLEASE.

    REAL questions that need REAL help right now is what LL NEEDS to provide instead of pawning your CS your suppose to support and provide onto a measily silly to navigate webpage. PLEASE.

    Lindens you can find REAL customer service 101 classes at any college. If you wish, i’ll do the research for you. PLEASE take the class and hopefully LL will get an A!

  63. Decimo Demina says:

    Heeehee…I hereby offer myself up as Customer Support Consultant to Linden Labs…I’m fully qualified with 15 years in the business.


    Go on…it’s not like I could do worse is it?!

  64. Wendy Forager says:

    Good question, where the hack is the option to have contact with your inworld friends via SL site. I like to see that as upcoming improvement or update on your site. And I think you will make a lot of ppl happy with that option so they can keep contact with each other when they can’t use SL for some reason.

  65. UM says:

    Live chat? where is this? I cant find it

  66. Knowl Paine says:

    Help should be the same for all residents. I am a premium member and my questions are just as valid as the next persons.

    I have used the Knowledge base and it was not lnog before i also realized it was to general. I feel I am still a neewbie and i know more than the Knowledge base.

    It has been helpful it is not a total disaster.

    One problem is people will recommend you search it even before they have heard your question.

    I purchased Lindens off-line at the my account page.
    I did have to delete and re-enter my card info.

  67. Chris aka. sploosh ribble says:

    so thats why i could get a hold of you guys so i could change my pass word…. doesn’t it mean like in 3 months my account would be deleted even though i couldn’t fix it?

  68. Tillie Ariantho says:

    I find it a bit sad that I am not treated as a ‘concierge customer’. I have a whole island, and am paying as much as any other island owner, only I got it from ACS, not from Linden directly.

    I have to handle everything via ACS. I wonder why that is. HAVE I bought the island, DO I own the island, or do I not?

  69. Juliet Ceres says:

    So frustrating…

  70. ninjafoo Ng says:

    Well, as I am PAYING for live chat support, I expect to be able to find it quickly and easily. not have to waste time digging through a knowledge base (whos only purpose is to hide real support from the people who need it).

  71. Fenleab says:

    Money makes the world go round -.- so sad

  72. Kristopher Handrick says:

    @61 exactly
    I honestly don’t think its a problem customer support as it trying to find them. Once you do find them how fustrating it can be to actually get one of them. I personally have never seen the Live Chat… But if the Lindens say so, I’m guessing its there. Although it should be hard to find them if I need them! Regardless of my question and regardless if the answer is already posted. Its called “customer service” and while a answer may be posted… …It could be that I simply don’t understand it.
    Also, I haven’t been able to buy Lindens either *sigh* and have been going through slexchange. Althought their limits are a little off… …can still get ’em!
    Lastly, @ Lindens… …Have you ever called a company… Sat on hold for 20 minutes only to get some voice thingy saying “all our reps are busy, pls call back in 30 minutes” – mmmmm the words “sod off” come to mind. I’ve tried calling your billing department 3 times and this happen all 3 times. Not very cool and would sooner wait 45 minutes to talk to someone then sit on hold for 30 and get told to sod off and call back.
    But all and all… its going to be a very bumpy road before the offices get their stuff together on customer service.
    Now if we could stop suggesting that we are leaving as a result *you know who you are and you know your not going anywhere* could stop……………….These blogs would be much more short.

  73. pendragon says:

    one advise for people trying to buy lindens via ebay because other ways dont work. be warned…if you buy from a fraud you not only dont get your money…lindens will even charge you with a penalty of the same amount. means if you buy 60k you wont get it and in addition you will be charged for 60k too. you even will be in the negative zone.

    even if its stated in the terms of service you just cant put all problems in there to be sure to be not sued. in short it means lindens can take all away from you…anytime…without any explanation of their side.

    never seen anything more silly in the terms of lawful.

    next time you will put in we can kill you without any reason and cannot be brought to court for it?

    US law is just silly if it comes to rights of customers.

  74. Alexandra Rucker says:

    When designing our new support system, we found that many residents would contact support without first checking the knowledge base for answers.

    You want us to look in the knowledge base?


    It’s that simple.

  75. Stag do krakow says:

    Ha ! Ther’e was a movie that has the same situation, but unfortunatly i don;t remember the name…

  76. Jennifer-Fox says:

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  78. Bobbyb30 Zohari says:

    What the heck is going on at Linden Lab?!

    I guess you have to hide support after you break everything.~.^

  79. Camille Babeli says:

    Cheer up guys! It only took me about a month to clear up a simple billing problem. And that was after submitting a ticket which was a total waste of time (the reply didn’t come any where near answering my questions but did direct me back to the maze we know as SUPPORT). I did make a few phone calls to SL, another waste of time. I finally reopened my ticket and put my nasty hat on and got results. SL BILLED ME THE CORRECT AMOUNT! Yay! OK now, I can pay my bill the correct amount! Ummmm, not so fast, my credit card info is screwed up (the same credit card I have used since I joined SL over a year ago.) I haven’t updated that info yet, I imagine the credit card info will work just fine when SL wants my money.

    A friend told me to contact the sales dept. if I wanted to talk to a real person. Imagine that!

  80. Livinda Goodliffe says:

    You know…the Live Chat could be designed better. For one thing, no matter what time of day it is, all I get is:


    Connecting to Server…
    Finding an Operator…
    Initiating Chat…

    The chat screen at the bottome is rediculously small. And when I do type something in it, I get no answer. Seems no one is manning the chat lines.

  81. Bobbyb30 Zohari says:

    @66 No one is manning anything lately =(

  82. SharpKnife Beaumont says:

    I have used support quit a few times last two weeks, and i must say
    Very friendly and helpfull folks!.
    And lets face it you cant support every resident, support cost money to. But what they could do is let more residents take care of matters.
    And yes actually they are working and thinking about that.

    So thumbs up for the concierge team!, Hope soon aivalable in the weekends to.


  83. Slate McLeod says:

    Will someone PLEASE help me? I have had a support ticket open for 3 months now since the new system was put in place and it has been marked as “work in progress” ever since! Prior to the new system I was talking to a helpful member of staff via e-mail and thought it was getting resolved. Then he told me he could no longer assist because of the new support policy and I would have to log a ticket. Three months! But I’ve had the problem for at least 5 months! Can’t get through to the support numbers because I’m in the UK. It must be a relativly simple problem to fix..it’s only a login issue. Please will someone take a look at this for me? I have just logged yet another ticket hoping someone will notice the first one which has obviously been lost in the ether. Marking it as “work in progress” appears to be just an excuse to do nothing. I am a premium member and am so frustrated – I just don’t know what else to do anymore. And YES I have been through the support pages a dozen times. I need to talk with a human being (!) even if it’s just by e-mail.

  84. Kelly Green says:

    A little hint on the linden problem people something you might try as it has help a friend. delete your payment info then re-submit it. I had switched methods and found I could buy them ok so I suggested he did that. This seems to have fixed it for him

  85. Nevaeh says:

    ok so you dont have live chat no more i havent been able to get on SL for 2 weeks now i sent a ticket and they say work is in progress i know about 5 more people who have had to change there name and start all over and i do not want to do that i dont have enough money to start all over i have to many thing to be doing this and the work in progress has been up for 2 weeks and has not changed please fix this.. am i the only one this has happend to?

  86. Xor Jun says:

    It has been OVER THREE DAYS without any response to my billing ticket about my credit card not working, and I am a premium account holder! When the frack are you going to respond to the ticket, or do you not want me to pay my tier? This is a warning to people thinking about becoming premium users: the ticket system DOES NOT WORK, all of this is B.S. as the new support system is COMPLETELY USELESS!

  87. Ludo Merit says:

    The biggest problem with the new support is that no one knows how to use it. The second biggest problem is that it is not completely set up yet and integrated with a volunteer support system in world. The Lindens are working on that.
    We need classes in world soonest on how to use the support system, and I don’t have time to write them. You people who read to the bottom of the comments might include teachers who have that time. You knowledgable people in live help – some of you are teachers. How’s about helping the Lindens out in this way?

  88. ari blackthorne says:


    Hey – Lindenonians – ignore the whiners! Just because some people actually pay money to LL, doesn’t mean they are not rocks-with-lips.

    I’ve used the support portal – love it. It works. Only complaint is that many of the knowledgebase articles need to be updated a bit – please try to work faster on this.

    @15 and other ‘I’m gonna leave’ types: goodby! See ya! One down, 5.9 million to go. Thanks for leaving, you make SL a better place for doing so. Oh – then again, you don’t use your in-world name, so we won’t be able to search you and see that you’re still in world, dealing with it? Paper tiger, man. LOL

    Keep kicking butt Lindenonians! I’m patient, I know you know about the glitches and all that. And if all the whiners who claim to be willing to leave would just put their money where their mouth is, SL and this blog would be a better place. Then, you might even open comments again (can’t blame you for closing them).

    Rock on!

  89. Jamie David says:

    Should be “Who can reach Chat or Support”
    Well after 24 hours I actually got a person on the chat system for 5 minutes until I was terminated. Spike Linden.

    According to him their billing provider will hold a card if it has tried to take funds from the account and was uncessesful. They will not warn you or indicate this in any shape or form. Solution to this is resubmit your card.

    As to the money that was deducted from my card I will need the bill to send in to get the money back.

    I was also to contact the bank/CreditCard company and see why they would put a payment to LindenLabs on hold. The guy from my bank most likely trying to save me from a messed up billing service. It was Bank/VISA recomendation after last billing disaster that I have a dedicated savings account and CreditCard just for LindenLabs.

    The ticket I submitted 24 hours ago which no one has looked at he said that he would forward to billing even though it was directed at them. I am upset as I have wasted time over this but not a sorry was comming but what I did get was cut off and terminated and sent back to

    “Sorry, no operators are currently available.

    Live Help Hours:
    Monday – Friday 9AM-6PM PST

    Contact Us:”

    No appology or thank you for your efforts. No, is there anything else? or even the “have a nice day” Just boom gone. GREAT customer treatement!!

    So while writing this I call the bank and get a human in 30seconds. 9pm at night and they answer the phone politely check that I am who I am and offer assistance. Yes SecondLife did bill your account on the 13th of this month and yes the money has been paid out. No there is no hold on money being transfered to SecondLife by VISA.

    The Bank answered questions and even got a conference call with VISA representative going to ensure that they funds had gone through. I was asked at least 3 times was there anything else they could do for me. Service, so they get my business.

    Anyone want to buy two sims and save me these headaches? How long before I get my 400 back? Where is the Service, support? Where are the operators?

  90. Tracy Welles says:

    I posted above and my post was removed or not allowed to exist. When legitimate SL users post, please leave their conversations in tact please.

    The question was:

    1) Will you answer questions now? Like why is my whole building under the sim and when are you going to fix these issues?

    2) Why is it taking two months to restore all of my default textures in the database?

    You continued to push a lame resource at people who know how to work second life. Then when having half the linden staff on the islands, nothing was done. You came, that was appreciated, but nothing was fixed.
    Your concierge person I spoke with had absolutely no idea of what he
    was talking about, doesn’t understand the unix permission system, and
    refused to believe anything other than his own words.

    The problem isn’t the support procedure, the problem is there are no qualified support specialists that can answer questions and see to it that the issues are fixed.

    A single question about where my default textures went when they were lost from the database took a month to resolve after several inquiries. Purchase islands, have no textures. The issue wasn’t that we didn’t know where the F1 key whatsoever. The problem is that the documentation is for newcomers and not well put together at that.

    Staff overhaul is needed with qualified individuals on the other end.

  91. Bobo Decosta says:

    Finally spoke to a linden named spike that seems to have customer support experience. I don’t feel angry anymore. Hope my problem will get fixed in the timeframe he suggested. If so. I will be a happy customer. Now it will be up to the linden executives to win my trust back in their technology.

  92. @ Tillie Ariantho

    When you have land through ACS you don’t really own it, it is really never yours, even though your paying tier and it’s like you own it, if ACS was to ever go away you would more then likely lose your land.

    Do you have a premium account? , If you do you can get support for your account but not for ACS land.

  93. Kymber says:

    This is funny. I reset my password and then couldn’t log in. The “password change confirmation” that was emailed to me, referenced an inoperable support phone number. I was able to log into the support system… using BOTH my old and new passwords (some SECURITY that provides). I hunted for links to Live Chat, without success. I finally called LL, sat on hold nearly 20 min, then was “walked through” the process of locating Live Chat (which entailed going down several paths unrelated to my question… designed only to reach an endpoint where LL’s support system could finally acknowledge no answer was to be found). The support guy acknowledged he’s helped many people meander the system to reach this dead end and FINALLY connect with Live Chat. I asked him, didn’t he find it ironic that he was answering PHONE calls of people that didn’t WANT to use the phone system but preferred to CHAT? Didn’t he find it a waste of his TIME to do “phone assists” for questions that could be handled on LIVE CHAT–if ONE could only REACH this service? Bottom line, he told me that too many people use Live Chat as a first step… that this cumbersome process acts to DETER easy access. Nice! Deterring paid customers from accessing resources! Wanna hear more fun? If you change your password… good luck getting into the BETA grid. Unless it’s been updated to mirror the main grid… you’re locked out. NICE! How about y’all mention that then next time you send out a reminder for users to change their passwords. Huh? Last time the BETA was mirrored, was June 3rd. Nice! I still can’t get in. Add that to the list of: bogus support phone numbers on automated emails, dual passwords retained by the support system, long telephone queues, ridiculous maze for accessing Live Chat. Now THAT’s Customer Service!

  94. Tristus Patton says:

    I dont like the idea of the new system… How you have it your saying that paid members of SL are more important then none paid members.. Even though none paying members, like myself, put more money into SL then a lot of paid members.. Its not fair that I cant talk to someone live in game when I need help.. not that Ive ever really gotten good help in game anyways. I think if your going to remove an ingame help system from members of SL, you should remove it from everyone. Everyone should be given the same amount of help no matter how much they put into SL.

    And like others have said before, I myself has always tried to find the answer on my own before contacting help after not being able to find it. This just shows that SL has gotten to big to fast and cant handle such a big boom of players..

    Anywho, thats what Ive been thinking since I first read about the new system..

  95. Blinders Off says:

    Live Chat wasn’t used just to ask questions. It was also used to call for help in the case of griefers– which help is no longer available. You now have a virtual world without any kind of policing force whatsoever. So this is supposed to reflect a balanced society?

    Anarchy and chaos is not society.

  96. Atlwolf says:

    Can anyone tell us where this mysterious Live Chat icon is? I see:

    3) Still no luck? Get more help using .

    So push the period key over and over, nothing πŸ˜›

  97. Jamie David says:

    Further update. VISA gave me 1 800 860-6990 as the number to call LindenLabs for CreditCard Fraud/issues and I got a human after 10 minutes. All other numbers boot you after 15 minutes and tell you to try again in 30 minutes.

    Reason given for no Email about lack of payment is due to SecondLife EMail server being broken. Wonder how they are going to let me know they fixed the trouble as prommised.

  98. Bedsee says:

    Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
    so just how do i get my cc details to go missing eh?

  99. Kristopher Handrick says:

    You know, this is all very interesting… every day I ready the blog and every day I see people complain about the customer service…. Every day I see one or two people tell those complaining to all shut it… …its not that bad… to you who to me to shut it!

    Are we all crazy? Do we all need 24/7 nurse mating? Do we all suffer from lack of air to the brain? hmmm… thinking I DON’T THINK SO!

    Look it… There must be something wrong with support if day after day and week after week … …people continue to complain.

    anyway… going back to my padded room now… πŸ˜›

    p.s. SL please don’t edit my posts… ummm… feedom of speach?

  100. Warda Kawabata says:

    So far, I have used the concierge live chat exactly 3 times. The first time was a dry run to test if it all worked. the other 2 times, when I was in genuine need of help, it was unstaffed. Nice going, LL.

  101. UM says:

    OKOK I needed live chat and i was unable to use even find it. I post on the blog my messages are not even shown! how in the hell can i even get help if even the blog is being mean to me and not allowonwing me to post! COME ON if you hate me and stopping my messages from showing STOP IT! I pay money in this game and i should get the help i need !

  102. Landowner says:

    This sucks, i used to be able to contact Live help when my main grid sim was having issues, and they would actually fix it, now I’m going to have to wait 2 weeks to get a ‘did you try this basic crap’ message, and it’ll take 6 months to get anything fixed. While you’re at it, maybe you can get someone to look at DUGMORE and why it’s been randomly crashing, lagging severely(with a dilation of .99 no less) and just in plain general sucking… instead of telling me where live help went.

  103. Maklin Deckard says:

    When I am a paying customer, and in need of info/assistance from the people I am PAYING, I don’t do self-help… So it looks like I wihh have to enter random crap into your KB search, then tell it ‘this did not solve my problem’ and go to help like I do on every other customer disservice site.

    This is how I interpret Fritzlinden’s comments http://www.despair.com/ap24x30prin.html

  104. Keen Witte says:

    Lindens, face it, eh? The system you have isn’t making the folks happy and not getting the job done. Live help may have been difficult, but at least there was a chance of getting a reply ( I always did withing 15 minutes or so) and instructions on what to do or tey next from someone who could triage the presenting problem. I must comment, however, the consistant failure to answer telephone calls AND failing to return calls from your Messaging system is derelict.

    Being defensive will not make the problem go away or solve it.

    IMHO you suffer from Developers Disease –> NEW stuff is lots more interesting and fun than making what you have work right consistantly.

  105. UM says:

    This is getting very childish! WHY AM I IP BANNED FROM POSTING! atleast send me a email explaining this issue! OMG what is your problem!

  106. Cecil Hirvi says:

    I had no idea there were so many whiners around here. This is TECHNOLOGY! It never works well in a majority of cases. And your negativity does nothing to make things better. Occasionally (just occasionally) give these folks a little slack. You’ll get more with honey than vinegar.

    Someone not involved in the company in anyway..just a user who understands.

  107. Muscrat Hesse says:

    Lets face it we were sold a bill of goods, and its a lot less then we were told it was going to be! Live help was never much help anyway! The knowledge base is usefull for people with less than 2 months experiance! after that the knowldeg base is limited in any useful information and I am finding it is becomeing out of date quickly.
    The best solution to may of these issues at least in a technical format is by helping each other in world! I have found this to be a very effective tool. Networking in world and creating a support base among SL citizens is far more effective. We all seem to do a better job running this thing than the lindens do. If they cant fix the problems FINE! lets work around them with each other. As we can see by the post’s here we have some very bright and intelligent people in second life. Surely we can get things done…
    I agree we should have better customer service. We pay premium accounts and get very little in the way of service when we need it. Sorry thats just a fact. But this a a common trend in alot of business today. Dollars over customers is the new motto!

  108. Wyald Woolley says:

    If I get it correctly, you don’t answer your phones because you have a VOIP problem. You don’t answer your email because your email server is down. Your own infrastructure is crumbliing around you and no one knows how to fix it.

    Is this why you are so dead set on having voice chat inworld?

    I wonder what it was like on that last day at the tower of Babylon, when no one could understsnd anyone..no, wait, I now do know.

  109. Stimpy Tripp says:

    Fritz (Or others):
    FYI, I cannot find the “page that has links to Billing, Inworld and Outworld Support chat services.” Can someone fill me in as to where it is found? I guess I’ll spend some more time tonight looking for it.

  110. Stimpy Tripp says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I figured it out. For those of you who haven’t here goes: Don’t use the solution finder to the left of the browser, use the solution finder to the right of the screen, then follow the prompts until you get to step 4.

    Hope it Helps

  111. Rock Ramona says:

    /me plays his fiddle as he watches Second Life burn……………………..

  112. Peccavio Shepherd says:

    Customer Support where is it…
    I buy a piece of land… my paypal account (backed by verified bank account) accepts ther purchase… but then rejects the $8 change for teir fees 😦

    LL send a letter about non payment… I check al issues … funding still available in my bank account. I use the email link provided to respond… mail back… email link no longer in use… use website support. Using website support directed to online chat… after 5 attempts still not connected.

    Look for phone support… seems Phone support like email support is no longer supported…

    Ok.. I’ll try to use a credit card directly

    The Faq says to fill in name exactly as on CC

    my name is in the form first (middle Initial) Last Jr

    The form has these entries

    Last Name
    Prefix Surname

  113. Peccavi Shepherd says:

    Not wanting to double post… but my rant was cut of at the limit

    The bottom line is….
    my account is about to be suspended for non payment while my money sits in my bank account… LL Customer support is unavailable to help me make payment

  114. Peccavi Shepherd says:

    Email on the 16th telling me payment failed.. account about to be suspended… told me to use an email address for support, website tells me to go through a bunch of faq pages to be offered customer support… I did this and entered a request… never a response.

    My bank told me the transaction was never attempted
    Paypal told me to call them to explore the transaction
    Now not even a place to ask LL again….

    Finally on the 22nd a note in the blog that paypal isn’t working

    If LL has too many customer service issues that they can’t answer them…. soon they will be out of business…

    I doubt if I’ll invest more

    Certainly paypal and my bank deal with more transactions then LL….

    they service such customer support

    This post is on topic…. where is customer support
    Please don’t delete again my real complaint

  115. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Concierge Support not available for me, even tho I’ve purchased an Estate Sim and I’m paying 300 US Dollars per month tier. I’m pretty sure Linden specified both Linden land and Estate land would quality for Concierge Support. Since I own 65536 SQM. of land, why isn’t this link working for me?

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