Customer Support Focus Group Meetings

As we continue to adjust the Support Portal to reflect the needs of the community, we will be turning to you for guidance and feedback in various ways so that we are sure we have resident input into our plans. One of the ways we will be doing this is by holding monthly focus group meetings with a small number of residents on rotating topics. The first meeting is with Fritz Linden and me, and we will be discussing the Support Portal itself, how it is being used by residents, and how we can improve the experience. Other meetings will be with other support team members, and will include billing, technical support and concierge issues, and will generally be scheduled the last Thursday of the month.

The first meeting will be on June 28th at 11am. To attend, please IM me inworld. You will be added to a group the day of the meeting that will allow you access to the region where the meeting will be held. We are choosing to limit these to small groups so we can have an interactive discussion, so the invites will be limited to about 30 people. If we find that there is overwhelming interest, we will schedule a second meeting time.

This is just one of a few initiatives we are putting in place at this time to improve customer support. Watch the blog for more announcements in the near future.

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  1. Michael Cela says:

    Sent you an IM – I’m really interested in helping out with this 🙂

  2. Aryn Lassard says:

    There is no need for a focus group. Query your support ticket database for the average age of “New” support tickets. That will tell you all you need to know about how broken the current system is, and what you need to improve.

    Until you get around to responding to my support tickets, I really can’t tell you how to improve the experience other than simply asking your to respond.

    I mean seriously, are you people really that out of touch? Customer support focus groups when you basically aren’t providing any perceivable level of support?

  3. Chris Gaits says:

    Wow, this is a good step in the right direction!

  4. Bliss Crimson says:

    This is hopeful. However the effect if any is yet to be determined. I sent my IM. I think a major drawback now for SL, aside from program glitches, is the Customer Support (or lack there of) so this is very interesting to me.

  5. Raudf Fox says:

    I’ve sent my IM. This is one area I’d really love to see improved!

  6. Wolf Husky says:

    my account has been suspended, It tells me come to website reactivate it, yet i see no area to reactivate accounts, I am trying communicate with someone through here, as there is no other way in any areas of sl for people with my problem to communicate with managment within linden labs.

    my original email account which I opened Wolf Husky with was hacked/cracked, I think possibly the hackers¬ crackers then with access to my email account, went on to use my secondlife account,

    all im searching for is responce some way, bit of custumer care, I enjoy second life and if i have done anything to offend or broken some rules then I apologise please can you email me with responce or even just reactivate my account, as I miss the friends and fun I have on it,

    please use the email addy provided to contact me,

    thankyou so much for taking time to read this,

    kind regards

  7. nina says:


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  9. Chris Geiger says:

    I’m curious whether non-premium members will ever again have access to support beyond knowledgebases/FAQs and helpful fellow residents. We may not be paying monthly fees to Linden Labs, but those of us of “payment info used” status certainly do contribute to the economy and growth of Second Life. Any thoughts on this?

  10. ari blackthorne says:

    Brilliant! Woohoo….

    Okay – I can’t make the meeting (RL work in the RL daytime) LOL – so here’s some feedback right now:

    I (personally) like the news syustem. But the FAQs need to be updated. I had an island transferred (to me) and all the FAQs and *everything* referred to sending an email to (or – depending where you were reading it) – only to get an autoreply to use the new support portal LOL.

    WELL – *fianaly- (through just playing around and experimenting) found the way to do it (paraphrasing: region issue->estate->change->transfer … or something) LOL

    I love the system – just need the FAQs updated to point to the actual ticket request process.

    Thanks all you lindenonianeramas! 😀

  11. ankt Remblai says:

    Very Nice Idea!

  12. Rocky Rutabaga says:

    Whoa! Thirty people in one focus group? I certainly hope you’ll be holding much smaller groups, say 6-10 people. That’s an accepted best practice for focus group size. 30 people is a free-for-all, and those who shout loudest and longest get heard mostest.

    Also, you need to find a more random way to select participants. The people who read the blogs have a very different level of interest in SL than those who don’t even know the blog exists. Or are you looking to only engage the English-speaking, heavy user of SL? (Maybe the light user would become a heavy user if he/she felt the support portal was actually supportive.) Also, by announcing the specific topic, you’ve already skewed the results. Those who don’t use the support portal, for whatever reasons (and they are important to understand), probably won’t care to participate.

    What about non-English speaking players? What about those who are asleep at the time that is convenient to a California staff?

    The online survey companies offer online focus groups so people can attend them at a time that is more convenient to them.

    Please, oh please. Don’t let this be another PR circus event. You have serious customer service issues.

  13. Bobo Decosta says:

    The most annoying part about customer support is that they can’t be honest to people. I’m not talking about Linden CS but CS in general.

    The most annoying answers you can get is “we don’t know” or “read the blog”. People want to hear “yes” or “no”. I must admit that i rather hear “yes” then “no” but “no” is less annoying than “we don’t know”.

    This i have been swinged from the left to the right of on the lindex problem. The blog gave false information and CS didn’t respond to the fact that the info on the blog was not correct.

  14. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I won’t be able to make the meeting, but I hope you consider discussing simplifying the tech talk. I’m probably one of the older members of the community and I consider myself fairly intelligent, however finding information about things, for example scripting, just to correct or amend things like rotating a avatar on a object I find near impossible other than to blindly paste in script language I’ve found that may work and seeing what happens.
    How do you make a simple prim flexi cloak?

    Why *are* only Lindens allowed to make those really good 1 prim 3D plants and trees?

    …and that there is no where I *can* ask questions like these.*


    One thing you can do as a good start is to stop disallowing comments on the blog ! Since last Thursday all blog posts have not allowed comment. Too much bad publicity????

  16. astarte Artaud says:

    I’ll send an IM as soon as I can but search and image uploads seem to be stalled at the moment.

    As to your meetings. This is a very welcome change. More interaction with the populace is what I have been striving for the Lindens to do, instead of taking all descisions and actions behind closed doors.

    All I have ever been asking is that LL been open with the populace about what they are doing and planning.

  17. Amy Sukra says:

    I would, but i have a problem, I CAN’T LOGIN! Me and three of my friends are having this problem with this Renew your account error, and i put up 2 tickets and Trisha Nagy called in, but no ones doing anything about it, we can’t go into our account settings on this web site.

  18. Dave Powell says:

    I may be wrong, but didn’t SL once provide Suggestion Boxes for resident input? A single Suggestion Box link in the Support Portal might both collect valuable suggestions…and increase all-around good will! (You just may have to hire another employee to process the suggetions, though.)

  19. william Fish says:

    sounds like a plan in motion that may benifit SL and it’s residents… but here’s a good idea…. host it on a webchat so more then 30 people can attend… better yet.. open a blog and reply back to various questions that are asked and often ignored.

    Im for anything postitive that will fix and make SL especially the JIRA a simple tool to use.

    Speaking of.. JIRA sucks 😛 ok that’s blunt… i went to the jira page as instructed by a linden to post a bug. Not only could i not find a way to upload the bug within 20 mins… i was directed to a wikipedia page on “how to submit a bug” which was pretty detailed. Serious… most users do not want to go through an obsticle course to submit a bug or problem. Why not just put a “report bug” right on the JIRA home page?

  20. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    You know Bobo, sometimes the person you are talking to DOESN’T know. It’s not some sort of personal insult. Just sometimes a customer asks a question that the CS person doesn’t know the answer to. ‘I don’t know’ is honest, and far better than ‘Yup, sure, all taken care of’ when it isn’t.

    More on topic – I’m not interested in a 30 person argument thanks.
    Sorry about that, 6-10 sounds good and might achieve something. The numbers you propose Cyn are unrealistic and unworkable – as you are going to discover shortly.

    Let us know when you want to do some proper focus groups.

  21. Jayden B says:

    As I can’t make the meeting (Not in the USA Time Zone) I will make comment here that a ticket I lodged as a premium member (4051-4196274 – 31/5/2007) was never responded to.

    When I went in today it was still open, closed it in disgust (19/6/2007)

    A simple way to improve the service desk is to actually work through the issues, not just leave them open.

  22. Well, at least you are allowing comments in your BLOG again.

    I’m sure CS and the Support Portal are a very important tool, having used both myself, and been some-what satisfied.

    What I don’t understand though, is with the Resident Community up in arms concerning GRID Problems, DB Problems, Bug Fixes, why you feel the need to focus on how the Support Portal works, instead of addressing the true issue behind the Support Portal and CS; the problems.

    Today I found ANOTHER bug in Second Life, will I report it, NO. Why? It’s simple, you lost my trust when you turned a deaf ear to the community, so how can I trust that you will actually work on a bug I report? If you want me, and others like me, to continue to help you DEBUG Second Life, then perhaps you should take the time to address OUR IMPORTANT Issues.

    Besides that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

  23. Nedria Cyr says:

    Correct me if I’m understanding this incorrectly..

    Out of 30,000+ users, you’ll meet with 30 users once a month? That doesn’t seem like it would provide a very good sample group to give feedback regarding matters that affect a far greater group. Perhaps 30 users per day, with 7 meetings per week or more, yes. 30 a month? No.

  24. Siddhartha Shepherd says:

    land’s not rezzing, clothes not loading, stuck in the basic hairy female av, invent not loading…back SL after a week RL, oh yes PR people gimme a 30 people focus group about the portal, make it 3000 people, even better…:-(

  25. Aodhan McDunnough says:

    At this point I have only one item I’d like added to the CS portal. I need a place where I can send questions that do not meet the categories of the drop down topic menus. I’d like an “others” menu choice particularly on general topics like technical, L$, land, general grid operations, content creation, and account matters.

  26. Aromadon Enoch says:

    This seems, at least, to be a step in the right direction, but I hope that doesn’t mean nothing else is going to be done about actually fixing what we all know is already broken. You don’t need 30 people to tell you, “We can’t buy Lindens”… several thousand have already said that. Open communication is certainly a step in the right direction, but shouldn’t be a substitute for actually correcting the problems.

    Still, though, as I read this… I don’t see any mention of the current crippling issues being fixed, worked on or even looked at. Keeping us in the dark about what you’re doing isn’t helping. If you don’t know what’s wrong, TELL us you don’t know what’s wrong. We don’t fault you for trying, it’s tha apparent total lack of concern that has sooo many people ready to chuck SL in the bin…

  27. Aryn Lassard says:

    This is just laughable. The latest update from the blog: “You can still purchase Lindens through the Buy L$ page of the web site:

    Are they reading the comments on other messages? Are they reading their own support system tickets? Large numbers of people cannot purchase L$ from the website.

    But no, the comments for the update on the LindeX are turned off. You people don’t seem to want to hear what it going on. You don’t seem to want to know what the problems are, or acknowledge them.

    You don’t need a customer support focus group, you need a clue.

  28. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Even NOW you’re not listening… the blog post after this one AGAIN says that Lindens can be purchased from the website, but still won’t be available in world until the END OF THE WEEK!? That alone would be unacceptable, but for many people, the website is NOT working either, and many people have SAID so… many more, I’m certain, have filed tickets saying so… yet it seems nobody at LL bothered to read any of that and AGAIN you post a “cut and paste” line from the entry from Friday about buying Lindes at the website. It’s NOT working… we CAN’T buy them from the website either… This is just such an ironic example of the systemic failure going on right now… /sigh

  29. william Fish says:

    21 Aromadon Enoch

    i guess Lindens dont want your us dollars… go buy lindens from other places. there are alot of them to choose from and most have decent rates.

  30. Ric Mollor says:

    Users that have bought Lindens from third party sellers have had their accounts suspended. Though I haven’t been able to find further details LL is behaving a bit like a company that has had it’s asset servers hacked. Anyone know more?

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  32. Ann Otoole says:

    i would be very cautious about buying linden anywhere right now. better know who you are doing business with.

  33. Montana Corleone says:

    So you want to know how people are using the new Support System?

    Well, let’s see. Since your system borked the passwords, following a password change (that’s the first bork, not the second one), I couldn’t access it for quite a while.

    Once that was fixed, I’ve needed to use it twice. Once it was down, and the other was over the weekend to report an issue, but that was when we were getting Grid Down status pages that stopped us getting to the Support Ticket System.

    So I’m not really using it at all, it’s never worked for me.

    a) I’d say the first thing to do was have a Support System that you can actually get into
    b) Keep it running – see blog entry on concierge VOIP down lol
    c) Make it easy to navigate
    d) Have the info up to date and relevant
    e) Actually try and address issues rather than sending an email three months later asking if the problem still persists (ie stop hoping: some later borked update has “fixed”, “resolved” or otherwise changed the issue; the customer has forgotten about it; have found their own workaround)
    f) Make sure it listens to customers, and those customer concerns are not only passed on, but acted upon.
    g) Add a lot of support for the 60% or so of users whose native language is not English (French and Spanish speakers are more numerous around the globe than German, Korean or Japanese, and both can be found in close proximity to California eg LA and Canada)
    h) Add a lot of support for the 65% or so of users who don’t live in American time zones

  34. Ezi Leigh says:

    I had about $20,000L of stuff come up missing. I tried for days to go through page after page of rech stuff I will never inderstand, and then just gave up. The best I got was a list of ways to find things I had missplaced, as if the concept that they have actually disappeared is beyond you. I right clicked, and hit take, but it did not take, it DELETED. My whole nightclub was wiped out.And I never did find any way to even tell anyone.
    How about a Support page for people who don’t have a Masters in this kind of thing, like the 90% of us that make up your world? I know this probably doesn’t go here, but this all happend on 06/12/07, and this is the first chance I have had to tell anyone but my friends!

  35. Luve Schack says:

    Official forums that were read by Lindens and responded to were closed. Bad move. Really Bad Move.

    Most successful “gaming” (yes I know its not a “game”) entities use official forums to collect and report on progress, and it works.

    Let’s take for instance, World of Warcraft. Look at their CS model in regards to forums and you will see how information is gathered and acted upon, while keeping customers informed as to progress. By dividing issues into logical areas and posting/stickies there.

    You already know what to do. Stop the smoke and mirrors. It’s not fooling anyone and you are losing customers in droves.

  36. AllieKat Stovall says:

    well, i know that i use the “i dont know” a lot at my work. however, i normally follow it up with, “i will certainly find out for you.” hwever if i am in the process of “finding out” and something bigger and more important comes along, i have to put the smaller i dont know issue on hold. SL is complex. there are going to be issues left open due to more complex issues requiring more resources.only one issue i have ever reported has been closed… i have several more sitting open. the lindens arent miracle workers here. and the grid wont be all good overnight. maybe if all the negativity on the blog in general wasnt there they would spend less time ignoring it and more time fixing it. you draw more bees with honey than with vinegar. try giving props for what they have done. what is that you say? apparently giving some of you guys a reason to complain about SL by creating it. i do complain when things dont go the way i like them, but i remember that nothing made by a person on a computer will be perfect. and i believe the CS sucks because its an office of programmers and programmers normally are back room, no outdoor contact kinda people. people skills are a must. but even on my best day some people really get to me. CS is always evolving. give LL props for moving in the right direction atleast.oh… and things like this cant be implimented overnight… they ned to know it actually works. 30 person focus groups!!!!!! that is huge. im with the rest 6-10 is more than enough!!! personally i wont help out cause i dont want to argue with 29 other people about something that really isnt all that importnt in the grand scheme of things… thanks but no thanks

  37. Jag Talaj says:

    Woohoo, sounds like a good idea! Oh, wait, unfortunately my ticket from the 25th of last month is STILL in progress and hasn’t moved. Any way to attend other than in world?

  38. I have to say “CUSTOMER SUPPORT” is terrible.

  39. Ryan Darragh says:

    Unfortunately, as seems far too common, these meetings are scheduled during the middle of the workday for the vast majority of us in the Western hemisphere. This may be convenient for Linden staff as this is part of their job, but for the rest of us it’s not. For these meetings to be truly useful, they need to be scheduled on different days and at different times around the clock, to accommodate as many interested residents as possible.

  40. Argus Stravinsky says:

    Will there be a Focus Group convening on the TG at the same time as well? Otherwise, I doubt Teen Gridders will be able to make this.

  41. Teramis Writer says:

    I too would in principle be interested in participating in anything that gives useful feedback to Customer Service. However, as others have noted here, not only is Cust. Srvc in extremely low profile at as a site, but also the concept of 30 ppl as focus group is indeed misplaced. One does not, as some here suggested, need to interview groups of 30 around the clock 7 days a week to obtain a representative sampling, but multiple groups are indeed necessary, more randomly drawn from your user base (unless you are looking sepcifically to sample ONLY the more savvy, online-intensive users, as will likely be found through this present method of recruiting). And 30 people is not a focus group: it is at best an invitation to unfocused group discussion, at worst to meandering faux-dialog.

    From how this project is framed, it sounds like you haven’t worked with focus groups before. It would be wise to follow best practices as well established in this well-trodden territory, or don’t call it a focus group. Not only is that a misleading term when improperly used, but more importantly it both fails to manage user expectations and also sets up false expectations for what you will be accomplishing.

    There is no quicker way to further alienate a disgruntled user base than that.

  42. Taliesin Ceawlin says:

    Alas, I will not be able to be there for the meeting, much as I would like to be.
    My general sense of the comments added before mine seem to reflect, for the most part, frustration. I trust the very announcement is an indication that even the Lindens are frustrated with the way the support portal currently functions.
    I typically discount “inconvenience” rather quickly as any sort of justification for anything.
    When someone agrees to participate in something like this, there is an implied consent included with that agreement. The consent, at least to me, is that something like this is an ongoing, organic and growing creature. All living things experience growing pains in one form or another. Perhaps the implied consent is “The world is changing and growing, organically expanding every time a new avatar enters the world or moves within.” I seriously doubt anyone, Lindens and LL included, can stop this world from growing or force this world to grow any faster or any less painfully than it already does. So what to do? Ask those who express a desire to support and those who wish to facilitate a more effective support portal to speak up. There are, after all, over 7 million residents right now. So who to ask? Those who might be able to offer constructive suggestions, those who think it is important enough to take the time to request to be there for such a meeting.
    30 people, by the way, is about as many needed to take a project like the support portal and mold it into something most people can find useful and, yes, convenient to those who would use it.
    So far I haven’t tried to get too far into the support portal. Largely because I am not exactly clear on the actual focus of the “support portal”. I choose not to make any judgments about it one way or the other.
    The best I can gather from what little interaction I have had with the support portal is, in general, a sense of strong desire moving to support and be there for those who have some sort of commitment to this place and to making this place a more pleasant experience for everyone.
    I’ve not had any issues with customer service. I do understand the need for a high level of quality where customer service is concerned. I do understand, quite intimately, what it is to provide customer service. Customer service, however, is not actually directly related to the support portal, so will leave any further comments in that particular direction for another place and another time.

  43. WarKirby Magojiro says:


    I have never had difficulties in using Jira. There IS a report issue button on the front page. You just have to login first

    I believe the less than user ffriendly nature of Kiura is deliberate, and I welcome it. The technically minded are the only people who have businesws reporting, testing and vetting bugs. Consider it an idiot filter. THe old feature voting tool was bogged down in thousands of pointless, unfeasible, or just plain stupid proposals.

  44. pantaiputih korobase says:

    well… it’s stll 9:11 am on the log in screen most times I log in – at least I can …. and don’t want to complain.
    regarding discussion of whatever topics in small groups: nice idea, but why don’t you do it on weekends at some convenient time for residents not living in the US? most residents have – hopefully – a working RL.
    And: could it be possible to publish kind of minutes of your discusssion for residents who can not participate and publsih these minues “OPEN FOR DISCUSSION” as a blog?

  45. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Just a point, sometimes people who know the system ‘Second Life’ forget that their customers don’t have the same information too, NOT even basic knowledge sometimes. Remember all those jokes about people ringing up to say their computer doesn’t work and after 20 minutes of try various options, the help center asks if they have turned the computer on, and of course they haven’t.

    Just checked something in the knowledge base, about changing your avatars appearance. In SL I get asked time and time again about using hair and sometimes I see avatars walking around with what looks like a very bad blond wig stuck on top of their heads over existing hair… the solution is simple, “use a bald head base”, but that advice isn’t available from Linden Labs anywhere, that’s why the knowledge base doesn’t work, you don’t have the answers to the simple questions available on there and that’s why you probably get fustrated with people bothering with simple questions.

    I’ve never understood why you don’t have a basic text forum, hell YOU (Lindens) don’t even have to go there, but it would be an ideal place for experienced players to answer simple questions, yes it will become a mess, but from my observations of players in SL you’d soon have an army of players offering their services of being unpaid ‘administrator’s’ to put the site and posts in order.

  46. Tegg B says:

    Would do better instead to have a couple of Lindens actually in world travelling around and experiencing the issues them selves and from the population direct. How much would it cost to just pay someone to basically play SL for 4 hours a day 5 days a week and spend the other 4 filling out a report and comunicating with the people concerned?

  47. Tijn Erde says:

    The major problems with the new support system for me are:

    – The categories are lacking. Where’s the ubiquous “other” category. How do I report a bug in the website? How do I report bugs in the client? etc.

    – Response time is slow. During weekends there seems to be no support at all.

    – There is no way to report urgent matters.

  48. UM says:

    I would like to know why my post are not being posted and waiting for aprove.

  49. nina says:

    well i logged into the support portal once, and because of that had my passwd reset..

  50. KS says:

    The major problem I see is that in matters where LL has received MONEY from a customer (US DOLLARS) and yet the customer has not seen the items she purchased (Where are my Lindens?) and it’s been 19 days since the transaction and 9 *business days* since I talked to someone in support yet I see no resolution or response.

    I think the major issue is: discourse w/ customer and stealing my money.

  51. Nel Shan says:

    I have to echo the second post. A very tiny step in the right direction. Why are the Lindens so afraid of their customers? Feedback shouldn’t only be from Jira and once-a-month, oversized focus groups, it should be a constant thing. And, at the risk of pointing out the obvious, feedback doesn’t go only one-way; feedback has to be a loop to work effectively, from us to you to us to you, etc.

  52. Kenny Devoix says:

    I think a volunteer help group where Newbies could get help from more experianced players would be a great asset. It could actually be resident formed and run. It could easily handle basic problems and questions that do not require Linden help and it would be a definate plus if LL supported the group.
    But on the downside people have to realize that when there is a problem often is that there is no magic wand to wave and poof its all fixed. Many dont even want to make the effort to give specifics other then just “Its broke fix it” and “it cant be caused by my equipment because its a brand new super computer and I know everything on it is perfect”.
    There have been some on the blogs here myself included that in the past have offered help and suggestions to people and had our heads bit off for even suggesting that possibly it could lie outside LLs and be in a users machine. How many that are out there complaining so loudly are on machines with either LL stated nonsupported hardware or ISP connections or running a machine that barely meets the low limits of SL? ( is sure I will be flogged for even asking That question)
    Sl is not a perfect running program by any means and there are a lot of problems and bugs to be worked out. But from the comments I read on this blog many expect LL to wave a magic wand and mutter abbracadavra and poof its all fixed.
    The First Look viewer when it was created was a good example.Users and Lindens worked together to solve many of its problems. To me its a example of how constructive critism instead of rude,childish, nasty comments can make SL better.

  53. Adeel Cave says:

    WHY are the Lindens HIDING?!?!? They should be the front line of the inworld user support!! I tried the help island on an issue. all I got was “I don’t know”. Live Help should be INWORLD and in IMs wherever you are located. Most problems could be resolved in a few IM exchanges INWORLD thro the Linden people. And I do not at all mind waiting my turn for response from Lindens. Although I do not currently own land, but I have brought some for a group that I was in. I do not see it in the forseeable future, I did pay $9.95 for the second account which is now the only one I use. As I do not own land, I wonder where the SAM HILL does it put me for user support?! I have looked at the support page, and I detest them because they are extremely hard to navagate, and hard to find the stuff I need if I need it. PLEASE BRING BACK the Linden support online, and IM help PLEASE!! That is the only support system that REALLY WORKS!!

  54. Bobbyb30 Zohari says:

    @36 The lindens are hiding from the fact that SL is fading away. They can’t handle 7million accounts. They can’t handle the facts that SL is having issues. They can’t handle anything…=(

  55. Apple Pinkney says:

    Might this meeting discuss additional ways for customers/members to address Lindens without having to make one’s way through the website to the Support Portal?

    I would love to attend the meeting.

  56. Pocket Pfeffer says:

    I know that there are many SL issues that affect people, but from my experience, I have found support to be very helpful. As a premium member, I was having great difficulties with my land… I spoke to an in-world Linden, and he was extrememly helpful and sorted out my problems. The maintenence of SL is a huge responsibility I’m sure and I’m also sure that everyone is doing the best they can to keep it going.

    Let’s cut them some slack guys!

  57. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @37 so why not close new accounts until tehy know how to deal with this or just 45.000 online users….
    future? why don’t they tell us what they plan to do to resolve all the issues arising since about 8 weeks?
    should they invest in new servers or we in new computers? if the latter, PLS lindens tell us which company you have agreements with to let us know which hardware is the best to use to get your program running stable….
    currently, i see a lot of people leaving and a lot of land for sale for quite reaonable prices. can you Lindens advice us to invest and buy land that is now for sale? or would you better advice us to quit? what is the answer? what is the masterplan? could you at least confess that you have no idea currently and you will be back in a month RUNNING? or JUST COMMUNICATE whats going on

    best regards

  58. ada radius says:

    Focus group input won’t help you with the primary (money) issues, only good admin will. All the residents can tell you, and we have, is that buying Lindens is not working for many people, including me, either in-world or at the website, and our support tickets are not being answered quickly enough. Or at all. If the personnel you have can’t fix it, then you need to hire people who can – financial transaction handling on the internet has been well worked out by millions of companies, it’s not rocket science any more.

  59. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Just another clue in… feeding incorrect information to your customers is also NOT a good idea. The blog entry after this indicates that PayPal is having an “issue” with processing LL transactions and that you are “working with them” to correct it. Oddly enough, when I contacted PayPal myself, the indicated that there was no problem with my account, they were not experiencing any difficulties with processing LL requests and that I should contact YOU to see what YOUR problem was… So who is telling tales here? Someone is clearly not being straight with the facts, and considering recent events, I imagine you can guess who my bet is on…..

  60. BellaW Brody says:


    I think cusmtor serivce is slow I have lost my password over

    the change see thing is I cant get on the web in my account to c hange the password every one helping no one not listening I have lost money about 10,000 things in my account worth more then that , why is no one helping me I have rang get no answer I am austrlaian numbers are wrong . what to do

    BellaW Brody

    now as BellaW Shan

  61. Tiberious Neruda says:

    I’m in with the ‘CS is a joke’ crowd.

    A couple nights ago, a griefer rezzed alot of shouting cubes (with the typical grungy Spongebob texture), and the worst part, a load of the ‘infinite floor’ megaprims, but scriped to flash red and blue very quickly, and spaced so they would take up almost everyone’s field of vision. This wasn’t even a case of not knowing, as these prims were clearly titled ‘Infinite Seizure’.

    Well, not wanting LL to have to suffer the crap reports of SL-induced seizures would cause, I did my duty and ARed these items. Then, as it struck me just how serious this was, I tracked down a Linden online. I managed to get hold of the tiny kitty, and the first thing I heard, after sending in a nice big IM detailing the potential issues, was a nice, canned ‘Thanks for sending in an Abuse Report’…

    Not again. Next time, the Abuse Team can go ahead and let it sit and deal with the fallout…

  62. Lorenzo says:

    Hello everyone.
    I’m a new user and desperately need some help.
    I run VISTA and I’ve seen here and there that with the right updates SL could also run with vista. I’ve downloaded the program and actually seems to run properly.
    The problem is that I cannot login from the web site, I cannot create my account… After I choose my name and look and try to move forward I keep on getting the same message saying that “Linden Lab reserves the right to limit the number of Second Life accounts an individual may have” …. BUT I HAVE NONE YET ….
    Any suggestion? Any help desk I can contact for this ?

  63. tammie says:

    hi my avatar name is Tammie Farella, and i get a error that my account is disabled and that i have to renew…
    im not a paying member like premium or whatever… pleaseeeee help me 😦
    I was online yesterday and notting was wron then…

    Greatings Tammie

  64. Loanser says:

    Hello alli have baG with
    .aarp term life insurance

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