I’m currently recovering from a very intense, but enjoyable weekend at Hack Day London which Christopher Linden and I attended to help hackers mashup Second Life.

Paul Johnston and Nigel Crawley had brought a webcam, markers and reactivision software they were looking to put to use, so, as we were playing IceTowers with IBM at the time, we thought it might be fun to build a mixed reality version of the IceHouse game Torpedo.

It turns out that Torpedo is particularly well suited to a reactivision implementation as it relies on the position and orientation of pieces placed freely on a playing field, but judging torpedo hits in real life is difficult. It’s also a very simple game, so there was a slim chance that we could build it in 24 hours.

Our plan was to play the game in real life then publish the position and orientation data from reactivision to the web, then use LSL to pull the data in to SL where we could rez the pieces, launch the torpedoes and calculate the results. At the same time a second web cam would stream video of the board in to SL, so that we could watch the game play out in RL then see the results calculated in SL.

Working on the hack was loads of fun and team Supernova did a great job with help from Timeless Prototype in world. The software came together amazingly well but it wasn’t until we started running around scavenging tripods, glue guns, gaffer tape and white boards to nail together the hardware side that we started getting lots of interest from the other hackers.

In the end the lightning strikes, storms, leaks and lack of wifi meant that we didn’t complete all of the gameplay, but we managed to demo all of the technical aspects of the hack live in our 90 second presentation.

Everything we used was open source, so anyone will be able to finish off our work or build some other interesting computer vision application in SL. Nigel thought mixed reality spin the bottle would be good fun. Andy Piper has another SLorpedo write up here and a selection of pictures here. Chris took a video of the presentation, so hopefully we’ll be able to make that available soon too.

I’m already back working on the SL infrastructure, but it’s great to be able to hack on interesting SL applications once in a while and hopefully we’ll see some of the hackers at Linden Lab Brighton in the near future.

UPDATE: Team Supernova finished the game last week and ran it at SL.UK on Saturday, some SL footage of the finished game here:

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  1. You know alot of people will think Hacker… And think OMGZ People are trying to mess up second life… It may be a good idea to edit this post an explain the Different type of Hackers.. and not all hackers are bad 🙂

    Anyways this is very cool 🙂

  2. Zebadee says:

    ooo clever! very nice inchoative!

  3. Racal Hanner says:

    Excellent 🙂 great to read about your fun time .. an yes the weather in Blighty has been a touch damp.Kudos.

  4. Dion Bracken says:

    awww , well thats real nice… But just off the top of my head here.. I’d say SLorpedo is damn right spot on… cos you also might wanna check up on peoples accounts being massively cancelled today, including mine.. I heard a guy lost about 18k cos his account got cancelled out of the blue today… and I lost 5 years of my life minimum.. I sent a note about this already but nothing so far… Will you do something about this?! Bring our accounts back or at least our inventories or something at least…

  5. Dirk Talamasca says:

    Far out!

  6. Wulfe Bain says:

    Yeh glad to see someone was having fun.
    Meanwhile the rest of us are struggling with the train wreck known as Secondlife.
    Maybe soon the LindeX will be fixed along with ghost prims, inventory loss, database issues, failing teleports, attachents ending up in one’s butt, login problems etc etc etc.
    Yeh right, what fantasy world do I live in?…..

  7. Baba says:

    Even better than Petanque With Pianos 😉

  8. Dirk Felix says:

    I think your time is better spent working on the platform.

  9. Jazz Saintlouis says:

    Can we please get an update as to when we might be able to buy Lindens in-world???

  10. Vortex says:

    I was already wondering, 8 post and nobody complaining ?

  11. D. Spitz says:

    Come on guys, slow down, i hear here some kind of angyness or frustration out of ur postings.

    Why dont let the man have a break?

    This breaks are realy important for reloading (creative-)power.
    His tour may not have a direct impact on SL, but he got nice ideas or visions (i realy dont mean the psychological one) and thats the best we all can get – a vison of something. This and a powerfull, motivated team makes fantastic ideas become true.

  12. Hrouck says:

    I doubt it Wulfe, as I am still unable to login, or find any help. It is very frusterating. Words cannot express how angry i am at the Lindens. How bout some freaking help? No, becuase they dont listen, or give a crap what we say on this blog. I think i am done with second life. Oh and I am glad i didnt donate any money to the Lindens.

  13. Dion Bracken says:

    yaeh , damn fantastic idea of cancelling peoples accounts… that was brilliant… why dont you try n have a break when u find out almost everything you once had is now gone… thats so great I cant believe I’m actually not doing cartwheels all over my room..

  14. Isabelle Frangilli says:

    “hackers mashup Second Life”
    “mixed reality version”
    “reactivision implementation”
    “publish the position and orientation data from reactivision to the web, then use LSL to pull the data in to SL where we could rez the pieces, launch the torpedoes and calculate the results.”


    For those of us without a technical bone in our bodies, could you please spritz this article with a babelfish or other translation device? Did something happen that this post is reporting about? Should we applaud or be concerned or what?

  15. Damona Rau says:


    yup, your right. Much more updates, much more ugly things that nobody needs, much more updates and a grid that goes worse and worse…

    you need a break? make hollidays far away from every computer or phone, maybe one week. after that come back and give us a stable grid, fix all well known problems – and AFTER that think about new features.

    I hope, you never plan to build real cars. they wont drive. and with every “pit stop” the car have a lot of new function, but drive isn’t enabled.

    and the other side:
    Linden told us, we all build SL, makes what it is… and what is with all the lost items and money? If Linden is a Service Provider, give your Residents the options to make backups – or give refunds for lost items.

    Damona, without any patience for new features.

  16. @Isabelle

    “hackers mashup Second Life” – finding ways to get the programs to talk and work together

    “mixed reality version” – partly real world and partly virtual world

    “reactivision implementation” – the open source part of Reactable, a very cool technology that tracks real objects using cameras and sends the visual information somewhere else; the best known use being a synthesizer (you can see a nice example of one being used by Bjork in concert – )

    “publish the position and orientation data from reactivision to the web, then use LSL to pull the data in to SL where we could rez the pieces, launch the torpedoes and calculate the results.” – just the way that the get the output from reactivision into SL. This would be a coordinate (like x,y) and orientation (like degrees of rotation) posted to a file online and from which Second Life grabs information.

    Look up reactable on YouTube and you’ll see some very cool uses; similar in many ways to Microsoft’s Multitouch system.

  17. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    this might be related to some of your concerns about Linden’s day offs,

    (not a spambot, that is the link to a jira sugestion to deal with LL workers wanting to have free time and residents upset no one if fixing stuff, answering tech support calls etc

  18. cnyreject says:

    Interesting .. but please get back to work now and fix the problem with Lindex funding.


  19. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    no one is fixing*

  20. To perhaps elaborate on the mixed reality description some more. Imagine if you and a friend got 32 other people to stand on a giant checkered floor, with a funny looking hat strapped to their heads, each identifying them as a different chess piece. Then, when you tell someone to move, a computer reads their movements and shows that move in a program (like say, objects in Second Life would move around the same way). That’s the gist of what’s going on.

    Sounds like a good time Babbage, almost makes me wish I could have gone. It’s crunch time out here though, end of term projects and stuff. @.@
    When can we expect to see this game project finished, and play if/when we drop by the lab? >)

  21. Oh and while we’re on the subject of LSL, what’s the word on Mono? Any chance of seeing it in action on beta, if even to help in the latest round of testing? ^.^;

  22. HrouckGontyuk says:

    D. Spitz, since my posts was deleted, I will post it again, and will not stop intill my problem is fixed. Anyways, I was answering Wulfe by saying that I doubt the problems wil get fixed. I continue along with many other people to post about our logging in problems and nothing seems to be answered or acknowlegded. It is both frusterating and disapointing to have this happen. I fell in love with SecondLife, and this problem has broken my heart to see that nothing gets acknowledged since I first had this problem on May 31. And yes, I have tried many times to email my problem to Linden Labs, so if any one tells me that i have not tried to get help, then they can rethink that. Yes, I understand that the Lindens are busy, and working hard on new feautres, but not being able to play SecondLife has almost killed me. Im quoating here “Zebadee Says:
    June 14th, 2007 at 2:00 PM PDT

    Tony, I wouldn’t hijack the blog usually, but i have no other place to voice my concerns, i’ve voted on the JIRA but nothing has been solved of yet. No update here telling everyone whats going on, but this post about something non essential to us. Like i say in my original post “keep wasting time on new features”. This posts has gone unacknowledged to. I dont want to stop playing SecondLife, as I love the game but please for my health, please please fix this problem.

    As to the new feature, it looks cool. I wish I could try it out.

  23. Lupercaleb Walcher says:

    sounds like you guys had fun, cool stuff

  24. Tourer Pascal says:

    Who cares about the future when you cant even let us buy currency ? Surely the working game has some priority.

  25. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Well, isn’t that lovely! I’m glad you had a fun weekend… we all had horrendously frustrating weekends. I personally tried to spend a considerable amount of money with LL, but couldn’t (I suppose I should thank you for that), and despite the fact that I’m paying for a premium account, I don’t even see an updated blog entry about the plethora of problems that are currently plagueing SL… I have no Lindens to spend, my inventory is randomly vanishing, folders’ contents are randomly jumping from place to place when not outright vanishing, my transports fail 50% of the time, idiots freely and frequently assault entire sims with scripted screaming selft replicating objects, Sandboxes that indicate they are script enabled forbid scripts… but you had a blast talking tech over the weekend… Yes, I’m glad for you, and hope that my subscription money helped pay for your trip, your room and whatever other pleasantries you indulged in while NOT working on our problems. And now, I see that you apparently didn’t “have time” to even so much as post a blog update on any of these issues today, most noticably the inability to purchase Lindens either in game OR on the website (or did you even bother to read that, despite your assurance this was possible over the weekend, it was in fact, not), let alone actually FIX anything. Oh, I sound bitter, frustrated and angry… I’m glad to know I’ve mastered the art of conveying my exact feeling in a text post then…

    There is NO excuse for any business to be run this way…. none…..

  26. Bedsee says:

    that’s really kewl but ummm if W/we can’t buy lindens what then…geezus
    i am a fairly patient avie, i wait and see and see and see but the moaners are being made right, the more fixes W/we get the more troubles insue. i really think a good look at the programmers is in order (double agents for the competition?) hahahaaa seriously folks, no lindens = no Lindens and no i didn’t need a business degree for that

  27. What is most surprising is YOU apparently know how to open comments on your BLOG listings, perhaps the rest of the Linden Lab Employee’s would be so inclined to learn this information when they go reporting about Grid Issues, Assett Server Issues, TP Issues, and the like; or is only you want to communicate when it’s fun, and not when people would like things fixed?

    BTW – Glad you enjoyed London, hope the rain didn’t dampen your time!

  28. desdemona enfield says:

    Hi guys,

    I am gratified to see that Linden Labs has finally put to rest enough of the technical problems confronting the grid so that its employees can relax and turn their high powered intelligence to the more entertaining prospect of gathering kudos for their technical prowess. Congratulations on a job well done and by all means enjoy your well deserved and abundant free time.

    … and even so… thank you for Second Life.


  29. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    Thank you so much for deleting my posts that calls out all of you at Linden Labs.

  30. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    Bob, I have tried and tried to post my problems. This makes about the 6th time i have tried to ask for help from the Lindens. They have yet to address my problem that alot of people including me have been having. They lack caring about our problems. Its like they do not care about the people that are having problems, but keep on introducing new featuers, and the people who cannot even log in are ignored. I have not been able to login since May 31. And I have been posting my problems, along with other people, and nothing happens. I would like some answers to why I have to reset my password in the first place. You can keep on deleting my post if you wish, but I will not stop intill my problem, other people’s problems have been addressed. That is all i want. For my problem to be addressed and fixed. Is that so much to ask? Really, I understand that you all are busy, but please, I have not stopped trying to fix my problem, and it is so frusterating getting no answer. Please is it so hard to even answer the problems of people that post on here because we have no other place to post. It would mean alot and would probably cool alot of tempers to have someone acknowledge our login problems. Im not trying to diss or keep people from playing SecondLife, no that is not my objective. All i want and im sure other people who are having problems logging in, want a chance to be able to play SecondLife again. I fell in love with playing SecondLife and now my problem has almost broken my heart so to speak. Not being able to play something I fell in love with was one of the worst feelings i have ever felt. Think about it. Its like not being able to play your favorite activity because something is wrong, you try to report the problem but nobody is listening. I hope I can play SecondLife again… that is the only reason i post my problem on these blogs. My frusteration has overcome my ability to type properly.

    To keep on topic…. I think real life games would be very popular on SecondLife, since the games such as Space Invader have done very well among the citizens. I believe that adding games would be a postive step.

  31. UsagiMusashi says:


  32. Montana Corleone says:

    Right, pull in data via LSL, and video streams, more hacks and code mangles.

    Sounds indeed like the next ‘kewl’ thing that will gobble up resources and stress an already overstressed, bursting at the seams, fallen over and dead SL…

    You might to have a look at the last dozen or so blog entries and see that just about every major system component has fallen over since 1.17, just as many predicted.

  33. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

    It amazes me that people are offended by the idea of a Linden (gasp!) having time off, and worse, actually enjoying it!

    If you people have the time to complain in this blog, then you are obviously either not working hard enough, or not spending enough time at the office (or wherever term best describes your employment setting). How dare you work a mere 8 hours a day, or take a weekend off, or heaven forbid, take vacation time. Stop wasting everyone’s time and get back to work. [/sarcasm]

    – – – –

    Awesome stuff, Babbage! Keep up the good wor– err, fun! 😉

  34. Dave says:

    To anyone who’s said, “yeah? well, get back to work!” there’s a certain phenomenon known colloquially as “sharpening the saw” whereby technical and creative workers are more productive during work time when they take regular breaks.
    Also, yeesh, if the system isn’t being built/maintained the way you want it to, there are a couple of other MMO/Virtual Worlds that you may enjoy.
    Why not hit up google and go find somewhere where you don’t feel the need to spread (pointless) negativity.
    And, just as an aside, there is also a really interesting world you could live in that’s been around long enough to be fairly stable.

  35. like_ummm says:

    btw – the blog is not up to date on the login page. The login screen error that was fixed on the 15th is broken again. u stupid, stupid lindens.

  36. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    Interesting and innovative. I for one don’t want the LL team to work on bugfixes – There needs to be some creative juice coming into the work as well.

    To all complainers: If you think that LL needs better teams, knowledge etc – Why don’t you jump in and lend them a helping hand?

    These threads contains the biggest bunch of organisational planners and self-made experts. Every nagger always know how LL should carry out their work and still no nagger is building something that looks like Second Life. Do any of the complainers even think the thought that LL might have different teams working on different things?

    If I wanted a world that only had updates consisting of bugfixes, then I wouldnt have used SL. Im glad that there is creative things happening in the LL team. It also shows that they have spunk enough to do their own thing.

    I believe that the complainers are the same people that would complain about any change in RL also. Well here is a challange: Show some backbone and help LL out instead of nagging in every blogpost you can find.

    And just for the record: I love that speech is coming into SL, I think it is good that the beta of Windlight is redrawn, Im confident in the fact that LL knows what they are doing and I can live with the fact that lindens cant be bought right now – It can be bought from LindenX anyway. I also believe that bugfixes doesnt come immediatly, just because I want them now…

    …..And I know that the only constant thing in universe is change – So either take it or leave it.

  37. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    @29 – You should probably try to do an ordinary BUGREPORT, stupid stupid one….Why report something that is BROKEN in a BLOG???

  38. igsaU ihasuM says:

    Wonders what a SLorpedo is still

  39. like_ummm says:

    it would be just fine for LL to take a good long holiday, if only they had been doing a decent job in the first place. unfortunately they are not and hence they dont deserve a holiday.

  40. like_ummm says:

    @31 – i dunno, just to annoy you. lol!

  41. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    @32 – Then you are the next selfmade CEO for LL then, I guess? Good to know when I’m gonna complain about things in SL – I will forward all my complaints to you.

    Then you have to earn your holiday…

  42. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    @33 – You got it….

    And there we have it people: The essence of a complainer “I just want annoy, therefor I write…”

    You proved one of my points: Lot of nag, nothing to back it up with….

  43. like_ummm says:

    @34 – yea i made myself CEO of LL. you people should and will be grateful…

    i will earn my holiday by doing things like making sure that when i fix things they stay fixed. but then – since there are plenty of people like you around who don’t mind working with such a terribly flawed product – i may not bother.

  44. like_ummm says:

    @35 – You got it…

    And there we have it people: The essence of a sychophant – “i complain aboout the complainers”.

  45. Ranma Tardis says:

    Is the above the reason for the grid being down? Second Life was mostly broken over the weekend.

    Stoltz Sinatra Says:
    “To all complainers: If you think that LL needs better teams, knowledge etc – Why don’t you jump in and lend them a helping hand?

    I am a paying customer and not one of the countless freeloaders. If I understand you corectly if one buys a product and it does not work we should not contact the company or expect them to fix it? Sounds almost like the old Soviet Union where passengers had to do a lot of the things to get the airplane flying. About helping Linden Labs? I do not have access to the problem programs, what the frack can a resident do?
    I understand and respect your view but do not agree with it.

  46. Amelia says:

    Haha, why is the linden telling us to use other virtual worlds? Isn’t that bad advertising dude?

  47. Doris Haller says:

    I understand that this was nice for you and necessary. Glad you liked it.
    I think, a real break would have been go shopping instead of working again with SL, but if that’s your idea of fun…
    At least you certainly did not cause more problems in SL this weekend. 🙂

    I don’t understand why you post it here, now, when everybody’s answer to anything is “fix the bugs”.
    And why are the comments only open for this entry?
    You (LindenLab) need help on how to communicate with your customers.

    BTW, I still did not fully understand what you did there, but I assume nobody was hurt? 🙂

  48. Alexan Rosca says:

    In addition to being a paying customer I’m also English, which means that I’m a member of a society that has, for centuries, enjoyed complaining about almost anything at all (weather, immigration, price of housing, you name it) over any other form of activity. The English National Sport is complaining – and yet, EVEN I don’t have a problem with what the Lindens do on their off time!

    Given the unbelievable complexity of SL, with it’s scripting language, real-life economics and legions of inhabitants, the constant amazement for me is that it ever works at all (especially since the whole thing is hosted many thousands of miles way from me).

    Enjoy your well-earned time off, Lindens. Remember that for every negative poster (“you’re at home having dinner with your family?!! why the hell aren’t you fixing bugs?!!”) there are many other residents that love the world that you have created. Perhaps more of us should show our support in future.

  49. Aromadon Enoch says:

    28, 29 and 31…. I may be a “complainer” and/or a “whiner” but there is just one type of person that is worse than that… and that is an appologist (aka, a suck-up). If you honestly think that posting a blog entry about going away for a weekend to PLAY… not work, PLAY, when the system for which you are at least partially responsible is falling apart around the customers (and I say CUSTOMERS, not USERS, because I am only talking about those how PAY to use SL… the freeby people have no standing as far as I am concerned… they are “users” and a large part of the problem with overcrowding and griefing) is an appropriate way to communicate with your customers, then you are lacking any sense of a business model. It is flat out BAD PR to wave your “vacation” in the face of customers while not only IGNORING the more important and critical issues, but not even making any MENTION of them. And, as pointed out by another poster, since nothing is being fixed, thereby giving all indication nothing is being worked on, exactly WHAT is it anyone at LL needs a vacation from? It’s certainly not from addressing the customer bases concerns. As for how I spend my time and how much I work… I am retired… I paid my dues to the working world, and now I pay my fees to LL to be able to enjoy SL. That hasn’t happened for minimally three days now, so yes, I am complaining…

  50. Montana Corleone says:

    Ooops, better not ask who paid for the trip….

    >>we started running around scavenging tripods, glue guns, gaffer tape and white boards to nail together the hardware side

  51. mo dryke says:

    As too many others, I keep asking for fixing ALL THE BUGS before thinking about anything else.

    don’t want pretty skies
    don’t want voice chat
    don’t care about sculpties contests

    -> want decent support
    -> want stable platform

    I have a dream.
    I have a dream that one day the SL nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: all residents deserve a stable and optimized SL”

  52. Montana Corleone says:

    Ooops, better not ask who paid for the trip….

    “we started running around scavenging tripods, glue guns, gaffer tape and white boards to nail together the hardware side”

    So are those the skills you learnt working on the SL infrastructure? Sure feels like it.

    Still, hopefully you might have interviewed a few Brits for the Brighton jobs – we might get some out of hours support then, oh and weekends too. Brits are pretty used to working weekends.

    So it can’t be all bad.

    Should be fun merging code from California, Boston and Brighton on different time zones as well, with your excellent track record.

  53. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Yeah a bit over my head with the technicals, but it seems an interesting idea! The sex industry implications are a bit scary though LOL!

    But Babbage if you can put one of these on SL, I don’t think I’d ever get off for days on end…

    14 Csven Concord Says:
    “reactivision implementation” – …the best known use being a synthesizer (you can see a nice example of one being used by Bjork in concert…

  54. Detox Watanabe says:

    Ok, I read it, but I don’t exactly get the point of it. I wouldn’t dare posting stuff like this if I were you.

  55. Masami Kuramoto says:

    Please fix the OGG stream bug (VWR-219). It has been open for months.

    Also please note that people can’t vote on this particular bug unless they _know_ what made their client crash. There is no way to tell in advance whether a parcel stream is OGG or MP3, so the crashes are unpredictable (but 100% reproducible nonetheless).

  56. Catherine Dollinger says:

    Glad to see, that the blog character is slightly returning, users mostly saw this blog reduced to a trouble channel.
    What would be so bad seeing single employees of LL take part in an international event, this way both presenting their own profession and at the same time developing some ideas which might (stressing MIGHT!) influence further development at a later stage?
    I appreciate people who widen their horizons, and I surely support when they tell about that. Matching aspects of RL to SL might not be in everyone’s concern (and it certainly isn’t in mine), but testing opportunities seems a nice approach.
    Please, fellows, don’t bash on every single Linden showing up and giving a statement – Babbage is not the only one who is working the grid (at least I hope so :))
    Yes, I had quite some trouble lately myself, losses (larger amouts, indeed) and the like, but, hey, this is a complex program, surely far from being error free, just like _any_ large agglomeration of coding is.
    Yes, I support developing the base system to a stable version before adding new features.
    Yes, the support is not ideal at the current stage – but surely it will develop over time.
    But I personally don’t fix my view on the negative aspects, it’s a wonderful simulation allowing so many really positive aspects!
    I’m sure, LL knows about the named issues and is following the concerns – but mostly in the background, as it is obvious what happens when single items were discussed here: “Get the club, and hey, we’ll get him” – this is counterproductive in any case.
    Let single ones have a break from the action once in a while, this will certainly not slow down progress, as it’s not a one man show.
    Please don’t forget what it’s all about: it’s a game. Yes, an economic game, but still a game, at least for most of us. Very few will be able to make a real income, I’d say most are just trying to have fun.
    When a game played locally on a PC crashes now and then it’s accepted at will, but when this complex simulation shows some trouble, the anger arises boundless.
    Additionally I cannot see the distiction some draw between regular paying and non paying accounts as for access to the grid – you’d be amazed how much monetary traffic (in the end supporting the fees payed to the grid maintenance) is generated by basic accounts – many buy L$ and thus add to the game’s economy. And basic accounts today will be the premium accounts of the future, when it comes to buying land and such.
    So LindenLab, please keep up the blog telling some things around the trouble shooting aspects. Just have an eye on the “when” – doing so, when major crashes are ongoing would not be wise 🙂

  57. Dumisani Ah says:

    Great! Now I spent an hour learning more about this reactivision thing too :)) Thanks Babbage, your project details always end up teaching me more stuff than just code, and that my friend I highly appreciate!

  58. Raban Laborde says:

    A rice bag has fallen over in china.

    What about several faults and bugs, lindex and on? No new info?

    Hacking games at weekend may be nice, but your customers are interested in having SL running.

    And, btw, Lindex on the Website is NOT working properly, too.

    Your News about Game Hacking is a school book case for really bad PR showing your nice weekend while users can’t get mones and buy – and vendors get reduced activities and earn less money…

  59. Wendy Forager says:

    What we need is something like a chat channel with which you can keep contact to inworld friends when you are not able to have SL on a PC somewhere. Not some bla bla of god what knows torpedo thing game. Linden messed up a very special time with my partner in SL on Friday and SL is still recovering from last update. Please work on bugs first and then update later. And if you must update give us something more usefull than speech, like I said a chat ability would be helpfull.

  60. Fritz Otoole says:

    Good that you Lindens enjoy life .. but please keep in mind that WE want to enjoy a working SL!
    Cant get any money since more than a week .. luckily I am not in “big business” here .. but I cant even pay my weekly rent to my landlady ..
    Not to speak about all other bugs ….

    Have a nice week!

  61. Paulo Dielli says:

    Sure, there are many many problems on the grid and lindex. But when I was building yesterday, I actually found it quite normal to be able to use sculpties in my designs. And this feature was only introduced – what – 2 months ago?

    With every update we get problems. But through time we also get very usefull features that I wouldn’t miss anymore. I couldn’t care less about slorpedo. But what I mean is that things ARE improving. Gradually. Maybe too slow, too unpredictable. But for me that’s enough.

  62. alexia cournoyer says:

    @ 25 – Hrouck, This really won’t make you feel much better, but it may help.. it depends on the definition of a ‘service’ I suppose. but since you are unable to access their service (100% unreachable), and it’s through their deliberate actions and not because you’ve breached (iii)..

    “5. Under certain circumstances, you may receive service credit for unscheduled downtime.

    You will be eligible to receive Service Credit toward recurring service fees (e.g. monthly account fees, 90 Day account fees, annual account fees, and Land Use Fees) for Unscheduled Downtime. “Unscheduled Downtime” is an unplanned or unscheduled interruption in Service availability for a period of at least twenty-four (24) hours during which you are unable to access the Service. Unscheduled Downtime is measured from the end of the time the Service is 100% unreachable for a period of at least twenty-four (24) hours until Service is once again restored. The following are excluded from the calculation of Unscheduled Downtime: (i) scheduled maintenance downtime; (ii) problems outside of our Service (upstream providers, or your inbound connection) not affecting 100% loss to our Service; (iii) interruptions or failure of Service caused by you or your representatives (including inaccurate configuration, third-party software, abuse or over-utilization of resources, hacked servers, attacks, exploits, or server hardware failures); and (iv) causes beyond Linden Lab’s reasonable control and occurring without Linden Lab’s fault or negligence, including natural disasters, wars, terrorist acts, riots or other violent upheaval, governmental restrictions and actions, and performance failures of a third party outside Linden Lab’s control. The amount of any Service Credit will be based on the pro rata percentage of Unscheduled Downtime during your billing cycle (e.g., if there is 1 day of Unscheduled Downtime in a 30-day month for your monthly account, you will receive a Service Credit for 1/30th of your recurring service fees). Any Service Credit will be credited to you during your next billing cycle. ”

    and as for the fun and games on the weekend, I can’t think of any manager in company in LLs position that would have allowed it (or anyone who would have considered to publicly talking about it) as it’s obvious how bad it looks to the paying customer.

  63. Aromadon Enoch says:

    I cannot believe what I see some people saying… the code is “complex” so we should EXPECT bugs? No, we should not… we should not be SURPRISED when they arise and we should expect that as soon as they are discovered, they become priority one for the entire team, but we should NEVER expect bugs. SL is huge… indeed. So are WoW and EQ and EQII and so on and so on but they do not have the crippling issues found here, and they CERTAINLY don’t have them for three days because they were discovered on a “weekend”. There is no “weekend” in big business.

    We should be “understanding” and “patient” with LL… to a point, I agree. But I wonder how “patient” and “understanding” they would be if your fees were three days late or your land tiers went unpaid because you didn’t get around to it, or better yet, went on “vacation” without paying them. Do you have any doubt you’d find your good in your inventory and your land sold?

    It is not “focusing on the negative” to be upset that new “toys” are being contemplated when the “toybox” is falling apart at the seams. All the pretty skies and linked content won’t mean squat if nobody can pay for them or get in world to access them.

    Right now, LL reminds me of nothing so much as a highschool garage band… Lots of big plans, lots of talent… and so easily distracted by the next interesting trend to come along that they are willing to leave it all behind and pursue that interest. The major difference is that THIS band has been paid for their gig… and it is not “wrong” or “selfish” of us to expect them to perform…

  64. Andy Piper says:

    Awesome working with you guys at the weekend – I think it was a pretty cool hack we came up with. For those who asked, the bits we scavenged were offered freely by other folks at HackDay… a real team effort.

  65. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    @48 – Well LindenX is working when I use it on the web.

    @36 – That are some bold words, but why don’t you spring into action instead? I guess that you are making a fortune in SL, the way you run a company. You havent stated any strategy on how to reach your bold goals.

    @37 – You are always entitled to your opinion. On the other hand I don’t have any gains from being nice – So it is hardly earning any “brownie scores”.

    The answer to all the complaints are quite simple:

    If any of the complainers in this thread SERIOUSLY think that Lindens are NOT trying to smash bugs – Don’t use SL.

    If any of you complainers think that SL is NOT a complex system with NEW technology – Don’t use SL.

    If any of the people complaining think that bugs can be ironed out in a week – Don’t use SL.

    If you feel that SL is so faulty and not usable due to ALL the bugs – Don’t use SL.

  66. Cat Cotton says:

    Interesting you pointing out the IBM connection once again; noted. Care to leave blog comments on in the future?

    *Throws a quarter in the love machine and watches it cause prim drift.

    Glad you had fun, wish building and shopping still was.


  67. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Sounds like a blast was had by all – people ser babbage is investigating SLs future so live with it. And you can’t buy lindens? Get off your backsides and earn them for a change. Sculties? fascinating. Inventory loss? not in months. Speech coming? big deal I alrady skype. I was on late into this morming dealing, building, experimenting and dancing with my honey. Babbage et al need to refresh same as anyone else. And no I didn’t understand half of it either. You wanted communication – you just got some.

  68. Isabelle Frangilli says:

    @ Csven (#14)

    Thanks for the explanation. I only understood the first definition. The rest, still too complex for me and probably the average SL player.

    And that’s the rub.

    LL needs more people working for it who have no clue how to write a script. And feel good that they don’t.

    But these people would understand the value of customer support. They understand what makes a great service or product. They understand how to communicate to LL’s customers and ask them what’s really important to them.

    This post meant nothing to me and many others. Meanwhile, SL only retains, optimistically, 10% of the people who try it.

    Stop playing with mixed reality and start exploring the clear reality of your terrible customer retention.

  69. Cappy Frantisek says:

    “You wanted communication – you just got some.”

    How about why the grid went down the other morning, the login page showed online but grid status page on the web site showed maintanence? No warning just, boop!

    How about why the login page is wrong? How about why the homepage stats only work sporadically? How about why my sim was brought down in the middle of me doing a compile on a cript with no warning? That’s the communication I wanna read. I think everyone needs to have fun sometime but we’re getting now whys. Posting to JIRA or opening a support ticket is the equivalent of throwing a rock into the ocean.

    “But what I mean is that things ARE improving.”

    You must not do anything complex like building or scripting. Then you would know, when you get your big project ready to sell and it prim drifts or you sell a bunch of items you have beta tested for months only to have a script broken with an “upgrade”. They are trying to make SL better, I agree. They just aren’t succeeding!

  70. Juliet Ceres says:

    This post doesn’t belong here. LL are communicating this blog as a way to find out what’s wrong with SL and to inform yourself about it.

    There’s no place for “Whooo, I had an awesome weekend…” posts here.
    Instead we NEED info about:

    1. What went wrong.
    2. When is it going to be fixed.
    3. What is done to prevent stuff like that in the future.
    4. Who is responsible.


  71. AWM Mars says:

    Well after being in the company of some cool coders, hopefully something rubbed off and you can impliment some good coding now?

    Always nice to know, that whilst the passengers are suffering, the crew is safe and enjoying themselves… you guys need to learn some basic human instincts.. strikes me as the lights are on, but no one is at home… hello reality check!

  72. Raudf Fox says:

    *blinks* I think I see the problem, folks. You see, this is a BLOG, and at one time, Lindens were encouraged to actually write in it. Problem was that it became the main form of communication, which leads to things like this.. where the Linden is actually using it properly, but it’s against user expectations.

    And a lot of us are extremely frustrated that there isn’t some form of user friendly way of communicating with the Lindens. So the blog has become ‘it’ by default.

    Babbage, take things like this too hard! Just pass word on about the frustration levels please? And while I will eventually understand what you were talking about, right now, it sounds kinda fun! It’s great to see the blog being used by the Lindens still!

  73. AWM Mars says:

    @54 I have a bucket of fresh sand for you… so you can bury your head in it… How you can use the term ‘weeks’ when referring to fixes? Thats a joke, these issues have been around for years…

  74. Raudf Fox says:

    Err, “don’t take things like this too hard…” And we really need an edit feature.

  75. keith madsen says:

    dear babbage,,,never mind jollying around all over the place,,,why dont you people sort out your help system so that people can actually use it, you have masses of F.A.Q’s that are rarely of use to all but new players, Your toll free numbers (certainly in UK) are very rarely working at any time of day, and when they are they just ring and i have never actually had anyone answer ! I have consierge status and have been trying to buy lindens from both w/site and in game for three days now, and can i get any real help…guess what …no i cant…and please, dont advise me to press F1 or try something else that dont work,,,why not forget the jollying around and deal with it yourself if you can find some time. I hope you are able to put this up for folk to read,,,i speak for many people i can assure you of that….thankyou for reading this if you do,,,lol
    keith madsen,,,(serious player of second life)

  76. Catherine Dollinger says:

    Juliet, sorry, I don’t fully agree. The blog is not only a problem tracker, but states itself like this:

    “A warm welcome to the Official Linden Blog, where we, the employees of Linden Lab, write about Second Life and related topics of interest.”

    Ok, we all have certain problems with the simulation, but why don’t we accept that Linden employees are humans, too? And if they spend their off duty time with an event which is “a related topic of interest” why not post here? Actually, I did not even know about this event, but still find it fascinating. As long as it doesn’t lead to immediate new features 🙂

    Yes, regular updates on open issues already posted in the blog would be appreciated, but on the other hand, let’s keep open minded enough not to bash on every single topic not dealing with one’s current problems with the sim. As for me, I’m glad _not_ to work at Linden Lab these days – you could not tell about it on a party without getting a beer splashed in your face… Now please, those guys are humans like any other and not on their job 24/7. I am neither, otherwise I’d not be in SL 🙂 After all, anyone is free to leave when the sim is THAT worse as it is usually positioned here. Land prices would fall then, and others would be happy 🙂
    (Don’t take me too serious – I don’t do myself)

  77. “To all complainers: If you think that LL needs better teams, knowledge etc – Why don’t you jump in and lend them a helping hand?”

    Many of us have offered. We’ve been rejected, for no apparent reason.

    Some of the jobs require a ‘degree’ – even though the job itself doesn’t warrant the need of one, and having one doesn’t make you a better person anyway.

    I have 17 years of relevant experience in an administrative and customer support role, and most certainly don’t need a degree in some random subject to be able to work for Linden Lab – my resume and work history prove that I am more than capable of being of benefit to LL. But if they don’t want me, it’s their loss.


  78. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    I see to many intimating that he should have worked on the infrastructure rather than taking some time away from what must be a very grueling work schedule. I personally watch people burn down in the game to the point I tell them to take several days off and it always results in a fresh creative person returning. Breaks are a requirement to maintain ones sanity especially when we are all whining about game problems we have. Good for you and I hope you return with new vigor and ideas on how to correct some of the wonderful benefits of the game ))

  79. wandarich says:

    I think you should change your name to babble or garbage. Sadly I only speak English so didn’t understand a word of this waffle.

  80. EvenStar Jewell says:

    #53… very well said.

    I couldn’t agree more… the same problems happen with each upate/viewer release. Surely by now, after fixing it so many times, someone is able to see where the flaw in the new loads are happening and can take steps to prevent it.

    I think all of the new ‘toys’ LL is bringing us are great, but… first things first. Plug the holes – *then* add more.

    I’m not a programmer/coder… so I can’t help with the fix. But I do know there is a serious flaw in the LL business case to allow customers to lose customers/revenue by not addressing the stability of the program before adding new things.

    Need a vacation? Go for it… everyone needs a rest now and then. But, please… come back with ideas on how to fix problems? Instead of bringing back ideas that may just add problems because the system is too unstable? Good ideas *can* be put on the back burner until the system is ready to handle them?

  81. Hanna Ree says:

    What a laugh, reading down this list. Does SL have issues, YEP! Now that said, for all the people asking LL to put every one on a problem(s) is a laugh as it points out a very little understanding of programming and project management. Only so many will have the skills in some processes and only so many can work on one set of code at a time. Also you have reactive and proactive issues programmers have to do to keep the systems up. Not all of it is code as then you start having to work with clusters, networking, database, and hardware specialists. Would you want some on who is a cluster expert, trying to debug and recode the LindeX, if so just burn your money now, it will be less frustrating. I sure know I don’t want the book keeper there trying to fix the asset server. And any one that thinks WOW or any of those other GAME systems are as complex as SL, here is a clue, IT’S NOT! If you are not sure why, then take the time to send a bunch of complaints to WOW and ask why you can’t build and create like you do in SL. While your at it, nag them till its up and running tomorrow.

    I hope the trip was a good time and you got some new ideas. Its good to recharge your batteries and have a break. Too many entries here take the approach, “Floggings will continue until morale improves.”

  82. Nad Gough says:

    At the many software houses I have worked in, if there were major problems with the code or infrastructure we could forget our weekends. In most of those places it was because of persnal pride more than management direction. I’m not sure what is meant @65, by “grueling work schedule”. Where did you get that information?

    When will the mac client be fixed and supported as advertised? Thank you.

  83. Isabelle Frangilli says:

    Maybe LL should have separate blogs for separate LL employees. Then this one from Babbage would not be so jarring. You could look to the different employee blogs to cover different topics. One would cover fixes, one would cover blue-sky, happy-happy topics like Babbage’s post, one would cover corporate news, etc.

    Oh, I have a correction. I did some math based on LL’s numbers: Only 6.48% of SL’s “total residents” logged on in the past 7 days. Remember that alts are figured in there as well, so the percentage of actual “humans” who logged on could be even lower than that.

    And yes, I’m woefully off topic. But there is no general discussion allowed anymore, so I’ll take my soapbox where I can get it.

  84. Apolonius Barbosa says:

    Yeah great. Real interesting fanboy nonsense. WHY CAN’T I WALK STRAIGHT SINCE THE UPDATE? WHY AM I PAYING FOR YOUR HOLIDAYS?

  85. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Alright, let’s throw a bone to all the apologists who want to let the rest of us know how wrong we are for begruding a Linden a little time off… You’re right, it’s awful, thoughtless, harsh, cruel… any other term you can come up with to denote how baaaad we are for our complaints.

    There still remains the fact that, if you go off for a weekend of fun and games while those you work for (and don’t even begin to say LL doesn’t work for us… ANYONE who takes your money to provide a service to you IS in your employ) are dealing with all the problems mentioned here and dozens of others that just didn’t make it this far, then you have the good sense to keep your mouth shut and not rub it in while posting not ONE updated bit of information on the critical issues. It shows a total disregard for and total lack of understanding of what is important and critical. Another individual was thusly uninformed, and she didn’t even post a long blog… she just said, “Let them eat cake”….

  86. Solar Legion says:

    You know, as much as I want bugs fixed I still look at this entry and am quite glad they are not burning each and every programmer they have out.

    I am also glad that they do not ascribe to the notion that they work for us: Yes, many of us allow them to pay their employees … However that does not mean their employees are OUR employees. For a good example of a ‘service’ that shows this truth …. See america Online or any other larger provider.

  87. Marissa Akula says:

    It is indeed great for anyone in any stressful occupation to take a break now and then to recenter themselves, so bravo! I really don’t think the complaints here are about the taking a break, it’s more along the lines of related issues:

    1- past mistakes of LL being forgotten in their drive to bring in new toys. Yes, I’m sure they have debuggers working at least occasionally on some of it, but many issues have apparently been forgotten for, as some mentioned earlier, years. Anyone else remember reliable friends’ lists? a database/asset server/whatever else that wasn’t prone to constant disruption?

    2- Seriously lacking communication. LL makes huge sweeping proclamations and feature changes, but doesn’t seem to hear a word their PAYING customers say. the grid has its worst weekend since the last major attacks, and the first thing we hear is “I had a great weekend!”.

    3- Perhaps it’s not a big stetch to say that priorities are needed. The grid is unstable. No longer is it a ‘prophecy of doom’, it’s blatant fact. Until this fact changes, common sense says that adding new features is not a wise course of action.

    Hopefully this clears up some confusion about what people are actually voicing concerns over. Please note, I didn’t say complaining. Customers don’t complain, they voice concerns.

  88. Zar Beaumont says:

    Hackers? Sorry but probably i don’t understand..There is a good hacker in this planet? Probably LL can explain it..Hacker is normally a guy, with criminal intent. I can find strange find an hacker without criminal action. That’s why they are hackers, not programmers. Right? 😡

  89. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Ah, well, that was an eye opener… After going into SL and checking some profiles, I see now why some have a vested interest standing on the side of LL… and I don’t think I’ll bother to read anymore of the entries here for two reasons: 1) Since the majority of the people seem to agree, I’d be preaching to the choir and 2) I don’t really want to be around the other type….

  90. Simon Nolan says:

    It’s so awesome to know that LL had people at Hack Day London. I saw a video online yesterday about the rain coming through the skylights and thought, “Man, THAT sucks!” I had visions of frying laptops as the rain drops came down. Good to know everyone made it through that, and that you were able to do something fun and creative and that flexed those neurons!

    Thanks for posting about this, notwithstanding people who say, “ZOMG a Linden had time off so he’s shirking his reponsiblity to ME ME ME!”.

  91. Aryn Lassard says:

    I am glad you folks had a great time in London. Honestly, that’s great, and I hope it brings good things to SL in the future.

    In the meantime, can somebody @ Linden Labs PLEASE post an update on the LindeX situation. The last post on the issue said it would be fixed by Monday (incorrect) and that you would still be able to purchase Linden dollars on the website (incorrect).

    I don’t want to whinge and moan here, I just want to know what’s going on, and when it is going to be fixed. At least acknowledge there is a problem.

  92. Ann Otoole says:

    i made a slorpedo!
    see it at
    have a nice day!

  93. Chronic Skronski says:

    broccoli curry: Many of us have offered. We’ve been rejected, for no apparent reason.

    Honestly, Lewis (and Ann): I believe it’s the attitude.

  94. janeforyou Barbara says:

    This tells me nothing on what the problems in SL are…i tryed to understand what this gor to do with me as a user…nothing.

  95. Demelza Beaumont says:

    I think it would be remiss of LL if they were *not* pushing the boundaries between RL and VR in this sort of way. It is analogous with the motor companies running racing and rallying teams – in no way directly related to their day to day business, but an environment from which much innovation later comes into the mainstream business.

    SL is an example of a technology which is still in its early infancy, despite the large number of users. Other companies are looking at more business oriented VR worlds, such as Sun

    In the meantime, the technology convergence demonstrated by this sort of mashup is important, and I applaud the LL staff who were part of it.

  96. Wolf Husky says:

    Help Please

    my account has been suspended, It tells me come to website reactivate it, yet i see no area to reactivate accounts, I am trying communicate with someone through here, as there is no other way in any areas of sl for people with my problem to communicate with managment within linden labs.

    my original email account which I opened Wolf Husky with was hacked/cracked, I think possibly the hackers¬ crackers then with access to my email account, went on to use my secondlife account,

    all im searching for is responce some way, bit of custumer care, I enjoy second life and if i have done anything to offend or broken some rules then I apologise please can you email me with responce or even just reactivate my account, as I miss the friends and fun I have on it,

    please use the email addy provided to contact me,

    thankyou so much for taking time to read this,

    kind regards

  97. Xor Jun says:

    Hey I think it is great that the Lindens are poking around with the fun side of SL, yet I want to do the same yet I can’t because I can’t pay my bill thanks to the problem with credit card auth and Lindex. I have a ticket opened for 48 hours now without a single response!

    And now there is a serious issues with LSL script security and you don’t bother to update us with the status other than the terse blog entry without comments? Do you think we are going to ignore that little hickup? Please give us some status update on what the problem was and how you addressed it?

  98. Dirk Felix says:

    I have a great idea for mixed relaity:
    1. Your fix the platform
    1. Your fix the platform
    1. Your fix the platform
    1. Your fix the platform
    1. Your fix the platform
    1. Your fix the platform
    1. Your fix the platform
    1. Your fix the platform
    1. Your fix the platform

    See how simple ideas can actually make sense

  99. Christopher Linden says:

    To all who posted:

    As always, I am glad we have a vocal community that can express its joys and – yes – frustrations with Second Life. I’d like to shed some light on why attending this event could actually help fix our problems in the future.

    1/ Ultimately if you want Second Life to become more stable – which we all do – the best way for us to accomplish this is to find more smart, dedicated people who can work more long hours to fix things. That’s why we thought it was good to attend this event: it was first and foremost a recruiting event. Yahoo and the BBC had invited 500 highly talented developers from around the world to this event, many of whom Babbage and I spent time talking with all weekend. The cool “hack” we came up with was simply the best possible promotional device to get some of these developers interested in joining Linden Lab. And it worked! Many of these very talented programmers came up to us afterward to learn more about Second Life and Linden Lab. So from that perspective, I think it was well worth it to invest 36 hours of Babbage’s weekend time to help us grow our team. If we didn’t occassionally “pop our heads up” to do some recruiting, we’d be in a lot more challenginge position today.

    2/ Linden Lab was extremely judicious in not investing too much development time in this event. I am a business resource, so my hours wouldn’t have helped fix problems in the code anyway (wish I could). I was really impressed with how focused Babbage was too. He left our Brighton office late on Friday to attend the event in London on Saturday and Sunday and was back in the office by Sunday night. Basically he worked all weekend and didn’t take any time off.

    3/ Increasingly, it is important for Linden Lab to build bridges to other major technology providers so we can work together on making Second Life even better (i.e. increasing development bandwidth through the dynamic capacity of partner companies.) Yahoo was one of the primary sponsors of this event and I am glad we invested in getting to know their executives more so we can explore the possibility of them helping us tweak some of our services like search, which I think we will all admit could be enhanced. Ultimately, forming close relationships with other companies could dramatically increase our development capabilities – imagine us being able to tap into even a fraction of some of the hundred or even thousands of developers some large technology companies have.

    I hope this helps explain more of our thinking around why we invested in this event. Our primary goal is mutual – to make Second Life as great as it can be – and I really think after attending this event, we came one step closer to achieving that. Thank you for being patient while we continue to improve Second Life.

  100. william Fish says:

    meanwhile back from LALA land SL is at a crawl with things not working left and right, to name a few, 0 people online, group info not updating/refreshing, clicking OK on your profile clears out the ## of people that teleported via your classified ad, linden dollars showing false info, no info and stale transactions still. Land traffic stats on some sims not updating until 1700 or worse, waiting two days to update leaving false info. Seriously… these are just a few of the minor details that the average person has to deal with everyday on SL… while Lindens are dreaming up dumb ways to broadcast a game they play in RL… we do have better things to work on.

  101. Montana Corleone says:

    Yes, it’s all very well them having fun, and I’m sure it was all preplanned, and people do need a break. But if you’re an infrastructure person, and you post about having a jolly time over the weekend across the pond when the system was probably at it’s worst ever, then you can expect to get it in the neck.

    For those who say it’s complex code: well yes it is, but so is most big software. They’ve had four years to make the thing stable. How long you want to give them? A decade? The computer world moves fast, we can’t wait that long. And it would be a lot less complex if they weren’t so bloody minded as to keep adding bells and whistles while the system is so unstable and people beg them not to.

    And for those who think it’s working perfecttly, and those who told us sculpties, Windlight and Voice would make no difference, let’s look shall we? They may not all be working in the viewers, but the back end code is all there on the servers so the betas and First Look can use them. Here on this blog, since the Voice update that never was (but was a server one that put code in) two weeks ago we have had these posts by Linden:

    * Second Life scheduled maintenance – Complete! 6th June
    * Weekly Stipend Payout Issue
    * Search Back Online
    * Phone Support Issues
    * Stipend Failure Redux
    * Intermittent asset issues
    * Post-mortem: “Find” Database Issues
    * Login Issues Resolved
    * Support Portal currently down
    * Asset Server Problems
    * WindLight Update (Taking Windlight out)
    * Errors when purchasing L$ through LindeX
    * Login Screen Error
    * In World Lindex Purchases Over the Weekend
    * Database Hiccup
    * LSL Script Issue
    * Server restart for security issue

    That’s more than one a day, and most have lasted for days on end before they were partly resolved.

    Pretty much every major system from the software, scripting, security fixes, to dbs, asset servers, money, logins, support portal, phone support, search down…

    That doesn’t include two password borks that stopped people logging in, but strange silence here, classifieds also not working, or the wonderful grid down status reports trying to login or support ticket the issue while the login screen, blog and web page all indicated the grid was up over the weekend.

    Sure looks like it’s working fine to me, if you forget about the duct tape and glue falling off the hardware infrastructure.

    Maybe it works fine for you, and that’s great. But for tens of thousands of us it’s pretty broke and sick. Maybe time to take off those rose tinted specs…

  102. Day Oh says:

    Oooh, this involves some cool stuff… I think it was written wrong… haha 😀

    Wow, good stuff!

  103. Benja Kepler says:

    This is what I like about SL! New frontiers … new stuff …
    BTW your pioneering namesake had a problem with noisy neighbours


  104. Reality says:

    Montana – you are complaining about a system that was not truly designed for the use it currently sees and for its current form.

    Want all of that stable and fixed? Want everything to work perfectly and to be designed for the current use and layout?

    Hope you do not mind having the entire grid taken off line for however long it wil take them to scrap everything and start over from the beginning.

  105. Ann Otoole says:

    oh gawd Benja, Babbage’s namesake and his legislation, “Babbage’s Act”, gave birth to greifers! ARGH!

  106. Benja Kepler says:

    Star Trek! (TNG) – those control panels on the bridge – interface that to SL babbage!

  107. Ann Otoole says:

    sorry Benja, the SL client is not modular and therefore does not support skinning. And da Boss man sayeth he has no intention of “boiling the ocean” (rewrite) so don’t hold your breath for a skinnable UI to SL.

  108. UM says:

    I don`t understand why my post are not showing up!

  109. AWM Mars says:

    And the obvious answers to the statement about ‘burning out their programmers’ is:
    Get more programmers.
    Contract out sections of the work.
    Contract out to those who specialse in DB work.
    Dump the Beat Grid and FirstLook because they do little to make the real client effective and the additional workload supporting those can be used in the real live stuff.

    Any company on a growth pattern, especially one so predictable (see growth chart featured on the forums) should not fall foul so readily without backup plans or planned growth schedules.

  110. Tegg B says:

    Hmm I would have liked a bit more information, on what you did, it’s a bit aver techno for me, I gather you went to England and used SL to make a Submarine game simulation. Which sounds fun , and wasn’t necessarily all done on LL’s payrole either. So thanks for giving us the chance to comment anyway, don’t be put off by the overnegative clowns here who feel it necessary to bite every Linden they see’s head off.

  111. Brace says:

    “and wasn’t necessarily all done on LL’s payrole either”

    Weeel…. we dunno if it was or if it wasn’t

    But I got a mad crush on Babbage and so therefore: he can do NO WRONG

    carry on darlin – do whutevah you wanna do *bats eyelashes at Babbage at gale force winds*


    its not as if Bab & nems takin off to Eengland is gonna make the grid any WORSE or anything. How bad CAN it get? LOL

    *blowkiss Babbage*

    WUBS OO!

  112. Mabb Dilweg says:

    Oh my goodness, listen to you lot! What a bunch of nasty, self-important grinches!

    I have had probs with SL too (took me 60 mins to log in) and yes it needs lots of work blah blah blah, same old, same old (do you really think there are ppl who don’t know the things y’all are spamming ad nauseum?)

    This is ONE staff member who went away for A COUPLE of days! People CANNOT work 24/7 or even 7 days/week. It is physically and mentally beyond them and would increase the time it takes to fix SL problems. Do any of you understand how productivity works (and under what circumstances it drops????). Ever heard of burn-out? You’ve probably experienced it yourselves, but you have no problem exhorting LL to be the worst employer ever by working their staff like slaves!

    Either you are sweat shop owners yourselves, or you’re hypocrites!

    How about a bit of humanity in the way you communicate with these people – they ARE people you know! They’re not things, or slaves, they’re free human beings deserving of being spoken to with respect.

    We might pay LL for access to SL, but we DO NOT OWN THEM. We have NO right to tell people they can’t go on leave. Get OVER that for goodness’ sake – I have no idea where this false sense of ownership came from, but get real – and polite – and use the proper forum ( to raise and discuss issues, and to vote for them to indicate what your priorities are. As customers we have a right to input, not control.

    I swear I don’t blame the Lindens for closing off comments. What a complete waste of time for them to wade through the chaff to find the one or two useful remarks.

    I am personally glad that some of the LL staff take time out to replenish their little grey cells, so they are better able to come up with creative ideas for fixes, maintenance and the future!

    Angry Mabb

    … who works in software development/support and would NOT accept such behaviour towards my staff, from a fellow staff member OR a customer!

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  114. As always I am overwhelmed by the passion of the Second Life residents. To provoke such strong responses clearly shows that Second Life is very special to you all. I appreciate that and do what I can to make Second Life as scalable and stable a platform as possible.

    Linden Lab is still a very small company trying to grow quickly to keep up with the recent popularity of Second Life. We need to spend time attracting the best developers in the world and so I was happy to spend a weekend away from my family to help a team of people build something extraordinary and show hundreds of developers in London what Second Life makes possible.

    Maybe this blog is no longer the place to talk about what we achieved at Hack Day. 2 years ago it was, but maybe now it’s time for me to set up a personal blog to talk about projects like these and to use the Linden blog just to talk about my work on the Second Life platform.

    I would like to thank those who have posted fascinating responses to my blog posts in the past and to apologise to those I may have confused with my posts here more recently.

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