WindLight Update

Howdy folks!

I’m Zen Linden, one of the new developers in the Boston office helping to bring you WindLight.

With the release of 1.17, the First Look: WindLight viewer will no longer be compatible with the Grid.

We received a tremendous amount of community response, so a giant thank you to everyone who downloaded it and provided feedback via our Issue Tracker.   Now the time has come for us to take it offline, incorporate your feedback, “tighten up the graphics,” and get the sky ready for prime time.   A First Look: WindLight binary viewer will be unavailable for a few weeks while we work on it, but shall return in bigger and brighter form.

However, if you’re absolutely itching to see some of the changes we’ve made or just want to peek under the hood, we’re making the the WindLight source code available (in Main Grid compatible form) via our public version control repository.  Check out the Open Source Portal and the how-to to obtain the source code and compile it.  Please keep in mind that the code is expected to undergo some fairly large changes in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for all your support!

About zenlinden

Part of the Boston/WindLight crew.
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120 Responses to WindLight Update

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    Any estimates on when we will see this formally introduced?

  2. Pulling WindLight back from First Look for now seems appropriate. There were too many problems with performance, with visual glitches, and with it not working at all on many systems. I look forward to seeing the new improved WindLight soon!

  3. Dytska Vieria says:

    oh I wish you would occasionally make the compiled version available, a few weeks can be a long time!

  4. Hi !

    good choice to work on improvementes little bit 🙂

    If it will work with a well configured business notebook – i would love it.


  5. StrawberryLouise Ling says:

    This is not an off topic post as it’s the first blog entry I can leave a comment on since discovering this. The Friends List is borked. I am not submitting a Jira bug report thing as I don’t understand it and as a basic account holder I am not allowed to communicate with the support people. The Friends List has been mostly wrong since the Wednesday update. By leaving this here I hope it will be noticed by a Linden.

  6. Alex1 Richardson says:

    Cant wait to see it, awesome job lindens!

  7. Aradia says:

    Well there goes that idea…as windlight was still running 1.16 and it was the only thing that allowed me to stay on without all those bugs that 1.17 has :\

  8. desdemona enfield says:

    Hello, Zen,

    When I turned on vertex shading to see the sun and clouds in WindLight, my frame rate dropped from 15/sec to 4/sec. I suggest that, if possible, you substantially reduce the hit on animation performance. I also suggest that you provide a way of disabling WindLight and, if possible, re-enabling at least the traditional sun/mon. Using the hammer of disabling vertex shading is excessive.

    Good luck with your development project.


  9. lucian overlord says:

    please delay taking down of the wind light viewer until the 1.17 is stable again or take the 1.17 down and leave us wind light at least it works


  10. Alyx Sands says:

    A few weeks…? MOAN….I loved Windlight, especially the “coastal afternoon” preset was such a lovely warm glowy thing….please hurry! 🙂
    And I didn’t have any performance probs with it at all, even on my 2 1/2 year old laptop.

  11. I am glad they are working on it more…it has great potential but a long way to go 🙂 Looking forward to the next round.

  12. Tactical Dagger says:

    windlight? great, what about the asset servers tho! 😀

  13. It’s really nice can’t wait to get to see it 😀

  14. Darth Juniper says:

    I have the same problem with the Friends list too.

  15. KOVALSKY Koba says:

    It’s not working -> return to your studies !

  16. Now it would be great if some one would pull the genie out of the bottle and give second life some noticeable performance.
    A great feature to add to the viewer options is a way that many features can be turned off with one quick click for maximum performance and mobility then restored as quickly.
    Yes all the effects are very nice, but some applications may not be needed all the time!
    ps. A draw distance of 32m would be helpful in some applications!

  17. @ StrawberryLouise Ling

    I am having the same problems as well.

  18. Wyald Woolley says:

    Dang!! I was SOooo looking forward to Windlight!! SL has gotten to the point where I now show up at my TP destination without my shoes and hair shoved up my butt. Of course, my inventory is empty, When I manage to log in I can’t open my store, work on my residence, or do anything but a herky-jerky walk. There’s hardly a problem at all. Voice and Windlight was to be what brought everything back down to chaos… bummer!

  19. Doris Haller says:

    What really annoys me that the other blog entries with BAD NEWS don’t allow comments. So everybody will come over here and complain.

    It says “We value free expression.” a few lines above where I type now.. I doubt it..

  20. BEARintheMorning Holmer says:

    [quote]I’m Zen Linden, one of the new developers in the Boston office helping to bring you WindLight.[/quote]

    Great Zen, nice to meet you! Now, can you put one of the devlopers that helped borked the asset servers? We’d LOVE to meet THEM about now! 😀

    Seriously though, the new features are looking cool.

  21. Corvaire Wind says:

    Great purchase Lindens.. this will rock when the wrinkles are ironed out. ;O)-

  22. Lavi LaSalle says:

    Did something happen with the water in SL? It looks a very dark (ugly) blue. People in the First Look group told me this might have to do with the Windlight thing, perhaps someone in here can tell for sure? Thanks a lot 🙂

  23. windy lurra says:

    Not to sound like a broken record, but when are your execs going to start pushing what your customers want (and signed off on) – namely that of getting the grid stable and existing function working as it’s supposed to? The shear amount of bugs on your list is an embarassment to any software company, and is comparable only to Microsoft itself.

    You really should consider putting new function on hold until your existing product is better then barely functionable. Afterall, a core truth that anyone in the software business knows is Garbage In Garbage Out. And I’m sorry to say that the game has been much like a city landfill for an embarassingly long time.

  24. Dytska Vieria says:

    In the groups, it would be nice to have a “First Look Windlight” and a “First Look Voice” instead of just a “First Look”. Keep them separated.

  25. Sanderman Cyclone says:

    I really hope they fixed the ‘ocean bowl effect’, as I used to call it, with windlight. It is terrible. And the clouds could go a bit higher.

    But, overall, windlight is a great improvement. 🙂

    And it is logical to keep developing while others work on fixing the grid.

    Keep it up guys.

  26. Tarames Schuman says:

    wind light update?
    who the hell wants this?
    how about first fix all the bugs in the game and make it run correct before putting new stuff in and mess it even more up?
    My island had a traffic of about 100000 and today it says traffic 0 and it is out of the search. my little busines in SL is probably ruined and that was it with island.
    how about to first fix things and make it work?

    a totaly frustrated tarames

  27. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    I agree, Sanderman. The sky should really curve down, not the ocean curve up.

  28. ankt Remblai says:

    I will say that the first look worked terrific on my laptop runnnig vista. I enjoyed the colors. Now I will be patiently waiting to try it again. Good Work.

  29. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    @ 20. I completley agree, as I have not seen ANYTHING done to fix the login problem reset password I have been having and alot of other people have been having for a while. I have not been able to to log into Second Life since May 31. Imagine the frusteration and hours I and others have spent trying to find a glimpse of hope to fix this problem. I think that Linden Labs should read the blogs before they release something else that will surely come out with some other problems that add onto allready existing problems. But I bet they wouldnt read the blog so I guess I am just waisting time here. I am very very frusterated by the help support. It has been redicoulious trying to find somewhere to find help and spending hours trying to find it and then coming up short. And yes I have sent many emails to email addresses that are supposedly Help emails or whatever and I have them sent back saying that they cant help.

  30. Laser Pascal says:

    It’s nice to see that the Windlight people are working on Windlight, and not things they aren’t experienced with, like the asset servers and sim performance.

    Who knows what sort of freaky problems we’d have if programmers for client visual effects started working on data security and server issues…

    Programmers aren’t infinitely interchangeable, please don’t beg for graphics programmers to start working on sim performance, it’s just not realistic.

    Keep working on all fronts, LL.

  31. Zebadee says:

    [12:55] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.
    [12:55] Unable to create requested object. Object is missing from database.

    but thats right, you keep wasting time on new features


  32. Tony says:

    Hi Zen, welcome to the blog, a place where people don’t care what you blog about as long as they have a platform to complain 😉 (You’ll get used to it).

  33. WrestlingHulka says:

    This blog is not the place to comment on bugs. If more people used they would have a better understanding of the severity of some of the bugs that exist. Too many sit on their hands and don’t report the bugs the proper way.

    As for Windlight – I can’t wait for its return! I haven’t had that much fun since Shiny was introduced!

  34. Marianne McCann says:

    Best of luck! I’ve loved it, but yes, it needs to adjustment yet. For what it’s worth, though, I know that I prefer flying over 768m as well as skimming through the clouds, as well as stunning skies. I also kinda like local lighting and less yellow. 🙂

  35. Maxx Mackenzie says:

    I liked the first round of windlight, definitly made a very good upgrade to SL visuals.

    Keep up the good work and i’ll be compiling my next client :3 thanks for the info!

  36. Zebadee says:

    Hi Tony, Welcome to a service where the people who run it don’t listen to what anyone wants and doesn’t concentrate on important things like content loss (therefore loss money for the users)

    You’ll get used to it 😉

  37. Day Oh says:

    Sweet, does this mean the Nimble clouds? 😀

  38. Ann Otoole says:

    We need some transparency on the asset server issue guys. How about an update. Lots of people and things are on hold until further notice right now.

  39. Tony says:

    Hehe Zebadee, nice one. I still think you’d be better campaigning for a stronger voice for user concerns,rather than hijacking a blog about Windlight but I do share your frustrations and it is costing me Lindens.

  40. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    A thought, though. Maybe people wouldn’t be hijacking THIS blog entry, if the ones about the asset problems had comments enabled. If people can’t express themselves where they should be able to, ie, on the appropriate blog entry, then they WILL end up finding somewhere else. Like an unrelated windlight entry.

    On topic, though. i’d really like to see the ocean bowl effect fixed. The dark band between ocean and sky filled by the sky curving around down to meet the ocean. The sky ceiling elevated dramatically, and new particle clouds, with the ability to adjust their altitude.

  41. “bigger and brighter”?

    It’s bright enough.

  42. Arthur Fermi says:

    I’d like to say that this was a good move, but its largely irrelivant. They will impliment it with or without fixing all the other broken stuff … for all I care voice and this could go live now, it couldn’t possible make my expereince any worse.

  43. Samantha Chandler says:

    Why are any Linden Lab developers working on fluff like Windlight with the state the asset server code is in or the memory leaks and crashes in the client. Where are your priorities? The game is a mess and it needs fixing, not more crap bolted on.

  44. Dirk Talamasca says:

    Ann is right. LL should tell folks to just stay offline until the asset server issues are resolved rather than irresponsibly have them sign on and risk losing a massive chunk of inventory. Even at the worst of times over the past couple of years I have been able to take some precaution to preserve inventory by not building or rezzing items for a bit if things went awry. Is simply signing on is now something to fear?

    Zen! You go brother! WindLight is a cool thing and this is the only good news we have had all day!

  45. Luir says:

    Man, I seriously wish they don’t release this stuff, SL still needs alot of work to get actually LIVE UP to the high standards these magazines are giving it. When you read about SL its not “Gigantic bugs and lag make user base angry pandas” no its “This is AMAZING!!!” I admit, secondlife is amazing, but i really think LL is trying to release things constantly now so that SL will stay in the news. Which is kinda sad considering how many people are invested into SL and all LL seems to care about is keeping its product in the news.

  46. lisiana says:

    che palle si deve pagare…….

  47. master quatro says:

    I want to welcome SL to Boston-Cambridge. I live in Boston area with an office in Cambridge – Harvard Square where we take care of the needs of the homeless in the area.

    Zen, great to have you in the family. If any of you guys want to get involved in a great non-profit contact me on-line.

    I love the work you are doing. Unfortunately I also must agree with what many are experiencing, very poor performance at almost every level. I share their frustration. Still no reason to stop innovation and great future possibilities.


  48. Chronic Skronski says:

    This is hilarious – a blog post about LL putting something aside until the bugs are worked out, and people come in to moan that LL should put things aside until the bugs are worked out. I know it’s your mantra, moaners, but come on… why not let people with something constructive to say post for once before the blog gets Usagi’d.

  49. Zebadee says:

    Tony, I wouldn’t hijack the blog usually, but i have no other place to voice my concerns, i’ve voted on the JIRA but nothing has been solved of yet. No update here telling everyone whats going on, but this post about something non essential to us. Like i say in my original post “keep wasting time on new features”.

  50. WilliamAvalanche March says:

    I’d rather have Windlight instead of voice chat.

  51. Jayden B says:

    Cool, at least you guys are opening the source tree for this 🙂 /me starts compiling so he can resume taking pretty photos.

    The viewer was pretty much unusable for normal interaction with the world but for dropping in to take special photos it shone.

    But, however pretty it is, I would prefer that it be put to one side whilst these HUGE problems are worked on, it is so clear that just 70% of your programmers on bug fixing is not enough. Time to put all hands on deck.

    Remove voice and windlight from the Radar, and start working on the serious code and server issues.

    My total inventory losses are now HUGE with the wonderful “object no longer exists in the database” error a daily happening.

    And friends… I know I am annoyed with this and I even went as far as to create an online status indicator that shows the status of other people when friends isn’t there. I suppose (thinking about it) leave the friends list broken Lindens. ((j/k))

  52. Stephanie Lemaire says:

    Windlight looks very pretty but I am so sick of Lindens not taking your customers seriously about the loads of issues with stability that we have already have ,as we speak sl is down again. I for 1 am downgrading my account and if things don’t improve real soon I will be closing my account, SL is no longer fun when all you can use it for now is basically to chat.

    I waste my time each time I log on. I used spend up to 15 hours a day here as I thought it had a future in the business community but to be frank I am not game to even invite anyone to join now. With all the problems they take one foot in the world and think stuff this. I now spend maybe 1 hour every couple of days just to see how things are going.

    They are not getting better. I realize this comment is probably a waste of time also.

    When are the lindens going to listen? Never it seems. Well Lindens pat yourself on the back for a very pretty windlight and a customer base that is disappearing. Seriously I have had a guttful. No more pretty stuff, can’t load inventory. So can’t use it. Spent loads of money on a useless game and a company that does not give a damn.

  53. Jayden B says:

    @41, they have just pulled it from release, they have not put it to the side completely.

    The windlight programmers are still working on when they could be fixing bugs. That they release the source in a compilable form shows this.

  54. BloodDoll Lulu says:

    FIX the asset issues and get our stuff back you lost too, before you do this.

  55. RobbyRacoon says:

    You close all comments on anything to do with Asset Server issues, I can’t report bugs in-world, and Jira is timing out every time…..

    And yet, I have a strong reason to believe that if you look for an orphaned Asset record for an object named “MISSING SWORD”, it could provide some clues for you. Having recognized the symptoms leading up to the loss of what I was working on, I renamed my item in the hopes that it would be easy to find, having what is probably a unique name.

    Do with that information what you will, or not.

  56. alexia cournoyer says:

    I’ve just spent the last 3 days with green and yellow eyes.. tried clearing the cache, tried both windlight and normal viewers, tried changing my eyes – nothing worked..

    so i logged a bug report. problem was i was using windlight when I raised it inworld.. took them 2 days to send me an automated email
    telling me they were ignoring the report as i’d raised it though
    windlight.. didn’t matter that it wasn’t a client problem.. they just ignore any raised through that client as a matter of principle..

    Dear Lindens,

    every other IT company can manage to tweak their test apps to reflect their platform.. can be tricky but i suspect even you guys manage it, since your test grid smells of being a 256 under someones desk.. So why is it so difficult for you to turn off the reporting feature in the client, rather than waste everyones time?


    tunbridge wells

  57. Jeska Linden says:

    Thanks for all of the feedback on WindLight everyone, we’re all very excited about our recent addition to the Linden family of the Windward Mark team. We’re also very excited about getting the WindLight into the client, once the bugs have been ironed out.

  58. Ryde Whitman says:

    Who cares A few sims have 0 traffic listed today. I don’t care how cool the sky looks if I’m at the bottom of all searchs. We Pay just like everybody else…but somehow we end up Second Class in Second Life…FIX THE BROKEN STUFF BEFORE YOU ADD MORE BS TO SCREW UP THINGE…

  59. Vivienne says:

    I liked the first look with athmospheric rendering, tho it slowed down performance in an almost unacceptable way. But a great view!!!

    And i HATE the extremely laggy, buggy latest update with this voice crap included. Solve the more important issues first before you implement unnecessary and not wished features like voice. And eneable us to sculpture prims IN-WORLD instead of sellng out creativity to the 3D maya pros.

  60. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    Laser Pascal Says:
    June 14th, 2007 at 12:55 PM PDT

    It’s nice to see that the Windlight people are working on Windlight, and not things they aren’t experienced with, like the asset servers and sim performance.
    Wow. Someone gets it. It’s a miracle….

    “But Hadley, LL should have dozens of people DO NOTHING FOR WEEKS UNTIL THE PROBLEM THAT AFFECTS ME IS FIXXEDEDED!!! Never-you-mind how much money in salaries that will cost them! I am more important than anything else!”

  61. Raul Crimson says:

    Windlight has been one of the most awesome experiences in SL for me. Of course it had some bugs, but i’m sure you will do a great work fixing them. Thanks for this experience.

  62. Senuka Harbinger says:

    Windlight will be a great addition to SL, I just wish that windlight would have fixed the issues with point lighting in SL (too dim, and/or not enough light sources being rendered). Perhaps that will be implemented further down.

    But great work with the skies, I look forward to seeing settings being adjusted on a per-sim basis and what-not.

  63. Foxxe Wilder says:

    “With the release of 1.17, the First Look: WindLight viewer will no longer be compatible with the Grid.”

    This is TOO BAD, as they DESPERATELY NEED SOMETHING that actually WORKS on the grid VERY VERY VERY BADLY!!

  64. Brett Finsbury says:

    The windlight looks cool and i will have to learn to adjust the settings. i just hope that it doesnt makes things worse than they already are.
    I have gone from having SL run great to laggy
    Hope you can figure out a good fix for this.

  65. Broccoli Curry says:

    Will the new version sort out why the sky colours are all wierd when I turn on clouds on one computer I use, and don’t work at all on another?


  66. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    Agreed Raul, one of the most qualitative adjustments yet. And definitely living up to the hype and more. Indeed a long wait but should be well worth it. Thanks Zen for continuing to ‘massage’ the code and the news of great things to come. Absolutely gorgeous :o)

  67. dachine daviau says:

    Hello.. this has nothing to do with Windlight but this was teh ONLY blog that I could post anything to.. aparently linden doesnt want to hear from its resedents about problems or issues at all.. Seeing as we have no voice.. always given teh runaround and told to go to teh knowledgebase.. Id like to actually speak.. and be heard…. My issue is… me and an associate both have modify rights to eachotehrs objects cus we work togeahter….. but after this new update.. It wont let me go into edit to even move my partners objects.. he has tried revoking the mod righs and giving them back… still doesnt work.. can someone fix the problem so we can get our work done?????????

  68. Ann Otoole says:

    Thank you for the asset server issue update cyn. I’m sure it is an evil one to whack. The entire set of symptoms are rather evil themselves.

  69. Benja Kepler says:

    Excellent, Zen!

    I wonder what else is in the pipeline….a Wii interface?

  70. Psistorm Ikura says:

    my goodness Im impressed at the amount of whine going around. yes, the friendlist is broken again currently. but goddamnit, Im not suffering from any largescale instabilities you guys get. get your systems straight and it might just run.

    as for the topic of windlight: the first release was good, yet far from acceptable on the main grid – understandable as it was a first firstlook, so to say. but Im more than pleased how nicely the JIRA was integrated into the whole thing, and seeing the issues that bother me being resolved, really is a cool thing to have. good job on it so far, I will definitely give it another go when it goes hot again in a few weeks!

  71. Droopy says:


    Stop talking crap, im running a high performance machine here with a high internet connection, and that said SL is still screwing up….
    if they dont want us to whine here they should open comments on the appropriate entry period really simple

  72. miika says:

    “With the release of 1.17, the First Look: WindLight viewer will no longer be compatible with the Grid.”

    That’s OK Zen, we understand, since 1.17 doesn’t appear to be compatible with the grid either 😛

    Jeska came up with: “We’re also very excited about getting the WindLight into the client, once the bugs have been ironed out.”

    Nice, but somewhat vague – Doesn’t say which bugs, WindLight or SL.

    How about getting the ground ready for prime time before worrying about the sky?

    No-one is saying it’s not difficult for Linden Labs. But it’s very hard not to see these postings as anything more than further Linden bread and circuses since they always seem to come out at around the time the grid has come to a grinding halt after each downgrade wednesday.

    Starting to feel like “But wait! There’s more!” – and Lindens are becoming about as believable as the guy selling Oxy-Clean.

    Hard to get enthusiastic about the future when the present is not only dire but you can’t help but feel it’s pretty much guaranteed the near future will become even worse with every downgrade.

    As for the posting being proof that Linden Labs are sidelining WindLight to fix bugs in the core, this post does not say that was the reason. Simply that WindLight First Look doesn’t work with 1.17 (although they have a main grid compatible version available, just not compiled it seems), and that it was to take it down so they could work more on the results of First Look. Since Voice is coming into First Look in its stead, then no, you can’t say that is the meaning behind the post.

    Linden seems *very* good at implying things for image purposes that aren’t *exactly* accurate, it’s all a matter of interpretation.

    The best part? They shut down comments for posts about things they know have irritated or upset large numbers of residents, more often allowing comments on bread and circuses posts, and then get to sit back and watch a prime time example of their “community” principles in action with all the people that jump to Linden’s defense about “off topic posts”.

    If off-topic posts offend commenters, perhaps they should open a JIRA entry for Linden suggesting that they quit letting you have to read the anger and dismay of annoyed residents by letting them post to the more appropriate topics?

    They might not be fixing the showstoppers, but I’m sure they could turn implementing *that* into something positive to post a new blog entry about 😛

  73. Frank Skosh says:

    why not make WindLight an optional feature, like shiny and bumpmapping, just seeing as it *did* so far screw with things like shiny and bumpmapping. i for one wasn’t too happy with all my shiny objects suddenly looking plastic and having a strange sheen over them

  74. Web Page says:

    The biggest problem I saw was that when you create keyframes, the interpolation often overshoots the next frame then returns (bezier)

    It makes it really hard to create a usable cycle unless you know all the tricks to use on beziers

  75. Chris Anthony says:

    I tell you what I’m absolutely itching to see ………

    * objects that load from your database back into my inventory
    * items that “disappeared” re-appearing
    * my friends online list actually working
    * not crashing on a tp
    * a reduction in lag (no – it’s not on my end)

    ….. I’m very sure there’s more to add to that list – please feel free folks !

    And yeah – off topic post. Care to point me in the right direction then ? Jira ? You’re having a laugh !! Asset server issues ? Nope – closed for comments.


    Aside from tipping heavily now, to draw down those Lindens, I don’t bother spending my $L. There isn’t much point. Soon I’ll quit my job in SL, pack up the house & wave goodbye.

    /me is so glad he never went premium !

  76. Jeska Linden says:

    Hrouck – Please note that is no longer a way to get in touch with support – you need to open a support ticket by going to
    You may also try resetting your password by going to

    If this fails, you will be redirected to an 800 number for assistance with resetting your password.

  77. mo dryke says:

    QUOTE JESKA LINDEN: hanks for all of the feedback on WindLight everyone, we’re all very excited about our recent addition to the Linden family of the Windward Mark team. We’re also very excited about getting the WindLight into the client, once the bugs have been ironed out

    That’s so nice… WHY THE HELL don’t you answer to the 40 other people ASKING TO STOP ADDING THINGS BEFORE EVERYTHING IS FIXED?

    /don’t want pretty skies
    //don’t want voice chat
    ///don’t care about who made a sculptie
    ////want decent support
    /////want stable platform

  78. Ann Otoole says:

    umm… not experiencing any asset server issues using the voice first look.
    So progress is being made or the problem is probably connected to the voice components being integrated somehow.

    (Not necessarily because voice is there, just that maybe some code is present in the fl for voice that isnt in the main release)

    Personally i hope its the first scenario and the issue is going away at last.

  79. Web Page says:

    anger and dismay is all very well and good and often well justified, but it has not helped a reasonable discourse on issues that ffect us. I see no reason why well thought out negative responses that are on topic and expressed in a reasoned and calm manner shouldn’t be posted, but nowhere does it say they will be.

    I felt severely censored by the constant flaming and bickering, which made the blog reply section useless (and impossible) to add content to.

    The blog is a place where you can make a difference, The flames have been destructive to the progress of SL.

    Moderators, please also try to control the “wonder and dismay” posters, and please post clearly that this is a moderated blog.

  80. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    I don’t quite understand it either Psistorm. If SL is such a burden for these folks that they feel the need to vent on every post no matter the subject why don’t they just quit?

  81. Zebadee says:

    Thats right you keep ignoring us all screaming for an update on the mess you made since wednesday, Ignorance is bliss.

  82. Web Page says:

    sorry I meant WON’T be:

    anger and dismay is all very well and good and often well justified, but it has not helped a reasonable discourse on issues that ffect us. I see no reason why well thought out negative responses that are on topic and expressed in a reasoned and calm manner shouldn’t be posted, but nowhere does it say they WON’T be.


    It seems SL isn’t the only thing experiencing severe issues since Wednesday. It seems the systems responsible for supplying oxygen and water aboard the /real/ International Space Station failed yesterday, too.

    Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?
    Without oxygen and water, people tend to die.
    Without SL, people tend to… get exercise? 😉

    Take care, and good luck, Lindens. =)

  84. Mimi says:

    I lost a haircut that I spent 2 hours on creating.. why?

    Why are we not warned when we could risk something that costs us money?

    I could have earned tons of money on the haircut but its gone..!!!!

    I know its not nice to whine everytime a blog gets posted, I AM VERY AFRAID I WILL LOSE MY INVENTORY AND BUSINESS HERE BECAUSE OF THIS MESS!!!

    What do I do when I lose more items? How many alts should I create to make sure items I created are save in an inventory? Why are there no backups from inventories?

    People dont care about pretty skies, you are losing lots of customers here that could have stayed in this game.. SL not a good place for business owners anymore…. what will you do without them?

    I dont want any new features I just want to be able to play safely and not lose stuff 😦

  85. Cat Gisel says:

    Yay Lindens, there is hope (no sarcasm)!
    Wait till it’s ready. Take the time you need, fix what’s here. Thanks.

  86. UsagiMusashi says:

    What? Its working wondeful on my computer. Now your taking its away.


  87. Sweet Primrose says:

    I look forward to the next version of Windlight. This particular iteration didn’t work for me (turning vertex shaders on crashed me instantly….so I was stuck with a black-hole sun and no clouds, hehe). I hope you are able to track down the bugs and squish them. 🙂

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  89. Sue Saintlouis says:

    Ok, I know this is off topic, but there is nothing about it in the blog.
    Most things are not working! People are all grey, payments systems have been acting up, can’t rez anything, can’t even wear anything from inventory, animations are not working… What is going on? How come not a word about all these problems??

  90. Grow says:

    Aww. Windlight was really impressive 😦 Any chance of getting shot of voice and bringing back Windlight? hehe

  91. Damona Rau says:

    Nice and also unneeded stuff…

    We need a stable System, when you fix all the problems? Who needs WindLights? After every update, SL slows down more and more… after every update the failures increases… 1 fixed problem and 20 new problems appears. You find this funny? 2 weeks ago SL runs relative stable and fast, but after 06/06/2007 SL is crap. Make your homework, fix the problems and waived further new versions. Demonstrate the community, that you ABLE to get SL stable.

    Damona, with very less patience

  92. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Asset servers fail
    Change your sky to be pretty

    The Capster

  93. Alyx Sands says:

    @62: It’s not necessarily about “high end”- I run SL on three different comps, three different graphic cards (two ATI, one NVIDIA), two of the comps only have 512 MB RAM, and SL as well as WindLight work flawlessly on all three of them (bar the occasional grid hiccup of course). What am I doing wrong?

  94. ravencoyotebear Writer says:

    Ah, poetic complaints!

    The haiku is a lovely form.
    What about a sonnet next?

  95. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Please give us adjustable shininess sliders in the next WindLight update, fix the fishbowl effect and have Nimble in action sometime soon : ) However: do not, I repeat DO NOT make the clouds interefere with the particle limit!

    I am excited about voice except for the fact that this client is extremely unstable for me and crashes more frequently than the normal viewer.

    I can’t help remember someone say that the asset problem was a hardware issue. Perhaps it had something to do with the floodgates being opened and around a quarter million new people joining within a week. Sounds like items weren’t saving because the hard drives were full : ) On that note, I am still having asset issues but only with scripts not wanting to save from time to time.

  96. Evan Beattie says:

    Yay! A new Linden…but, *sighs* the TG is left out again. 😦

  97. Glad to hear our suggestions are being worked into the Windlight client. I suggest weekly beta grid builds for folks to test out and remark on. Also I hope there will be a more precise method of changing the settings, the mouse alone was not that accurate.

  98. Ylikone Obscure says:

    Windlight was pretty and everything, but I missed the low level clouds… nice to have those back. Can you keep the low level clouds there even with Windlight? That would be nice.

  99. Windlight is UGLY, it’s a step backwards in the evolution of the graphical looks of Second Life. Where light objects with their local light brought so much realism into our world, Windlight makes it flat and glowing so colorful it looks cartoonish.
    You ruin the last 6-12 months work i have done. I have always been forgiving to LL for the f*ck you handshakes their veteran content creators get for over 3 years now. We have made your world to what it is today, for how much longer you gonna keep spitting in our face???

  100. Grow says:

    Leyla Firefly, did you have Vertex Shaders enabled when you used the previous Firstlook? Without that enabled, I agree it did look awful but with it enabled, in my opinion Windlight was truly breathtaking, specially if you set your draw to 512 and cam looked around 🙂


  102. Keiko Rau says:

    @66 Jeska,

    “Please note that is no longer a way to get in touch with support”

    You guys should update the Crash Logger then… It tells me every day to contact that email address…. It also suggests that I use Live Help on the client help menu, in-world….

    And that is with 1.17.0(2)

    Pay attention to the small stuff, and the big stuff will look after itself.

    Unfortunately you prove time and time again, that you dont pay any attention to the small (basic) stuff, like… oh, say… stability.

  103. OMG says:

    Why do you have to make the game worse ??? With Wind Voice etc. Fix the problems we have. I just lost my MALL, ASSETS. and now probably my sellers i the mall. They are not in my inventory, not in my lost and found and not in my trash. how the hell does a whole mall go missing ??????????


  105. “However, if you’re absolutely itching to see some of the changes we’ve made or just want to peek under the hood, we’re making the the WindLight source code available (in Main Grid compatible form)”

    Why not provide a compatible binary also instead of limiting access to those who can compile source code?

  106. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    Jeska Linden I have tried this method 5 times and nothing. Plus i cannot call the support line because I live in Ukraine. Before I do anything I would LOVE to know why I have to reset my password, and why my friends do not have this problem.

  107. you know what? I say we all boycott spending a single penny (or your national equivalent) on SL until it is at least reasonably stable (say, go a full two weeks without a major malfunction?). Those of you owning islands or large masses of land, sorry, but this is well beyond tiresome, far past moronic.

    I am in world right now, less than 28,000 people logged in and I cant teleport, sit, stand, fly, build, delete, IM, sort inventory, open the world map, search… I cant even walk (although the avie does go thru the motions). I am on a sim with under 10 people on it and nearly barren of any prims. I was primming away, building some simple example pieces, when everything came to a silent halt.

    If we close our wallets, LL will become a little more serious about its SERVICE!

    Now, I’m not saying ‘down with Linden Labs’ – nope, not at all, but it seems to me that WE are doing all THIER work for them, AND THEY GET PAID FOR IT.

    They now have us traversing something like FIVE different websites/pages to get or pass along information about ‘where would you like to crash today’. They change support contacts but fail to update the numerous links (on all of the 5 or 6 sites we have to visit). Like I said, well past the moronic level.

    I feel that SL has fallen from the pedestal we all placed it upon. I feel it needs to be fixed and placed back up there. The problem is that in its current state, it simply falls to pieces again and, thusly, right back off of its pedestal.

    Until such time as the grid can sustain its demand for TWO WEEKS, without having the currently normal siezures, I REFUSE TO SPEND A SINGLE L$ FOR ANY SERVICES THAT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK, DEPENDING ON THE HUMIDITY IN BANGLADESH.

  108. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    God Chris you hit the head on the nail. I wish I could shake your hand right now. All i get from the Lindens are “Hey call this 800 number and spend money to talk to someone that cant help you because you have a basic account! Wow! Thats service! Jeska Linden, please, please, give me more help then this phone support bullcrap. Please. I really, really want to play SL, but has not been able to since fricken May 31! WHY DO I HAAVE TO RESET MY PASSWORD?

  109. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    Shenrock, I am not spending a single penny on this. This is utterly ridiculously and needs to be addressed.

  110. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    Leyla Firefly, I believe that nothing has been done is because post get deleted, nothing gets fixed that is reported. I love SL but the problems that i have been having with not being able to login has turned my opinion into a negative one. Im sure this post will get deleted anyway.

  111. Cheri Mills says:

    Speaking of bizarre rezzing issues or ghost objects or…. ???

    Any ideas wtf this is that shows up all of a sudden on Day 2 login?

    (click for larger shot)

  112. Cheri Mills says:

    Ok np on no pics…click the link then and see

    wtf is this?

  113. Laser Pascal says:

    For EVERYONE talking about asset servers, any sort of data loss, or anything along those lines, including the “stop working on everything else and fix the bugs first!” comments, you need to realise this:

    Linden Lab has multiple systems to worry about:
    – SL Viewer, which is what you see, including Windlight
    – Simulators, which shuffle people and data around the grid
    – Asset Servers, which store and keep track of your data

    Each of these is a fairly specialized system, and programmers who work on any one part of it have to be well versed in how it works in order to be effective.

    Windward Mark, the company that was bought by LL for Windlight, is full of graphics programmers, who know either little, or nothing, about how the asset servers and simulators work. They are client side programmers, who make pretty pictures. They could learn, but it would take months, and LL *already has* a team of database engineers who are working on those problems.

    Stopping work on Windlight, or any other client issues, would essentially mean laying off whole teams of programmers. And as any good software development team can tell you, adding more people to a slowly developing software project, just makes it slower.

    Do you really want the graphics programmers to take months to learn a new system, then work on your inventory database?

    Sorry for knocking out 1 more of the 100 posts available to say this, but it had to be said (again, apparently).

    BTW, if you said yes, you don’t understand the situation.

  114. Ann Otoole says:

    Hey Zen, how many of your team have been in SL long enough to understand all this frustration vented in your first blog?

    Welcome to our world.
    Please make it better.
    Please listen to what people try to tell you.
    Like the issue with shiny and how we need to be able to simply disable the Windlight feature and use the old version of lighting if your product cannot be made backward compatible with the existing design work done on millions of objects that have been sold.

    Thats a great deal of real money we are talking about here.
    You can’t walk in and destroy it all.

    Or I guess you can do what you want.

    After all, you are not liable for your work with Linden Research.

    The content creators who’s work is destroyed are the ones accountable for your work. I guess all the dissatisfied customers will simply have to be sent your way with all the complaints.

  115. @94 (and a few others with this sort of stance)

    Unfortunately, I understand full well how these outfits operate. My complaint isnt that they should move people around in the departments. Nope, My complaint is that they made a long string of bad decisions that led to the lack of core programmers that could fix the issues we are having (and have had for nearly eight months now). I’m just about the last one to badmouth those overseas players, i have several dozen friends from Italy, Ukraine and such places that i would never have met (prolly). The fact is, the SL platform was not ready for the influx of the couple of million accounts (20,000 daily users) that was stuffed in when the game was made available in europe. It should have been shored up back when the accounts rolled 1 million, and prepared it for 10 million. That was the first in a bad string or left turns.

    At this point, the only thing that could be done to save the ashes is to hire on more staff in the areas that are needed to stabilize the grid. I know its actually cheaper to hire on fresh meat, already qualified for the tasks in need than it is to cross train an already trained person.

    Yup, I know all too well how programming departments work. However, what is the most outstanding issue to the SL community to date? Is it that the skyes are not more lifelike? That we cant SPEAK to each other? absolutely not. Both of these fine additions would be great, except that the majority of the players can not even stay connected long enough to utilize these additions. Why put icing on a cake thats not even fully cooked?

    Or, as my grampa always said, “You can polish a turd to a mirror finish, but it’s STILL a turd”

  116. Good, solid development decision. 🙂

  117. Masuyo Aabye says:

    for the past 8 months i’ve been saying “the lindens will fix things, they’re not dumb”

    i take that back, it’s quite evident they don’t give a damn about it users nor about making SL stable. now it’s all about getting bigger numbers and more features. i’m not against features, i think windlight is wonderful but really not ready for the grid til it’s stable.
    introducing all these new features while the grid/client is in such a terrible state is foolish. as is your attitude to people who lose inventory/have other problems with the game “it’s your own fault” i recall being said to someone whos sim borked.
    basic customer service : listen to those who play your game and take heed of what they say. keep following the “jamming in of new features while the grid dies” route and more people will leave. oh and it’s mostly business owners/content creator who are leaving. no content creators is bad for a game which relies on user content.

    wake up.

  118. prevo vanalten says:

    Well guys, most people here seem to have missed the point of this blog. I personally am very sad to see windlight taken away again and cant wait for the finished version.
    I found the graphics controls easy to use and the presets were pretty good too. it added a lot of depth to the sky and a lot more colour to the water.
    Great job Lindens – now do some work and give it back soon 🙂

  119. Kira says:

    Hi @ all.

    My english is not so perfect and i don’t understand some of your comments. I have downlad the new version of sl but i can’t loging in. I know that the server is up and that linden was working on the grid on 13. june. But if i am looking at the grid status, it show me it is online. Is it on or not? I know that you’re talking about this problem.
    i am very happy if somebody answer me!

    most greetz, Kira

  120. Metaphor Box says:

    WindLight was fantastic, especially for controlling lighting while taking photos. Somehow I seem to have escaped most of the problems many people are experiencing right now. It could be partly due to constant monitoring and analysis of my own system, and upgrading the system to match the needs of a unique, demanding, evolving application. Or not.
    To those who say “stop development”, I say “go watch the videos of how SL looked at first.” You are asking for stagnation. Try going back to Windows 98 and then think again.

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