How Secure Is Your Password?

We know that May was Strong Password Month, but that doesn’t mean you need a strong Password *just* in May. Truth is, you need a strong password all the time. There’s nothing worse than trying to log into your account only to find out there’s someone already using it. Or logging in and finding your Linden Dollars drained. So in an effort to prevent such happenings here’s a gentle reminder: Make sure your password is secure. How can you do so? Well…

  • Use a combination of numbers and letters. Six characters or more = a good idea.
  • Do not give your password to anyone. This means friends, family, loved ones or Linden employees. Pets too, you never know.
  • Do not use the same password on 3rd party websites that you use for your Second Life account. Especially if the site is Second Life related.
  • Do not follow links that ask for your Second Life account name and password. This is just asking for trouble.

If you need to change your password, click here.

There’s no better way to protect yourself than having a password you know is secure. Furthermore, sharing accounts and passwords is against our Terms of Service, so for the betterment of everyone who uses Second Life, keep your password… and your account, safe.

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