Voice First Look Viewer Available for the Live Grid

Voice is moving from the Beta Grid to the Live Grid! The Voice First Look Viewer is now available for download to use against the Live Grid. A “First Look” viewer is a publicly available test version of the SL Viewer, designed to enable testing of new client-side features by Residents. (Read more about the First Look Viewers here). The Voice First Look Viewer is optional, and we encourage you to download it from the First Look page.

We plan to run the Voice First Look Viewer on the Live Grid for a month or two, and will incorporate your feedback and develop iteratively during that time. We expect voice to be a standard feature of the Second Life Viewer at the end of this process.

We describe the key features and functionality of voice in the remainder of this blog post, but more detailed information on voice is also available in a voice article and FAQ in the Knowledge Base of our customer support portal

Enabling Voice
Please note that voice is OFF by default when you download the Voice First Look Viewer. To turn voice ON, go to Edit > Preferences > Voice Chat and check the “Enable Voice” box. In addition, please be aware that Push-to-Talk is on by default.

To turn your voice microphone on, press the “Talk” button on the Voice tab in the right bottom corner of the Viewer. To “lock” your mic on, press the lock icon button. Please note that voice must be enabled in order for the Voice tab to appear. If you don’t see it, make sure voice is enabled in Edit > Preferences > Voice Chat.

Proximity-Based and Group Voice Chat
The purpose of the Voice First Look Viewer is to introduce Residents to both “proximity-based” and “group chat” voice usage on the Live Grid. “Proximity-based” voice usage is based on and altered by changes in physical in-world proximity, in which you hear speakers more loudly when your avatar is closer to them. “Group” voice chat enables you to speak with other Second Life Residents no matter where they are on the Grid.

Three types of voice chat are available in the Voice First Look Viewer:

  1. Proximity-Based Voice Chat – allows you to voice chat with nearby avatars
  2. Group Voice Chat – allows you to voice chat with others members of your Second Life groups or groups of your friends no matter where they are in-world
  3. One-to-One Voice Chat – allows you to voice chat with one and only one other person no matter where they are in-world

You can initiate all three kinds of chat by using the “Communicate” button in the bottom left corner of the viewer. Clicking on this button opens a new chat tool called the ChatterBox, a unified interface for both voice and text chat. To clarify, you do not need to be in a voice-enabled region to take part in one-to-one and group voice chat.

Voice on the Main Land and Private Regions
Voice will be rolled out to the mainland in the same order in which mainland regions have come online as SL has grown. This map shows which regions are voice enabled and which are not, and is updated daily. Land owners in these regions will be able to determine whether or not voice is enabled on their land.

What You Need to Use Voice
In order to use the Voice First Look Viewer, you will need a set of stereo headphones with a microphone (preferably digital USB headphones). Make sure your headphones are selected as the input and output device on your computer (otherwise, you will cause feedback into Second Life).

Please make sure you have a set of stereo headphones with a microphone that works well on your computer. We have tested many brands and most work well, but you may have better results with digital USB models like those from Plantronics and Logitech.
We have tested several headsets which work well with Second Life, which are available for purchase here.

The voice development team sincerely thanks the thousands of Residents who have tested many iterations of voice on the Beta Grid. To date, nearly 14,000 Voice Beta testers have helped to refine interactions and interface elements, reported and helped to fix bugs, created voice gestures, and more.

We remember especially Resident Jesse Malthus, who was deeply involved on the voice beta test before he passed away earlier this year. He has helped our development work and we miss hearing his voice.

Please report any bugs, problems, or observations by using the new “Voice (First Look)” component in the Second Life Viewer Section of the Issue Tracker. We’re very interested in your feedback. We also plan on holding in-world feedback meetings, please watch this Blog for more information.

Where did the WindLight First Look Go?
The WindLight First Look Viewer has been available for a few weeks now, and many of you have downloaded it and provided us with feedback. We’ve put your feedback together and are now going heads down on the next iteration of development for WindLight. After today’s Voice First Look release, the WindLight First Look viewer will no longer be compatible with the Main Grid. Watch this blog for more information on the next exciting steps for the WindLight viewer!

Known Issues
There are a few Known Issues with the Voice First Look that was released today, which we’d like to make you aware of.

First, there are a few known issues with one-to-one voice calls. One-to-one voice calls can be made via Communicate > My Friends > Friends tab, selecting one individual’s name, clicking “IM/Call”, and then clicking the “Call” button in the tab bearing your friend’s name.

Starting one-to-one voice calls is not consistently successful, and occasionally fails silently. This is a sporadic error and does not always occur. If this failure does happen to you, you may not be able to rejoin the spatial channel (which really means, “return to the voice conversation you may have been having with nearby avatars). Sometimes, the only way around this is to log in to the client again. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

There are also some known issues around the invitations that are sent for one-to-one voice calls. Starting a one-to-one voice conversation should immediately send an invitation (from “Resi A”) to the intended recipient (“Resi B”). We’ve noticed, however, that intended recipients do not consistently receive invitations to one-to-one voice calls as they should. In addition, if Resi B attempts to begin a one-to-one voice chat with Resi A, the initial invitation from Resi A will appear, and Resi A will also see an invitation from Resi B. Invitations may “stack up” between two users after this point, without ever picking up a voice channel. This will be fixed in a forthcoming First Look update.

There is also a known issue with group chat. The first time you attempt to start or join a group chat, it may fail. You should not have any issues on the second attempt, so we encourage you to make one.

Finally, there is a known issue with voice settings for parcel owners. When parcel owners change Voice Settings to “Disable spatial audio on this parcel” (in About Land > Media), voice actually remains enabled for the parcel owner and anyone else on the parcel. When the owner leaves the parcel and re-enters it, voice is disabled.

Work around: Until these issues are fixed, we have a workaround available for creating a one-to-one voice call.  In “Calling Cards”, you can select the name of the person you wish to call and select followed by “Start Conference”.  This creates an ad-hoc “group conference” for two people, rather than a true one-to-one conference, but it at least enables one-to-one call functionality.

Thanks again for your participation, patience and enthusiasm while we work to make Second Life even better!

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116 Responses to Voice First Look Viewer Available for the Live Grid

  1. Glauco Barbosa says:

    LAG-VOICE 1.0 came in…


  2. Kirra Ball says:

    This is great. Now how about making it so us LSL programmers can actually save a script with more than a 5% chance of the save succeeding?

    The past two days have been lost to me. You posted about asset server problems, then that all seemed to disappear. What’s going on with that one?

    Sorry to rain on a parade here – voice is cool – but this has been a very difficult couple of days for me – and others I know!

  3. Dekka Raymaker says:

    blah, blah, blah, oh baby is it good for you too?

  4. Tesla Miles says:

    Ummm, can’t make notecards…

  5. Nad Gough says:

    So ith Voice… when we talk you will listen, LL?

  6. saijanai says:

    I doubt if voice is having much to do with the other problems. They were showing up last night before the patches. However, LIndens SHOULD stress test group IM better, by having everyone auto-join a group IM test group. The error thing is worse than ever, and we now have IM lag of up to 15 minutes (honest). THIS might be related to voice, come to think of it, but who knows?

  7. Tesla Miles says:

    Anyone else having problems saving notecards with more than a couple paragraphs text?…

    ‘Error in upload request’

  8. Cheyenne Peccable says:

    How about we fix the problems now??? worry about voice later??? I seem to be missing alot of stuff and now the lag is soooo horrid…. Please????

  9. SENSUAL FOLD says:

    Once again they try to cover up the obvious problems with yet another glam add on………..This update did not fix the data base in fact in many ways its worse, ty LL we so enjoy playing on a game that is constantly getting worse!

  10. Glauco Barbosa says:


    THE WINNER IS… for ” bigger time for login in ….”

    goes to….. SECOND LIFE….

    11:20 minutes

  11. Fenchurch Lane says:

    Prepare for a flood of departing male residents with female avatars!!

  12. Spank Lovell says:

    Very nice. But woudlnt it be a good idea to fix the core product first? I’ve come back into secondlife tonight only to find that I have a build gone wrong because of bugs. (took an assembly into my inventory, didnt appear there, disappeared from view but acts as if its still there) Basically ruining a nights work.

    A few days ago you patted yourselves on the back about curing a fault in the find databases by performing a risky update and assumed just because it stayed stable for 24 hours that all was well. Dumb. It isnt. Far from it. Hold the new features guys. The are NOT welcome while the system is in such a poor state. I would love to rewrite your quality control procedures.

  13. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Good work on fixing the asset issues ; ) I believe that was an adequate response and very timely. I am making steady progress on my projects, however, I’m having issues getting into the grid at the moment. It has only been a few minutes since you released the new viewers so I’ll be patient and see if it clears up soon. It’s very nice to see voice is enabled in my region already, it is going to save me a ton of time typing to people when I’m trying to script. Now when I’m getting bombarded with messages I’ll just lock my voice in the on position and talk as I script. I got a chance to test voice on the Beta grid and I hope that it works as well in the main grid as it did for me in beta.

  14. Tony says:

    Let’s be constructive about voice in this thread hey, they’ve opened a new blog about the other issues.

    I see that you say that land owners can enable/disable voice on their land, is it on or off by default?

  15. Jeska Linden says:

    Please note, we are aware of the login issues – please see Cyn’s recent blog post: http://blog.secondlife.com/2007/06/13/login-issues/

  16. When will a Linux version WITH voice be released???

  17. Jeska Linden says:

    To clarify, today’s 1.17 release is not the same as this Voice First Look Viewer, although 1.17 did include back-end fixes to enable to the voice. If you want to know what bug fixes were included in today’s release, please read the Release Notes here:

  18. Ann Otoole says:

    voice in first look on main grid.
    very good move.
    let it work for a while as optional.
    if you see a lot of people going to first look and staying then keep it. if you don’t see a mass migration to use voice then throw it out as a lesson learned.
    time will tell.

  19. Zlad voom says:

    saving Notecards in 7 or 10 cases dont work anymore, TY LL

    again a great kick in the a* of your paying users
    Will u ever learn how to test new releases????
    maybe you are too busy with voice…

  20. SENSUAL FOLD says:

    Tony, with so few ways of getting to voice our opinions to LL, people will talk all topics in any open blog, its understandable, no way can anyone blame people for talking any topic

  21. Not trying to be rude, and I truly appreciate LL’s effort, but…

    PLEASE, PLEASE, solve the biggest existing problems before we move on to voice! Seriously ._.

    I’m excited about voice, but I (and many others, see the open letter) would rather wait for a while just to have all things working nicely before voice is launched.

  22. Dementhe Paravane says:

    Will this divide the voicers from the non-voiced. I cannot use voice for SL, since I have roommates. What is she doing in there? Well, I for one cannot foresee using voice to voice with any except for the most casual scenarios.

  23. Of course, rather than the title of this news item being:
    *Voice First Look Viewer Available for the Live Grid*, it should really be entitled:
    *Macintosh and Windows Voice First Look Viewer Available for the Live Grid – but NOT Linux*
    For a few happy fleeting seconds, I actually thought that this version of the Linux client had voice – how stupid of me 😦

  24. Zlad voom says:

    @20 yes voice is more or less nice to have

    Voice is useless for all user without the same native language.

    a stable software will help everybody 🙂

  25. ari blackthorne says:

    huh… my sister’s in Sl and she a deaf. Like’s Sl because it ‘equalizes’ her. Yup, she’ll be happy when all the hearies jump to voice and then accuse her of whatever they’ll accuse her of. Oh, well.

    I’ll try it, but what’s the lag gonna be like now?

    Problem is – I wanna try the LL viewer (been using open source viewer til now) to see how well it runs – then, maybe then I’ll peek at the new voice first look.

    I know you @ LL are working hard on many things and I have the faith, but gotta admit, the voice things gives me slightly wobbly knees right now. 😉

  26. Ben says:

    does the region you are on need to have voice enabled to do 1to1 calling? Or group chat calling? or only the area effect voice?

  27. Jeston says:

    Wow i install the LL and enable voice and what dose it do CRASHS Get your stuff working before you release it!

  28. Ryan Alucinakis says:

    Great work guys we need to be able to log on to use the voice thing so kind of means nothing to me as yet. everthing was great for the last few weeks what have you done…

    Cant log on..okcan now can but why everthing so slow…not normally like this

  29. Ann Otoole says:

    Ok you have to install the first look voice viewer to disable voice on your parcels. Otherwise voice is on by default. the proper choice would have been disabled by default.

  30. Jeska Linden says:

    Ben – you don’t need to be in a voice enabled region to do Resident to Resident (1 to 1) or group voice chat, only spatial chat.

    Please check out the Voice FAQ in our Knowledge Base for more information: http://secondlife.com/support

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  33. Melanie Milland says:

    Great timing again, LL!

    I don’t really want to know about Voice, or other Shiny!

    I can’t save scripts 90% of the time, and you broke another thing:

    I can no longer edit a mod/copy script inside a mod/copy object … this affects JEVN add-ons and the HippoTech door plugin!

    You managed to break something again, didn’t you?

    First you force content creators, who wish to give the option of a configuration notecard, to sell their entire build with modify rights…!

    Now, you force people to give their stuff away FULL PERM, or make the end user do some complicated and risky steps with a no-copy object, to get things going!

    Wake up!

    I don’t care about LL trying to second-guess lazy/ignorant content creators and making things tighter and tighter to prevent them from making errors!

    I care about being able to deliver flexible solutions to customers – preferably without having to keep my entire builds mod to achieve that!

    Why can’t we have no-mod objects with editable contents?

    Those scripts I’m referring to are scripts i can edit perfectly well, and should be able to, when I have them in inventory – they should be just as editable when in an objet!

    Again, another round of “upgrades” that breaks stuff. Hear us, we want NO CHANGES! Just want what is there now too WORK!

    And then, add Shiny when that is done!

    Now, I would like a Linux viewer, thet, even though it may not have voice, at least has the configuration options for it, so I can TURN OFF voice on all my land!

  34. Matthew Dowd says:


    Whilst I understand your viewpoint – the fact is that the community (http://www.projectopenletter.com/Signatures.aspx) has made it explicitly clear to LL that they want the existing major problems fixed before new features such as voice are rolled out to the main grid.

    The inventory/asset servers are the worst they have ever been, and yet LL chose that moment to push out voice to the main grid!

    It is hardly surprising that when LL totally ignores its customers wishes in this way, they will shout!

  35. Elda Luna says:

    um…im lost with this though what ever happened to the windlight viewer? or is that in part of this? cause i like the windlight viewer and go no clue rotfl

  36. Penny Patton says:

    I hope the new chat window will be reconsidered. As it is, with the two new, and unnecessary, windows slapped on top of it, it makes the chat history unnecessarily large, covering too much of the screen.

    Personally, I like to make my chat history as small as I can get away with, and tuck it up in the the corner of the screen, enlarging it only when I need to backscroll to catch something I may have missed, or to read lengthier posts.

    Now, the “who’s in voice/chat range” box is a nice addition, but I’d like to be able to turn it off, or reposition it alongside the chat box, rather than on top.

    The other box seems to only dubplicate voice controls that are found elsewhere in the UI.

  37. Max Burns says:

    wow, finally you add it from beta grid! this is really cool!

  38. Tony says:

    Matthew, they haven’t exactly pushed voice out to the main grid, you still need another viewer. I’m sure there will be issues and this should be the blog where people mention voice issues, but this is a stage in incorporating it into the main client and it would be nice for some space to be left in this blog for people to voice their opinions about voice 😉

    There’s another blog above this one, rapidly filling up but come and join us having a moan there, I’m certainly not happy with the asset issues.

  39. Fox Hwasung says:

    Pff who cares about this “Voice” feature that popably only add even more lag and destroys the whole fanatasy aspect of SL totally ? Give us an updated WindLight client FPS rapeing with style at least thank you.

  40. Ann Otoole says:

    @28 Elda they mentioned windlight was yanked out and they are heads down working on it to prep for full roll out. this first look is the true beta for voice.

  41. awdf says:

    OK, before encouraging us to use First Look Voice function, Can you tell us if you have fixed the First Look “Edit > Crash” problem???????????

  42. saijanai says:

    My understanding is that voice has been on the main grid for a month, but only Lindens could use it. The current round of bugs is not related to the release of the voice-enabled viewer since they started last night.

  43. Elda Luna says:

    well thats just great i was hoping it would get better that windlight viewer what made me want to play sl…now i feel like i should just leave in boredom….

  44. I’m glad that the voice-fanatics will have their chance now to enjoy themselves 🙂 but I hope you don’t forget us WindLight-fanatics… machinimas just don’t look the same with the old sky 😉

  45. mo dryke says:

    since last wednesdy “u^pdate”:
    Voice and Shiny: 2
    Stability and effective bug fixes: 0

    /don’t want pretty skies
    //don’t want voice chat
    /// want decent support
    //// want stable platform
    ///// don’t care about who made a sculptie

  46. Theodor Maertens says:

    The voice development team sincerely thanks the thousands of Residents who have tested many iterations of voice on the Beta Grid. To date, nearly 14,000 Voice Beta testers have helped to refine interactions and interface elements, reported and helped to fix bugs, created voice gestures, and more.

  47. Jossy Joffe says:

    “We encourage you to download voice!”
    I will be encouraged to download all the bugfixes first!

  48. Grow says:

    Sneaky! You’ve made it so land owners have to disable it, not enable it!
    It’s awful. Just went to an area with about 10 people in it, total mayhem. Oh well, I wont be using it again

  49. Rolando says:

    I am afraid the concept of voice itself is wrong – it brings a significant RL dimension into SL and destroys a good part of its charm and fantasy. The teaching of McLuhan has gone lost here…

  50. Desmond Shang says:

    I read this blog post with great interest, as I believe voice is a key part of the platform.

    Clearly however, it’s a highly controversial issue for those who seek immersion and freedom from the world of the ‘real’.

    There are many sides to this. I know for a fact that many who have built the enlightened steampunk Victorian world in the Caledon sims will be definitely opposed to voice.

    I hear them loud and clear, and I fear that the coming of voice in any form will be diminishing for them. I’m well aware of the disenfranchisement that occurs when texting players are in the minority, having seen it firsthand on other platforms.

    However, I would be a fool to let the dream of Caledon fall to the wayside, by taking a hard ‘no voice’ stance. The expectation of the average SL resident will be that of a voice-capable grid within months. Should Caledon prove to be undesirable to the majority of SL residents after some time goes by, everyone loses. Thus are the horns of the dilemma I’ve faced.

    * * * * *

    With these thoughts in mind, I keyed in Caledon on the ‘voice map’ provided above and found that we have been accepted as part of the voice test.

    While I have no idea how this will play out socially, I’m honoured that we have been given this chance to find out.

    I shall be enabling the voice client myself; and while I may not speak a great deal, I shall certainly be listening at every opportunity, no less in text than in audio. To residents that make Caledon possible; to visitors coming by either socially or for shopping; to business clients.

    Whatever side of the issue we are on as individuals, I’m honoured that Caledon residents have been given a chance to participate in the worldbuilding and the adventure going forward.

    I don’t expect it will be easy, but I do expect we’ll learn a great deal, and perhaps we can contribute to the metaversal experience at large with what we discover.

    Desmond Shang


  51. Jame Brownie says:

    I wouldn’t use the voice thing on here anyway; I have Skype and MSN for that which is much better.

  52. Ann Otoole says:

    I see 1:1 and group voice conferencing as pluses. I don’t care for the spatialized voice concept at all. to this end I have entered a feature request for a menu/shortcut to enable/disable voice without having to edit preferences. If you feel this seemingly simple feature add is worthy then go to https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1197 and vote for it.

  53. Maggie McArdle says:

    yaaaaay now instead of being able to just ignore some horny newb, i get to hear him play whack a prim with himself… oh happy day!

    seriously, windlight? i love it(when i figured out the sliders n stuff) how about getting that up and running first? please? *whimper*

  54. Missy Malaprop says:

    While i have hearing issues (legally deaf, though not totally unhearing) and wont really use the voice option, I dont understand why everyone hates it. It wont kill the SL aspect that much, all you have to do is use a voice changer. On Windows there is a few options of voice latering programs you can buy, and on Mac OS X you can just use Soundflower and Garageband and do it for free. You can hear and speak and never have to use your real voice.. make it sound funny, or like the opposite sex or whatever…

  55. Sarge says:

    Well lovely. With this update, everytime I start SL, it restarts my whole computer. Will we see a bugfix for this? I’ll be getting married soon in SL and it’d be nice to you know, attend my own wedding.

  56. Pyrii Akula says:

    I see Lindens are rushing in voice as quickly as they rushed in Sculpties. Problem is, voice chat is a decent idea, it’s just bug heaven, and the communication window is beyond a joke, I dunno who’s been giving you feedback because I sure as hell can’t find a linden now. But eveyone I know cannot stand the new communicate window. I sure as hell can’t it takes up WAY too much of the screen, go back to your modular UI please. I can no longer keep my “Chat history” up.

    Also you used the buggiest and worst client for the first look, device settings problems, land parcel problems and the inability for voice chat to work half the time.

    Rushing much?

  57. Penny Patton says:


    Ever been to an online community that has voice, or even the Beta grid? It’s not voice itself that people don’t like, it’s the attitude the people who use it tend to bring with them. I’ve been on the Beta Grid a couple of times and had voice users harassing me for not using voice. I don’t use it because I don’t have a headset or mic, explaining that only stopped some of the harassment.

    Some voice ignore chat entirely and expect you to deal with them via voice or nothing, and they will not use chat to communicate with you either. It’s really too bad, voice itself isn’t inherently a bad idea, it’s just what people do with it.

    Still, Voice won’t be the end of the world, just another headache for some.

  58. astarte Artaud says:

    Just a warning to everyone. adjusting volume preferences is causing firstlook to crash on my machine

  59. Bobby Troughton says:

    Aye the Chat History window is way to big and it seems no way to rid it of the large voice chat part. Why not give voice chat a its own window or have it automatically toggled off of the Chat History window? Doesn’t seem to hard to fix.

  60. Tosh Snook says:

    the chat history window is horrible on voice, it is too big and cumbersome, this is horrible.

  61. Lina Pussycat says:

    @#43 they are working on rolling out a new windlight first look viewer there are still to many bugs with it as far as im aware. Voice has been on the beta grid now for awhile and its been pretty stable last i heard from several people. People were whining today dont roll out anohter update fix the grid. Honestly what do they think updates do?

    Also to those whining about not being able to save scripts today wait for a short while they take a little longer to save due to some lag issues. I just tested saving one not a minute ago and it saved it perfectly fine just took slightly longer….. To those whining about not being able to edit contents of mod/copy objects your kidding?

    My jevn system works perfectly fine…. I’ve edited the notecard just now in both servers and all the vendors for jevn and even placed them in another object…. Things are just taking longer to save at the moment they arnt totally not saving. There are some issues going on with the asset server and the like so let that cool down before jumping to judgements…..

  62. Lina Pussycat says:

    Pyrii they are putting it in first look to test it on the main grid so they can iron out the issue with it thats the point of first look and thats why they are taking time getting it out. Also it uses tools that are set out by another company Daemon Tools and Vivox….. Its not LL’s own tech running it and to those worried about lag it causes less then you popping up Skype with SL open as the client runs in the backend and takes up alot less memory then skype and other things. To those experiencing crackling set the slvoiceagent.exe process in task manager and processes to higher then normal and that should help clear things up.

    There are some issues with voice atm mostly the spatial voice. They have extensively tested voice for awhile now they are far from rushing it out onto the main grid.

  63. Ann Otoole says:

    takes a good 24 hours for the grid to stabilize after a downtime. best to chill out, maybe go to a club and socialize, and put off working till tomorrow.

  64. I miss my custom windlight settings 😦
    *cries into his beer*

  65. Tesla Miles says:

    Nope. Saving a notecard with attachments still does not work…

  66. Elda Luna says:

    lies…i been stable on windlight longest i can pull off without a single crash is 10 hours…the standard client its like 15times aday i barely see nothing wrong with the windlight and a bigger cache of like 1500mb or 2000mb has helped me. i never seen an other issues with windlight except the performance and crash on instant on terraforming and no moon at night time, i almost cried when i seen the wounderful sky and that old junky one was gone..now im crying cause its gone, i hope they get this worked out soon

  67. Melissa Melnitz says:

    other than Windlight is only good for outside areas, its horrid inside places, even worse than the old sun lighting is.

  68. Lina Pussycat says:

    @#54 untrue just saved a notecard with attachments after reading this and it saved. Have added in prim land mark and another notecard as well as clothing pieces

  69. Missy Malaprop says:

    The new “communicate” window is horrid! that is way too much stuff all stuck into one window, and the top “voice” section needs to be able to be resized. Even putting my UI scaling to the smallest possible, its still too big to be comfortable on the screen without blocking the view.

  70. Lina Pussycat says:

    @55 its more to do with shiny and some weird lighting in cases (and ui changes to be made to make it easier)

  71. Jerico Moody says:

    Lets see…nothing is rezzing properly…there’s so much lag that I can’t move…and when I try to tp I get the message that I can’t tp ….or worse…I tp right out of sl and crash. The only use I have for voice at the moment is to scream out OMGWTF!

  72. It may have been a wiser move to wait for the asset grid to settle and release Voice FL on Monday. Right now no much is moving in SL and group channels are stressing the seriousness of the following https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-242

    It is ok to run but you guys are risking breaking your neck

  73. Elda Luna says:

    oh well ill continue to use whats left of this client till and update is really needed cause to me this was the best thing ive seen in months, R.I.P. windlight client till we meet again, over and out

  74. Melanie Milland says:

    @50 – not contents in gereral – scripts, in particular!


    It apparently relates to a bug (no number given) that was fixed, according to the change log, which seemed to allow editing no mod scripts in some cases.
    So script edit rights were touched in this update, and trust the lindens – they broke them!

    As for voice – I haven’t been able to see it, since I do not own a single Windows machine…

    But i am one of the people who keep chat history open at all times, and I am very concerned reading about that window having been made bigger.

    Since I don’t plan to use voice at all, except in those cases where I would very briefly turn it on when I have to prove my gender, I have no need to see the voice controls all the time, rather i would have smaller UI elements and more open screen area!

  75. Maggie McArdle says:

    ty Lina 🙂

    i have learned that its best to wait a while before logging in after an update. until it stablises itself and gets reuse to havin all us avies back on. kinda like when You rewax a floor, takes a few for your feet to adjust to the renewed surface.

    me? not all that crazy or hopped up about voice in game. i have skype which works fine. especially in RP sims ^_^! but i did fall in love with windlight, and i truly hope LL gets the bugs worked out on that soon!!

  76. Tesla Miles says:


    I have a notecard that has 16 attached pics, is that too many?

  77. Tesla Miles says:

    BTW, Lina, just because it works for you, doesn’t mean it works for everyone else.

  78. Actually.. the Windlight viewer still works…

  79. Maggie McArdle says:


    thats just it. i peeked a sec ago, and although i did not rezz anything, my inventory was still in tact (knock wood) i was less laggy( double knock wood) and tp’s went off without a hitch( triple knock wood). what used to plague me after an update doesnt anymore(esp.attachimusindrectumus). give a day, or even a few more hours for it to stablise.

  80. Lina Pussycat says:

    @65 it also doesnt mean its a widespread bug either.

    Also i have added a script to said object and the jevn scripts were never mod or in the first place…. and yeah in terms of being able to edit a script that is no transfer Duh????? you might as well give it out full rights if your tossing it out mod/copy and it is editable in the first place in all honesty…. Think about that for a sec….Its meant to be no transfer but you can edit it which essentially hey you can copy the text if you can edit it and then you have a full righted version.

    It sounds more like it was broken in the first place to me and now its fixed…

  81. Maggie McArdle says:

    @ Lucifer

    is it in the first look voice viewer?

  82. Drake Bacon says:

    Once again, no Linux voice client. Talk about driving away the folks… when are you going to get a fire lit under Vivox for it?

  83. Chronic Skronski says:

    Ann Otoole: “well nokithecat what do you expect? they very underhandedly snuck voice in on the back end and blew the sim server code in the rush to force an unwanted option on the customers. expect many many defects added and no defects fixed. they were busy with sneaking in voice and NOT fixing anything.”

    Ann Otoole: “voice in first look on main grid.
    very good move.
    let it work for a while as optional.
    if you see a lot of people going to first look and staying then keep it. if you don’t see a mass migration to use voice then throw it out as a lesson learned.
    time will tell.”

    Less than an hour apart. I swear there are two people posting as you. You must also stop pretending to speak for everyone. I have seen you post more than once in your bile-spitting insult-laden rants that voice is “unwanted”. Voice is very much wanted by many people. If you don’t like it, turn it off – I just wish I could do that for your blog posts.

  84. Bobbyb30 Zohari says:

    Although voice is a good feature, you should concentrate on fixing all the other flaws in the game.

    It also would also be nice if we could edit our voice(no one is buying your “there aren’t any decent artificial voices). I’d hate to start hearing fake american accents…

  85. coldFuSion Cheeky says:

    Once again requesting moratorium on new features until asset server, client, and grid is reliable and stable.

    The current and chronic asset issues that plague SL require a state of emergency be declared and all hands on deck.

    Everyone who cares -more- about voice and windlight over stability and reliability please speak up……

    *hears crickets chirping*

  86. Lina Pussycat says:

    @72 there really arnt VCS by audio4fun is the best product out there and a friend had tested it and it doesnt work. It is overtly hard to make a natural sounding voice using any voice program such as that though there could be some funny stuff like helium voice and stuff lol.

  87. Argent Stonecutter says:

    The two biggest problems with voice as a *non* voice user are:

    1. You can’t tell who’s voice-enabled (and thus ignoring yuo in favor of ppeople who are voicing) rather than just AFK. You need to have an option to display who is voice-enabled evenb if you’re NOT voice-enabled.

    2. On the other hand, turning off voice doesn’t recover the space wasted by the voice volume control and so on in the chat and IM history.

  88. Lina Pussycat says:

    There is no plausible way they are ever going to fix all the bugs folks be realistic no software has had all the bugs fixed in the times they have been around Photoshop many big name companies and they release new features to keep the things fresh and the like. They move stuff around make changes to how things act etc.

  89. How do we enable voice in private regions? I now have many residents bugging me to enable their sim.

    So how do we do that?

  90. Another question. How do we prove what is said in offensive voice chats to Abuse Report them?

  91. Chronic Skronski says:

    Argent Stonecutter: You can’t tell who’s voice-enabled (and thus ignoring yuo in favor of ppeople who are voicing) rather than just AFK.

    Drop by the voice grid sometime. Those who are enabled have a glowing white dot over their head. When they are speaking, the dot will radiate little green things.

  92. Ann Otoole says:

    @77 – Garth, the voice options are available for parcels in the first look viewer. Not in the 1.17 viewer released today.
    The voice option for parcels is enabled by default.

    However, voice service is not on for all sims yet. Go here to look up your favorite sims to see if voice is enabled for the sim:

    Also this was said earlier:
    Jeska Linden Says:
    June 13th, 2007 at 3:16 PM PDT

    Ben – you don’t need to be in a voice enabled region to do Resident to Resident (1 to 1) or group voice chat, only spatial chat.

    Please check out the Voice FAQ in our Knowledge Base for more information: http://secondlife.com/support

    So you can still try 1:1 (buggy as noted in the blog entry) and group voice chat.

  93. I am using the First Look voice client 1.17.112. Asking again.

    “How do we enable voice in private regions? I now have many residents bugging me to enable their sim.

    So how do we do that?”

  94. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Please make that window not so big.


  95. Day Oh says:

    I gotta second what Coco said. That window is huge and I found myself trying to up my resolution and everything to free up the screen real-estate again. In the end I settled on a small decrease in UI size (increasing more than just a little made scripts unreadable).

    But regardless, I am so excited to see Voice making its way over here, and very excited to see the increased blog activity! Thank you Linden Lab!

  96. Susie Boffin says:

    When are we going to get webcams attached to our heads?

  97. Kira says:

    ok heres another question so will peoel be able to just randoml;y send you one on one voice invites like thay already randomnly send you group invites land marks etc. becuse lors knows im already sick of noobs sendng me freind invites and group invites while im shoping.

  98. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @79, Chronic: Not unless you’re a voice user. If you disable voice you don’t see the dot.

  99. Evan Beattie says:

    Again, you have forgotten the TG >_> A voice map for us would be nice…I am TPing everywhere…

  100. Gazz Galatea says:

    The end of SL as we know it is here.

    I am so sad and will miss all of the wonderful people I met here.

  101. Johanna Hyacinth says:

    All of you who are so opposed to the voice client… switch to Linux, because then apparently you’ll never have to worry about it.

    (Seriously, Lindens… could you at least give us an estimated date for a Linux voice-enabled client? Please? Or even let us Linux users know that you’re aware of our existence and that you’re working on it?)

  102. Sly Axon says:

    Why, oh why did you have to change the interface. If it ain’t broke don’t fix(Break) it.

    The new interface is like cramming 10 pounds of you know what into a 5 pound bag.

    I assumed that the reasons behind the interface change were to improve efficiency and help with the move to voice. But there was no need to completely change everything.

  103. Lozlo Peng says:

    Okay… wtf, I didn’t realise I pasted like the whole of this blog in the above post, Lindens, delete that lol, don’t accept it >_>… where was I?

    46 Pyrii Akula Says: …and the communication window is beyond a joke, I dunno who’s been giving you feedback because I sure as hell can’t find a linden now. But eveyone I know cannot stand the new communicate window. I sure as hell can’t it takes up WAY too much of the screen, go back to your modular UI please. I can no longer keep my “Chat history” up…



    Too big, too complicatedly compact & stuffs

    Current IM/history boxes are perfect

  104. Getting Voice losing WindLight. Bad exchange can I trade back now?

  105. Thunder Rahja says:

    I agree with Pyrii (#46) and Lozlo (#91). The chat history, voice settings, IMs, friends list, and groups list are all condensed into one bulky “Communications” window. I hate it. Others hate it. Change it back.

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  107. Bobby Troughton says:

    #78 “Another question. How do we prove what is said in offensive voice chats to Abuse Report them?”

    I doubt theres a way to do that, other then getting them to talk dirty to a linden.

    However there is the almighty mute button. 🙂

  108. Rex Cronon says:

    go talk with Benjamin Linden about the huge communication widow. i talked to him while it was still only in beta and he said that u should be able to create a new window only with history in it. i just hope it won’t make it to the main grid.

  109. Day Oh says:

    Actually, having settled on a UI size of 0.85, I’m starting to see how useful the contents of this Communications window are. It’s a fine line, though, making the window a comfortable size so you can see enough Communications, and enough of the world, at the same time.

    Let’s give it a chance and try and provide focused feedback (:

  110. Dahlia Trimble says:

    the UI is way too combersome and the communication dialog takes up so much screen real estate, making scripting and building even more difficult. I think you really need to re-think the whole communication dialogs and try them in many different scenarios before settling on a design.

    Also, camera control keys alt/alt-ctrl arrow combinations are flaky or broken, making building even more difficult.

  111. Wyald Woolley says:

    Focused feedback on Voice….no sweat, no problem. Of course FIRST I have to be able to log into SL, Then I have to TP to a Linden without crashing THEN get him/her to LISTEN to my Voice as I scream about the REAL PROBLEMS of SL that are being ignored so SHINY can be implemented and more lag stuffed into every server (though, I’m told I’ll hardly notice the additional lag caused by voice) I’m sure that’s right because that’s so dang much lag now I can’t hardly move.

  112. Ben says:

    any estimate on when the entire grid will have voice enabled by?

  113. Lora Chadbourne says:

    Perhaps a silly question, but…why is it that passing the cursor over my avie now causes her eyes to go all crooked and crosseyed? This just started today and is the case with both the standard and First Look viewers.

  114. I don’t know about the first look viewer but in the regular one my eyes are going crossed or both to diffrent sides.. the eyes are all googely… It might be present in this viewer as well I’m going to give it a look later.. might want to look in to that.

  115. Maggie McArdle says:

    ok had to delete firstlook voice as it had an adverse affect on my ISP.
    mainly it kept disconnecting me from the net. to be sure i redownloaded it after rebootign my computer. and after 10 minutes on it, it happened again. is this a windows related thing? or is it my ISP?

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