[Update] Asset Server Issues

[ 4:04] Problems with the asset server may include inventory loss, objects rezzed may not load and may not return to your inventory.Β  Please be cautious about using your inventory during this time. We will update as we have more information.

[3:43] We are continuing to have trouble with our central file store (the “asset server”). We are still investigating. We will continue to update as we have news… or just to let you know we are still on it.

We are aware that we are having some challenges which may effect logins, rezzing of objects and uploads. We are working on it, will update when we have more information.


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105 Responses to [Update] Asset Server Issues

  1. Frederick Lancaster says:

    Thank you for getting around to this, it is frustrating when you can FINALLY get in but crash only after 5 mins.

  2. Buster McNutt says:

    i love second life.

  3. Luca Vasilopita says:

    Any details as to what’s causing these issues?

  4. Chris Senior says:

    Hi, guys. I’m one of the people that can’t log in. Could somebody IM Sylken Babii and let her know that I’m stuck IRL? I’m doing some custom work for her.

  5. emikins sucettes says:

    wow finally noticed have you? must have been another downtime earlier then

  6. Vint says:

    I’ve crashed +4 times in the last 30 minutes without a reason (I was just standing still IM’ing) + it takes +- 5 minutes to log in. *tries to find the no-reason reason*

  7. Kitty Beery says:

    It isn’t only login issues. When logged in we encounter major lag problems. Attachments are slow or not comming at all, changing clothes is hardly possible.
    Took my avatar about 10 minutes to load completely after logging in.


  8. Vint says:

    @4 Chris Senior: If I can get in, I will do so.

  9. Stephen Zenith says:

    Deleting objects seems to cause breakage – I’ve seen phantom prims that didn’t exist, still on the mini map. I’ve seen prims counted in the object stats that were no longer there. And I’ve seen prims that flat out refused to be deleted.

  10. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Two things:

    * saving scripts is REALLY slow
    * when the character has not focussed his eyes on something, his body SNAPS every some second to the front. That looks pretty bad!

  11. Daten Thielt says:

    ive not crashd or nothing but am slightly pissed, returning and deleting objects is only working 10% of the time, not helpfull when ur trying to fight off greifers in your own sim,

  12. Avril Sodwind says:

    their are problems in dowloading the patch in my region too

  13. Chris Senior says:

    @7 Vint: Much appreciated, sir. πŸ™‚

  14. Marius says:

    Yeap…we are waiting for u ppl to make it work and I hope u will …. good luck and congrats for this wonderful game.
    Keep it the good working

  15. Dracose says:

    I’m doing my best to stick with you guys, but my God in Heaven above, you sure don’t make it easy! LMAO

  16. general cronon says:

    Is it me? Or should Linden Lab just sell to Google or Viacom?

  17. Bungle Rochefort says:

    Can’t login at the moment. Get the screen with bar, but it freezes and won’t move.

  18. Lupercaleb Walcher says:

    thanks guys

  19. Gardar Cortes says:

    Thank you for the information, its good to know its not just your client/account that is not working πŸ™‚

  20. Mirtha Torres says:

    OK, we all know it is a update wednesday. And as usual all update wednesdays have problems (slow logins,bootings,not able to rez,tp downs, ect…) Everyone whines and pulls out their hair in a useless effort to ease the SL update drama. I for one always opt on the dont bother until thursday rule. Easier to deal with the frustrations. Whining dont get it fixed any better, so why bother. Until tomorrow SL. I dont need the aggrivation today. At least we all know that each update helps fix something different to make it better for the whole SL world.

  21. Glauco Barbosa says:


    THE WINNER IS… for ” bigger time for login in ….”

    goes to….. SECOND LIFE….

    11:20 minutes

  22. Liz Ferlinghetti says:

    Thank goodness for the blog – at least I know it isn’t just me! Did manage to get in briefly, then crashed several times. Have inistalled, reinstalled and still can’t connect!

    Hey ho – all part of the fun at upgrade time I guess!

  23. Kithin Willis says:

    Have been playing the crashing game since the servers came up @12… i’ve found that the crashing is random on its occurences could be standing stilll doing nothing, answering an im, sending a tp request, equiping and deequiping prim attachments, ect ect ect the time intervlals have been different also i sat in a strip club for 30min with out problem i shopped at a mall for 15min and crashed, i stood on my deck of my house and crashed every 2-3minutes… my log in time far out exceeds my ingame time at this point… seeing up wards of 15minutes to log in just to get a error and have to wait another 10-15minutes for it to finally let me in

  24. Threshin Barnett says:

    /me has a blast, dancing on the isle, and waits for the update on the issues.

  25. Tony says:

    I’m pretty flabbergasted that you didn’t test the issues regarding ghost prims before bringing the grid live. These issues were causing major problems yesterday, to bring the grid back with these issues still causing chaos it pretty damn sloppy and that’s the polite version.

    Seriously, what were you thinking?

  26. patsy tomsen says:

    hi! i just created a new account and cant get past login. is second world ALWAYS like this?

  27. Frederick Lancaster says:

    OMG not again…actually it seems it I crash when I close IM screens..Hopefully this helps.

  28. Alexander Regent says:

    note to self….don’t bother using SL for 3 days after any kind of “upgrade”

  29. Serenity says:

    Here we go again! LOL. Now, who were all those people last week whining about whiners and pontificating how this update was dedicated to fixing the bugs and stabilizing SL? Too funny.

  30. Vint says:

    @4 Chris Senior: Done

  31. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I’ve rezzed trees recently, have to log out and back in to get them to properly delete, I have a small park and now a sixth of it is taken up with invisible solid space, I can’t walk across my grass and logging in is a problem for me too.

  32. Genna Gray says:

    Ok, so after this update I am glad to announce that I can finally get in, walk around, talk to other people, etc. Haven’t been able to do that in 10 days! However, everytime I try opening inventory and searching for an item, it crashes me. Is this at all related?

  33. Vint says:

    @4 Crish Senior: It’s ‘Miss’, not ‘Sir’. =d

  34. mark varga says:

    Locked out for a week now and can’t reset password. Losing the will to live!

  35. Glauco Barbosa says:


    LAG-VOICE v1.0 came in heheh

    Download already the new updating and be out of the world

  36. Jayleen says:

    When I try to log in it says “System May be Down etc.” I have been trying this for the past week and get this error all the time. Could something be blocking me from Logging in?

  37. Johnny Sleestak says:

    Since the leak (blanket statement) isn’t fixed, (possibly a new one) if you don’t have alot of memory expect to crash often.

    I would have to say this Memory Leak is worse then the last, eating up Virtual Memory at an extreme rate. Can’t do anything short of logging out to reduce the VM being sponged up by this client.

    Nicholaz where are you!!!

  38. Tito bingyi says:

    please fix the log in process. and update less please i hate downloading new versions everyweek.

  39. Marissa Akula says:

    well, everyone else is being polite about it, so someone has to be blunt… Every single update, LL, you break the grid. By now you should at least have a clue how to do them right. What’s wrong, too busy playing social control to worry about silly things like the technical side of your business anymore?

    Did you actually fix anything in this update? Or perhaps this is another update loaded with some little toy to keep our minds off the broken things, and broken promises? I love the message right above this comment box too. “We value free expression.” Still running with blatant lies at maximum capacity, huh, LL?

    Here’s a thought, just a thought mind you… let the community worry about social control on it’s own, and you get off your butts and fix the product!!!!!

    ((apologies to the many Lindens who really are doing a kick butt job, this post is for the others… mostly those higher up the food chain))

  40. Mirtha Torres says:

    I just came to the realization that it has been 3 hours since the update and the issues are still on going. Why open something when it isnt all the way fixed? All it does is annoy everyone. Wouldn’t it be better not to bother until it is all fixed. I mean LL gets to close in like 2 hours leaving us all sitting here with out thumbs up our bums. YEA!!! What fun for all of us!!! LMAO

  41. Atlwolf says:

    Does anyone have any information on these ghost prims? I have noiced some “invisable” objects myself that keep bumping into. They are not transparent, i cant surround them to select them. Clearing cache didn’t seem to fix it. Does the SIm physics engine still think they are there?

  42. Zlad voom says:

    i am in, and have again new problems….. 😦
    edit notecards and save them works only in sometimes, erase objects the same.
    relog, erase cache dont help, i am really pissed…. again

  43. Nefeli Robbiani says:

    I hope i will be able to log in and stay too when i try to teleport myself next time.Every time i try to teleport i crash.
    Friends are waithing for me there and i cant be…..Sniffff
    Please try to do something for it.

  44. hugsalot says:

    I was able to login with no problems at all right at the announcement in this blog that the logins were open again. Yet the login page still said it was closed but I logged in fine. Got bored since there wasn’t anyone on, and logged out.

    Now about 3 hours later I can’t get on at all. it just hangs there at maybe 1/10th of the progression bar, and still nothing.

    Also voice chat doesn’t cause lag in SL. If anything is your slow PC that can’t handle the audio voice codecs, plus the 3D rendering, and whatever else you got going on your PC. Not to mention your local network (stop the bit torrent pr0n downloads, you might lag less).

  45. Janet Rossini says:

    It seems to me that things are getting incrementally better since I joined about 100 days ago. But it also seems like the same problems come up again and again.

    If LL would like, I could put you in touch with some people who could help upgrade your ability to analyze the sources of errors, and to put things in place to help prevent them. They helped my company a lot and I know they would love to help SL.

    It really is quite possible to do much better. Do you want to?

  46. Iris Junot says:

    A: Takes 5 minutes to log on
    B:I’m on for 5 minutes
    C: Then I crash…….


  47. Tony says:

    Atlwolf, go to about land and see if you have a lot of sat/on objects, that’s where you’ll find your ghost prims. Well you won’t exactly find them as they’re ghostly!

  48. Seann Sands says:

    Ditto on the ghost Prims…had 128 in “selected/sat upon” yesterday…after downtime…down to 2…but, now it seems that you have to make sure the “edit windows” doesn’t show no name/no owner before deleting/taking into inventory any prim…if not – BANG – ghost prim created! Not fun….

  49. Blackwell Huet says:

    SL is absolutely THE most frustrating addiction I have ever had. Time to kick another habit….

  50. Iris Junot says:

    Not to mention it takes 5 minutes for everything to rez…but then i crash when it does….5555555555

  51. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 33 hugsalot Says:

    “…(stop the bit torrent pr0n downloads, you might lag less).”

    You found that worked for you then?

  52. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Ok some of the lag and slowness we experience after every update probably relates to the thousands of people who all clear their cache at the same time and re-download everything (including a new client) simultaneously. Not to mention the frantic rush to see who can log in first before anyone else. It’s like a traffic jam on the way to work, so many people attempting to get somewhere at the same time, accidents happen, the flow of traffic slows to a halt and you are forced to wait it out, until everyone gets where they need to be and the traffic thins out.

  53. Tillie Ariantho says:

    More things:

    * mouse on script edit window scrollbar background shows the ‘waiting’ cursor
    * right now script dont get loaded anymore
    * sent emails are slow

    and the rollback of my island is still not done! First try did NOTHING roll back, second try not coming, whyever. What am I paying those $199/month for…

    … I log out… in hope of a better tomorrow.

  54. cnyreject says:

    Umm include in the list problems of not having objects directed to go back to inventory or deletion actually NOT deleting. Had part of a house I rezed .. Deleted it.. part of the house remained. Logged off then back on. Now that part of the house is still there but invisible. Taking up valuable prims. GRRRR!!!

  55. Enysy Mikita says:

    Confirmed: Rezzing, deleting and taking objects is mostly if not entirely in some cases no functional.

    Also: This stinks for builders and photographers; shortcut keys for the camera are not working as before on the MAC client. Option; works Option Ctl if you add the fn key in addition to the normal use of arrows. Option-Ctrl-shift to move the camera up, dn, left, right.. No functional. Mouse works. Guess QA doesn’t use the keyboard?

    Major pain for us. *sigh*

  56. Iris Junot says:

    *Pulls the plug on her life-support*

  57. Aradia says:

    We’ve lost two sets of furniture, our sim crashed for no reason, we have ghosted prims everywhere, camera shortcuts are broke…dear lord.

  58. Iris Junot says:

    Major Payne was a good movie…..

  59. Kirra Ball says:

    Well, this bug crosses a line for me. I am very patient about so many, but does anyone at Linden actually USE the product as a CREATOR OF CONTENT anymore? Surely those Lindens who create in world things (Scripts, Prims, etc.) must be having the same problems we are!

    I have to get this off my chest: GOSH DARN YOU, LINDEN LABS!

    There. I feel better.


  60. Iris Junot says:

    I have NEVER had this much trouble with SL in my year and a bit…..and I can’t loggin anymore….this is the first time i got that “Can’t connect to Second Life (DONE)” message…and this is AFTER THE UPDATE????? JUST GET IT TOGETHER AND GET IT FIXED!!!!! Or freakin’ respond with some sort of “This is the problem and we’re fixing it, should take (BLANK) hours”


  61. Dina Vanalten says:

    Login issues. None that I know of. Can’t login to tell for sure though.

  62. Iris Junot says:

    Hmmmmmmmm it’s the 13th….could that be of any meaning? And it’s Wednesday, the LL bewitching day….Wednesday + 13th=The most unlucky day for SLers.

  63. Iris Junot says:

    LOL DINA!!!! XD

  64. Vint says:

    Crash number five. Upon closing an IM window, for Linden God’s sake!

  65. Ronin Calayan says:

    Thanks Lindens, keep up the hard work.

  66. Deandra Watts says:

    If a Linden would please at least acknowledge they hear everyone who has reported of these prims remaining on their land, unable to delete, taking up prim count, please?

    It’s been several days (if not weeks) in forums, bug reported (by myself, and I’m sure many others).

    An explanation, ETA on a fix/release would be icing on the cake, but for now, to reaffirm that you do, indeed, care and see these reports right here on your blog would be a lovely start.

    Thanks in advance for fixing what’s broke.


  67. I. Piranha says:

    Good thing i can’t rez or delete stuff while working on my new club and beach land. I mean I really do not need all of this to get going to have my friends and buds to have a good time. It is a good thing you guys are making voice work. I am sure that is much more needed than rezzing objects so people can build and run thier businesses.

    Good Games

  68. Indigo Bury says:

    Janet Rossini’s offer sounds helpful…

    Think SL is amazing – but like all addictions – very frustrating when you don’t get the fix – hey ho

  69. Nimil says:

    i had no problem logging in but i’m hairless and ao’less and currently standing in front of my boyfriend with a box on my head to cover my baldness. please give me my hair back soon lol

  70. Chris Senior says:

    @ Vint: Oops! Sorry. *blushes*

    And I just made it in. I’m inworld now.

  71. Chaz Longstaff says:

    I got in fine. It’s great! no problems here.

  72. Clay Duport says:

    Cant even download at present to even get borked.
    In Texas we have a saying ” Remember the Alamo”
    In second life i think ill just say ” Remember The Sims Online”
    later all

  73. janeforyou Barbara says:

    -Dont build
    -Dont rez any
    -Dont buye any
    -Dont script any
    -Dont logg out ( you may not get in)

    wel, lots of trubble started at 30k ppl online, for me anyway, i guess wen we hit 45k online the serius crashin and lagging and the real fun starts,,,,plz Linden Lab,, tell us what is wrong? Wen can we play?

  74. hussy4hector says:

    Are you planning a last name update any time soon? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  75. ac14 Hutson says:

    i too have been getting the crashes that come with no warning the crashlogger doesnt even come up its just “boom” done. also now i am unable to login for some reason and im getting the “unable to connec to secondlife (done)” error when i was in before (after the update) the grid seemed fine attachments worked clothing loaded only thing is deleteing things has been broken for several days

  76. Iris Junot says:

    So in total…I have been online for 20 minutes….in 2 hours….

  77. With the new 1-17-0-12 update objects are missing from my land!!!!
    Loads of other problems you already seen in blog.
    I was happy with 1-15-0-2!!!
    Since then I have had too many problems!
    1-17-0-12 is cursed!

  78. Iris Junot says:

    I was happy with 0.1

  79. Liz Ferlinghetti says:

    Nimil: I’ve been hairless every time I logged on for the past week – almost giving up putting my hair back on – maybe we should just go for the bald look? πŸ˜‰

  80. Ann Otoole says:

    well nokithecat what do you expect? they very underhandedly snuck voice in on the back end and blew the sim server code in the rush to force an unwanted option on the customers. expect many many defects added and no defects fixed. they were busy with sneaking in voice and NOT fixing anything.

  81. seadog cummings says:

    Was a little slow logging in but after 20 mins i started to fly and of course floated off into the sunset then was told i was being logged out of sl….a bit frustrating to say the least…hoping issue is corrected soon…i am not coming on sl till it is was shopping too…such a shame for vendors to lose business because we cannot stay in sl…otherwise lindens doing great job!!!!

  82. Eagle says:

    “Need help? Please visit our Support Page.”

    Maybe Linden could use some help?

    No, wait, then they could ignore themselves …..

  83. Iris Junot says:

    It takes me about 5 relogs to get my attachments loaded….but for now my hair is still gray and so is everyone else….and so are the buildings…and trees…and sky….. *downs the bottle of pills*

  84. Ann Otoole says:

    what do yopu think folks? the next thing we get told is the bugs are fixed in the voice viewer and they will no longer fix the main viwere? hmmmm. lmao. they still need to hire a PR firm.

  85. ac14 Hutson says:

    alright was able to log in try switching your login location from prefrences to a new region seemed to work for me. object loading is slow and my clothes were a “missing image” for about 2 minutes but now things seem to be running “normal”. Also i dont like how the same pepole use about 20% of the blog space posting useless crap, save some for other pepole this isnt a fourm.

  86. Tesla Miles says:

    They’ll probably want to introduce webcam too anytime soon…

  87. Lancars Vezina says:

    Okay i have had it. it seems all the programmers focus on is there own high end computers and don’t take a look at the older types. i read on the thing that a bug for crash on logins was fixed when i didn’t have any until now. i crashed 2 times on login so its not fixed and it takes me 20 minutes to log in. then NON of my attachments link and i’m forever pending, plus deleting takes forever. i think these “fixes” do more damage. i think SL would work better if you threw water on all the servers cause i bet the more damage you try to do the better things will turn out. i think its time to hire new programmers cause who ever is doing it is not doing a good job. i’m sorry to be rude but SL gets worse and worse for me each update. i can’t see colors unless i turn off fog.

  88. Day Kamachi says:

    ok can some1 plz (if u can log in) IM Rori Kidd and tell her im having log in issues or go to Family Ties Adoption Center and let Miss Isy know plz it would be much appreciated

  89. Nyu Tamura says:

    I cannot see the obetos that I put in my parcel
    neither I can return to the inventory.
    I believe that I have lost some object

  90. Nava Muni says:

    As Mirtha Torres says (#16) … It’s an update day – no surprise (shock) that things aren’t so smooth.

    Everything in SL is a little different than in RL. I say we declare every “update Wednesday” as an official SL holiday. Let’s call it Update Wednesday! (Notice the proper noun caps.) Take the day off! Allow the fabric of SL to settle after the gods have poked and prodded it with their fat, clumsy fingers. Take a vacation in RL. Go on, you just might like it.

  91. Yifei says:

    I also encounter the login freeze(with the new version installed). Hope they got the fix soon.

  92. and for the flip side;

    after a few attempts, and then finally just minimizing the client and waiting, I got in. I had the attachment problem the first time. logged out and manually deleted the cache folder. went thru the login process again and my attachments (replace outfit) worked like a champ. What does suck, and was sucking last update too, is that the servers seem to forget I am waiting for textures around me to load and i have to manually right click on the last few dozen untextured items in order to see around me. This new caching you have truely bites in the prioritizing field, and when i teleort from area 1 to area 2, then right back, i have to wait for another hour for the ‘cached’ textures to reload…

    However, no crashing and no other real problems here, just normal update-eve lag from 90,000 people all trying to log in at the same time.

  93. Jeza May says:

    Can’t log in.. says my password is bad, then next time says cannot connect at all… I am one of the most patient people u will ever meet, but the same ole shit differant day stuff is getting old…

  94. Melanie Milland says:

    To me this looks lke a continuation of teh “Intermittent assset issues” which you never updated the blog on…

    Can’t save scripts, can’t save notecards, still get phantom objects that i cannot select, return or delete, yet people run into them and they can’t move down the aisle of my store because of such an invisible barrier

    Had to move merchandise there to make them go around – this can;t go on!

    Please, fix the issues!

    The no-mod script fix has side effects too, it now prevents the editing of a script inside an object you don’t have FULL perms on – more in JIRA!

  95. Tony says:

    @75 Well you’d have a point if yesterday hadn’t been “Totally Pants Tuesday” with the same big ghost prims issue. Something that should have been checked before the grid came back live.

    Maybe they’re hoping we’ll all be so excited about voice that we won’t notice the prim issue.

  96. Darek Deluca says:

    People who are purchasing things at my store are not receiveing them. Not a vendor, just a simple pay for item. Web transactions are correct but the item is not appearing in the inventory of the purchaser!!!

  97. seadog cummings says:

    was on for about 20 mins then was logged off automatically…while i was shopping…arrrrggggggghhhhhh any solutions to this

  98. Greta Gazov says:

    Aren’t we all enjoying the update/maintenance Wednesdays, followed by buggy Thursdays and bug-fixing Fridays, then laggy Saturdays and shhhhh-don’t-move-don’t build-don’t-do-anything Sundays just to look forward to a Monday that gives you the chance to show up will all prims attached and the ability to actually move, build, script or combat? After a series of failed logins I finally managed to get online, my left-side gun didnt rezz but the Lindens compensated me with my right-side ear (yes, I’m a Neko) not rezzing, thats what I call keeping the balance of powers πŸ™‚ And to all those with old computers: hubby and me work on the latest version of high-end Macs, fully stuffed with extra memory and superb graphics cards and I can hear him swearing next to me …

  99. seadog cummings says:

    i got my inventory but not for a few mins…i got logged out of sl without a warning…also could not do search either

  100. patriceaaron wunderland says:

    this is my problem : logging failed . your accounthas beendisabled, please contact ETC …..
    i’m go on the site ,it say change your password ,no problem i change it 4 time all the operation for changing password is ok ,but when i want to log (on SL or on the site ) it’s impossible . i’m boring about that it’s the third day . i have a land and money on sl .
    please god linden do something !

  101. squiz Clifton says:

    So there cam control issues for the mac now, any chance they will be fixed since the update b0rked them. And how about fixing the mac texture issues. Although I dont use a mac myself, it would be nice to see them helped out too :D.

  102. Chris aka. sploosh ribble says:


  103. nur ophuls says:

    Great Logon Crash Logon Crash – etc. and then “The system is logging you off – you may not logon again until 15:44 PST”. Thanks a lot.

  104. Siyuri Watanabe says:

    WHats the point of maintaining second life when the maintaining doesnt work. Linden Lab is working with peoples money here. You guys owe ALOT of money to us. This is starting to get TOO ridiculous.

  105. Auras Jinxing says:

    I hope when voice goes live there is a way to turn it off.

    1. I keep RL totally out of SL, “voice” is definitely RL. I don’t need folks to hear how miserable I sound when I’ve been without sleep too long.
    2. I really don’t want to hear avatar voices. I like quiet, and like to have the sound on so I can here the occasional “informational beep”. Plus I don’t want to hear how miserable folks sound when they’ve been without sleep too long.

    I’m betting it will only be a small minority of folks that use voice.

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