Grid is up, Scheduled Maintenance Complete

[11:51] The Grid is now open, the update is complete, thank you!

[11:25] We are currently on track for a noon operning time. We identified one issue, fixed it, and are repeating the final verification. Thank you for your patience!
[9:30] Maintenance proceeding, beta grid logins are slow due to high concurrency.

[8:12] Maintenance proceeding as planned.

[06:36] Second Life is currently closed for scheduled maintenance, 6am-12pm PDT We’ll post our progress and release notes as we go along. Check back here for updates.

[7:15am] Added release notes below the fold.

Release Notes for Second Life 1.17.0(12) June 13, 2007
* Inventory transfers
** Auto-accept inventory and auto-preview texture/notecard/landmark are now separate preferences.
** Viewing an embedded notecard or landmark no longer adds it to your inventory.
** Muting the sender of notecards, inventory, textures, etc., now removes all blue pop-ups in the upper right corner from that sender.
** Offline inventory transfers and group invites now include the name of the item or group, along with group role, in the email.
* Added “Clear Browser Cache” button to web prefs.
** This only affects the embedded browser, not any other browsers installed on your system
* Embedded Mozilla browser now supports cookies.
* Preliminary support added to the Windows installer for selecting a language (English, Korean)
* Closing a changed Classified now confirms changes

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a client crash while in startup
* Fixed group chat reopening with one message and an error after closing group chat
* Fixed “Stop All Animations” when stuck in an animation after teleporting
* Fixed group messages to allow the use of UTF8 characters
* Fixed “Show Owners” from automatically turning on again
* Fixed an issue with “Release Controls” when an object is taken and rerezed.
* Fixed an issue with texture picker not displaying any results unless inventory had been shown
* Fixed chat history to not show muted resident chat
* Fixed “Mute Resident” button, now opens the user picker
* Fixed group ability settings for group owners in German language viewer
* Fixed embedded Mozilla browser to work with HTTPS sites (affected Windows only)
* Notecards no longer display the “Keep” and “Discard” buttons when opened from inventory
* Acquired date is now set for items dragged from the contents of a container prim
* VWR-1040: crash when opening several gestures quickly
* VWR-966: Minor memory leak in llfloaterpreferences.cpp and a tiny leak in llstatup.cpp
* VWR-908: Various memory leaks in the group dialog
* VWR-871: More bad f00d: Two minor (or inconsequential) misses of initializing object members
* VWR-870: Memory violation through uninitialized variable (invisible or unrendered flexis)
* VWR-869: Possible hard-loop (endless, viewer-hang) in script editor
* VWR-827: Toruses are borked after making/editing sculpted prims
* VWR-823: Two unintialized variables in lltexturefetch.cpp
* VWR-822: “Create new…” clothing buttons don’t auto-wear items
* VWR-810: Destructor forgets to delete mFloaterContros member in llui/llview.cpp
* VWR-809: Destructor fails to clean up global menus in llviewermenu.cpp
* VWR-808: Incorrect cleanup in message.cpp
* VWR-807: Forgets to delete gToolInspect in lltoolmgr.cpp
* VWR-804: Quirk in llviewerwindow.cpp
* VWR-805: LLCurl not properly cleaned up
* VWR-765: Cannot open embedded notecards in other notecards when Automatic preview of new notecards/textures/landmarks is off
* VWR-409: New Feature -> UI -> Dialog -> Buy Copy/Contents -> Default Action -> Cancel
* VWR-682: Text Editors should try to preserve X cursor position
* VWR-671: Line editor history for recalling previously typed lines
* VWR-648: Texture picker should highlight the texture in the swatch
* VWR-412: Object editing arrows hidden but clickable on objects you can’t edit.
* VWR-364: Viewer memory leak

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