[Reminder] Scheduled Downtime Tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that the Second Life grid will be offline tomorrow, Wednesday June 13th, from 6am to noon PST (1pm to 7pm GMT). This downtime is required for the rollout of the new 1.17.0 viewer. This is a required viewer update and full release notes will be published tomorrow. However, you can see an abbreviated set of notes here.

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  1. Bobbyb30 Zohari says:

    More downtime? Are you actually going to fix anything this time?

  2. Bobbyb30 Zohari says:

    I don’t mean to be so blunt, but we have “downtime” and “maintenance” every week now and I have yet to see any improvement.

    Here is a list of problems that NEED to get FIXED…

    I’m constantly crashing
    I can’t teleport
    I can’t rez objects
    My $L isn’t loading
    I can’t log in
    I can’t upload
    My scripts aren’t saving
    Need I say more?

    I wonder what exactly we are paying for? Secondlife is constantly offline/unusable and all you do is create new features with even more bugs.

    My secondlife is becoming worse than my 1st life. Sadly, I believe SL is simply going to be another internet bubble. =(


  3. Goss Machin says:

    When ever will you listen to us long suffering European members and vary your Downtime on occasions? We don’t get a reduction for being the poor relations so please can you explain why we have to always lose our time? Surely, as we are paying customers, you Lindens could come in and work unsociable hours occasionally and give us a break?
    I’m not one of the people who think all progress should be halted to fix issues, but we only have a limited amount of patience and mine is WEARING THIN now! Nevertheless, SL is still the best place on earth…

  4. Diva Dinova says:

    How about you worry about the issues that SL is seeing ingame right now? Maybe update us on this useless BLOG? it hasn’t been update in over 3 hours???

  5. MathMan says:

    Just think Lindeners…for every negitive post there are 1000 people, minimum, that haven’t read the post that would also respond negatively. Then for every negative response not posted, due to lack of reading the post, there are a minimum of 100 people that REALLY want to post a negative post but don’t. This is not meant to be a negative post…it is only to enlighten on the true number of negative “posts”… Thank you.

  6. Ann Otoole says:

    wow your gonna forge right on ahead when the grid is simply broken right now. you guys seriously need leadership replacement.

  7. Told you last week (and on several other occasions) that 6am-noon PST is 2pm-8pm GMT, not 1pm-7pm. We are EIGHT hours ahead of you, not 7!!! You seem to be forgetting that we also have British Summer Time, even if we don’t get much of a summer.

    Either that, or you just can’t add up!!!

  8. kim says:

    oh yes another update i mean downgrade when will you learn to fix the issues we have not add more trouble.. getting fed up with same issues day after day afdter day and why not do down time at night

  9. MikeC Althouse says:

    The beta voice is totally broken for the Mac… downloaded the latest version and it will not hear voices on the beta grid and I can’t talk on the beta grid. I know that I have to turn it on and have done that… but it is not working. I have used the other beta voice clients in the past and they worked, but this one is not working. Mac osX.

  10. Backstreet Goode says:

    If everyone would check their systems to even see if the SL requirements are being met, there would be less crashes etc. I for one do not have any problems with SL, but I am running a very fast computer with lots of Ram memory and a very fast video card. Take a good look at your computers to see if they meet specs for SL.

  11. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    Presumably, the broken parts of the grid will be fixed in this update too, at least I hope so.

    Been looking forward to this update for a while. There are many things which need fixed, like the group IM bug. That says fixed internally on jira so it should be in this update, yes?

    I’d also really like to see some of the issues with particles fixed, and the bug in llStopSound fixed too.

  12. Tony says:

    Read the patch notes for the new viewer, it contains plenty of fixes.

    However I’d be quite happy for them to implement the new viewer right now because quite frankly it’s borked at the moment big style with the inventory issues, vendors not functioning correctly yadda yadda yadda.

    @5 “Told you last week (and on several other occasions) that 6am-noon PST is 2pm-8pm GMT,”

    Err no they’re quite correct. GMT doesn’t change (even for daylight savings), in the UK we’re currently on BST, which is GMT +1 😛

  13. Chaffro Schoonmaker says:

    “Hey there, I need some decals for my car. Sure, one tyre is flat, the steering is a little off, the brake pads are worn out, the exhaust is a little smokey I’ll admit, one wing mirror is cracked and it does tend to rattle A LOT when it’s going over 50mph, but I’m sure adding some cool flashes down the side of the vehicle is exactly what it needs. After all, if we just add some pretty new things, no-one will notice the other crap. Right?”

  14. agbah sirbu says:

    SO I HAVE B i G Trouble … (( Account disabled ??? ))

    my real avatar name is Agbah sirbu and im SLmember since january 2007. All was good TILL yet. I have last wednesday buyed some Lindendollars (5000) and at saturday was booked on SL account and sunday the Shit happens- My Account is disabled !! ?? !! – i cant log in with agbah Sirbu and the message is ever the same : “our account is disabled – plz renew ur meber ship “…. . So im Angry coz i will not loose my avatar (i have a shop and xx000 Lindendollars on my account .

    So i have make a new “emergency” Avatar : Agbah VOOM – and now the same thing again – Account closed !! ?? !! Why ??

    So i cant use the support on sl.com coz my account is closed.
    i have send a ticket before 4 days -NOT response- and the Hotline in canada is not realy good coz i have 25 minutes wait and nothing happens. (Im resident in germany !! woow think at the cost 😦 .

    I have heard from many other user in Secondlife that they Have the SAME problem with closed accounts without a reason..

    So LInden – i know ur are busy and we are millions of users but plz help us – i will not loosing my Sl soul ( that was much work..:))

    THX for reading and time:

    VICTIMS : Agbah Sirbu / Agbah Voom / Freizeit Planer and many more.


  15. Renie says:


    The TP isnt working..
    I am crashing every 2 minutes
    Uploads fail every 2nd time
    I am getting some stupid asset save error while saving my clothes and skins
    Not able to get or send IMs
    3 out of 5 times friend’s list is messed up

    Do we expect to get rid of these problems with the new release??

    If not then what the point of stuffing a new release in our mouth??
    Whats new in it? pretty looking sky that has no use in the game? or voice chat?

    First Make it SL then try to turn it in something like Yahoo messenger….

    Thank you for all the troubles you give us everyday…

  16. Ann Otoole says:

    Right now, if you drop something out of inventory and then try to take it back into inventory, you just lost it forever. Therefore it is presumably a fact the previous fix they rolled out for this gaping and costly defect was never a fix and was an errant patch band aid of code written by unqualified person(s) who need to be removed from Linden Research without any notice.

    We can easily presume tomorrow’s downtime will render the grid unusable for yet another costly period of time.

    I used the word presume because Warkirby chose to presume in a positive light. *grin* I too *hope* something good will happen but the track record of abysmal performance and total ineptness on the part of Linden Research is quite well manifested now.

  17. Jman Udet says:

    @3… My guess is they do it on the times they do it since that’s when they work, and if they start it first thing in the morning, then if something goes wrong, they have the afternoon to fix it instead of them starting in the evening, something going wrong, and them not being able to fix it till the next day and then another full blog full of complaints from ppl.
    @2 – I notice the main word in there is “I”…. that’s the problem, not everyone is having the same issues as you. Yes there are a lot of complaints on here as to issues people are having, but in the larger scheme of things, if 100 people complained on here, that’s only 0.3% of the total users online day to day. That means that if there arent reproduceable, good, filled out bugs in the issue tracker, it’s hard to figure out what exactly could be causing that one person’s issues, especially since it depends on what hardware and software you have. Therefore, and this goes for everyone, your going to have to do what the lindens and others have been telling you to do all this time and file a bug, detailing your setup of your computer and how to reproduce your results… otherwise just complaining a generic problem on here “I constantly crash” doesnt help anyone.
    Please keep in mind everyone too just like theyve said the majority of their programmers are working on bugs. Yes some might be working on new features, but not all programmers can just jump into any part of the code and troubleshoot it. If they didnt add new features, then SL would just be some old fashioned game that noone will use anymore and everyone will probably go to some other virtual world game. They couldnt work for a year for instance and not add new features, everyone would just get bored and sick of the game probably and leave. And yes, there are a lot of bugs, and if anything they are largely understaffed, that’s why they are desparately hiring new programmers and opening up new offices across the world. They also open sourced the program, offering others out there to also contribute ideas and bug fixes for them since they are understaffed and cant fix every problem. In my opinion, Linden Labs has explored all avenues into trying to fix bugs. They release almost bi-weekly updates to try to fix bugs asap and hopefully make people happy. They have listened and are more cautious with moving the beta version mainstream, and make sure the most bugs possible that are seen are fixed there before releasing it. The hard part about the beta version is it’s not the full scale. You dont have the scale that the main version has, such as thousands of servers and users, you may only have a few thousand users and a few servers. When you have such a smaller scale, the likelyness is that those that test the beta will be the majority that the program works for when it does go mainstream, and then those that dont beta test or cant, get stuck with the version that doesnt work with their computer. You also end up with problems on their end because now instead of a few servers you have all the servers, a large increase in scale. If it was possible, it would be great to have beta versions as firstlook clients, and have duplicate asset and other database servers so that the firstlook client points to them instead of the main servers. That way you can have the scalability (and hopefully more testers), but if something wrong happens with the beta version and the database servers, they wouldnt affect the main servers, and therefore they could beta test in a more realistic environment. In time, im sure, as Linden Labs grows as a company, you’ll see bigger improvements faster as more full-time programmers work on the code, but until then they have opened up all available avenues for bug fixes to be fixed as fast as possible.

    Finally, thank you to all the hard working volunteers working on the open-sourced program, and to those filling full, detailed, and reproduceable bugs. Your the ones that have taken bug-fixing in your own hands and helped out where Linden Labs falls short.

  18. Korena Starbrook says:

    wow – this is SOOOO classic.

    “Intermittent asset issues”? LOL – the grid is failing – but now is a good time to introduce new and exciting features.


  19. martini says:

    Let’s get this clear early. This *is* primarily a fix patch. No great swathes of new features. As quick as I am to deplore the recent failings of the stability of the system, I am as quick to offer my optimism and support for these fixes.

    That being said, I hope this fix *includes* some back ground work on the very serious and debilitating issues that are currently plaguing the system. For if it does not these fixes are nothing more than castles built on sand.

    Stability first.

  20. Carla Cortes says:

    I am the proud owner of a new laptop quite high spec, but running Vista home premium and I have to say a lot of the problems I had before like unable to TP, rezzing objects, L$ not showing, lag and other issues mentioned above are now a thing of the past for me. Everything is running perfectly SL is very stable and I have no problems I am surprised that there is no support for Vista but I have had no need for any support anyway.
    My point is that a new computer may be the answer to everyones woes. It has certainly worked for me.

  21. Tyler says:


  22. Jaman Ashby says:


  23. Stop the madness! Let’s stop adding to Second Life until you fix all outstanding issues, BUGS, GRID Stabilization, Performance problems. Please, we, the Residents of Second Life, love SL, but you are killing it by adding more and more and ignoring the basics. A world so filled with problems is a world NO ONE will want to be in.


  24. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    Guys. They’re NOT adding new stuff. This update is almost entirely bug fixes. And it has also been explained in the past why they can’t devote everyone to fixing stuff. Please stop clogging up the blog comments with the exact same invalid arguments every single time.

  25. Shunka Yue says:

    Fellow Citizens, while i share in your frustration, i must say that Second Life is the most amazing program i have seen in my thirty years of computer experience. I dont think anyone here would dispute that, i also think that venting anger toward people who brought us this wonderful experience is counter productive. i have not seen one person say,” is there anything we can do to help you and ourselves to make this better”. I would ask the Lindens, “if you need your fellow citizens to help you, then say that you need our help”. Personally, i dont care about the small amount of money i pay each month to have the joy of sharing a global experience from my desktop. Lindens, you have my support, please forge ahead, it is that quality which brought us all here together to begin with.

  26. Tony Watt - Reina Beaumont in SL says:

    Well I’m annoyed that my previous account ended up having to be placed aside to open a new one when a support portal repair caused problems and I couldn’t get in contact with tech support to get it sorted out. So I’m hoping these repairs will finally fix things.
    Second Life is a remarkable game and it really needs repairing and a complete fix, today has been just one crash too many.
    So please, please, repair the game and truly show just what you intended to create with Second Life. Because when it’s working, it’s a truly remarkable game that has a lot of potential. And maybe this time I might finally get some help and have the old account deleted since the second one is going well this time round now that I’ve got the basics down.

  27. Girly Riederer says:

    This is definately the day before a update lol, am in a empty sim and i cannot put on clothes or attachments after 3 relogs and and hour of trying various things, so whatever i am going to do rest of night will have to be bald and nakid. I am praying those memory leak fixes are going to end my regular crashing, Good luck and hope it goes well.

  28. Kimber Enoch says:

    Agree fully with 3 and 6. Not only do you do it in our prime time but you dont even know or listen to what our time conversion is. Guys we’re not the back of beyond in Europe you know!

  29. Tavis Nico says:

    I don’t know how many of you realize these “new features” are specifically designed to improve stability. Sculpted prims are meant to decrease the load produced by complicated mulit-prim constructions of organic objects, Windlight is going to change environment rendering and allow future concepts like weather to be possible, voice will attempt to offload chat overhead to a more natural speaking system that resides mostly away from LL’s servers (even if the mojority of residents do not use it).

    The latest changes to notecard acceptance/rejection will reduce the load on the asset server by keeping all these notecard-based and ignored resident-generated items from copying more unwanted data to your inventories (including your Trash folder). I applaud these changes, even if it doesn’t fix everything. They are trying, and the bulk of the people complaining here are just not paying any attention to that, and many others are simply complaining without offering any information that will help fix whatever is wrong.

    If I were facing the problems half of you were complaining about, I’d be trying to get to the bottom of it. Collect data on your computer, like the video card, the driver’s version, the speed of your processor, what features you are trying to use… Try examining different Preferences settings, adjust use the Ctrl+Alt+D menus to pinpoint what part of the client is responsible for your problem. Take a look at your connection… perhaps it is some congestion on the Internet that is beyond your and LL’s control. Don’t come running on here saying something doesn’t work without at least trying to do your part to solve your problem.

    Example: SL crashes as soon as everything renders on my laptop. However, it runs the Linux version just fine. So what’s the difference? The Windows video card driver does not have OpenGL 2.0 and is therefore not compatible with the GLSL-based features. Case closed. Now all I have to do is find some driver that fulfills that requirement or create my own workaround.

  30. Mark C says:

    Tavis, that’s a crock. Prim limits will be what they are. Sculpties aren’t going to change anything — we’ll just have (a few) slightly better looking things with the same 15000 prims per sim we have now. Chat isn’t enough of a load to worry about, and it’s not necessarily getting any better with voice. And there’s absolutely nothing about the severe grid-wide problems that has anything to do with my machine.

    Give it a rest.

  31. Mark C says:

    Take a look at #2 and tell me which of those problems are problems with Bobby’s machine. Or what fixes in this release have anything to do with fixing them.

  32. Looks like it’s down early. You broke it!!!

  33. william Fish says:

    QUESTION… will LindenLab techs finally eliminate memory leaks? I have a 2gb dual channel kit from G.Skill… it’s compared to the XMS if not better… anyhow i’ll have 1.7gb free… upon starting Secondlife up, it lowers to about 1.3gb free.. after about 1 hour on Secondlife im down to about 950MB free ram… after about 2 hours, i am down to about 20mb free ram… this is usually when a crash occurs. Pagefile goes up to a high 1gb space. Seriously…. fix the memory leaks.

    Thank you.

    *do note this is a brand new computer, and i dont have any memory leaks with any other type of game or program. Just second life… also I noticed all of this after the most recent update that was suppose to fix memory leaks.

  34. Sue Saintlouis says:

    For the person on a Mac, I was on the Beta voice grid today and was talking with another Mac user. So, it may not be on SL’s end.

    For all the whiners, while the squeaky wheel gets the grease, do remember that one doesn’t attract flies with vinegar. How about behaving like adults? State the facts, give unbiased feedback, test on a different PC. Yes, SL has issues. Yes, I would love to see it run smoothly. But, we’re all in this together! Think as a team, not as them vs. us! I imagine the folks who work at LL are very dedicated and work long hours. Yelling at them is just adding to their stress.

    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…


  35. Brett Finsbury says:

    how about a limit on how many people can be on one parcel? I wasnt able to get to my home location due to a club that popped up and they own one small tiny corner of nakgol and are filling it up so others who own property in the rest of the sim cannot tp in.
    Thats B.S..
    People who own property in a sim should never be locked out due to some club or casino having to many people.
    If you have a club thats going to do that go buy your own sim.
    I am sure there are others out here that agree with me.

  36. BratE says:

    It would seem the scheduled downtime was replaced by an unscheduled downtime. I can’t seem to log in and the home page shows “0” people logged in.

  37. saijanai says:

    Memory bug fixes can affect just about any aspect of the game, so these should be welcomed, no matter what bug you are complaining about. Other bugs may be impossible to fix without rewriting the entire system. The fact that so many are willing to complain about an update which is almost entirely about fixing bugs by saying “don’t give us an update, fix the bugs,” suggestions that the Lindens are right to ignore you, if indeed they are.

  38. william Fish says:

    22 sue..

    Correct me if im wrong, but im pretty sure LL should test everything on different types of PC’s as well as give hours of testing. We in RL call this Q/A or Q/C (quality assurance or quality control).

    I did do some long testing with the first look viewer on a PC running windows xp 32bit, am2 socket asus board, dual 7600GT CO 256mb SLI cards, amd brisbane 1.9gb dual core cpu, and G.Skill 2gb dual channle ddr2 memory…. As expected, windlight decreases FPS and not just a tad bit.. but dramaticly! Test were done as instructed at first look isle

    Second Life 1.16.0 (62469) May 24 2007 16:20:22

    You are at 259968.0, 248960.0, 22.9 in First Look Isle located at sim964.agni.lindenlab.com (

    CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (1908 MHz)
    Memory: 2047 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7600 GT/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW! SLI MODE
    OpenGL Version: 2.0.1
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 32/71851 (0.0%)
    Viewer Digest: 711e08e4-f474-cce5-b7a5-cf13145d208d

    Secondlife Latest update normal client
    1) 150fps
    2) 200 fps
    3) 67fps
    4) 202fps

    First Look Viewer
    1) 70fps
    2) 75fps
    3) 76fps
    4) 144fps

    I do know LL wont be putting out windlight in this “patch” but I do hope this never makes it to SL. As beautiful as it maybe… most weaker machines wont be able to handle the load. I’ll test it with my laptop that has just a ati 200x on it and see what happens.

  39. person person says:

    your damn server goes down liek every friggin day! you guys erally do need to leaders over there, and why is the server offline now?! you said downtiem was tmorrow but t says there aer zero people on now and i cant log in! you guys are screwed up, fix the damn grids and stuff, and the coding. and liek people are saying, it seems for all this “down time” were having, wer enot getting any damn improvement. fix your servers!

  40. Majento says:

    Good luck with it

  41. Glauco Barbosa says:

    My Configuration:

    Pentium Celeron 2.4Ghz
    01 ghz memo
    ADSL 800kbps

    WHen FPS “GROWING” my connection “DECREASE”

    WHen my connection “GROWING” my FPS “DECREASE”



  42. Glauco Barbosa says:

    FPS dont pass of 15 and IS FREQUENT connection ZERO

    my TEXT (script functions as… llWhisper() ) dont show in my screen…


  43. Kenny Stinger says:

    Did nt we just do this ??? & look what happend Last time !!!
    Going to do Eny thing GOod Get more land up it to DAMN HIGH !!!! 102 on 512 THATS NUTS !!! 😦

  44. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    I wont complain, why should I you people do not listen so the only recourse I have is to go elsewhere if this patch reflects your past history.

    I saw something that I had not seen before tonight, members of my group who are builders and scripters log off several hours early because of the way you manage the operations side of this game.

    These individuals will normally play through anything but tonight they had enough of the poor performance, threw up their hands and said I have had it.

    You affect the economy and as one girl said to me I am afraid to buy anything because the Linden’s told me they can not replace items that disappear from my inventory. Well is this anyway to run something that is supposed to be fun.

    A word of warning, yes we use lindens to buy items in game, BUT these lindens are funded by hard currency thus giving you an interesting problem. You do have a responsibility to replace lost items because your “sit on it’s ass server” does not either have the bandwidth to accept the multiple requests or is just so poorly written that it does not have the capability to process the data. In either case you have received real money for the play money we use to make purchases in game.

    As your concurrency increases these problems multiply. As an multiple Island owner I do object to the non restriction of users until you ascertain the problems, if I remember correctly you announced long ago that you were going to begin this program.

    All in all you have not had a good patch since 6.0. Did you do something to the staff after 6.0.

  45. person person says:

    yeah really, whatever is making the items disapear, FIX IT! im tired f buying stuff for thousands of lindens, and then it disapears he next damn day! if that keeps happening theres no way im buying lindens again for real money.

  46. william Fish says:

    29 Coventina Dalgleish

    there’s another thing that occurs over and over…. lindens say they will do something… and never do it. Must be just for PR.

  47. McCabe Maxsted says:

    @25 LL has QA, but QA and beta viewers are just no substitute for real-world testing (especially with something like the grid). If you want to help, post on the JIRA. There’s a meta-issue dealing with various problems of the windlight firstlook, including frame rates. Just do a search.

    Having looked at what’s going into 1.17.0 (no voice or windlight, just a lot of fixes), it’s given me hope that SL will eventually become stable again. Now if those asset servers would just start working again…

  48. Aradia says:

    I am still trying to understand why there’s still an update going on tomorrow when sims are crashing, items won’t rez, won’t delete, won’t load…but, there’s an update. Project open letter was a big waste of time obviously.

  49. Fang Graves says:

    grrr, how much longer will the damn servers be closed tonight? it says noones online and your downtime is tomorrow, when will the servers open again? cause its liek 10 pm here, i havent been able to log in since 9 >.

  50. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    Julie Apocalypse Says:
    June 12th, 2007 at 4:58 PM PDT

    Told you last week (and on several other occasions) that 6am-noon PST is 2pm-8pm GMT, not 1pm-7pm. We are EIGHT hours ahead of you, not 7!!! You seem to be forgetting that we also have British Summer Time, even if we don’t get much of a summer.

    Either that, or you just can’t add up!!!

    Hate to break it to ya, sweetie, but GMT is always GMT. It never changes. It is a standard time in computerville. Just because you begin using BST or whatever DOES NOT MEAN GMT HAS CHANGED. GMT IS A CONSTANT. When LL goes to daylight savings, the time to GMT CHANGES.

    Stop acting like LL doesn’t know this. Educate yourself.

  51. Tesla Miles says:

    I’m having trouble logging in.

    My business is losing money because people can’t buy anything, and I’ve paid money to advertise in classifieds – Linden Labs should refund me for the downtime, since I’m not getting a full week of advertising exposure.

    These downtimes can make or break a business. It’s very off-putting. The bugs can destroy products that contain scripts which aren’t compatible with the new ‘fixes’. I don’t think Linden Labs understand how it can affect the entire economy of Second Life, just so that they can make SL look ‘pretty’ to attract a new handful of temporary sign-ups.

  52. Aric Crossair says:

    @ everyone commenting that we with problems should contribute answers rather than just comment on our problems…

    If I buy a car and it breaks, I take it to the dealer, I should just ask to borrow his tools and fix it myself? Here we are with another day of a broken grid, and not one comment on the blog to inform us, and lots of promises of new fixes, how tomorrow will be a better day. It’s getting old.

  53. Aric Crossair says:

    There is time to ‘moderate’ the blog, but not even time to make an entry about what’s going on now?

  54. Me says:

    I totally agree, I had to sell my land because I could never get there – some club/school with a small parcel nearly always maxed the sim 😦 If I was lucky to get there it wasn’t of any use either because of the lag that business caused.

    There should be a parcel limit indeed – or club / casino / school owners schould be more responsible towards other residents and get their own sim – if they expect to have lots of visitors on a regular bases.

    BTW – does anyone else have probs loggin in? I’ve tried for more than an hour and all it says is “Unable to connect to a simulator”. There’s nothing on the blog so I don’t know if it’s just me, had the same message earlier today though. I hadn’t crashed but just logged off before, but can’t get back in 😦

    I really, really, really hope that the new viewer will fix some issues – as much as I have always loved SL I’m feeling that I begin losing interest because it’s getting so much more difficult to enjoy it – just too many hours / days where you actually can’t really do anything because of all the issues it has.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow – if I should ever get back in…

  55. Bronco says:

    When are you going to have a Vista compatible release that works with standard new PCs on the market? Hard to find a new laptop or computer that doesnt have Vista on it.

  56. Cliff Dieffenbach says:

    Online Now: 0

    Yikes! Early downtime =/

  57. Deltango Vale says:

    Looks like unscheduled downtime tonight.

    Can we please quit with the morality campaign and fix the grid so that paying adults can hang out voluntarily in a virtual world.

  58. OT

    I must admit; I have been in Second Life for almost 9 months and have not lost an inventory item; until today… I was moving a piano, and took it into inventory. It never arrived in physical inventory, and left me with a ghosted prim in its place. After a call to concierge (Thanks Dee Linden 😉 The ghosted prim had been removed, but my piano had not come back into inventory. Im not complaining (as it was merely pocket change to me had it disappeared) as the support of the manufacturer is great and she will replace it, BUT to n00bs, this could be a serious matter, as NOT all merchants are honest enough to replace lost items (those of you that do; I respect you and tip my hat to you; those of you who don’t, well..You know who you are), after all, this IS real money exchanging hands via “tokens” 😉

  59. Me says:

    A friend of mine is online though right now, she told me in her email that she could log in right away – even though it says “0 online” for her too?

  60. Jossy Joffe says:

    Well, a lot of comment and most of it negative.
    Not ONE Linden reaction on these comment. Guys, you are right. SL is hopelessly full of bugs, but the Lindens do not listen to you, so dont comment, its useless.

  61. Have you guys at Linden considered renting a large server host for Europe ? I gather you have more users here then over there yet speaking to other Europeans and then to Americans it is obviously we are receiving a far different experience on lag and so on. Of course we all have crashes and so on and fixes for the memory leaks will be most welcome but it is clear that busy places are out of bounds to many Europeans whereas American friends can visit them.

    Just a thought.

  62. Tesla Miles says:

    Why is this unscheduled downtime not announced? – Linden Labs should be responsible enough to let the public know that the grid is down. Many users may be left wondering whether the problem is on their end.

    This is totally ridiculous.

  63. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Well it is 10:22PM CST and I have screenshots verifying that I was the only person online. Linden Labs, you guys have a major wake up call here: there are 0 users logged in as of now. Items are disappearing from peoples inventories, you cannot delete or take most items that you drop, our Group Membership screens are blank, and scripted items are eating themselves. If there was ever a time where you needed to call in reinforcements and start the new viewer patch, right now is the time to do it.

    In light of all these issues, I’ve been hired to have fireworks displays ready for the Kat Festival 2007 for the 15th, 16th and 17th. Guess what? I can’t get anything prepared because I can’t save my scripts, I can’t rez objects without them disappearing and I can’t trust the system to support even a minimal amount of work. Please, if you have any kindness in your hearts take out the emergency phone number list and call the hotshots in to just do the patch now and get it over with. I’m suprised this blog isn’t filled to the brim with residents screaming for help.

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  65. Akiko Koba says:

    Heck, it’s already downtime – I’ve been trying to log in for the past 20 minutes and all I get is: ‘Cannot connect to a simulator’. What’s up LL? I have business to attend to and I need to be in-world – at least 10 minutes ago!

  66. CaptJosh Au says:

    To the European members of the SL Community, Linden Labs is an American company based in California. That means their primary working hours are those of the workday in California. This means most of their employees are there then. They do the updates when they do them in order to make sure they have the most people there for the longest time at their best efficiency just in case there are problems during or following an update. There is nothing to be done about it.

  67. Deltango Vale says:

    SL is definitely offline. No access to any sims. Dead, no comment from LL.

  68. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    This is completely off the wall but has anyone checked to see if there’s been a major disaster in California? Maybe they got rocked with an earthquake, a flood or perhaps the San Andreas fault completely broke off and LL is floating off into the ocean. (Don’t mind me I’m a bit bored at the moment)

  69. Elder Raymaker says:

    As I read Thru the List i have come to understand you at LL are the worst government i have experienced, u dont get it. your leadership doesnt get it, and certainly your board doesnt get it. Thank You for not listening to us. where would we be with a flawless game 14-45 million players on line….. not good….. success. close your eyes and repeat after me… i will not fix the problems because a fear success, i will not fix the ……you are under my control and there is nothing you can do, i control you …. sleep….when you awake youll remember nothing…..nothing. sleepwalkers.

  70. Deltango Vale says:

    Yaay, Nevada finally has a coastline!

  71. Fang Graves says:

    im online too :O but it says 0 online 😡 damn you LL! and im too frickin afraid to use anything in my inventory, damn, SL is scrwed, bad, but serious WHY ARE WE OFFLINE! grrr, they didnt give us any notice of this.

  72. Me says:

    So it’s not just me, saves me time unplugging cables from my computer 😉

    I’m also getting frustrated about it all, I’m working on a shop but could hardly get anything done since last week, and I’ve even lost some items that I’d built for it when I tried to take them back to my inventory.

    I had wanted to finish it a few days ago but atm it seems I will never be able to finish it 😦

    Apart from that I should have done some urgent custom work that I couldn’t do because of all the issues, not so nice losing a customer because of that….

    Hoping for better times though 😉

  73. hank says:

    my grandma is online too, she wondered why there is nobody

  74. Ailik Ulich says:

    Give LL some really good feedback. =) I want a better SL too!

    So yes, I’m glad SL is “buggy” like everyone complains. Lets push the envelope all the way!!!


    It will help developers figure out all the problems and make things better.


  75. Tesla Miles says:

    I’m still waiting for LL to make an announcement about this unscheduled downtime…

    C’mon already – We the users of SL want a statement, that’s the least you owe us…

  76. Deltango Vale says:

    Ahhh, LL, it’s 20:42 in California (if Californai still exists). Anybody home? Knock knock, Hello, Can you hear us? knock knock. Is anyone there? Earth to California, Earth to California…

  77. ColeMarie Soleil says:

    Hmmm…. 0 members online but gride up but “cannot connect to grid” errors.

  78. Korena Starbrook says:

    Living in Cali – I can say for sure – I am glad I have a boat!!!!!

    feel free to Join LINDEN LABS BLOWS – cause well – they do.

  79. Korena Starbrook says:

    also – sorry for double post – but lack of comments makes you realize how many campers make up this population we have here. No SL – and 50 comments?

    LOL – oh well.

  80. hank says:

    maybe it is online but just we cannot connect

  81. Fang Graves says:

    yeah thats bull, theyre just screwing around on there, probably just doing the most unimportant stuff and forgetting about the million angry people who cant get online because they started “downtime” early, thats retarded LL, good job with that 😡

  82. hmr1000 says:

    If nothing else please fix the crashes and memory leaks that are making it impossible to stay in game long enough even to answer my IMs. I have been in SL for about a year now and things have gotten consistently worse since July, despite constant promises that they will get better or fixes are on the way or already in place, the the only real change I have seen is LL has gotten more remote and isolated from its player base and its promises and claims have gotten less and less believable. At this point I suspect that if you do not turn things around soon your player base (regular paying customers) will become even more disillusioned than they are now and start to move to other games, and you will be faced with a serious crisis of your own making that you may well not survive.

  83. ColeMarie says:

    Ahahahahaa Korena. *smiles* Yeah, we all know how people like to make accounts to camp with. Ah, the beauty of the orb of anti-idle. At least it’s nice to see someone alive.

  84. MasterD Obscure says:

    I have the same invisible prim problem on my land after taking/deleting objects….. the objects are out of sight but prims still being counted…. major annoying bug.

  85. Tesla Miles says:

    I hope my shop is still there when the grid goes back up… Otherwise back to the SL Stone Age… oh well, we’ll have a beautiful sky and voice chat to console us…

  86. Deltango Vale says:

    So, let me get this right. I pay $300 a month for LL to tell me who I can and cannot sleep with – voluntarily in a virtual world – and I’m killing time writing in this blog. What’s that sucking sound? Ohhh, it’s money leaving SL.

  87. Me says:

    Just got another email from my friend, she’s still online and there’s other ppl too, not as many as usual but there’s ppl online, doing stuff…

    It apparently doesn’t affect everyone – btw she’s a non paying member and she can get in and I’m a paying member and can’t… lol

  88. Daphne says:

    OK does anyone have any idea why we are getting a message “cannot connect to a simulator” There is NOTHING posted and there are MANY of us that cannot get in world.

  89. hank says:

    i dont know

  90. ColeMarie says:

    Yeah. I just purchased some new land tonight, all excited about setting up considering I’m throwing money into the thing. But, the thing that bothers me is no word from LL on any of this. I mean, paying users should get things like land breaks on payment during downtime considering USERS AREN’T USING them. I mean, More updates without any previous major bugs really being handled.

  91. bwana Babenco says:

    Ok is it just me? Of course not cause I read a couple posts ahead of mine. Y is sl down again? I could take it if it was down when regularly scheduled but it’s not quite midnight on the east coast and my sl has been down at least a half hour with the same login failed unable to connect to a simulator. I was born 5/20/07 so I may be the most new of those who comment here but i gotta say to the lindens, “ur killing me man!!!”. otherwise, i love sl and am rapidly becoming addicted. i just wish i could get through a single night without crashing multiple times. Definitely my biggest complaint to date.

  92. Korena Starbrook says:

    thank god these problems are only “Intermittent” – it feels so much better 🙂

    love you guys – see you in world – maybe

  93. Fang Graves says:

    man i had to try logging in like 100 times before i finally got in 😛 and then there was like nobody else in the world :O and nothign would load :S it was just all gray, argh

  94. ..... says:


  95. ..... says:


  96. Geddy says:

    For what it’s worth, the beta grid is up and running. Can’t do much but if you need your SL fix it might hold you over.

  97. ..... says:

    fecking LL and SL let us in damnit!

  98. Tesla Miles says:

    /me twiddles thumbs…

  99. Iris Junot says:

    Um…why is NO ONE online…and more importantly WHY CAN’T I GET ONLINE?!?!???!?!??!

  100. Me says:

    Had my friend file a bug report since I can’t, still nothing on the blog so they may not even be aware of this….

  101. Akiko Koba says:

    Hmmm, I guess I could sit and read while someone goes in search of a Linden employee to come in and try and fix this.

    Does anyone have a copy of War & Peace that I can borrow please?

  102. ColeMarie says:

    Weeeeeeeeeeeee Well I know what I’m doing. DESIGNING! *pokes all the creative people out of the blog and back into photoshop where they belong*

  103. Tesla Miles says:

    RE: #63


  104. Buckaroo Mu says:

    No SL? Really? I’ve been at my club for the last two hours, and so have about 35 other people. I don’t think any of them know what you’re talking about. Could be wrong, of course. Or maybe people aren’t commenting because SL isn’t down.

  105. Kalia Meiklejohn says:

    Well that helped me decided whether I should stay or go….I’m pulling my L$ and going somewhere better.

  106. Kalia Meiklejohn says:

    Log out and then log back in Buckaroo.

  107. ColeMarie says:

    Alright, enough with the sarcasm.

  108. Arianna Voltaire says:

    I cannot get in-world either keeps saying the same thing “Cannot Connect to a simulator” its just another long list of things that have happened. All day could not return items left at my store not even ones right in front of me. List for land showed the right prims yet over 50 were just gone?…I talked to a Linden whom informed me they are working on it but I do agree some kind of response would be nice. I mean we are getting an Update tomorrow yet tonight I cannot even log in as I cannot connect to a simulator..very upsetting.

  109. Iris Junot says:

    RIIIIIGGHHHT SL is just down for about a BILLION people, Buckaroo, but NO nothing’s wrong b/c YOU can get online! GAWD! xD

    *Pulls up a chair, flips open War and Peace and reads to Akiko, lightly stroking his/her head*

  110. Tesla Miles says:

    We’re the silenced majority…

  111. ColeMarie says:

    *curls up and listens because no one wants to photoshop with me*


  112. Iris Junot says:

    OMG I’M HAVING WITHDRAWAL! LL if you don’t get SL fixed in the next 2 hours I’m gonna flip out at work and end up in jail!

  113. Jman Udet says:

    I can and just did log in… it says there’s 0 people online but there’s lots online according to the map. My guess is that there is a networking issue and some of you probably cant connect because of where your connection is going to. A possibility might be to try specifying a region when you log in (preferences>general and type in a region name). But yes, the grid is still up and lots of people online, and you may be able to log in.

  114. ColeMarie says:

    *starts reading war and peace aloud*
    “Sonya, shaking off some down which clung to her and tucking away the verses in the bosom of her dress close to her bony little chest, ran after Natasha down the passage into the sitting room with flushed face and light, joyous steps. At the visitors’ request the young people sang the quartette, “The Brook,” with which everyone was delighted. Then Nicholas sang a song he had just learned:

    At nighttime in the moon’s fair glow
    How sweet, as fancies wander free,
    To feel that in this world there’s one
    Who still is thinking but of thee!

    That while her fingers touch the harp
    Wafting sweet music music the lea,
    It is for thee thus swells her heart,
    Sighing its message out to thee…

    A day or two, then LOGINS unspoilt,
    But oh! till then I cannot live!…”


  115. me,myself and I says:

    Someone in world needs to let them know that tons of us are not able to get in cause “Cannot connect to a simulator” my online is reading 0. And well mew. 😦

  116. Kalia Meiklejohn says:

    Care to tell us what sim worked for you?

  117. Mia Recreant says:

    So…SL is not down, but the login is phucked…at least for some (I have a hunch; many). And it shows zero online at the login screen.

  118. Tesla Miles says:

    give me a region that works? please

  119. Arianna Voltaire says:

    Its not just some its alot..been about an hour for me and I can log in on my alt…so I am guessing both my accts which are PAID for connect to the same so why can I get in on one and not the other???

  120. Fang Graves says:

    god, come on LL, fix the servers -_- im bored now, grrr at you LL, grrr

  121. Elda Luna says:

    yeah i noticed some stuff that never gets fixed and drives me insane…one thing drives me more insane is..why is the cache limit like 1000mb max? dosent help me much i need like 2000mb and i need to use them debug settings to increase my size cause i find 1000mb dosent do much for me as soon as i clear it and log in i nerely loaded 500mb of stuff allready in one shot, and i knoticed in the first look client the sky dosent even have a moon for night time…all i have to say not every day i post comments though, so try to keep sl working, thanks

  122. Jman Udet says:

    Well, just for example, Ross worked for me. Again, this might not fix everyone’s problems because if it’s one of LL’s providers, then it might just affect some people and not others. But at least this way it rules out if for instance their co-location is down or something (dont know what sims hosted there).

  123. Iris Junot says:

    OMG I’M ONLINE!!! hahahahh i directly tped ot the linden village to throw eggs at them! Try that…and if all else fails….TP to the region “Carnage”….weeeeeeee

  124. Kanja S. says:

    ok SOOOO….I’ve lost some costly items I tried to take back in order to relocate them….they are now .. what .. gone forever? Then, I bought an item, and right after I paid for it, I crashed, and the item is, you guessed it…GONE. I’ll be crossing my fingies and tosies that tomorrow’s update will return my lost items!

  125. Deltango Vale says:

    SL is dead in the water. Did a complete computer shutdown and reboot, communitations fine, cleared cache, nothing changed since last log out (not a crash, a normal log out). Cannot log onto simulator. Yawn. ANYBODY WORKING AT LL THESE DAYS?

  126. Arianna Voltaire says:

    IM in New York howdy CA guess we are in the same boat different oceans with this one huh? I had enough..going to bed..praying for a miracle

  127. Me says:

    I have tried with many different regions, my home, my last location… but always the same message “Unable to connect to a simulator”.

    So that’s not it…

    I’ll give up for today, really wanted to get some work done before tomorrow’s update, but after nearly 2 hours of not being able to log in I gess it doesn’t make sense to wait any longer, just a waist of RL time 😦

  128. Akiko Koba says:

    *65 – Nope, that doesn’t work either. Tried my last location, my home location and a couple of mainland areas.

  129. ColeMarie says:

    Carnage isn’t loading either.

  130. Revolution Perenti says:

    Well i must say you really need a database tech,
    for example servers are running mysql, resident decided to delete an object, take something back in there inventory, which ever the case.
    then the upload / download que and the sim que for the object to be ready for deletion. but what do we have here hi MYSQL server load, query and packet loss, MYSQL LOCK so the objects still in world and this is coming more and more of a problem, i really wish sometimes server code was open source too maybe i could give you a hand with the problems maybe code the cache and database queries part of the code correctly, need i say more.
    also many other issues security issues mainly i rather not talk about here, and i cant get in jira becuase takes like 3/4 mins to load 1 page to the next and firefox decides to crash so i dont bother anymore, even there are cryitical securuty issues in sl, ie physics, godmode, texture bugs in llSetTexture & llSetPrimitiveParams also bug in llRezAtRoot which causes sims to crash.
    so right now i downgrading my paid account back to free account, and rent land instead of buying it for the time being..


  131. Fang Graves says:

    yesh jman, share please? and btw #68 Iris, lmfao dont worry, you aint alone, am about to flip out on people if i dont get my ass back online :S

  132. Iris Junot says:

    NOOOOO you select “type in name of region” and actually TYPE in the name of a sim….type in carnage….trust me. Not a trick, it’s a club

  133. velvet flytrap says:

    Hey you linden cats? Please?!

    Just fix the deal up. Quit with all fancy new crap and just fix whats wrong with the nice old crap we already love. We all just want to live here and have our little SL dreams.
    Downtime tomorrow is great but we cant get into the world NOW!! The screen says the world is ONLINE but the number of people in the world is 0. Zero with a capitol E.

    You sucked it all up all day. Made me look like a moron in front of all the girls I work with and the people who run club i work in. Everyone thinks I suck, because of you. When the truth is….it is you who suck.

    And honestly,, who cares what time it is in Europe? The fix they will dump on us will just make things worse.

    So as Mr. Wolf said…
    “Please, Preaty please, with sugar on top. Go clean the F—ing car.”

    Big Wet Kisses all around to all the little people at Linden Labs who get treated like crap. We all know this isnt your fault.

    Very Very Angry
    Velvet Flytrap

    PS. Im eating the blue pill, if you dont fix this soon.

  134. Deltango Vale says:

    London calling. Tried logging into Carnage. All attepts to log into any sim fail.

  135. ColeMarie says:

    Ill keep trying it while I work on some stuff. Thanks for the tip. I did just what you said but it doesn’t seem to be working. Good looking out though

  136. Gefory Barbosa says:

    What happend sometimes after 10pm EDT (7pm PDT) Tuesday? I logged off about that time, and came on after 11pm EDT and the Grid Status says online, but ‘online now’ says 0 people, and its not possible to logg in. It just dies.

  137. Wiseguy Capra says:

    quick breakdown of current issues we’re having.

    loss of inventory…. 10k items out of 16.500 are gone. people on our sim rez items then can’t take them back.. they end up at 0,0,0 on the sim.. though sim went down, items f residents gone. groups dont display their memebers, some vendors don’t deliver purchased items. Seem lslmail is messed again. Group IM sessions still open again and again even when you closed it. Friends don’t show online etc etc etc….. youdo the math yourself…

  138. Me says:

    Iris, glad Carnage worked for you, but didn’t for me 😉

    But I’ve got a new message this time – …please make sure your Caps Lock key is off…. – lol, like I haven’t checked before 😉

  139. Annabelle Vandeverre says:

    I tried logging in to sims on servers in both California and Texas. Neither location worked for me. Perhaps it depends on where we are located, rather that where the sim servers are located. Good luck all, I’m going to bed.

  140. Lestat Demain says:

    lmao advertised downtime is tomorrow but what about downtime NOW? sl client says 0 online as does webpage or has advertised time suddenly become as random as windows time and i missed the changeover?

  141. Fang Graves says:

    grrr still aint logging me in 😦 grrr i tried looging into “carnage” along with like a thousand otehr places, i tried home, last location, it aint working! thanks a lot LL, you screwed up big time, i think we have just enterd the second life apocolypse.

  142. Yann Mizser says:

    Well, ok.

    LL isn’t working properly the whole time and even i have my thoughts about these constant updating instead of fixing.
    But i also can say that when i have problems in my region, they are usually solved within 24/48 hours.
    (Yeah, it takes THAT long. But hey, they get fixed, no?)
    It’s just a matter of reporting a bug.
    Agreed, LL has a lot to learn about direkt communication with their members.
    Like maills that never get answered, for instance.


    This Blog is becoming more and more a form of LL bashing.
    I understand member’s problems and their need to ventilate, but there’s no need to do this on a constant base.

    If you don’t like it here, buy a PS3 and play The Simms instead.

    Those are my two cents.

    Owkay……u may start bashing me now…LOL!



  143. Deltango Vale says:

    Okay, tried all the tricks in the book. SL is definitely toast. Good night all. No doubt we’ll all meet again on these blogs instead of getting anything done in SL. Ohhh, and since the LL offices are obviously empty, maybe someone could mosey on over and see what they can do about fixing things.

  144. Quenya N. says:

    “Unable to connect to a simulator”……o.k keep calm….take a deep breath……WHY COULD NOT CONNECT?????

    description of Second Life:
    SL the wonderful world, where free mental breakdowns are assured, where no one…i accent NO ONE is online but i can talk to them and where u can get free flying lessons with the confident airline of SL, directly to windows without any stops!

  145. Robin Linden says:

    We’ve noticed that some of you are having log-in problems. We’re looking at possible sources for the problems and will post more information as soon as we see what’s up.

  146. Fang Graves says:

    yeah, ive just stopped trying, logging in and waiting for six minutes to be told that i acnt connect to the damn sim is pissing me off. i guess no one at LL gives a crap about us. even though without the people they wouldnt have a damn program and no profits, were keeping them going and they just keep screwing us over. whats the use anymore…

  147. Tesla Miles says:

    Thank you!

  148. Wispering Wind says:


    Second Life Time: 9:45 pm PDT
    Total Residents: 7,199,397
    Logged In Last 60 Days: 1,626,220
    Online Now: 0


  149. Geddy says:

    Thanks for responding, this has been a problem for a couple of hours now.

  150. Fang Graves says:

    91, teh linden person, youve noticed that “some of us” are having log-in problems? omfg you people dont care at all do you? there are 92 friggin comments from pissed off people who cant log in cuz yo u guys cant seem to get your act together, god for a website thast makes money off people you sure dont seem to care about the people whore making you money.

  151. Revolution Perenti says:

    logout of my main account , now went to log backin no luck, login as my alt i see my main av in grid still ^^
    another crazy day before updates to server side and new viewer lets hope all gets better after you guys release more fixes


  152. Fang Graves says:

    lmao thats retarded, and sad. pathetic ass linden people

  153. Akiko Koba says:

    Nope. After all attempts to get in, still not happening for me.

    I decided to eat and made king prawns and mango in banana leaves and Jamaican rice and peas (with extra chilli). There’s plenty left, so if you want some while you wait, click HERE.

    Disclaimer: If you don’t get your food it’s probably the same problem that’s preventing us from logging in to SL.

    *Robin, thank you for getting people on to the problem.

  154. Fang Graves says:

    ROFLMFAO @ #96 hehe that was great. and yeah i bet most of these issues that need “looking into” are really just easily fixable problems but the staff just doesnt give a crap.

  155. Fang Graves says:

    :-O everyone stopped bitching, does that mean we got back in???!?!?!

  156. Savanah Martinek says:

    All I want to know is does this have anything to do with me not being able to log into my game this evening. And will these new updates fix this particular problem a group of us had today. I really enjoy Second Life and I want to invest more into it. But I can’t if I’m unable to sign on. Also you guys may want to consider reimplementing a technical support email where we can talk to people who can help us with more serious game play problems.

  157. g8xft says:

    Julie Apocalypse Says:

    “June 12th, 2007 at 4:58 PM PDT
    Told you last week (and on several other occasions) that 6am-noon PST is 2pm-8pm GMT, not 1pm-7pm. We are EIGHT hours ahead of you, not 7!!! You seem to be forgetting that we also have British Summer Time, even if we don’t get much of a summer.

    Either that, or you just can’t add up!!!”

    Actually Julie, they ARE 7 hours behind us on GMT so it’s quite correct – but they are 8 hours behind us on BST. It’s normal to quote GMT because that never changes so it’s a constant reference point. As an example, go 26 miles away to France, and they are 9 hours behind as CET is an hour ahead of us, but it’s STILL only 7 hours behind on GMT – you make your own local calculations for time zone and summer time differences.

  158. RebeccaLynn says:

    the problems are obviously not worldwide. i’m in the US and have been visiting with my friends in Europe for hours. Have gone shopping, have put out and taken back objects – hell, i tried on most of my wardrobe this evening, went dancings… however, i also periodically clear my cache through out the time on and i run disk clean up and defragment regularly. Now i’m having personal trouble because my computer only has 448 MB of RAM, but then i’m an idiot for buying anything made by HP.

    There are very few Linden comments on a blog like this one because WHAT IS THE POINT?!? They are working on it, they are doing their best, now they have to hire someone to respond to everyone who complains on a blog? Grow up! The limited number of comments here, with a percentage of them being positive, shows that these problems are not always universal. Look to your own computers and service providers first, then work your way up from there.


  159. Fang Graves says:

    I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O, idk how :S all i did was entered my start location as my home, and i woke up naked in a desert xD

  160. Keiko Rau says:


    *sigh* So many people dont get it.

    We blast LL when they mess up, and we are constantly on their case about the many many problems with the grid at the moment, but they roll out a fix, and still get blasted by comments like the above.

    For the not so computer literate… When you fix software, such as the servers or the viewer that comprise SL, you make your change, compile the new version of the program, and roll out an updated version. Sure, sometimes you can tweak something with out upgrading the software to a new version, but big changes, or changes to the internal code require an update of the programs.

    In order to fix a bug, they may need to restructure things to make them work better. Changes might occur to the way the servers communicate with the viewer, the protocols could change, or any number of other changes could occur that make the servers work better, but differently – the corresponding change also needs to be made to the viewer so that it can communicate with the new server software. Fixing the server problems without updating the viewer would result in communication failures as the two would be speaking different languages (protocols).

    The release notes, and updated release notes for 1.17 blogged earlier list fix after fix after fix, and no new features… no voice, no windlight, just lots of good old fixes.

    With this release, we are getting what we asked for! (Yay!)

    Please, stop bashing the Lindens when they do what we have asked them to do. It really doesnt help.

    … and yes, new releases require downtime. you have to stop the grid, update the software so that its all at the same version (all sims talking to each other in the same language) then restart the grid again. You cant have fixes to grid-wide problems without downtime.

    I for one am looking forward to the new release. Im looking forward to it despite the 6 hour downtime being right in the middle of the 6-7 hours that I normally spend online.

    Keep up the good work, Lindens!!
    Ive been critical in the past, but some of us do get it.

  161. Fuzzball Ortega says:

    Oh good, nice to know it’s not a conspiracy against me…..Should’ve stayed online, despite the lagging problems I was experiencing.

  162. Babyy says:

    “18 Tavis Nico Says:

    June 12th, 2007 at 6:37 PM PDT
    I don’t know how many of you realize these “new features” are specifically designed to improve stability. Sculpted prims are meant to decrease the load produced by complicated mulit-prim constructions of organic objects, Windlight is going to change environment rendering and allow future concepts like weather to be possible, voice will attempt to offload chat overhead to a more natural speaking system that resides mostly away from LL’s servers (even if the mojority of residents do not use it).”

    Whats you point? Stabilty or What explain?!

  163. Mimi says:

    *hopes and prays that after tonight things will be better, not worse*

    ive lost several items in my inventory, items i spend a lot of time o creating.. they now are gone *not happy*

    I waste lost of time sending people items that the lindens failed to send *not happy at all*


    Im tired of talking to angry people that get mad at me, instead of beeing mad at SL… im tired of people beeing mad at me for somthing I didnt do

    Damn lindens take your responsabilities.. and dont leave us with the mess you create to ‘fix’ it, because we are very very tired of doing so

  164. Rift Rehnquist says:

    I think the food critic from the Simpsons said it best when he let lose with this great quote about Baskin Robins. I think it is true today as it ever was “Linden Lab” – “Why make 31 flavours when you can’t even get Vanilla right”?

  165. Eddie says:


    I don’t have ANY of the issues you cry babies are complaining about here and YOUR WRECKING MY BLOG EXPERIENCE. STFU!!!

    I like the new viewer and am looking forward to the update. Do like others have said and submit bug reports etc. If SL is that bad LEAVE, we won’t miss you, I promise.

    Thanks for making SL, Lindens. Some of us out there still appreciate your efforts.

  166. @18: “Sculpted prims are meant to decrease the load produced by complicated mulit-prim constructions of organic objects, Windlight is going to change environment rendering and allow future concepts like weather to be possible, voice will attempt to offload chat overhead to a more natural speaking system that resides mostly away from LL’s servers (even if the mojority of residents do not use it).”

    (1) I don’t see many complicated multiprim constructs of organic objects, and the load on the server will remain the same because – if there is prim space, it must be filled (First Law of Prim).

    (2) Windlight: Do I really want weather? What Windlight will do is attract new users, which I applaud. What I don’t really want is weather. I can go outside for that.

    (3)Voice: Don’t get me started on this dog and pony show.

    That said, this release is expected to have viewer fixes… and I hope some grid fixes. Perhaps slowing down on adding sims to the grid would be a good decision as well (a fact that everyone seems to be forgetting).

    @21: Memory leaks will exist and will simply have to be dealt with as they come up. Memory leaks are par for the course. It’s like rain. It rains now and then. However, since you indicate a page file, I would suggest communicating with your OS manufacturer. The memory leak may well be in your OS, or another application – probably a multithreaded/mutexed app.

    @31: Most people can’t navigate JIRA – and the errors that they do get can’t be copied and pasted because of dialogs. JIRA is not a good solution, especially when the error reporting in SL itself is lackluster. What JIRA has done is increase the learning curve for the average user to participate. Bug reporting in this sort of environment requires a lot more than JIRA can provide sensibly. Ugly bandaid, continued hemmhoraging. When you constantly have to tell people to use JIRA, then JIRA is a failure.

    @40: Yeah, I saw that error too. I got lucky.

    @43: Good idea for the login page. “Current weather at Linden Labs…”

    @46: We all hope…

    @57: Further evidence that JIRA isn’t working.

    @58: Read Clavell instead. Much more entertaining. Suggest Shogun or Taipan. King Rat was just too short.

    @71: Saw those issues today too. Even had to restart a sim 3 times to get rid of the ghost prims.

    @76: I suspect that the asset server issues are more ethersnot issues…

    @87: A voice of reason, thanks. Still, I’m a bit jaded. Fingers crossed for the fixes…

  167. Liv Leigh says:

    Last viewer update cost me over a week before all issues it produced were fixed and I could interact with the grid normally again, my clothes would rezz etc. This update frequency seems to just make the time I can make normal use of the grid very short….

    But well, a small ‘bug’ yesterday, with object rezzing, caused a 12k object of mine to ‘disappear. Let’s see if I’ll find that back somehow after a restart of the grid. That could be an advantage. I could not care less about windlight or new feaures. Actually, when I checked that in the Firstlook, I could not even get that viewer anywhere beyond crashing at login.

    Crossing my fingers….

  168. Poetry Bisiani says:

    while i am impressed that you are forging ahead into the realm of voice chat, why not fix the other problems first? there are basic problems, which we all know (and have been listed above), that still haunt the grid 😦 fix those first please! thank you…….i love SL, hate the bugs though…….

  169. caroline ra says:

    I fail to see the merit in people continually complaining that ‘its broke’ then moaning on and on and on when there is downtime to try to fix things.

  170. Natalya Lilliehook says:

    WHY do us Brits have to suffer….EVERYTIME you decide SL needs Downtime……HOW ABOUT BALANCING IT OUT A BIT…..work on SL when WE are asleep…..so WE dont loose out…..PLEASE….remember SL is INTERNATIONAL…not just in the USA……I know USA is your biggest population, but EUROPE is here : )

    I DO LOVE SL, but lets remember EVERYONE….THX

  171. Tegg B says:

    5 Julie Apocalypse Says: “Told you last week (and on several other occasions) that 6am-noon PST is 2pm-8pm GMT, not 1pm-7pm. We are EIGHT hours ahead of you, not 7!!! You seem to be forgetting that we also have British Summer Time, even if we don’t get much of a summer.”

    Well just add it yourself then all we really need is PST, GMT is useless to us on the other side of the planet.

    Bobbyb30 Zohari Says:”
    I’m constantly crashing
    I can’t teleport
    I can’t rez objects
    My $L isn’t loading
    I can’t log in
    I can’t upload
    My scripts aren’t saving
    Need I say more?”

    I aren’t crashing, I can rez objects, I can Log in, I can upload, I cant TP
    Sorry world doesn’t revolve about you.

    “unable to connect to simulator” I got this message twice today, I can’t believe how long some of you have been whining here but can’t do the same simple fix I did of just changing login destinations.

    They really should make a Version 1.0 “never upgrade” Grid for the oldfart whiners with their 4 year old office machines to retire on together for the rest of their lives, while the rest of us explore the future.

  172. william Fish says:

    33 Me

    yeah i’ve been getting that “cannot connect to sim or simulator” all day long… with a nice finishing word “done” at the end.

    90 Nobody Fugazi
    thanks for commenting but i have looked into that already. Like i said this is a fresh load of winxp and brand new computer. A page file will increase when RAM decreases… it’s how windows works to provide your computer with “ram”. One thing i havnt done as i read somewhere that winxp didnt need to have it done like win98 did… was to set a predetermined pagefile size.. that way windows wouldnt have to bother with it.

    ALso keep in mind i had stated that no other application/program drains my RAM… i’ve left my computer running for hours and guess what, still have 1.7mb free of RAM. As stated before it’s only after i actually log into secondlife that my ram drops and an alarming rate.. and continues to drop. I use the the task manager to monitor this… you can see the amount of RAM secondlife.exe uses increase by the second as if it was a timer counting up to …. 2gb 😦 This happens no matter what i do… even clearing cache (LL’s fix for everything) doesnt prevent the memory leak.

    One last thing i’ll try is to uninstall secondlife and retry again.

    Keep the comments coming.

  173. william Fish says:

    93 Tegg B

    “unable to connect to simulator” I got this message twice today, I can’t believe how long some of you have been whining here but can’t do the same simple fix I did of just changing login destinations.”

    You know I have seen this error login message before,,,, it was when my HOME sim was down. No problem i log in to another sim as you suggested. The problem is… it wasnt related to the sim (today’s error log in message)! I tried 4 other locations to log into… and all 4 came back with the same message. Logged my alt in and right away it logged in. Logged out… tried with primary self and it gave me that message again. After waiting about 45 mins (cleaned my desk instead lol) it let me log in. Never did any of those 4 sims go down. It’s a hit and miss bug whatever that’s affecting random people….. I might even suspect it’s the same people getting hit with the log in message error that had to change their passwords last week… just suspecting as i am one of those people.

    Something to chew on…. People will get frustrated when you provide them SHINNY … and it turns brown.

  174. Antonio B. says:

    45.34% of sl residents are europeans (see Second Life Virtual Economy
    Key Metrics – BETA – Through April 2007) and with Summer Time we are
    8-10 hours ahead of PST, maybe it should be better to consider these factors for next downtime schedules.

  175. error, can not save script, error, can not upload, error, missing inventory, error, ….orbited? (must be a 12 year old on the sim)….:P, error, prims jump around like a rag doll when in edit mode and editing linked parts…(SHOULD NOT HAPPEN), error, your secondlife account is not available until…whatever given time +gmt, error, wheres my totaly clear alpha image gone?….AGAIN missing textures forever texture i upload and make multiple copys of, error, crashed while in edit mode and renaming a texture inside a linked parts prim, umm…….NO!! should not happen. end of story? i think not…….error, crashed…..for no aparent reason….i wasnt evan in the room… hmmm, error, can not ope n script from inventory or inside a prim in world….umm thats a errorrrrrrrr…. btw for all those whom actualy know anything about computers i have the latest up to date software/hardware, i built my own pc with my bare hands…sl has never been this bad it is not my machine neather is it my broadband conection wich btw is 8mb per second 100gb per month (sl suck so much of my bandwidth i had to go and spend ALOT OF MONEY to beable to use the dam grid…..ever been capped for the rest of the month to 32-64kbps….or evan thinking about considering …poping on sl for 5 secs to speak with sumone while on a dail-up account? NOT RECCOMENDED!….abit unlucky realy in the lack of support for low end internet conection speeds for those who cant “afford” “HardCore” internet. >:P not happy to top it off we got a 6 hour downtime…why 6, last week it was only 2!!!not much staff or sumthing? the lindens are gettin slower and slower may as well be going backwards!.

  176. Tracey says:

    it appears you have realy lost the plot, do you know how many companies and people who are unhappy with your service, yet they keep supporting you in the hope you will fix it.. But nope, you treat customers with so much contempt and disrespect …

    we pay and expect a service with less downtime and less issues..

    Have you actually read what the group of over 1500 business owners think? Have you listened? But you still want their money!!

    We are still waiting for classified refunds for 2 days of search not working… Also the classifieds refunds promised in March.. never got them.. this is just dishonest

  177. william Fish says:

    97 Tracey

    Yes never got any refund for classified ads… and hey btw what is that link to the material about what other business owners think… send it to me in world william fish. Thanks… oh yeah that’s if you can search for my name 😛 jk.

  178. David says:

    Quit Whining get a real life!!!!

  179. John says:

    The Mac voice viewer (112) was kinda buggy geting it to work i had to relog unlike previuos versions. Also still having issues with private im calls….


    keep up the good work

  180. sm thibaud says:

    Well, dear american users, here we go again with a USA friendly update. Of course one would never expect a 6am/1pm CET closing time (9pm-4am PST) but some kind of compromise would make us feel slightly less out of the loop:)

    I’m looking forward to the fact that “Auto-accept inventory and auto-preview texture/notecard/landmark are now separate preferences”. I wonder: when is group chat going to stay closed when i leave a session? We live with that bug since 1678.

    PS: It goes without saying: I support free speech (and behavior) on SL:)

  181. Ailik Ulich says:

    Im sorry some of u will leave

    More room for us that will stay 🙂

    Keep up the good work Lindens, especially Torley and Pathfinder.


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