[Update] Search Back Online

[UPDATE 1:14PM – 06/08] Search appears to be fully functional. We will provide more details on what happened soon. Meanwhile, we are still investigating the cause of the issue and watching closely to make sure the fix is working correctly.

[UPDATE 2:51 PM] We are aware these problems are still ongoing and are continually working to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you are currently sending support requests on one of the issues below, please refrain until we have fixed the asset issues at hand. Thanks for your patience as we work on the grid. Best! 🙂

[UPDATE 11:59 AM] Our Operations department is still working on this issue, which has also been reported to have spread to other areas of Second Life’s in-world experience. There have been reports of Linden dollar balances not showing, the map not loading fully as it should, and teleports failing. We’ll have it back up and running like normal as soon as possible. Thanks.

[UPDATE 11:51 PM] It turns out fixing search is going to take more than initially thought, it will probably be down for most of the night. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have a team of crack Operations people patching it up in the morning.

We’ve received reports tonight of search not working properly. It is currently being looked into by our Operations department and should be back up as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding during this maintenance.

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190 Responses to [Update] Search Back Online

  1. Annie Malaprop says:

    It’s not just search – payments aren’t working, tps are having trouble, my L$ balance isn’t loading, and others are reporting an inability to upload files.

  2. Tayvarah Allen says:

    Not the only thing LL, money isnt loading, TPs arent working at all either. Just to let you all know

  3. Solar Legion says:

    Yet another disconnect between the different servers ….

  4. Lavender Link says:

    Yes, there seems to be more than just search down here.

  5. Alena Sin says:

    Yeah…it just failed to load my clothes, l$, gestures, objects, everything, then crashed after 5 minutes.

  6. Daos says:

    SL is borked again, way to go

  7. Carolx says:

    Well… nothing is working properly since long time…

  8. Tim says:

    No TP at all 😦

  9. Oldsarge Dowd says:

    All these depend on the search engine (TP to find places) payments to find who or what to pay, L$ balance searching for you etc etc etc.


  10. Not yet enabled to use TP’s or ammounts ect nothing is really rezing with the about lands every thing looks like its going out … ID SUGGEST TERMINATING THE SERVERS AND RESTARTING!!!!! RIGHT NOW!

  11. IpendaKeynes says:

    “new im” tab doesn’t load either…just shows “waiting”
    Is sitting still, patiently, inworld the best option to wait it out?

  12. mo dryke says:

    no upload, no profile, no L$, no buy, no sell, no tp, no search…
    except this little issues everything is as usual: slideshow-like framerate, hairs rezzed between the legs, login erratic in best case, etc…

  13. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    yes, not only search, nothing works, all my money gone and tP not working

  14. gemma cazalet says:

    I am having persistent crashing problems and often have to log in 5,6, 7 times before stabilises, even then not reliable. I am getting very frustrated about this and even more so because it has been worse sine the upgrade to 1.16 and since I upgraded to a paying ,e,ber
    Foolishly I paid a year’s subscription!

  15. Azrazael Dhara says:

    ok guys…I have been in this thing since 2003…this is getting to point of being absolutely pathetic
    I was thinking of investing money into some land but hell….tononight definitely cured me of that….up to 2004 we had issues…but the Lindens and the community worked together and lots of stuff got resolved….mid 2004 it went downhill….now it seems Phillip’s ‘ lets let the devs do wtf they want to’ has turned into…..dev:” quaty control?” *short kick in the the goir**cough*”wtf is that?”…

    SL is becomming unplayable…I run a system that has an intel dual core 6600, 2x 8800 GTX on SLI and 4gigs of ram…..guys…there aint a game out there that will make this puppy clinch ….except SL

    ok if you guys cant get your s*** together at Linden Labs and all you are interested in is getting big companies into SL….which seems to be the current trend…..let me make you peons aware of a fact…they will look at it…..they will like it…they will get their devs on working on a system that catually works…..and you will be jobless at LL…so either get your act together or just shut down

  16. Hack Yoshikawa says:

    This is very bad, i can´t go to motel with my girlfriend xD

  17. Jester Spearmann says:

    Hrmph, search, teleports, region crossings, profiles, map, etc etc.
    same stuff that gets broken every update day. if it wasnt for the fact i have a job on sl i would have quit by now

  18. Crystal Xeno says:

    Yeah, there is *definitely* more than just search not working. I am having lots of problems editing scripts and linking prims, not to mention the region map is broken and I can’t seem to send IMs. Yay!

  19. Morgana says:

    Ok, yes, search is down, but, also so is TP.
    We are stuck on Violet Island .
    And when we try to move, myself at least, I get logged out.

  20. Urania Sucettes says:

    omg..i just lost 10,000 lindens …. LL, i hope you will credit my account! was withdrawing money from ginko, then i got a “loading” message and poof…10,000 gone!!

  21. King Goldenberg says:

    I am not showing linden in world and all my vendors are not working presently due to the fact they are not taking linden

  22. Broken Xeno says:

    I cannot see who is online on my friendlist. Groups are not loading properly either. Teleports are screwed, and when I do manage to teleport home, if I relog I reappear in the last place I was.

  23. Jester Spearmann says:

    even photography is broken. images time out on upload (hell even my land acess is borked, cant add anymore than 47 ppl)

  24. Siddhartha Shepherd says:

    searching, can’t buy LS, textures won’t show up in the edit box, no weekly payment…well that’s it for now guys.

  25. Daring Petrichor says:

    Like who didnt expect this? Good thing there was no update orwe would really be mucked up. Please figure out who did what at LL and fire them, now!

  26. Dracose says:

    Yeah… if you think search is all that is broke… think again and read the rest of the comments in this thread.

    Please Linden, do one thing, stop adding new features and fix the ones already in place!

    Thank you and have a nice day. ^^

  27. Lauren Frascati says:

    SL goes down like a crack whore….

  28. Donte bailey says:

    nothing is working lost all my lindens as well and i just bought a bunch today please get all these proplems fixed can’t tp can’t buy nothing can even go go no where yucko

  29. Tavis Nico says:

    I don’t know if this helps, but I noticed one of the symptoms, profiles not loading, was working after 20:52 and was already down by around 22:14. Sorry I don’t have the time of failure more accurate than that.

  30. Wulfe Bain says:

    Way to go with the database “maintenance” yesterday LL!!
    Good to see you getting your act together – NOT.

  31. Evan Beattie says:

    If it goes through search (map needs popular places) it won’t work. If it deals with cash..it isn’t working 🙂 I posted this on the forums for those of you who are teens.

  32. Getty Pinkerton says:

    i didnt realize i had so many hippos as friends… friends list won’t load properly, my linden balance is missing, map not working and search isn’t working. i was going to go to help island to see if there were resources there that may assist me, but alas! tp’s arent working either… its as if nothing in the game is loading at all… Second Life is a great game, however, I am glad i don’t pay monthly for the game, and I normally do not give feedback about such issues, but now these issues are seeming to become too commonplace.

  33. Tabby Babii says:

    This seems to be another example of why we all want you to concentrate and fixin the bugs you have in the game now and FORGET about adding new feature and capibilty until you do PLEASE

  34. Jenn Luke says:

    ITS taken you 8 hours to recognise this. Thank you for recognising it and i guess my whining in the forums worked but would be nice why it has taken you this long to know something was up ?

  35. brat georgette says:

    wtf…everytime we do a scheduled mantaince all of sl becomes an issue…can we fix it right the first time…:-/

  36. jamilaa barbosa says:

    searche doesnt work teleporten doesnt work friends in screen are missing can not pay

  37. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Search, maps, and Teleports are down, NOT working.
    having problems with profiles loading too.

  38. Lanfer Christensen says:

    Search pfft! Attachments, teleports , inventory… thats just some of things im trying to do and they dont work at all.

  39. Clive Pro says:

    Also a couple of objects involuntarily “disappeared” from our LSL exhibtion in-world last night. I found them in my “lost and found” folder this morning and have re-instated them. I didn’t realise that rezzed objects could just disappear for no obvious reason.

  40. Aphrodite Tagore says:

    Really guys…. like six-sigma would be way cool…but, um, could ya try for like 99% or sumpin?? Or, 99 44/100 if y’all really bust it?l-

    (I’m so glad I didn’t take that Verizon job… I’d have to what, call in and say the buss broke down?)

  41. Trey Lesabre says:

    Maybe this is why they brought in the Windlight viewer so soon. So when things grind to a halt and you can’t TP..spend Lindens..search..or do much of anything else..you can sit back and watch the pretty clouds : )

  42. Lanfer Christensen says:

    Yay another successfull maintenance day behind us … ~>:/

  43. Melissa says:

    Gee… another borked update, I have noted nothing on the positive…. my hair in my bum again (an old bug that had disapeared for months..??), tp not workin, search not working…. way to go….
    Yeah… bring us wind… voice… age verification… and it will be awesome….

    ssshhhhh ????

  44. Dime Aabye says:

    um, it says “Loading….” for my money and “loading” for all my freind and group chats, i cant TP my stargate is down i cant upload my avatar went nuts, and do i even have to go on there is like 50 more problems, i mean geez

  45. Quiet Sinatra says:

    wow – I feel ahead of the curve since my region Brouwer has been troublesome for 2 days now

  46. MarcoAntonio Ferraris says:

    I experienced the search problem at 10:00 PM PDT, just when I was reporting an abuse, tried to search the aggresor’s name (Wayne Blacheler) and finally couldn’t make the report! Also had tried to buy a little earlier and couldn’t.

    Too bad the abuser will go away unpunished!

  47. Id say there needs to be more servers and advertisers who pay to help this company along!!!Frustrated users dont make good customers.

  48. IC says:

    How about we put all the fancy new upgrades on hold, until all the present problems are fixed. Theres far too many to list. We also need more staff to deal with abuse reports.

  49. Ike Herouin says:

    So when we have inventory and payment issues it’s the asset servers, what is likely the culprit when this sort of thing (search-groups-stored money-profiles-&c) has trouble?

  50. Praetor Janus says:

    Well the band marches on it is still not working …

    1 small remark; my Company has a Datacenter with 2048 Servers (clustered) and we have 2 other geographically distant facilities with redundant Clusters always working in tandem and ready to take over. It’s just a suggestion 😉

  51. Izzie Korobase says:

    My lindens aren’t loading. I could not teleport or be teleported. When I finally was able to teleport somewhere, I got stuck and couldn’t move once I got there.

  52. Indomine Todriya says:

    …it was erratic this morning when i got on after the update and the L’s still havent gotten it fixed or even found the problem its slack Lindens its slack ive seen problems 60 times worse fixed in half the time did you guys take a day off? or just messin with us?

  53. Brandy Docherty says:

    SL has been upgraded to the most worsest version! that’s why i hate upgrade! Coz it won’t get better, but worser.

    but, no worries! It’s SL! I still have another, greater software called RL! And I don’t need stupid sex balls for that! 😉

  54. Rob Bennett says:

    Search is not working at all for me and also there is teleport problems,sometimes it works but not all the time.

  55. nika talaj says:

    So the number online went down for a while once this started but seems stable now at 23,000. Whaddaya think, is that the number of campers who are online at this time of day? Because those people certainly aren’t DOING much of anything …

  56. Leiha Forcella says:

    Nice. Same here withdraw cash and lost it :-(((
    what a mess

  57. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Yes there is more than search broken when I load the game the bank does no load just continues to say loading. Well boys it is impossible to play this “so called” game with out lindens I can’t even upload a picture.

    Another simple update that has totally screwed up the game I suggest you keep your next major upload in the box for a year or until you hire the staff to develop a proper Q&A department. It this was just 20 or 30 thousand lindens it would not be such a big deal but you are plying with several 100 thousand lindens. This represents hard cash and I treat it as such, hard earned as in real life. You folks have tread on thin ice this time. I suggest you put someone on this immediately, and by immediately I mean now. You have again proved that you have to the slightest concept on how to program this game. Supposedly this was a minor patch but it seems you have created twice as many problems as you fixed

    NOT A HAPPY CAMPER ANY LONGER you are playing with my money

    I also suggest you find the imbecile responsible for this and can him her or them there is no excuse for this

    perhaps re think your methodology as it is very suspect.

    I hope the programmers are happy because this customer is not

    I also suggest you check in to mil-spec Q&A and maybe have someone read about it a little bit and try to employ it in your creations because what you have now is a pile of documents and lines of code in the center of the room and the kids are playing in them.

  58. Lomax McMillan says:

    hope i’m not camping for nothing……

  59. Cozette Cassady says:

    I can’t TP ANYWHERE, I can’t use the map, I can’t search for anything and my linden balance isn’t working.


  60. stone daniels says:

    hell,the whole damn world is f’ed up.

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  62. Dakota Chapman says:

    well not only is search down and profiles but unable to teleport anywhere either rather frustrating… hope it gets fixed soon

  63. Tavis Nico says:

    Whatever you just did, good work! I just loaded a profile correctly.

    Scripted payments are apparently still broken…

  64. Gianetti Ferlinghetti says:

    i’m stuck in one sim, no money, no shopping, no tp’ing, no maps, no searching, i can’t c my friends, i’m gonna die … goodbye world

  65. Leena Deschanel says:

    a suggestion for those who have no linden in their balance. it happened to a friend, and when I gave her a linden, her balance was restored.

  66. Peng Barthelmess says:

    #22: Actually I didn’t see an update. It’s been postponed a week. Although with the problems of the last several days maybe the update would be better. It took me 7 tries just to TP home so I could log out.

    Yes, I’m a free member, and this kind of stability doesn’t make me want to pay, although maybe my $10/mo could help pay for a wee bit more infrastructure.

  67. Roxi Bingyi says:

    I thought it was just me. I was pleased to see them on top of it already. I’ll log off until todays maintenance shut down is over. Like, get out of the way and let the experts do their thing.

  68. Lomax McMillan says:

    I tried Lina, it does not work

  69. Susanne Pascale says:

    [sigh] Its “Lindened” again. For those unfamiliar with the term, Lindened means an ineffective attempt to fix something which not only didn’t fix the problem but created new ones. Example: “My car will be in the shop for another week. I brought it in for a tune up but themechanic Lindened it so bad it won’t even start now.

    I know you guys are really trying hard, but do you think you could just concentrate on getting SL to run properly before you unveil new “features” or do mor e”upgrades” that are actually downgrades?

  70. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    Been recurring teleport problems again ever since you let more than 38k on the gird. Obviously your network can’t handle the load, so just when it’s alwways just about working properly, do you ruin it and let a flood more in, and take it backwards again? Normally, you put the capacity in before stretching…

    So, what’s new? Lag like craszy, region boundaries, walking backwards, underground, red bar packet loss, tps borking all the time, except via some destiantions, when it all works, search gone, profiles not loading, Group IMs still not fixed, texture Edit bug and other bugs introduced and waiting to be fixed while LL lauds over a sculptie contest, inv slow loading, impossible to transfer things out of visual range because of lack of profiles…

    Oh yes, It was Hell Wednesday again of course, and code messing. Thank God you didn’t release voice on us, or the whole thing would have fallen over worse than it has now with just 20k on…

    So Linden, which part of listen to customers, fix things, slow releases, work out what you’re doing before you do it, test it, and get the whole thing stable and with proper capacity, and with back ups, and with proper software control so you don’t “forget” things, and employ people who know what they are doing do you not understand? Or is your memory retention so low you’ve “forgotten” that already?

  71. Glauco Barbosa says:







  72. Zanduar Ceawlin says:

    Well I’ve got the same here.. No $ tps crap & my whole sim is like phhhhttt.. Updates? No just s few servers that decided to blow a fart & take themselves out in the process.. Begining to think we need MS to help fix this.. If we get as much out of LL as MS then why not? lol

  73. Brandy Docherty says:

    Peng: no, i meant the latest version of SL, actually. But this wednesday sl was down for abt 2 hours, i thought it would get better, TP was smooth, etc. but now I log in on a different region every time, hehe!

    But its okay, I’m off to work, see u guys!

  74. Tayvarah Allen says:

    okay as frustrated as I am, I never really do comment here, because it is a line for …well whining. We are all frustrated, there is really no reason, I think, for you all to say the same things over and over. You are playing a top of the line , cutting edge game. Alot of people for FREE. So instead of bashing these people, maybe a little encouragement will help thier morale.
    Just a suggestion.

  75. Lanfer Christensen says:

    omg how much time does it take to notice that this all system needs a RESTART ?!?! a whole frickin night ? Yes i have time at night to WORK because im earning ( sorry trying to) money in this game and LindenSuperSpecialists make it impossible to do :/ … Lol seriously instead stacking patch on a patch, just invest that time in making NEW SIMULATOR form scratch…

    Best Regards … another PISSED customer…

  76. Laurel Oh says:

    Argh. This is incredibly frustrating. Next-to-nothing will work for 10 minutes, then TPs and a few other things will work for about a minute, then back to things not working for 10 minutes, lather, rinse, repeat.

  77. mo dryke says:

    QUOTE [Chadrick Linden said “Thanks for your understanding during this maintenance.”]

    My answer: thank you for understanding that we (customers)
    – DO NOT want any other new feature before all the bugs are fixed and SL is optimized
    – DO want someone listening and answering us

  78. WilliamAvalanche March says:

    I am so looking forward to voice since it won’t have an impact on the grid.


    Geez, same bugs over and over and over.

  79. CaptJosh Au says:

    Starting to see improvement. Map is working, as are profiles. Some folks still reporting linden dollar balances not showing and IM windows not working correctly. A few think the map is still broken. Group info most deffinitely not working at this time. Some progress, but there are still some major problems.

  80. Yeah I am having tons of linden problems as well as logging in to Sl as well as search 😦

  81. I wonder when Stipened will be fixed???

  82. Kurisuti Kohime says:

    Ever since this update everything has gone screwy. My driver crashes every few minutes on most occasions because your screwy game doesn’t support Intel (Who the hell makes a game and doesn’t make it compatible with Intel graphics cards?) I can play ANY game on this computer except SL, which I had invested quite a bit of my money into before ya’ll went and screwed it all up. Now this is just icing on the cake, I’m stuck in the same region and can’t move. GG!!

  83. Kiki Stardust says:

    I would hang myself…but I can’t rez the gallows! I have never complained about LL before, I actually, on the whole think they do a good job but today my stress levels have just gone through the roof, I have reached breaking point..what will it take for you to fix SL..my first born? I give you money every month and that doesn’t seem to be enough!

  84. Elliott Eldrich says:

    Search is not working. Maps are not working. I put out some pose balls, I tried to pick them up, they cannot be picked up or returned, then I cleared cache and relogged, and they are flat out gone. I got a notecard from a customer, asking for help. But they didn’t give their name. No problem, I’ll just check to see who the creator was, right? Oops, nope, the creator name won’t show. They gave the name of the sim they are in, so I’d check that out on the map and TP there. Nope, map won’t work.

    To say I’m frustrated and upset would be an understatement.

  85. I thought there were supposed to be ‘login restrictions’ when there was heavy load? I don’t recall seeing it implemented once.


  86. Vergil laval says:

    Sometimes i dont even know why i play this game. Cant wait to get my warcraft account back cause wow this game is the most bugged game ive ever played in my life. make a decent game please? and i know im not the only one who thinks this way. They are just afraid to say it. But for me i must say…this game is a laggy machine.

  87. mo dryke says:

    @brocolli: they cant’ work on heavy load login restrictions and in the same time organizing some sculpties contest.

  88. Chan Masala says:


    nah, seriously… everytime after maintenance it’s the same picture!

    what i don’t get is, why they don’t just KEEP THE GRID DOWN for maintenance, untill everything works again and they tested it??

    it seems like they are not knowing what they do.. everytime they break something on maintanence and don’t even test this, so we have to go through this mess EVERY WEEK…


  89. Strangel Bade says:

    Search, TP, anything to do with in-world finances… Just a few minor issues, yeah. ;P

  90. you know its a crying shame that me and the other 33 people before me here has to continue making comments to the subject of these shutdowns and updates that screw everything up. please quit spilling your coffee and dropping the donut crumbs into the servers. and let us spend our time taking care of our daily business instead of wasting our time telling you what you might already know. so fix it please.

  91. A. Barbosa says:

    Wow, you guys complain a lot. Stuff went down, happens in every MMO, learn to deal with it. Sheesh.

  92. Tabu Laguna says:

    Another person chiming in with TP and Linden balance issues. Seems there is a new problem every time I log on. Slapping more new stuff that works temporarily on top of old stuff that never works properly is not going to make the current problems go away.

  93. Takes many many attempts to log in, crashing now every 30 min, profiles blank….it never stops

  94. Tavis Nico says:

    Look, if all of you want to complain about problems with SL, try to be specific and put it in JIRA, or maybe try and be specific here. If you can’t offer information that will help them identify what is wrong, you are wasting everybody’s time and effort. Your complaining is not making them fix their problems any faster; if anything, it would slow them down to answer to such vague complaints that offer nothing of value to those trying to fix it, AND it is shoving out the posts made by those who are busy trying to help them get to the bottom of this.

    Least I can do is guard the ATM and stop others from making transactions tonight, and give GF Ambassador a few less claims to verify and process…

  95. oceanna Shannon says:

    My sim is pretty much gone…lookes like a tornado went through…and 31 minutes after Live help and concierge went home X_X


  96. Xian Carter says:

    I lost a bunch of lindens as well.. not 10k but almost 100 – It’s odd that I can pay machines fine, but the camping feature won’t pay me back? !? HRUMPH.

    PLEASE FIX !!!

  97. Ms Obscure says:

    I NEVER post on these things but Susan..comment 30…that made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to piss my pants. Old age..sorry 🙂 On another note…Its not the end of the world!

  98. X. Plor R. Moore says:

    @ Broccoli

    The server isn’t under heavy load right now. Only 22,000+ logged in right now.

  99. Ann Otoole says:

    I will understand a lot better when linden labs gives a day’s refund on all the classified ads i run. This is a paid for service. There is no excuse for lack of proactive monitoring.

  100. for travis comment #43, well sir that is what 80% of the comments try to do here and if LL was listening to them we probly would`nt have this every time there is a down time or upgrade.

  101. Kenny Stinger says:

    We pay all thi real $ for item that dont work , I cant even tp !!!

  102. Siryn Rosse says:

    Things are disappearing willy-nilly… ENTIRE HOUSES are coming up missing! There is a problem with setting things down and picking them back up; they disapperar, but don’t register in the inventory when you look for them. 20,000 lindens gone, I won’t be able to make rent now, my profile’s gone blank, search won’t work, I can’t tp, I’m even having trouble changing clothes! Just about everything is borked right now… ok, did I just go completely bankrupt in-game over a bug? I hope not…

  103. Taft Worsley says:

    You know this is nothing new with the half brain lindens that run this game. I have been reading this blog almost a year now and the same post i see today with different names, were the same post i seen a year ago. Seems that major bitch of stability over features will never sink in with the idiot management who piss poorly run this company.

    Hey Philip and Morons try this …

    First Listen to what the customer wants they are the ones paying your sorry asses and even if you don’t pay the stipend you have obligated upon your self – i cant believe you have the balls to collect on the ads- we pay but you don’t – seems you always get yours so screw the consumer, who cares what they want huh.

    Second – Quite trying to compete in the 3D virtual world market place – you have the biggest and so far best world out there – if stability is what your customer base has asking for when are you going to give it them – when they leave for another game with less features but who has a stable platform – i am sure all the people here bitching aren’t going anywhere, and if they do what do you care – you haven’t up to this point so what’s it matter since it hasn’t stopped growth yet – right??

    Third – have some common sense – you dealing with real world money here – so all this rouse about the bullshit L$ is nothing but that – you charge US money – people pay US money – People cash out US money – quit hiding behind the linden $$ facade and come straight – this is a money based economy and your pissing off the people who pay your electric bills each month, isn’t going to work to much longer because there are other worlds out there – so while your trying to set the world on fire with features on of these competitors is going to squeak right by with stability – my guess Sony is going to put you in the dumper for users with there 3d world as it has a much more stable base platform out of the gate.

    Four support the customer base you have, your lackluster approach and lack of caring attitude shows all throughout the world ask anyone about what they think of the lindens and linden labs – and I’ll bet you 9 out of 10 people would say – your customer services sucks royally – to your lack of compassion/logic and reason to in world incidents, scams and issues and your hiding behind a bullshit TOS that if you get sued for a legitimate reason will not hold any water in court because you contradict the TOS in world – in news articles and such with your boasting and own flamboyant horn tooting.

    Five See line one – Listen to the customer without them your game is worthless – your staff is worthless – your office is worthless – and most of all your not going to get your money back on this infrastructure when you have to sell it on ebay – so you network is worthless too unless you have the people paying your asses to use it…

  104. Cinthya Vavoom says:

    “will have a team of crack Operations people ”

    ROFL-LMAO that looks so worng!

  105. Violet Kit says:

    You might also want to fix that part about not being able to actually LEAVE a group IM. One pops up I close it and nope! Up it pops again! and again! and again!! Fix that too.. its a pain in the ass.

  106. William Waverley says:

    Honestly #43, they’ve been told countless times by many residents to get things sorted out, but it’s just getting silly now. It’s like Groundhog Day, same shit over and over. It also takes them an age to admit things arn’t quite working as they should.

    Anyway, we’re all entitled to whine about something we pay for when the product is defective, which in SL’s case most definately is.

  107. Kayla Kuhn says:

    Besides all the things that everyone has complained about not working. Inventory is not coming up either, 3/4 of my inventory is missing. Geez!!

    Besides worrying about the new voice grid… please fix what is broken first.

    Thank you.

  108. Chiata Yiyuan says:

    You might also check the music and movie part of the AV. Some places it works, others not, where it used to work everywhere.

  109. AndroGyne Qinan says:

    Every time there are more then 40.000 ppl online things get worse. Example: you walk two steps you stand still for 2 minutes,

  110. Rob Bennett says:

    Please do not give LINDEN LAB a hard time about these problems with teleporting,linden balance,search as they work hard to make this a fun place to be in SL.

  111. name withheld says:

    wondering with all the up front good news and not admitting when anything is broken or down, while simutaneously having deplorable customer support and taking draconian new measures like the horrible age verify idea with that terrible nazi bush company … that maybe linden labs has been bought by another company and they are changing things behind the scenes. come on linden labs. those of us who have our own businesses in rl are amazed constantly by how bad a company you have become. for once admit to things. tell us the real story for a change. it isnt all sunshine and lollipops. you arent fooling anyone

  112. White Ivory says:

    Teleports seem to be working again.

  113. Phoenix79 kidd says:

    Yeah same as everyone else, tp, map, search problems, but the biggest concern is L$ loss.. it is like someone nicked my wallet just after withdrawing some cash..
    Also lag problems seem to be getting worse, no matter what i adjust with my pc it still lags even in quite areas.
    Dont get me wrong i love it in here, but fix the bigger, constant bugs before adding extra content..

  114. Search may be down, but there are alternative solutions like using SLurl. Think about it.

  115. Veronica Quackenbush says:

    Ah yes, LL will now be paying loads and loads of overtime while their crack people burn through the night working on an issue that NEWS FLASH! *started at 2:30 PM* but of course they trashed Live Help, so they didn’t find out about it until about 9 PM, because all us residents who would love to help make SL a better place in spite of LL doing everything in their power to make it hard for us to do so *weren’t able to tell them*.

    Read my lips (and ya don’t need Voice for that): Bring Back Live Help

  116. Vertigo says:

    Can’t wear anything, no search, no tp, etc. All I can do is walk and fly.

  117. Mo Dryke says:

    @Cinthya Vavoom they forget one word in this sentence: “UNDER”

  118. shai Khalifa says:

    um – I froze out and now SL won’t load – “Unable to conenct to second life. Despite our best efforts, something unexected has gone wrong.”

    Tried with both accounts – same thing

    initial logon was fine.

  119. Ally says:

    ok ..no search..anyone have the locations for draconic kiss and kdc ? …lol

  120. Yosemite Aero says:

    Even my CABLE COMPANY givca better customer service than Linden Labs.

  121. SharpKnife Beaumont says:

    Hi LL,

    Just logged in, group (tab land and l$) says below parcel names:
    Service unavailable.

    Regio Snalygaster

  122. shai Khalifa says:

    I can’t even log on to Beta – took ages to load the frontpage, and the website’s a slow as a wet week too.

    wassup guys?

  123. Augustina Babii says:

    Came into SL as a free, basic member to look around, was impressed, started a little business to see if it would work, it did, made money even! Was about to upgrade membership so that I could work the business properly, got password re-set by SL, can’t get back in, only response from “support” is an automated email telling me tdo do what I have already, unsuccessfully, tried.

    Shall I upgrade my membership or simply give up? Decisions…. decisions….. Presumably any L$ in my account will then belong to LL? Is this the intended result?

  124. Floresha Vuckovic says:

    I can’t teleport, nor see my avatar correctly.
    Hope it doesn’t take ALL NIGHT. o_O Because that’s all day for me.

  125. Tokra Coleman says:


    hope it helpful. Have nice evening

  126. Phantium Longwell says:

    Two words, LOAD BALANCING.

  127. Luna Larsen says:

    same like 56 😦
    for more than 6 weeks i can not see my land under my account on the homepage of sl. several phone calls and mails to the lindens, but nothing happens.
    and now when i look in sl after my land…..the same.

    well if i got no sim, than why the hell i pay my fees ?

  128. sherena Beaumont says:

    no TP no search no money transfer objects and vendors not working etc etc .
    stop the ussless updates and fix thing guys when the hell youre going tho listen to your customers.
    you ask real hard top dollarfrom us to participate ,but you provide no service what so ever mostly.
    dont know how the called it in the states,but here in europe we call it fraude and theft,when a company does not supply where the customer is paying for

  129. Katrina Bekkers says:

    There was a time when the word “update” coming from a software company meant bug fixed, more features, an overall more usable product.

    When I read “update” in the blog, nowadays I shiver, and start wondering in HOW MANY ways we will be messed up in the following days.

    Funny how things change, huh? 🙂

  130. Luci Koenkamp says:

    Hey Mr Linden,

    Fixing the problems would be OK … great. But in the morning????? Do you realise that there´s a whole other world that doesn´t live in the West Coast area. I don´t want to take away your beauty nap … but that means that we in Europe will have to wait untill … what … 6-7pm local time? Hire some capable people, that would be the right thing for you … and, hell, let them work the night shift too.


  131. Ankhari Tammas says:

    Hello, seems inventory doesn’t work too, all folders there but none items on it. 😡

  132. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    To all the posters sorry for this second post but I have to express my emotions to the lindens and one word sums it up


  133. Oceanna Shannon says:

    You know I’ve always tried to be nice on the blogs and give you guys the benefit of the doubt. BUT YOU MONKEYS TRIED TO TELL ME ITS MY FAULT MY SIM DISAPPEARED TODAY!???! Wow I’ve not agreed with the CS rants people have until tonight. I’ve just paid you guys $10 to stare at a sim thats worse than a sandbox right now..

    and your response? Well its your fault…we’ll do a roll back between the hours of 1 am and 6 pm.

    Christ the cable company is better than that.


  134. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    It is always fun to read responses in the blog and that make me have some thoughts around the following things:

    – There are always people with “better knowledge” how to solve LL-related problems. Why are none of these people working for LL or being hired as subcontractors? Their knowledge would earn them alot of money.

    – There are always people thinking that new features is a part of the problem. Why is it then that the problems still exists even when NO NEW features are introduced?

    – There is always people thinking that LL is not solving old bugs and just concentrating on new functionality, dont these people read the blog? LL has clearly stated how many percent of the workforce that is working on bugfixing. There is also a different dimension to this:
    1. Not everyone in a company should or can work with the same problems.
    2. My guess is that the same people would complain about why there is nothing new happening in SL if all of Lindens were to fix bugs.
    3. An voice chat developer may not be an asset server expert.
    4. Good and knowledgeble developers can be hard to come by (Lindens: Look under the blogs, there are a lot of selfmade “experts” here, including me :-)).

    – There is always people claiming to have lost a lot of money. Like a 100K lindens. I NEVER lost lindens out of my account. Laggy update and stuff have happened. Loss from my inventory have happened – But never lindens. Somebody mentioned that they lost money from a Ginko ATM – How can someone be sure that the faulty transaction is a LL problem and not a Ginko problem?

    – Why doesnt the people writing about their personal account problem in the blogs write when the problems are resolved?

    – Why are there like 50 posts about TPs not working or login problems. Isnt one post or at most 3 enough? Dont people that write in the blogs read other peoples posts?

    – Why are there always people saying that “my cable company gives better customer service” or “my phonecompany” etc? Why dont these people watch cable or make some calls instead of using SL?

    – Why are there always people that complain and then finish of with “and that is why I dont want to pay”. Why do people that dont pay expect premium service? To my knowledge there are no such thing as “free lunches” in the world.

    I like SL, I’m aware of its faliures and drawbacks – But I accept that as I am participating. Why use SL if it is so bad that some people claim in the forum? Don’t participate if you don’t like SL or think LL is bad.

    This doesnt mean that SL is perfect or shouldnt evolve. LL is not perfect – But can anyone of the people nagging in the blog say that LL are not doing anything at all? Can anyone say that SL is NOT a complex environment? The problems are also more complex than “more bandwith” and “more servers” – But I take it that all of the “selfmade experts” have done something before that looks and smells like SL.

    This is just my 50 linden dollars….

  135. Masuyo Aabye says:

    legit question here? if someone is due to pay me L$ into my account, will they be able to?

    just bought some l$ from a l$ selling website ( i am not putting payment info on file until secondlife is fixed)

    anyway will they be able to give me my l$?

  136. Masuyo Aabye says:

    actually, no they can’t. no search, even for profiles.

    you dumb asses at LL owe me 30k l$

  137. Mishel Korobase says:

    “We apologize for the inconvenience and will have a team of crack Operations people patching it up in the morning.”

    How bout you guys lay off the crack and fix something?

  138. Kitsune Basiat says:

    This is what happens when they ban me.

  139. Misterbear Fapp says:

    I just want to see my name in print again. Thanks!

    Hehe, I’m sooooo immensely surprised! Please take more of my money and crash my favorite sims!

  140. Lozlo Peng says:

    Ellie Clifton has spent 186USD on $L and has not received her $L yet! It has been about 4-7 days now and she hasn’t received any money back, neither a reply when she emailed…
    PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, there is far too many people losing money and nothing being done about it. It effects their SL aswell as their RL. Ellie needs to pay for her land and currently it’s on hold for her. Meaning it effects not just her but the land owner too.


    You’ve ignored the hundreds and most probably thousands involved, who have commented on their passwords not working. To have that many people complain about the same problem isn’t a coincidence! Update us on these issues, stop hiding away!

    #61 Oceanna – YOUR SIM DISAPPEARED? Holy ****, and they said it was YOUR fault? Wow, that’s shamefully hilarious, i’d go over there in RL and give ’em a peice of my mind if I were you =)

    #54 Ally – Location for KDC is the sim name dead realm (i think)

    #45 Ann Otoole says – I will understand a lot better when linden labs gives a day’s refund on all the classified ads i run. This is a paid for service. There is no excuse for lack of proactive monitoring.
    reply: I AGREE, I want a refund on my classifieds ads and I ALSO want a refund on the ratings I payed for (WHICH COSTED MORE THAT UPLOADS) before they were removed. What are you? “SKEMMERS”?!

    #14 Lauren (BEST NAME EVER 😉 ) – SL goes down like a crack whore… – Nuff said!

    #12 Jester – Yepp, i’ve had quite a few problems with trying to upload recently – “DUE TO SERVER ISSUES”.

    #50 Rob Bennet – They do not make SL as fun as it can be. WE make SL fun. We as the community contribute to all content of second life: “fun”; Lindens do not. They maintain our online service to the best they can (apparantly). The last time I witnessed “fun” from a Linden was when Torley Linden said “LOLEX”.

    It’s time to change the “…despite our best efforts” error message too, it’s getting old now and really doesn’t seem to apply, it’s rather insulting.

    If anything of mine has disappeared, well, i’ll go ABSOLUTELY BALLISTIC!
    Just you wait, i’ll be home in erm 7 hours or so, and i’ll find out LL! You’ll get LOZLO’ED over the phone =)

    Big kisses.

  141. blake coleman says:

    To say im Broadly offended by yet again another series of failures after “maintenance” is an understatement. Yet again the cry from residents rings out LL Please fix and have a stable envoirenment, and let the tweaks and new shiney bits alone until you have a working model ,

  142. Misterbear Fapp says:

    Oh, and Katrina…when has a Microsoft update ever necessarily meant a better product (for example). Vista would have to be the ultimate in ridiculous product improvements.

    Sometimes you get the bear…

  143. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    #63 – Why buy from an external site when there is announced problems with functionality?

    #64 – Mature and constructive comment…That will get my sympathy

  144. Jesseaitui Petion says:


    Someone mentioned their region has been “troublesome” for 2 days. Mine has, on and off..for quite a few days actually. (Grey people, people stuck on SIM, etc..Had to restart it about 3 times already).

    And then today no one could buy any items…another restart.

    The future does not look good.

  145. Grow says:

    Logged in today after a few days break (as SL really wasn’t playable last time I tried it) had to fiddle about with my password, finally got in game to see some nice kind, erm, idiot has rezzed a 1024×1024 giant cube above our land. Cant auto return it, cant IM the owner as search doesnt work. Cant report it as search doesnt work so gave up and went and played Entropia Universe. Might try logging in SL over the weekend 🙂

    Oh, love the new sky btw. well, what I saw of it through the giant prim lol.

  146. Cosette Lundquist says:

    Money purchase has not worked in two days now.
    Not to mention I’ve had $L vanish off of an avatar whom I knew had money.

  147. Brin Barbosa says:

    It’s quite simple, Lindens. You have made SL too big for what hardware and resources you have available. NOTHING is improved and if it is, it is taken away by this insane increase in membership, a great deal of which are people clogging up resources for free at the expense of people who pay big money to be here.

    Make SL a PREMIUM ONLY SERVICE … NOW! Let the people who do not want to pay use the Beta grid and especially at peak times.

    Remember the old adage Lindens “We are not paying for *your* problems… we are paying for a service”.

    Why should we experience the same service as someone who is not paying and be inconvenienced by their presence as a consequence?

    If you go to WoW you have to pay. If you go to LOTR you have to pay. SL is now rich enough in content and scope (all brought about by people who PAY and create) to justify a membership fee for ANY type of entry.

    Get rid of the free-loaders and give us some service for goodness sake.

  148. Sir Defiant says:

    Notice that when we tell them something they dont want to hear they go conveniently deaf… But when the ‘majority’ speaks on something they WANT to implement, suddenly they are caring and listening people who put their customers first.

  149. william Fish says:

    Search Temporarily Down

    {UPDATE 2:00 AM} It turns out that we had a password glitch with our support system that caused a few of our residents to lose their passwords. We also discovered a few handful are still not able to reset their passwords via the reset password page. Also to note that the password reset phone number we gave you only connects to a voice recording that repeats every 2 mins saying “please stand by” and at the end of 30 mins will tell you “no reps available” and hang up on you. This is a normal feature that we have implimented into the system.

    We’ve received support tickets for residents that can not reset their passwords. We have responded to ALL tickets with a default email with the password reset phone number residents should call. As mentioned, good luck with the calls. This is being looked into by our Operations department and should be back up as soon as possible (when we fill like it). Meanwhile hang tight…. this could take a few weeks.

    Furthermore, we understand that most residents this affected are loyal long time paid account members and a few of them actually pay around 195 US dollars a month for land tiers (crazy people). Please continue paying us. This will support our brand new (and slower lack luster) support system. The more you pay, the more features we will impliment such as taking away live chat via webpage and a condensed one stop support page. All links will lead you back to the support home page. We worked hard on this.

    Please enjoy Real Life as it was ment to be enjoyed. Let second life take it’s course.

  150. Lozlo Peng says:

    #59 Katrina – I feel absolutely the same way, agree totally!
    #66 Misterbear – When it comes to online games the effect of an ‘update’ most people assume will take place is the kind Katrina described. However, Windows Automatic Updates do not come with BUGS. Katrina did not say “better”, she simply means when something is updated it usually overwrites the glitches and bugs from before rather than adding bugs to it. Therefore via updating the “product” should be “better” or atleast enhanced in some POSITIVE way; just as Windows update does; whether it’s noticable or not, it does effect your system positively.

    #63 – LOLLING @ Dumb asses 🙂

  151. Cozette says:

    I can do everything else now apart from search, but thats a pain as i’m trying to decorate my new house and finding furniture is hard without search lol. I hope it will be fixed within an hour or two, I wanted to complete the house tonight =\

  152. ZoHa Boa says:

    Well come to my shop if you need things fr decoration.

    You can pay for everything but you won’t receive your items.

    I’m aking a lot of money today 😦

  153. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    #71 – *cough* Do you think that all the complainers in the blog is the majority then? Not everyone have problems that are described in the blog

    And if everyone is not having them, than that also means that not WHOLE SL is messed up.

    And they are listening as the problem are announced and being worked on.

  154. Lozlo Peng says:

    “Furthermore, we understand that most residents this affected are loyal long time paid account members and a few of them actually pay around 195 US dollars a month for land tiers (crazy people).”

    Well, if LL answered emails, answered the phone, gave people their $186/195USD worth of L$ (ELLIE CLIFTON), LL wouldn’t have to literally BEG in a BLOG comment! Quite frankly, I don’t believe any residents want to support another wacky invention (“brand new slower lack luster support system” – WTF?) because 80% of us don’t have belief in any positive enhancements taking place w/ second life, that’d be a suprise & miracle TBH. (So start SUPRISING US! – and no, not with bugs)

  155. keta says:

    And millions of millions of lindens are lost due to classifieds being down, so does this mean we get a day extension of classified services?

    How about those of us that pay tens of thousands of lindens each week to list, no guess not…..

    Thats fucked up

  156. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    #73 – writes “However, Windows Automatic Updates do not come with BUGS. *snip*…. Therefore via updating the “product” should be “better” or atleast enhanced in some POSITIVE way; just as Windows update does; whether it’s noticable or not, it does effect your system positively.

    LOL – Are you serious??? What Windows are you using? I’ve had bugs introduced through Windows update. Bashed bugs creates new bugs – And that happens often.

    And I think a comparison between windows and SL is an inaccurate one – They are not playing in the same field even. Two different types of systems.

  157. Mo Dryke says:

    @Lozlo: bugs in SL are not surprises. LL call them “improvments” or “new features”

  158. Lalli Laval says:

    Meanwhile we have also at “low times” not under 20000 inhabitants online at the same time but your “team of crack Operations people” only works at Linden business hours??

    Sorry, but I cant understand that.

  159. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    #77 – Where did you get the 80% number from in the 80% of us statement?

    I think that there are 120% of the users that are satisfied with SL even if it is laggy and has it drawbacks. But the 120% cluster never write in the blog because they spend their time in SL instead. 🙂

  160. Crash Schertzinger says:

    Its so shit after every update or maintanace we have big big problems.
    Problems with Linden Balance, TP, Searching, and LOGIN!!!!!

  161. Jayden B says:

    What a fun game, come home at 5pm and wow, the lindens have borked it again. No friends list, mute still borked, Group IM impossible to close, no searching, no map, TPs flakey.

    Fun fun fun

    Oh, we will have a team of crack head operations monkeys on it in the morning. Lindens… go international with your support please, living to your 9-5 times sucks.

  162. Lozlo Peng says:

    From another blog post…

    Cryogen crimson Says:

    June 5th, 2007 at 11:19 AM PDT
    Linden changed passwords lenght to 8-16 chars. Shorter passwords will require to reset password via http://www.secondlife.com/password.

    Is this correct? An official blogentry from Linden would be fine!

    (sorry for my english!)


    That’s not true is it?
    I changed my password the other week – which is now under 8 characters and so far I havn’t had a problem with my password, not even the password error that’s currently happening with you guys *TOUCH WOOD*

  163. Usagi Musashi says:

    OMG it took The Lindens this long to finally post on the blog about this?

  164. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    PIZZ POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AGAIN GAWD 8almost 10 months of this crap is getting to much already it never gets betetr as promised patience has worn out time to sell and cut the losses SL NO BUSINESS WILL STAY WITH A SERVER THAT CANT EVEN GET IT RIGHT FOR ONE WEEK

  165. femina matahari says:

    Every thing still stopped so there is one brightside normally I am sorting out residents problems on my islands. Amazing how quiet it is this morning. BST10 30 am.
    Perhaps a roll back would be in order.

  166. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    I can’t help but notice that, with all the missing customer support options and without a fast and easy way way to contact a Linden (LiveHelp), it takes 5 hours until such severe problems are even noticed and a blog entry is made. I tried to work during those 5 hours yesterday, and it turned out to be impossible.

  167. Lozlo Peng says:

    @ Mo – They’re not suprises ANYMORE – thus I did not specifically say bugs ARE surprises – LL seems to think they ‘can’ surprise us with the effects of a bug, as if this is really a positive outlook on an update on their behalf, sarcastically saying. (At the end of the day I would define an improvement or new freature to second life as a surprise – I am meaning to say, LL’s definition of a surprise seems to be “osnap despite our best effortz we havz teh speshal suprizing err0r box cauz we havz a bug lulz, so srry, sincere appologaiz”.

    Ohhh how I do love posting pointless comments 😮

  168. Ankhari Tammas says:

    Inventory empty, impossible to upload something, Linden balance down. A day down for any buisness cause stuck in sim. Does linden labs can assure us to get all that back? That is my question, cause more than 50kL$ stuff flying away would hurt very much…and I guess for some it’s more than that…

  169. Usagi Musashi says:

    Wait they are expection about increase in online users much higher thr 47,000……75,000 in aug anymore???????? If you think its bad now! waht until the next coming months! CS wil be really stressing!

  170. Neville says:

    WIDESPREAD TP ISSUE!! When will this be fixed? At best, it is flaky – at worst it is impossible to tp yourself unless someone else invites you by tp.

    A group of us were stuck in one region for most of yesterday – luckily, one of the charming avatars was also a good dancer ;p

    This, and other avatar issues, is starting to become more than a joke.

  171. Sheridan Jewell says:

    I don’t know why you guys are complaining… doesn’t the Sky look wonderful..? Oh yeah, that has bugs in it too…

    Oh well, you can always go and do the naughty things that you always do in SL….Oh yeah, the thought Police will find you, hunt you down and kick you out, and sell off your land… (does anyone still know what the definition of “naughty” is yet???)

    Gee…then there is the Lag, the TP problem, L$ disappearing, Group IM’s, Loggin problems and other horrible things that happen when ever there is an update…

    You notice that in these blogs where citizens critique the hell outta LL, why is there NEVER a yellow square blog reply from a Linden?… But if its to lap up a kudos, then theres yellow replies all over the blog… makes me think no one is reading these ‘problem pages’

    Well won’t it be great to hear someones voice… I’m gunna go out on a limb here guys and say THAT WILL HAVE bugs in it too… wonder what problems THAT will cause…

    But just remember, Its the citizens fault…250 of you voted for it back in 2004

    And why can’t we have a REFERENDUM webpage, a simple one with questions where we can point and click on topics we want LL to address, like this:

    () Stability () Windlight () Hair appearing between your legs

    () Concentrate on Stability problems () Voice () Windlight

    I would like to end my rant on this final note… Please, I would happily go a whole year without any new features, if you guys at LL just concentrate on fixing the current bugs…

    People (the citizens) would have preferred to have heard you guys announce on the blog “SL is now a Stable environment” then “WindLight First Look viewer released!” OR GOD FORBID “Voice being unleashed tomorrow”

    Finally got it outta my system…

  172. Tijn Erde says:

    So yesterday SL was patched, today we have a stampede of new, and worse, bugs. What else is new?
    Update-wednesdays are ALWAYS followed by barely-working-thursdays and buggy-fridays.

  173. Lozlo Peng says:

    @66 Usagi Musashi:

    There seems to have been issues over reseting passwords. Its was due to the new reporting system. If you were asked to reset then you should. Its not fiddle faddle what ever that means. Gesh read the forums! People are having the same problems. Bt now i understand what caused it.


    fiddle-faddle is a word someone uses to describle something like, “what’s all this fiddle-faddle over..” – “what’s all this bother over passwords” and so on.

    Do not say it is not fiddle-faddle, if you don’t know what it means, or what kind of expression it impliments. kthx.

  174. Beatrix MacKay says:

    Yeah, fun game, status page and start page tell me grisd is online, I not can amuse myself with asll the bugs and non-working things….. it says ‘open’ but I can’t log in and only get a message ‘system might be down’……. down = open ???

  175. Astor says:

    Password reset is still NOT working, by the way

  176. Usagi Musashi says:

    84 Sheridan Jewell Says:

    June 7th, 2007 at 2:52 AM PDT
    I don’t know why you guys are complaining… doesn’t the Sky look wonderful..? Oh yeah, that has bugs in it too…

    I agree! not having that many issues with the first look client.

  177. Machiel Menges says:

    Why is there NEVER a response from LINDEN on this blog ???
    Are they affraid for the comments??

    Have a lot of problems the last few day’s and really think to leave SL.


  178. Andrea Faulkner says:

    Wow.. and this is WITHOUT having a new software client? What will be broke when we get 1.17 next week?

  179. Usagi Musashi says:

    @86 Lozlo Peng

    still playing stupid blogs games again! LOL how stupid can you be! cutting and pasting a 3 day old blog remark to flame someone! Look at you here! you junking up the blog with stupid and totally useless comment! Gesh don`t you have a RL?

  180. Mo Dryke says:

    nothing works, but the automated renewal payment for classifieds work very well.
    this function is absolutely not borked…

  181. Usagi Musashi says:

    @89 well if we even get taht release of 1.17. At this point its highly doubtful it will be release next week.

  182. Usagi Musashi says:

    search stopped working some where midday. and it took them this long to post a reply to it. Well atleast the did. something to be happy about i assume.


  183. Lozlo Peng says:

    @90 Usagi musahahahoa

    Stupid? No need for the rudeness m’dear. Noone is flaming you, I was simply replying to a message that was aimed towards me sent from you. Couldn’t reply to it on the old blog since it reached 100 comments and closed. I had only just checked replies on that blog – so yes I do have a real, as you can see, I replied 3 days later, must have been away from SL to be so late, eh?
    Send a blog comment, email, IM, to me, and EXPECT A REPLY.
    Also, I don’t like hypocrits, most of the crap you post is well, crap, as I said before :)) Not that I have anything against useless and crap blog comments, just hypocrits. Soo…


  184. Lozlo Peng says:

    LL, we may need a new blog feature (ASWELL AS EDIT POST), such as: spell checker & grammar recommendation etc for Usagi 🙂 thx

  185. Lozlo Peng says:

    @90 Usagi musahahaha

    Stupid? No need for the rudeness m’dear. Noone is flaming you, I was simply replying to a message that was aimed towards me sent from you. Couldn’t reply to it on the old blog since it reached 100 comments and closed. I had only just checked replies on that blog – so yes I do have a real, as you can see, I replied 3 days later, must have been away from SL to be so late, eh?
    Send a blog comment, email, IM, to me, and EXPECT A REPLY.
    Also, I don’t like hypocrits, most of the rubbish you post is well, rubbish, as I said before :)) Not that I have anything against useless and crap blog comments, just hypocrits. Soo… don’t give me that crap, sdfuthx.

  186. Usagi Musashi says:

    Lozlo Peng well i never said i was a native english person did I? NO! now go back to the hole in the ground and bury your sorry little life ok little boy :/ You don`t understand do different languague do you? So please save you trolling yahoo chat remarks…..

  187. Usagi Musashi says:

    Lozlo Peng I assume you don`t have a life do you? look at you? and your a adult? You post like a child?

  188. Usagi Musashi says:

    this thread has out lived it usefulness

  189. Usagi Musashi says:


  190. Usagi Musashi says:

    THE END!

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