[Reminder] Scheduled Downtime, Wed. June 13th

As a reminder, Second Life will be unavailable this Wednesday, June 13, 2007 from 6am until 12pm PDT. For 1.17.01 release notes, please see Joshua Linden’s previous blog post.

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151 Responses to [Reminder] Scheduled Downtime, Wed. June 13th

  1. mo dryke says:

    Just wondering whatwill be lindened this time…

    /don’t want pretty skies
    // want decent support
    /// want stable platform
    //// don’t care about who made a sculptie

  2. Damona Rau says:

    Fix at first all other problems befor you deploy a new version.

    Every patience will have a end… and this end is really near!

  3. Ann Otoole says:

    *listens for the screeching*

    Thanks for fixing search. You only killed classifieds for 2 days. Any plans to compensate for the extended outage and subsequent loss of revenues?

  4. Tristin Mikazuki says:


  5. Genna Gray says:

    Will this fix my problem of not being able to load my avatar when I log in? It’s been happening since Sunday, I have two tickets opened about it and NO REPONSE other than to clear cache and relog!!!

    I’ve heard others having the same problem in the Forums, where I see precaching followed by downloading clothing at which point I repeatedly get the message that clothing is still downloading but others can see me normally. However, no one can see me, my avatar and surrounding area is all in grey or at times not visible at all, my location goes to 10, 10, 10 of my home sim, I can’t access my inventory, friends list, can’t chat or IM, and sometimes my Linden dollar balance is there and sometimes not. I have relogged, cleared cache, reinstalled, tried other versions such as First Look and Beta and nothing has worked.

    I highly believe this is an SL server issue since I have no problems with any other internet program except SL. I have searched Forums, IMed Lindens from my alt account, reported a bug, etc. I need to get in and manage my shop and just got a job as a model and now cant’ do anything.

  6. Jyrras Wilder says:

    i hope this isnt the rumored voice patch… comeone! skip the voice and fix the bugs instead! and where the frig is my money? i didnt get my 300 L$ stipendium. how do you plan to give that to us that didnt get it?

  7. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    * Notecards no longer display the keep and discard buttons for the owner of the notecard.
    So this means the owners get MASSIVE notecards from their own object loading the database even more causeing lag through out the game..o yes this is a feature we NEED rocking!! WOOT!! hey can we get one where partical count is default around 4k and cant be lowered? That would be SSOO cool!! I wana work for Linden Lame Labs!!!

  8. Tyler says:

    SL is borked guys!!!!!!!!! fix the bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    O a side note the stipend issue is NOT fixed..you might want to make sure something is fixed before you state it is..yes I submited a ticket..

  10. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Will something be done about the very low frame rates and high lag your recent updates have introduced? Sl has become almost useless lately.

  11. Heretic Linden says:

    @Tristin, I’ll pass your comment to the Linden responsible for the stipend fix.

  12. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Heretic thank you very much..I know about a dozen people in game that havent gotten stipend either its not just me

  13. Bryon Ruxton says:

    What are you gonna break this time? o.O

    @1 : An automatic refund feature based on downtime would be nice.
    Not that we can expect the function to ever work reliably… 😦

  14. cameran boyd says:

    have not been able to log on for four days
    reason given –we have made some changes reactivate your password
    but no-one takes any notice of phone calls or in support .com
    everyone seems to be passing the buck


  15. Mitchell Heron says:

    Hopefully SL won’t be down for 2 days like it was for “scheduled maintenance”. On that note, “scheduled maintenance” should be changed to “scheduled server fuckups”, that’d be more accurate.

    How about testing things out properly so the aren’t buggy next time, or is that too hard for you guys?

  16. Michael Fairplay says:

    I think fixing bugs is more important than adding flashy but largely uneeded features. I also understand that some have the Lindens going around playing moral police and they can’t do everything at once. It’sa two headed problem.

  17. Chris Gaits says:

    OMG a update on the 13TH -faints- thank god its not friday. Please be deligent and not just release for the sake of releasing, make sure you don’t break anything, I wish you guys and us LUCK. -faints again-

  18. Scarlett Glenelg says:

    Updating on the 13th … Ohhhh nooooo .. were doomed !!!!

  19. Elex Dusk says:

    I was under the impression that updates/client releases were going to be every other week and things seem to have slipped into weekly-mode. It would be pure speculation to assume the next update/client release will have problems, but like a lot of residents I wish there was less frequency.

  20. Trey LeSabre says:

    Crosses fingers and hopes we can limp through the weekend without a repeat of the problems of the last two days happening when everyone’s gone home..if not..the weekend will be the usual bumpy ride. *looks hard for a silver lining in the new Windlight clouds * chuckles.

  21. Fledhyris Proudhon says:


  22. Doris Haller says:

    You never give up, hm? 🙂

    “Second Life will be unavailable this Wednesday, June 13, 2007 from 6am until 12pm PDT.”
    Good news! If it means it is available the other times…
    but I guess it will be less available the days after!

    I wonder how much worse it can get…

    I really believe that SL is dying now. I just try to have some last fun with it, but it gets harder and harder.
    One day, so many things go wrong that it is just boring and then I will no longer log in and I’m gone.

    Oops, maybe I am dying?

  23. ari blackthorne says:

    Thank you Heretic!

    I look forward to it. and thank you and the rest of your team for all the hard work. I’m in the silent majority who appreciates that you guys want the bugs quashed as much as all the users do 🙂

    Okay, fastening seatbelt and neck brace for all the whiners that will inevitable follow this post…. LOL

  24. Nad Gough says:

    Will Mac users ever get some sort of word on the Mac client? Is it going to be fixed? (JIRAd in). Have any of you Lindens run the Mac client? If bugs with most votes get fixed, how do the minority of Mac users get their clients fixed? Did you leave debugging on in the Mac version so that a high percentage of key strokes and mouse clicks are ignored? Are you aware as reported that if a Mac user clicks anistropic one way or the other the screen goes black and the UI becomes corrupt forcing a restart – every single time? Is there going to be any acknowledgement of these issues and some sort of comment from a Linden as to what we can expect? Thank you for your answers in advance.

  25. Wild Moo says:

    Yes, SL is unplayable till last Maintenance!

    Yesterday i couldnt save any scripts ASSET error. Teleports somtimes Crashed and loggoff was forced. Today nearly every teleport doesnt work . Loading… nothing happends client loggs off. And today i cant even login for an half hour. I respect the Lindens for SL … its a great thing … but u guys REALLY have to OPTIMIZE THE CURRENT FEATURES!!! BEFOR ADDING NEW FEATURES…. ALSO UPGRADE PIPELINES TO LOAD WORLD FASTER WITH LESS BANDWITH.

  26. Chronic Skronski says:

    Residents: Fix it fix it fix it fix it fix it!

    Linden Lab: There will be downtime. The changes are primarily bug fixes, including some much anticipated memory usage fixes.

    Residents: OMG u idiots, don’t change anything!

    Ann: *some vicious bile*

    Usagi: *fills 15% of blog with ranting*

    You people crack me up in a very sad way.

  27. Sabin Linden says:

    If you did not receive your stipend on Thursday, 6/7/2007, then you already received it on Tuesday, 6/5/2007. I have checked the transaction histories of those who commented here and our logs show that you already received your stipend payments on Tuesday.

    If you would like to check your transaction history, you can go to http://www.secondlife.com/account/transactions.php (this can be accessed from your account’s main page at the “Account History” link or in-world via the menu World -> Account History). By including 2007/06/05 and 2007/06/07 in your date range, you can see whether you received a stipend on Tuesday or Thursday.

    The transaction’s description will look something like this:
    Date: 2007-06-05 02:28:28
    Type: Stipend Base
    Source: SYSTEM

    Thank you for your patience as we resolved this issue. If you still believe you did not properly receive a stipend for this week, feel free to IM Sabin Linden in-world.

    But please, not all at once. I’m busy! 😉 Thanks all.

  28. John Jackson says:

    I am having the same problem as genna gray. Hopefully this will fix it.

  29. Very Keynes says:

    It has only just come back up from last Wednesday’s *update* and now you want to do the same again? As others have noted the Weekends are useless, as the grid can’t support the load, so that leaves only 2 days a week, Monday and Tuesday, that we have a reasonable chance of building something or testing scripts.
    6 months ago I built a club in 2 days, now I am trying to relocate it (as my sim was unusable and in need of a reboot, for the whole off last weekend, with no support to call on till Monday). It has taken a week to rebuild so far do due to lag, system crashes, missing inventory, lack of search and of course if I find what I need I can’t buy it.
    In fact having just reread this message why am I even bothering to expand? No one can get there with TP and search being unreliable, maybe I should just save my cash and use what others build, rather than trying to contribute to the community.
    It was good whilst it lasted but like others have noted, this is the beginning of the end, unless some radical changes take place soon.

  30. How much stuff you guys gonna mess up this time??? How about making group IM’s stop giving us the error message. What’s the news on those clouds that don’t work anymore? Any status on those clouds you guys promoted so much…

  31. Doris Haller says:

    I just get logged off when I try to teleport…
    It’s like being in jail…

  32. Tybalt Brando says:

    Since I am guessing nobody who continuously complains here has ever developed software, here is a tidbit of truth.

    It takes longer to fix bugs than to develop new features.

    As it is, June 12th is my 30th birthday. So I’ll enjoy the downtime on the 13 recovering from a serious hangover.

  33. Doris Haller says:

    I had to reboot my pc because of this quality program.

  34. miika says:

    Cool, another downgrade wednesday on the way!

    Though it’s worth noting that the Linden responses have been about the stipend (Brave lad Sabin, thank you for jumping up and being one of the few Lindens to admit to being around) … But strangely silent about the classifieds. people got dinged for classified renewals last night – so even with search down, LL still managed to extract their pound of flesh.

    How about it Lindens? One of you want to follow Sabin’s example and actually say something concrete on the subject?

  35. Ryu Darragh says:

    *chuckle* People seem to forget how long it took the Mighty Microsoft to get Windows into some semblance of usability (Windows 1.0 ? From there to 3.11e all the way to, well W95.. oh, yeah not done yet… Vista, anyone ?).

    For a program with a world of complexity in areas few folks realize or appreciate (folks who can actually work in 3D programming games like WoW and also have experience with web based applications can relate), Second Life is *still* better for what we use it for than all the others.

  36. Nite Zelmanov says:

    * Notecards no longer display the keep and discard buttons for the owner of the notecard.

    For the love of god don’t do that. There is no JIRA issue for this, no documentation on who asked for it to be changed, why, and if they asked anyone else about the idea. Whoever implemented this change clearly does not deal regularly with notecards or they’d know how monumentally stupid this is. There are many posts about this in a number of threads here, and I’ve yet to see one that supports this change or justifies why on earth we might want to do that.

    Changes to the viewer with no associated JIRA issue need to be very well justified. You can’t ask your community to help sort, comment on, and prioritize bugs, and then ignore them and just throw in nifty interface changes on a whim.

  37. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    Yes, please, please, please DO NOT take away the Keep Discard buttons from notecards. Every single ad panel, rental box, greeter etc will give you stuff you can’t delete on the spot, and all it will do is bloat inv, and increase load on the asset server and other systems. What are you thinking?

    @22 Ryu Darragh – Not forgetting MS licensed parts of Windows 1.0 from Apple, and it took them 11 years to copy the Mac OS into a usable form ie W95 – something it took the Apple coders less than four years to do from scratch…

    So you’re determined to give us this, please just make sure it won’t bork everything as disastrously as you have since 1.16…

  38. Buckaroo Mu says:

    OK, folks, you can’t have it both ways. You want them to fix the bugs – well, so do I. You want them to stop shutting the grid down – Well, honestly, so do I.

    HOWEVER – do you really think they can do both at the same time? Sure, eventually – but not yet. Deploying new server code requires downtime. If it’s an update to the Simulator, it can be done as a rolling restart, but if it’s the Asset or Login Servers, or if it changes the communications protocols, then the whole thing has to be shut down.

    So – in essence – You can have Bugfixes, or you can have no updates – but you can’t have both. Now shut up and play the game, or leave. Damned moaners fill this blog with useless “OMG NOT AGAIN !!!!! PLEASE NOT AGAIN!!!” comments make me sick. Go back to commenting on YouTube and EBaum’s World, you festering pea-brains.

  39. martini says:

    22, yes you are right. Up to a point. It is still better than the others, when its working. When it’s broken it’s not.

    Each person, or group of people in world will have a different set of priorities. I do clothes, I need to be able to upload a lot of textures, that one of mine. I have not been able to do that reliably for a couple of weeks without an error message. Likewise people who socialize a lot want reliable tps (as do businesses). object creators need reliability of script. But there’s a common theme to all these. Reliability.

    The periods of reliability have been in decline, it could be argued that as the software pushes forward, then more problems will occur. But (subjectively) it has seemed to me that we have had a spate of 2-3-4 day issues recently, the Friday “update” that left issues all weekend, the mini update on weds that has taken to today to fix (although I still have the texture upload issue).

    This is the core of the problem. I welcome the upcoming update as it is concentrating on bug fixes. But I am not convinced that LL are entirely on the ball with regard to database stability and communication issues. During the times when things seem to be running better I would hope that they leave alone for a while and really take the time to thoroughly, plan, test and retest and subsequent updates.

    I do want new features. But I can get by without them. Stability and reliability are what I feel should be the primary focus of LL in the foreseeable future. Not alas, voice and or pretty skies and sculpties.

  40. Doris Haller says:

    Buckaroo, that’s not the point.
    The experience showed that after a downtime we are confronted with even more problems.
    That’s why we want
    better tested updgrades only once a month!

    Not once a week (or more often) more problems.

  41. Doris Haller says:

    (I am posting so many comments here because I crash all the time!)

  42. Mimi says:

    Ahh thanks i hope the new update will work well!

    * Notecards no longer display the keep and discard buttons for the owner of the notecard.

    help! please do not add this feature.. as a shop owner i get many unwanted notecards.. please add a feature to DISABLE notecards from unknown people instead..!

    Theres so many people who do not read profiles before they will send notecards!

  43. Walentine Andersson says:

    Is anyone at Linden working right now?


  44. Serenity Mercier says:

    I’d like to add my voice to the many others who would vastly VASTLY prefer to see LL fix the bugs and get the system stabilized rather than embarking on the potentially disastrous experiment of the voice patch. If LL can’t even keep Search working properly, let alone the Friends Online function, it hardly bodes well for an undertaking as enormously complex as voice transmissions between tens of thousands of residents online simultaneously. LL needs to get things in perspective, and come back down to virtual earth. (How many residents really want this voice thing anyway? Seems to me to be a recipe for unbelievable audio mayhem – especially in high traffic sims. I doubt I’ll ever want to use it, except in rare situations. Personally, I love the texting. It’s an art form all unto itself! If residents want to talk to each other directly, there’s skype and other voip services available.)

  45. The Todd says:

    I’d like to add my voice to say that I want to continue to see new features added, in addition to bugs and bugettes being fixed. Bring on the voice!

  46. Joana says:

    Just want to have sure that affter months brasillian people will finnally can buy lindens, we are all going crazy, nobody from brasil can buy linden, and its not a new issue!

  47. Serenity Mercier says:

    I’ve got nothing against adding new features like voice per se. It’s a question of priorities. If the basics aren’t working, the first priority should be ensuring these necessary features are fully operational and reliable.

  48. Walentine Andersson says:

    Could someone try to see why TP isnt working!?

    God this get worse and worse for every day

  49. RobbyRacoon says:

    I feel sick now, like I’ve just been punched in the gut… I have hundreds of products out there broken because of DataServer issues, and know of at least 3 other people with thousands of similarly broken products from the same data server issue, and I have yet to see even any recognition from LL that they have even the slightest clue….

    Okay, yay, maybe it will be fixed Wednesday. Maybe. Never mind the entire week of broken crap all over the grid, they may or may not get to it Wednesday. And since it’s not even a recognized issue, who knows if it’s even on the docket for *then*?

    This is completely lame, LL. I love Second Life, but surely you realize that your update process is broken?

  50. pantaiputih korobase says:

    well, TP still does not work properly, could you fix this please, it’s lasting two days or so already

  51. Doris Haller says:

    …again. Try to TP, got logged off..

    It’s not even more annoying, it is just boring.. I get tired of second life

    I go to bed now. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow it won’t let me in again.. would be ok too..

  52. Simon Nolan says:

    /me sighs because no one seems to have read the previous blog posts about 1.17.0, and that it is *not* the voice client, or the new sky rendering client, but that it is full of bug fixes that everyone is demanding with posts like, “ZOMG!!!111!!! Fix all bugs now or I quit and take my money with me!”

    It seems that if you’re a Linden, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  53. HealthStar says:

    Now I won’t be able to discard notecards from my own items when they are thrown at me without going into the notecard folder and deleting them from the notecard folder and then purging them from trash. WOW is all I can say, this is AWSOME! If only you knew how often I have sat around and wished for this “improvement”. I mean this is SO on the top of my list of things that would make my SL a better place to be. I will finally have something to to do when I can’t TP, can’t buy anything, can’t chat with friends that won’t show up on my list, can’t rezz items from inventory and can’t search for places to go. Previously I used that extra time to pull my shoes and hair out of my butt, now I can use it to delete the umpteen thousand notecards I will have cluttering up my inventory. This is so much better. I just can’t wait till I can sit around under a pretty sky and listening to 150 people blabber around me all at once while i delete notecards.

  54. RulerOf Merlin says:

    the first priority IS fixing the bugs, the updates and new features have seperate teams working on them so they can have a dedicated crew working on the bug fixes. new features are going to happen even if the small fry (the free and premium accout users) don’t want them. new features have to happen to draw more ppl so advertisers will decide this is a good place to have their money go (this is how the company makes money) to promote their companies. that being said it simply means that to survive they have to work on updates, new features and bug fixes all at the same time with neither one getting more attention than any other. by the way if you crash all the time it is your machine, NOT the game! remember this is opengl being used so not all graphics cards are fully compatible. i also wish they would make the cache empty itself instead of wasting time explaining it to losers and having them think it will work without a restart and fill support pages with their dribble. i have no doubt that the bugs will be fixed and new ones will appear but look at cars, are they all perfect? has anyone gotten it right all the time? no, they haven’t. why? because it’s too darned technical to forsee all of the possible problems.

  55. Serenity says:

    Hey Simon, I think what people are doing is reinforcing that LL is doing the right thing by fixing the bugs first. Chill out dude.

  56. Usagi Musashi says:

    Are you sure 1.17.01 is ready? I sent in about 5 crash reports in toggling to full screen crashes. Along with a report bug about this.

  57. Keiko Rau says:

    Im looking forward to the release, but it seems a lot of people arent familiar with programming or release cycles, and its apparent from a lot of the comments here and earlier blogs this week.

    The new version on the beta grid announced earlier is testing for bug fixes that will br released on Wednesday – its not beta fixes, its main grid fixes being checked out before final release. Lindens arent wasting their time fixing beta issues while the main grid burns, (as some seem to think), they are trying to find and eliminate any last minute problems that might occur when the main grid fixes are released next week… In other words they are listening – they are doing more testing (as many have asked) and they are trying not to introduce new problems that will impact thursday and Friday.

    This release *IS* a bug fix release – look over the earlier release notes and the updated release notes that followed. Lots and lots of bug fixes, including plugs for many memory leaks, and very little in the way of new features. Voice will not be included – this has been stated earlier, yet so many people are still whining about voice being released.

    This release will fix a lot of bugs – it is what we asked for, and now we are getting it, but it seems the Lindens cant win – we demand bug fixes, and then some blast them for providing them.

    @ Lindens – Keep up the good work, keep piling on the fixes, and ignore the people who don’t “get it”, but please have someone re-examine the notcard issue – we really do need to be able to discard notecards we already own, if they are coming from an object (ie: not already in inventory)… Personally Im hoping you’ve realised this already and have coded it that way.

  58. Alyx Sands says:

    …do I have to apologise for not having had any problems for three days? (Apart from Search, but EVERYONE had that) When I read all the complaints I almost feel ashamed that SL works fine for me at the moment.

  59. Miraiyuki Rotaru says:

    I haven’t been able to login, with the login process died at waiting for regional handshake. Must have been at least 6 times already. May I know what is causing this? And I’m also quite upset that I’ve only subscribed for a week and there are already several occasions of ‘system maintenance’, and more coming next week! If your system is overloaded, perhaps you shouldn’t take in anymore subscribers?

  60. Usagi Musashi says:

    People that have been using the FIRST LOOK Client knows the ins and out of this new release. Its not perfect not nearly, with crashing resulting in retoggling screen size as for one example. Sky looks wonderful with little problems in reflective lighting. But because LLABS side has been so so unstable with Balances, Weekly Pay, Search not working at times. Its not fully known how stable this First Look Client is. Also Avies are not logging out properly with existing the client. Yes there are still issues and LLAbs wil be releasing this client. So hold on for the ride 🙂


  61. Celierra Darling says:

    Usagi: Wrong preview. It’s the Beta grid client (without voice), not first look.

  62. Jdtrue Writer says:

    Great Job! Thank you for keeping us at the cutting edge. Not all your members are unhappy and want to just WHINE!!!!! But I guess if the other biggest challenge they have in there life is to remember to ask “do you want fries with that” a problem on SL could rock there world LOL

  63. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Are you telling me that you are going to destroy the game again , 2 weeks in a row.

    If this update goes as your past performance indicates you might as well pull the plug on this entire operation. I can not speak for others but I am growing weary of you half hearted attempts to improve the game. All you exceed in doing is irritating the subscriber base that pays. I would say that if the next attempt is a failure many of your premium accounts will find other diversions. I for one have been looking for several weeks. It is just to bad that you created an environment with so much potential then lack the ability to keep it functional. Again I will make the futile suggestion that you put the update in a box and keep it there while you correct past mistakes in the main program. But then thats no fun is it and you have to keep the individuals who create these problems happy

  64. Dnel DaSilva says:

    @23, 24, 29

    Removing the keep/discard from an OWNERS notecard, this is a return to previous functionality, not a change. Make a new notecard in your inventory and you will know what I mean, there should be a SAVE button there, not KEEP and DISCARD. Cards you recieve from others will still have keep/discard. For me its a huge pain in the ass.

  65. Lestat Demain says:

    oddly enough after fixing my own client aside from the odd times when i couldnt teleport i had absolutely NO problems with search or anything else for most of the day which i guess is sorta proof that the microsoft bloatcode is producing more problems than its worth 😐

  66. Yoblud Box says:

    This is an OMEN you fools.



  67. Cheri Mills says:

    This is my first time posting here…we will see if this works before the inevitable LL screening process of closing down feedback so as not to have to listen to the gnashing of teeth when Torly makes a new thingie instead of LL fixing the actual issues…but we’ll see.

    I am still relatively new, a little over 2 months old now but getting the hang of it, even a landowner 😉 I’ve read the blog religiously and stayed out of it because it hadn’t landed in my yard so far – SL has worked mostly fine for me save but the 45 crashes per hour. (45CPH, new one anybody?). It’s annoying but I was being patient. I understand that running SL is a pain on the technical end.

    Yeah well.

    I began to have a little concern because I could easily see that when LL announced some new feature, massive gnashing of teeth would happen and then a sudden blog lockdown. I can see the long strwam of demands, requests, pleas to LL BY the people paying them money to fix the problems BEFORE worrying about stupid crap like glorious sunsets…to a noob, the regular sunsets are still pretty damn kickin. I noticed that the protests and complaints and requests and upset over no tech support would be ignored almost defacto by LL, but if Torley made some new hot pink thingie and people said “yay Torley that’s kewel” there’d be a whole sting of LL’s yellow boxes. That began to bother me.


    Because I pay you money LL. I became a premium member. I buy Lindens and make purchases. In fact, SL has sucked me in so much as a noob, I have literally spent about 400 REAL DOLLARS (inflated debt from world bank BS notwithstanding) in SL. You’re getting my money. You’re taking other people’s money. I’ve watched the vids of Philip gloating about the X millions transacted in world per month.

    Here’s the deal. I’m not like a lot of people who protest but do little else. I am PAYING MONEY for a service and product and if that product/service becomes unstable, unreliable and the makes refuse to allow adequate support without having to return to college to figure out JIRA, don’t answer the phone, remove all forms of vehicles to send in issues and reports, and ignore the please and concerns of the people out there PAYING YOU FOR THIS SERVICE, I am not scared to cancel this account, sell my stuff and bail and stop giving you my money.

    It s a two way street. I’m being patient. I recognize the obstacles. But I am majorly concerned when LL ignores reports (if not disallows them completely) from PEOPLE PAYING YOU REAL MONEY FOR THIS SERVICE, of invetory loss, L balance failures, complete laggy system, failure to rez, transaction meltdowns….and goes into communication blackout, but then leaves the blog comments open so we can all gush about windlight and voice chat or a new sculptie thing. That’s nice but in light of the reality of the situation, LL, I have to tell you that nobody – nobody being people who PAY REAL MONEY for this product/service gives a rats ass about sculpting some fruit when they cannot use search, classifieds down, teleports down, stipends not showing up, linden balances disappearing, slow system, sim stagnation, failure to rez, and on and on and on.

    And for the record, the common person using your service doesn’t know how to even use sculpty anyway and the editor could stand to be a little more user friendly – basically it sucks. But I deal with it.

    I would much rather have an inventory viewer without having to rez stuff, to be able to see what’s in there via a thumbnail than I care about carving an apple. I would much prefer an ability to layer prims or some measure of building that doesn’t require 50 prims for a basic shap object than I care about having and Indian Pirate Summer Sunset.

    That being said…here’s my horror story. Might be a smal thing to you but I have now experienced that sense of WTF stomach acid trip and it motivated me to add my 2c to the mix here.

    Two days ago, after spending much money in SL, I went back home and tezzed ne of my two new tables on the ground to see what they looked like there. I “took” them back to inventory. Right in the middle of this process, SL ONCE AGAIN crashed. I relogged. I come back to the spot and file thru the inventory looking for the table. Nowhere to be found. I came here and saw the notice about it being there, just “misfiled”…so I went thru every single folder, including trash, including “restore” and one of the two tables is GONE. I cleared cache, rebooted…no table.

    And in a bizarre moment of SL twilight zonish clunkiness, the very spot I rezzed the table that is not on the ground after ‘take’ it back, there’s an invisible barrier….can’t walk around it. Like a physical ghost in the spot, can’t see it, can’t move it, can’t pass thru the spot. I tried show hidden and wireframe and there’s no indication of a table. No table in inventory….but that spot has something there.

    So where exactly do I go to report this, just to ask what the deal is? I pay you people my money, along with others, so I am seriously requesting you open the forums or provide a more common form of reporting these things that a new person is gonna have – a noob doesn’t know the full technical side of scripting or client server options to figure out this sort of thing – all they see is yesterday it was here, today is gone…wtf? and then being hit with total silence and ignoring from LL.

    To make it worse, I had a balance two days ago. Then one day ago, suddenly it’s negative the same amount. WTF? Nothing shows in transaction history. So WTF did it change to a negative balance overnight when wasnt even on SL?

    Or this…my groups aren’t “activating” again. I click them in the list but the activate button doesn’t light up. My OWN group won’t activate. When I check it, it shows me 0 members founded by nobody. And NO I haven’t set options to allow someone to swipe my group. It’s another case of “yesterday it worked, today WTF IS THIS?”

    And like others, I too have a pretty hot little av. I’ll lay dress up and then head out to explore (when search and tp works). And without fail I’ll get there at least a good couple minutes before my hair does and walk around all grey and bald. How do I know? Others tell me. But *I* see it look normally rezzed. Others see dead alien bald toon.

    My question is, do you care?

    In the grand scheme of things LL wont even notice my missing couple hundred a month transactions in world. I can kill my account and you won’t even notice.

    But I ask ya, when you’ve pissed off your several thousand active PAYING MEMBERS from total disregard and they pull out of SL before some such “upgrade” wipes them completely out and they’re not gonna risk it, sure SL will run smoother and faster….

    But that bottom line will begin to nosedive and it will hit the downward spiral and SL will swiftly go down in flames as an ingenius concept run by people who cared more about hot pink and neon green fruit than providing quality service and support to PEOPLE WHO PAY YOU REAL MONEY AND DON’T HAVE TO.

    And what’s funny here is the text below this box reads: need help? please visit our support page. Basically just another barrier between PEOPLE WHO PAY YOU REAL MONEY and LL who doesn’t seem to want to deal with interacting with the PAYING customers.

    That being said, for any of you who are interested and willing, I have a forum that’s been up for a few years and lately have decided to dedicate it to SL issues….I’m currently revamping it but you are all welcome to join and help… it will still be an in world forum for alll SL members to use, but since LL doesn’t seem to want to bother helping people WHO PAY THEM REAL MONEY, maybe we can get together and help ourselves, after all, it is created by the user.

    There ARE ways to get LL’s attention. I am adding the forum to the mix as a support forum as well.


  68. Cheri Mills says:

    PS And yeah I filed a trouble ticket.

    Here’s what I got when I tried it the LL way when I had a curious issue with changing clothes and the top worn weeks earlier somehow remained a default when the “remove all clothing” tab is checked. Instead of nude, it reverted to a previously worn item. I got the standard “please visit support” and a list of stuff. And WEEKS later, I get this crap here:

    Dear Second Life Resident:

    Your bug report regarding Bug: E:3007 P:1 O:W V1.16.0.62469
    (Cubes)[Inventory] “Avatar Clothing Changes Not Taking Effect” has been received,
    and assigned an ID of [rt.lindenlab.com #873558].

    Thanks! Sending a bug report is a great way to help us improve Second
    Life. In general, don’t expect a response to this bug report. We
    aren’t able to respond with the status of each report, and many reports
    duplicate others. If this is a new bug, and we need further help
    understanding or reproducing it, a development team member may contact you.

    Also, we encourage you to use the “Public Issue Tracker” option
    (instead of
    “Report Bug”), because we’re moving towards greater visibility of
    issues and being more communicative about our work — aggregating that
    in the Issue Tracker and openly showing how important it is to our
    Residents helps us be more responsive.

    Also, your fellow Residents will feel better if you report a bug first
    they can comment and vote on it. This, among other supporting factors,
    helps us assess priority. See http://jira.secondlife.com for more

    Thanks in advance for helping us help make your Second Life better!

    If you are looking for Second Life Support, you can find it here:


    All fine and good but the problem wasn’t solved by LL. I got the form mail basically.

  69. Krimson Gray says:

    Thank you Linden Labs for trying hard to make this an enjoyable experience for all of us. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my great experiences with friends old and new in this world. And thank you for providing an outlet to my creativity. Not everyone thinks the sky is falling because search or teleport goes down for a few days. My sim is much more stable than it used to be when I bought it, and its mainland.

    FIX T3H BUGS1111111111111 OMG WAAH!!!!!

    I mean, thanks again. 🙂

  70. Do you realise with dropping the “Keep/Discard” on notecards, you’re practically giftwrapping a method for griefers to bring down the entire grid?

    Can you imagine, an object scripted to identify all avatars within 96m and bombard them with notecard after notecard after notecard that they can’t refuse? What kind of a load do you think that’s going to put on the asset server?

    I can see griefers creating free accounts, scripting these objects and then bombing busy sims and predict that very few people will realise that now they have to set themselves to BUSY mode to stop their inventories being blown out of all proportion.

    Add that to SL’s innate ability to delete legitimate items when the asset server hiccups and you are coding into this release a complete and utter recipe for disaster!

    Can I bombard everyone with the surname “Linden” with notecards saying “I told you so?” No? Well, if YOU don’t want that kind of griefing, WE DON’T EITHER! Keep/Discard on notecard works fine. Please don’t change it!

  71. Wyald Woolley says:

    Notecards no longer display the keep and discard buttons for the owner of the notecard.

    That unasked for “improvement” came from the same department as the unasked for “moral police improvement”. Oh yeah, I forget…the Majority of people asked for those…the same majority that gathers in the same prayer group around the flag out front of the LL building each noon.

    The same group that is more concerned with what account verified adults do as a fantasy than whether Usagi Musashi is an actula child for closing out the earlier thread on purpose…a clear act of busting the rules let gone by the way as usual.

    Getting back on topic with this post: I do truely hope that this coming shutdown really fixes things…that somehow they have been able to actually not grab some old code and thread it back into the mix, like they usually do.

    I am perplexed that while Heeitic Linden’s first sentence talks about downtime, her next sentence jumps to a statement relating to 1.17.01 release notes. No where in between does she say that the new downtime will require a new viewer or not…it’s just broadly inferred by her second sentence. This is really horrible communicationon her part of what might be coming. Is that indeed what you mean Heretic? Is there some reason you don’t want to come out and actuyally say it?

    While I’m asking retorical questions, is there some reason there’s no comments about people having to struggle though hell to do a required password change? Is there any truth to the rumor that LL’s password computer was security breached and that many of the paid stipends stolen?

  72. Usagi Musashi says:

    Cuting edge term is so over used. Lets just things moving in the right dircetion. No matter if its fixxing old bug just scaling thing alittle more. This past week was a nightmare, and things are gettng stable once again. But This First Look Client really going to take some time bloom, its not really perfect as I said before. But atleast fuctions are working again.


  73. Conveyician Morigi says:

    Now everyone remember that you had a 5 day advance notice of the intended update! No whining on Wednesday!

    And No whining when the update is applied and weird things start happening. The real work for LL starts AFTER the update is applied!!!

    Understand your world, change is GOOD!

  74. Io Zeno says:


  75. Linus Baxter says:

    “O a side note the stipend issue is NOT fixed..you might want to make sure something is fixed before you state it is..yes I submited a ticket..”

    Yeah, let’s fix this first before rolling out more bugs.

  76. Purple Ryder says:

    Where is the promised Vista patch? This, and bug fixes, should be Linden Lab’s priorities, not fancy skies or “cool” but basically unnecessary features like Voice. With a current install base of 40 miilion, there are more Vista than MacOS users, and I wouldn’t recommend SL to a single one unless he or she were ready for an on-line experience of frequent and unexpected crashes. Vista is not going away, guys. Grow up and deal with it.

  77. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Good luck with ll the fixes, I hope this time we can have a nice SL thursday. without all kind of problems.

    And please no voice, it will devide SL

  78. Buckaroo Mu says:

    Usagi, once again you prove that you don’t actually READ the posts. They said this does NOT include the new sky system. FirstLook is going to go through a LOT more revisions before Windlight gets hooked into the official release.

    Untamable, do YOU actually read the posts? Keep and Discard will be removed for the OWNER of a notecard, NOT for a recipient! This will not be a new griefer tool – this will keep a person who is CREATING a notecard from having to hit “Keep” twice, instead of “Save” once.

    Coventina – leave the game. Please. If it’s so unusable for you, get out now – cut your losses and leave. You obviously don’t want to stick it out through the tough times and wait until this platform becomes what it has the capability to.

    Alyx – I’m with you. I have problems when the grid does, and I have problems when a real bug pops up – and I report it in JIRA, and I work around it, and I get on with my SL. Then again, I’m a computer professional, and know how to keep the crud off my computer that causes most (if not all) of the problems these people keep yacking about.

    Lindens – If you don’t read down to this, I will understand. However, I would like to express my support. Being a programmer, I know just how amazing it is that this works AT ALL, much less as well as it does, given the technical level of most of it’s user base. Two thumbs up.

  79. off-topic says:

    Might I be the first to say that Usagi Musashi should be blocked from posting more than a few comments, before she intentionally fills up the entire blog, as she has proven to do for the past couple of blog posts; it gives others a chance to comment too.

  80. day 2 of nothing working…ahmmmm ok so you didnt have the guts to post my first response…..now here is the second you wont post….Phillip its about time you tell your devs what to o cuz….QC aint existent in your company….and honestly…I dont know why anyone is actually paying for this…it has gotten unplayable…..

    LL either get you act together or a new CEO…he may talk nice and look good but hell he does a rotten job

  81. gbrandon says:

    😀 😀 Four Stars! 😀 😀

  82. Linus Baxter says:

    “Lindens – If you don’t read down to this, I will understand. However, I would like to express my support. Being a programmer, I know just how amazing it is that this works AT ALL, much less as well as it does, given the technical level of most of it’s user base. Two thumbs up.”

    You hit the nail on the head. The LL developers could be super-gods at programming, but suck at deployment as all developers do. Where is the delivery manager? where is the deployment manager? where is the QA manager…these position aren’t developer position.

    This is what lacking here. a CLEAR change management process.
    Take a page from Microsoft, pick a day and roll out on that day only, expect for your major security updates. Get a REAL QA team or a REAL QA process. Hire a few SixSimga Blackbelts, see where the fault is.
    Let’s get real here, it’s a business and not Dick and Jane’s hobby.
    This is not a game, it the next generation platform for the Internet..

  83. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    @35 Simon Nolan – Well. they’ve made it clearer subsequently. Their recent explanations and descriptions have been somewhat confusing, and they keep changing the posts, so you can’t blame people. 1.17 was originally going to be Voice. The very fact that it has been put off (yet again) shows that it is VERY FAR from ready for prime time, as they always thrust alphas on us at the earliest opportunity.

    And amidst all the hoopla of Open Source, is it a conicidence that the horrendous grid performance since 1.16 followed the most ever Open Source patches? Because we’re told, it was mostly urgent bug fixes that couldn’t wait, and that the included sculptie code couldn’t possible cause any problem with performance issues with the grid…

    Something in that 1.16 update has caused hideous performance issues, difficult to see it’s anything else other than one of those two, let alone the db work that effective took the system down for two solid days. For those who couldn’t get in, you didn’t miss much: couldn’t do much while in – money missing, tps borked, search borked, changing groups borked, friends borked…

    Simon, the reason people are wary is the record: every update since 1.13.2 has been disastrous, worsened performance, and introduced so many bugs and problems that the blog has been full of Linden problem posts within a couple of hours. Go check, since you love that. Before 1.14 they were nowhere near as frequent, and we know it sometimes takes Linden hours or days even after problems have shown up to post it on the blog, as with their total silence on the password problem.

    Linden policy was recently stated to return to having viewer updates every fortnight. They are introducing so many borks that they have to release bug fixes every week, which bring additional problems, and destabilises the whole thing for several days while they weak. And note, it says predominantly bug fixes, meaning there are changes in there, liable to cause yet more problems, which happens with every single update and “maintainence” session – fact of life, it happens with EVERY fiddle they do.

  84. Cocoanut Koala says:

    There isn’t much that makes me angrier than one resident telling another to leave.

    Do you think the Lindens WANT people to go away? And you’re just being a good little helper with that?


  85. Usagi Musashi says:

    “51 Buckaroo Mu Says:

    June 9th, 2007 at 12:19 AM PDT
    Usagi, once again you prove that you don’t actually READ the posts. They said this does NOT include the new sky system. FirstLook is going to go through a LOT more revisions before Windlight gets hooked into the official release. ”

    TROLL ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Buckaroo Mu says:

    Nice, Usagi, letting people know that you’re trolling. Are you going to fill this blog post up with childish placeholders until it closes like you did the last?

  87. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    @51 Buckaroo, so when you receive a notcard, who is the OWNER of that? Er… you. It says nothing about a recipient, or a creator, but the owner, which you become as soon as an object is given to you. It might be their bad explanations of stuff, in which case they should clarify, but I don’t see what else it could be.

    As for the JIRA (another piece of Beta software, just like the main viewer), perhaps you missed the recent post about fixing the password problems that stopped many people from logging in to JIRA to report such problems? And I’m not talking the recent password problems that have prevented people logging in…

    If you’re a computer professional, then you’ll know their Q&A is crap. SL is the only piece of software with a huge memory leak, that writes two gigs of garbage files a day, that hard crashes my Mac that I have, and I earn a living using my computer. It’s non-standard, sometimes does sometimes doesn’t use system APIs. In fact the only piece of software where the programmers have deemed themelves in need of reinventing the wheel every time rather than properly using the supplied OS tools…

    It’s mostly their attitude that needs changing: listening to users, not rushing out stuff too early, properly testing stuff before release, thinking through the consequences of changes they do, “forgetting” to do or include things. But when your management structure is having none, and you let staff choose their tasks, and the left hand doesn’t know what their right hand is doing, layered with crap support and PR well…

  88. Usagi Musashi says:

    Buck Buck Buck…………..You really are the great and the rest us just unknowing losers right ? ………..OMG don`t you love these know all people………..

  89. Hi there,

    first… please notice there are some european customers. to add GMT-time on a regular basis would just be a friendly wink.

    second… i´m not dicussing needs of updates, software development or sl-architectur. but wer had 3 days of a not running system. people seeling content or land are main part to keep SL running and growing. they need to make their deals. so – after major problems (8h or more, or 4h on prime-time europe/continental us) – please keep sl running at least a week before starting further work.

    for the people “only” playing it helps to cool down, for the others it help to keep economics running.



  90. Usagi Musashi says:

    @ 58 There was a time awhile back when we had new installers for fixs ever week over a year or so again….We always had wednesday down time. Which did help cool down blog issues and otehr problems. But theats when the game was smaller. Now over 7 Million and 47,000 online at the one time at its peak periods. We can`t has has much down time because of the amount of users that is online.


  91. Buckaroo Mu says:

    Usagi: Since you ask, yes, I hate unknowing losers who are intentionally unknowing. People who don’t know what they are doing, but don’t blame someone else – those people I don’t mind at all. Just the ones that blame their problems on the rest of the world. Did I say that everyone here are unknowing losers? No. Don’t put words in to my mouth.

    And yes, I do love “know all” people – at least, those who really do know all. Or even a lot. They tend to have less problems, and generally are better at fixing problems, rather than ranting about them with no intent to provide useful feedback. Not saying you’re a part of that – you do run FirstLook, have since the very start of that program, and I have seen you provide useful feedback – but filling a blog’s comments with childish drivel so you can have the last word? That’s just silly. This will be my last post in this thread, as I hope someone else will have more constructive commentary.

    Zimmy – you’re right, of course. My bad. You do become owner of the object, once it is given to you – even if you discard it, it’s still in the trash, listed as yours. That being said, I do believe that this is a confusion of terms, and that the Keep/Discard buttons will not be removed from the transfer of a notecard to a new user. I could be wrong – I hope I’m not. If I am, I’ll publicly retract my support of this change and admit that I was mistaken.

  92. Usagi Musashi says:

    Ummmm some seems to want to play dum Blog game with insult? ok. But i not as good as Buckaroo Mu is…….Then again he so so much better then all of us, he is perfect we know Nothing !

  93. Usagi Musashi says:

    Then again he post with how many Names on this blog and forums? Nobody beats Buckaroo Mubecause he knows all……………..Of nothing…….

  94. Siddhartha Shepherd says:

    Textures not back in the editing window…

  95. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    well, things can only get better, at the moment I can’t even Tp from my house, stuck and crashing all the time….((

  96. ninjafoo Ng says:

    Can we have a classified rebate for the time the search was down?

  97. Sup Bing says:

    For the love of God, Usagi, please stop posting so many replies in EVERY blog and arguing, name calling, generally abusing anyone who says your name. I’ve never once seen anyone thats such a hypocrite! Talk about blog games and childish behavior! I wanted to post a thought in the last blog but it was shut due to you, Usagi, acting the idiot as-per. In fact, most of the recent blogs are shut due to you, Usagi.

    Anyway, thank you for addressing some of the issues some people ar having, Linden Lab.

  98. MikeC Althouse says:

    Classified rebate? hahahaha.

    You make funny jokes.

  99. Execution Ihnen says:

    That’s perfect! I have my birthday party during that time! I have about 50 people coming, that’s excellent. All that planning i’ll have to do again

  100. Tracey says:


    2 days downtime please,

    this is really starting to take the p*** now, more downtime, more new features, yet the system rarely works how it should, we dont get refunds for downtimes etc, so what are we really paying for? Your new house? The new porsche?? Secondlife is becoming a lemon…


  101. wandarich says:

    Dear Lindens
    Why do you even make comments availible on posts like there? Seriously, what so actually want people to say?

  102. Doktor Beerbaum says:

    Good (?) morning from Germany: I just tp 5 times – and was logged off 5 times. 😦 Enough for today, I’ll be back tomorrow to try it again. No selling, no buying today. This brings my sl-micro-economy down. What about sl-macro-economy? And btw – I pay more than 100 USD p.m. to you, dear Lindens! Do I have a chance to get 3 USD back for every “Log off Day”? No? Good for you – not so good for me. Have a nice weekend!

  103. Darling Brody says:

    Are you people Crazy!!!

    It is the 13th! You cant do Major work on the 13th!!!

    Love the fact your always improving SL, but.. it’s the 13th!!!!

  104. Tony says:

    If people would read the release notes then they’d see that this proposed release includes a lot of fixes.

    There are two changes, the notecard and a language support change, then there are eleven fixes.

    Unless there are a lot of undocumented changes, this release is pretty much designed to fix bugs.

  105. Slippery Slope says:

    Now that these responses are limited to 100, is there a way to limit them to one comment per IP address/name/email address? It would give a lot more people a chance to contribute rather than having the same people using it as a personal chat thread. In my household it would mean only 1 of the 4 users could comment since we would all show the same IP address, but it would be worth it! You would get broader input.

    I hope the people with classifieds get their ads extended and those with time sensitive postings get credits or refunds. I also hope the that Mac issues are given some priority, teleport issues are taken care of and that the notecard issue is solved. Here’s to the bug fixes working too!

    But please, if you are going to allow comments, give plenty of people a chance to have an opinion!

  106. Viktor Villota says:

    I don’t think the Lindens will be “Bragg” ‘ing any time soon about the quality of their service, nor about your fantastic Terms of Service :/
    Seriously though, how do you expect businesses to function when your service is continually degraded to a point where it cannot function?
    There are plenty of other gaming platforms run by other companies, with more users who are charged less, which are more stable and less prone to problems.
    You either don’t care or do not have the resources to combat the problems, I would assume the later.
    Delay Voice chat and any other server side and/or client side features until you get the service “AS IS” to run reliably.
    Appears to me that the beta grid runs better than the live…

  107. Kristopher Handrick says:

    You know… It doesn’t matter to complain! YET AGAIN SL is doing ANOTHER update… They don’t bloody care that it ticks us off! It doesn’t seem to matter that they can’t iron out the kinks in the system first before adding more stuff to really messed up world. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that we would like these issues worked out FIRST… … their money will still come out of our accounts on time, everytime and is interesting how that doesn’t skip a beat!

  108. Quite Oh says:

    I will admit that I face Wednesdays with trepidation, BUT

    1) The blog comments is not to place to speak of your current bugs–the Jira is. I’m not a technical genius, yet a few moments of attention,and it made sense. I can imagine that there’s little more infuriating that people that scream “Fix the bugs” without having them involved in the process. LL doesn’t run every variation of hardware out there, it’s up to us to provide them with good feedback so that they can meet our needs.

    2) The Lindens make a lot of decision that I don’t agree with, both policy-wise and feature wise, but this is not an excuse to simply vent one’s spleen full of bile. While we are fuming about our own nose-long frustrations, let’s remember that these are *people* that we are communicating with. Yes, we are paying clients one way or another, but that is not an excuse to be rude or insult people regardless of who they may be.

    3) The Lindens may find that people are more likely to be polite and less spleen-venting if you mingled with us every now and again. Showing up and proving that you are real life human beings (or at least real digital moving avatars) goes a long way to reminding us of that. I recognize that you’ll be barraged with residents wanting every question answers and having every bug thrown at you verbally. I recognize that it’s in direct competition with focusing exclusively on the bugs. It’s a multi-pronged problem that requires a multi-pronged solution. Bugs is one problem. Internal PR is another and external PR is yet another. No one said it was easy.

    4) I recognize that the Lindens ARE working their butts off to get things done. We clamored for them to make fixes and make them recognizable. A weekly release schedule will do just that. No one said it’d be easy for us either.

    5) If a bug on a program ruins your life, consider that things could be far worse. You could be under fire in a war torn county, be blind, or dying some some disease. Perspective is a good thing.

  109. Simon Nolan says:

    Darling Brody FTW!

  110. Laetizia says:

    Quite (#73), how come people keep saying the Lindens need to mingle? I go to office hours and have through those met Torley, Robin, Chadrick, Daniel, Philip, Jesse, Jeska and a few more. They are in-world, you can talk to them, they do discuss things, they do listen. Of course not ever to everyone’s satisfaction, but that is impossible in any given situation.

    Good luck banging on things, LL, we all know it’s necessary. And yes, fixing the present situation should prevail over adding new features.

  111. Rysz Sloane says:

    THANK YOU Quite Oh! My sentiments exactly. I have to laugh when I see a blog post about a contest turn into a lets beat up the Linden’s attack. I am surprised they even allow comments anymore with all the bashing that goes on. Let’s keep on topic! (unlike my post here…)

  112. Quite Oh says:

    @Laetizia (#75)

    1) I wasn’t aware that people keep saying that they should mingle. I based my opinion on the following:

    2) Because I just met Soft Linden at a party today, and the whole group spend 30 minutes after she left talking about how nice it was to have a Linden come-in world to a real in-world place that ordinary avatars go to. Call it the common touch. On a simple and personal level, the idea of going to a Linden in their office is a bit like approaching a government official–I’d feel like I’d have to have a dossier organized before I even spoke to them–that is admittedly *me*.

    3) I wasn’t aware that I could simply find a Linden in-world, until a few moments ago. Now that I know, I’ll go bend some ears 🙂

  113. Pingback: The Metaverse » Blog Archive » This week's scheduled downtime

  114. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    The list of fixes reads nice. It’s good to see bugfixes going on before Windlight and voice are installed and possibly add to the list of existing bugs.

    What I miss though is the simple copy protection for sculpt maps (removal of the preview field). Qarl Linden said, approx. 2 weeks ago, it would be fixed on tuesday and reach the main grid sometime soon.

  115. Argent Stonecutter says:

    How about implementing some features that have been talked about for years?

    Havok 2/3/4?
    Privacy for the mainland?

  116. macs yue says:

    I have cleared cache, relogged, and sent in bug reports multiple times. I have even removed the SL software from my computer and reloaded it from scratch. I still have over 4,000 items missing from my inventory, many of which I paid for. Will Wednesday’s update do anything to help me retrieve that missing inventory? Am I the only resident to whom this has happened? Is this the norm? Will I ever get answers to this question????????????????

  117. Ann Otoole says:

    For a workaround on the sculpt map copy protection see:

  118. The Todd says:

    PLEASE (and you know who you are) stop cluttering the blogs with your rants.. Take it to IM or something, no one wants to see all this stuff.

  119. Dianna F says:

    I have Been In Sl now over 3 yrs during that time I have seen alot of wonderful and not so wonderful changes. I do agree with all those who do not want to see the Keep Discard Feature removed from the MOSTLY UNWANTED note card. I go to alot of places and I get greetings note cards and Rules of Clubs etc Now for the most part they help in some ways BUT most are Just worthless. I read them then hit discard. I think removal of that discard Button would be a bad Idea for all.. I also agree fix the problems with what we are using now before adding new fetures.

  120. Chronic Skronski says:

    Agreed, Todd. Usagi already has 10% of the comments, which is actually lower than her usual percentage. What she did in that other post (attention-whoring up the last 5 slots) was unacceptable. Filling up the blog with her garbage is unfair to the people who have something constructive to say instead of just ranting and insulting people. Because of this blog, I have ignored two people in-world who I have never met – Usagi and the bile-spitting OToole. They make this blog extremely ugly and depressing to read, and I really wish they could be banned – especially Usagi.

  121. Kimberly Hotaling says:

    SecondLife your need to do some about this sh… it is getting aon my nerves..I am so mad that I think about to QUIT becaue your never get this right…me and many many more people think about this..this is full of it….your need to get way way way better or forget it all. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  122. Desereck Creeggan says:

    FIX THE BUGS THAT ARE THERE. Did you guys NOT get what you did on wed.?
    LL…i was amazed so see L posts here. WTG, BUT! Rethink your software, double check every nook and cranny. When you think it is good. CHECK IT AGAIN.
    Other than that, you guys are awsome!

    Happy day.

  123. Desereck Creeggan says:

    oh yea and to comment my last post
    LOGINS ARE DOWN…my sl goes unresponsive in the login ;~;

  124. Cat Gisel says:

    Huglets to everyone, hang in there…

  125. Usagi Musashi says:

    Laughs hard……………more of this Stupid blog games? Oh please GROW UP!

  126. Yanik says:

    Anyone seen my hair? Can’t wear them anymore. I’m going bald! AAARRRGGHHH! Mind looking in your update if it’s there? Oh and who stole my bra?! Please please please fix the bugs or i’ll run around naked!

  127. Marianella Beaumont says:

    Please, finish opensourcing the SL server and protocol. More competitive market = better service at a better price = progressively larger market = win-win situation.

  128. Damion Dagostno says:

    i’m having problems rezzing. everyone shows up with either hair and a gray body or fully clothed and bald..the latter being myself. Prims in buildings seem to load fine but everything else is becomig quite bad. plus i don’t think i can tp anywhere o_O

  129. Bardan Robbiani says:

    Italy :
    from 15 pm of 13
    to 9 of 14

    If I have well understood.

  130. Desereck Creeggan says:

    i see the login for me is still down

  131. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    Wow, the login problem and reset passwords problems has NOT been fixed and it has been reported since May 31. It is already June 9th and i still can’t log in. What is the deal?

  132. Jon Ruban says:

    Stipendium??? from when i joined in Nov i only got 3 weeks of my L$4000 a week Stipendium – I figure in a few i will own the games and the Lindens will be working for me

  133. Ruli Tenk says:

    SL is a fascinating and complex world. Let’s give Linden Labs the credit they deserve, the time they need and our good will while they do their jobs.


  134. Nicola Samiam says:

    Ok, so stipends have been paid, but still nothing about the password reset issue (ie: why we had to do it). I received a very suspicious email asking me to reset my password – not from a Linden Lab address – I submitted a ticket asking about this, and the ticket has mysteriously disappeared from my support history!
    This is very, very bad practice. If the email is from LL then you should be aware of your own and other intructions to be suspicious of emails that don’t come from a known address. Regardless of whether the email WAS a real one sent from or on behalf of LL, then to simply delete the ticket without responding, so it looks as if it never existed is, frankly, disrespectul, rude and in some parts of the world would be considered illegal. I presume that LL don’t have auditors? I also assume that this post will not get through moderation due to LL’s increasingly draconian censorship practices.

  135. Nicola Samiam says:

    Ok, so there is now a notice on the Support page regarding the email, but you should be more transparent about the email addresses you use to communicate to members. and you really shouldn’t delete tickets as if they’ve never been submitted.

  136. @22: Very good analogy, using Windows, however, take that analogy one step farther:

    Mr Gates never really CARED about the consumer. It was his long term goal to, basically, take over computing. That did not require a ‘stable’ platform, simply one with the appearances of constantly being ‘fixed’ (thus all the automatic updates nearly once a week). Vista still sucks, It doesnt even recognize that I have TWO DVD/DL drives installed – both top dollar, name brand drives less than a year old. The compatibility checker does not even mention a ‘possible problem’, but after 2 complete Vista installs (from those same DVD drives, I might add), emails to support and a complete search of the ‘knowless base’, I fond no mention of this problem and have had no response from support.

    Gee, seems the same around here, doesn’t it? Yup, perfect analogy…

  137. RagnarokHGM says:

    I completely agree with the whole “STOP UPGRADING AND FIX THE THOUSANDS OF BUGS FROM OLD UPGRADES” thing.

    There seems to be an asset issue which resets and screws up permissions on transfer. IF an object is given to someone full perm, or copy/mod, it goes through NO-PERM NO TRANS NO COPY NO MODIFY

    It’s really frustrating for us vendors on our products that people pay MONEY for.

    So with my two cents, I say, “Fix the bugs you’ve already made, before you make more.”

    Thank you.

  138. @51 – Most griefing tries to disguise the perp by involving objects that pass themselves to someone in the hope of being rezzed, or worse self-rezzing items where version b has different code to version a.

    Maybe a noteletter spambomb might not be effective if the change only alters it for the object creator that makes the notecard – but that won’t stop griefers making self-replicating, self-propogating notecard makers that once they give themselves to another avatar then become the property of that avatar, so can still exploit this loophole that never needed to be introduced in the first place.

    I still predict problems that need not occur, becoming problems due to this change, and there’s no need for the change.

  139. oh, just a note…

    You are NOT the ‘owner’ of an item (ie: notecard) until you ACCEPT the inventory offer. Of course, this sometimes fails for offline inventory transfers.

    “Owner” does differ from “Creator”.

    I do agree that there should be a switch to allow users to ‘not accept offers from people not on my friends list’ – someone else can type up the feature request cuz, personally, I can’t stand the way LL has set up the process :-/

  140. Missy Malaprop says:

    I vote for limiting Blog comments to one post per person, however they limit that. IP, name, hash combo or whatever.

    And I think this update will be good, its primarily all bug fixes, not windlight or voice… which is good.

    Also if you don’t like getting notecard and landmark pop ups, just turn off their auto preview in your preferences, you just get a blue box pop up asking if you want to accept the item, and if you accept it just goes into your inventory.

  141. Beatrix MacKay says:

    I not need Windlight or Voice, I not want new bugs, – I ‘only’ want to login – still having problems system telling me on and on ‘may be down’, or ‘something unexpected goes wrong’……

    Tired of this, tired of SL nearly, tired of more and more bugs, lags, and problems – do your homework, fix those annoyancies, not make new … ;/(

    Disappointed and starting to get more and more upset how LL treats their customers.

  142. Tokra Coleman says:

    NO NO NO NO not again! stop take sl downtime til you comfirm 100% nothing bug show up i mean NOTHING. if after downtime and still have problem show up that mean you’re %@#$ MORON. I dont care if have to be every wed. Just dont %$#@ screw up SL again. I’m temping to quit sl because of those %$#@ problem

  143. Wish Lusch says:

    I’ve only been here for a month, but I personally think the Lindens have done an AMAZING!!! job with the entire experience. Bugs, yes… Delays, yes… Lag, yes… Downtime, yes… and STILL I think it is awesome and getting better all the time.

    People, they are ON it. They are WORKING very hard, that’s obvious. It’s SO good, in fact, that we think perfection is possible here, which is why we get upset.

    Show a little love.

    Thank you, Lindens!

  144. Jaman Ashby says:

    Look LL, I know you mean well.. and I have yet to say a word.. even through a few of the DISASTEROUS “Updates” you have done.. but I am now begging you, as a business owner who has lost a GREAT DEAL of money due to your “UPDATES”.. please P L E A S E.. do not do another update for say.. I dunno.. 20 frickin years?? We do not WANT or NEED these stupid idiotic so-called “UPGRADES” such as “WINDLIGHT” aka cheap texture sky.. or “VOICE” aka.. reason for escorts to talk dirtier..

    Without the grid being stable enough to support current “UPGRADES”.. I feel (as do 99% of your users- PAYING users.. ) that such things are not only unecessary, but nothing more than a greater problematic addition to a problem that is not yet fixed.. “You can polish up a turd and make it shine, but it is still a turd!!”

    Also, I think that with major companies pulling out of secondlife, such as Wells Fargo, and others soon to come.. you would be beginning to listen to the people who pay your wages – aka- the USERS!! Without us.. there IS NO SECONDLIFE!!

    And lastly.. you owe each and every business owner a stipend of at least $2000L for the damages you have cost us all!!

    I only wish you actually read these.. because maybe then it would make a difference!!

  145. Damona Rau says:

    “Waiting for region handshake” and no working TPs…

    Linden, when you want you fix this? SL isn’t fun since Wednesday, it’s stress pure. You want really loss all residents? go ahead with this, and this will happend.


  146. Omega Dyrssen says:

    Wow, this is getting better and better by the day, Lindens!

    I can’t Search ANYTHING. I can’t teleport ANYwhere. I can’t WALK, I Can’t RUN, I can’t FLY, I can’t even use Private Messaging! Plus, thirty-five minutes of notecard-writing is now GONE. it saved, and closed, perfectly and without issue. Then when i open the same notecard to add something else a few minutes later IT IS COMPLETELY BLANK.

    Get it together, Lindens. Customers have had it up to our ears with this “new” feature or this “great” thing you keep INTRODUCING. This stuff that is so new and snazzy will only be worth our while when you actually FIX THE PROBLEMS THAT EXIST ***FIRST***.

    A very disappointed,
    Omega Dyrssen

  147. Raban Laborde says:

    where do you wanna crash this time?

  148. Cat Whitman says:

    Just now I logged on to find THE *ENTIRE* CONTENTS OF MY INVENTORY HAVE GONE MISSING! This includes the stock for my two SL businesses, a lot of new stuff I had not yet rezzed out in the stores, so my only copies of them gone.

    All that remains are the clothes (grungey ones at that) I stood up in–freebie purple jeans and a home-made tee.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Do the Lindens know? Or care? Is there any hope?

  149. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    I sure hope this update fixes the problem of having to reset your password.

  150. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    @ 89. I received a letter from Linden Labs regrading a phone number i can call to to so call my “password problem” and when i tried to send a reply it was blocked to receive messages back. Whoever said that the help lines help should rethink their statement

  151. saijanai says:

    There are signs of “issues” all over the place in Linden-related matters. Bugs that go unfixed for years, or are fixed over and over again are one example. Creating bug/feedback websites with the same issues in several categories that add up to more than the rest of the categories combined, is another example. If users can’t find a bug-fix/suggestion without hunting through 3 different categories, they give up on using the bug-fix/suggestion box.

    That the LIndens don’t bother to fix the bug-fix/suggestion web-site issues kinda suggests that they don’t take the website seriously either.

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