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Support Portal Open

[UPDATE] Lifetime accounts will be eligible for premium support, it may take until Tuesday to get them enabled but we will do so.   We have had a few bumps so far, but there are fixes in place for early … Continue reading

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The Plan for Voice

The new Voice feature has been live on the Beta Grid for the last two months. We’re very excited about this very cool new feature, which has been in design and development for over a year now, and can’t wait … Continue reading

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Grid Slowdown Being Addressed

An issue has sprung up this afternoon that has manifested itself in a broad set of symptems including slow logins, slow or failed group chat and teleports, and presence issues. The devs are currently in the process of diagnosing the … Continue reading

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Second Life Sculpted Prim Contest: Show Us Your Sculpties!

Yes, it’s time to welcome sculpted prims into our second lives! In honor of our latest feature and the amazing sculpties that have enriched the beta grid, Linden Lab is holding a Second Life sculpted prim contest. To enter, please … Continue reading

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Update aftermath…

We’ve identified a memory leak and have narrowed the problem down to Vote Tally Notification, which has been temporarily disabled. Group Voting is functional apart from the IMs… You are able to create and send votes, and they are tallied … Continue reading

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The Grid is back up…and hey, Release Notes!

Release Notes for Second Life 1.16.0(5) May 23, 2007 ===================================== New Features: * Sculpted Prims ** Sculpted Prims are a new primitive type that uses a texture to control its 3D shape ** See for FAQ and detailed information … Continue reading

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1.16 Release: Wednesday May 23

We’re pleased to be announcing the release of Second Life 1.16.0. This release will require a viewer update. As mentioned, we expect the Second Life Grid to be unavailable Wednesday May 23 from 6AM – 12PM PDT. We apologize for … Continue reading

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