Login issues – timeout error message – Resolved (maybe)

We are investigating the login issues at the moment. Users may be experiencing timeout errors.

If you are experiencing this issue, please keep trying to login. 🙂

Thanks for your patience!

[UPDATE: 2007-06-01 9:30am PDT, by Joshua Linden] 

Last night at approximately 5:30pm PDT we pushed out a change to how our login server cluster balances incoming requests. This appears to have greatly reduced the number of failed logins (“Despite our best efforts…”). We’ll be monitoring this closely as concurrency increases throughout the day.

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169 Responses to Login issues – timeout error message – Resolved (maybe)

  1. Poseidon Dagostino says:

    I am having some troubles getting back in after a crash.
    I am getting an error that says :
    DNS could not resolve the host name.

    Is this a known issue to?

  2. Serinity Gaea says:

    I just got logged in after a few tries… but now I can’t upload image files.

  3. Enoch says:

    First post? Sigh, this thing was making me crazy, at last a notice about it… this one will go to sleep then… take your time…

  4. Hunter Brooks says:

    It was previously give me a 500 Internal Server error but finally I was able to log in but not able to move.

    Logged out and now I’m not able to log back in.

  5. NurseyJoe Lesse says:

    I don’t know if this is related but I’ve not been able to log in for about 20 hours now.

    Log in only gets as far as ‘Verifying protocol version’ then I get the message :’
    Unable to connect to Second Life. The system may be down’
    I have looked in support they suggest it could be Firewall issues. However I had changed nothing and had been logged in just 5 minutes previous to trying to relog and being refused.
    I did however turn my Firewall off completely and i still get the same message as above…

    Is this happening to anyone else?
    Can anyone help?


  6. Ima Mizser says:

    Um, how about fixing all the other issues, granted if you can’t log in then all the other issues are moot. This whole thing is going in the dumper and you listened to the Project Open Letter (renamed by LL to Project Sweep It Under The Rug Letter) but are still adding things. This letter signer is getting a bit antsy, I’m ashamed that I signed up for a full year of premium instead of month to month now. I’m paying for NOTHING GOOD!

    I would have listed the issues herre but they are too numerous, and I would have posted them to the JIRA but you couldn’t log in there either. It’s crashing and you better do something, at least keep us informed.

    One PO Premie

  7. Enoch says:

    I got tired of trying, this one will go to sleep…

  8. Hunter Brooks says:

    Whatever SL is doing it hosed my connection to my ISP. I have to reboot my cable modem and router, then I had to disable and re-enable my network card just to restore network connectivity. I had faith in SL to fix some of the issues but it seem that its only becoming CPU/Memory/Video Card/network intensive program. It will only get worse once voice goes live. Wish I could get my money back.

  9. Kat Sullivan says:

    yeah i started to get a couple of timed out image uploads and kinda sensed there were problems and now cant log in.

    Please fix it soon, i ave set myself a task to learn sculpties and got the relevent program but it looks mega mega hard and really dont want to touch it yet.


  10. Kat Sullivan says:

    and i’m in woot!!

  11. Argent Stonecutter says:

    The DNS errors made me a little worried that someone was pulling some kind of MITM attack on SL.

  12. Roz Xeno says:

    I AGREE!!

  13. Binders Off says:

    Hey, I have a unique idea… FIX IT!

  14. Aeon says:

    I’m not able to log in either. I keep getting this message:
    “Unable to connect to the server.
    Could not resolve domain name: userserver.agni.lindenlab.com
    Please check your network connection.”

  15. Marianne McCann says:

    I recommend a new hamster.

  16. Megan Mertel says:

    When I login, the login bar dosn’t move past connecting to

  17. Sybil Maryfield says:

    My login issues are getting a little better, but I can’t seem to stay on for more than 5 minutes without crashing. 😦

  18. Megan Mertel says:

    When I login, the login bar dosn’t move past connecting to reigon. I’ve waited for almost an hour, and it still dosn’t move.
    Help please.

  19. Amara Heart says:

    Just wondering if me crashing every time I try to upload an image now is part of this issue? Anyone else having this problem or is this a new problem I get to be the lucky person to experience in the middle of a project I am working on?

  20. Mal says:

    Mairanne..make it two hamsters..lol.
    Been trying to log in for about an hour…

  21. Milo Bellow says:

    I Find That If One Account Fails To Log In, An Alternate Account Tends To Do The Job…
    Its Random And It Makes No Sense…
    But Variety Is The Spice Of Life And All That O.o

  22. Star Quintus says:

    All these issues and you plan to make major expansions such as Voice. I think you guys should consider resolving all these problems before such events take place.

  23. Mystic Soothsayer says:

    I am not only a premium account holder but a concierge level account holder… and I cannot log in.. I thought the thing was supposed to give PAYING members priority over froobs?
    I agree… fix these existing issues before introducing sculpties and voice which no one can use if we cannot get in!

  24. indigo sautereau says:

    this is all hurting my head. i cant stand it anymore…paying for ??? exactly. someone remind me

  25. Sammy says:

    Like any big company in over their heads, they’ll pump it full of as much flashy and useless nonsense features as they can so they can squeeze more out of the deal when they try to sell it to another company that can fix it.

  26. Doris Haller says:

    ..well, if you can login, than you have troubles inside. Consider to stay out.. 🙂

    Searching does not return results,
    inventory loads very slow (you fear you had lost it),
    scripts are not executed (even where it is allowed).

    All this even though there was no update this week… or did I missed it?
    If not, think of the problems we would have IF they updated!!
    Now, be happy…

  27. indigo sautereau says:

    ok i am sorry for the second reply but i am lasting no more than 10 minutes before i have to sign of as it is freezing once in there… this is pretty crappy

  28. barlite McGann says:

    why not do what EA do to fix there stuff and get the commander of your team to drop a supply box that heals everything right beside the servers,

    ;-))) BF2 players speak up now or forever hold your peace, lol

  29. Fritz Otoole says:

    Please. Lindens. READ the comments of your users!
    We are asking, begging and wahtever more that you increase the stability of the system, tellung you all the “nice features” like hair on the Ass or no Inventory or log in problems .. and you go on announcing “improvements”.
    Sorry, I dont need any sculpted prims, new light or even speech when I cant log in like now!
    When I see “39.000 oline” on the screen I dont even try it anymore.
    Do you ever try to use Sl like anormal user? Just log in if you can) and get frustrated?

  30. Fritz Otoole says:

    sorry. one more time:

    Is there anybody here who can organize a second open letter, but with more inhabitants in it? I am ready to sign everything just to hope that those …………. wake up!

  31. Sees Saenz says:

    Yes..well i am considering stating away for a month ..or a year..or HOWEVER LONG I NEED TO..to be able to be able to dress change my appearance..see where i am…all things that i can not do at the moment…..very frustrating..slow down LIndens! Back track and rectify. That is the needed update!! Ans yes i LOVE SL…but….

  32. Linden: Please ignore those on cheap Blue-Light K-Mart specials. All the new features are great improvements to SecondLife. Its finally beginning to look like something more than a computer program from 1998!

    This problem is obviously Linden side and you are right on it!

  33. Shai Khalifa says:

    I agree with everyone who keeps up the mantra:

    DON’T ADD ANYTHING NEW UNTILL ALL THE EXISTING PROBLEMS ARE RESOLVED – and this includes the fact that login problems are a regular feature of SL these days.

    I tried Windlight – nice skies, but my avatar looked like a 90 year old hooker who can’t see to put her/his makeup on.

  34. Prudance Perfferle says:

    Hmmmmm- have been trying to log in- can’t get there. I’ve been off of SL for a week for vacation and need my SL fix!! Come on guys – get me back on!

  35. MikeC Althouse says:

    They just don’t care.

  36. Alyx Sands says:

    Sheesh, will you stop moaning? Do you have ANY idea how complex SL and all its hardware and stuff is??? You all make it sound like it’s a case of fixing your private LAn or something. It’s not just a matter of fixing a few wee lines of code!

  37. Votslav Hax says:

    Come on, Give these guys a break… it does SL no good tp misinterpret genuine advance vs. placating the misunderstood….

  38. I am repeatedly being moved into a nearby domain when logging on and being told that my home location is not available but can then immediately teleport to that same home location!!!!

  39. TheCoolLeader Boyer(Teen) says:

    Just use the -login command line command just add it to the end of the shortcut and it will keep trying o login until it suceeds.

  40. master quatro says:

    I have been constantly crashing on 2 separate computers. I have read the knowledge base, help sites and spoken with linden on the phone. Both PCs are less then 6 months old and sport G Force 256 and 512 mb video cards. This has gone on for 3 months now.

    It’s really absurd that with every “up-grade” SL deteriorates further. That letter I also signed did nothing to light a fire under an unresponsive management and technical team. Now they give us more realistic “skies”. Who are we kidding? STOP with the useless innovations and fix the problem !


  41. I haven’t tried yet, have a question for LL.

    even with out updates every Wed/Thur things happen like this I’m by no means a IT guy. But I know all my white boxes, and my xps do a lot better getting hard booted every so often. I remember the old server we ran at a data entry office (1989) we hard booted daily. is having all the severs up pretty much 24/7 part of the difficulties? I know tech has come a long way but they still need a shutdown at times don’t they?

  42. Brenda Trenton says:

    i’ve been stuck in ashuertus 10,10,10 for two hours, in the middle of the earth 😦
    someone save me!

  43. Molly Barker says:

    I agree with Alyx…for crying out loud…your sundress is ready at the cleaners…stop whining and consider how intricate this program is! Has anyone considered that? Ok so I can’t log in for a little while…I’ll get over it! And MikeC, they do care! I think it’s an amazing program, and every program is not without some glitches…

  44. Epilort Byrne says:

    Alyx is completely right. Every time I visit the blog people moan and groan about bugs in SL — get over it or stop using it! Running Second Life is your choice. Every piece of software ever written has bugs and SL is no exception. It is completely ridiculous to call for SL to halt development on new features especially when they have written in their blog posts that most of the developers are in fact working on bugs (plus they are aggressively hiring more). If everyone spent all their time fixing bugs, no new features would ever be added! Second Life will never be bug free. Do some research on how complex network based applications with tens of thousands of users are and maybe you will better appreciate the platform they are developing for us — now free to use. The fact that Linden Lab read that open letter project many of you worked on is testament to how different Linden Lab is. If a couple thousand people wrote an open letter to Microsoft would they bother to publicly acknowledge it on their website? I doubt it. The Lindens should instead be applauded for their efforts in open sourcing the client and setting up a public bug tracking system. Users outside of Linden Labs are submitting patches for the viewer which they find in JIRA…it’s great. All of you who keep on complaining and complaining need to educate yourself on the complexity of software.

  45. Fritz Otoole says:

    why should they try to fullfill customer wishes for a stabel system as long as guys like Alyx Sands praining the new features? We will end up in an system that cant beused but has brilliant features ..
    Alyx: dont know if you are in any way priviledged having not the same problems alle the complaining people have. Maybe you are just an IT freak. I am not!
    Of course, this IS a very very complex system, of course its great what have beeb realized .. but please understand that the problems of a “normal” user are not the gimmiiks ..it is the usability or even (like tonight) just the problem to log in!

  46. AllieKat Stovall says:

    @ 19 i have been saying that for ages and no one listens. they are all 100% professionally trained IT pros… and no one can tell them that this is hard, cause they all are coding their own games at home. oh make a change to the llGetALife, and then make a channel adjustment to the llQuitComplaining(1, it doesnt matter to anyone but you) string. SL is very complex. and however i dont like to see the features added all the time, i have been around an entire year and have grown used to it. yeah i signed that project open letter too. but LL is woried about their bottom line. they feel that if they dont keep up with themselves they will get run out of business. the other virtual worlds cant keep up. so i think LL can sit back and fix things. but they wont. they have to keep raising the bar. i just wonder how many were here for the 1.09 1.10 and 1.13 updates. what we are experienceing rightnow is 100 times BETTER than those 3 updates!!!

  47. Cocoanut Koala says:

    I agree with the above posters – forget the new features and give us stability, reliability, and fixes for the multitude of problems SL did not have a year ago.


  48. MoodyBlues Mougin says:

    They don’t even answer e-mail for trouble shooting anymore. There is no Tech Support. Now I know why…….Why should they? You can’t even log In to have problems!!!!

  49. Enzo matrix says:

    LLL as prove more then once that is don’t give a dam about its paying users. LL openly lie to the whole SL user base. LL says it will fixe thing, but turn arrond and COMPLETLY ignore users request to fix problems and keep adding features that the overwhelming majority DON”T WANT. . LL need to be presure event more to act like a real company and not a bunch of headless chicken running arround

  50. Stephanie Lemaire says:

    Stabilty is all we want

  51. Eithnie Llanfair says:

    “We are investigating the login issues at the moment”

    At the moment? This has been happening to me for two DAYS!

    And you’re just now looking into it.

    Excellent. That is just wonderful. And the report I sent you TWO DAYS ago went where I wonder…

    Eithnie, whispering into the hurricane, knowing no one is listening.

  52. Alyx Sands says:

    Fritz, for one thing, I am NOT a guy, and I can’t stand that deprecating tone of yours. I am in no way just praising stuff-next thing you’d suggest is probably I work for LL. I do have issues with SL, but there are a myriad of different systems out there, and whatever a single individual has on their computer might influence the way SL works. I just say you have to keep in mind the size of the whole thing. And the fact that NOT 50,000 people complain about stuff being broken, so for some people, SL IS obviously running smoothly.
    AllieKat: Thank you. The voice of reason…I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  53. Sairye Bade says:

    If I miss George R.R. Martin tonight because of this, I’m going to be one very unhappy little girl….

  54. Tya says:

    Not the end of the world people…

  55. Friends online works again on the website… Woot! Maybe that is what killed logins…. lol

  56. Neural says:

    If I had L$1 for every time someone has asked, demanded, suggested, begged LL to work on the current issues instead of bringing in new stuff (with more problems) I’d be able to cash it out and start my own version of SL.

    Wake up people, they won’t listen.

  57. I was just logged out as my sim went down or so the message said. It’s definitely been a bit wonky this afternoon that’s for sure – constant freezing etc. But we’ve seen a lot worse 😉

  58. Mimi says:

    Hmm I think in this case, I would prefer a login and crashless teleport over a nice sky or voice too.

    Theres nothing wrong with adding new features, but I wonder, when the system is unstable like this, more features will make it crash even more often

    So please consider this and test them extensively before you add them.

    PS: I love the new sculpt feature, and am curious about the sky too! (im not sure to like the voice, will there be any way to use it and be anonymously?)

  59. Milo Bellow says:

    Erm…Yuh Sure..Its Off Topic Etc..But!?:
    Can We Get Shiny For Transparent Pls? O.o

  60. Rascal Ratelle says:

    This isn’t new, these log in issues have been going on intermittently for the longest time and seems to increase as the concurrent log in count rises.

  61. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Exactly what are we paying for? LL is by far the most mismanaged company I’ve seen unless there is something that me and the other 6+ million avatars are missing…

  62. janeforyou Barbara says:

    I resinstalled SL..then logged in after 1 hours radom trying.i got in wen it dropped from 41.000 to under 34.000 online…i belive the ” error” are as i forseen loong ago: Wen SL passed 20.000 online LL needed to upgrade HW…wen SL passed 30.000 online LL upgraded HW….. in a few weeks it will be 50.000 online, and it will continue as SL grow.

  63. Shai Khalifa says:



    As a responsible over-50s adult, I refuse to be dictated to by a bunch of children who haven’t the fortitude to petition their stakeholders (in SL terms – the Residents) for a concensus.

    To claim you’re making decisions based on a ‘majority’ is ludicrous as none of us were ever given the opportunity to vote or indeed debate the issue.

    And don’t get me started on what i think about having my ability to make my own moral judgements stripped away.

    I may be middle-aged, but I’m not incapable of rational decisions on my own behalf.

    Well one decision I will make is to leave SL if this sort of crap is implemented.

    Big Brother (in the Orwellian sense) will have nothing on what SL will degenerate into. There will be uncertainty about anything anyone does with anyone else around if this sort of open reporting is imposed on us.

  64. The system acceped a password change but it won’t let me sign on either password. old password buckie; new passwprd dixiedog. HELP

  65. Shuggy Miles says:

    Well I can log on but freeze after about ten minutes. I know its not just me because i’ve asked around. It’s really dampening the joy of my SL experience and I feel like I may have wasted my money (ten minute sessions in-world just doesnt cut it). Please Lindes help us.

  66. stability? a myth. performance? another myth. rather than give us that ( the most important elements in any online program) we are given bells and whistles with a few fireworks tossed in to make us say oooooooh and awwwwwww.

    Give me a break LL. i dont need any of that. yes, they are great features. but who can enjoy them when you crawl around the world ata snails pace? when you can’t log in to see them? or when once yur in you can’t leave your region because the porter does not work or it kicks you out?

    Why dont you freeze production of new stuff and spend a good solid month or two. ironing out the major problems?

    I have experienced stability and performance issues in programs before ( crashes and lag). Eventually those people decided to stop what they were doing and fix it. Reason. Their customer base started to shrink badly. They were losing customers.

    The honeymoon is almost over, it could begin happening here. The premies ( yes the holier than thous) will start to go away and content will deminish. The commoners ( the back bone of the economy, you know, the ones who spend 30 to 50 us dollars a month to buy lindens so they can buy stuff inside the world. thus keeping the economy rolling along at sometimes incredible rates) will begin to leave also in search of a better world. Like the new one a german friend showed me last week. Its not better now, it is years behind. but the alternative is lag, no login, and crashes., (hmm a primitive world does not look that bad sometimes.)

    Take a hint from the folks at WoW, DAoC and COH. heck even from EQ and EQ2. Eventually you have to resolve the big issues and stop covering them up with another coat of paint, or people will leave.

    I stay because I am addicted. but, that wont always be the case. sometime soon a new fad will hit the streets. when it does , people will look at what they have now and say. “hmmm. fancy, pretty, buuuuuuut. to many unresolved issues. i think i will go see if 3rd life is a better world.” then what will there be here? bells, whistles, fancy fireworks, and, a world full of ghosts.

  67. budsamuels says:

    I, too, am pissed off that the Moral Boundaries blog is closed. What’s wrong, you don’t want to hear what the TRUE majority thinks?

    If we REALLY want to effect LL and SL in a way that will make them see how bad a decision this is, CONVERT ALL YOUR LINDEN $ TO HARD CURRENCY, AND PULL IT OUT OF SECOND LIFE. When the economy collapses, then maybe they will pay attention.

  68. andres says:

    god please lindens i cannot log in its been 2 days and im getting mad my group needs me and i need to do business and i think you should fix the problem and i hope none of my inventory is lost so please lindens some people are paying money and they cant log in

  69. NurseyJoe Lesse says:

    I still can’t log in 😦

  70. Ari Acropolis says:

    I too have a concern about the morality standards as outlined in the other thread. I would like to request that Linden clarify them, especially in regards to SL’s sizable BDSM community.

    I would also like the comments to the blog expanded so these issues can be discussed properly. There are thousands of SL residents, it makes no sense to restrict sensitive issues such as the sudden new and vague morality standards, that affect many SL business owners, to only 100 replies.

    Thank you.

  71. Masuyo Aabye says:

    closed comments on the “safety” blog. gonna vent some steam here.

    ok 1st things first SL isn’t real. no matter what happens on there it doesn’t affect anyone in real life. what 2 or more people choose to do between themselves is up to them.
    as for people complaing about alleged “rape” … umm you do know how poseballs work don’t you? nobody can force anyone to do anything against their will. jeez get a grip it’s not real. if something offends you, you have 2 options, either log off or use the tp button.

  72. Jar Newman says:

    Now come on…

    New features have quite few to do with not working on stability issues. When you’re an employee that is responsible for developing new feats in a webhosting company then you’re not gonna stop your work for helping the server admins fix problems when there are any.
    Way too much time would be wasted by introducing you into the specific server architectures or even the server code.

    So, dear LL, go on adding feats as long as they won’t destabilize SL any further and think about employing some more grid monkeys / developers for stability fixes.

    The Jar.

  73. Selene Nacon says:

    ok i’ve been trying to log in numerous times haven’t had this bad of a problem before…. but now i cant even get in once…. is it the new version or what? someone help

  74. JP anonimous says:

    Well, that will probably be cut off, but just in case. I post here because the comments are closed on the next post.
    You know what, I dont give a damn about US/Cal laws and near bigotry posture. I will continue to do what ever I like in SL until I am either banned or bored. Obviously not paying a cent to LL.
    Soon the fantasy will be gone, your customers too. I realy hope that another company sets a similar world based in another country, or on the moon for that matter and let us voyage in a “real” fantasy world, keeping it between consenting adults that is.
    See you there in a couple of years.

  75. Uh Oh says:

    Good clean it up. There is no reason for another person to rape or even pretend to rape another person unless there is a screw loose in their head to begin with. We do not need rapists in RL so why do we need them in SL?
    There are quite a few groups of people who have historically been enslaved by other people and slavery has been banned in many other countrys. Why do we need slavery in SL or another grim reminder of how people treated each other.
    Get rid of the child rapists out here. We do not need them in RL and we do not need to be reminded of them in SL.
    Why do we need to walk past the filth and countless IM’s filled with sex offers everytime we walk into a store?
    I applaud Linden Labs for finally taking the broom out of the closet and sweeping the filth off the grid.

  76. william fish says:

    “Keeping Second Life Safe, Together”

    like giving everyone access to steal other people’s textures and calling it a feature… yeah i know it’s been around for a long time… but i just learned about it and im pretty P*@@ off about it.

  77. Tegg B says:

    “There are quite a few groups of people who have historically been enslaved by other people and slavery has been banned in many other countrys. Why do we need slavery in SL or another grim reminder of how people treated each other.”

    Yep women have been getting away with enslaving males for too long lets ban marriage & partnering in SL, let them change their own wheel bearings and fix their own sewer pumps. 😛

    And lets not fix this login problim till it has enough JIRA votes to jump the que 🙂

  78. williamfish says:

    41 Tegg B Says:
    SO WHAT your saying is… lets take away the women’s right to make her own choices?

  79. Tegg B says:

    Well soon we will be even safer when there are more sims online than residents, so many I guess just looking for the next place to go to……..

  80. shadie lady says:

    This is absolute rubbish!!!.. I havent been able to log in for a month!! What is this? I’m glad I’m not paying for this!!!.. FIX THE ERRORS IN YOUR SYSTEM PEOPLE!! You will start losing customers!!!

  81. Katawna says:

    I have been trying to log on for the past 24 hours and I keep getting to “Waiting for region handshake….” and then poof! I cant get on. I have no idea what the heck that even means as I have never seen this before when logging in??? Has anyone else been seeing this?

    It then shuts down with a msg that pops up and says, “Unable to connect. Login packet never received by login server. Please try again in a few minutes check help blah blah blah…”

    Does anyone know what this means and what I need to go do get the “handshake” to occur so I can log on?? Very frustrating.

  82. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Hmm i saw the login issue yesterday. not good indeed. but waht it eve worst is the texture bug, the group IM bug and he general mem leakage bug. which cause Sl to crash over time. And of course the lack of stability bug.

    Fixin logins is great. fixing overal SL is even better.

  83. Despil Korobase says:

    I cancelled my premium account as of today.
    Had a good laugh at the “your comments are valued” talk.

    The way SL goes, I don’t wish to support a 3D chatprogram. I am adult. If I wanna blow off a head in an SL Combat SIM, I will.
    If my girlfriend wants to be captured an play a consensual “non-consensual” sex act, I will do it with her.

    We are freaking adults, you wish to verify this so, why can’t I play out any bloody fantasy I wish – which would be quite legal in RL.

  84. SharpKnife Beaumont says:

    Game in march this year, invested about 3.500 euro or more, planning to buy one or two sims after the summer, this so called safety future where LL can play GOD and remove all someone owns without even a right to defend them selves, because some griefer reports abuse on something that is perfectly legal in RL.
    No LL this the trigger for me, so i will loose a lot off money and mostly time, but better now than living my SL live with the fear that my account and land is suddenly go poof. This so called safety rules also open the way to get rid off folks someone don’t like of are better in business.

    I hate to leave, really like SL as it is now!


  85. Chrysala says:

    @:” Good clean it up. There is no reason for another person to rape or even pretend to rape another person unless there is a screw loose in their head to begin with. We do not need rapists in RL so why do we need them in SL?”

    Who’s “We”, kemo sabe? YOU can stay in PG land.

    @:”There are quite a few groups of people who have historically been enslaved by other people and slavery has been banned in many other countrys. Why do we need slavery in SL or another grim reminder of how people treated each other.”

    Again, you were not invited to the BDSM party, so you can leave it without offending anyone.

    @:”Get rid of the child rapists out here. We do not need them in RL and we do not need to be reminded of them in SL.”

    I only get reminded by blog entries like yours. Never seen kiddie-sex griefing anywhere, anytime.

    “Why do we need to walk past the filth and countless IM’s filled with sex offers everytime we walk into a store?”

    You don’t. You have arrow keys, a map that tells what kind of region you’re in and a TP button. ALso that little X in the top right. Use it and leave the those who are not PC-Robots alone.

    The word of sin is restriction.


  86. Despil Korobase says:

    Uh Oh.

    Go to Search. Look for Mature content included checkbox.
    Ensure it is unchecked.
    Press search.

    Happy TP-ing.

  87. Malon Nishi says:

    while you’re at it.. how about checking frequently crashin with whatever yah do? And lets not talk about the frickin lag on sl? oh well.. as a resident we obviously dun have a thing to say. and Are dependent on ýour descisions..

    Good luck and hope some day SL will become more stable, and less laggy..

  88. Eithnie Llanfair says:

    SO there are already people saying “Oh, but it’s just those nasty perverts and *I”M not a pervert, so I don’t care if their freedoms are curtailed”


    LL’s new position technically also makes *combat sims* illegal. It’s violent. People get shot and stabbed and slashed with swords.

    SO do the owners of Samurai Island now face banning? COLA? Midian? Any GOR sim?


    It’s madness. And closing the comments after removing ANY venue we have for reaching out to LL with our concerns is just another example of their attitude that we dont matter, our free expression is OBVIOUSLY not valued.

    Eithnie, waiting for LL’s ONLY response to her concerns which will be to delete this post.

  89. Atlwolf says:

    Have to agree:
    Fix this kinda stuff and stop playing morality police or we’ll go play somewhere else.

  90. Vortex says:

    *GRUMBLE* Why does every new blogpost result in the flaming of Linden Labs ? No wonder they shut down part of the forums.
    /me waits for the moment they shut of Comments to the Blog permanently.

  91. Despil Korobase says:

    Thank you Lindends, for helping and supporting the griefers.
    Thank you, for giving every help possible to people whose only joy is to harass other people.

    And thank you, for breaking your own ToS on a whim.

  92. Archer Braun says:

    I very rarely post off-topic, but the latest blog entry smacks of jack-booted conservative elitism at its worst. What consenting adults do on the grid is for them to decide. If you’re offended by certain behaviors, then you can bloody well stay away from “mature” locations.
    Your sanctimonious pandering to weak-willed and lily-livered sissies makes me ill. I’m disgusted with the foppish, trite and spineless attitude of pathetic whiners who constantly cry out about being “offended” by certain behaviors. They contribute nothing to the dramatic, creative flair that THOUSANDS of SL residents enjoy with gusto.
    Your freakish need to judge me, or any others, who enjoy things contrary to your repressive, cloying, and narrow-minded belief system is the symptom of a sick, twisted mental disease.
    Shame on you for lowering the intelligence of the virtual gene pool…and SHAME on SL and LL for bending over backwards to spoon feed these weak sisters the trite, daisy-littered pap that passes for “family safe” entertainment in this day and age.
    That post bodes VERY ill for a richly-populated and divergent culture which calls SL home.
    May it RIP.

  93. Star Quintus says:

    LL correct all the issues with Second Life now before adding more things. It may take awhile but expanding to such areas as voice and such will cause a hell of alot more problems and then cause you too lose many customers.

    I always find SL having trouble after updates and usually with every update It seems to add more stress on to my PC it may just be me but I doubt that. These login issues are just a start of many more and possible long delays. People want fast access, especially paying customers. Lose that and you lose it all.

  94. Rocky Rutabaga says:

    QUOTE FROM #48:

    “LL’s new position technically also makes *combat sims* illegal. It’s violent. People get shot and stabbed and slashed with swords.

    “SO do the owners of Samurai Island now face banning? COLA? Midian? Any GOR sim?


    Good question. I played a harmless, or so I thought, game in SL last week. At one point my AV was violently eaten by a shark. Another time I was gutted by a circular saw blade. The animation included spurting blood and jerking AV. Pretty gross and I’d hate to have my 13 y.o. daughter standing behind me when that happens. I’m guessing I’ll have to AR the maker of said game, yes?

    Woo hoo! I think I’ll also AR all the offensive spinning Land for Sale signs. Talk about obscene! Hope the Lindens can keep up with my ARs alone!

  95. les says:

    @ Vortex

    …we’ll because they seem to be completely stunned and tell us a bunch of nonsense about “safety” and “majority”. They talk over us like we are morons. Like politicians. LIke we are not here. They just say complete B.S. with a straight face. Every word is designed to spin.

    The truth might read more like this…”we are worried about legal confllicts and bad press and therefor we are going to force some vague guidelines we’ve pulled out of our ass on you people in an attempt to better our public Media Image. You can contact us 24/7 for this and we may get back to you with an automated e-mail in a week”

    Then maybe we could have a real debate instead of us all being pissed off at LL’s spinning of words and image. With the current statements how can they expect other replies except through sheer lack of understanding the community they are saying they represent and protect. Gah.

    …anyway, hey LL, how’s havok+ doing? Do we need that featured on foreign TV to get it worked on?

  96. Kira says:

    Next thing you know there will be someone offended by us playing Cowboys and Indians because it’s politically incorrect to use the term “indian” .. it’s native american! And they don’t like us excluding Cow”girls” … so get LL to set another policy that the people will not tolerate this kind of discrimination!

  97. Fox Mainline says:

    Second life crashes on the initializing quicktime message.
    how do I fix it?

  98. Bagushii Kohime says:

    They aren’t listening. The only thing that would wake them up would be a significant loss of income. Downgrade your accounts, don’t buy any new sims from them. The loss of sponsors due to negative publicity would hurt, true, but losing a large portion of their users would eventually lead to loss of sponsors too, as well as the whole game itself in the end.

    And here’s another wake-up call, LL: You have known all along that a very large user base in SL is in there mainly for sexual activities, and a lot of in-game and real money is involved in that business. Nobody, NOBODY is being fooled by you feigning ignorance of that fact at this point. If you have been dishonest to yourself and your partners about this fact, well the truth just caught up with you. Continuing to be dishonest isn’t going to help.

  99. Musicteacher Rampal says:

    Can LL please clarify a bit about the “keep SL safe” entry.

    1. Will Basic members have any venue for recourse if accused?

    2. Is Gor going to be allowed under the new policy?

    3. Are combat sims going to be allowed under the new policy?

    4. Are SL orgies going to be allowed?

    5. Are furries going to be allowed to have sex with humans in SL or will that be considered offensive?

    6. Will we be banned for having a RL picture in our profile?

    “broadly offensive” is a very unclear statement. It would be nice if the bannable offensive activities could be very clearly laid out for us. The term “offensive” is so subjective that pretty much anything could be offensive.

    Also check the Resident Answers forum because there is a 10 page thread that lists several very real concerns of paying members of this community and they wonder what portion of the community has actually made it clear that consentual violent and sexual activity is too offensive to allow in private or in sims set aside for the behavior.

    Why not encourage your membership to mind their own business and leave consenting adults alone rather than encourage them to spy and snitch on their neighbors!

  100. Despil Korobase says:


    Looking at history, it stops at the black cars stopping in front of the house at 10PM, cause someone thought that you migt be prone to something.

    It won’t be a real black car of course. it will be more like a black ban.

  101. Brett Finsbury says:

    boy this sounds a lot like a city clearing out all the adult bookstores and seedy bars in a run down part of town to revitialize it so they can attract better paying clients.
    It wont hurt my feelings any if they were to ban the gorean role playing. I do not go to places like that but since they like to use Native Americans as slaves I run into people who tell me to come like im their dog or the store owner who felt because I was dressed in Native American dress that the free slave collar he gave me for my trouble when a purchase for a bow had a transfer problem was a favor.
    I was so mad I just left before I got TOS violated with what was about to come out of my mouth.
    This is all because this type of role playing has spilled outside the borders of their sim’s.
    ” why arnt you wearing your collar?” grr that question is still ringing in my ears.

  102. Why are people talking about stuff that has nothing to do with this blog post…

    I still can’t log in, I’ve been getting the exact same could not resolve host name error that I got all day long yesterday. I linked my name to a grab of it, 😥 I’m going into SL Withdrawel.

  103. pryough palen says:

    just created my account about an hour ago, tried to log on and it starts to log on until it says precaching then crashesim wondering if this is server problems or my own system as i have never logged on anywho.. ill keep trying for a while.
    laters x

  104. Zennoa Seifert says:

    I don’t know if this is related but I’m getting the “despite our best efforts” message trying to use the currency exchange, on the website or in world, using two different accounts with different payment options.

  105. Dirk Felix says:

    Log-in issues are so fresh, I can’t get back on. Stable environment is a great New Feature to have. 😉

  106. FanFan Babii says:

    This is cruel!
    My error message say that I can not acces SL from this computor.
    This is bullshit! I stayed up until 03.00 CET last night and have been online from this computor everyday the last 3 month. I can not accept this treatment anymore. I pay top dollar for everything inside and the last thing I need is this. I give You 30 min to resolve this issue…The time is now 23.08 CET at approx. 23.48 I call my attorney..This is crazy..Stopp updating and start to take care of the actual residents..Because I am really angry Now…Yesterday I couldn´t pay and today this…What a…………………

  107. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    About the next blog, how can you have rape? If you’re “being raped”, you simply teleport, or ban the person. So exactly what is “rape” in SL?

    Thanks for fixing this glitch, but itd be nice if the SL were actually online more often so that I could have the opportunity to actually use the log in feature. =P

  108. Dante Tucker says:

    lindex is down

  109. Marcel Dowding says:

    GAH man I have been trying to log in for 2 hours it wont work!!!

  110. Ailik Ulich says:

    What does “maybe” mean?

  111. Maximilian Stradling says:

    Well I totally understand the plight of my friends not being able to log in, I am quite angry at the fact that I opened a support ticket nearly 48 hours ago and it has not been touched or even as much a note saying that someone would look into it. My ticket number 4051-4196174 has not been updated since I opened it. I spend nearly $400 US a month playing this game and running my club and I find this level of support to be appalling. Also now the support phone number has been disabled. So my only contact with support is through the pathetic support center. I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way! Why do I even pay you $10 a month, for the $1200 linden that you give me, or the right to own land on the main land? My club isn’t even on Mainland.

  112. Ailik Ulich says:

    Whoo!! I was just about to become a premium member, now I dont think I will. Good thing I spent all these months learning about SL without paying.

  113. Ailik Ulich says:

    #59 because the blog posting about “safety” is full and people need to voice their position.

  114. Richard Renneville says:


  115. Masuyo Aabye says:

    apparently what paying customers say/ask doesn’t matter. get the big businesses to invest in SL, screw all the people who create what SL is. instead of taking care of exsisting customers lets ignore then and get even more!!!

    i’m so glad i sold my land and no longer have a premium account. oh and shelving the plans i had to buy a sim too

  116. Akee Mill says:

    Look I drive truck for a living and when I get off the road or done with a load I get into SL for relaxation, and for two days now I have not been able to log in, your really messing with my relax time here, can only watch so many movies over and over or TV is depressing. Can we get this thing fixed any day sooner then we are working on it? It’s the weekend you are NOT working on it you guys don’t work on weekends

  117. iva ivanova says:

    why cant i loggin..this is the second day already 😦
    dns couldnt not resolve the host name???

  118. williamfish says:

    GOOD thing LL doesnt own WOW… could you imagine what a boring game that would be? WHAT? you mean i can’t raid people anymore.. cause it’s offensive to someone? damn… and i had all my crew ready to go on a raid.

  119. williamfish says:

    williamfish Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Please don’t submit your comment more than once.

    I havnt posted a post in 24 hours… why the “awaiting moderation?”

  120. Despil Korobase says:

    It will be a big happy Disney world, perfect families looking at perfect Corp Sims, oh-ing and ah-ing at the shiny fake products….

  121. Laurie Partridge says:

    FYI, this issue doesn’t seem to be fixed for me at all. I am still unable to log in without great difficulty. I am online now, but it took the better part of half an hour to get in, with constant attempts. Still receiving the “DNS cannot resolve host” error. I don’t see any recent posts on the topic on the forums, so I assume most are getting in easily. I’m not sure why I’m still getting this. Historically, I’ve had VERY little trouble logging in, or with many of the issues that pop up from time to time.

  122. MysticShade Edman says:

    cant log in no error report dont know
    whats wrong

  123. SirTakashi Rossini says:

    Still the same….says it’s fixed….and it’s not

  124. Frederick Lancaster says:

    Hey, Are we still having problems logging in. I have been trying for the past hour and all I get is Unable to connect to Second Life (done)

    Any update on this? thanks!

  125. Geminian Teazle says:

    Right now, I am unable to login, and I know I am not the only one. Also, http://www.secondlife.com appears to be down too.

  126. Daciana says:

    Still can’t get in.

  127. Pandababe says:

    Can’t seem to log back in… was just in and logged out for a moment….. any word on this still being a problem?

  128. Pat Hartono says:

    Same here. I can’t log in, either. This is after several attempts, and time-outs.

  129. Amber Kazan says:

    was having trouble getting into inventory and transporting so logged out now having troubles lologging back in

  130. Corey Lisle says:

    I am still haveing trouble logging in and its 6-2-2007

  131. Enigma Snook says:

    After trying a half a dozen times including restarting the application I can’t logon to the grid. No error messages other than I can’t be logged on. Very frustrating. This and the memory leak are driving me crazy. I found that by transporting between sims my memory useage will go up from around 30m to start with to well over 700 meg in less than an hour. This causes serious lag and eventually there is no choice but log out and back on, but I can’t log back on.

  132. Corey Lisle says:

    and also its seems as though this always happens on the weekends
    are we not paying enough to SL for them to have any staff on call on the weekends?

  133. Swiftly says:

    Just tried to log in for about half an hour here on 6/2/07 from 11:30 am until noon PDT. Still getting timed out. Was able to log in early this morning around 8 am.

  134. Remus Lykin says:

    Like a few others, I’m going to take this opportunity to say something about the ‘safety’ in SL.

    This reminds me so very much of the big mess SixApart and Livejournal made by suspending – undiscriminately and based on accusations/blackmail from an outside organisation – journals simply based on their interests (incest and rape and pedophilia). They did not make the distinction between reality/real life predators and FICTION/FANTASY.

    Lindens, you could learn from the mistake, which has now made the CEO of SixApart publicly apoligise – http://news.livejournal.com/99159.html – for their rushed and thoughless actions to account holders that were suspended even if they were in no way solicitating those things or encouraging anybody to do something like that.

    So, before you go ahead and start a witch hunt, Lindens, sit down and think long and hard about what it really is you want to do. Do you want to equal fiction with real life actions? I’m all for banning true predators, griefers and the likes. But to ban people who are involving themselves willingly in consentual adult activities in a FICTIONAL/Virtual environment where nobody in reality can be forced to do anything, or even forced to watch anything, is a slippery slope towards losing not only the majority of your paying customers (as Livejournal was very close to) but also destroying the actual premise of your own creation.

    If this is your intention, by all means, go ahead. But wouldn’t it just be easier to make SL entirely PG without any form of adult themed interaction, religion (because whoa, that’s even more sensitive than sex) and politics and … what? Because there are so many things and activities some people can take a lot of offence to, while other people find them perfectly normal.

    I’m sorry for being so much off topic here, but I was pulling my hair that I was too late to post in the other post.

    And to be on topic, still having major trouble logging in.

  135. Soho Loon says:

    Same here, I had to logout cause I could’nt upload files.
    Relogin is not possible since 20 Minutes. Friends are telling me
    that my Avatar is still visible and I get 2 different Errormessages;
    One message contains that my the logout process had have begun and the other one says that the service is maybe not available.

    *sniff* …. I hope the best and it will be solved asap 🙂

  136. StaTrinity Binder says:

    Can’t log in what a surprise it is not fixed keep getting updates and downtime and seems everytime they fix something things in Sl are getting worse the lag gets worse the log in time gets worse, the crashing gets worse, the list can keep going and going the missing items from inventory, the friendlist wont work dont know who is online or offline….etc and etc and etc. Hopefully soon it will actually work one of these updates they send….lol…..Trying to have patience….lol

  137. Akiko Koba says:

    OK, I’m now getting the ‘Despite our best efforts …’ message as well. One main av and two alts – none can get in and I have important business to attend to today. This is becoming a major headache – along with one alt unable to have her credit card information processed, so I’m unable to upgrade the account.

    I thought this problem was supposed to have been resolved? I’ve been trying to log in for over 8 hours now and still cannot get in.

    Pull your collective fingers out LL – this has gone on long enough. Stop wasting our time with a voice add-on that hardly anyone wants and fix the current problems that are making it impossible for some of us to conduct our businesses.

  138. Bias Piane says:

    I have been a SL user for about 2 months. this is the first time I have not been able to log in when there was not a scheduled outage. what-ever LL did with this “new” patch, is not the answer. This “fix” shouldn’t effect users that never had a problem. 😦

  139. Bigus Hock says:

    Linden folks never had this login problem so consistently before, but I think your login problem has just popped up again, from the UK……… 😦

  140. Kithrin Yalin says:

    I have tried numerous times to log in, I can get through th estratup screen and get to where I am signing in and it will move the progress bar about an inch then just sit, and sit, and sit some more till after 15 minutes i just canceled out. It is funny that there is nothing on the blog identifying that there is a login problem at the moment.

    Maitresse Shuuna if you read this your kitty is trying to get back on.

  141. Akiko Koba says:

    Yes, UK here too.

  142. Taff Nouvelle says:

    logins down yet again. myself and alt ” despite our best efforts etc”.
    It always happens when there are no staff, when will we get 24/7 service for a platrorm that runs 24/7.

  143. Client crashes after trying to log on for half an hour,
    get a 5 min penalty timeout,
    repeat the above.

    If you can log in again.

  144. Shaz Sinatra says:

    Been in SL for six months now, seen many updates and so called improvements, what i dont see is any real improvement in usability, in fact quite the opposite, SL life is getting harder and harder. I see a total of 6.9 million residents, ok that includes many alts and disused account, Maybe 50% of that number would be closer to the truth, which is still quite a worry, when the whole system is unable to cope with the Sunday night figure of around 40k logged in, if 3 million tried to log in god help us. incedentialy has anyone seen a Linden in world, six months and ive never seen one, not even in the Linden village, when i send a mail i get an automated reply, mmmm

  145. Wilbur Herzog says:

    While we all welcome innovation, after all we would not have SL without it, I would like to agree with everone who feels that it is essential to hold this up while the basic system is stabilised. I am getting very frustrated with the same issues, login failures, teleport problems and the like continually appearing, while at the same time you are trying to introduce things which might be desirable, but are not required by the majority of sl users.

  146. Charli Ivory says:

    I’m getting the “despite our best efforts” message as well … and the grid was laggy and glitchy before I’d gotten kicked off. Is this happening to anyone else? Is it because there are 40K+ people on the grid?

  147. budsamuels says:

    Keeping Second Life Safe–

    How is it that it is always Daniel Linden making these asinine policy statements (Age Verification, Content Vigilantes)? Are we getting TRUE Linden Policy, or Daniel’s Linden Policy, according to what his politics are. To me there are FAR MORE nay sayers to these two policies than people agreeing, so I don’t see how he can claim it is in the majority interest to enact these rules.

  148. Flaar Nemeth says:

    Asset server handshaking to Cassandra is broken, and has been all day actually. Some other sims will allow me to rez out of inventory but others will not. Likewise, I cannot edit scripts or apply some of the newer textures.

    And please do not hand me the platitude of “refresh your cache.” Did that first and its taken nearly six hours to get MOST of my inventory back.. Gods only know where the rest is.

    DNS handshaking from agni is working again, at least. Though to be honest I suspect its only a result of load balancing, now that the number of users online is below 30,000.

    In other words, the current (newly implemented) balancing schema isnt entirely successful….

  149. Elise Onmura says:


  150. mike ezithaya says:

    I can not log on i try too but it says my username and / or my pass is incorrect when i KNOw it is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. roland francis says:

    I’m trying to log in for FOUR HOURS now, without succes

  152. willowgold Flake says:

    Can anyone tell meif there are log in issues agin ,been trying to logg in since yesterday .. keep geting ” verifying protocol” message,even though my Pc settings are correct ..

    :_) ideas anyone … ??

    Thank you

  153. Brat Bertolucci says:

    i have not been able to login even once after becoming a member of second life.I get the error ‘Unable to connect to server…..cud not resolve domain name: userserver.agni.lindenlab.com…Please check your network connection’……is it because i have a router…please respond fast as i am getting impatient n wanna get into the world asap

  154. Usagi Musashi says:

    Nothing is fixed, timing out is occuring……..bla bla bla…… “refresh your cache.” Gesh this one is so over used its not funning anymore!

  155. Stefaun Kidd says:

    Fixed? NO F-IN WAY! 5 hours and counting. Now the freaking thing gets stuck at verifying protocol version.

  156. EmmaPeel Beauomnt says:

    I STILL can’t log in.
    It says Log In Failed.Please make sure your CAPS LOCK key is off and that you have the correct account name and password.

    I know my user name and password.
    I can’t even log in here.
    What gives??

  157. Raffila Millgrove says:

    Forget the despite our best effort message. now i get one saying that login fails becasue of my password. I should to go the website to to answer a security question. There is no place on the site to answer a security question. I can’t reset the password because my original one is not recognized.
    Last month it was a hell frozen funds thing that took hours on the phone to straighten out..and now again. another thing that I cannot do a thing to fix on my own.
    How can anyone stay in Sl business with these basic problems occuring?
    What amazes me is that Linden Lab is still in business. It’s only their loyal, addicted and possibly crazy residents that will take major abuse I guess–like me–to be part of SL.
    But now and then I just have to whimper and whine a bit over the pain.

  158. Hrouck Gontyuk says:

    I am having problems that say “Login failed We have made some changes to our system and you will have to reset your password”. What the hell is this? I have been trying to reset for the past hours and my security questions is still not recognized. I am furious.

  159. Ninnie Stradling says:

    How frustrating. I have exactly the same problem as Raffila. I was logged just a couple of hours ago and now I can’t. I’ve done this Password Recovery thing but it won’t accapt anything. I did send in a support ticket and got a support number but haven’t received any reciept as promissed. So now I’m here.. totaly lost.

  160. Katieanne Chenille says:

    what’s up with Chomo….it’s been offline for almost 12 hours????

    who do we talk to about THAT?

  161. Lemon Barley says:

    Another blissful day on SL..

    Go to prepare my lunch..10mins later return to my comp to find I’ve been logged out for no reason and now I can’t log back in. Oh well, I suppose I’ll have to keep trying…Oh’ what fun :@


  162. Briana Choche says:

    Last night I crashed then attempted to log back on. I could not, as suddenly I was required to reset my password. I cannot, as my password is not recognized. Basically, I am hosed from SL. I have read Knowlege Base and anything I try does not work. I cannot even change my email since my password is not recognized. Today I upgraded to prem, but I remain locked out of SL.

    What do you do when you follow advise and nothing works? HELP!!!!

  163. Adolfo Pessoa says:

    I couldnt login yesterday, then I tried to reset my password with no success. Now my account login is blocke… what next? 😦

    To boot there seems to be no (visible) email we can get real help from.

    Any clues are mostly welcome

  164. taffy ronmark says:

    i too get the message need to reset password while i can find where to reset it it doesnt reconise my security question and has now frozen my account

  165. Richard Renneville says:

    In response to Taff Nouvelle’s comment from June 2:

    You only get 24 hour support if you pay them the BIG bucks for your own sim, other then that we all have to deal with it cause there will never be full 24 hour support for everyone, not while they can encourage people to pay 300 USD for their own sim and 24 hour support.

  166. chant juran says:

    bout time the login and password problems were sorted i cannot log in not can i get the password reassigned and they are on about sound considering we pay for the service. I ask myself the question, what service! .


  167. Maxine Hoyer says:

    I have to say it is a lot like nobody here has ever been to another virtual world before. LL is extremely communicative and *has* phone numbers where you can actually talk to living people. The broad majority of other ‘virtual existences’ out there refuse to even deal with you directly in any capacity let alone blog continuously to its users informing them of the current situation.

    Moreover, I’d like to remind people of something I think it is easy to lose sight off; You are PIONEERS. You are the forefront of what is TO BE, not what is, not what has been.

    You simply cannot expect perfection in evolution, and LL *must* balance evolution with stability, favoring the former or SL will DIE.

    While other virtual worlds have not reached the level of sophistication that SL has, please do keep in mind that any stagnation on the part of LL in the development of the SL universe will afford all the opportunity in the world for them to be overtaken – and forgotten.

    And don’t pretend you wouldn’t be the first to jump ship on them if ‘the next best thing’ came along.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m ‘fairly’ new to SL, though I have been watching it since beta and I too experience concerns over lag and stability. But I understand that I am an early adopter, gaining the benefit of experience before those who will come. This experience gives me an advantage both creatively and (possibly) financially over what we all hope will be the millions that the grid hosts in the not so distant future.

    I am willing to trade patience and understanding for my ability to be here first, to put up with the issues while others have yet to even log in for the first time.

    The new features you are all complaining about are precisely what drew me back to SL, the evolution I see on the grid, with LSL and the other features are groundbreaking.

    And groundbreaking just ain’t free. The cost is patience, and yes, sometimes frustration.

    You have a wonderful new world here to help create. Opinions vary on just how that needs to get done.

    My 2 lindens.

  168. Chelsea Hush says:

    While we are all ranting…How about on a day you decide to reset everyone’s password…you have more people answering phones at the customer service line.

  169. Saika Kohime says:

    12:17PM PDT 6.5.07 – lots of timed outs, clothes won’t attach properly in place and I can’t teleport.. Logged off and I can’t log in anymore. Where’s the status update?

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