Keeping Second Life Safe, Together

The diversity of things to see and do within Second Life is almost unimaginable, but our community has made it clear to us that certain types of content and activity are simply not acceptable in any form.  Real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depiction of sexual or lewd acts involving or appearing to involve children or minors; real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depictions of sexual violence including rape, real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depictions of extreme or graphic violence, and other broadly offensive content are never allowed or tolerated within Second Life.

Please help us to keep Second Life a safe and welcoming space by continuing to notify Linden Lab about locations in-world that are violating our Community Standards regarding broadly offensive and potentially illegal content.  Our team monitors such notification 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.  Individuals and groups promoting or providing such content and activities will be swiftly met with a variety of sanctions, including termination of accounts, closure of groups, removal of content, and loss of land.  It’s up to all of us to make sure Second Life remains a safe and welcoming haven of creativity and social vision.

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  1. milady Guillaume says:

    I can’t wait to see the moral majority rise up and tell us all what is extreme, graphic, and offensive.

  2. Sekai Axon says:

    Don’t you realize that your driving off flocks upon flocks of people. *Shakes head* This is ridiculous. SL is getting ridiculous. If you truely accepted diversity, then you’d accept all groups equally, and not persecute anyone because of the size of their avatar or what they do in their free time. Next thing you know, Lindens are going to outlaw any form of sex on SL. After that, it’ll be a crash in the in game economy as millions of stores close.

  3. Gigs Taggart says:

    What about acts of bestiality, such as furries?

  4. Milo Bellow says:

    Erm…Too Many Hippos? O.o

  5. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    ‘Our team monitors such notification 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.’

    With all due respect Daniel, I think there are other things your customers would prefer to have monitored on a 24/7 basis, besides informer reports – don’t you?

  6. Phew thank god you are cracking down on this stuff. I have seen things people should never be subjected to popping up from time to time and as the community becomes broader its becoming more and more the case that some of the content and roleplay is getting out of hand. I would hate to lose SL due to the government or law enforcement agencies having to act on such stuff. Keep up the good work Linden Lab and lets all pitch in to help get rid of some of the aweful stuff that has been popping up.

  7. Aminom Marvin says:

    Byebye hard alley 🙂
    And good riddance.

  8. Levi Harlow says:

    The moral majority … or a plausible denial. Cross-cultural standardisation of behaviour is an unlikely convergence considering your user base. And Californian ideology will always be a sycophant pissing in the wind of cultural diversity. So you at LL stick to fixing the technology and the rest of the world will use it to the limit … and beyond. Safe? Who decides what is safe?

  9. Sekai Axon says:

    Smart people are just going to do it in IMs. -shrugs-

  10. maiomika says:

    I thank you people who created second life, for caring enough to try and make sure that we do what is right for ourselves and for the whole of secondlife. i walk around to stores and find really terrible pictures and things being sold that just help to disfigure people from the inside. after a while you feel like no one is looking at these problums and it makes you feel scaried and alone. just yesterday someone tried to rape my charactor, and i have no idea why. that person is also being fed the wrong things through second life and real life, and so am i every time i login, or watch tv. i know it is hard to care when you feel like no one else does, and to stand up for what is right because it feels like it does not matter to anyone, but it does, and i am someone who this effects. it has effected my whole life in real time, and in this time. i would be so very happy if you could encourage this,. let us be there for each other as one family. i thank you for listening.

  11. Ann Launay says:

    @ Gigs

    Bestiality is the act of a human having sex with an ACTUAL animal. Furry sex occurs between two people dressed in animal costumes. One is a crime; the other kink.

  12. Fivebrothers Hutton says:

    One important point to remember, in most states, the “Real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depiction of sexual or lewd acts involving or appearing to involve children or minors”

    is against the law, and the offender can be sentenced to prison and have a life-long record as a sex offender.

    I work in the child abuse field and am more aware of these laws than some SL residents may be. Would hate to see residents experience such extreme RL repercussions.

  13. Gigs Taggart says:

    Ann, I know full well that Furries don’t consider it bestiality. But that doesn’t seem to matter in this brave new SL where the moral majority gets to decide what is offensive and what isn’t.

  14. Adanu Niven says:

    Typical. The ‘moral’ idiots are turning second life into a socializing game… News flash, if you want a socializing game, then GO TO CHAT ROOMS. Fucking prudes.

  15. Milo Bellow says:

    “24-hours a day, seven-days a week”


    Minus 48 Hours, 2 Days For The “Unstaffed” Weekends…


    If Theyre Not “Unstaffed” Why Doesnt The Support Portal Work On Weekends?

    Why Doesnt Any Linden Answer IMs?

    Who Will Rid SL Of All These Horrible Hippos?


  16. Tamii Gwynneville says:


    And pedophelia, similarly defined, would be the act of having sex with an ACTUAL underage, not just an ADULT wearing a child av. Can’t have it both ways.

  17. Crimson Bessie says:

    Would this be why when I reported images of “REAL” child pornography the abuse reports were “resolved” with no action taken?

  18. etherkye Hansen says:

    1. Check your own post and don’t repeat lines.
    2. Whats wrong with RL images?
    3. Whats offensive to some is a fetish to other.

    and gig’s, screw you.

  19. Ellena Handerman says:

    i dont know about the rest of you but i wouldnt want sl to be seen by the rest of the world as little more than a haven for those with illigal sex fetishes (if its doesnt involve violence or children thats another isslue). a place where sickos can get what they want with little to stop them.
    i would like to see secondlife respected as a place of opportunity and digital magic… something fun that everyone can take part in….
    the real world has rules and regulations… and as second life becomes more advanced…. more like the real world… it makes sense that some limits be imposed.
    dont be angry.

  20. Drake Angelus says:

    @6 I agree

    Real Life Images? Wth they give us a spot for our 1st life pic…..

  21. nina says:

    when will ll take notice of things that sl citizens REALLY care about, such as stability, inventory integrity, exploitive bots, and so on?

  22. Missy Malaprop says:

    I just wonder what is considered broadly offensive…?

    And I find it wrong to say you cant roleplay rape, or ageplay (without children AVs) when they cant monitor if its done anyways. Are they going to be listening in on peoples IMs so they hear what they say?

  23. Onyx Syakumi says:

    I think it would be worth asking: what constitutes “other broadly offensive content?”

    You are making some very dangeous assumptions that what the majority deems unacceptable is always fair — this is why (at least in the United States) we have a Supreme Court. It is important to defend the rights of the minority from the ignorance of the majority.

    If it were the consensus of Second Life users to ban homosexuality, what would the opinion of Linden Labs be?

    If it were the consensus of Second Life users that graphic violence was acceptable so long as it was directed against a homsexual, what would the opinion of Linden Labs be?

    What would happen if white supremacists suddenly began using Second Life as a haven, thereby tipping the majority opinion in favor of banning avatars that appear as other races?

    These are extreme examples that I hope would never come to pass, but such a decree as the one you have made that “majority rules, no matter what” begs that the questions be asked and answered. While no one may cry that the child pornographers and rape fantasizers are vanishing today, what will happen when the unopposed Morality Police grows fangs tomorrow?

    How long will it be before any sort of “inappropriate” sexual activity is outlawed by Second Life? Will we see a ban on expressions of sodomy? Sexual activity outside of wedlock? Will it become illegal for “partnerships” to be declared in Second Life between two avatars of the same gender? Will furries be outlawed as “beastiality” when in reality they are promoting nothing of the sort?

    What happens if two people are in private, inaccessible land and an opportunistic voyeur disables their camera constraints, zooms into their private home and spies on them consensually participating in some “unaccaptable” activity that they have by all rights taken every precaution to hide from the public eye so as not to violate the “rules?” Will they, too, be tracked down, have their land seized, and be burned at the stake?

    You need to be very, very careful about how you proceed with this, LL. You’re starting to venture out onto the slipperiest slope of all and swinging the axe of moderation on the internet … a place known and loved for its uninfringed freedom of speech and expression.


  24. Wildthrust says:

    Ann, hate to say this, but and adult haveing sex with another adult who looks like a minor but isn’t, isn’t a crime either, but they still want to ban it. So by THERE reason, all furrys have to stop having sex with humans now or you will be baned. If SL doesn’t enforce that, then they shouldn’t enforce ANY MORAL JUDGEMENT that is unsubstantiated by law.

    And SL. The customers didn’t ask for this, that german group that came in simply embarased you, so now your just doing damage control instead of sticking up for resient’s rights. Nothing ilegal was going on in that incident, and you still baned them, most possible preventing them from access to there INTELECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT over anything they made. Thus YOU have commited an illegal act.

    If you get a petition signed by over 50% of the residents of SL saying they don’t want things like you describe in SL thats one thing. But knee jurk reacting to a bit of negative press by taking away aspects of the game which are perfectly legal and potentialy breaking intelectual copyright law which you bang on your chest so much about is nothing but imoral, unethichal, and possibly illegal.

    Then again, since there is no way to get ahold of you anymore, I guess you real rarely have a chance to violate customer’s rights.

  25. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Rape? Could you be a bit more specific. SL has a lot of “rape” like gestures/animations especially in BDSM. But as for minors, I agree.

  26. Judo Jung says:

    About time you cracked down on age players. I once stumbled on a nest of these unspeakable monsters — child and adult avatars — having sex in a bathroom. Made me sick, still does to think about it.

  27. Gianetti Ferlinghetti says:

    It’s all about PR … Linden Labs after all is a business after all, and thinks that bad publicity on a national or international scale would ruin them.

  28. Farallon Greyskin says:


    OMG, I mean ZOMG!

    What the ache ee double hocky-sticks does “broadly offensive” and “potentially illegal” mean? You are making no difference between someone “greifing” someone else by playing a rape scenario out to them against their willl and two people playing out a role playing fantasy on their own land while being spyed on by nosy AR hawks.

    So why don’t you just come out and say it? SL is 100% RL now!!! Up till now I think we could all agree that if it was somthing that could be shown in movies, R, XXX whatever then it was ok (given mature land status and some modesty of location). Your list of bannable behavior up there completely trumps any sort of fantasy whatsoever and reduced “acceptable” behavior to that which you would expect to see in public in real life.

    GOOD BYE FANTASY! And frankly goodbye SL. What IS the point then? If SL becomes another sims or another There guess where you’ll be then? Exactly where they are now…

    BTW, there has alrady been talk about groups of people banding togeather and roaming SL ARing everything in sight that is not PG. Way to whip up the vigilantes by giving them a badge and telling them to go forth and report your neighbors.

    And finally your COMMUNITY did NOT make it clear to you. You PANICED because of a single incident. Don’t try to pawn this off as a “Moral majority” type smoke screen.

  29. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Exactly what do you classify “offensive” content as? And are you trying to kill the XXX in SL, because once the XXX is gone, the teen grid will be just as “exciting” =P as the adult grid.

  30. Ed Bumstead says:

    This is never what I wanted, and I know it will affect a lot of people who never considered themselves to be doing anything wrong. While I don’t particularly agree with a lot of the things I see on SL, I don’t feel that people should be restricted from doing it at all. In this case, this broad stroke seems to be vague enough to include any S&M play.

    This is much less ambiguous than the ageplay issue – which in my mind was ambiguous because it involved two consenting adults where one was pretending to be a child. It LOOKS like a lewd act with a child, innocence lost, which would NEVER be acceptable IRL.

    However, “rape play” is a common enough theme in RL S&M relationships. Two consenting adults pretending to be involved in an act of rape happens every single day. You don’t like it? Don’t want to see it? Conveniently they are doing it in private, where you don’t have to go. I’ve always felt the same way about this sort of thing on SL. If you don’t like it, don’t go to sims where that sort of thing happens.

    If this simply made it clear that this was unacceptable on public lands and in public places I would not have as much concern. But this seems to be a broad stroke that covers all of SL, public and private, and covers “depictions of sexual violence” – which pretty much means no more S&M at all.

    I don’t even participate in anything sexual on SL, but this decision bothers me a lot.

  31. It might help if you’d ever make up your minds on what you consider objectionable or offensive instead of allowing people to go off on witch-hunts against residents they dislike. We’ve already seen examples of people accusing competitors or neighbors of being underage or selling questionable content when they weren’t, and LL’s response has been to pull the trigger immediately without investigation.

    You’re allowing other residents with vendettas to attack other residents, and you really should work pro-actively to STOP this misuse. If nothing else, allowing everyone to go crazy abuse-reporting any hint of nudity or any person they dislike as a pedophile will overtax your team and help ensure the REAL abuse slips through the net.

  32. Aesop Thatch says:

    Wait, what the fuck happened to ‘in the privacy of your own home’?! We own the land, right? So, if someone doens’t like what we do on our land, they’ll report us, and BOOM, big brother LL will come down and crack down!

  33. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    No offense LL, but you really should be more specific on your official blog. “Sexual violence”,”rape”, etc… be a bit more specific.

  34. Levi Harlow says:

    Benethar Fluffball … I agree. Get rid of that horrible stuff that pops up. Like a person in real life who made a conscious decision to call themselves Benethar Fluffball. WTF!!!
    I would suggest that a lot of people addicted to SL take time out and play a First Person Shooters for relaxation and perspective. Or maybe go down their local bar and have a normal conversation.
    Actually I don’t normally post … but I consider that having wasted a few hours reading to inane opinionated bullshit on these blogs over the last few months I might as well add to the stream of sanctimony that an ‘outrage’ spawns.
    Perspective is a useful tool when considering a three dimensional view of a two dimesional reality.

  35. Swiftly says:

    NO one is actually doing any of the above things. They are avatars.

  36. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    So exactly what does this “update” mean?

  37. I for one thank our Linden benefactors for what they are doing. The smut peddlers and sexual deviants all need to leave. As I look around it is clear that all those people who want a young, virile avatar really has only one purpose: to have sex with each other. I hope that Linden Labs does all they can to stamp such atrocious behavior out. All young, virile avatars should be banned immediately.

    Thank you. Now if you will excuse me I need to go take a shower just for thinking about the kind of awful smut that might happen with a younger avatar.

  38. nina says:

    whats next, IM filtering? will you collate, catagorise, and archive ‘innappropriate’ discussions?
    i am getting sick of all the nana overseeing bs.
    GO SQUASH BUGS its what i pay you for not this stupid crap!

  39. Maggie McArdle says:

    to hell with safe how about giving us a STABLE grid??!!
    or an actual update that doesnt destroy everyones inventory?
    better yet, how about a team of developers with some common sense?

    give me that, then we cna talk about the “saftey” of SL 🙄

  40. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    @24, I have to agree, LL should spend some time and money on fixing bugs rather than generating more work and more problems for themselves. Never seen a game that wants to downgrade itself so quickly. =(

  41. Marianne McCann says:

    In the light of what has happened recently at LiveJournal, Daniel, what sort of safeguards are in place to avoid a future “Warrior of Innocence” from forcing some unnecessary bannings or other actions?

  42. knilly wikinger says:

    Perhaps ‘our community’ would also like a bill of rights….would be nice if LL would support some level of self governance, so that what ‘our community’ really wants could be discerned. And, perhaps a court system that would be able to mediate taking of ‘property’ (loss of land). I simply don’t know how LL will be able to mange SL if they feel that every tin pot local or national govt can dictate the behavior of the ‘residents’ of SL.

  43. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    @27 None. (Unless you consider the game being offline a safegaurd. =P)

  44. Maggie McArdle says:

    Real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depiction of sexual or lewd acts involving or appearing to involve children or minors; real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depictions of sexual violence including rape, real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depictions of extreme or graphic violence, and other broadly offensive content are never allowed or tolerated within Second Life.

    and another thing: you mean it takes a FORIEGN government to get you off your butts, to deal with the very things, YOU LL, IGNORED!!! when reports were filed against this very thing.
    so now you expect US those who are paying you for a SERVICE(Your ToS, read it sometime),are goin to decide whats best for US? gimme a break, i should send every post regardign this kneejerk, too little, too late posturing garbage to the press. since those are the ones LL tends to listen to.

  45. Starbuckk Serapis says:

    The term “broadly offensive” is the catch-all that is of concern. What exactly is “broadly offensive” anyway? Some would call a confederate flag “broadly offensive” while others it is a symbol of culture and would filnd it “broadly offensive” to censor it. And in this interesting conundrum, both sides feel that theirs is the approach of “reasonable minds” while the other is radical and intolerant. Still others could’nt give less of a darn.

    Be careful LL. This is a potentially slippery slope.

  46. Shhhh says:

    think about it from LL’s perspective:
    yea your sad to see the game “go downhill”….
    but in loosing the furry/ageplay/rape loving market sl will gain respect and attract other markets that could be more intrested in profit and fun…
    sl would be more widely respected and used.
    more money for ll.

  47. Johannason Scarborough says:

    Will someone kindly tell me how SL is being made “Safe and Welcoming” when you are siccing residents like Dogs of War on places that are “broadly offensive” and “potentially illegal”? The three terms currently within quotation marks must be properly defined, I think.
    “Broadly offensive” must mean “Offending to a large number of people.” In that case, you may as well flag all of SL, because I’ve long held that for any given there will arise two groups of people: Those who want it, and those who want it destroyed.
    As for “Potentially illegal”… that’s a shady term right there, through and through. When you’re dealing with legality, something either is, or it isn’t. There is no grey area except for “By whose law”? And let’s be serious here, LLHQ is on American soil.
    And perhaps most importantly… WHAT’S THE POINT!? If an avatar comes across something they find “broadly offensive” or “potentially illegal” as a third-party witness… and this “Offensive activity” is being undertaken by consenting adults and isn’t harming anyone… Guess what? The third-party witness has the power to teleport ELSEWHERE.
    You are messing with freedom of expression here. You are stifling people’s creative drive. So what if it’s the creative drive to be amoral in new and interesting ways? If they do it here, they’re not doing it in RL, are they?
    If you want to draw a parallel between ageplayers and pedophiles, fine. Fine, let’s do it your way. But let’s do it all the way, or not at all. Let’s go on to people who frequent combat sims, and call them serial killers. Let’s move on to those people whose avatars commonly carry marijuana and other contrabands and call them junkies. Then let’s go to Gor and… uhm… okay, let’s just not go to Gor at all.

  48. Nyctasia Bunnyhug says:

    How about fixing the MUTE list bug… how about the server stability.

    If the Germans want to generate publicity do like we did in Mirc. Ban the German IP range.. simple and quick. If you want to censor the mature zones in SL SL is going to lose in the end because its the biggest appeal the non-mature zones are casino spam.

    As for the facts the last week in SL all I’ve seen are German and italian sadist wandering the mature zones having the most extreme painful sex I’ve seen.
    Germans dont like mature just redirect them to teen SL.

  49. Maybe PayPal gave them a warning… There TOS:

    “PayPal will process payments for the purchase and sale of certain sexually oriented physical goods but currently does not allow transactions for sexually oriented digital goods. PayPal also currently does not allow transactions for any sexually oriented physical or digital goods by non-U.S. residents.

    Physical Goods
    PayPal permits transactions for certain sexually oriented physical goods by U.S. residents. Physical goods include videos, DVDs, magazines or other tangible products physically delivered to the customer. In determining what physical goods are permitted or prohibited, PayPal may consider some or all of the following factors:
    Any regulations or restrictions on the purchase or sale of the good in the applicable jurisdiction.

    The classification of the good by a recognized ratings board.

    Whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct.

    Representations or descriptions of intercourse, masturbation, excretory functions, or lewd exhibition of the genitals.

    Dominant theme of the material or website.

    Literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

    Safety and protection of its customers, both buyers and sellers.

    Medical or educational usage of the product or service.

    Digital Goods
    PayPal prohibits transactions for all sexually oriented digital goods. Digital goods include downloaded pictures or videos, subscriptions to websites, or other content delivered through a digital medium.

    Other Prohibited Goods and Services
    Notwithstanding the requirements and factors described above, PayPal prohibits transactions for the following goods or services:
    Any sexually oriented goods or services involving minors, or made to appear to involve minors.

    Any services for which the purpose is to facilitate meetings for sexually oriented activities.
    PayPal will not include sexual preferences or viewpoints as a factor in determining what goods or services are prohibited under the Mature Audiences Policy.”

  50. I have to admit that I have no idea what is going on or what is really being discussed here. However “morals” & “politics” are a sticky thing. Whenever an emotionally charged event happens, I have noticed that people tend to “overreact” due to some emotion. As to what is “right” and “wrong” it is always a relative thing.

    All things are like a balancing act. You lean too far in one direction you have 1985 (or pre-86 East Germany) or the other and you have anarchy (which leads to other problems). I think it is good that Linden Labs has decided to let people know that something is being done without being too specific. It is “impossible” to strictly monitor any human thing that closely even with a high level AI and an excellent staff. It is also “impossible” to decide what is to be considered acceptable and not acceptable fairly to everyone. Therefore it is important to have a clear response to whatever this is and to be wise in the response.

    -S. Y.

  51. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    So when will this “update” start taking effect? (It’d be nice if Lindens actually read and responded in their own blog.)

  52. Inu says:

    I think its pretty sick that some of y’all are defending sex with minors. Fetish or not thats just sick and illegal. I think its great that LL is showing they have MORALS. Nothing wrong with that.

  53. Maeve Maidstone says:

    Please explain: Things that are legal in real life, (in California anyway), are now not acceptable in SL? Role playing a rape is now not acceptable in SL, while completely legal in RL? Adults role playing minors, while legal in RL is permanent ban in SL? Should I be worried about smoking a crack pipe in SL? Oh wait, that’s not legal in RL; so, it’ll be legal in SL? What about smoking a joint in SL? Legal in certain circumstances in certain states, but not legal federally; so where does that stand? What if I act drunk in public in SL?

    Please clarify exactly what is “broadly offensive content”.

  54. Lupercaleb Walcher says:

    Thanks for this LL

    and to clarify…

    furries != (does not equal) beastiality
    humans + feral animals = (equals) beastiality

  55. Iexo Bethune says:

    And here comes the pain. Reports falsely filed, people being reported for ageplay who aren’t involved in sexual acts, other foreign governments seeing an opening to enforce their own laws on SecondLife, the loss of most of the liberties on SecondLife that have made it what it is.

    Despite LL being based in America, where fictional protrayals of this act are legal, a foreign government has scared them into complying with foreign laws. In some countries, it’s illegal for females to show their faces. If those governments start putting pressure on LL, do you think they’ll give in again and enforce that?

    And then there is the fact that SL is designed to be a fantasy world, where things that can’t be done irl can be roleplayed. I hate pedophilia the same as anyone, but if they want to roleplay it in SL between two consenting adults, hey, better there than IRL. Of course now they can’t, so where are they gonna go? Tell me, what can get more real than SecondLife, hm?

    Companies get brought up on ridiculous lawsuits by foreign governments all the time, trying to enforce those laws on an American Company, and those companies always fight back, and almost always win, because foreign governments don’t have any say here, but LL, they’re the exception. They bend over and take it when foreign governments start to hollar, so expect alot more of this, Residents, LL has shown weakness. Get ready for a bumpy ride into grid-wide PG.

  56. will says:

    Second Life is now Salem Life. Be prepared to be burned at the stake in a hysteria of mob mentality with little to no factual basis for the persecution.

    At least in SL, you can make very small rocks float.

  57. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Alright people this is getting a little out of hand. Lindens, you are a an American company so what has happened to the concepts of “innocent until proven guilty” and “the right to a fair trial”? You are imposing a rule that allows you to take everything someone has, their land, their property, even their money without giving them a chance to defend themselves. I understand that there may be indecent activity in SOME places of SL however, I have not even heard about most of the things that you claim. When I walk into a place that has something I don’t want to see, I have every right to walk or teleport away. No one, in any way forces me to stay at those places.

    If you intend to have the majority of our community make SL laws, then there needs to be a FAIR system for all of us to VOTE on what we think is important. I would assume that the vast majority of users either haven’t heard of these activities or don’t even care that they occur in some remote sim that only perverts visit. I am right aren’t I? You wouldn’t even be in a place like that if you weren’t a pervert.

    So let me ask you this, where is the PROOF that the majority of us want this to take effect? Do you have a valid poll, a petition signed by nearly 1Million Residents? I have serious doubts that you do.

    I do not say these things just to cause grief with LL, I say these things because I do not want our community policed by uptight prissy do-goods who have personal vendettas or bias against certain activity or people. This opens the door for a WHOLE new form of Griefer, the one who uses the naivity of the Lindens to shut down entire businesses or sims because they have PERSONAL issues with them. What happens when someone photoshops an image together of an ‘illegal’ activity occuring on land he want’s to buy, uses that image to get the residents BANNED from their own property, then buys it for himself at a very nice price? With this sort of attitude of OMG I THINK IT’S WRONG BAN THEM is going to foster this type of attack, even against legitamite business owners who may not partake in such activity.

    The next question, what if someone creates a couple Avi’s with the INTENT of performing these ‘illegal’ acts on someone elses property? Does the property owner get punished for allowing it on his land, even if the report was filed when he was offline on vacation? What happens when people just move this type of activity to fake secondary accounts and perform these acts on Linden owned land instead to flaunt it in your face?

    In my honest opinion guys, this is the worst idea you have come up with and I have a bad feeling it’s being pushed on you by someone in upper management who is closed minded and biased. This IS NOT REAL LIFE if we wanted REAL LIFE we would not be here. It is fantasy land, a figment of your imagination and at any moment it could cease to exist entirely. There are no real physical people inside this universe, and no real physical crime can be committed. The ONLY issue I see reason in taking action is uploading images / video of REAL LIFE activities that are actually ILLEGAL in the country in which the proprieter resides. What is illegal for us in the US may be completely normal in Europe or Asia, how will you impose all forms of international and intranational law? Does that mean we have to follow every single law of every country? If that is so, we have a serious issue and nearly everything in SL is illegal. You have already taken actions to indemnify yourself in every legal agreement we signed when starting our accounts. You as a company, cannot be held liable for what us as residents do and you never will be.

    I don’t think you have all your ducks in a row on this issue.

  58. Franko Corleone says:

    What about harrassment / deafaction / destruction of religious sites by griefers that are yet to “claim responsibilioty”….how long does it take Linedn Labs to sit up and take notice of reports
    Lawlessness and mindless destruction on combat sims is fine thats role playing. Going around destroying educational, religious, informational sims. Is just pure and simple vandalism. And like the little boy that wrecked the public phone …those responsible should be held accountable.
    A safer Second Life, to me implies that creative content and educational content will in fact be safe from damge by other residents provided as the creator/owner you take the provided steps .
    Well Mr & Mrs Linden..We did that
    we followed all your advice
    tech knowledge base answers etc etc
    and guess what
    you dont answer requests for assistance
    you reply days after the occurance
    you fail in your basic duty of service to allow the peaceful usage of a resource that we as a group have paid for.
    not kosher mr and mrs linden
    Stop making silly new sky eye candy rubbish
    and concentrate on ridding the place of those hell bent on its demise.
    and i so advise

  59. Musicteacher Rampal says:

    Why are RL pictures against the rules when there is a spot in our profile specifically for them?

    Once again I have to ask…does having a short avie = having a child avie? I am 5′ in RL, if I had a 5′ avie would I be banned for having a child avie?

    I agree, fix the bugs, get the grid stable, and then worry about this stuff.

    Also…what is graphically violent? Does that mean all the shooter sims are out? Considering how the technology works, nobody can be in a “rape” position without consent, so why would that be offensive to the parties included?

    This whole idea makes no sense with the coming verification. Anyone who would be offended by any of those behaviours would simply not verify and then they wouldn’t have to have any access to it. If people could just keep their noses out of other people’s business there would be no need to worry about being offensive. This is al virtual, so no physical harm will come to anyone no matter what anyone does as far as sexual behaviors.

    LL I think your priorities are way off. Not to mention, if said offender should be a basic member, what support recourse do they have to defend themselves now that basic members have no access to support?

  60. jauani says:

    thank you, LL, for finally taking a stance on this.

  61. Victor Komparu says:

    Last I checked, everything in SL is voluntary. You can’t even undress someone else’s avatar against their will– all sexual contact, no matter what it looks like, is by definition voluntary in this environment. This really seems like a bridge too far– sex in SL is basically just erotic fiction written by two (or more) people. Nobody really gets hurt, or taken advantage of. YOU CANNOT BE FORCED TO DO IT AGAINST YOUR WILL. This is an unambiguous fact– there is no such thing as rape or sexual assault in SL.

    You’re banning people making up stories about certain sexual activities? People who you’re supposedly going to be verifying are all consenting adults? Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

    I am not going to renew my premium account when it comes due.

  62. Able Whitman says:

    “our community has made it clear to us”

    This is such a dubious claim that it is laughable. At best, what LL can claim is that “a subset of those residents who make a point of voicing their opinion has made it clear to us”. There is no way you can even claim that a majority of “the community” has made anything clear.

    What exactly is “the community”? All registered residents? All residents who have logged on in the last 30 days? All residents who have been registered for more than a certain period of time?

    True community standards are determined by concensus and codified into laws. What process has LL undertaken to actually gauge what the concensus of “the community” truly is? True community standards have an appeal mechanism, where disputes can be ajudicated by an impartial 3rd party. Where is the SL equivalent of this? True community standards have a process whereby they can be amended and evolve. What is the equivalent process in SL?

    LL is free to set their rules of behavior however they desire. It angers me, however, when instead of being forthright and admitting that these rules are issued by fiat and enforced unilaterally, that LL hides behind claims that they are doing “what the community wants”. It also angers me that instead of clear and unambiguous rules of conduct, LL uses phrases such as “extreme violence”, which are so vague that they can be construed to include anything that a Linden or a resident filing an AR finds objectionable.

    This isn’t a policy that engenders a haven of creativity or “social vision” (whatever that is); this is a blank check for nosy residents to use the AR mechanism to enforce their own peculiar sense of morality, without any kind of recourse.

  63. Andy Zadeh says:

    As soon as I saw a SL blog entry labeled, “Keeping Second Life Safe, Together” I knew I’d have to come read it.

    Sure enough it was a typical Linden Politically-correct drivel-fest punctuated with the Linden self-concern for the bottom line and what the media might be thinking at the moment behind a smokescreen of self-serving moral superiority.

    You folks at the labs need to listen to the user base … which based on the posts I’ve read here to this point … seem to indicate

    (1) As it’s clear you can’t keep the grid up and very stable for very long, …

    Which seems to piss off (pardon, me Daniel, you might want to read “frustrate” if your brain needs to) the majoritity of “us.”

    So why should those of us who pay you good money to do (1) above trust you / think you can / believe you might in any way be cabable of

    (2) Monitoring … _ in any way _ the crap Daniel mentioned above … much less something as vague as “other broadly offensive.”

    You folks seem determined to slowly take a knife to your own throats while strangling the wants and needs of the “community” you are stomping on at every opportunity (all the while gloating about pretty new rendering technologies … while fundamental bugs continue to remain unadressed).

    I’m going to try and log into my Second Life, and calm down a bit.

    Assuming, of course, the grid is up when I get there.

    But hey, if I NEED to feel SAFE?

    I’m an ADULT. If I see something or something HAPPENS to me in Second Life I don’t like (not makes me UNSAFE … that can’t happen to me in Second Life as I am an ADULT)?

    I can … um … gee .. LOG OFF.

    And you folks keep this kind of attitude up? I’ll do the BIG log off soon.

    Peace and love.

    Andy Zadeh

  64. Vanessa Sakai says:

    I think as for the roleplaying of minors it just applies to sexual portrailes. Maybe the LIndens should clarify that, or maybe they just like being vauge.

  65. Holy shit, that was coming a lot quicker than I thought. That slippery slope people were talking about around the first occurrences of blocking ads must be a lot steeper and a lot more slippery than I foresaw.

  66. Samantha Chandler says:

    There is no rape in SL. You can just log out or TP away. Rape implies non-consensual forced sex. Equating rape fantasy in SL with RL Rape is outrageously insensitive to anyone that has experienced sexual violence in their real life.

  67. LoneWolf says:

    Once again, the Labs announce that they have no idea what they are doing.

  68. Tizzy Calliope says:

    “Safe” for who, exactly? People who can’t understand that “adult” means they may be exposed to things they personally don’t like? I mean, yes, we don’t like age-play, and I’ll be the first to say there are SOME things that I don’t want to be exposed to, but (a) the whole point of considering something “kinky” is that this wonderful “moral majority” of yours isn’t into it, and (b) if no one is actually HURT, notwithstanding someone who is so immature they’ll go “Gasp, I was FORCED to see that it EXISTS instead of simply not going there or teleporting away!”, what’s wrong with it?

    Oh, and “depictions of sexual violence” is bad? Guess you might as well ban everything Gor-related.

  69. Quite Oh says:

    Seems to me that instead of knee-jerking on one position or another it might be useful to collaborate with LL so that 1) ensure that LL’s legal butt is covered and that 2) avatars have the freedom to present themselves as they please provided that they act within the laws that pertain.

    To many people are snapping to judgements: Pedos around? The common hysterial reaction is to Ban all Lolis or child AVs. The issue is not of the presentation of an AV but that of THEIR BEHAVIOUR.

    So, instead of the big moral discourses, what PRACTICAL measures can we take that will permit non-sexual players to enjoy their avs while addressing the issue of protecting them from pedos and of finding and eliminating pedo behaviour? Banning a class of AV is short sighted and much too facile–and it fails to resolve the issue.

    I am in the process of creating a charter for a group that will assist LL in keeping their legal butts safe while permitting us such freedom. It is a very difficult, complex and time consuming task and if anyone is interested in helping, has a legal background, or a background in social services that could help in this, please let me know.

    Little Ones Good. Pedo Activity Bad.

  70. Coyote Momiji says:

    Great. Lovely. Once again, you invite people to send you abuse reports based on incredibly vague statements, no guidelines to speak of, and no assurance that there might be recourse for people who are banned as a result of a vendetta or bigotry.

    I understand that you want the grid to be more complicit with international law, but you are opening a Pandora’s box and I have no faith any longer that your approach to this will be in any way fair.

    Give us guidelines, for the love of all that is intelligent. Tell us what will get us banned, tell us what is safe. Tell us PRECISELY where the new bar is set, because this is ridiculous.

  71. Bedsee says:

    you’re kidding right? avatar depictions of…. geez ul petes they’re cartoons people!!

  72. Kyle Hayashi says:

    I don’t care what the majority thinks, screw the majority, if they’r e offended they can just stay out of Midian City or other places. Nobody is taking a gun to their head and forcing them to view this content, we have search filters to block mature content and a mute list, shut up and use them.

  73. Vanessa Sakai says:

    Will the lindens give people a chance to defend thereselves and if proven false then say ban the accuser?

  74. Shai King says:

    smdh..Linden Labs are hanging themselves..this is ridiculous. As much as we can all go on and on about it here and everywhere within the game in the forms of protests, meetings or petitions..guess what’ll fall on deaf ears just like everything ELSE we care about and convey to them countless times. Just a mess..

  75. Areth Gall says:

    Regardless of whether or not Furry related sexual depictions are bannable offenses under this, a good chunk of the furry population will be bannable for other offenses, including beastiality, vore, bdsm, transformation roleplay, and a multiplitude of other forms of ‘kink’ related conduct. In addition, all forms of BDSM roleplay, Gorean Culture, and other forms of conduct must now be halted. This could be taken as well that things such as Second Life Boxing are no longer allowed, or Swordfighting events, or other forms of recreational combat.

    If this is an attempt to create more freeland by telling over 100 sim owners that they must change the themes of their sims and tell at least half of their residents that they are restricted from performing some sort of activity that they considered normal, then please let us know. Because this will specifically

    Also, please let us know how this is an actual rule. I don’t see any clear cut lines. Or is it a suggestion? Or is it the rogue action of an individual whom isn’t actually speaking for Linden Labs? I really can’t tell with these blog posts.

    However, it’s nice to know that some things that are legal for me to do in real life are deemed illegal in second life. Presuming that this isn’t all some sort of a joke. You are joking, right? Because I thought that PG land was supposed to be a place people whom didn’t want these type of activities going on were supposed to be safe from it, while Mature land allowed for nudity, sexual content, and violence, so long as they were consentual to the user.

    Funny though, that those things that occur that are not consentual to the users are seemingly viewed as minor compared to actions that occur that are completely consentual and accepted by the users involved, and those in the surrounding areas, and do not have a negative impact upon anyone. I mean, how long has it been the last great crusade against griefers on this blog?

    Another irony would be that if you do not outlaw things such as sex between black people, lesbians, or gays, then outlawing such activities as BDSM and Furry sexual acts that aren’t illegal in real life, would be discriminatory. And I do not believe the ToS protects Linden Labs from discriminatory lawsuits amongst other things, which this would certainly leave room for. Especially considering a population size of over 1,000 furries with well over $30,000 USD invested in sims. Then look at Goreans, then go the Age-Play people whom don’t have sex, but have been left in the dark as a consequence of all of this negative publicity about ageplay related sexual acts. Then go and look at everyone else whom could possibly lay such a claim. And then consider that all of that money will go elsewhere, where sim owners don’t need to worry about half of their residents disappearing due to discriminatory rulings that aren’t defined, and the users can’t really tell if it’s all a joke, to be reversed in two hours like some late April Fools Prank or not.

    PS: I hope you take this post into some consideration, because as anti Linden Lab as it is, I believe it at least has SOME logic to it.

    I’ll be in game if you want to get in touch with me.

    PSS: I’ll also be doing a report on this for the SL Times, so if you want to send me your comments, I’ll be happy to discuss this with people in game.

  76. Iexo Bethune says:

    JayDee Unknown: PayPal does not pay for these items, Linden Dollars are exchanged through SL. PayPal is only used to pay for the neutral Linden Dollars which are used to purchase the items, so it is technically legal.

  77. Susie Boffin says:

    Dear Lindens,

    What you have done is to create paranoia in Second Life. If you want all of us to conform to some middle America sense of morality just come out and say it. I can see the people with torches and pitchforks at the door of anyone who is different from themselves.


    Ms Susie Boffin

  78. gaara says:

    Great. SL is quickly degrading to a police state. Will you prosecute all the roleplay then? Goreans, furries, dark medieval and dark urban sims? And who will need SL in this condition? Roleplay is the single reason to come here for 90% of subscribers. Next week some sect will troll LL demanding to prohibit homosexuality or atheism here, and you will surrender again?

  79. Lagerstone Graff says:

    …most of the furries I know don’t want to have sex with human avatars.

  80. janeforyou Barbara says:

    “Owned and run by the users” That is LL statment to the perss in 42 countries!!! As i Island owner and a private estate owner i deside what i want on my land! I do not allow ageplay or animals sex with human. But i allow nudety and sex..i do not allow sexuall harressemet based on sexual gender! My places are mature. I got a staff of adult securety members.I alone as owner makes the rules on my land.We follow the TOS as its set to a mature SIM.

    Besides,, LL can not peak in to what member got in there inventory.. as loong as items can be rezed on a land anyone can rez anything wen ever thay want. And telling us that LL got a 24/7 monitoring 7 mill wil take a force at 10.000 Linden ppl or more LOOOOOL!!

  81. Nerikull Murakami says:

    Hooboy…LL, I think you are just setting yourself up for yet another lawsuit, or perhaps a series of them with this sudden Big Brother mentality. I’m not paying the premium to be monitored, nor do I want a linden popping into the sim I reside in and banning me and my friends for having a roleplay that involves BDSM or somthign that could be offensive to someone in the world (imagine that!).

    I agree with the RL kiddie porn ban, but you have to remember this: anything sexual that happens in SL is based all on consent. You HAVE to click the item for anything to happen. If you don’t like where a RP is going, you say so, and if the other person isn’t going to back off, you leave. End of story.

    Perhaps the LIndens need to let the residents police themselves, and get back to the important things….like grid stability.

    This is Second Life. This is not REAL life. Stop treating this as such, Lindens.

    Thank you.

  82. LoneWolf says:

    You know, how about we concentrate on really dangerous people, instead of picking on someone with too short of an avatar. You know, because adults can actually tolerate people with difference ideas: schoolyard bullies take it upon themselves to dictate what everyone can and cannot do.

  83. Doradiia says:

    All hail the mighty thought police who will rise up and tell us all what is or is not acceptable in private as well as public. I’m so glad the “moral majority” now get’s to set me strait even whey they aren’t involved, and everyone else as well. Obviously consenting adults cannot decide for themselves what they find offensive.

  84. Ryan says:

    Second Life is already 100% safe because guess what, nothing that happens there really happens to us! *gasp* It’s true. Having “sex” in Second Life means two people masturbating at their computers. Being “assaulted” and “killed” does not cause us any real bodily harm but instead the worst it can do is move our avatar back to the home location of our choosing. The ONLY thing we stand to lose in SL is the money and time we put into it. So if there is any truth to the rumors of linden-stealing objects and the like, I would think they would be the priority, rather than policing people’s THOUGHTS.

    Lindens, get a little perspective and come back to planet earth for a minute, please.

  85. So… have LL given up hopes on SL becoming the 3D internet..

    It’s said thay 90% of the traffic on the net is porn..
    A high proportion of that porn is broadly offensive to someone or other.

    Way to go to shoot yourselves in the foot.

  86. Nebulosus Severinq says:


  87. Pixel Beam says:

    Thank you LInden Lab for taking a “Marshal’s” approach to the rather lawless lands of Second Life. I’m sure that this will all be resolved, complete with state, national, and international law as soon as the attorneys get more involved in the virtual world… and that’s guaranteed.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m all for cowboy posse roundups before anyone has a chance to defend themselves.

    Time will tell.

    On that note (the attorneys coming to SL), it’ll be a fine day in my book when international brands and patents are protected/policed as well.

  88. Kusac Kavka says:

    Well, in my opinion, this violates our rights. Areas of non-consent are still used by consenting adults. What you are doing is taking our rights away by making these policies, rights that we have by law in many countries. These people consent to be in non-consent situations, their choice to make, not yours.
    Instead, you hand over more ammunition for the griefers to play with, and a lot of places are going to have to shut down, making SL even less enjoyable than what you have been doing so far, now.

  89. Kasey K says:

    I must agree with most of the posts thus far, SL is a place to have fun and do what you can’t in RL. Let there be what people want so they can vent it here and not worry about doing it in RL.

  90. humanoid says:

    I hereby promise to report people using avatars that look like transvestite midgets with multiple sclerosis in Shirley Temple costumes. I’m a good little snitch.

    I’m so glad the cretinous puritanical twits who can’t distinguish reality from low polygon fantasy finally got their way.


    Oh, and you can take your age verification scheme and shove it up your exit wound, too. I don’t let anybody have a copy of my ID to buy firearms and ammo. I sure as Hell am not giving you clowns a copy just so I can piss away time in a video game.

  91. Bill says:

    Or option number 3. Everyone who doesn’t like the “rules” can go elsewhere. If enough people choose this option, SL’s popularity wanes and it goes the way of AlphaWorld. Choose where to spend your time and money . . . they’re both the only real power that individuals have.

  92. Fender Todd says:

    Please feel free to make any rules you want to make. I’m not planning to change my behavior in any way regardless of what anyone wants, and if that means giving up SL–well, geez, why would I want to stay???

  93. Kate Bennett says:

    Unbelievable… A world owned and created by its users, yet we are being told what we can and cannot “pretend” to do in private, in a video game, with consenting participants. Absolutely sick. I may not agree with everything everyone does in game, but I sure as heck believe LL should be protecting the rights of its users to do what ever they like, as long as its legal. LL, you have lost a fan.

  94. Naomi B says:

    I agree with fender, we are adults who do what we want, first you want to push age verification on us, then you want to tell us we wil lbe banned for ROLEPLAY? forget that, move along people, move along and ignore this tripe

  95. jeanrem Beebe says:

    Hi, yes to keep a ‘haven of creativity and social vision’ is essential for SL, and maybe the collective Intelligence is a way for a good code of conduct in SL, The aim is not so far from Wales and O’Reilly’s: to devise a method of moderation which doesn’t undermine the essential freedom of the medium. In France an experiment is done whith a Nethic Charter for bloggers, that could be used in SL. I belive that it is a way to protect the democratic potential of SL. Don’t you think so?

  96. Cat Gisel says:

    Interesting since when did having a brain mean you weren’t supposed to use it? It amazes me how people can seem to appreciate most anything, but when it affects them personally, then they wail and scream about it instead of actually trying to think a little, much less do anything about it.

    Using TACT and DISCRETION doesn’t mean prohibition, people…relax. Nor does taking care of each other, sheesh.

    Hey Lindens, I have to applaud your “use common sense” attitude. We seem to be trying WAY too hard out here on this side…sadly it looks like common sense isn’t too common after all…

    (Oh and Onyx to your racism comment…look around and also read some of the blogs, you may be disappointed. Even SL isn’t immune to “-isms” 😦 )

  97. Maggie McArdle says:

    taps Uncle Phil onthe shoulder:

    can You please put a leash on your peoples?

  98. Lancars Vezina says:

    Soo the fact your gonna crack down and start outlawing things in a digital world Filled with adults. it sounds as if lindens are trying to play a parent role in this world and its very very insulting to alot of people. AND the fact you banned 2 people for the child sex thing when they didn’t break ANY rules. they only got banned cause someone had a shit fit. i smell an Iqusition in the works. starting to ban everything left and right till IRL appears to be more free and open then SL life which was ment TO be a free world to do as you please. In short i think you all need to calm down and stop having kittens over every little thing in SL its not gonna effect your irl. most SL people keep SL and irl seperate anyone so i see no point in attacking ever issue someone has and fix what needs to be fixed.

  99. Naomi B says:

    So basically, anything anyone likes to do beyond just sitting around and talking, and calmly driving/flying is bannable? Sex? oh no, this isn’t an adult only game, can’t have it. Wait, i thought this WAS adult only?!

    VIOLENCE? It’s called FIGHTING RP. People do it for fun, and nobody gets hurt! Here, let me point a few thousand guns at you, what happens? Oooh, your avatar DIES and goes home, so much fricken harm done.

    You know what, LL? You folks really are making some stupid “rulings” lately, and i doubt your customers are going to stand for it.

    Methinks you dopes should give US the vote, before just pushing something on us because a few people decided to whine.

  100. Rowen Musgrave says:

    What will LL do when some group that objects to ALL sexual content reports everything?

    What about gay people? Will gay sex be outlawed no matter how vanilla it is, because it isn’t the ‘norm’? Will het sex be outlawed because some gay people are revolted by it?

    This is going to be very hard to police.

  101. Jessicka Graves says:

    Let’s all head to the malt shop guys, we can have a real gas down there, because doing anything fun is now out of the question. I, and many of us, came to SL to get away from the real world, to play out our fantasies, and do what we can’t do in real life. Now, we can’t fight for fun, we can’t have non-vanilla sex, we can’t even amuse ourselves with images that stimulate us in any variety of ways. Well guess what? That is taking away business from SL, and putting it back into TV, and movies. Good job guys, I read someone up above me, SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT.

  102. Deeply Concerned says:

    Reading through the comments I guess most arguments have been made on this topic. In addition I believe these kind of announcements are a real unwise move economically. Looking around SL, fulfilling sexual fantasies is probably the most important reason why people join and stay. By trying to impose American-based morals and encouraging Blockwart-type reporting, LL is alienating its oldest, most sticky (and probably most paying)customer groups. Fight childporn, but leave your residents alone otherwise. Nobody wants Disneyland in SL.

  103. Paskis Robinson says:

    This reminds me of Big Brother (The TV show, seriously!) Here in Aus, as the show got tireder, the raunchy late-night show got wilder – in what I guess was an attempt to prop up the ratings. Eventually it got too wild for the local censors and now the whole show’s PG. However I’ve seen some clips from European “Big Brother” shows and what they show in prime time could never ever be aired here in Australia.

    So let me know when the Dutch set up a Second Life and I’ll be there! I know I’ll find elements distasteful, but equally I won’t have to worry about being discriminated against for having a furry AV or so on.

    I understand that the higher and brighter the Linden Lab/Second Life star becomes, the more scrutiny it will be subject to from the mainstream media and population.

    Guys – just be aware, there’s a fine line between SAFE and DULL. You may need the perception of safety to survive in the public forum, but becoming dull won’t help the cause any either.

    Meanwhile keep up the good work, that windlight client ROCKS!!

  104. Coyote Momiji says:


    There are no standards being put out. There is no reason to trust that public areas that are clearly marked as containing adult content will be safe from ARs for having adult content.

    I help run (among other things) a store catering to the D/s community; nothing there could remotely be termed obscene but could be considered broadly offensive by many people.

    Call us paranoid? Go right ahead; I have been called such before, and been proven correct.

  105. Lancars Vezina says:

    I smell an Inqusition***

  106. Maggie McArdle says:

    looks at Jessicka, and sets that tree on fire outside……….

  107. Midtown Bienenstich says:

    24 hours to report consensual roleplaying among legal adults

    Less than 24 to:

    Accept concierge calls
    Billing questions and disputes
    Griefing attacks and destabilization

    I think you need a new method for prioritizing :/

  108. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Ok I’m reading the posts as they come in, Lindens claiming that this is the majority opinion… READ THE BLOG. Only 1 single reply so far has applauded your statement. Everyone else hates it. That is the majority.

  109. Eva Adamsson says:

    “lewd “?!

    Merriam-Webster tells me “evil, wicked, sexually unchaste or licentious, obscene, vulgar”

    So from now on, only the victorian steampunky lifestyle will be tolerated? no bare ancles?

    How long before the *Afghanian* government complains, and Linden Lab force us to cover our faces?

  110. Onyx Syakumi says:

    @58 –

    I didn’t say that it was immune to them. What I asked is whether or not it would become a matter of public LL / SL policy if those communities began to express a “majority” opinion.

    I consider your position to be a phenomenally naive one, Cat. You trust everyone in a group of 7 Million users to be able to use “tact” and “discretion” in reporting their fellow residents and being able to have them banned? I don’t trust your “common sense,” Cat, and you sure as hell shouldn’t trust ours if you consider everyone voicing realistic concerns on this thread to be “unthinking screamers.”

    What a strange irony.


  111. LilFoxGirl Mclaglen says:

    OH PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE I thought this was the ADULT Version of Secon Life and not the one for teens and kids.
    If the people who don’t like what they see in an arear have 2 options, 1) Get out of the area and stay the Hell out or 2) join Second Life Junor and be with the those of the same mental age limitational thinking.
    You don’t like to see Rapes take place in SL then stay out of the areas.
    You don’t like seeing Beastiality take place in SL, Stay out of the areas.
    if there is something somewhere you don’t like just stay the hell out of the area and allow the people who DO enjoy it have thier fun too.
    if things keep up they will have to change the name of Second Life to Second NAZI GERMANY where the closed minded few DICATE their wills on all people.

  112. Wyvern Dryke says:

    You know… the Religious Right preaches a great deal of hatred and intolerance. I find that greatly offensive.

    I think we should ban that too.

    …Hey while we’re at it, let’s ban ALL religions. Someone’s bound to find them grossly offensive, somewhere!

  113. Exactly my thoughts, Lucifer.

    Reading about the mess with Six Apart/Live Journal, I can’t help but think this is similar and wonder how many “Warrior of Innocence”-like groups are out there ready to enforce their morality on others.

    I think the writing is appearing on the wall, and it’s spelled C-R-O-Q-U-E-T.

  114. Pixel Beam says:

    I’d like to comment on Lucifer Baphomet’s comments suggesting that 90% of the “net” is porn. “Net” is slang for World Wide Web – which lives on the Internet. Second Life is not attempting to be the World Wide Web – with vast deposits of all sorts of porn. A virtual world were social interaction can happen at a moments notice must be restricted to some degree – just like in the real world.

    Just because there are walls up around a building doesn’t stop anyone from Control-Shift-R ‘ing and seeing everything in wireframe… complete with odd sex acts being performed by real people.

    Maybe a solution is to provide more than just PG and Mature? I found great property with great neighbors and yet, at 2:30AM SLT, some chick went walking through my property completely naked – as if drunk and lost. No big deal, but what if that would’ve happened while one of my clients was demonstrating their patent concept to a small audience???

    Another solution for nakedness in SL could be a checkbox for the property that doesn’t allow anyone not wearing at least some degree of clothing?

  115. Aeper Jie says:

    Ok why not just take out all the porn and stuff. from what i have heard. the mg is like all porn. Please dont make us go there!!!

    a Tg Resident

  116. Maggie McArdle says:

    lets ban yellow, i dont like yellow its loud, and evokes happyness…so down with yellow

  117. Donald says:

    Hysteria of paranoia settles in over the masses.

  118. Fender Todd says:

    I’m offended by banning! So let’s ban banning!

  119. Naomi B says:

    funny that other countries are causing the hell when their late night tv deicts quite a few things the FCC of america sure wouldn’t agree with, do we bitch? No, we just don’t air it here, such as naked talk shows, tv shows where it’s laughed at to watch people respond to a nude sunbathing woman in the middle of the street, plenty of toilet jokes, all SORTS of fart jokes, and many things like calling people a -wanker- (person who chokes the chicken. Do you hear us complaining to them? do ya?

  120. Common sense isn’t the issue. I’ve seen how common sense works in SL and it’s about as common as the next grudge to settle with someone else.

    No thanks.

  121. “…but our community has made it clear to us that certain types of content and activity are simply not acceptable in any form.”

    Pardon? Since when did “our community” not include a large number of BDSMers and Gorians, both of whose practices are now arguably banned for portraying sexual violence?

  122. Pie Psaltery says:

    I find this picture broadly offensive, since it is well known that men who wear glittery codpieces are all pedophiles interested in rape and commiting acts of extreme violence:

    I say we ban this obviously preverted resident.

  123. Maggie McArdle says:

    im offended by Fenders ban the unbanned banned ummm….somethign something….O.o

  124. Naomi B says:

    I’m offended by being offended! Ban the offender!

  125. Fender Todd says:

    I think Mad Magazine did this whole “I’m offended by” routine back in the 1970’s, Maggie 🙂

  126. Coyote Momiji says:

    We don’t count, Miriel; never mind that many of us produce huge amounts of content and are extremely capable builders of both structures and community.

    We’re the new scapegoats.

  127. Little Ming says:

    You know… I have not posted on these blogs but once. I have idly sat by and kept my voice silent while I watch LL screw up time after time.

    I have to say it… you’ve outdone yourselves on this one. Way to go on crippling the community. To quote someone else in this blog:

    “There is no rape in SL. You can just log out or TP away. Rape implies non-consensual forced sex. Equating rape fantasy in SL with RL Rape is outrageously insensitive to anyone that has experienced sexual violence in their real life.”

    I couldn’t say it better myself. While I do not participate in these activities, I do enjoy communities and roleplay environments that do have some of these elements thrown around.

    The fact that you are bringing down the hammer on societies like Gorean, RP Fantasy sims, and things like this… which I might add have over 100k traffic (apparently not everyone agrees with you on these things needing to go?)

    Well, let me just say… as someone who witnessed the birth of SL, I forsee the death coming soon if LL does not change their current course.

  128. Maggie McArdle says:

    yeah……..googles …….

  129. Naomi B says:

    So basically, anything anyone likes to do beyond just sitting around and talking, and calmly driving/flying is bannable? Sex? oh no, this isn’t an adult only game, can’t have it. Wait, i thought this WAS adult only?!

    VIOLENCE? It’s called FIGHTING RP. People do it for fun, and nobody gets hurt! Here, let me point a few thousand guns at you, what happens? Oooh, your avatar DIES and goes home, so much fricken harm done.

    You know what, LL? You folks really are making some stupid “rulings” lately, and i doubt your customers are going to stand for it.

    Methinks you dopes should give US the vote, before just pushing something on us because a few people decided to whine.

  130. Much as I personally find many of the aforementioned behaviors under discussion here atrocious, i think it will only backfire to try to restrain people, especially in this virtual setting. SL especially gives humanity an opportunity to try on all kinds of things without the actual repercussions of them. As a side note, mathematics can demonstrate that we as a species are marching determinedly toward increasing autonomy, and there is no stopping that, certainly not by applying last century thinking.

    Instead, SL can be a model for others by stating the simple maxim: Don’t like it? Don’t go there.

  131. Shaking Head says:

    I just can’t believe this announcement. You are trying to move against your oldest, most loyal and probably most paying customer groups and actively encourage Blockwart behavior? For many people fulfilling sexual fantasies is one of the most important reasons to join and stay in SL. Why else do you think people are keeping up with a barely functioning grid if not because of their hormones? Fight child porn, but let residents do what they want otherwise. Nobody wants Disneyland in SL.

  132. Lancars Vezina says:

    Maggie XD. anyway i agree with fender. you need a ban squad to go around banning everything and then ban themselves >:[

  133. sighmon says:

    hope that with this SL neutering, the neuterers keep one eye open to the universal declaration of human rights.


  134. CasiAnn Qinan says:

    Hey Liden Labs learn from the mistakes of the past.

    If you prohibit these things you will just make them go under ground like what happened in the U.S.A. durning Prohibition when Alcohol was Banned. Did that stop the sale of alcohol. NO, it made it go underground and the Government LOST MONEYYYYYYYYYYY.
    Not only did the US Government have to pay to catch, prosacute and imprision the boot leggers they lost the revenue that taxing the alcohol would have gotten them.

  135. Livinda Goodliffe says:

    I would classify an open to full public view vendor with RL pictures of sex acts to be broadly offensive…expecially next to my back yard.

  136. Ethen Pow says:

    interesting LL is taking this to the next step,
    LL gains a level

  137. So.. right wing race hate groups including someaffiliated with the French National Front are tolerated in SL.
    But if two adults want to tie each other up, and get the riding crop out, that could be construed as sexual violence, or broadly offensive.

    Get real..

    Leave adults to live out their fantasies that harm no one..
    Clean out the peddlars of hatred instead.

  138. Victor Komparu says:

    Good point Coyote. (#79) The users ARE this game. The comments on this entry nearly all fall into two categories: 1. users (read “customers, guests, INCOME SOURCES”) who wish LL would fix something we actually care about getting fixed, and 2. users who wish LL would stop stay out of entirely safe consensual fiction-writing between adults.

    The number of “Thanks for finally doing something about the rape on SL ” entries seems almost negligibly small…

  139. The Todd says:

    I find casinos broadly offensive, and they need to go

  140. Pingback: PixelPulse Magazine » Blog Archive » Linden Lab adds to list of thought crimes

  141. Victor Hua says:

    Its amazing that Furries are brought up so much since the majority of adult content on SL isn’t furry. I support what LL is trying to do here but I think its very broad based and not very enforceable. Never make a law that you can’t back up and enforce.

  142. Lillani Lowell says:

    Linden Lab, where the “vocal majority” is Linden Lab’s employees.

  143. blackcrow6667 says:

    “..our community has made it clear to us that certain types of content and activity are simply not acceptable in any form.”

    My guess is that LL is not seeing the change in SL they were expecting, which is interesting. If the community was that offended in the first place, as they claim above, there should already be enough reporting.

    That said, illegal material should be removed. Everything else I believe, should have it’s place but hey, it’s not my game. 🙂

  144. Pixel Beam says:

    Responding to Nulflux Negulesco’s comment that only 1 post approves… since when does this post reflect the 6.8+ million member base?

    Seriously, I see the call to arms regarding the ability to do-as-much-as-you-please in SL – still, since when would the FBI ignore anyone’s website having child pornography? Images of rape?

    This is a never ending debate… can I go to a theater in real life (movie or with actors) watch a rape scene and not worry that the police are going to arrest me? Yet, shouldn’t someone take a close look at anyone that keeps going back again, and again, and again?

    There’s an old saying, “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want anyone to know about.” I think role-playing as children in SL and acting out sex games should be condemned – with capital punishment in place.

    With that said, I have friends who manage adult BSDM clubs which is still acceptable in our society – and that’s the key word here, Society. Second Life is a virtual society and require, and no doubt have rules in place.

    For anyone reading this blog that may be the reason for these actions, please find a new virtual reality, hosted on some remote island. The Joneses are moving in and they represent the real masses – from every culture around the world.

  145. Xypha Halasy says:

    Please make things more clear concerning the portrayal of ‘minors’, as thus far it seems to be deliberately vague to the average SL participant, like myself. 😦

    For the sake of this comment being clear, and that there are many different ‘age of majority’-type laws in the countries where SL is played: let’s say that a minor is a human-like being under 18; let’s also assume that there is a person considered to be an adult (18+) behind any minor avatar persona.

    By the above blog entry, do you mean:

    A) … ANY portrayal of a minor as an avatar character is no longer considered to be permissible?

    B) … a minor avatar participating in sexual discussions is not considered permissible?

    C) … actively participating in the ROLEPLAYING of sexual activities involving one or more minor avatar(s) on a private grid isn’t permissible?

    D) … actively participating in the roleplaying of sexual activities involving one or more minor avatar(s) ANYWHERE, private grid or not, isn’t permissible.

    A lot of us are lost, and I hope my comment is whittling it down to the basics of WHY so many of us are lost and disillusioned with the Lindens right now. -_-

  146. SunShine Kukulcan says:

    This is the beginning of the insanity. Wait until they start censoring art and the artists.

  147. Is being spanked in Second Life considered to be “broadly offensive”? I need to know.

  148. Jenie says:

    Ok, i think this is nuts.
    And i seen this coming, SL is now RL.

    What is the point of being here now?
    This is dumb and wrong.

    I am going to search for another place to go to i think.
    I am not paying you guys money so you can make thing boring for me in SL.
    No thanks.

  149. Chris Gaits says:

    I would like to see all people with nose hair banned… joking, well maybe all the people with hairy bums, or is that a bug?

  150. Kara Ratner says:

    “We love connecting with our community and value tolerance and free expression!”

    “Your world. Your imagination.”

    …Hmn, where to begin…

    “Dear LL; It is a concerning trend in recent months that your operation seems to be considering it perfectly acceptable to indulge in some very deep hypocrisy.”

    …Nah, too prissy.

    “Hey, LL. What the heck? ‘Your world, your imagination’ my arse, what you need to change the motto to is ‘our world, your headache,’ because I’m seeing very, very little positive and a whole lot of negative output from you lately…”

    Snippy… but appropriate. I’m reminded of the whole controversy about the U.S.A’s voting system, the ‘electoral college’… Perhaps what LL really means is, “The majority of our funders are concerned that their skyscrapers are going to get spray-painted or condoms are going to be found all over their laws, so we’re shutting you all down.” We have a Teen grid and a main grid… Hey, LL. Why not diversify into a third ‘Adult’ grid altogether, charge a little more for land there, and make use of the porn/dark fantasy cultures instead of bending to the Rule of I-You.

    ‘I don’t like it – You can’t do it.’

    I truly doubt any of the screeching masses that decry this content would mind if it were tucked away in it’s own little box where they don’t have to see or hear it.

  151. Cosette Lundquist says:

    LL…you just can’t win.
    You listen to a vocal minority about what they find to be offensive, and you end up with a lot of us who just shake our heads.

    It is better for you to sit on the line and ban for serious offenses.

    For a company making money off of our backs you sure don’t listen to us one bit.

    What people do on their private land isn’t any of the moral majority’s business. These same people would have the Second Life Main and Second Life Teen grids combined.

    This is something that people are on one side of the other for. Those who say that those upset should just quit down only really think on their own term and in the short term.

    While there is nothing wrong with enforcing rules and guide lines, there is everything wrong when it begins to eat away at people’s personal rights.

    We all know that this is just in response to the same issues that made LL think that their Age Verification was going to fly.

    What is illegal in one country may not be in another country. Instead of running to cover their asses, LL needs to simply face facts: Second Life is Virtual, many people see it as more than just a game, and thus it should be run in a way that those of us who live in it find to be acceptable for all parties.

    These ‘people’ that have had ‘problems with content’ are the types that once one ‘problem’ is ‘solved’ they find a new hot button to press. You ban one kink you will get people clamoring that you ban them all.

    Instead of running from the law, hands over your arses, how about you come up with ACTUAL GUIDELINES BASED OFF OF MORE THAN JUST COMPLAINTS about what is legal/illegal in terms of Second Life and not Real Life.

    There are people out there who are:
    Anti- Black
    Anti- Furry
    Anti- Woman
    Anti- Avatar Sex
    Anti- Same Sex Marriage
    Anti- Role playing of any sort

    Recently you’ve shown that these types of people can win if they whine enough. We residents know that there are stupid people out there. We know that there are over demanding people out there. And we know that giving them what they want solves the problems just about as much as not doing a thing.

    What consenting adults do, as consenting adults, is their business.

    The majority of your users are adults. Adults with their own sense of what is right and what is wrong. As others have stated: Nothing in Second Life happens without CONSENT. We don’t need you to protect us in the way that you are trying to FORCE.

  152. Lillani Lowell says:

    Oh, I forgot to say….. Hurry up and give estate owners absolute authority of their sims, so we estate owners can opt to step away from being subjected to the stupidity of right wing nut job abuse reports and toss their abuse reports in our email trash bins.

  153. And, um, all these 24/7 staffers – when are they going to fix problems such as the group IM window not staying closed and other basic SL problems? While I can appreciate the need to stay on top of ARs it shouldn’t draw staff away from fixing bugs. If there aren’t enough to do both, you need more staff – not reassigning those you already have to this weeks hot topic.

  154. Pixel Beam says:

    Why isn’t anyone nagging about the fact that these comments about moderating sexual behavior in Second Life are themselves being moderated?

  155. akila Yue says:

    I hate to bash the LL here, but when people come here in a FANTASY world in hopes of having fun and creating a FANTASY atmosphere that they can slip into when life just isn’t exciting enough, and the LL want to play Hitler and ban people for amusing themselves, then what is next? Did any of you ever think this keeps the pedophiles and rapists from actually preforming the deviant acts irl with someone that is actually interested in their desires? How many people have spent hundreds, thousands of dollars creating a gritty environment that is something that they only dreamed of? How many people have paid their dues monthly to now be threatened with banning because they have a certain fetish? This is the biggest pile of donkey crap I’ve ever heard. Linden’s, you have lost cool points. Go back to the drawing board and think of another way to stomp around in your nazi uniforms. And to all of those of you that are “hurt” over such offensive acts, DO NOT GO INTO THE CHAT SIM. Go sit by a beach or something and wallow about how Daddy touched your hoohoo.

  156. flavian says:

    I would rather see people have sex with cartoon babies than participate in censorship or your request to narc out fellow citizens.

  157. Nebulosus Severine says:

    I find the mere suggestion of these fascist standards to be “BROADLY OFFENSIVE.” Sounds like the majority of others do, too. But what do we know, right? We only BUILT THIS WORLD.

  158. Rhapsody Rutherford says:

    I have an extremely open mind and honestly have no issue with places like Hard Alley. I also believe that portraying the act of child molestation stands in a catagory all by itself. I understand the idea that these are supposed to be adults in rl. Is that honestly supposed to make me feel better? It doesnt. Age play doesnt bother me if done by two adults but the child avatar, when added to the ageplay does. If LL is claiming to be doing whatever it is they are going to do (highly unclear) because the community asked for it, then they need to truely ask us, the community what we feel is acceptable to us and what isnt. Why note take a community vote on what is untolerable to us and what is acceptable even if we dont engage in such activity. At least then there would be a place to start from.

  159. Ryder Spearmann says:

    Keeping is SAFE??? what the heck kind of NewSpeak is this? SAFE?

    Look, being offended is one thing… this politically correct encorachment on freedoms of adults to choose has offensive components as well….

    But hiding it behind a facade of “Safety” when nobody is in danger in the first place stinks of a certain kind of foolishness… and folly.

  160. Ed Bumstead says:

    “The majority of your users are adults. Adults with their own sense of what is right and what is wrong. As others have stated: Nothing in Second Life happens without CONSENT. We don’t need you to protect us in the way that you are trying to FORCE.”

    And with age verification coming into play, all of the users able to view “explicit” content will theoretically be adults. So I see no point in this.

  161. Milton Hayek says:

    Casually equating “offensive” with “unsafe” is dishonest newspeak. I use SL almost exclusively to chat about political philosophy. Whether I like Linden Labs’ policies or not I defend their right to make any policies they want, even silly ones. But in defense of the English language from the forces of PC Newspeak I protest this dishonest misrepresentation. No SAFETY issue is involved. Sticks and stones may break my bones but neither SL nukes nor other people’s nasty fantasies can do more than inconvenience me. So by all means ban whatever you find excessively offensive but don’t insult adult’s intelligence by saying it is for “safety”. To me, THAT is highly offensive. And as for those who don’t like LL’s policies start your own metaverses. Do it well enough and LL becomes irrelevant. I’d love to see thousands of independent sims each with their own independent sovereigns, their own physics, their own rules, their own visa requirements for visitors, etc. If you do I hope you’ll let us all know. SL is boringly similar everywhere you go and with the need for mikes and headphones being crammed down our throats it is about to become more expensive and I fear utterly banal.

  162. Jessicka Graves says:

    They are speaking on our behalf, for some reason, and are only looking for a good article in the newspaper, they couldn’t care less what we say. They, as with everything else, will always do what they want, and then tell us after its done, so even creating a blog about it does nothing other than tell us what they are implementing, they might as well close comments right now, and delete the past ones, they couldn’t care less.

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