Issue Tracker login bug fixed!

Good news to start the workday (at least in this timezone): we know many Residents have found it difficult to login and vote, comment, and otherwise interact on our Issue Tracker, aka Public JIRA (sometimes shortened to “PJIRA”). This was in large part due to a bug titled WEB-47 — check that link for more info.

Trivia: Googling for “jira” shows our Issue Tracker as the #6 result!

In a sea of synchronicity, I was reading a related article on New World Notes about lack of votes for issues, and then, I just learned from Rob Linden, that through his enduring work and getting help from Cascadeo (who hosts PJIRA for us) and Atlassian (inventors of JIRA), that the bug is now fixed.

So, please login directly to an issue you care about and vote for it — and even add a comment with further info to help us make progress. You can vote for as many as are important to you, just look on the left side for options. Confused by all the issues? Don’t worry, use some filters (shown on the right side of the front page), such as “All unresolved bugs by # of votes“. Or related to the launch of our new First Look WindLight viewer, see “WindLight issues, sorted by votes“.

In case of further bugs, you can, of course, report them directly on the Issue Tracker. Refer to our instructions. They may seem heady at first glance, but through familarity and use of this tool, you’ll become more confident, and be helping us — both Lindens and your fellow Residents — advance Second Life. Solid repros so we can recreate the problems in order to effectively fix them, are of course superbly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for showing us what’s important to you!

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57 Responses to Issue Tracker login bug fixed!

  1. Akiba Campbell says:

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I wouldn’t be too happy if the bug tracking site of my product was in the top 10 google results (#4 on because that would just be tribute to something going very wrong with it.

  2. Vivienne Daguerre says:

    Yes, SL is buggy… but there is nothing like it out there. They are breaking new ground. Buggy or not, I love it.

    Go Lindens! Smiles…

  3. Interesting observation Akira…

    Googling “Second Life Bug” brings up about 27,300,000 results.


  4. Wagahai Oddfellow says:

    So, if someone can get all of their friends to vote to fix a bug with, lets say.. the client not working with a certain video card.. that Linden Labs will listen to the “votes” instead of going with fixing items which may be causing more wide-spread problems of users who aren’t using the voting feature? The choice of which item to fix is usually best left to a decent manager and the development staff which should know what resources would be required to fix any given item along with how many users would be affected by a specific bug. This should not be a popularity contest for which bug gets the most votes.

    The general population of SL is not here to fix bugs, report bugs or vote on them. We came to use the product & service of Second Life. Forcing everyone to log in to the bug tracking system to make sure the problems they’re encountering just furthers the insanity shown recently. If the position of Linden Labs is that they want everyone to be bug testers, please provide equipment, forms for how to perform proper bug testing which would show results that could be reproduced and most importantly, a paycheck. I did not sign up to be a bug tester for SL, I already have a job.

  5. Nad Gough says:

    How are votes for Macintosh bugs figured in, as there would always be a lesser number of people voting on these fixes? Any word on when the reported bugs will be assigned to someone to fix?

  6. AndrewLinden says:

    Other interesting google searches…

    Googling “First Life Bug” brings up about 40,700,000 results.

    If you wrap “Second Life Bug” in quotes then you get about 840 results.

    Googling “How to search with google”, in quotes, gives 600+ results. You would get more, less relevant results if you omit the quotes.

    – Andrew

  7. Carricre Wind says:

    Hmm, this is a good tool to have, and even better to have working. But, what if I don’t have a bug, but do have a suggestion, where can I go to suggest it?

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  9. Thanks Andrew. 🙂

    @Wagahai: Votes are one of several factors, e.g., an easy-to-fix bug with few votes is far more likely to be addressed than an inactionable item with many votes (which is likely to be closed). So yes, it’s part of a more holistic criteria, but nevertheless, we get many Residents saying they want to voice their opinion on issues — that is why we’re open to votes, comments, screenshots, video bug reports, etc.

    @Carricre: New Feature suggestions can be made on the Issue Tracker too, see the linked instructions for more details. And as always, the more clear and goal-oriented it is, the better. E.g., asking for “better building tools” is “nice” but vague; far better is submitting mock UI screenshots of your proposed improvements and hoping others can relate and see the value in it too — that’s garnering community support!

  10. Farrah Foss says:

    I have found trying to use the JIRA to be confusing at best. I wonder what the ratio is of ppl who are using it vs hitting Report Bug. I wonder if LL is planing to delete the Report Bug to force us to use the JIRA.

    Also, I find it very discouraging to see that 93% of all viewer bugs are unassigned.

    On the positive side, I am truly amazed that LL has managed to scale up to this point. I remember when 20K online was not workable and now we regularly have twice that.

    While there are definately some issues with the First Look WindLight viewer, I am truly impressed overall with how it looks. I really does enhance the environment. Please though LL, do not push that viewer until the edit issues in are fixed.

  11. Dirk Talamasca says:

    Good News! I was always able to get in but it was taking several tries.

  12. Atlwolf says:

    Wow, yeah I thought I was going crazy. I was gonna submit a bug myslef but could never log onto submit it. One of the reasons I love Secondlife is it encourages geek participation.

    I was trying to convince a not-so-technical person to get on Secondlife
    me: Do you have a broadband connection?
    them: No
    me: Oh so your on dialup?
    them: no
    me: how do you connect to the internet?
    them: IDK a usb thingie.
    me: I mean who is you service provider?
    them: Internet Explorer
    me: nm, SL isn’t for you.

  13. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    ‘delete Report Bug to force us to use the JIRA’?

    But of course. They know damn well that it’s unintuitive, clunky, geekoid and an excellent demonstration of now not to do a UI.
    They also know that as a result, the majority simply won’t use it.
    So, it serves their purposes admirably.

    It’s a perfect solution. IF they don’t want to remember that quite a few of us are paying customers – not unpaid beta testers using a free service.

  14. Simon Nolan says:

    Just remember everybody, please *search first* to see if your bug/feature is already in JIRA. That way you can vote/comment on an existing issue rather than creating a duplicate which will pull votes away from the original. Fewer duplicates makes it easier to find issues, too.

  15. WarKirby Magojiro says:



    There are a lot of complaints about jira, mostly form idiots who don’t understand it.

    Please don’t listen to them. It’s a wonderful tool.

    /me ♥’s jira

  16. Zebadee says:

    i think its a good idea, everything you want fixed, improved or added can be seen on one page, and it saves 1000 bug reports as 1000 people can vote instead. Saves on time and resources.

  17. Farrah Foss says:

    Who’s time does it save??? Certainly not mine. Now to file a bug report, basically doing LL’s job, I have to spend time searching to make sure I am not duping a previous filing, or one similar, then log into the thing, the write it out, then submit.

    Nope, not going to do it. I will use bug report until they take it away, or just quit filing them. I am a paid member, I own land, I go to beta and test. But that thing is too much of a hassle to use.

    I don’t mind helping, but I will be damned if I am going to pay to be LL’s QA Dept. They want me to use that JIRA, they can pay me.

  18. Andrew, I’m perfectly aware how Google works thankyou. Now if you and others at Linden Lab were aware how Second Life works, maybe half of the bugs that get introduced wouldn’t happen.


  19. RubenS Hammerer says:

    fixed ,i can’t even log in.keeps giving me a youre accouny will be available on so on so time.

  20. Darien Caldwell says:

    LOL @ #11. Yes someone like that would be lost in SL. I personally don’t have time to wade through a billion bug reports trying to find the one that matches the particular issue I’m having. Thats Linden Lab’s job. I should just be able to tell them my issue and They need to figure out what’s the most relevant bug.

    Here’s a crazy idea. Fix ALL the bugs…

  21. Juliet Ceres says:

    Whenever I try and log in to JIRA, I hat an error message:

    “The credentials you provided cannot be determined to be authentic.”

    I’d post a bug report but…

  22. Milo Bellow says:

    Mkay….So I Go There To Report Bugs…..But!?…Where Do I Go To Report Mammals? O.o

  23. Cory Edo says:

    Broccoli is funny. Makes an off topic (and purposefully misleading, if he really is “perfectly aware” of how Google works) comment in a disparaging fashion, and when he gets busted on it the only comeback he can come up with is saying the people that wrote SL…don’t know how SL works? You jump into the dev seat for a while buddy and let me know well you fare.

    Back on topic – thanks for getting this bug fixed, I’ve been directing people towards Jira and most of the time just getting them able to log into it has been a chore, this was an important bug to fix if you want to get a lot more community involvement. I would like to know how long “Report Bug” in the UI will bring up the current reporting menu, how much priority those bugs are getting vs. the Jira reports, and if Report Bug isn’t the requested method of feedback (like for the new Windlight client) then can “Report Bug” instead lead to a link to the Jira website? thanks!

  24. Farrah Foss says:

    Client > Character > Type > Avatar > Other > Mammal > Report

    Didn’t you see the Blog?

  25. Hypatia Callisto says:

    Jira is sloo…oooo…


    takes forever to search, bleh. Bring back the bug reporter.

  26. Sansarya says:

    It took a few tries but I haven’t had much problem using the JIRA, even before the log in thingie was fixed–there’s just so much there, hard to know what to vote on, but it is educational reading.

    @ Atlwolf–keep trying w/ her, that was me 2 years ago and now I can use JIRA and everything 😀

  27. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    Is it really fixed? Although I can log in to SL no problem, I still cannot log in to the website or the JIRA.

    The website seems to ask for the password twice before I get the pictglyph, then fails. Are we supposed to reenter the password then, and are we supposed to put a space between the pair of three letters?

    Or do I have to reset my password yet again?

  28. Darien Caldwell says:

    Replace ‘MySpace’ with Second Life, and it’s so close to reality it’s scary…

  29. Meade Paravane says:


  30. Aquadragon Larsen says:

    Hello I love second life and ive been trying to get to adult account coz iam now 18 ive sent the proof of age like i was meant to and iam still not back online i’d love to get back inworld soon i miss my SL pals.

    ALos do you lindens have any tips to argue at second life haters?

  31. harry quijote says:

    i dont like this support at all. i’ve filed a major bug last week, i got 3 votes on it… i cant do sh*t with my land right now, noone is listening, no one is taking the issue, no one is doing anything about it. me and the estate owner are filing inworl bug issues as well, i try to reach lindens inworld, they all ignore. Im from holland, im not going to call the usa on my cell phone for support.

    I ask by this medium, a linden to contact me asap. thank you very very much. my issue in Jira is: MISC-238. I hate to say LL, i love what u are doing for the community. but this problem solving instrument isnt working either.

    I hope on personal support inworld. thank you

  32. Wake UP says:

    um how do i like fly in sl?

  33. janeforyou Barbara says:

    Can NOT loggin to SL over 41.000 are logged in and it wont let me 😦

  34. Arnold Wilder says:

    Yep, SL is dead at this moment. Unable to connect to Second Life. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. check the status, which of course says everything is fine, nothing is wrong. Great.

  35. Pixie Daidig says:

    I get the same message and can’t get in but status page states all is ok…..anyone know whats going on?

  36. Isadora Fiddlesticks says:

    i also cant log in…same error as #29:-(

  37. Allen Drumheller says:

    a bug is fixed and a new bug is there ;D Can login but 5mins later i crashed

  38. Alyx Sands says:

    Please stay on topic, people….
    I have wondered for months how it can be that there are millions of people in SL, and the most annyoing issues on JIRA can’t manage to collect more than, say, 150 votes….I mean, SL DOES rely on audience participation 😉
    What’s the rest doing? Can’t be ar*ed to do anything? Don’t tell me they all can’t log in to JIRA.

  39. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    It seems a lot of people are too lazy to make a little contribution. Jira provides qn opportunity for us to assist in making SL better.

    “Your world. your imaqgination” Not lindens world. 5 minutes spent on jira can help improve things for everyone. The old bug reporter is massively inefficient, as much linden time was wasted on administrative stuff like throwing out incomplete reports, checking if a report is a duplicate of another etc. Jira is open, allowing both the lindens AND residents to do these things.

    Long story short. If you’re not going to vote, you have no right to complain about the government.

  40. Duckling Kwak says:

    Great to see that JIRA login bug fixed! One down…few more to go…

    SL is a new frontier; by definition, we are all pioneers. The price of admission to play with the cool stuff of the future today is, indeed, to put up the problems of its infancy. Want SL to be stable and even held to SLAs? Get off the rodeo ride, and we’ll see you in a couple of years when we’ve tamed the Colt; it’s that simple.

    The expectation that SL *should* be stable today is unrealistic, as is the veiled suggestion that SL should be free until it’s stable. Investors alone don’t pay the salaries indefinitely – a healthy company (and it’s in all our best interest for LL to be a healthy company) needs a revenue stream – we (both paying and free SL users) are it. So, we (LL & its users) are all in this together; we need each other, and we need to work together. There’s no “them” and “us” – it’s *OUR* SL!

    Like many of us, LL are a (relatively) small group of people trying to accomplish more than is possible (to break the boundaries of today’s reality and create a new future – all tightly packaged into a “9-to-5 job”). They need help and support. Yes, it can be frustrating to be a paying customer and have to deal with bugs/issues…see above. But we can help LL by, indeed, augmenting their manpower through our own use of the product (and reporting issues in a useful way, not just complaining about problems). For example, WE can help SL be better by helping LL find, isolate, prioritize and test features/bugs/etc.. Reply #31 & #32 are absolutely right!

    THAT SAID… I do think it’s fair to point out that LL does seem to have problems prioritizing/focusing its available development & bug-fixing energies. Most of us deal with complete system hangs on a daily basis (see VWR-521, VWR-568, VWR-637, VWR-728, VWR-826, VWR-834, and many, many other related bugs) and other *serious* problems that make our use of SL outright impossible at times. Yet, many trivial bugs (that do not prevent/impair the use of the system) do get attention. In Torley’s own words (and I do realize the *intended* point of comparison was relative to “an inactionable item” but, nonetheless, the statement is suggestive of culture and focus at LL), “an easy-to-fix bug with few votes is far more likely to be addressed.” Indeed, that does seem to reflect reality if you analyze JIRA.

    There will always be complex problems that simply cannot be resolved fast enough. Those problems are ripe opportunities for companies to demonstrate their skills managing complex problems. Complex problem management requires good communications to convey in a timely manner that (a) the problem is acknowledged (vs. ignored), (b) the problem is understood, (c) the problem is complex and requires iterative steps to resolve, (d) a strategy has been identified and is already being implemented, and (e) there’s, indeed, a path to get the problem fixed. Communicated proactively, this can actually be a very positive interaction between LL and its community that inspires trust, not erodes it.

    All the “we’re working on it” messages from LL… I honestly believe they are well-intended and honest; I don’t believe LL are being dishonest. But these are not communications that demonstrate expertise & control of the issues, and require a big (red) pill of trust and another (blue) one of hope that, yes, things will get better. THEY USUALLY DO – let’s not lose sight of that. In some cases, like the system hangs problem…well…we’re still waiting…and waiting…and waiting…

    Torley (& LL), we all share your passion for SL. We believe in you every bit as much as we believe in SL. But in taking on the challenge to create SL you also took on the challenge to create a world. A world is not just a bunch of rocks, water, mud and living things crawling on them; you’re over-focusing on the technology (this coming from a technologist myself). A world like SL has very complex, interdependent relationships that need to be defined and managed both in-world and in RL. Community management is a key component to the success of SL. The technology, despite its challenges, is great; kudos for the good job and definitely words of encouragement to keep at it and make it better. But there is a serious need to address the non-technical aspects of building and managing a new world like SL.

    Reply #15 in this thread is *VERY* telling; I would pay very close attention to it. Bug management is one of those critical “world management” needs – JIRA is the technology…where’s the community management component??? If it’s there, PLEASE flip the invisibility bit!

    For all you do well, thank you. For the rest, how can we help you?

  41. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    One glitch fixed, only another million to go.=P (Well, at least its a start.)

  42. Why does issue tracker seem so hard to use every time i look at it my brain goes in to a melt down. Maybe its me but i find the jara/ issue tracker/ wiki very difficult even to just find information. I would love to make use of this tool. and it certainly does seem like it is very useful to Linden lab developers. You all talk about it alot and tell us to use it and encourage us to report reproducible bugs there. I just wish that it was a tad easier to use for the average person.

  43. DR Dahlgren says:

    I agree with most of what

  44. Zesk Nemeth says:

    I cant login to the game…

  45. DR Dahlgren says:

    Sorry, FatFingeritis today.

    I started to say that I agree with much of what Duckling said above, and like Farrah, I am amazed at how well this has scaled. LL has done a terrific job in some areas, but Bug Fix, IMHO, is not one of them.

    I am afraid I look at the whole voting thing with a very skeptical eye. When water was not viewable some months back, while not a critical issue, just extremely inconvenient, residents repeated over and over, many voices, please fix the water. How many months did it take to finally get fixed?

    The other issue I see, which I know frustrates many, is how often a bug is fixed, only to reappear in the next update. The most likely explanation for this is poor version management, and that needs to be addressed immediately. What this means, in a nutshell, is a section of code gets fixed to eliminate a bug. But whoever does it either does not properly log the fixed code, or the person who takes all the pieces to create the next release, does not pay attention to the logs, and the old broken code gets used. This is a common problem when lots of ppl are working on one piece of software, but with the tracking tools available today, there really is no excuse for it.

    SL is the wild west in many ways. I find that in truth, LL has done a pretty good job continuing to evolve this world. One of the things I find most depressing though, is how much the quality of the experience seems to have degraded in the last few months. What a waste it is, to see it become nothing more, in many areas, than a big mall with a bunch freebies being resold, with Casinos and porn all around it. I have lost two fairly sizable clients because they changed their minds about wanting an SL presence after all the negative publicity lately.

    And that folks, is up to us to fix, not Linden. It isn’t something you can post in the JIRA. If people would simply quit patronizing those places that degrade our world, they will eventually go away. Where is that rating system we were promised??


  46. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    ‘I have wondered for months how it can be that there are millions of people in SL, and the most annoying issues on JIRA can’t manage to collect more than, say, 150 votes’

    Alyx, don’t you get it? The bulk of SL users aren’t geeks any more. Those days have GONE.
    The sort of users that represent the majority cannot handle JIRA. It’s the wrong tool for the job.
    I’m a bit technical, but that thing makes my brain hurt it’s so nasty to try and use. To be honest, I tried it a couple of times and simply gave up.

    Besides, paying LL several hundred bucks a month – why the HELL should I have to bug hunt (it feels more like beta test) for them?
    It’s not on. And trying to ram JIRA down every one’s throat is even less ‘on’.

    Oh, and there aren’t ‘millions’ of people in SL. Millions of signups, maybe, but that’s not at all the same thing. Go check the stats and see how many Premiums there are. That’s real people, putting their money where their mouths are.

  47. Maldoror Damone says:

    You can’t make this stuff up folks. A bug in the software used to report bugs. Good Choice there…Sigh. What ever happened to customer service and good communication?

  48. Folks, please don’t give up on Jira. It’s direct communication and that is a good thing. Screaming “fix it” and then not voting isn’t helping. If you find it befuddling, IM me in world and I’ll try to lead you to whatever it is that had you befuddled. If all else fails, Search is your friend.

    And I’m still trolling for votes in support of MISC-37, and the group functions in MISC-38, and my own VWR-935 😀 😀 😀 which is related to VWR-960, please vote early and often! thanks.

  49. @37: JIRA may be less than intuitive and more tending to geeks, but you can bet that the geeks have the same problems as the average user, so the bugs do end up there.

    And believe it or not, it works. Putting out their bug lists into the public for everyone to see is a quite daring move, but I am sure it pays. There are people on the JIRA who help the Lindens sort through the stuff and put pieces together or even fix bugs (since this is an Open Source project now).

    You (as everybody) are benefiting in-world from stuff other people do for free or for fun and JIRA+OpenSource is just the same for the platform.

    A software like SL has myriads of interactions (if you want an example, check and if you believe you can avoid such stuff or that an internal team can draw such conclusions better and easier (no matter how many people you put there) than community- or crowd-intelligence, you have never developed software.

  50. Cat Gisel says:

    Yay thanks, now you can start to work on inventory, hehe 🙂

  51. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    Well, login fixed by resetting password again. So into the website and JIRA, yay. Then of course when I tried to get into SL I got the “something unexpected has happened” error for several hours. Oh well.

    I have to agree with much of what Duckling, DR Dahlgren and Inigo said.

    Sure SL is complex, but it isn’t actually rocket science. They may have had a lead, but that is eroding. Entropia Universe has almost the same numbers as SL had when I joined last September, 8 months ago. If LL don’t buck up their ideas, they will be overtaken. There are a myriad of other worlds out there.

    Yes, geek days have gone. People don’t want the millions of distros and update every week that is typical of the Open Source and Linux world, which is why it won’t grow that much more in popularity. If these numerous updates actually fixed bugs, all well and good, but they don’t, they introduce yet more, break other things, and push new and unwanted features on people.

    Bugs get reintroduced, and that is an indication they have no idea how to control their version histories properly in a team environment. And for those who insist on leeway for Linden because it’s new. Well, note the fourth birthday. They’ve had four years to get this stable. How long do you want to give them? A decade?

    By their actions, LL don’t generate confidence. They pay lip service to users, look at Open Letter, cutting back of feedback channels. They have a poor record of changing things. The First Look render pipeline, supposedly a rewrite of the client, probably performs worse than the old client did. Look at spinning out messaging and IMs onto a separate system: still borked more than a month later but sculpties and Windlight have been pushed out.

    If LL want to survive, they have to listen more to what people want. It might be okay for the director of operations at LL to say that they don’t think databases are important. Well, most of SL runs on dbs to do everything one way or another, and the constant complaints about inv loss show that people do expect databases to be coddled. It’s what everyone else does.

    The lack of service and support at weekends, the increasing lag, crashes, lack of bug fixes, all make SL more and more unusable for more of the time.

    The JIRA needs to be better organised. There is one system for client bug reporting, and another classification within JIRA. There should be a better search facility on the front page. There should be better instructions and guidelines if they want it used properly.

    There need to be some big attitude changes, or LL will be fondly remembered as a bunch of guys who once tried…

  52. Nedria Cyr says:

    What I don’t understand is the people complaining about the new issue tracker. It seems as though the old addage “You’d complain if they hung you with a new rope” holds true here… complain that you cant report bugs, then when you’re given a way to do so, you complain about that. You complain about the gazillion bugs to do with SL, but you refuse to do anything to help show LL what you want fixed first? I’m sure they’re doing their damndest to fix all the bugs… it takes a lot of time and manpower… but how else will they know that’s important to the users unless the users SAY something? Post bug reports? Isn’t this what Project Open Letter was all about?? More communication and more community input on what’s important?

  53. Stephanie Lemaire says:

    Agreed attitude change needed. Customers complain to let you know we are not happy with the general day to day use of SL. Please hear us.

    Another customer here who is thinking off cutting her losses and leaving. I probably won’t because I love SL and I know you do your best LL most of the time, the only thing lacking BIG time is customer service.

    What are these blogs for if you don’t listen to us or even acknowledge our views? Pretty much the only way to communicate with Linden staff now anyway or wait weeks for a generic reply.

    Windlight is fantastic for the colours and the way things stand out and it does help in adding realism, but really I think most just want something that is more user friendly.

    I hear from newbies about recent advertising in other countries and I know most of them won’t hang around long. I joined in July last year and it was a fairly easy system to use for about 4 months then problems started to apear with each update. Lucky for me I had figured out how things work and how to make it easier for my computer to run it, most newbies don’t have a hope.

    Please just listen to your customers.

  54. Uh… Cannot login. I have a lot I can contribute to it but it seams your SOL… I Enter my SL user name and my PW.. cannot authenticate me or something.

    Also it is Kinda Hard to navigate…

    Ya Know if China is able to get that SL Knockoff to work with 7 Million online users. I may just go over there… I hope you people at Linden Lab have something Mind blowing up your sleeves. the Meta-Verse race has started and your falling behind! Hopefully your new back end system development is going well 🙂

    Anyways… I am Rooting for ya.. but please I want to login to the issue tracker.

  55. Duckling Kwak says:

    Brenda, I was happy to vote for MISC-38. I hope it gets resolved soon!

    I cannot vote for any new features and recommend that we all do the same. If we truly want LL to prioritize bug-fixing and take care of the problems that affect us on a daily basis, then we must be consistent in our voting and (a) vote for bug-fixing, and (b) not vote for new features. Otherwise, we’re sending mixed signals to LL. So, I can’t vote for MISC-37 even though I agree with the feature requests. (Note that I intentionally did not stay that LL should not do any new features development.)

    VWR-935 is a little different. I’m growing more convinced that LL need a product management priority to support a broader platform configuration than is their current focus. They’re continually and alarmingly tightening the noose so that only machines with very high-end configurations will be able to use SL. This makes no sense at all. Instead of VWR-935, I would recommend (a) continuing to support the current system as an alternative to WindLight (this could be selected as a user preference in the viewer), and (b) deprecate functionality in the “low end” (current) system to support MORE (not fewer) system configurations. The user experience would be such that people with lower-end machines (or “unsupported” configurations) will get a less vibrant experience but will be able to use SL RELIABLY, and people with “supported” and high-end configurations will be able to get the “full” SL experience. I think this is a fair balance, and it’s in LL’s best interest to be able to support more users vs. continually deprecating USERS out of the system.

  56. quero criar um sedond life

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