Yesterday’s Issues Addressed with Rolling Restart.

We are initiating a rolling restart of sims to address issues that arose yesterday, as indicated in a previous blog post. These include slow logins, slow or failed group chat and teleports, and presence issues which can be described as people being reported as offline or online when that is not the case. Also to be addressed are problems with group membership lists.

The rolling restart sweeps through the grid north to south in a wave, asking each region to restart. The regions start a 5-minute countdown with warnings given in-world, then restart. You can teleport south to avoid a restart, or (once the wave hits the mainland) teleport north by several regions to jump “over” the restart wave.

During the first ~10 minutes of the wave, it’s expected that Group IMs and email to LSL will be affected. If you are having trouble after 10 minutes please close all IM windows. To restart the group chats, you have to hit the blue button labeled “close” in the group im panel, not the orange x. If this doesn’t help, please restart the SL client.

The restart wave will start at 12:15pm SLtime and take approximately 2 hours to hit the entire grid.

Thank you for your continued patience!

[2:30pm SLTime]  Rolling restart is complete. 

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