WindLight atmospheric rendering comes to Second Life!

What is WindLight? How did this happen?
WindLight “simulates the ways that sunlight is scattered by the atmosphere under different climatic conditions, such as fog or haze”. Long story short: killer skies and kickass environments.

Linden Lab has teamed up with and acquired Windward Mark, who’s responsible for developing this visual excellency. We warmly welcome our new brethren!

For more details, including the history of Windward Mark and the story behind our acquisition, see our press release and the Boston Globe article, related to Cory Linden’s post about our Boston Recruiting Party.

What does this all look like?
You know what they say about pictures and 1,000s of words, so have a taste:


» view the full set

For an even more copious amount of droolage:

WindLight in Second Life

» watch our teaser video on YouTube
» download the hi-rez version

Who does this affect?

The sky is such a, uh, big thing. You can’t miss it, nor do you want to. From machinamakers to vehicle designers to fashionistas to avid explorers, WindLight affects every Resident.

When can I try WindLight in Second Life for myself?

We’re going to release a fresh First Look viewer enabling you to interact with the environmental awesomeness first-hand! This, in the spirit of previous First Looks, will run on the Live Grid*, and will be client-side, meaning others won’t see the changes you make to the sky, but that’s planned!

* This means inventory changes, L$ transactions, and all other changes will be PERMANENT, just like running the “normal” Second Life viewer. So be careful while having fun, but we’ll warn you at the startup screen.

What features will First Look WindLight have?
This initial offering fundamentally replaces the sky the way you know it, giving you a dialog with many sliders so you can tweak its appearance to your taste. You can change basic things like color, but also delve into more advanced settings like numerous atmospheric scattering components. You can add finishing touches like gamma to “sweeten” things up, then save presets for loading later.

There’s even day cycle controls, so yes — you can animate custom days! Want to see the heavens above go from splendid sunshine to moody moonlight in a minute? You can do this, and much more.

Please keep in mind the user interface will be SUBJECT TO CHANGE, especially as we learn from community feedback and adapt in improving the system. This is a first pass and there’s plenty more to come. We’re flexible, because we know something as big as this can have a profound impact on your everyday Second Life. The best way to understand is to try it out for yourself.

What if I find a WindLight First Look bug?
Please, help us help you help us. Report the bug in our Issue Tracker and select the WindLight component (coming soon) so we can triage it faster. Thank you.

How long are days going to be?
A full day cycle is currently 4 hours. Respectful of existing behavior, First Look WindLight’s default day will also be 4 hours, but can be overridden locally, and eventually, for estates, on a per-region basis that others can see too. We’re planning to keep the Mainland at 4-hour days, but overall, this’ll allow for a lot more possibilities when estate owners and managers invoke the theme and atmosphere of their land. Think of tropical isles with sunsets fit for a pirate, sinister-looking skylines above cyberpunk cities, neutral midday for a serious business, and so on.

My graphics card isn’t very good, can I see WindLight?
We’ve coded optimizations and CPU fallback so you should be able to see some of the effects, depending on your system. It won’t be as high-quality and clouds will be missing, but it’ll still be noticeably better than what you’ve got today.

What’s in store for the future of Windward Mark tech in Second Life?
As the next-stage evolution of the current environmental system, there are more exciting improvements we plan to incrementally add, once this first phase is finished. Some of the good stuff tentatively includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Cloud shadows on terrain! (HAWT!)
  • Enhanced nighttime options like moonlight, moon phases, astral bodies like shooting stars.
  • Smoother distance haze with a better-faded cutoff.
  • Various refinements to improve realism and performance, etc.

Beyond this, we hope to implement:

  • Post-process effects. Popular in many games, and we know how a lot of you have asked them to be a part of SL too. Think of bloom and nightvision.
  • SHAREABLE settings! Since SL is a social world, we think you’ll agree it’d be great — and time-saving — to swap skies and related settings. Imagine coming up with a gloriously surreal sweep straight out of Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka‘s love-child and wanting to show it off, like you can with other inventory item types.
  • Nimble, a realistic 3D cloud simulator.

Remember, that isn’t a complete list, but will put what we hope to accomplish in perspective.

For a better understanding, learn more about the work Windward Mark’s done.

But… I’m going to miss the old sky! Can I revert back to it?

WindLight is a replacement for the current archaic sky, which is long past its expiration date.

We understand it may take some time to get used to WindLight, and some will have concerns about how performance will be affected. We’ll do our best to smooth the transition and ensure good speed paired with amazingly cinematic sights. And as we said, we’ll keep paying attention to your suggestions to improve how Second Life looks.

Why are you adding these new features instead of fixing old bugs?
We’re doing both!

To correct any misconceptions, the Windward Mark team has been working on WindLight technology for several years. They bring their already-established expertise — work already done — in joining Linden Lab. This means that these efforts add, not detract, from our overall efforts in continuing to improve Second Life as a diverse online world with a thriving ecosystem. In addition, as described in Cory Linden’s recent blog post, about 70% of our developers are currently focused on scaling and stability-related issues, and we’re continuing to seek Resident help on our Issue Tracker and hire aggressively.

What’s more, with beautiful new environments that WindLight provides, we’re fulfilling a longtime, popular wish from many of our Residents. Varied requests for gorgeous skies, realtime weather, custom sun and moon, and lots more have been asked for since 2002, and these requests have appeared in the historical Feature Voting Tool many times, such as Prop: 141 – Real Time Weather and its duplicates. Furthermore, as we’ve seen from Resident-run snapshot sites, graphics improvements are more than just mere “eye candy”, for they uplift the emotional quality of your Second Life. Ever smile when you see a lovely sunset while hanging out with friends? 🙂

Long story short, this is more of an AND thing than an OR thing — we’re working hard so you can enjoy your inworld experience holistically.

Wait! I have more questions that weren’t answered.
Don’t worry! As we continue to make progress, we’ll be paying attention to your comments and posting more updates to keep you informed.

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100 Responses to WindLight atmospheric rendering comes to Second Life!

  1. Chris Gaits says:

    OMG, what a developmet! INCREDIABLE!

  2. Iris Junot says:


  3. Prad Prathivi says:



  5. link manzo says:

    All I have to say is WOW!!!! and Cant WAIT!!!

  6. Iris Junot says:

    OH and are you going to fix the sky when you’re above like…300 meters? Because it looks so bad….half of the sky is stars while the bottom half is a blank poopy black

  7. Iris Junot says:

    Torley….shame shame….KICKASS!! AHHAHAHA KICKASS!

  8. RicanWolf Lyon says:

    WOW!!! Now if only you could create realistic Rain, Wind & Snow!
    But in reality, I just hope this is handled by the User Side client, & rendered on the users PC rather than on your already lagged servers.
    Because this would ROCK SO HARD if it worked right!!

    Now, hows about some Realistic FLYING & DRIVING? 🙂

  9. Imogen Saltair says:

    Ok, I think this sounds good, and look forward to seeing the effects, as much as my machine allows.

    Please remember your promise to keep working on the old problems, and I for one, wont gripe about it.

    Thank you for the info and pretty pictures.

    Cant believe i am first to post

  10. yuriko nishi says:

    looks nice 🙂

    next: shadows and new physics please 🙂 and when you are on it, better region cross, i want to ride my bike without falling through the ground…
    (morphs importer for avatars is too much to ask for i think)

    keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Smiley Barry says:

    WOW! Now that is what I was waiting for! ^.^
    And, Imo, you’re 10th :p

  12. Iris Junot says:

    Imogen….you’re not first to post. OH and if you want realistic rain, wind, snow, and lightning…go to Watermoon Breeze inworld….pretty awesome, kind of expensive, but awesome.

  13. Yes, more weather is in the works — as emphasized, there’s a lot we can do with this after the first phase is in. “Stay tuned…”

  14. Lozlo Peng says:

    and SWIMMING, and some kinda of water-like gravitational pull or w/e in the sea pls

  15. Darth Juniper says:

    This is truly good. BTW thankyou for recently getting rid of the horrible green Sun and replacing it with a proper one.
    I wonder if Torley is going to set magenta sky and green clouds in his viewer…. or the other way round?

  16. Shakeno Tomsen says:

    That looks pretty beautiful. Reminds me the vertex shader’s bloom effect! I hope you can get into the game some raining, snow and thunderstorms too, able to be blocked by primitives too… that would be so sweetly amazing and realistic…

    I was to request something like this, plus the weather like rain or snow… but now I see this… you guys have read my mind 😀

  17. Wechsler Halleck says:

    Oooh, shiny 🙂

    (You expected what? Profundity?)

    Just another excuse for me to upgrade the laptop though…

  18. … and yes the watermelon skies ARE all WindLight, you can come up with some truely extraterrestrial cinematics. *keeps getting ideas*

  19. This is such a wonderful thing, I am fair bowled over by it. Sitting around and merely admiring the scenery will be even more pleasurable than it already was.

    I can see that we are going to have to try even harder now to build things prettier than the actual sky….

  20. Threshin Barnett says:

    WOW.. that is incredible 😀 thumbs up


    Now about those broken scripts.

  21. Iris Junot says:

    What about actualy extraterrestrials coming out of the new WindLight skies and abducting people and taking them to a different fabric in time and then dropping them off in newbie isle….truely scary stuff. Or what about some sort of water made out of jello…like jello oceans n’ n’ stuff…WWEEEEEE!

    *loses her marbles* HWERE BE ME MARBLES!?

  22. Beat Roelofs says:

    at the moment, I cannot wait for it – Truely, I cannot get in-world to check, SL hung up. – So, good luck for those new features. It is a long run at all and I hope you’ll win it

  23. Max Kleiber says:

    I turn off clouds when I log in, and use a very short draw distance. You can’t really interact with anything more than 96 meters away anyway.
    I tend to override the sun cycle by forcing it to noon at all times.
    I set the fog ratio to minimum so I can see what’s around me.
    When I run my camera up into the sky, it’s so I can look down and find things on the ground.
    I know a lot of people that do the same things.

    I really don’t see where I’ll have any use for this.

  24. Iris Junot says:

    Ya when is that actually going to come out? Next Wednesday? 5 years? Call me back Torley and we’ll do lunch….b/c last time you stood me up about the inventory bug. *Tries to hold back tears as she runs for an Slex Terminal*

  25. Ceera Murakami says:

    Wow…. That certainly looks impressive all right. I wonder what it will look like on my barely-capable-of-accessing-SL Mac Mini? I have a horrible feeling thie will be the upgrade that forces me to buy a new computer if I want to remain in SL.

  26. Doris Haller says:

    Nice new thing.
    I assume the old problems are solved now?

    I would be happy if that what I should be able to see now would last..

    If you release any new functionality without being able to have the system stable running for one weekend (isn`t that ridiculous?), I’m off.

    BTW, you got mail, there is an open letter for you. Please read it.

  27. Iris Junot says:

    Speaking of space fabrics….which are very durable and you can put in the dryer…why not put sims ON TOP of sims instead of this really REALLY wide SL continent thing? Would that stop lag? Or…ya wait….no more skies xD BAAAHAHAHAHA!

  28. Desmond Shang says:

    Siiingin’ in the raaaain!!!


    LSL control of region-wide weather, please????

    *dances like a fool*

  29. Jr Breed says:

    HOLY MOLY, Much awaited approvment on this end. Good visuals are important!

  30. Rufus Varmint says:

    Oh BOY! Something new to create more demand on my machine ( which already limps along under the damands of the still buggy software)

    Just what I want and/or need. Not.

    Sorry, yeah, it looks cool, but I’d be a lot more excited to see an announcement explaining why my duo core 2.16Ghz machine locks up after about 15 minutes when I’m running the OSX client instead of this ‘stuff’.

  31. wandarich says:

    While I would like to judge it based on experiencing it, my first impression is that it is adding a fakeness to SL.

    It doesnt seem to fit somehow – like that wallpaper people used to buy with tropical sunsets.

    SL is cartoony and these skies arent.

    I hope it looks better than how its represented here.

  32. How WONDERFUL!! A long time ago we used to have beautiful sunsets and breathtaking dawns. How excellent to have that back again only a hundred times better. This will add so much to everyone’s sense of realism and quality of Second Life. Thanks so very VERY MUCH, Lindens!!!

  33. Shadow P says:

    Oh wow this looks awesome!!! Xan’t wait to see it implemented!!

  34. Shadow P says:


  35. Ike says:

    Looking really nice … but: If it slows down everything on slower computers then it will make SL for me unusable. By now (on good days) I have 6fps. (With every possibillity to speed up the system)

    If it drops permanently to 3-4 or even slower then I have to say “goodbye SL”.

    Something different: I hope there will be more physics especially with collisions. It doesn’t really look nice when hair cuts through the shoulder instead of laying on it.

  36. Cyn Vandeverre says:

    wandarich — Some areas of SL are more realistic than others (ditto avatars.) I expect that over time, SL will get more realistic in texturing (even on flying cities and other fun things), not stay the same. If it stays cartoonish, it probably won’t survive competitively.

  37. william fish says:

    just like clouds….. do we really need this and how much of an affect on system (client and server) will this cause. I suspect only those with top of the line (high end 7 series and all 8 series video cards) will only be able to show “windlight” effectivly. I’m guessing our cool FPS (i have a 6600GT card and lucky to get 10FPS in a busy sim, 25 on an empty sim and 35 in the sky with nothing around) will drop with the introduction of windlight. I recently had a friend test out his 7600 KO cards in SLI mode and he said SL is choppy…. keep in mind he is a WOW player.

    anyhow that’s my question.

  38. Dirk Felix says:

    How about a more stable platform with less lag? Sounds much better than adding features that are nothing more than glitz.

  39. Well, I guess this is the answer to my irrational fears that you would indeed bring SL to a technological standstill while “fixing bugs” for another 6 months or a year without taking a look at what the competition would be developing in the mean time…

    What a lovely, double surprise! First, the surprise that you are actually buying companies with innovative technology. What best sign could that be, after Jeska’s improptu comment that “LL is now profitable”? This was one of the wisest way to spend those extra US$ — get a new team of high-tech developers, acquire a stronghold of state-of-the-art-technology, and cement your position on the East Coast. Kudos to all of you (probably including poor old tired Pathfinder) who made this possible, not fearing the future and making a new bold step towards the next stage of visual appeal on Second Life.

    And secondly, naturally, the choice of technology to integrate was really a fantastic one 🙂 It also seems to be a natural progression once you had all that amazing new hardware lighting model in place, to take the next step and have the weather influence lighting conditions!

    Cloud shadows on the ground… wow… dynamically rendered shadows in real time? This sounds too good to be true. Now I can only hope (or truly dream!) that Cube & Qarl’s work on having objects project shadows on top of each other will also come sooner than expected.

    Well… I’ve seen the videos for Windward Mark’s “Alliance” game… when will you simply implement their rendering engine in the SL client? 😉

  40. Alpha Zaius says:

    You said *no clouds* in the thing about lower graphics cards.. I cant do ripple water, will I be able to see a single cloud in the sky? 😦

    But good job anyways LL! I can’t wait to see in in action myself 😀

  41. AWESOME. Can’t wait 😀

  42. Yami Katayama says:

    it’s nice…I agree – and as long as other IMPORTANT issues, such as a BROKEN GROUP MESSAGING SYSTEM is still being worked on…excuse me, have to close that group IM window for the 15th time…now, as long as it’s still being worked on, I can’t complain.

    My biggest question is – some of us use the sunlight in certain positions for taking photos of products – how is all this cloud effect, shadows, and other miscellaneous … stuff, affect our ability to set the sun to a certain position to get predictable results on the light? Are we still going to be able to set the sun to noon or morning and get light we can depend on being a certain level and brightness without shadows from clouds, rain, fog, whatever interfering with it?

  43. wise clapsaddle says:

    for those scared about the fallout from this framerate wise dont be, these sky systems are generally very low on resources and the difference they make is magnificent.

    very well done linden labs, a great addition to the already stunning scenery we can admire within sl


  44. Saga Felix says:

    I didn’t quite get if this will make me in charge of “my own” night- and daytime – but if it does, I am HAPPY 🙂 I live on a GREAT estate with great people and a great landlord… except it’s eternal sunset, and I SO miss the changing lights of SL. If I can get it back, just for me, independant of what the estate is set to, my place would go from great to absolutely perfect 🙂

    This WindLight sounds great – I can’t wait!

    Saga Felix

  45. Melissa Sugarbeet says:


    Excuse me for being excited about that, but I so am! Too much full moon isn’t good for anyone. 😉

  46. barney says:

    Well, I bet we get all kinds of problems, but hey, we can bitch when it is deployed. For now I am grinning while thinking about the possibilities that opens 😀

    And of course: big applause for the decision to right away open source the technology under GPL. I _like_ that. it tickles the techy in me 😉

  47. Calixus Voom says:

    WOW! Does that mean that after you fixed all the grid probs, stability and lag issues, the group announcement issues, etc. and all the hundreds of other nitty annoying things, mentioned in user forums around, we will also have nice effects? Good.

  48. Shockwave Yareach says:

    As beautiful as it may be, it is STILL another blasted new bell and whistle when we asked you, professionally and politely, in writing no less, to get the system stable before throwing out more destabilizing bells and whistles! What, you can create a pretty sky, but you can’t keep my inventory from vanishing or sims from crashing beneath my feet? Can you not READ, Lindens? Where in that open letter did it beg for nicer sunsets? What is the point of more blasted bling when the game is barely playable regardless of how the sky looks?

    I’ll be impressed with your fluffy clouds when I can login, find the clothes I need, and then teleport without shoes sticking out of my ass. I’ve been listening to everyone whining that the Lindens have their heads in the clouds — seems this time they were absolutely right.

  49. pizzaguy Clutterbuck says:

    WOOOOO i can look up again!

    does this get us closer to having weather like rain, lightning and the complete awsomeness of something like a tornado 0.0?

  50. Amy Faddoul says:

    Just what we need. More stuff for you to break. Good luck with this. I would rather have Decent Physics and prims that don’t drift, inventory that does not dissapear, Collision detection and a decent sim handoff. But meh.. Just keep dropping more “Crap” on us. As you Lindens already know. We Secondlifers can be led about like sheep with a shiny prim. Mmmmm..Shiny..

  51. Kristian Ming says:

    With moon phases I will finally be able to live a semi-normal second life.


  52. I’m on a Mexican… radio!

    WTG LL,
    what an orgasmatic acquisition!

    Gwyn, maybe radiosity is a bit 2 much to ask but in the meantime enjoy, say goodbye to the meteo man.

    Good job!

  53. Cat Cotton says:

    groovy big old thumbs up LL 🙂

  54. william fish says:

    gywneth… “Cloud shadows on the ground… wow… dynamically rendered shadows in real time?” have you noticed that only parts of the in world have clouds above them all the time? They never move away always there! I’ve bought land in cloud layered areas and the clouds were always there unless i turned them off…. Now everytime i log in it’s an automatic responce of mine to turn clouds off. I’m sure there’s others like me that while clouds are cool they are also annoying cause the sky never clears.

    LL can we change this first? makes a weather system of clouds that move across from one point in the world to the other part of the world before recycling… so we can indeed enjoy “sunny days” instead of always having cloudy or mostly cloudy days? THANK YOU.

  55. zomg Windlight rox!

    Torley, you guys gotta stop overpampering me, cause I’m gonna die in Agni at this rate. xD

  56. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    Well, yes, so again you aren’t listening, adding load on load on load, yet more bugs, when you can’t even be bothered to fix the bugs you create and bork with every single update.

    Like double tp’s happning every few minutes now and freezing the client. Like inventory items you lose or set to zero UUIDs.

    It takes five minutes now before everything stops being grey. Still, I guess grey skies will be reminiscent of the UK.

    Really, I can wait a long time for this stuff. What I can’t wait for is you to fix the problems you already have and keep introducing, like Group IMs, money which now disappears MORE frequently since you introduced the Loading… “feature”, inventory loss, tps, current lag (which along with tp failures is far worse again since you let 8k morre people on the grid when clearly the infrastructure is not there to cope with it).

    Clueless in California, obviously….

  57. william fish says:

    lol Amy Faddoul… do people or builders even bother with shinny prims anymore?

  58. Stavros Augustus says:

    Great, this will make screenshots look much more attractive.

    And yeah, precipitation sounds like another worthy addition.

  59. Mimi says:

    About 70% of our developers are currently focused on scaling and stability-related issues

    Yay! thumbs up for the 70%!

    I love how the sky looks! It will make life on skyboxes a lot better!

  60. cnyreject says:

    Looks around for his sunglasses! Keep up the good work.. but when will be see the next version of the Havik implemented. Any timeline?

  61. Kat Golding says:


  62. Joshua Perenti says:

    OK! the word stunning barely sums that up 🙂

  63. Jayden B says:

    Will this fix the *LONG STANDING* bug where one or more facets of the sky cube flash bright white?

    Fix bugs before buggering up the client with new flashy hoo-ha noone *needs*

    Eye candy does not equate to stability.

  64. RobbyRacoon says:

    Oooh…. Purty 🙂

  65. Mel says:

    Since the old information suggested that wind and clouds increase lag….what will this do?

    How will it relate to lag?
    How will it relate to the age of people’s video cards?
    Will we crash more?

  66. Iexo Bethune says:

    Wow, storms and such, here’s an idea: How about having storms that move across the mainland, with only the timing handled server-side and everything else in the client. Different parcels can choose to allow storms, or block storms overhead. That would be fun, especially for the sailing community which has been shrinking along with the open water in SecondLife. With storms to avoid or ride out, and maybe even waves accompanying them, people would have more reason to sail. Perhaps you could even introduce atmospheric turbulence associated with stormfronts! Wow, bunches of neat stuff, the possibilities seem endless, now that a major part of SL is getting an overhaul! One important thing, though: With light blossoms, it’d also be nice to have support for shiny on alpha.

  67. Simon Nolan says:

    cant wait cant wait cant WAIT! Woo hoo!

  68. BloodDoll says:

    Nice, I’ve experienced this already in other games over the last decade and it will be a great addition to Second Life. What about fixing all the other issues though first before adding something else. Also adding things like dual, quad or 8 core support. My machine gets better, Second Lifes support of it does not.

  69. Mitsuyasi Tiger says:

    *snaps her fingers* look over here you people while I show you a bright shiney piece of tin foil! isn’t it cooooooooool? yes it shines in the light dynamically even – we partnered with wrigleys to bring you this wonderfull inovation – oh but pay no attention to the man stealing your car behind you ^.^

  70. Gore Suntzu says:

    Woo hooo cant wait cant wait toooooo!

  71. Vortex says:

    Looks like ysome of you aren’t reading. LL has added the Windlight Company to their company. Meeaning there are NEW members from Windlight who made this. Stop whinning for once and read the entry BEFORE you post.

  72. Ann Otoole says:

    Looks cool. yea go ahead… make sl even more addictive lol…

    for those who keep saying things are broken please go to and make sure they are entered or you have voted on a fix for whatever it is. isn’t that hard to use once you spend a few minutes with it.

  73. Simon Nolan says:

    /me wonders how many people know there ALREADY IS a basic weather system in SL? Sadly most of it doesn’t do anything, because the client doesn’t render it. But you can access it from LSL and see if it’s “raining” or not, or how hard the wind is blowing.

    This new stuff can only make it better, or replace it with something far cooler. I’ve been waiting for this after building my own scripted SL “weather station” and being disappointed that it didn’t ever really rain.

  74. Iexo Bethune says:

    Oh, and better shiny effects… Maybe ewven that reflect the sky AND objects/avatars around them… That’d be uber…

    Jayden B.: I imagine this would fix the flashing sky bug, because it’d be a totally new rendering system for the sky.

    Mel: The old clouds, I understand, were a particle effect. This being a new system would probably mean a new means by which the sky is rendered, thus also less lag.

    And to all the nay-sayers complaining about exsisting bugs, they’re extremely frustrating, we all hate them, and the fixes are slow coming, but to their defense, SL IS working on them, work on this system was ALREADY done, and at this point, they’re basically trying to make SL so good looking that the pesky bugs that are being difficult to solve won’t be so detrimental to the overall experience. After all, as we sit under our crappy sky, we complain about the bugs, because SL is nothing new. However, with a dynamic sky, we might have a better outlook on our secondlife, and the game will certainly be more enjoyable, especially for the pilots and sailors.

    P.S. Another note: With a dynamic sky, it’d also be nice to have more stabile wind. It’s almost impossible to sail in SL without some sort of wind emulator or override.

  75. Yay! Beautiful Idea! I can’t wait to see the new LSL functions that allow us to make weather so we can get rid of particle storms (hint) 🙂 Thumbs up!!!

  76. Jessica Elytis says:

    Love it. Looks great.

    Will it actually render with the abysmal texture rendering we have had as late?

    Heck, flexie and particles don’t even render right due to poor texture rendering.

    And no, it’s not my system or settings. EVERYONE I talk to has this problem.

    I love new things and advances, but can we PLEASE fix the old advances before moving on to the nest? Hmmm? Please? Pretty pleas?

    With a cherry on top?


  77. Simon Nolan says:

    @ Ann, I second that statement. I hope many residents will learn how to use JIRA on the SL wiki ( and submit/vote on issues.

    @ Gwyneth, I’m with you! There is no way for SL to survive if all new development ceased. I like LL’s ratio: out of every 10 programmers, 7 are working on stability and performance, and 3 are exploring new ideas.

  78. Azrael B. says:

    Zimmy Ginsberg: go rain on someone else’s parade. You’re in a sad, small minority that I laugh at nightly.

  79. Kale Impfondo says:

    What are the predicted changes to system requirements? Just out of interest.

  80. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    Quite frankly, it’s the chaos, the random unpredictability of RL that leaves SL in the dust. I try to think of the ‘bugginess’ in SL as an added bit of realism. Bring on the new sky, I can live with the bugs in residence.

  81. In view of the fact that there hasn’t been a usable Linux beta SL client for at least a week, can we expect there to be a Linux version of the First Look client with WindLIght functionality?

  82. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    I have just one question about this new sky technology: will clouds flow around buildings, or go through them like they do now? Without flowaround, frankly I don’t give a tinkers dam.

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  84. Marianne McCann says:

    This could be intereesting. Then again, RenderGlow kills my SL client like nobody’s business, so who knows?

  85. Tasrill Sieyes says:

    I notice no post on how your have signed a contract with Integrity and outlining the details of the contract you have signed and are instead showing us a new shiny. Oh I wonder why.

  86. Raban Laborde says:

    Nice to hear – a new feature again, while urgent Fixes are open.

    When will the llGetInventoryList bug be solved? My vendors are waiting urgently.

  87. Damien Fate says:

    Thanks for expanding the horizons 🙂

  88. Dream Resistance says:

    This is so awesome. And as for some of you whining about certain bugs…I swear to god I have never even heard of most of the things you people are talking about. I run SL on two computers, one a high quality desk top, one a LOW quality laptop. And while SL is laggy on the laptop, I have no actual “bugs” per se. Maybe instead of complaining, you need to take a serious look at your client side.
    And for those of you who say you don’t need this, great, good for you. For those of us who enjoy looking around at the beauty that people have made in SL, and who enjoy existing in beautiful environments, we will need this. Ok, maybe just really really really really want it. Stop being narrow minded people.
    This project sounds awesome, and I love the track that its heading with real time weather and everything. Weather in general would be awesome. It looks amazing, and keep up the good work LL.
    Ignore asshats (hey, if you can say ass, I can too 😛 )


  89. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Fantastic idea Torley, if it works. With plans to develop some kind of alien world environment I cant wait to play around with ‘extraterrestrial cinematics’.
    But this really IS exciting stuff!
    Will it be possible to have recognisable constellations in our starry sky? Will we be able to have comets? Solar eclipses?
    Wow! My friends over at the SCI-FI TOWER and Slackers Observatory must be wetting themselves with excitement. I am!

  90. Sofia Westwick says:

    This looks very good.

  91. Donald says:

    How about a few intermittent meteors now and than that streak across the night sky……yes? Be something watch for while sitting out on a patio or boating.

  92. Lexii says:

    Excellent… this will set the wheels in motion for my ultimate takeover!

  93. Windy Lurra says:

    Looks quite amazing, and hate to be a spoil sport, but how much harder is this going to hit the GPU? Will we be able to disable it?

  94. Donald says:

    I bad! I didn’t read it all. Shooting stars cool!

  95. Cat Gisel says:

    Can I turn it off if I don’t like it? SL is too real already, I can’t leave as it is, don’t drag me in even more!!! augh! heheehee

    BTW thanks a lot. It was already past time to get a new computer, now I will have to buy another one before I even get the one to replace the one I have!


    Anyone want to IM me about what to get, I’d be grateful 🙂

  96. Fish Kilby says:

    I seen a test movie from that system and its going to change the looks big time
    For the best of cause..
    Only hope my video will take it and that the new clients will work better with win 2K.
    On XP they do run better but cant switch all systems over.

  97. Arcanus Lane says:

    Ok you know looks nice but Ive noticed all this development you have been doing but yet to see anything being done about vista support. now its not like it hasnt been out long enough for you guys to give us a time frame of some sort. its not like vista is a short term program its here and more and more are getting it. Im so glad I did not pay as I was thinking of doing since it seems as tho I woild never get any help. Ive called and called each time its exact same recordings ending at the exact time. so clearly no ones home. PLEASE just give us with vista a TIME FRAME

  98. Linnian Sugar says:

    Will there be a real limit to how high the sky is? will there be space?

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