Changes to Estate Land sales in todays update

There is a small but hopefully very useful change to the way Estate Land sales work in the update pushed out today. Unlike previously, residents with no billing information will now be able to purchase Estate Land. This, we hope, will be a great help to both new residents and established estate owners alike.

This only affects estate land, not Linden run mainland.

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  1. Gille says:


  2. Valerie Seaton says:

    Three days to late, but great news anyway. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Daedalus Young says:

    I agree with Torley ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Cappy Frantisek says:

    yeah, a good reason to downgrade to basic account, woo hoo!

  5. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    Yes, does that mean I can downgrade to basic? Because I’m not going to use that 512m2 of tier, not with an island, and that’s awfully expensive stipend…

  6. Rognir Viking says:

    W00t, but it comes too late. Meantime i have a CC ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Brett Finsbury says:

    how does that work if you do not have billing info on file how does LL collect tier payments? or is the tier system gone now?

  8. Trev Prospero (Teen Grid) says:

    What’s the difference between Estate Land and mainland?

  9. Brett Finsbury says:

    oh never mind not on LL main land. Still confused about this.

  10. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    What’s the point in this? Surely you have to put in payment info to purchase $1000 of land?

  11. GC Continental says:

    HMMM… now my alt can have that dungeon ESC:d3

    NM. Must go sell things. Now all I have to do go figure out WHERE that extra land they say I owe tier on actually is….

  12. GC Continental says:

    Hmmm… VI commands don’t seem to work in this here browser…

  13. w00t indeed! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Joeb says:

    Can we have some more information on that Linden instead of a WOOT?

    friendly woots back when i can downgrade my accounts;-)

  15. Max Kleiber says:

    No. All the estate owners I’ve dealt with take their payment via PayPal.

  16. Smiley (Barry) says:

    WOOT! This means i can buy land with my alt lol :).

  17. Atashi Toshihiko says:

    What it means is this:
    According to the rules etc, you do not have to have a premium membership in order to ‘buy’ or rent land on a private estate. On a private island, the land is often set up as ‘for sale’ but the ‘sell price’ is either the first month’s rent, or is a token sum to get the listing to appear in the estate sales under land sales on the search screen.
    What was happening was the system was not letting users who had no payment info on file ‘buy’ the estate land even though the transaction was permitted according to the rules.
    This change simply gets the way things actually work, to be in line with the way things were supposed to work.
    It has no effect on mainland – you still need to be a premium user in order to buy mainland land. It has no effect on the tier system, because tier is only on the mainland. In the case of private islands, the island owner is the one and only user who pays an island fee to LL every month. Everything else on the island is between the island owner, and their tennants.

  18. Joeb says:

    Thanks for the explanation Atashi:-)

  19. Wolfeyen Willsmere says:

    This is great!! But how do we get back the items that keep dissapearing from inventory when we get a “Attemp to Rez failed” error?

  20. Sofia Westwick says:

    Great! this has been problem in past for my residents. Thank you LL

  21. Nano Ashby says:

    Atashi Toshihiko Says: It has no effect on the tier system, because tier is only on the mainland.

    lol Atashi, I can tell you don’t own estate land, I pay 20,000 L tier per month on our island, so I assure you tier is alive and well on estate land, it’s simply paid to the estate owner rather than LL, but paid it is nevertheless.

    To the people down grading their accounts, I don’t understand, last time I checked LL was not a government funded charity, with endless resources, if, as a regular user (and you *are* consuming server time, cpu time, db time, network bandwidth and so on) surely shouldn’t you contribute towards the cost? I sincerely hope that *all* the people banging their drums about upgrades, improvements, upscaling are *all* premium members, because if regular users don’t contribute towards LL how will they finance it, and *why* would they finance it, they are a company after all, people sunk huge huge amounts of dollars into it, and at somepoint I’m sure most of them would like to see it realised back, and hopefully with some profit on top, what would their opinion be if we ended up with a virtual world full of non paying users, there would, err, be no point for them?

    I know we would all love SL to work like it did today just after it reopened, I logged in, and it was quick fluid smooth, I tped here and there a bit, no wait, fast transition, the world rezzed around me really well, a joy ๐Ÿ™‚ The only way to end up with a virtual world that works that way all the time is to pay for it, it isn’t going to come for free.

  22. Pikachu Nakamura says:

    Won’t this destroy the renting market? I thought that renter’s income was based on the fact people would rather rent than pay for a premium membership.

  23. Sarge says:

    Nano Ashby, maybe more folks would pay if we actually saw our issue’s addressed. 300+ blog responses, and none of them from a linden to answer our questions? Being fed the same automatic responses when we lose 10k linden worth of inventory?

    Just because these things don’t happen to you doesn’t mean that other’s don’t suffer them. Think outside your little box.

    Why would I upgrade again when I can’t even tp anywhere 90% of the time?

    Or when the laundry list of hot issues and bugs is never fixed? Don’t give us workarounds, fix the problems instead.

    Who needs another widget when we still have the skinny pants issue?

    Or when new LSL is broken almost every update. Now about 7,000 linden worth of my items don’t work, due to the broken script. Thanks linden. You folks gonna pay ME for what you broke?

    Of course they aren’t. It’s those sorts of things that make many folks downgrade, so hop off the holier than thou soapbox. The soapbox hasn’t worked since LL quit listening. We quit listening too.

    When Sony’s and Microsoft’s virtual worlds open up, will LL still turn deaf ears to it’s residents? Or will they suddenly realize we have other options?

    That question remains to be seen. In the meantime, it’s thier own fault for the massive number of folks downgrading accounts. Had our issue’s been addressed, I’m betting many folks would still be premium.

  24. I must concur with the WOOT! Did this also change it so accounts that are currently downgrading from Premium to Basic can buy estate land or are they the only group still bugged?

  25. Nano Ashby says:

    Sarge – I understand you’re frustrated. I have the right to express my opinion (and things do happen to me, thanks very much, that was rather a large assumption on your part wasn’t it ๐Ÿ˜‰ and there is no need to come back with your ‘holier than thou soapbox’ comments, I think it’s a little childish.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong, but on the other hand, I’m not actually wrong either.

    as for this ‘Think outside your little box.’ why don’t you try being a little more mature in your post? Why do you assume my box is little? I’ve lost inventory, I get stuck in places and can’t tp out, I get days where I’m wearing my hair on my hip and suffer a ‘can’t complete the operation as there is an attachment pending for that place’ for days at a time, I drop items that take five minutes to rez, or don’t rez at all, but are gone from inventory, I drop through the ground, or get stuck flying for ten minutes at a time, I bought an expensive piano, but I can’t hear the music, although others can ๐Ÿ™‚ somedays I log on and I can be there for an hour and *still* things aren’t’ rendered properly, and somedays the whole world is a mass of grey boxes, and yes, I agree, asking for help from LL is like banging your head on a brick wall, and sometimes when it comes it’s like they (or software) scanned the keywords and gave a generic solution that often has nothing to do with the issue you raised at all.

    So I hear you. I hear your comments about rival VR, and I agree, LL may have to shape up smart when the time comes, or preferably before, in case a Linden reads this.

    But don’t deride my opinion, it stands.

  26. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    Well, more would pay if they could! Much more difficult for many of the 69% of users who live outside the US….

    They do of course make it sound like NPIOF scum like me can now “buy” land whereas before they couldn’t. It will be interesting to see what effect this has on an alreay fragile economy…

    One thing of course is you never “own” such land, opening the way for yet more scams. The few that do will add demand, and make land prices even higher against LL’s stated aim to try and reduce it. And since any money they earm used to go into the economy, and that now they will stop spending and save for land instead, means even less money spent on goods and services.

    Perhaps on the next update they should change the name from Second Life to Property Speculator….

  27. Slippery Enzyme says:


    Yeah, hey, I’m gonna pass on the woot. Lets see…

    LL’s charges me $1250 cold cash for a server I do not actually own. Then I pay $200 a month for service that never operates even close to properly, when suddenly it is raised to $1650 and $300 a month.

    LL’s decides to throw over 1000 servers online, all at once, with no consideration given to pupulation growth and it cuts in to my sales. Although I am now sitting on a new sim I can’t sell off for the amount I paid, and I can not collect maintanence on unsold land.

    LL’s expects my maintanence fees to be paid or will take back my land without blinking, yet they are responsible for this injustice,through lack of simple planning, or a blind stab at the market share of an economy they set up, that is independant of their own plan for profits.

    LL’s requires, not only payment information, but a premium account to allow anyone to purchase land, so this helps inflate the economy.

    Solution? LL’s sends me undesireable customers with no paper trail to any real person, and who can change avatars at will. Now, if I want to sell to them, I can’t block “No Payment Info On FIle” players from my land to help reduce griefers on the estate.

    Woot? I have a better word. Sorry Torley, I’m sure this is not your fault, but I have to disagree so strongly that I have actually considered notifying the Attorney General’s office of the US about things like this. I think that with the amont of reveneu generated and the number of people involved, they would be more than thrilled at the opportunity to sieze records, pending an investigation. Not to mention the political benefits, considering the news coverage.

    I submit for your consideration; responsible management and sufficient networking, or credit to my account in satisfactory recompense, please.

  28. Shenrock Miles says:

    While we are (close to being) on the subject…

    Can we get some clarification as to

    a) total initial costs to purchase an island from Linden Labs.

    b) Total monthly cost to maintain that island. To include ‘maintenance fees’ and ‘tier fees’.

    I have read the island section of the web a few times now and it comes across to me as the same doubletalk as 90% of island rental brochures…


  29. tristan Eliot says:

    Yay this is what they want! Next phase in eliminating premium accounts now complete. :p

  30. Darien Caldwell says:

    Glad to see this implemented, was a pain to sell to NPI otherwise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Cat Gisel says:

    Wow, island land prices are going to skyrocket and mainland prices are going to plummet….and the Lindens will have a waiting list for islands a year away. For LL this is BRILLIANT marketing decision. They will have money coming out of their ears. And the userbase is going to increase 100fold once the word gets out….along with the lag, no? Remember folks, before you get upset…as much as we don’t want to admit it…Linden Labs IS a business, first and foremost. And I wish I had stock in LL about now.

  32. Slippery Enzyme says:


    Sarge is trying to adress a serious problem and you seem to be doing no more than defending Linden Labs for providing an inferior product and service, at premium prices. I’m gonna go with Sarge as being more mature in this instance. Its called looking after your investment.

    Embarassment is and emotion that teaches us not to make repeat stupid mistakes; its beneficial for survival and natural selection.

    “Why do you assume my box is little?”


    Okay, you have a big, gaping box. Happy now? Here’s a bonus, a tissue for that brown stuff on your nose. Solve problems, don’t defend the cretors of them.

  33. Slippery Enzyme says:

    Cat, I disagree and will gladly pass on the stock. What LL’s needs is a CEO who can run a business, and an administrator who can run a network.

    Henry Ford built a great little car everyone could afford, and also almost went bankrupt just before taking advice form his accountant on how to run a business. Granted, it ruined the quality of products and jobs, but that just goes to show you that when you let money talk too loud, it fouls everything up too.

    Those who do not know their history are doomed to relive it.

  34. Cernus Piccard says:

    Sounds fishy …!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  35. AllieKat Stovall says:


    Tier may be alive and well, but tier to lindens on estate land are paid by the island owner, when you “buy” or rent from said island owner, you have to pay him for the space and bandwith on “his/her” server(island) yes that is tier as well, but it doesnt have to be paid to te lindens, is that atashi was getting to. meaning you dont have to have billing info on file with LL to buy or rent estate land.

    and @ cat..
    i dont think this small change(keep in mind that the only thing keeping this from happening was the code in the program. it was always ok for no payment info rsidents to own or rent estate land through another resident.) will cause all the mainland prices to plumet, and i definately dont think the island costs will skyrocket. all they did was change the code to let the program admiister the rules that the lindens set forth. all they did was enable the “buy” button to ‘buy’ estate land for no payment info on file residents. it was always possibe, just the program didnt recognize that. this isnt revolutionary, and you still cant own LL mainland sim land as a no payment info on file resident. no big change here.

  36. Brett Finsbury says:

    so no real change for me ok. i’ll go the same course I have been going. Not sure how this will help the economy in SL if the people renting or selling these lots to people who just take their money after paying their tier and convert it into USD on the exchange. They have thier money but where does LL get their money from to keep the game running? Not sure here how that works. If more people are renting from one person and not paying a monthly fee to LL who pays for new servers or better tech or even maybe a swing or graveyard shift to keep it running for the rest of us. Whats next an increase in tier charges on the main land?
    I guess thats the only real concern I have out here about this.
    reminds me of how a hospital works in RL. They charge you 100 usd for an asprin to cover for the people who cannot pay their medical bill.

  37. AllieKat Stovall says:

    Sarge, there is another option. just quit, or go to the other one out there, albeit less feature rich and less user created…. its still an online chat forum in a 3D realm. this stretches back to the main point of an arguement… if you dont like it… you dont have to use it… this enviroment of SL is never going to be the “perfect” program, due to the emense nature of the project. there will always be bugs, and sometimes when you fix a big, you may put one or 2 more in its place. like plucking grey hairs… however, LL is doing their best to give us a decend place to network and meet new people, and maybe make some $$ on the side. dont look a gift horse in the mouth.

    andto all that cant seem to wait till M$ and Sony put one out… whos to say that they will offer free accounts… and 9.99 a month will be pocket change compared to the registration fee they will ask for. think more along the lines of 30-40 a month… just to play there. and possibly have the same issues. actually i believe no possibly about it. i’ll stick here with SL cause i enjoy it. stop griping on the blog cause it gets you nowhere. your voice doesnt een come to half of the residents that actually like the program… you are not the majority.

  38. Armando Frangilli says:

    Nano is not defending LL’s position…he is just stating his opinion in which he feels the money they recieve from us Premium account holders is needed and justified, not that there aren’t other important issues that need to be addressed. I happen to agree with him. I also agree that LL isn’t addressing some serious issues…if i may be allowed to through one in the hat….abusive Estate owners…that use unethical practices…i’m not going to mention any names, but it demonstrates clearly the lack of Fairplay….

  39. Brett Finsbury says:

    then again I pay half what an Island costs a month in tier costs and the amount of property I have bought exceeds the amount of the cost of an island. If it does go up might as well sell it all buy my own island and set a chair right in the middle of it and sit down and take a deep content breath of fresh air and enjoy all the open space around me. In RL I used to map open space to just see all turn into housing projects. Guess I brought my dislike of that into SL and created my own open spaces that have nature themes for anyone to use except for the homestead that some of my RL family lives on.

  40. Slippery Enzyme says:


    That’s nice and all, but it does not address the issue of this thread, The issue is that LL’s flooded the market with sims there are yet no buyers for, ruined the business of resellers, and bit the proverbial hand that feeds them.

    Its poor management, no excuse…

    I’m not only agravated at LL’s, but at posts that digress from the subject at hand.

    When any one here wants to pay my tier fee, inclusing LL’s, I will gladly extend them similar consideration and reciprocity. Untill then… I won’t say what you can do with it, but I’ll look out for my investment. Nothing, and no one else.

    As far as rumors and hearsay about people who deal poorly with customers -in fact I think you’re refering to my competition, because I am more than fair, as any of my clients will profess- its BS, or she would be out of business and not thriving as she is. My first land was from her, and I had problems, but, nothing was unfair or unethical on her part, simply a lack of implied service. In fact, I sold my initial investment for a profit.

    Now I’m off the topic.

  41. Gillian Waldman says:

    To be clear – it was ALWAYS ok for people with NPIOF to buy land on private sims…but it wasn’t always TECHNICALLY possible. This will change nothing.

  42. Slippery Enzyme says:

    I appreciate the effort on the part of anyone at LL’s who looked for a solution, it is just unsatisfactory. This is akin to killing my child and giving me a hamster as restitution.

    All in favor, say aye!

  43. Slippery Enzyme says:

    Hear hear Gillian! Excellent point!

  44. Gillian Waldman says:

    Message from Second Life: Gillian Waldman gave you Hamster

  45. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    this certainly makes my life easier. Before, in order for basic users to buy land, I had to create a group, make them an owner, deed land to the group, and leave the group. As a busy person with a full group list (please oh please expand the allowed number of group memberships next!!!) this is a bit burdensome (and the extra 100L$ cost of creating a group is a hidden tax), so I salute LL for making this change that lets people operate how they were operating already.

    After all, in October, I had a half sim long before I was a premium, and the burdens of land ownership made me need to become a premium member, so in the end, I got what I wanted, LL got what it wanted. I think in the final analysis, this will actually mean MORE premium members, not less, as it will heat up the real estate market in the estates, and motivated land buyers will step up to premium to get more money inworld.

  46. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    Oh, and Slippery, the real estate market has changed, but its not saturated like you think. My estate is sold out, I’m expanding, and land prices on my continent are escalating daily. Not to be critical, but try putting some thought and effort into planning, infrastructure, and services to your residents, and it will pay you back in spades.

  47. Brett Finsbury says:

    Another question how will the people who cannot afford to pay LL’s monthly fee because their part of the world doesnt have the ability to be billed by LL be able to pay their rent if they do not have any money. Camp 24/7 ? Maybe another idea is for LL to possibly allow people to pay their 9.00 fee by cashing in lindens? what is that about 2500l a month? be a lot cheaper to pay that and own your own 512 lot. Last I looked most places were renting for 20 -30 usd a month.
    Or if you did buy it then you have to pay some maintience fee. Another question lets say a person is renting or buying a lot on another estate. What happens if that person who owns the island one day sells it and another person buys it. Do you log into finding you know own nothing and find yourself locked out of the island?

  48. Shockwave Yareach says:

    I have been a premium member since arriving in SL. The servers, the electricity, the staff and the programmers, they need to be paid for in legal tender. I don’t have any issue at all with paying for the game – been doing so for some time.

    Now though, I wonder if I should downgrade or not. Aside from the obligation to the game and its success, purely as a selfish question, I have to wonder what my money gets me that I could not get for free?

  49. Joeb says:


    Before i had a paid account i ordered lindens by phone.
    not all of us camp 24/7,.only on holidays.

  50. Slippery Enzyme says:


    Why would a person bying income property want to evict tennants and get new ones?


    I provide premium services to my residents, its some of the best land in SL I’m told, and it is in line with fair market prices. I have also heard complaints from numerous other estate owners. I don’t know what you’re doing on your land, unless its purely commercial, but I would sure love to find out! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. Brett Finsbury says:

    @45 yes that makes sense if you are buying to rent to people. What if the owner collects rent on the first then on the second sells to another buyer that has other idea’s for the property and doesnt want to wait in line for a new island to be built and would rather buy one already available?
    As long as there is greed and dishonest people out there people should consider covering their assets.

  52. Ann Otoole says:

    Bug: E:3565 P:1 O:W V1.14.0.1 (…….)[User interface] “Deed to group fails” #771706
    There is a bug i found and dutifully reported:
    Deed to groups fails when land owner is NPIOF account

    Yes I wasted no time becoming a land owner. Well… its all rented unless you own the sim and even sim owners are renting from LL. But we can *feel* like we *own* land and thats very nice. And control access (IOW Covenant), set the radio station url, etc. all fun stuff.

    Overall a very positive step forward. Thank you Linden Labs!

  53. Ann Otoole says:

    Sell linden and leave the USD in your account. The billing process takes from the USD on the account before going to the on file payment information. Yep. You can already do this.

  54. Jesse Murdock says:


    Last I checked, LL was making a killing in the Lindex. Not only are they the biggest seller, they are collecting, what is it, 6 percent of every sale… oh then there’s classifieds, sim sale, sim monthly fees, tier from mainland owners…. I don’t think they rely too heavily on the small subscription fee that a premium membership is.

    What is it anyways, what premium service or aspect are you entitled to by having it. Used to get a few extra $L a week for having it…. lets you buy mainland and hence pay them more again in tier…. hmmm… you know… I ccan’t think of one bonus to having it anymore… that’s odd…..
    Not Really…

    Love Linden Lab, Philip’s vision and dream coming to fruition… truly awesome when looked at empathetically. I do often wonder why about a lot of stuff, but hell w/ it… I love SL. Don’t care a bit that they’re making money on it, happy in fact, hope they make lots more, just hope the customer never becomes just a number to them…

  55. Ann Otoole says:

    Brett, the fastest way to ensure you will never buy a sim in SL is to develop a reputation for causing loss of lindens to residents. Normally a sim owner must declare who is renting, etc, when the rentals expire, etc., and all details be agreed to before sending the required pair of emails to concierge.

    If the scenario you described was prevalent in sl i think we would have heard a lot of people screaming in the blog by now.

    use of bots for purchasing should be a TOS violation.

    accounts in possesion of purchase bots should be removed and the associated account machine banned for life from sl.

    accounts that create purchase bots should be machine banned from sl for life. Also the accounts that create commonly used griefing utilities.

    Kill off the malicious object creators and put their assets to good use in the sl community’s interest. They are easy to spot on sl exchange. wouldnt take long for an investigation team to look there to get the malicious content creator accounts.

  56. Slippery Enzyme says:


    If you buy the land you can always resell it, probably fast too if LL’s isn’t flooding the market at the time. If I were to ever perosnally sell, I would warn resident well in advance, and I have no reason not to be able to since the money I collect pays for the tier.

    Seriously, how many people do you know who bought and lost land that way? I’m sorry but I can;t give a post like that any credence, besides, its not the topic. Come on now…

    Ann is right, no one really owns anything, even the physical servers.


    SL can be a great thing, lets just keep it that way. When you start a company, you hire people to manage things they are experts at handling. With this much money changing hands daily, do you really think its wise not to have planned expansion, based on growth nubers, that allow everyone to survive? You are familiar with anti-trust laws I assume, or why comment in this thread? They were instituted to prvent captialism form becoming a monarchy. And… if I have to explain this… nvm, enjoy the game.

  57. Major Kit says:

    Philip Rosedale, Founder and CEO, Liden Lab spoke at the Virtual World Conference on 3/28/07, and admitted in the formation of Second Life he focused on the physics and not the people, mostly because he has an engineering background.

    He said, “he realized in the last three months, [the reason people liked SL is] not that it is in 3D it is that it has other people in it – but when you surf the web there are no people in it.”

    So address the criticism in real life terms, a real phone call, or real letter to his office…just a suggestion from having heard the man speak.

  58. Shenrock Miles says:


    If ‘premium’ accounts are sooo needed by linden labs, why the heck did they work the free accounts in so well that actually PAYING for a subscription, and the benefits/priviledges one would ‘usually’ get (in just about any other mmo on the market) is a moot point?

    If they need premium payments so badly, they really crewed themselves (with a capital S) with this move.

    You do NOT have to have a premium account to purchase lindens (although I sure as hell wouldn’t trust any third party, nor pay the extra rates I am sure they charge). You do not have to have a premium account to p[lay for more than ‘X’ days. You do not need a premium account to purchase or even earn in SL. NOW (and apparently just about forever) you don’t need premium accounts to own property (although, as pointed out, you never really OWN it – even with mainland parcels)

    So, tell me… just why should ANYONE pay? Because we LIKE it? nah, I like breathing too, but if they ever start charging for it in this country, I’ll be the first across the border.

    Now, don’t misunderstand (again, as usual, someone will) I truely would pay to show my support for a fine product, BUT; it’s NOT fine – it’s totally snafu; I have not seen the support from Linden Labs that I used to see for the past 6 months and change. I must have 10 reports filed for lost junk, well over 50 grand worth. When I start seeing those support items being worked on, I’ll think about paying again to show my support.

    When a company can not live up to it’s end of the deal (ie: honest and timely support, quality products) why should I pay them?

    Oh, and since 1.14 hit the servers, I may have logged in twice to scope the sitrep out. I havent had much in the line of problems, but too many others are and I won’t risk what little I have left on a ton of ‘maybes’

    One last thing, I love the fact that earlier today, I actually posted a LEGITIMATE QUESTION, fairly on the topic, and not a single Linden (or any of you bozos busy whining, flaming and speculating about silly crap) bothered to answer it. Yeah, this blog actually works well…

  59. Ann Otoole says:

    $1675 USD to initialize an island and $295 USD a month to keep it if i am not mistaken. Those are for new island purchases not accounts with some grandfathered in clause.

    thats the numbers that stuck in my head anyway.

  60. Ann Otoole says:

    looks like NPIOF accounts are no longer able to buy land again. guess they had to yank the update code out.

  61. Shenrock Miles says:

    thanks ann. the whole reason I asked is because I have been thinking about buying one just for my own use as a sandbox (I design complete sim packages). with the complete influx over the last few months, it’s been murder (in some cases, literally) to find someplace to work that doesnt crash, get stormed by griefers or just plain lose my work in the void :-/ 300 a month tho is a bit steep… I’d have to charge extra to my customers and I don;t like doing that

  62. Slippery,
    You have been on point all day on this topic! KUDOS. The Lindens do everything to manipulate the economy to their interest only and not for the greater good of a stable SL economic system. The real estate industry is in a sad state like a recession. Estate Owners were lured into buying quick, hard and fast last year….only to be undermined this year on the back end. I find that most people dealing in real estate are delusional that the market is doing well only because they are able to turn quick lindens but have no clue as to the actual state of affairs. I consider those people akin to drug traffickers/extortionist/racketeers who by the way are never affected by recession either.

  63. Brett Finsbury says:

    the reason I am asking these questions is that a person who knows the answers and is in the industry to rent house would know these answers. With all the fraud in SL going on before I even think of renting or sending someone in that direction what kind of safe guards the renter has.
    I see the potential for fraud out there now and with LL making it easier to make yourself more open to fraud I just think that some safeguards need to be put into place by LL.
    I have seen loop holes that people can take advantage of before and would hate to keep my mouth shut again and hear a friend later say they fell for what could have been prevented.
    And by the way isnt this topic about buying land from estates?

  64. Tegg B says:

    Woot? I have a better word. Sorry Torley, Iโ€™m sure this is not your fault, but I have to disagree so strongly that I have actually considered notifying the Attorney Generalโ€™s office of the US about things like this. I think that with the amont of reveneu generated and the number of people involved, they would be more than thrilled at the opportunity to sieze records, pending an investigation. Not to mention the political benefits, considering the news coverage.

    If you’re so unhappy, just give all your stuff away and leave, shutting LL down and denying the rest of us any fun would just make you an arsehole. Or is someone else just paying you to do it?

  65. Tegg B says:

    So unverified free & basic accounts can now own island sims? Well, kiss the mainland goodbye I guess, 100% can now go free accounts and move to our little isolated island sims LL make more money from island tier than mainland anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Zi Ree says:

    Unverified and basic accounts have always been able to own island sims. The change only refers to buying *Land* on estate sims, not a whole sim.

    So, your prediction of “kiss mainland goodbye” has not come true in the past up to now, so probably will never come true in the future ๐Ÿ˜›

    Information is power.

  67. Tegg B says:

    So is there a difference between an estate sim and an island sim?

  68. SiReN Beam says:

    So no benefit in paying for premium membership. I’ll definitely keep that in mind when fees come due.

  69. slavko milosz says:

    Precisely SiReN. With all the money LLabs are making on set up fees, tier, lindex, and whatever else theyre charging for overtly and covertly, you would think they could afford to scrap premium accounts all together and make the stipend L$500 pw for everyone. They could probally afford to increase that too, as it will all get back to them in the end.

  70. slavko milosz says:

    Question: Dont you have to register the details of a paypal account with LLabs? If so, would that not show on your profile?

  71. Soilent says:

    What are you all talking about premium accounts? “Payment info on file” โ‰  Premium Account. You never needed a prem acct to buy estate land.
    And the destinction payment info on file (or not) says besically: “has credit card” or not. (paypal, used for pre-approved payments, in many countries works only with credit card, so that’s NO alternative)

    Many people seem to assume that people with credit cards are nice people while those without are all griefers. Funny thinking.

  72. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ok i was bored ๐Ÿ™‚

    and wanted to say bye the right way so here it goes :D!

    bye bye love uz!
    PLAY IT!
    hugs n besos!

  73. Tegg B says:

    Soilent Says: What are you all talking about premium accounts? โ€œPayment info on fileโ€ โ‰  Premium Account. You never needed a prem acct to buy estate land.
    And the destinction payment info on file (or not) says besically: โ€œhas credit cardโ€ or not. (paypal, used for pre-approved payments, in many countries works only with credit card, so thatโ€™s NO alternative)

    Many people seem to assume that people with credit cards are nice people while those without are all griefers. Funny thinking.

    Well no, all free accounts aren’t griefers, but yet to see a premium griefer who can access 200 different credit cards for all his disposable alts……………

    When you say unverified can buy estate land you, mean you actually buy the land direct from LL or are really renting it in one of those make a premium landowner rich schemes, where if you crunch the numbers you find the people saving $10USD per month are haveing to pay a lump sum plus near double the real owners actual tier.

  74. Tegg,

    I am looking out for my residents and my investment. You have contradicted yourself and are obvious. So you really don’t need my help to loose all credibility here. Good job! How does it feel to be a flea on the back of the big dogs? I have some shampoo for you.

    While you’re at it, write me an essay on how an investigation by the USAG effects a company. Maybe you’ll lern something for a change.


    Thank you for the recognition.

  75. femina matahari says:

    Of course no one really owns anything no more than in RL. Do you think if its in the countires, read Governments interest, to steal your RL home and land they won’t do it, of course they will and pay you far less than a private selling.
    But we own land if we can resell it in the uk and the us even if they are taxing us while we own it. We rent land in both countries if we pay some money to someone other than the governemt and cannot sell it.
    So to equate all island land as rentals is nonsense. you pay tier to the Island owner. Island owner pays in turn to Linden Labs. If you can sell your land on from the island, you own it as much as you do on the mainland.
    I hear the island knockers constantly whinging on about islands being only rentals, but completely ignoring the fact that you can sell on at a price the market reflects. Sometimes you make a loss on resale sometimes you make a profit. I for one amd glad to see this change it widens my customer base for my islands, even though I am cynically watching that new mainland monster growing just nine sims south east of my onw islands. Perhaps thats the reason they made this change to Justify the number of sims being thrown up.

  76. femina matahari says:

    Tegg@74 Lets see the Island owner pays a lump sum and so asks that people who want to settle on their land also pay a lump sum. The island owner pays a tier fee so also requires a tier fee to be paid. the profit made by the tier fee collected being more than the tier fee paid is called profit. Last I heard we are allowed to do that. If we are too greedy then people will not come to us, will not buy our land. Checks and balances.
    Or are you saying we should make no profit, not buy more islands not charge a dollar more than we lay out. Do all the work involved in running an island, security, dealing with griefers, helping residents with building and shopping and a million other problems including giving them a shoulder to cry on sometimes. We should do all this for love.
    Please get realistic, just because you cannot run this sort of business do not critisize those who can.

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