Second Life Scheduled Maintenance – Complete!

As mentioned previously on the blog, Second Life is closed at the moment for scheduled maintenance. The maintenance is expected to take from 7:00am through 11:00am PST (that’s 15:00-19:00 GMT).

Logins on the Beta Test Grid will need to be disabled for about the first hour of maintenance work, but will then be opened up.

I’ll post updates here as the maintenance work progresses. Note that the news is likely to be slow and boring unless a crisis occurs, at which point I may be too busy to post.

UPDATE – 9:23am: Maintenance work is complete, and Second Life is open again. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE – 9:06am: Sorry for the issues logging into the Beta Test grid. For reasons not yet understood, a lot of logins are failing. We’ll be investigating that – thanks for helping with the Beta Test!

UPDATE – 9:00am: We’re done the bulk of the work and just making sure the grid is happy before we open things up. We should be done very soon.

UPDATE – 8:15am: The first chunk of maintenance work is complete. The Beta Test Grid is open again, but may be having issues we’ll try to sort out.

UPDATE – 8:00am: So far things are on or a little ahead of schedule, although it looks like we’ll have to keep Beta Grid logins disabled for a little while longer. (There was a dependency in the work sequence that we didn’t catch last night.) Another update should be coming in a few minutes.

UPDATE – 7:15am: To residents who were on the beta grid at around 7:15 – just after I made my “if you’re already logged in, you can stay!” I was going to announce that one of the pieces of work we’re doing might cause a connectivity hiccup or loss of connection. But they beat me to it. Sorry! We’ll open up the Beta again ASAP.

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146 Responses to Second Life Scheduled Maintenance – Complete!

  1. Luscious says:

    anyone wanna do side bets on the time SL will go back up lol

  2. Zebadee says:

    Good Luck!

  3. Paolo Bade says:

    tomorrow? lol

  4. laetizia says:

    Good luck banging on doodads and thingamabobs… works every time with my car ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Lilly says:

    11:45am ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Mykal Goode says:

    I’m gonna go with 12:05 PM

  7. Bina says:

    Always, when i have a free afternoon^^ Couldn’t you choose a thursday for the next grid closing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Cabalero Klopek says:

    Good luck Lindens!!! Hope everything goes as planned.


  9. Yeah, i’ll have a bet —– L$1 says it is late

  10. foxy says:

    Why does SL always go down for maintenance in favour of SL time ?This causes hardship for those of us who are on GMT and European time zones. Surely with all the current marketing that is being done in Europe, some consideration could be given to us. We are customers too.

  11. Usagi Musashi says:

    can`t log in to beta yet what wrong joshie still banging your bones hehehe joking ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Nebula Vacirca says:

    12:30pm ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Austie Pegler says:

    LOL – I want in on the action – I’ve got 50L on 2:05 pm SL time.

  14. Crystalkeeper Nevadan says:

    got a 75L that it will be up 3pm sl time

  15. Chrome Nakamura says:

    I bet the will open 10:30… march 1st ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Wooot I am excited to get back on SL after the maintenance! Hope everyone at Linden Lab is having a great day!!

  17. Lolita says:

    I have 50L on it coming up today and going down tomorrow to repair what they fixed today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. mathias oh says:

    i was making money guys . . .

  19. theouare says:

    Tip for LL . . .

    put on an estimated time longer than planned, people will praise when it’s open sooner.

    when you don’t make the estimate people tend to complain easily.

    But i’d say 12.10 PM to be honest ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Fox Tweak says:

    How do you get an answer from a Linden these days? – i want to ask when they are ever going to re-run the Busy Ben’s – Luna Lottery, as it is well overdue. I have sent e-mails, tried IMs, left notes at the Linden village.

  21. SK Torres says:

    I’ll go for 6:00pm sl time…with lots of hiccups that will last a few days….hehe kidding I wish them luck to a speedy recovery from maintenance.

  22. Austie Pegler says:

    Digital, you have something brown on your nose.. eww on your tongue too. j/k

  23. thekiosker wise says:

    hola busco un trabajo jajjaj como todo el mundo ya lo se!! y tambien busco una mujer rica , bueno estoy en sl para cualquiera de las dos cosas enviar privado

  24. Sie Alcott says:

    yippee! They are working on the lag issues…..right?…….RIGHT?!

  25. Serious Serapis says:

    In order for Second Life to become a truly viable tool, Linden Labs needs to find a way to perform maintenance and updates without bringing down the entire grid.

    As more businesses and educators turn to Second Life to augment and in some cases replace their traditional offerings it is not an acceptable business practice to make the grid inaccessible as often as is the case currently.

    A Grid Availability percentage approaching 99.99% needs to be Linden Labs highest priority if it wants to attract real business. Failing that, SL will only be a toy or curiousity…or footnote in the Wikipedia years from now.

  26. Usagi Musashi says:

    no, i dont agree. we need downtime . Like any other system you need to go in and do repairs etc……..otherwise its fruitless

  27. Grey Beam says:

    and in a semi-serious side note, I need the grid down so I can do real work in the Real World!!!

  28. Paolo Bade says:

    Yes, we need downtimes.
    Shower, dress, eat… ahahaha

  29. 77 Allstar says:

    omg, its boring when SL is closed. … lalala, waiting.. and waiting.

    ”Missing” IF anyone finds a ‘Jack In The Box’ house rezzing system,(4 scripts), it is mine, it just disapeard out of my invent. thats 1800$L gone in 1 hour. LL u stole some thats mine and i want it back… i know where u live..

  30. I can’t get past the shakes but I will stay a consumate optimist and put my money on 2:15pSLT as the time the grid will reappear! Oh I’m sorry did I say optimist?? Man this is really getting to me.

    I will hold out hope that when the grid comes back up it will be more stable than it is right now! (hold on one second someone is trying to tell me something) Oh yeah it’s down now so I am thinking worst case scenario it will be better than it is right now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Best of Luck Linden Types and keep up the hard work, it will get better soon……I mean really can the guff you are taking get much worse???

    *Group Hug*

  31. H.K says:

    it is good, very good they didn’t close the comments for this post.

    I am really relieved.

    Thank you, Lindens!

  32. I keep seeing this reference to RL things, WTF is that anyway??? RL I mean really no one can even prove it exists!!!! LOL

  33. I agree with Serious that it should be possible to do almost any maintenance without bringing down the entire business — and for four hours! I am a former CTO.

    I also agree with Grey… the downtime increases productivity in the real world… except for the time fruitlessly trying to log in to SL periodically even though preventive maintenance is still going on :–)

  34. femina matahari says:

    Serious I think you should think a little before you make statements like a toy or curiosity. People are making serious money with this so called toy, and one particular lady has become a millionaire.
    This platform is at the leading edge and while I no more like the idea of downtime than any other, I understand it will be a while before this type of software will approach anything like your impossibly high standard.

  35. Joachim Schaub says:

    @Usagi Musashi

    Why is downtime NEEDED?

    Whats about a second set of servers and a big switch.

    Switch to the idle ones – maintain the main servers – switch back to the main servers!

    Thats 2 times 5minutes downtimes a month!

    Hours of downtime are fruitless.

  36. Camryn Baxter says:

    While I do agree that downtime is a necessary evil, I agree that they need to improve their uptime. Failing that, they should give more advanced notice to these scheduled maintenance and upgrade outages.

    Scheduled maintenance should be able to be…um…scheduled. Like every month…every two weeks…on a regular schedule. So everyone knows about it, can plan for it, etc.

    Upgrade outages should also be give much more lead time than the current 3-5 days. At least one weeks notice should be given, unless it is to fix a critical issue that is causing havoc.

    Maintenance and upgrades keep SL working smoothly and make the SL experience better. LL needs to do a better job of letting everyone know and realize the true inconvenience they cause some residents with such short advance notice.

  37. MrWebDevil says:

    I have been watching the Subtext News on the log in screen for any upcoming *maintenance or bringing down the grid* Titles and I never saw this coming.


    Oh well… Guess I will do something productive… Crap

  38. Could I have the lady millionaire’s phone number please!!! People always bogarting the good stuff man I mean come on….I own an SL business and I have no problem with the grid downtime, it is necessary imho. At least that is what I am told and I believe EVERYTHING I am told, except anything having to do with RL cause I think that is a farce to be quite honest about it!

  39. Steven77 Peterman says:

    LOL…. I put my money on 10:50am PST

    Or at least I hope it will…..

  40. Camryn Baxter says:

    MrWebDevil….maybe they should be able to “pin” the downtime blog entries so they stay on the log screen. I did see it but it was over the weekend.

  41. Todd Dixon says:

    well, I say the Lindens will do there best to get it up and running with the schduled time. I doubt they willl go over…..Keeoing my fingers crossed ….LOL….Daaan Im addicted

  42. Sandra Vesta says:

    When do you guys at Linden take the effort to schedule maintenance at a later time? Why is it always Europe who has to suffert he pain of this maintances? Try to do it at the end of your day for a change so Europe can log on for a while also. We are paying members too. Now it seems to me it is all for the USA glory?

    I dare to bet 75L they can not do it in the scheduled time :o)

  43. femina matahari says:

    Don’t know her phone number chance but Anshcheung is the name I believe.

  44. Sie Alcott says:

    I just want LAG reduced so I can WALK! Is it really that much to ask? lol

  45. Superman5560newversion Yongbo says:

    guys sl never gets back up when it sess its always like 1 hour or 2 later sometimes more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so im gonna guess that it will be back up why 2:00 pm

  46. Summer says:

    whens it gonna b up i cant wait any longer lol

  47. Sand Mills says:

    There’s no way to argue against Linden Labs. Second Life’s traffic increases by exponential user increase as referred to the Parkinson’s law. But there’s also Moore’s law that states a potential increase of resources such as doubling the RAM. But nobody can do that without switching off the/a computer, can we?

  48. H.K says:

    i think he was joking about the “phone number”, it’s impossible not to know her name and do any business in SL.

  49. Well there is the argument that with the cover of Forbes and all the media attention that one could have seen the “explosion” coming ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it is great and it sucks all at the same time. Which overall means, wait I don’t know what it means ๐Ÿ˜‰ *Shutting up now*

  50. Summer says:

    Why do they need this long to do the repairs? when they should do like an hour a day or shut it off at weekends to do the repairs

  51. H.K says:

    True, they aren’t doubling the ram or doing any upgrade, but at least they aren’t laying on a pool side passing out the pipe, are they?

  52. chrissie says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the update, just wonder what other issues will be there once the current ones are fixed hmmmmmmm

  53. Usagi Musashi says:

    Still cant get in.Besides I tried to get in at 7:10 and there was no way. so your wrong joshie

  54. Usagi Musashi says:

    Please have been crabbing about updates for as long as I remeber………Its a fact of life……..

  55. Summer says:

    i said to a friend on SL that the last time they did this i bet they sat there and laffed for the whole time it was offline as nothin was fixed

    i hope they fix it better this time as i love this game so much now

  56. Usagi Musashi says:

    People ( heheh wrote it wrong )have been crabbing about updates for as long as I remeber………Its a fact of life……..

  57. chrissie says:

    remember** too

  58. Summer says:

    lol usagi u got it right this time lol

  59. etherkye Hansen says:

    as long as it works once it’s back up i don’t care.

  60. Oolon Sputnik says:

    Hopefully, updates = stability. Let ’em do there job.

  61. Lorly says:

    hmm i wonder what will be diff now… good thing the grind is down in rl things to do… but yet wanna play REALLY bad!!!! lol

  62. Rhonda Kit says:

    Well geez, Thanks for the warning. Did I miss something? I never saw anything telling me they were takeing the grid down today. Now I’m gonna have to actually do some RL crap around here and that sucks.

  63. Todd Dixon says:

    I say if the Lindens are making improvements it’s because they’re needed……. No reason to doubt them and if the grid needs to come down to get the isues fixed so be it…. It’s only to improve user expirience anyway……..So why are we her… because the grid is closed…. if not we would be in there having a good time…. right?

    We are all addicts of a game that is by far a revolutionary to the way we live in RL…… Wait wtf is RL again??????

  64. chrissie says:

    still…… as long as events are working i spose im happy

  65. Dagmar Kojishi says:

    Joshua, thank you for keeping us posted on how things are going. I appreciate that effort at communication that could easily get lost while the team focuses on the technology.

  66. Esther Drayman says:

    We need a SLA club for the down times. Do you think some of us actually have a 1st life or something?! Hurry! Ahhh!

    Thanks for the fixes…

  67. Alexis Cronenwerth says:

    In rl it’s possible to install an upgrade or complete maintenance on a network without going down for four or five hours every two weeks.

  68. chrissie says:

    is anyone on the beta grid yet ? i cant get there:(

  69. Alexis Cronenwerth says:

    wait… this is SL… oh… sorry..i forgot.

  70. Jarik Garsztka says:

    I have to give kudos to the Lindens for a huge improvement in their communications. Frequent updates on progress are a great help. Keep improving things!

  71. Sie Alcott says:

    I say give em all the time they need to reduce lag. Honestly ppl are driven away by the lag just as much as they come in. Out of four ppl I have so far gotten to come to SL two remain, two left for the lag, and the two remaining bitch about the lag. Everyone here bitches about the lag in game. Try holding a class, or forum, or educational or business presentation when lag over criwds you. No serious business outside of SL will allow a presentation to another that has big money riding on it if lag like we get is possible. Again, and potential incoming is potential outgoin once they experience the lag.

  72. Joe says:

    UPDATE – 8:00am: So far things are on or a little ahead of schedule, although it looks like weโ€™ll have to keep Beta Grid logins disabled for a little while longer. (There was a dependency in the work sequence that we didnโ€™t catch last night.) Another update should be coming in a few minutes.


    anyone else experiencing any SL withdrawal symptoms.. such as hallucination?

  73. Alexis Cronenwerth says:

    of course… now I’ve heard everything…

  74. Todd Dixon says:

    yeah ME!!!! And the shakes….. cold sweats…..uncontrollable body functions……LOL

  75. H.K says:

    1 and half an hour past! 2 and half more to go!

  76. Todd Dixon says:

    and the count down cont…..

  77. Lorly says:

    How do i go on beta grid? simply log in in sl?

  78. Shelly says:

    I’m getting the exact same msg I got during last week’s update while trying to get on the preview grid..”unable to connect to SL (done)”

  79. Summer says:

    well the posted a new update
    UPDATE – 8:15am: The first chunk of maintenance work is complete. The Beta Test Grid is open again, but may be having issues weโ€™ll try to sort out.

    is the beta test grid for only beta testers or can anyone go on it? and is it SL that u can play that is the beta?

  80. Raptor Jesus says:

    RAWRZ! This gives me time to prepare my teachings today for the people of SL!
    Putting 100L money on 1:45 SL time. RAWRZ! lol1!

  81. Doron says:

    Still can’t get into the beta grid :-/

  82. Grey Beam says:

    Where’s my DOOM, or QUAKE, or SIN or …


    Oops – sorry – did I say that out loud? sigh….

    Back to being productive.

  83. anybody can connect to the beta grid ?

    i canยดt….

  84. Paul Zapotocky says:

    Nor can I x.x

  85. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Apparantly I have a job – I’d forgotten. And where are all usual Wednesday whiners? I miss you guys!

  86. Todd Dixon says:

    please! open soon….

  87. Is aditi not avaiable during this interval? (Or am I just not remembering how to invoke the beta client to get it? I think it’s

    ./secondlife –aditi

    Do I have that right?)

  88. Gr8big Radius says:

    Did anyone else catch this wonderful comment?

    “Iโ€™ll post updates here as the maintenance work progresses. Note that the news is likely to be slow and boring unless a crisis occurs, at which point I may be too busy to post.”

    This says:
    “I will not post unless there is a problem.”
    “I will not post if there is a problem.”

    hmmm, logic problems.

  89. Arksun says:

    Has anyone else noticed this, Second Life is restricting taking new registrations!

    “To ensure the best possible experience for all of our Residents, we are temporarily limiting new account registrations.
    There’s been a huge influx of new Residents into Second Life and we are working hard to keep up with the demand.”

    To that I take my hat off to you Linden, you really are prioritising stability over registration figures now. This is a great sign ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. OK… I will read to the end next time, I promise! Thanks, Joe!

  91. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Hey put me in 100L for 3:30pm SLT. LOL, the Beta Grid was gonna stay open, oh wait no it’s doen, oh wait it’s back up but we may be having problems. Does anyone see this as a bad omen beside me?

    haiku for you

    Grid being worked on
    So many lost avatars
    Real life works just fine


  92. Jay Clostermann says:

    I hope Aditi shall be avalible soon, Aditi is alot more fun on the TG than on the MG during downtimes. It’s usually no-grief.

  93. Marsha Chapman says:

    Need some help…
    First Look reset my cache location and is using my main C: drive for its cache…Ive tried the fix listed on the web…but no luck.
    I submited a request to Tech. support but I have not gotten a reply from any one at Linden yet.
    Do any of you super smart types have any good ideas?

  94. Sie Alcott says:

    Prioritizing registraions for stability?~ WOW… I too tip my hat to Linden for this one. Good Show all!

  95. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Nope cappy – standard operating procedure ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. Chronic Skronski says:

    Happy “Last Whinesday of the Moanth”, everyone!

  97. Nhile Fuller says:

    Any update on the BETA grid?

  98. Usagi Musashi says:

    I am getting strange error message………..Unable to conect to login server..

    “Often this means that your computers clock is set incorrectly.”
    waht the hell is this? My internal clock is right your stupid asset server is screwed!

  99. Jewels Boa says:

    I kno I’m having withdrawl pains. I miss my SL buddys. I miss the islands. There is too much death and destruction in RL.

    On a less-serious note, I hope stability is improved. 6 or 7 crashes per day is not going to get all the real-world to try this fantastic place.

    Good luck Lindens ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Jay Clostermann says:


  101. Lucas Atlantis says:

    I’ve been noticing that SL seems to bloody freeze every minute or so on accasion then crashes on me. I know other people have experienced this too. I just hope theses maintances fix theses ludicrous crashes.

  102. Anny Helsinki says:

    Its wednesday, a RL-day. so lets do, what we have left the other days.

    Ty for that day, LL


  103. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Chronic wrote:

    Happy โ€œLast Whinesday of the Monthโ€, everyone!

    Good one, very funny!

    Well isn’t the beta grid supposed to have all the great fixes of the main grid? And if so, doesn’t that mean when we all sign on, if we can at all, it’ll explode in a big band heard around the internet?

    Just funning with you all, I want back in so I can count the problems and start loading the bug report system. YAY!

  104. Mallory Taov says:

    I do agree, this downtime is bad for business. I hope someday they will find a way to do maintenance and updates in parts or something. So what the not the whole grid will be down for hours and hours and…

    Someone mentioned he lost 1800L$ of scripts. Welcome to the club. I’ve lost so many things never to be seen again. In total I’ve lost way more then 1800L$. I do notice that the cheap stuff reappears. And the expensive stuff gets lost in the infinite black hole….

    P.S. Beta grid… not working. Too busy?

  105. Usagi Musashi says:

    updates don`t bother me BUT incorrectly tellling us of information like thie DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time PLEASE PLEASE be straight with us like stever linden is and don`t beat around the bush as they say PLEASE!!!!!! ()’&()’&()&'(&'(%&'()%)’&%&’%%&’%&’%’%’&%&$%

  106. Lucas Atlantis says:

    As long as this maintance fixs the SL freezing time I don’t mind if SL is down for 4 hours.

  107. Mallory Taov says:

    Oops, sorry for those really bad typos. Hard to type… with all these tears in my eyes… because SL is down *sniff*.

  108. Lucas Atlantis says:

    Does anyone else here suffer SL freezing every noun then?

  109. C10D says:

    Side Bets, how funny. If you have any idea what it takes to keep it running, then you will talk differently. Like other companies, bank, stock exchage, etc, can do their database management everyday after work hours, and they *could* have 24-9=15 hours of maintance time. LL don’t have that.
    Also, when you compare this to WOW, it’s not the same, you are never on the same gris, hey a lot of multiple different grids where you can log on.
    So, there have to be time for some maintance!
    I think they do a great yob, but i also think they have to exapand ASAP, i believe they do that, or we never could logon wiht 30K+.
    Linden, it would be nice, if possible, to let us know what are you dong there on the background, people wil start to know more better what’s going there.

  110. Helios Eun says:

    Uhhh… Why Doesn’t the Beta Grid Work? ^^

  111. Usagi Musashi says:

    @55 no just screwedup!…….

  112. lola seifert says:

    Ok as far as I know dont they give a week notice on updates an its every two weeks on WEDNESDAY so how much more scheduled can you get informed about an update…come on people use common sense. Unless its a few unaware newbs still complaining about …wahh wahhh how come you dont give more notice about updates wah wahh, i need more notice, so stupid How about they shut down your account for a few days how you like that then you have something really to complian about, like not being able to get in sl because your account has A HOLD ON IT!!! hmm sounds like a good idea to me, because most of whiners are people causing trouble in sl…….(HINT HINT LINDENS) PFFFFT

  113. chrissie says:

    beta grid??????????????????????? hello

  114. Usagi Musashi says:

    Beta grid had LEFT THE BUILDING.Straight to china

  115. Vinsette Graysmark says:

    Still can’t get into the Beta grid. I’m getting *all kinds* of interesting error messages.:) The last one was just “Unable to Connect to Second Life (done).”
    Short and sweet… but still sad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  116. Christian Lomba says:

    When RL requires my attention I work with Blue Chip clients creating interactive web applications. A few hours down time on any of my clients site would result in me receiving at the least a very stern email, more likely would be a face to face tongue lashing in my direction.

    The internet itself has gone through many upgrades since Tim Berners Lee first introduced the concept and not once has it been taken down (although we all know many people are trying to bring it to itโ€™s knees based on the amount of SPAM we get on a daily basis!).

    Please do not think that this is a dig at LL, I applaud what they have achieved and yes it is much better than anything I have constructed. But previous comments about downtown being inevitable and that this will always be the caseโ€ฆ

    Your wrong!

    I would go as far as to bet a whole L$25 that LL have a development team working on how to implement updates to the grid without having to take the site down. It is not in their best interest to be offline, so you can be guaranteed that they want this scenario even less than we do!

  117. Anny Helsinki says:

    ya usagi ure right

    feels better now?

    hell…. all in sl know about Wednesdays

  118. josh spire says:

    RL doesn’t exist…
    its all just a matrix in your mind..
    your a puppet being controlled by the hands of an artful devil or angel

    I know this..
    Seriously… i do.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  119. Summer says:

    UPDATE – 9:00am: Weโ€™re done the bulk of the work and just making sure the grid is happy before we open things up. We should be done very soon.

    does the mean SL will b bk online early?

  120. Joe says:

    UPDATE – 9:00am: Weโ€™re done the bulk of the work and just making sure the grid is happy before we open things up

    This hallucination is getting worse.. im off to the doctors

  121. Vinsette Graysmark says:

    WTG, Lindens!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. Arksun says:

    ok i’m sorry but its gotta be said, quit the pathetic moaning Usagi!.

    Things have been more stable than ever with over 32000 people on the grid reguarly, now with their blogs they post more updates to keep people informed of exactly whats going on. On top of that they really are restricting new user signups.

    Go for a walk dude, fresh air might make you a less miserable person ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. josh spire says:

    i bet my current SL lindens in my account that it opens on time.. if not before


  124. Jordan Spencer says:

    I’d just like to thank Joshua Linden for the updates. I’m one of the many people that have no life and sit around waiting for SL to open up once again. So the frequent updates are most appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. Johanna Hyacinth says:

    Once the viewer has resolved the userserver name, and added the circuit data for the IP address and port, is it normal for it to then immediately disable the circuit, remove the circuit, then complain about a packet from an invalid circuit?

    Because that’s what happens just before it hangs while trying to connect to the beta grid.

  126. Summer says:

    Who’s a beta tester?

    UPDATE – 9:06am: Sorry for the issues logging into the Beta Test grid. For reasons not yet understood, a lot of logins are failing. Weโ€™ll be investigating that – thanks for helping with the Beta Test!

    Coz looks like you still cant get on

  127. Joe says:

    UPDATE – 9:06am: Sorry for the issues logging into the Beta Test grid. For reasons not yet understood, a lot of logins are failing. Weโ€™ll be investigating that – thanks for helping with the Beta Test!

    oh dear. here we go

  128. Flyby Jevon says:

    I hope they fix the sim border crossing issues…. I can’t complain too much, being that I’m not a premium member, but it does have an affect of me ever becoming one if this common everyday sim crossing crash (wlaking, driving, or flying) keeps continuing. Crossing sim borders should be nice and smooth no matter how slow or fast you cross them. Am I wrong?

  129. Rabbit Leavitt says:

    Hopefully my clothes are still on me this time around.
    The last few times I logged out with a pretty outfit and came back NAKED!!!

  130. Ann Otoole says:

    i made it into beta. invisible. hardly anyone there. no point in remaining in there waiting to rez. obviously nothing has been fixed since so few on beta yet the same problems are all present without any loading. main will soon open. then i can go back to my creating content for others to enjoy.

  131. DR Dahlgren says:

    Well, good morning all you other jones’g Beta is still down for me, a variety of login errors. One new one for me, – Unable to connect to SecondLife (Done) – LOL. I guess it got tired of giving me the whole – Despite our best efforts – speal. LOL

    @ Josh – did the log entries I posted help? I can still provide full log if you are interested.

    @ Mallory Taov – I keep copies (when I can create them of course) of all my critical scripts etc, either offline on my pc or in a file box on my property. No copy items not in use also go in boxes. So far, while I have lost things from inventory, I have not lost anything that was actually in world or that I did not have a backup of. Kind of a pain, yes, but hasn’t the rule (most often not followed of course) always been – backup, backup and then backup?

    @Whinners in general – I am hard on LL when they don’t seem to know what is going on, but in truth, the grid seems to be no less stable nor have more problems than it did back in Sep 06, when only 11K were normally online. I think that is remarkable.

    @ LL – I vote for a regular maint time/date too, so that those of us conducting business in SL/RL combinations can plan a little farther ahead.

    See you all soon.


  132. Vinsette Graysmark says:

    Relax… everything’s going to be fine. Just take a deep breath, Joe, and imagine that all your internal stress is flowing out of your body as you exhale.

    As we say in the South, “It’s all good!”

  133. Usagi Musashi says:

    Please hun my baby Whines ok, we are all adults……..gesh always one in every blog

  134. lola seifert says:

    Ok how more regular once again can you get then every two weeks on wednesday…lmfao….can anyone answer this question???

  135. Mallory Taov says:

    @DR Dahlgren – I’ll give it a try. Never tried those boxes. But most I lost was no copy :-). Thanks. I hope this wil help me

  136. Ann Otoole says:

    are those blog entries saying things are ahead in ref to main or beta? hmmmmz

  137. Usagi Musashi says:

    @71 it seems that its crashing the beta viewer……I have not seen this bad of a issue with a beat client or any other for a very long time.lets hope its corrected soon.

  138. Usagi Musashi says:

    BEAT? I meant BETA ehheheehh sorry

  139. lola seifert says:

    Im hoping main grid not beta Ann, …in reference to another topic anyone notice that when people whine an complain an mention LL in blog they keep the grid down longer but today when umm there is few bitching an moaning they are ahead of schedule….hmm *thinks this just shows how much power the lindens have over all of us….lmbo.

  140. Usagi Musashi says:

    unable to connect (Done )……in a “SHORT” sweet popup box……

  141. Serinity Dailey says:

    hey Anny….. it’s also hump day… have a great day… cu later

  142. Usagi Musashi says:

    Good Night i going to sleep……..Good luck

  143. darkshy says:

    i got 100 ln on 9:00 pm cst

  144. Ann Otoole says:

    main is open

  145. Joe says:

    Fuck me.. maybe casualty is a better idea

  146. ItsNaughtKnotty Cannned says:

    Wednesday is my day off. All the updates lately have been on Wednesday. This makes me sad. Could you do Tuesdays and Thursdays sometimes? It makes me sadder that I can’t get to my house when Club Industry fills up the sim with dancing, but one battle at a time.

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