Preview of Second Life 1.13.4(3) up on the Beta Test Grid

Wow… it’s been a whole month since the last Beta was posted. Steve Linden’s been most of the fun with First Look: Render Pipeline viewer updates. But not all of the fun.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been pushing out releases of various fixes and improvements while keeping the grid online. Going forward, we’re aiming to try to avoid grid downtime for releases as much as possible. Grid downtime will continue to be necessary for some maintenance work – such as last week and this upcoming Wednesday – but we’re trying to avoid making logging in at noon on Wednesday such a roll of the dice. This is a change in the process of developing and maintaining Second Life so there may be some bumps.

Just to be clear: there is no update scheduled for Wednesday, February 28th, just downtime for maintenance.

All that said, I’m pleased to announce that public Beta Testing of Second Life 1.13.4 can now begin in earnest. Download viewers on the Beta Test Grid page. Note that these viewers point at the Beta Test Grid, not the main Grid. Here’s a cheat sheet:

(To make things slightly more confusing, the First Look: Render Pipeline viewer has taken some fixes from the main Beta. However, the main Beta does not (yet!) have the Render Pipeline improvements from First Look. So please, if you can, continue to test the First Look viewer on the main grid – it will be entering final Beta soon!)

Among the upcoming changes to be aware of in 1.13.4 are the removal of the account transaction report from the viewer.ย  Other prominent changes include:

  • Classifieds maximum L$ payable increased from 99999 to 999999
  • Linux client now has embedded Mozilla for login and help UI
  • A gazillion (that’s the technical term) bug fixes

Please stop by the Beta Test Grid, try things out, and report any issues encountered. Full release notes follow beneath the fold…

Release Notes for Second Life 1.13.4(3) February 26, 2007
Bug fixes:
* Fixed single-click failure for objects
* Fixed status bar obscured when debug is off
* Fixed escape key behavior
* Fixed strange object counts in About Land when no parcel selected
* Fixed avatar animations when editing an attached object
* Fixed Offer Teleport appearing in your own profile
* Fixed incorrect date display in group notices

Release Notes for Second Life 1.13.4(2) February 26, 2007
Bug fixes:
* Clicking a menu a second time closes the menu
* Fixed closing a blue dialog closes all dialogs
* Fixed retrieval of archived group proposals
* Fixed Ctrl-P shortcut failing when inventory has focus
* Fixed objects using llGiveInventoryList spamming owner when recipient is Busy
* Fixed no copy objects disappearing when given via llGiveInventory to a Busy avatar

Release Notes for Second Life 1.13.4(1) February 21, 2007
* User inworld money transaction history floater removed
** Transaction history can be viewed via
* Added ‘Empty Lost and Found’ option
* Added ‘Use Custom Port’ option to Preferences to specify network port
* Objects set for sale are Buy Copy by default (instead of Buy Original)
* Increased Classified’s maximum L$ payable from 99999 to 999999
* Added ‘?’ button next to Partner field explaining partnering

Bug fixes:
* Fixed taken items not appearing until relog
* Fixed friends list abilities not being applied to friends
* Fixed objects failing to attach when selected from a distance
* Fixed replies to offline IM-to-email messages
* Fixed renaming a no-copy clothing item during Make New Outfit
* Fixed rezzed objects appearing at (0,0,0) if you have create rights, but are not wearing your title
* Fixed modify for gestures/notecards in a prim
* Fixed incorrect context menus for items in an object
* Fixed confirmation dialog when uploading immages, sounds, animations, or snapshots
* Fixed a viewer crash while taking an object
* Fixed a viewer crash after modifying a script inside a prim
* Fixed a viewer crash in People search with Picks tab
* Fixed a script runtime error (list inside a while/do-while loop)
* Fixed login screen not loading unless cache is cleared
* Fixed Ctrl-W not closing snapshot floater
* Fixed Ctrl-W not giving focus to next window
* Fixed Search->Places not showing public estate parcels while on private estate
* Fixed LSL converting numbers in body of email to 0
* Fixed rejection of avatars as sit targets
* Fixed blurry web browser widgets with UI Scale != 1.0
* Fixed notecards opened in tabbed windows extending outside the preview window
* Fixed opening multiple object inventory items not using tabbed windows
* Fixed accidental selection of highly transparent objects
* Fixed keyboard focus after selecting function dropdown in script editor
* Fixed Build button in toolbar disabled on land where ‘Create Objects’ is set to group, even when avatar is in the correct group
* Fixed Buy Dialog displays incorrect Prim Count when using prim multipliers
* Fixed folders not retaining their closed status once opened in inventory
* Fixed IMs of type IM_BUSY_AUTO_RESPONSE ignore mute
* Fixed World->Buy Land menu failures
* Fixed Friends list not displaying online friends on login if ‘Can see my online status’ is disabled
* Fixed menus remaining open when something else is clicked
* Fixed menus taking focus when leaving alt-zoom
* Fixed accidental loss of no-copy textures by applying them to a prim
* Fixed members of a group cannot set their home location when land is only set to a group and not deeded
* Fixed sitting avatar standing up when close are dragged onto the avatar

Linux client fixes:
* Added Linux embedded Mozilla client
* Fixed Linux client crash on shutdown

Finally, there are definitely some bugs that we are aware of and actively working on that are new in 1.13.4 and will be fixed before it is released. A short list includes:

  • ย Viewer crashes when opening a script in a prim
  • Attachments hover and remove from avatar when attaching an object
  • Can’t delete objects which contain no copy items
  • Unable to select Client or Server menus in full screen mode when aspect ratio is changed

If you read this far, you’re probably wondering when 1.13.4 is going to be deployed. At the risk of angering the release gods, 1.13.4 will ship when it’s ready.

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67 Responses to Preview of Second Life 1.13.4(3) up on the Beta Test Grid

  1. You guys are doing a great job on working on making this happen.

  2. Ryozu Kojima says:

    At the risk of angering the release gods, 1.13.4 will ship when itโ€™s ready.

    That’s a blessing XD

    That attach bug is… evil.

  3. Huns says:


    That has been broken for well over a month. Apparently it was reported BEFORE it was released (last Aditi cycle in Jan.) and the new version was released anyway. This hoses everything from cars to pool tables to wildlife. The bug is not assigned to anyone and there appears to be exactly zero progress on it. It exists on the main grid (regular and firstlook clients) and it exists on Aditi. Many of us rely on the smooth movement of physical objects for our enjoyment of SL. When is someone going to start driving this issue?

    I’m sure I speak for a few thousand of us when I say, “Please do not release another version of Second Life until you have fixed this bug.” You are doing so well with the FirstLook rendering pipeline improvements, but just about everything else has the stink of SL 1.5 about it. New versions are supposed to ADD functionality, not break it.

    Thanks for your time.

  4. Darien Caldwell says:

    well look on the bright side Huns, we can spend nearly 1 million Lindens on a classified now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dylan Rickenbacker says:

    What about the broken ESC key in the current First Look viewer? We really need a VERY quick fix for that.

  6. Patti Frye says:

    Thanks for all the good work…we all are really greatful for the fixes…but I know this has been an issue for sometime. I’m talking about the Rotation Bug. I’m sure you are aware of it. For us builders it’s a nightmare. Working on a build for a couple of weeks just to go back and find that a majority of the prims are 0.010 up to 0.050 off degrees. Very frustrating. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it really screws up a good day. Any idea if this can be fixed? Just my two cents worth.

  7. Zeke Bailly says:

    I’m seconding Huns’s comment. The glitchy jerkiness coupled with full parcel errors bouncing avatars from their vehicles, even when just passing through has reduced vehicle experience in SL to at best driving/flying/sailing around in circles in Balance.

    Vehicles are considerably worse off now than they were when I joined in 2005.

    We have not heard of anyone at Linden Labs addressing the issue, and I am starting to lose faith that any progress will be made, and there is little apparent incentive for me to spend any more time working on vehicles in this environment.

  8. Gaybot Foxley says:

    I am hoping the blue box vendor bug which makes all blue windows disappear is truly fixed in this next viewer. People in the forums were complaining about missing water, folders remaining open, and some other things in the latest regular viewer. 1.13.3(2) I told them that the First Look viewers have relieved these issues for some time, but there are still some problems with it. It is almost like choosing between 2 sets of evils. The Esc key and the blue dialog box glitches are still being reported by users of the latest First Look viewer.

  9. Mikeey Garfield says:

    the fact that they’ve spent so long on this new update is a very good sign.

    they’ve obviously taken the time to get it working right.

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  11. Nicolaas Merlin says:

    I understand the necessary downtime. It’s good for the development. I hope downtime can happen in CET sometimes. In Europe we’re always down in the late afternoon and the evening. Share the fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Usagi Musashi says:

    Doing a wonderful job josh ๐Ÿ™‚ keep it up

  13. Drake Bacon says:

    Okay, we have the id Software mantra. Let’s hope it doesn’t join Duke Nukem Forever.

  14. Piers Warf says:

    Great! Looks like I still get to enjoy a dry ocean at all of my waterfront land. Still no missing water fix?!?! It’s been months!! How can this be so hard to fix when there is a manual work-around? Really! I (and I’m sure the many other people who have complained repeatedly about this bug) would like to know. Seriously. Some kind of explaination is due!

  15. Tharkis Olafson says:

    “At the risk of angering the release gods, 1.13.4 will ship when itโ€™s ready.”

    I would rather see this than, saying something to the effect of “we know there are some bugs but we’ll fix them later”.

    Can we do something about linked prims not retaining their position, size, or rotation when modified by the numbers? I hate having to try 3 or 4 times to make a change to a prim before it will stick.

  16. Coen says:

    I can understand that you removed the transaction history from the client. Probebly because it took to much resources from the SL servers.

    Only can you fix the transaction page on the website. You now have to wait 24 hours to see your transaction history. I have had it a few times that someone payed me and I didn’t notice it. But I had to wait 24 hours to see if its correct. Thats very bad business.

    So I recommend that you put the transaction history back in the client or fix the website so its realtime or with a 5 minute delay or something. But not 24 hours.

  17. Huns says:

    I agree with Coen and I don’t see why even a 5 minute delay would be necessary. The existing account history available in game appears to be instant.

  18. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    My personal most hated bug is the one that forces you to stand when changing clothing layers. it is really annoying to be unseated.

    When will this be fixed? It’s been around forever.


  19. Joshua Perenti says:

    Thumbs up guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    But also nods at the haream:

    Fix the rotation bug its really narking me now lol ๐Ÿ™‚
    AND OMG The ESC key in first look, that is making life difficult to say the least!!! Im having to use th emouse NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    But anyways great to see a new philosophy ie rolling it out when its ready, great stuff ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. Joshua Perenti says:

    Thumbs up guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    But also nods at the haream:

    Fix the rotation bug its really narking me now lol ๐Ÿ™‚
    AND OMG The ESC key in first look, that is making life difficult to say the least!!! Im having to use th emouse NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    But anyways great to see a new philosophy ie rolling it out when its ready, great stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ (And gazillion is so in my techy language) Its big but doesnt specify how big ๐Ÿ˜›


  21. John Doe says:

    * Added Linux embedded Mozilla client

    hooooray !!

    (it still lacks video support, but i really appreciate the improvements to the Linux client)

  22. Hi,

    my second life viewer is not shown on the screnn anymore. it seems that he is positioned out of the screen. I tried FL viewer, the beta viewer both were not shown. If i start the program and hit ALT + SPACE i get not the dialog to position it with the arrow-keys. I cant use first look anymore. Please please help! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  23. Ashrilyn Hayashida says:

    Re: 18
    Assuming you’re using Windows, mentioning alt-space.
    Can you change the shortcut properties so SL starts maximized? (Run: Maximized)
    Or in your taskbar, right click Second Life there, if you can do so click “Move” then try moving it up/down/left/right with the keyboard and press enter done. If not, try “Restore” first (but I know, if it’s already maximized then it should be onscreen).

  24. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    If you don’t restore the client transactions floater you are going to see a lot of us simply give up business, at which point we won’t need land/islands for our stores either!

    The web page transaction history is a JOKE! It is so out of date that it’s not possible to deal with the increasingly common customer complaints regarding failed transactions/product delivery.
    Without a real time transaction confirmation system, which the web page is NOT, continuing business in SL will become a nightmare.

  25. Argent Stonecutter says:

    While you’re at it, how about these?

    Random unsits as much as 5 minutes after changing a wearable. This is particularly annoying when you’re flying a plane at the time. Fixing it so you don’t unwit when changing a wearable should scotch this one as well, right?

    Control-Z undo scrambling the position of prims in attachments.

    Half-unsit bug when flying, where the client still thinks you’re seated and you’re still flying, and the plane thinks you’re seated and still flying, but the sim thinks you’ve stood up.

  26. Arksun says:

    The inventory the inventory, please let the open directories inventory bug be fixed with this release!!

  27. Colmi Soon says:

    I’d like to repeat the need to fix the MISSING WATER BUG.
    Again it seems not to be solved.
    EVERY time you teleport you need to do this World->Region/Estate
    That is really annoying and a real spoiler for first impressions.
    Other then that, enjoying every minute on SL.

  28. Has this got anything to do with Windows Vista

  29. Concerned says:


  30. Anna Eisbar says:

    Main bug to fix : COMMUNICATION.

    We get informed every now and then (= a few days before the downtime) what the fixes will be this time, but we have no idea whats going on on longer term. Wouldn’t it be possible to create a section in the website with longer-term planned evolution, fixes, priorities, aims and goals ? Something trackable that allows us to see things and tendencies comming, approaching, and finally happening. More transparency of your work would be very appreciable.
    You posted a job search for a person who’d lead the world-wide network, or something like this… did you find someone? what’s happening with this point ?
    Many people are complaining about long-dated bugs that still aren’t fixed this time, but we never hear anything about long-term planned fixes other than “we’re working on it”.

  31. [RE: 19]

    thx for your help. But it doesn’t show in taskbar. After start, it analyzes hardware (little window, and it shows in taskbar) then the little window hides and noting happens, it also is no longer shown in taskbar. In taskmanager it is not shown as programm, but a prozess is running with a lot cpu usage. Seems it has some probs on startup… i waited lost of minutes… noting happens. Deinstallet all versions, installed it new… same fault. It start no more. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  32. Azrael B. says:

    Anna Eisbar: One question…have you been involved in hiring decisions before?
    Because you write this: “You posted a job search for a person whoโ€™d lead the world-wide network, or something like thisโ€ฆ did you find someone? whatโ€™s happening with this point ?”

    They posted this a little more than a week ago. Do you honestly think the position has been filled that quickly?

  33. Joshua Perenti says:

    re 26: I advise updating your IDE drivers and whilst your at it any graphics card drivers.

  34. Regan Turas says:

    * Fixed members of a group cannot set their home location when land is only set to a group and not deeded


    * Fixed folders not retaining their closed status once opened in inventory

    Double Yay!!

    * Fixed rejection of avatars as sit targets

    What isโ€ฆ uh, never mind, I donโ€™t think I want to go thereโ€ฆ

  35. Regan Turas says:

    Sorry, the above message went to the wrong blog entry. Pesky mouse buttons…

  36. Johanna Hyacinth says:

    Apart from the bug fixes listed in the release notes, are there any new features on the beta grid that we can test out?

    Also, is there anything analogous to the First Look group on the beta grid?

  37. I’ve been using First Look – the last iteration was a fantastic improvement, I stopped hating it. But taking away the in-world transaction history gives NO recourse when the website is delayed like it is now. It used to be instantaneous (and I never used to use the in-world history, but now I have to if I want to check a recent transaction, and I can’t unless I stop using First Look), but it keeps slowing down.

  38. Lex Neva says:

    hey dont you think you should fix sl instead of wasting all your time releasing a new viewer with “a gazillion bug fixes”/??? i pay ur salary and i demand u fix all the problems

    (Ahem, before you flame, that was a parody. :P)

  39. Henri Beauchamp says:

    I tested it on the beta test grid… and on the main grid (easy to do, with the Linux version :-P): it works, but I still encounter the spurious short freezes (which do not happen with FirstLook), and the particles bug (llParticleSystem([]) failing to stop particles in child prims in some occasions) is still there… :-/

  40. Is this gonna sort out Windows Vista or not.

    Cause if Windows Vista isn’t gonna get sorted out then I might as well quit.

  41. Count Burks says:

    Off topic but I can’t login right now, anybody else having the same issue?

    You are not allowed to login from this computer, please contact support…………………..

  42. Dovic Battery says:

    Is there a Linden in the house ? ? am sorry maight not be the right place to ask, but i have emailed support and read they are having email problems too and i might not get an answer for days.. anyhow i was in game and had to relog.. now it wont let me back, evereytime itry to get in i get a box that says loggin failed, second life cannot be accessed from this computor… if a Linden or anyone can help here i would be very grateful…sorry again for posting here..just want back in is all lol..

  43. Karin says:

    SAME HERE… Cannot login

  44. Kenbro Utu says:

    Okay Lindens… last big update at end of January changed llFrand, and also changed the way particles emit on cone angles, which some postulated was because of the change in llFrand. You stated this was a bug and would be fixed. I am still waiting. If you are not going to fix it then please tell us. I have a particle product that broke on that update. I have repaired it to work with the current (broken?) system but it would be irresponsible for me to sale it if it is just going to break again with another update soon. Can we get a clue please?

  45. lol Atleast Ll Suport is better then World of Warcrafts Evil people..but any ways offtoppic
    But Good job LL i have been Wating FOR EVER for that Lost and Found Folder. hehe my Weapons of Mass Killing clog it up. ^_^(my Mass Killing weapons are Go with Tos)

    and LL can u fix Tping? thats a biggie it was killing me on monday

  46. brandendude123 Allen says:

    its comming along great but i was hoping for a way to stop follow scripts (not to be noobish) by just clicking a simple button

    people would be cheering all over the game because the annoying mages (no offence) cant cast those stupid spells that keep bumping into you and shooting you up into the air!

    and i didnt check for this but if its not there please ad a way to just make the sky stay the same as an option EX:NOON ALWAYS – its a small thing that doesnt really bother many of the people i know but itd be a nice feature

  47. @Drake Bacon:


    @Coen and others:

    During the maintenance downtime tomorrow we’re reconfiguring the databases and should eliminate the transaction history delay on the web.

    Re: Water

    This is fixed in the First Look: Render Improvements codebase, which will ship either as part of a 1.13.4 viewer or shortly thereafter. (We’ve been this >

  48. Heh, blog’s eating chevrons in posts again. >)

    I’d like to have it so that if you sit on a child prim and move that prim, you move with it. Or let you change the sit target and have it move the person sitting on that sit target.

  49. Sabrina Gagliano says:

    I wonder if the ‘pipeline/database’ improvements will solve the white ‘missing texture’ clothing/skin bug (and the, perhaps related, occasional invisible avatars or ‘stay grey’ avatars)… I had hoped it was gone forever, but it seemed to have made a comeback in february 7th.

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  51. Anthony Hocken says:

    Was about to mention that I can’t see a fix for llParticleSystem[] sometimes not working and particles refusing to turn off but Henri Beauchamp beat me to it. That’s been an issue for up to a month and really needs to be fixed ASAP.

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  53. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    Since other people are bringing up their favorite bugs…

    llParticleSystem( [] ); almost always fails to turn off particles on child prims.
    llParticleSystem( [ anything but empty list ] ) works fine on child prims, and
    null list works okay on unlinked or parent prims.

    Any hope of a fix soon? ๐Ÿ™‚

    (The problem with particle angles and speeds related to negative llFrand() values has been fixed in the first look clients for a while now… Thanks!!)

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  55. DR Dahlgren says:

    While I can very quickly use the map to tp within a region, I can not teleport or move across region boundries on beta grid. I get the swoosh sound, and the tp screen, but it is slow, and when the bar reaches the halfway point I hear the ding the tells me I have been logged. Shortly there after I get the “You have been logged out of secondlife.” screen. If I attempt to cancel the TP, it appears to work, but I find I am no longer online, no error, just no connection. When crossing sim boundries by flying, once I cross the boundry, I just keep going. The only way to stop is to log out.

  56. @DR Dahlgren:

    Can you report what viewer version you’re using? Anything since 1.13.3(2) should work, but it’s good data. What platform – Mac, PC or Linux? Do you have similar problems on the main grid? Do you have any unusual firewall configuration? Can you look for any error reports in the client log files?

  57. DR Dahlgren says:

    @ Joshua Linden
    I am using the just released Beta 1-13-4-3. Never seen this on main grid. Platform is pc – amd x64 – 1gig – winxp pro – nvidia 7600. I just did the same thing again. Below is what I think you are looking for. If you contact me on main, I have a copy of the full log.

    2007-02-28T04:55:21Z INFO: LLAgent::teleportRequest: TeleportRequest: ‘1099511628031232’:{ 71.5671, 40.1202, 22.7256 }
    2007-02-28T04:55:23Z INFO: LLTexStaticImageList::deleteCachedImages: Clearing Static Textures Raw:0KB GL:1536KB TGA:60KB
    2007-02-28T04:55:33Z INFO: LLAudioEngine::startNextTransfer: Getting asset data for: 4aadb4ec-9117-24d8-d54b-fb3689838750
    2007-02-28T04:55:33Z INFO: LLAssetStorage::_queueDataRequest: Starting transfer for 4aadb4ec-9117-24d8-d54b-fb3689838750
    2007-02-28T04:55:33Z INFO: LLTransferManager::processTransferInfo: Receiving d0432ee0-1d9d-b390-19d3-064248b28cbf, size 30839 bytes
    2007-02-28T04:55:36Z INFO: LLTexStaticImageList::deleteCachedImages: Clearing Static Textures Raw:0KB GL:1536KB TGA:60KB
    2007-02-28T04:56:01Z INFO: idle: Kills on unknown objects: 7
    2007-02-28T04:56:11Z INFO: LLWorld::removeRegion: Removing region 256000:255232
    2007-02-28T04:56:11Z INFO: LLMessageSystem::disableCircuit for
    2007-02-28T04:56:11Z INFO: LLCircuit::removeCircuitData for
    2007-02-28T04:56:11Z WARNING: LLWorld::removeRegion: RegionDump: Sandbox Cordova { 255744, 255232, 0 }
    2007-02-28T04:56:11Z WARNING: LLWorld::removeRegion: Agent position global { 255949, 255309, 22.7256 } agent { 205.408, 76.8872, 22.7256 }
    2007-02-28T04:56:11Z WARNING: LLWorld::removeRegion: Regions visited 1
    2007-02-28T04:56:11Z WARNING: LLWorld::removeRegion: gFrameTimeSeconds 91.2836
    2007-02-28T04:56:11Z WARNING: LLWorld::removeRegion: Disabling region Sandbox Cordova that agent is in!
    2007-02-28T04:56:11Z WARNING: LLAlertDialog::createXml: Alert: [YouHaveBeenLoggedOut]
    2007-02-28T04:56:11Z WARNING: LLAlertDialog::createDialog: Alert: You have been logged out of Second Life:

  58. DR Dahlgren says:

    Also earlier in the same log is a warning about the map image

    2007-02-28T04:55:17Z WARNING: LLWorldMap::processMapLayerReply: Invalid or out of date map image type returned!

  59. DR Dahlgren says:

    One thought, wouldn’t it make sense for the Beta Grid Viewer to use a different directory for the logs, etc. than the same one that the main grid uses?


  60. Tegg B says:

    Colmi Soon Says:
    Iโ€™d like to repeat the need to fix the MISSING WATER BUG.
    Again it seems not to be solved.
    EVERY time you teleport you need to do this World->Region/Estate

    Hmm sorry I never have had to do World->Region /Estate at all let alone EVERY time I teleport ๐Ÿ˜›
    Only saw the problem last week for the first time in 4 months, didn’t stop the vendors from working though.

    BUT fixing the crap flying & driving bug would be nice, Cars, bikes, wings, jet packs & aircraft have all be practically useless for me since day 1, more important than water I suspect.

    28 David Hultcrantz Says:
    Has this got anything to do with Windows Vista

    Nope by the looks, talk to Bill about the sense in non retrocompatible Operating Systems or get XP installed while it’s still about ๐Ÿ™‚

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  62. Usagi Musashi says:

    SMOOTH FIX PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  66. Atashi Yue says:

    Well, the Beta grid has now become just like the main grid for me. Totally lagged and with, what appeared to be, about 25 people total logged on.

  67. scout says:

    i wish something could be done regarding the alphabetical textures issue…I want my textures to sort by date..

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