[RESOLVED] Inworld problems with buying land, group IMs, etc.

[2:55 PM PST] Most of this appears to have simmered down, and our userserver has cooled off. We understand it’s very tiring to see these Grid issues on an almost-daily basis, and scaling Second Life during so much growth continues to be of high importance. This includes regular maintenance as preventative measures against future problems.

We’ve started posting Notices on the left side of this blog, for times when there are transient problems which affect you but don’t last long — we want to keep you informed.

This issue is considered (mostly) resolved, but do know we’re continuing to work on ongoing issues on a day-to-day basis.


We’re continuing to receive inworld reports of problems including but not limited to: slow logins, group IMs not visibly showing text, land sales being bought but not going through as expected, objects reporting they weren’t being found in the database, and land access (e.g., eject/ban) controls not working.

If you’re experiencing difficulties TPing, please see “Tips for Teleport Issues“, and look in our Knowledge Base for more help.

Our userserver was being very stressed and it’s cooling off right now, so things should be getting better.

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