[RESOLVED] Network routing issues

[Feb. 23 @ 7:22 PM PST] The network routing problems at our colocation facility appear to be over. Thanks for bearing with us as we worked into the night with the colo to get them fixed ASAP. We take these issues very seriously and are going to be doing more preventative maintance soon.

This issue is considered resolved; we’ll be on-guard for future flareups.


We’re still having network routing problems at our colocation facility, which are resulting in problems inworld including but not limited to: viewers freezing, teleports failing, profiles and other info slow to load, delays with L$ balances updating, rezzing inventory time-outs. Logins may also be very slow, stuck, or fail entirely. Some adjacent regions are also not able to be crossed into as they should be.

Due to high upload queues on some regions, taking objects may not show them in inventory immediately as expected, and it may take some time while the queues decrease, for them to appear on their own. (You can check a region’s queue by going to View menu > Statistics Bar and looking for “Pending Uploads”.)

The situation is more stable than it was when this first started, but we’re not out of the woods yet. We’re continuing to work to resolve the issues as quickly as possible; we don’t have an ETA, and we know this is resulting in anxiousness because you want to enjoy your time inworld. We apologize for the degraded experience — I’m watching Help Request right now and getting info from fellow Lindens — and thank you for your patience.

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