Our blog’s gotten a makeover…

… not necessarily an extreme one, but as mentioned previouslywe’ve rolled out a new design for the Official Linden Blog that we hope will make it more visually appealing and easy-to-use for you. The current layout now has not just one, but two sidebars — to better balance out important notices such as Grid Status Updates with the usual categorization.

Big thanx to Jose and Cornelius Linden for making this happen, in conjunction with Andy and the folk @ WordPress.com.


Official Linden Blog - 2007-01-10 - OLDOfficial Linden Blog - 2007.01.15 - NEW

In addition, there are further usability touches, such as:

Overall, this design fits more comfortably into the whole of SecondLife.com, including the fixed-width design, which is also consistent with the rest of our site. Another good reason? Readability. Think of books and newspaper columns.

This is yet another step in a journey of blog improvements, done with the purpose of helping us communicate with you. Please feel free to leave your eclectic ideas for future improvement in the comments! Thank you graciously.

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100 Responses to Our blog’s gotten a makeover…

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    looks great! keep up the good work!

  2. Baba says:

    Numbered comments!

  3. Max Kleiber says:

    Pretty enough, I guess.
    Personally, I don’t think I would have noticed the difference if there hadn’t been a post about it.
    I read a newspaper for the information, and don’t pay attention to what colour the paper is.

  4. Brace says:

    Hush Max!

    This is seriously important news!!

  5. Gigs Taggart says:

    It may be trendy to have your blog be a tiny column down the center of the screen, but for those of us on high rez monitors, it’s pretty frustrating to see 40% of the screen go to waste.

  6. Rex Cronon says:

    thanks, for listening to my request for numbered comments:)
    But, it could look even better if it wasn’t squeezed:(
    The top might look ok, but after the first few comments, what people see, is a tiny column in center with lots of white space to the left and right. If there were only 2 columns it would look a lot better, and “Readability” would indeed be greatly improved:)
    Why don’t you do it with only 2 columns and let the users decide what they like?

  7. [CHOICES] One thing I’d like to explore would be the WordPress Theme Switcher plugin. Alas, we can’t install our own plugins on WordPress VIP, but recognizing how useful it’d be to customize your look, I’m sure open to it.

    For reference, I’m on dual 1600x1200s; remember that most of the rest of the website is similarly-styled with 3 columns too. Design overhauls re: our forward-facing aesthetic should take all of SecondLife.com into account. And as alluded to, it goes beyond “looks”. =)

  8. Usagi Musashi says:

    Well get rid of the bible ( like limiting post count per minute, and letter per remark!, the ability to TURN OFF useless long drawnout crap replies) like know-all posters remarks that waste space and is more ego driven I say its a winner. This is just more blog design!
    More resource wasted!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chronic Skronski says:

    Usagi Mushashi: “the ability to TURN OFF useless long drawnout crap replies like know-all posters remarks that waste space and is more ego driven”

    Ah, irony. How I love thee.

    But Usagi, you have a very valid point. I would LOVE to see something like Digg has where the crap replies can be “thumbs-down”ed, and you would set a threshold. If enough people have thumbs-downed the post, it would vanish according to your threshold.

  10. Ben says:

    Just an idea…. when the in-game lindens send grid-wide notices, they should be displayed in the white space on the side somewhere… this way can see last notice sent even if no post made to blog.

  11. [COMMUNITY-DRIVEN MODERATION] That too, could be done with a plugin:


    There’s a number of these we’d like to install and give a go; we can’t do it with the current config, but, as we continue to make changes — do know it’s very much hoped for.

  12. [GRIDWIDE NOTICES] Ben, excellent. I know I’ve pasted some of those manually; I wonder if there’s a way to hook ’em up with the Grid Status Updates widget we have. I will investigate further.

  13. Usagi Musashi says:

    I said this to torley and his reply was halfed baked.
    Now Since we can`t mute such posters for gods sakes give us alittel control on our side so we don`t have to delete with 2000 word BS, ( thats what pesonal blogs are for right ) to write your own answers to problems. But reposting personal blog content and e-mails from others just is fruitless and a waste of blog space.

  14. Chronic Skronski says:

    Personally, I like the longer posts. They are often from people who know what they are talking about, whether the post be positive or negative.

    The types of posts I would love to see gone are the short ones filled with misspelled insults and exclamation marks, screaming at the Lindens the same thing they screamed in the previous ten blog posts without adding anything constructive. These posts contribute zilch, and are usually from those who simply like to complain and see their name in the blog and make sure that they show up in every single post, regardless of topic.

  15. Usagi Musashi says:

    Thats the problem “IF” they make sence…….
    Not everyone likes 2000 words replies( srolling 4 to 5 times is not my idea of a person ability to anwser a q.) Good writers know how to SUPUP answers right?
    If someone has a Blog of their own link it! if you have information just dont copy and paste the same bs…… Spelling grammar are problems for some like me ( not a english native here sorry ). So you can`t include those that their first langauge is not english. Bitching and flaming is a problems. There are so many factors that make up readers on this blog from around the world. NOT everyone is a Native english speaker or writer here…….

  16. Abyssin says:

    How about making the center area spread out to the width of the window, because at present it is compressed into a tiny wee place. (And makes comments much longer than needed too).

    Also a way to turn those annoying popups OFF, would be a great help. None of the options in the popup or their site to turn them off work for me.

  17. Usagi Musashi says:

    BTW, why is the center space so narrow?????Scolling as much as 5 times is really a aproblem when people write bible like relies with reposted forum remarks, e-mail reposting etc… A good designed Blog gives its readers the ability to turn on and off remarks And or (mutes ) neither do we have on this blog.

  18. Simondo Nebestanka says:

    @Chronic (‘thumbs-down’ threshold) & @Torley (‘trollr’)
    Those kinds of tools would be a *great* addition to the blog. It’s becoming quite frustrating to find good information amongst all the ranting (and personal agendas being regurgitated over and over).

    It’s terrific how ‘free’ the speech is here, so I’d hate to see rants *removed* by group vote, but if there was a tool to *hide* them with a few clicks, and also make them reappear with another click, I’d buy that for a dollar.

    Hmm however those tools could become counter-productive if too much content is hidden.. for instance it’s easy to mistake someone’s broken english for a rant. It would be painful to see someone’s input effectively silenced for those kinds of reasons.

    Thanks for the blog improvements so far folks, this really is a valuable tool for many of us. Cheers!

  19. Gerard Eldrich says:

    Well, I’m glad to see that while SL is still in the gutters for the most part Linden Labs cares enough to give their customer’s a prettier blog to look at while we try and get them to work on the IMPORTANT stuff.

  20. Usagi Musashi says:

    I for one would like the return to the WIDE format. This narrow space reminds me when i drive down some street in tokyo..NARROW and very hard to move thur………

  21. Korneilius Worthington says:

    Well the new makeover makes my eyes tear…I’d love to lower my resolution but that’s the best that my computer works on. Congrats on bringing a step closer to needing glasses.

  22. Only a third or so of the screen is used horizontally down here where I am entering this text. Huge white space on both sides. I buy the biggest monitors I can afford in order to make the text easy for me to read, then site designers use only a tiny portion of the space. It’s quite annoying.

    (Don’t say increase the text size, I’m quite familiar with that concept and how badly it works to accomplish the goal of making a nice looking page with adequately big text.)

    The rounded corners and shadow don’t do a thing for me.

    It was better without the extra sidebar.

  23. Oh lord, giant popup images if I accidentally move my mouse the wrong place, geesh, can’t even read the blog without stuff popping up or flashing.

    Next I suppose we’ll get a cone of context and something to make user’s names flash when they are typing in an edit box.

    I suppose I can try the “emulate text browser” option in Opera and see how that works.

  24. Lex Neva says:

    I have to say, my first impression on seeing the new layout was that it’s LESS readable than the old two-column format. I know all about how a thinner column of text is more readable, and that typesetters have known this for ages. However, I just feel like the poor little middle column is horribly compressed, and the two side columns give me a big case of Information Overload. I feel cramped reading the center column.

  25. Amethyst Rosencrans says:

    I find the new design more distracting and less useful. Why not spend your time actually trying to improve the game that is falling to pieces?

  26. Jenny_Carlos says:

    Hey maybe we should let web devs fix the bugs in the game now beings they do so great on the webpages. Think of all that time spent on this blog that they could have been fixing the weeks of very upset customers product.

  27. Usagi Musashi says:

    All due reprect torley but this format stinks…

    Jenny well……………i said this earlier resently in the blogs.

  28. You can polish the blog as much as you like, but it still doesn’t get over the fact that even less people post here than the forums, because it does not serve the purpose that the community needs.

    We need to discuss our choice of issues, not yours. Considering the cost of running the blog, against a quality forum with less hassle at a fraction of the price, I simply cannot understand Linden Lab’s continuation with this thing.


  29. Chronic Skronski says:

    To those of you who continue to astound me by thinking the web developers should be mucking around with the SL code: would you let the person who machined the skull saw operate on your brain?

    God, I hope so.

  30. Allie Birmingham says:

    Brocolli….. erm we do actually read it but the fact that less people post here doesn’t mean it’s not serving the community…. some of us just don’t feel the need to post on every single blog entry 🙂

    Keep up with the blogging Lindens I like it 🙂

  31. Zi Ree says:

    Please, people. You must realize that web developers not necessarily have the skill to develop C++ programs or tune databases. You wouldn’t expect a car mechanic to fic your roof because it is leaking, would you? It is apparent that Second Life has some problems these days, but development on the core system would not go faster by halting development on the blog, website or any other part of the system.

    That said, I don’t like the blog layout myself, for the most commonly posted reason here: tiny font size. I can read it perfectly, but the font looks ugly in this size, from the sheer lack of pixels. You really should either get a method for your readers to customize the blog layout or go back to a bigger font with wider columns for the important part, not wasting space for sidebars, which only are valid for the top part of the screen.

    And please choose black font color when using a white background. Artificially reducing contrast by using a grey color only helps in making the already too small font to be less readable.


  32. Liberty Tesla says:

    I’m okay with the new design overall, with one exception: I really dislike the pop-up previews. It’s irritating to have something pop up and obscure my view of the page just because I have the pointer hovering over the wrong spot.

    If anyone else finds these as annoying as I do, note that there is an ‘Options’ link in the upper right corner of the pop-up, and it allows you to turn the damned thing off.

    BTW, does anyone actually like this feature, or consider it useful? I’m not trying to be snide here, I’d actually like to know. If not, maybe it would be best just to get rid of it.

  33. Simondo Nebestanka says:

    I do like the pop-up preview (not just saying that to be disagreeable!)

    It is a strange feature, one I haven’t seen before. It freaked me out a little when things started popping up. If I want to scroll down and not have things pop up, I just move my mouse into the blank area to the left or right.

    I never bothered looking at blog poster’s web links much before, now I find I am having a quick look at the preview and following some through based on that pop-up (my attention span is very short! My brain can only handle so much time browsing) 🙂

    I am liking it the more I use it. I can see why some are finding it annoying, but as you point out it can be turned off.


  34. Warda Kawabata says:

    Maybe I’m nuts, but I like to have a larger font than this, and no built-in whitespace on the margins. yes, I know technically those marins have been forced in to ensure 60 characters per line. But I, and a great many other people, are intelligent enough to resize the browser window to a comfortable line width should the need arise.

    This hard coded narrow column gives me the worst of all worlds – both a small font size, and I am unable to resize to customise the column width (and doing so imposes a horizontal scroll bar too 😦 ), and using the browser’s font resize function to get a useful size for reading is also broken, because that would bring me down to a ridiculously low characters per line, again thanks to the fixed pixel width of the main column.

    Also, those popup images when you hover on a link are annoying. Half the time I accidentally end up opening the image instead of the link. Serious user-interface mistake in implementing those.

    btw, this line about not being able to install a plugin because your VIP account doesn’t allow it feels really hollow. WordPress isn’t just a hosted blog package; you can download it and install it on any server you control. I’ve heard LL has some of those. That would neatly get around any account permission restrictions.

    If there aren’t currently any spare servers available, and you are interested, I’d be happy to set up a hosting package for you for a fee based on traffic plus a low nominal fee. You’ll be able to have any plugin you need (subject to usual checks to make sure they are secure) installed too. Interested?

  35. StevenSDF Fisher says:

    I think it’s ok, though it could be a little wider. 🙂

    I disagree with Zi Ree though, putting black on white, it would make it harder for a lot of people to see.

  36. Stephen Zenith says:

    Ugly, cluttered and difficult to read. Yes the main secondlife.com site has 3 columns, but it’s also not got as much text to read.

    Get rid of the pointless flickr section, and merge the rest on the right hand side. Or the left, I’m easy 🙂

    For anybody not liking the popups, you can disable them, although I’m not sure how I did it!

  37. Decadent Rothschild says:

    “Please feel free to leave your eclectic ideas for future improvement in the comments!”

    My “eclectic idea” would be to have people answer support requests and the multitude of questions on this blog about the supposedly “resolved” issues as of late.

    Prettying up a blog, while I appreciate it as much as the next dork, should come later.

  38. Timmy Stepforf says:

    gotten? is that a word? maybe received. Looks fine by me

  39. Usagi Musashi says:

    @28.NUMBER? oh welllll

    Frankly speaking the whole blog, and forum setup are a joke these days. We have a very very pretty blong now and a few buble popups ( weeeeeeee ) but do we mustly have teleports that work? textures loading correctly..etc?!

  40. Kath W says:

    I have a blog workaround, I got a piece of black cardboard and cut a 100x80mm rectangle from the centre, added a funky rectangle magnifying lense over the hole then taped it over my LCD monitor at the top so I can flip it back when not reading the blogs 😛

  41. Kath W says:

    Yes, the people from the blog have spoken, sack anyone in Linden Labs not working on the main grids current problems.
    Stop working on Havok2, Open Sourcing, Server upgrades, just fix the grid we have, better yet revert to the original beta grid so there’s no frosting to complaign about. While your at it kick anyone who hasn’t been her since then too, cause they only cause lag.


    Firefox: View > Textsize > ++
    IE: View > Texsize > Larger


    People who work at Linden Labs do not all do the same job. Believe me, you do not want the CSS monkies to be the people who attempt to fix your inventory or teleport issues. That’s like saying “Hey, everyone at Braniff! Stop serving drinks and running payroll and everyone work on fixing the brake problem on the planes!”

    People are qualified to do the jobs they are qualified to do, even if they are not doing them as quickly as most of us would like.

    In terms of the blog, from a basic UI point of view, the blog is missing a Home button. I would code one in manually to the top of the right-hand categories list. Yes, there is a Blog button on the top level vertical navigation bar, but user testing would show you that within a subsection, that is not where people are looking for it.

  43. Rocky Rutabaga says:

    Deja View. Didn’t we go through this last Wednesday? And wasn’t the overwhelming reaction worse than underwhelm-ment?

    In yet another typical LL move, you don’t listen to your customers. So, I’ll repeat the head beating against my screen: I don’t appreciate all this wasted screen space that forces me to scroll constantly. The type is too small. Not only for reading, but even smaller when typing in one’s post. My screen has to be typing this in at 6 point type.

    As for scriptural postings: Long Biblical posts aren’t nearly as bad as multiple posts by “enlightened ones” who also don’t use spell-check.

    Oh, and here’s my Biblical posting regarding SL’s continuing fall from grace: Jesus wept.

  44. Decadent Rothschild says:

    It’s not so much that some of us are under the impression that the employees at LL all do the same job as it is that some of us are under the impression that some of them do their assigned jobs slowly, if at all.

    I’ve had three days now with no inventory and all of my support requests have been ignored so, yeah. A blog re-design isn’t high on my list of whoops but it does seem to be high on LLs, higher than actually answering requests for ETAs or support.

  45. Tijn Erde says:

    I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again; could you please put up a current-time PST clock somewhere in the sidebars so all us non-PST-zone people can easily find out when events will happen in our local time?

  46. Montana Corleone says:

    Well designed! Are you guys hoping to keep the comments all narrow and small so people will get bored and not scroll down all the bad comments?

  47. Samantha Poindexter says:

    Quoth Timmy Stepforf (#38):

    gotten? is that a word?

    I’m going to hazard a guess that you’re British? “Gotten” is perfectly standard in American English, and used correctly here.

  48. Zhe Suen says:

    Very nice, but as has been mentioned before, the small width of the main column can be disturbing, especially if you have the screen estate to see more. Would be nice if this column would be variable width and fills up the remaining browser space (if possible with a min. width).

    – Zhe

  49. Gaybot Foxley says:

    I like the new design of the blog, but the space on the sides and the size of the text is a minor issue for me. Perhaps adding an enlarge button at the top to zoom it in a font size or so is possible? If I changed my browser settings I’d have to keep switching back and forth for other sites. Numbering the posts was an excellent idea, thank you. I can now scroll through the posts with my up and down arrow keys again. Thank you for that also.

    Honestly, I think user moderated blog posts are a bad idea. Free speech is important to me even if what someone else has to say might not be my personal opinion. I’m ok with letting the Lindens decide what exactly is breaking the blog rules so people’s comments are not removed just because they are different or not the majority.

    Lastly, would it be possible to add a button next to “Submit Comment” that says “Spellcheck”? I do proofread my posts and edit them so they make sense…for the most part, lol. I usually miss something though and I think it would help some people. Hope this isn’t too much to ask. Keep up the improvements and good work.

  50. Usagi Musashi says:

    “Gotten” a word No it aint 😛

    Really we could use a spell check instead of this twin lines of nothing here.

  51. Thygrrr says:

    I think the Flickr popups are annoying as hell, and pretty damn sticky, too (you can’t click them away).

    Please don’t do that.

    Also, the font is too small to be read comfortably.

  52. Max Kleiber says:

    There we go..
    I have no idea what most of you people are talking about.
    I don’t keep a blog myself, so I can’t tell one thing from another.
    Quite frankly, if this is what a blog is all about, I really have no interest in keeping a blog.

    I was under the impression that this page is an area where i might gain useful information in order to plan my SL sessions:
    no TP’s.. log in where i want to work
    no database access.. move furniture around..
    stuff like that.

  53. Rocco Juice says:

    Great! How about fixing bugs and problems that are costing people money instead of making the Blog look pretty?

  54. Celeste says:

    Actually, though totally off topic. “gotten” is a word. Behold, Merriam Webster Online Dictionary: Main Entry: gotten
    past participle of GET
    It is used and appreciated in the United States, beyond our borders, I have no idea. But I’m sure M-W is in other countries.
    Now, to on topic:
    I have no issues concerning the new blog. I think it looks fine, I do have to say the only big issue is the font where we type is smaller, which can cause a dilemma, however once posted and in the actual blog its a decent size for me to read.
    Again..off topic. Why must some feel they need to post and comment multiple times to various odd and end postings of others? For some, it doesn’t bode well for how others perceive them. In reference to whining..yes, I must agree with the person that posted to stop whining..there tends to be an overwhelming reaction to whine in multiple posts about the same topic. Let the bashing begin.

  55. Chronic Skronski says:

    RE: pop-ups.

    They don’t pop up for me, as I have a java-script blocking extension installed in Firefox. However, they do pop up on my laptop and I don’t quite understand the reason for it – the image in the pop-up is roughly the same size as the image in the thumbnail that you hover over.

  56. Kat Sullivan says:

    great the whole word is going to pot and a new look blog is created. whoops hope my comment doesnt lock the blog and silence the people again

  57. Athena Ellison says:

    I like the new improvements. The font is much more soft on the eyes. The ability to look over and find out about updates for problems is also nice.

  58. Slartibartfast Majicthise says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lots of complaints about stuff that doesn’t matter.

    Let’s get to the REAL IMPORTANT point here; Does this blog make my butt look big?

  59. binarystarcast says:

    Love it! Looks great guys!!! -Hanko Florio [binarystarcast.com]

  60. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Well, it looks nice. Slightly larger font size for the replies, sensible width (short line length, easy to read). I like it 🙂

  61. The navigation bar at the top of the page should have links back to more useful portions of the web site and should also be repeated at the bottom of the blog so you do not have to return to the top of the page to make use of them. The links currently on the navigation bar do not take any of us to any point within the web site that we use on a regular basis.

  62. Cathy Flint says:

    I can’t move in world and you people are worried about how the damn blog looks!

  63. Noa Noland says:

    Seriously, how about instead of working on your blog which is of non importance to us, you work on fixing the fact that your whole platform is messed up. This is day 47883836456464 where i cant go anywhere cause your TP system is crap again….

    Surely people would rather see you fix that then read about a blog… (and yes i’m very disappointed again…)

  64. Chronic Skronski says:

    Brilliant, Noa. Hey, let’s get the cleaners working on the SL code, too.

  65. Bryon Ruxton says:

    I think you should know you have a x rated picture from the flickr feed featured on the blog right now. o.O?

  66. Porsupah Ree says:

    The gradient shading: pleasant.

    Popups: maybe a bit without function, but I’m not minding them much either. Sorta fun to see someone’s site front page appear like that. ^_^

    Active width: ditto. Nothing wrong with columns per se – there are many good reasons why newspapers have long used them. But newspapers use all the space available, in a generally productive manner – here, other than a few bits and pieces of little importance at the top of the left and right columns, it’s *only* the middle column that’s used at all.

    Perhaps the left column could occupy part of the top of the page, and the right goes to the bottom, maybe collapsing the archives into a pulldown at the same time.

    Font size: I have a custom font default, so I’ve not seen any change. My usual font size is fairly small anyway, but still renders well. (OmniWeb 5 on a 17″ 1680×1050 display)

    Do we get to hear voiceposts by the Lindens next? =:)

  67. First off, I’d like to say a big thank-you for the insights, support, and helpful criticism here. Let me focus on these on-topic:

    [VOICEPOSTS & PODCASTS] Yes, we’re moving towards that. DEFINITELY. Some exciting things in the works. I’ve done videos with my voice before, such as:

    Second Life is a multimedia world, so it makes perfect sense we expand how we communicate with you. Tone of voice is also hard to get across in text!

    [LOADING TIME] I chopped posts/page to 15 from 30. It was making the pages too long to scroll, too. It goes back approx. a week now, based on our current average of posts. I’m also reminding fellow Lindens to use jump cuts (those “read more…”) links when possible. We want to inform, but not overload you.

    [COLUMN WIDTH (again)] Like how SL is customizable, I’d love an easy way for you to customize the blog look and SecondLife.com for yourself… even like Google home page. Likely won’t happen for awhile, but — I do agree. In the meantime, if you use a blog reader like Google Reader or Bloglines, you can change to variable-width.

    [SNAP PREVIEWS] We can turn these off if they prove horrifically useless. We’re giving them an empirical go in the meantime, as they’ve been popular on a number of other sites with not enough visual content — the intent is to help “cue” you into what’s next.

    [GRAY FONT] I know gray-on-white isn’t the highest contrast. I’d prefer black too. Like column width, this is something that needs to be considered within the context of *all* of SecondLife.com.

    [BLOG THEME (generally speaking)] We looked through and discussed a lot of possibilities. Some of the MNML (minimal) themes don’t work well with the graphics-rich aesthetic of Second Life. Some also suggest we should put the two thinner columns on the right, a la TechCrunch.

    All that being said, if you’ve got some fave existing blog or general web designs you enjoy, you can post links here and we’ll check ’em out. Examples.

    Again, much appreciation. =^_^=

  68. Usagi Musashi says:

    @ 62……….

    They need to make a better face to cover the body no?!

  69. Otenth says:

    1. Add me to the list of popup haters.

    2. The column widths and font size are fine by me (and I have a widescreen Mac–which draws fonts a bit smaller than Windows).

    3. I often check the blog on a Blackberry, and both sidebars come before the main content–not good markup! Annoying!

  70. David Gall says:

    Not to bother or anything, but the blog looks a bit… cluttered.

  71. Usagi Musashi says:

    I like the reason why the MAIN IMPORTANT PART IS now slimmer? Did you want the blog to go on diet? Or just the lack of understanding what the user of he blg needs?!

  72. The dialog that is supposed to let you opt out of seeing the popups is not compatible with Opera. The dialog closes when you move the cursor into the region with the opt out option.

    Please fix this.

  73. A format for the blog that worked in a Profile Web Tab would be good.

  74. Kath W says:

    I reckon it’s shrunk to make room for more advertising on each side……..

    Now because SL has made a simple change I am supposed to install more stuff to my computer?
    Next we will see appliances all sold with different plugs, and they will say, “it’s easy if you use adaptor plugs”.

  75. Usagi Musashi says:

    the Blog will turn in to a BLOGGED down Blog with all the plugins.

  76. Kian Stardust says:

    Please go back to the previous blog design. The new one is horrible. All the side bar “bling” screams for attention, making the content unreadable.

  77. “Snap previews” I assume are the annoying thumbnails when you hover over something? Yes, get rid of them.

    As long as we get text versions of podcasts, as I can skim-read an article in a fraction of the time I can to listen to an audio recording.

    Just, please, don’t go down the road of more “shiny for shiny’s sake”. It’s bad enough as it is.


  78. Fledhyris Proudhon says:

    Oh yes, great idea people, let’s CENSOR the blog now – make it TRULY pointless to come here, since probably the only comments we’ll be able to read are the ones that say W00t!! Lindens rule – I wanna go out with SPIKE!!!111

    People who don’t tolerate criticism should take a good, hard look at the REAL world and think about just how many GOOD things we take for granted today, only came about because people had the gumption to stand up and campaign for change. I guess you folks wouldn’t complain if SL just upended like a leaky boat, would you. You’d move on to the next fashionable trend without a care in your empty heads for how things could work. You think you’re behind the Lindens? You don’t give a rat’s ass WHAT happens in SL.

    Concrit actually HELPS developers, and just think how many things have been improved in SL already, just because the Lindens do on occasion listen to us resis! The blog is the official forum of residents’ comments so why the _ shouldn’t we use it to state our opinions???

  79. Usagi Musashi says:

    The Blog always been Censor……Thats nothing new here.

    Just know its harder to read then before is all wi this pretty blog :/

  80. Case Young says:

    hmmmm design looks good, but how about usability? The center row needs a word wrap function. posted long weblinks i.e. are expanded to the right row which makes them unreadable if there are the categories links present. even increasing font size has the same effect. I tried to read the release notes for the new update and the characters appear so small that i have to increase font size – it messed up my screen. I’m using a high res monitor @ 1280×1024.
    keep the good work up

    Greetz Case

  81. The font used for release notes is almost unreadable.

    I like the use of color on the Known Issues section, and numbered comments.

  82. Rori Gilmour says:

    I’ve always wondered why ‘web developers’ (and i use the term quite loosley) insist on using hard numbers for column widths instead of using percentages, or simply making the two outer columns a fixed wdth and let the center one float on a percentage.

    It is quite sad that the side columns are actually easier to read than the center (main, aka most important) one is left to fend for itself.

    I too use a dual 1600 screen setup, although my browser (Maxthon) takes up only about 1350 of one of the screens. I still have quite large margins to the left and right of this blog, as well as the main web.

    Yes, the notes font is tiny. I even have font customization turned on and it is about half the size of the normal font. Why do people like to ‘develop’ pages for stone-aged 1024 resolutions/equipment? Especially when those same people are developing a game that requires a 256mb video card?

  83. Decembre212012 says:

    I don’t like the numbers; they’re big and ugle.

    And, writing this lettre’ is hurting my eyes!

    The thumbs down is an awful idea it’s one more thing

    to take away from unused margin space.

    This site is painful.

  84. Ice cydrome says:

    anyone there

  85. Ice cydrome says:


  86. Matt Click says:

    hello, LOl

  87. Decembre212012 says:

    Double spacing

    Seems to help


  88. Any chance of getting a response from a staff member about Opera compatibility regarding being able to disable the popup web page pictures?

  89. In the event anyone’s interested, this url should disable the Snap Preview Anywhere option: http://www.snap.com/about/spa_faq.php?disable_spa=1 .

  90. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Sue: You are my hero. THANK YOU!

  91. seiyed1 says:

    I am seiyed1 wellcom you to iranland wensite.

  92. Woopsy Dazy says:

    Just a little blog bug:

    I wrote a “less than”-character directly followed by a number in some other post. It was interpreeted as a html-tag and caused the post to end at that point. Everything after it was dropped.

    Not sure if it was the new or old blog, happened this morning.

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  94. Ahlan Oh says:

    I really like the Flickr photos as they are of high quality and representative of the broad swath of life in SL.

    However, I often expose educators to SL to interest them in inworld projects. Having “mature” photos displayed on the official SL webpage can be a serious turn off to these people who are legitimately concerned about SL content.

    Would it be possible to have a public, PG photo album and a less obviously accessible “anything goes” photo album?

    Thanks for listening.

  95. Bedsee Psaltery says:

    i’ve got a blog improvement suggestion, how about you open comments on the age verification question so that the community has a voice? That would be a hella blog improvement.

    ~taps glass~ hellooo is anybody home?

  96. wandarich says:

    Can you please ask lindens to keep their blog post titles short.

    Many people use your feeds on their site and there is a growing trend that your post titles are now taking up 2 lines of text because they are so long.

    WindLight atmospheric rendering comes to Second Life!
    Love Challenges, Enjoy Chowdah, Hate the Yankees?
    Coming your way soon: new Support Portal [UPDATE]
    Rolling Restart complete: addresses key issues!
    Coming your way soon: the Second Life Support Portal
    Missing Your Alt? Provide Accurate Contact Information

    There are all unnecessarily long, and its happening more and more.

  97. nhimconyeu says:

    the fist !please,hepl me!thanks

  98. Pingback: b35abb8534bfa8d0ffe471ec14f0db80

  99. Linda Brynner says:

    As you have closed all comments, then via this way:

    Dear Sirs,

    Please I would like to aplogize for my harsh words, but Second Life
    seems to get more and more unplayable, even if there only around
    25000 people online.
    Some people have invested some thousends of US$ into SL and
    are running a business being able to generate positive cashflow,
    but with all these technical drama lately, customer visits of many
    business are suffering dramatically !

    The last 2 weeks I had to relog at least 10 times directly when I
    can online for some normal functionality. Avators are drifting when
    moving, avators look completely deformed ( like a child ),
    friends list not visible… failure of L$ transactions !!

    My opinion is that Linden Lab has to refund some of the costs for
    compensation as many user hours were unplayable and turnover
    was lost for business owners.
    For example, 20% less charging for premium accounts and 20%
    less tier for the next billing date. This to at least to soften all
    frustration and loss of in-world turnover !

    I hope that you find a way to compensate the damaged and
    frustrations, otherwise my idea would be that I publish my proposal
    in-world also and on your website.

    You cannot keep going on like this.

    At this moment I have around US$ 2000 invested in land in SL and I’m not selling due to technical problems !!
    Many more investors suffer the same problems.

Comments are closed.