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Second Life 1.13.0 Release, Wed Nov 29th

[UPDATE – Nov. 29 @ 3:13 PM PST] Hi! I’ve turned off blog comments on this entry. We literally had over 1,000 comments of “How do I get in?” in the queue. I LOVE your shared passion to get back … Continue reading

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Widgets come to the Official Linden Blog!

[UPDATE – Nov. 29 @ 9:43 AM PST] Categories confirmed fixed. Further blog improvements coming, I’ll detail them as they arrive. Thank-you. [UPDATE – 7:38 PM PST] Pass-1 done. Going home to dance in the snow and spend quality time … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Database Issues Cleared Up

[6:13 SLT] The database issues we listed below have been cleared up and inventory is no longer being lost from this problem. If you are one of the residents who is still affected from today’s issue, please contact LIVE help … Continue reading

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Friends List and Visibility Changes

As of this next release, we’ll be making some changes to how you can see estates, friends, and other residents in world. Read on to see exactly how these changes will affect you.

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Changes Coming To Customer Service

About a month ago I posted here asking for ideas for improving Customer Service. There was tremendous response and it’s very clear that we have a lot of work to do. What follows is a summary of your comments, along … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Slowdowns in Grid Performance

[PST 5:03 PM] The grid is stable and returning to normal. [PST 3:53 PM] Performance is improving somewhat and lost regions are coming back online. We continue to investigate the crash bug — it remains one of our highest priorities. … Continue reading

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How I got Second Life running on a 8800GTX under Windows XP x64

I picked up a nVidia 8800GTX at launch and much to my dismay Second Life would refuse to launch.  Instead it would only show a small dialog box with an error indicating that it didn’t like the video driver.  So … Continue reading

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