UPDATE: The Morning After

[11:31am SLT] We know the partners page is still down and not functioning properly, we’ll post when it’s been fixed. Also, *ONLY* contact LIVE Help with regions that are having teleport and online problems. If your problem is not related to a region and can be addressed by filing a bug report (like Linden Dollar issues, Inventory issues), please file the bug report instead so our LIVE Helpers can address those they can actually assist with. Thanks!

[11:02am SLT] We are disabling the Find/Search feature temporarily within Second Life in order to help us address some of the current issues. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s up.

[10:11am SLT] Presence issues have also been reported. These are sporadic and will limit your ability to use the map or see your friends online status (This is of course, only if they haven’t used the new visability feature to make themselves invisible to you 😛 ) Thanks for hanging in there, please continue to bug report issues you have.

As everyone on the grid knows, yesterday’s new version deploy came with some bugs that affected the Second Life experience. These issues have been affecting us sporadically throughout the evening and last night, and on into this morning. Some of them include:

  • Teleports failing and/or not allowing movment between regions. This is inclusive even of teleports to private estates and parcels you may have access to and yes still receive a message of not being allowed into the region. If you get a message: “You are not allowed into the destination.” and you know you have access, please report the name of the region to our LIVE Help channel so the in-world Liaisons can pass the region names onto our GridMonkey.
  • A region presence bug prevents certain regions from showing as down even when they’ve crashed in world. If this happens, you can also use LIVE Help to relay a message to us.
  • Money transfers are occasionally failing or your account balances aren’t showing. These situations may clear themselves up as we identify the problems, but if your money doesn’t return or show up as we do so, please send an email to support@secondlife.com so we can address your issue directly.
  • Possible missing inventory. According to our current data, it looks like much of these cases have been cleared up, or no longer being reported. If inventory is missing from you inventory or land, please file a bug report and give as many details as you can on the missing items.
  • We know the website is sporadically having issues, it’s being looked into.

We know this is frustrating for many users and we are working diligently to correct the issues. As we know more, I’ll continue to update this blog throughout the day to relay the information to you. Thank you to everyone for your support and patience.

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309 Responses to UPDATE: The Morning After

  1. Luciftias says:

    I don’t know if this is related to the “not being allowed in regions” bug but I’m having a bad time of sim crossings in certain (mostly mainland) sims. Anyone else?

  2. wandarich says:

    the water in Catax keeps disappearing when I tp back here and it needs a re-log to fix.

  3. Jon Schack says:

    w00t! Thanks for the info!! Welcome to the day after LoL
    Thanks again for all your hard work to resolve these issues!

  4. Teri LaFollette says:

    I am pleased to read that the issues inside SL are being adressed however, my issue is one of unaccessability. I can not even get into SL. I deleted my version and reinstalled from the SL website, but now i have the old log in screen (the one without the blog links and information at the top right) As i attempt to log in, i get the verifying protocol version….. and then the notice that i cannot connect right now to try again in a few minutes. I assumed it was the queue to begin with….but now i am not so sure, could i get some advice here?

  5. Krista says:

    water missing seems to be wide spread. going into region/estate tools works until you tp to another place/back…

  6. Vyper Hugo says:

    My biggest problem is that the entire grid is running extremely slow. Regions take a *LONG* time to rez, and moving around is at 1 or 2 FPS, even though the night before the upgrade I had no problems and everything was smooth as silk.

  7. Interfect Sonic says:

    Isn’t this what the beta grid is for? To find and solve these problems?
    Maybe you need to find a way to get people to place more load on the beta grid? How about free land or something?

  8. Aso Vandeverre says:

    I am in the Netherlands and cannot logon at all. Althought I downloaded the new version.
    When I choose connect, after the precaching is finished, nothing happens.

  9. spooktacular warrior says:

    still having problems with moeny trans but other then that everythinhg working is fine. Just annies me with the updates but i guess they are needed. i dont know any more.

  10. Adz Childs says:

    “If inventory is missing from you inventory or land, please file a bug report and give as many details as you can on the missing items.”
    I filed description of my missing inventory through the contact technical support page on the website. Do I need to file it as a in-world bug report as well?

  11. Siq says:

    hi- I was having some trouble crashing before the new version when in animation places.
    After the new version I can’t get in at all. I always crash- or it logs me out before I can get in.
    I tried de-installing the new version and reinstalling but it didn’t work.I see others are in there and have not seen anything indicating problems with crashes-or not being able to get in at all.
    Is this a common problem or is it just me?
    Any suggestions.?

  12. Adz Childs: An in world bug report helps, yes. If you wouldn’t mind it may help us track down your problem.

  13. Si Olaria says:

    Well, no one said it would be easy. Keep up the good work all you Lindens, as it is all in the aid of a better SL. Your communications are excellent and make the difference between understanding and rage here in the outside world.

  14. Bella Rosencrans says:

    And random crashes. I usually don’t crash, but after this update it’s kicked me to the desktop ALOT.

    Are you aware of people having that issue too then Lindens?

    So frustrating 😦

  15. Temporal Mitra says:

    used to be that you could temp-on-rez an object that was larger than what the land allowed. I was commonly temp-on-rezzing nine prims on a three prim parcel…now, that seems to be a thing of the past, you have to own as least as many prims as you are temp rezzing, or it won’t work…just wish they had told us, before I bought those 150 parcels last week…cause I did it based on reading what the changes would be in the new release…now I find out there are undocumented changes…


  16. Sue Roseman says:

    can’t access audio streaming on my intel Apple g5; can’t resolve the dance issue in Jade’s Dance Lounge. I feel like dancing. I am using a nipple apple mouse…I have been told to right click…but without luck.

  17. Other bug that really made me nervous was the new problem in the function llTargetOmega, when I call this function to stop rotating, the object doesnt return to default position. This made my Skateboards Products unusable and my custumer is complaning to me. My skateboards dont works anymore and this shooked my business! Lindens fix it fast as you can!

  18. Sasha Wheeler says:

    I’m not sure if this is related to the bugs or not, but I’ve been experiencing some weird things happening with the building tools.

    First, whenever I rez a prim that’s rounded in some fashion, it starts out jagged before popping back into it’s normal shape. This actually isn’t a problem, it’s just something new that never used to happen.

    The second though, has been driving me nuts, and I can’t tell if it’s because of server lag, or if something got broken, but if you select multiple prims who have different center points, and then try to rotate the group, it rotates like normal until you deselect the prims, then they kinda spaz out and go into some other rotation they weren’t supposed to be in. It’s been happening often during the update but doesn’t happen EVERY time, which makes me suspect it might be lag. But I’ve built in laggy areas before, and I’ve had this happen once or twice in the past, but now it’s happening 4 times out of 5. It’s REALLY hampering my abilities to build effeciantly, as in order to ‘fix’ this I have to link the group, rotate them, and then unlink them again just to keep them in place. I know this is probably very very low on your priority lists, and rightly so. I just figure if someone over there has some spare time, they can look into what might be causing this.

  19. Bibi Riva says:

    Hello Support,
    i just noticed that my parcel are locked, but i haven´t locked it, ther must be a error,
    a friend would visit me but she can not, says parcel ist locked, i have must added she to
    they can visit, then she can go in, but, this is not normaly, i always have my parcel open
    for everyone,

  20. Tsu Goodliffe says:

    also… Chadrick Linden The forums is having a issue to, as well as Body texture not downloading compleatly and rebake compleatly failing……

    On the side note please pass this on to the other lindens, Please Provide us people with eye sight issues a way to incress our Fonts, please….

  21. Jesse Murdock says:

    I dont know if its related or not but I have an employee who couldn’t get in to the sim or the neighboring one, all night. She Repeatedly crashed on teleport right when receiving the “requesting teleport” message. I am not sure how p2p works, but while attempting to trouble shoot this issue with *multiple* cache and temp file cleanings, reboots, relogs, etc; I asked her to try reinstalling. That is when we realized she could not reach the Second Life website either. I downloaded and put the client on ftp for her, but while i was doing that she was attempting to fix her problems with the site ( which she has been to many times, no major software changes besides the patch ). She input the site on her excluded list for cookies, and was in like Flynn, and upon reinstalling was able to teleport without incident.
    As I said, make of it what you will, broken inistall that the new one fixed? Or maybe someone who knows more about the technical aspects may be able to link the browser or Mcafee privacy security settings to this teleport block. Only reason I I even mention it is because i thought I read that the p2p had something to do with the web, I dunno. I have however seen internet explorer security settings affect other software.
    Hard Deploy, but feature rich, hopinig the animations all start working more smoothly and consistently soon though o.o All in all keep up the hard work LL, and ye just may pull the nose up in time;)

  22. Bella Rosencrans: Yes, we are. Thank you for letting us know.

    Sasha Wheeler: Please bug report those for us via the in world reporter so we can look into them.

    Tsu Goodliffe: Thanks, yes. The forums and the website are having issue’s, our web team is looking into it.

  23. Aribeth Coronet says:

    Everything was working fine for me this morning – it was this afternoon that I had the trouble.

    I spent a good deal of time buying furniture from various places to put in my newly rented condo.

    Problem 1: I tried transferring furniture from my inventory into my home. It disappeared, and came back with the message “Failed to rez” or something along those lines. Fair enough… I just hope I get the items back that I spent a good deal of money on. So far they’re not anywhere in my inventory.
    This was last night, so I kinda expected problems.

    Problem 2: Having kitted out my home this afternoon, and TPed to a destination to buy one last item, and on my return to the condo – all my newly laid out furniture had disappeared completely! My other neighbours are having the same problem.

    I hope within the next few hours I get my items back, or can at least view my items in my lovely new home 🙂

  24. Chalise says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Bugs seem a tab bit more bearable if we can refer to this blog.

  25. Xs Andree says:

    I love the new stuff you guys put in, and beyond the bugs, alot of people are saying that their Framerates have actually improved since the update! I can’t wait until you guys track down the current bugs and get everything working. I have a promotion Friday that promises to be large for our percel, and I’d like to see if my Framerates are smoother through it!

  26. Kamaji Klata says:

    I can’t move ten paces without encountering a crash…then when I try to log in it gives me a time (usually 5 mins) until I can log in again. When I do the same thing happens, crash after crash. Is this a known problem? It was working fine until the update…

    Thanks for the help =)

  27. DoctorCsil Jeffries says:

    As a long time member and seller on Ebay the recent difficulties that SL is experiencing are quite similar to those that Ebay experienced during their exponential growth phase about 7-8 years ago. There was a great deal of angst among many Ebay members at that time and they freely expressed those concerns to Ebay. fortunately Ebay had the commitment to invest heavily in new IT infrastructure and did indeed become a far more dependable and usable site that has seen great success. One can hope that SL takes a lesson from the Ebay experience and strives to improve the reliability and functionality of SL through infrastructure improvements. Until then, dear fellow residents, it behooves all of us to exercise a degree of patience and to allow the Lindens to respond to our constructive criticisms. I’m sure they would also like to hear personally from us about how much we enjoy SL and to give them thanks for the wondrous, fantastical world they are providing for our pleasure. Stay healthy and be happy!

  28. bruno says:

    That is very strange. SL is more than 8 hours offline and when it returns seems worse than before.
    I know that Linden Lab is working to solve all of the bugs, but I think things as that cannot happen again. An update is to leave the better things, don’t worsen!

  29. Johannes Monstre says:

    I just thought I’d take a moment and comment that, despite the problems, the upgrades have thus far been WELL WORTH IT… and I am affraid that you (the Lindens) may not hear that enough through all of the complaints and bug reports, so I thought I’d say it.

    I’m a very new reistent of SL (a little over a week now) and I have to say that you’ve all done, and continue to do, a monumental and fantastic job. Please keep up the good work, and we’ll all hang in there.

    Best regards,

  30. Fox Proudhon says:


    OK, Iv’e submitted a bug report as requested for missing inventory.
    Should I not get an email with an RT number?
    Have not seen one, is it missing too?

  31. Magnum Serpentine says:

    Unfortunatly, I am still having issues with not seeing water in Sido. I know I can cross the sim borders but it seems that if I port into Sido, the water is gone till I go back to the nearest sim crossing and cross it a couple of times.

    Not sure what is causing this

  32. Augustus Gallacher says:

    I’m having an awful time with my MacBook Pro with this version, it just crashes right out almost every 15 to 20 minutes. No problems up to now and now this… have also lost items that I’ll probably never retrieve and where do they go if not back to me? (this was an earlier problem though)…

  33. Melissa Sugarbeet says:

    I’m actually not having any problems at all this morning. Things are working great on my end. 🙂 Stay strong, Lindens! We appreciate the work you do!

  34. Itazura Radio says:

    I want to thank you for making the water disappear sporadically. I was able to locate 2 cars, an airplane, multiple posestands and a set of male genitals left underwater and was able to return them to their rightful owners. I’m sure the owner of the genitals is quite happy as well. Thank you.


  35. Aleri Darkes says:

    Last night after the update was finished and SL was back up, I had absolutely no problems with the exception of the tping not always working. However, this morning at 5am SL time until now, each time I try to log in first it takes 3-5 mintues for the login screen to even load. Then it takes a few more minutes to get in, and once in game it is so lagged I cannot move, nothing rezzes at all, I cannot even type because it is about 10 secs or more behind.. I attempted to file a report to see if that would help them trace this problem, however not only was it so lagged that my typing was almost not legible, but I crashed before I could send it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled SL several times, seems to make no difference. On my end i havent made any changes on my computer from when i logged off last night until early this morning when I tried to log in. Ive been scouring the forums and the blog searching to see if anyone else is experiencing this, and havent seen it so far… Anyone else having this problem? Anyone have any other suggestions? Lindens do you have any ideas?

  36. wandarich says:

    Thanks for rhe tip krisa.
    Is it me or is the water more transparent then usual? comparing screenshots from 2 days ago to today shows it to be a lot more clear than it used to be like 50% – which is not a nice thing

  37. jon grommet says:

    ah happy endings 🙂

  38. Debbie Trilling says:

    Temp-on-rez snowstorm generating errors, have had to “take” back.

    After leaving an area & then returning, all water has dispappeared but re-appears on re-log.

    On plus side, least amount of lag and packet loss I have yet experienced in SL, even with a signficant number of people on. 🙂

  39. Maxwell Fardel says:

    I logged in last night (eventually, lol) and was very amused at the fact that there only appeared to be one person answering to anything in live help (/me wonders if they all muted me), so i did a search in the people search to see if there were any Lindens logged in at the time of complete caos when tp’s wern’t working, sims missing and all that, and NO there wasn’t, lol. But saying that, things did start getting better fairly quick :). On a very good point, after trying SL on a few different computers today with various op systems, the whole world of SL does rez ALOT better and things feel a hell of alot smoother. So i do have faith in Linden Labs capabilities, but i may still have to shoot any Lindens on sight in game. Only joking there :).
    Be Seeing You 😉

  40. Dream Resistance says:

    I just wanted to say a big thank you! I play on my laptop alot, and after the previous update I was hardly able to function at all. Yet this morning I was running around like I was on a “real” computer. It was GREAT! Bugs are to be expected, it is an update afterall. But once they’re all worked out it seems like things will really be much better. Yay!!

  41. Magnum Serpentine says:

    Thank God I am not the only one who is experiencing dissiappearing water.

  42. Aribeth Coronet: Sorry to hear that, please bug report it like the blog says. We will address it as we can.

    Magnum Serpentine: Yeah, we know about that one. Working on it.

    Itazura Radio: See my response to Magnum above.

    Aleri Darkes: Yes, logins may be a bit slower this morning. We have people addressing it.

  43. Boss Melnitz says:

    Other than the times it has been completely down, SL is at an all time high (or low if you prefer) of unusability at this point. It completely baffles the mind how a company who supposedly tests their upgrades before rolling them can suffer such awful performance, and that an upgrade to the in-world system results in website, blog and forum issues as well.

    If I consistently exercised this level of performance in my own job, I would be fired.

  44. Sasha Wheeler says:

    Ok, I’m trying to use the in-world bug report for this issue, but I can’t use a custom screenshot to show you exactly what’s happening… I have cuts of three screenshots on a single image to show what’s actually happing, in hopes of attaching it to the bug report, since a single screenshot won’t accurately show what is happening. Apparently I’m not able to do this? If so, do I just file the report without a screenshot?

  45. Lando Brule says:

    Also, I experienced many pose balls not funtioning, or only showing the results to one person but not the other.

  46. Zelinna Jacques says:

    Thank you for posting, in part of the inventory missing on land, was beginning to feel I was the only one with that issue!
    My home sim, Seongsil, from time of logging in first time after the update, appears to of had majority of its development wiped. For anyone going there, you’ll see a bit of this and that, from a pool with no water in it, to a partial house. The club, is missing with exception of some tables, chairs, and a screen. The Whispering Winds centre is missing with exception of a few objects, such as tv screens, and a sign. You’ll also find in the “home” areas, a few pieces of furniture floating about, and the pond you’ll see the swan floating, but the plants and prim water, and waterfall is missing. If you look at the property information, you can see where there is over 10,000 available prims, where there should be under 3000!
    I did a bug report last night on this with an auto reply in turn, and wrote an IM to an online linden last night with no responds. I’m told by several, that the sim could be rolled back within minutes, would be wonderful if it was that easy!
    I have to say also, I’m glad you opened the “comments” back up here. Because with the new feature of searching for people and not allowing to see if they are online or not, that means, looking for a linden online when in need of one right then, makes it difficult.
    Thank you for keeping us up to date through this ordeal.

  47. Traven Sachs says:

    I keep getting parcel full messages from Silla and Nadata where I KNOW I have plenty of PRIMS left over. I am NOT trying to make temp on rez class prims… So what gives guys? 🙂 Can ya have da Grid Monkey take a gander?

  48. Keene Halberd says:

    Now the real question: Do you still respect me?

  49. Sasha Wheeler: If you have to , file the report without the screenshot…then you’ll get an auto reply in your email inbox. You can then attach a screenshot to the auto reply and send it back to us… it will attach itself to your previous report.

    Traven Sachs: Bug report it for us please and let LIVE Help know in world so we casn report it to a GM.

  50. Chiman Fassbinder says:

    Also for some reason in world emails between prims no longer work. all my servers that use this option had to be re’rezed. based on that i’m assuming that for some the emailers can’t find the prim that acts as the server because of having issues locating the uuid. its like the prims are there but they are not able to be located. a very strange issue.

  51. Zane Strong says:

    I spent some time building yesterday evening and things went smoothly for the most part. The only weirdness I observed was one instance where I rezzed a structure out of my inventory, then attempted to select it and delete it in-world. Most of the prims were deleted except for a handful, and those remaining prims were no longer selectable or editable. Drag-to-select wouldn’t pick them up. Delete was greyed out from the pie menu, but Take was not, and that was the only way I was able to remove them. Odd.

  52. josh says:

    What an awesome idea, however I have not been able to get started yet. For some reason, my name isn’t matching with the password. I’ve been writing it down to make sure it’s accurate, and I’ve been entering it correctly. Also, where do we go when the screen “Second Life Grid Status
    Second Life is Open” appears?

    Keep up the awesome work. I’ll be patiently awaiting a reply in my email inbox. Thanks!

  53. Arianna Oranos says:

    1. Inventory cannot be transferred from one user to the other (something’s wrong with the permissions)
    2. Objects I just made do NOT appear in my inventory after relogging
    3. Objects I made or took do NOT rez
    4. Money doesn’t show up
    5. Water disappears.

    All this is happening in Xalapa.

    Way to go.

  54. Markubis Brentano says:

    Bruno says:
    “That is very strange. SL is more than 8 hours offline and when it returns seems worse than before.
    I know that Linden Lab is working to solve all of the bugs, but I think things as that cannot happen again. An update is to leave the better things, don’t worsen! ”

    /me points to the new guy and chuckles quietly. hehe

    You must be new around here. 😀

    These updates usually take a few days to a week to shake out the bugs. (thats why I hated the weekly updates…..just get it sorted and bam!…another update)

    I was only in world last night for a few hours….just to see how it looked. First thing I noticed was packet loss in our SIM was ZERO! woo hoo!!!!
    Thank you!!
    Though I did some little spikes here and there, I also took into account there were over 15,000 people in world and there were 19 peopel in my SIM alone…..two days ago I was seeing an average of 10% packet loss.

    Sure the profiles were’nt working and the friends list seemed slow to respond to changes….if it did change, but I can give it some time.
    I was soooo happy not to be chat lagging.

    I’m impressed with the “performance” improvement so far.

  55. Clive Stanwell says:

    Hi….most things are working fine for me this morning. And I really like some of the new features. I *DO* think you should issue updates less often and do more checking before their release. We users are, in effect, your Beta testers.

    Also, I have found no documentaion at all about how the find the new chat log files. I’ve looked everywhere in the folder I have set up to receive the logs…nothing looks like it might be stored by SL.

    I tried to get Live Help to give me a clue about this and only got instructions to go to New Features in SL Help. They had zip, zero, nada info about this.

  56. brian roop says:

    Don’t thank me for my patience. I am out of patience. The more you guys fix things, the worse they get. Where is my avatar? I can’t see it at all, only its effects.

  57. Mandy Maidstone says:

    Im having the failure to rezz problem myself most distressing when i need to dress for work, but what has me most baffled is that after this upgrade several of my male sl friends have come back on to find themselves cross gendered! (That is to say having both male and female anatomy issues) While i find this most amusing my friends are less then enchanted and i can understand why! What in the world is causing this issue?

  58. penolope eldrich says:

    I log in to find all my money gone, my avatar invisiable and my search not working.

  59. Snoring says:

    i came on 2day and everything was fine for like 20 mins or then i crashed so i log back on and were my building and some of my neibors buildings are gone and now there is just a big drop and water at the bottom. did LL fire sum1 and they got mad and peed on the servers or sumthing. this is the only game that crashes on me and i play alot of games that the graphics and stuff are alot better than sl. so plz tell me whyy this is the only game giving me problems. i mean we pay LL to make sure everything runs smoothly but for the last couple of weeks or so there seems to be a new major problem everyday. so can LL plz tell us why us paying customers how much longer we have to deal with a new problem everyday for thanx

  60. GRRR!! With all the problems in world, I had to cancel the anniversary party I had planned. My Ladylove could not even move – when she was actually able to get in world. Note to self: Do not EVER schedule an important event for the day of, or day after an update!

    Bad Lindens! No Cookies for you!

    Although kudos at least for keeping us informed as to WTH was happening.

  61. Stroker says:

    “Inventory creation on “in-world” object failed” Theres one I have never seen before o.O

  62. Lady Sims says:

    hi i am now invisible all my lindens have gone tried to reboot over and over but still the same gonna keep trying anyone know what i need to do?


  63. shannon says:

    problems being seen by myself and friends, invisible to ourselves, missing money, missing inventory and failed teleports, can only report these things so many times

  64. miche rainbow says:

    in case my bug reports aren’t going thru, cuz i don’t think they are, here is my report.

    i am missing a patio chair, a mahogany end table, and a wicker sofa. They were falsely placed in the region of Goodelli around the coordniates of 113, 159, 59

    Also, i am having trouble placing items on my land in Goodelli….it takes a long time for them to rez sometimes, like in the order of like 10 minutes, and that’s if it even lets me. And i seem to loose what im trying to place if it doesn’t place properly.

  65. Luciftias says:

    # penolope eldrich Says:
    November 30th, 2006 at 10:18 AM PST

    I log in to find all my money gone, my avatar invisiable and my search not working.

    Your money isn’t actually gone. Try relogging.

  66. penolope eldrich says:

    i have relogged 5 times now…and still invisiable, money is still missing, search is still nto working and my friends still cannot see me online

  67. Daaneth Kivioq: Sorry to hear that. Thanks for understanding.

    Stoker: It’s a bug, we know about this one as well.

    shannon: Those are presence issues as stated above. Thanks for letting us know again.

    miche rainbow: They go through, please make sure to file them for us.

    Luciftias: Thank you, much Linden love 🙂

  68. Sargent says:

    So…basically, you all put in an update…that broke what you tried to update. That’s uh…wow.

    Oh, and any word on actually fixing the Partner system?

    On top of it, live help has been no help.

    I asked for help, my issue was adressed with a live helper telling me to check a web page, linking the page, then leaving the session.

    This happened no matter what the issue was, period. How in the hell is that help?

    You all really dropped the ball on this one. Let’s hope you can actually pick it back up.

  69. SexyEyes Valkyrie says:

    This update has NOT and I repeat NOT corrected existing issues! I have just LOST inventory when trying to take it out of inventory and place it in my home/stores. The objects comes out of my inventory, no problem. Then it never rezzes in game, and does not come back into my inventory. It is gone!!! These items I tried today, were items that I purchased last year from someone who is no longer part of SL. I can’t get copies, and they valued about L$2500. This is NOT acceptable. You will tell us to go to the originator of the object to get a copy… you can’t do anything to help us! Seems lately that is the usual answer from all your people! “Nothing we can do!” “Working on it!”. This latest update was supposed to address, the teleports, and the missing inventories, and the issue of Linden dollars not showing up on your account!! Seems NONE of this was taken care of… What about the comments you all made about adjusting the loads, etc… seems this hasn’t happened either. Rezzing takes longer than ever… items are going missing that can’t be gotten back, to our loss of money paid for them… YOU SHOULD BE TELLING ANYONE LOGGING INTO SL… TO NOT:
    1) DO NOT REZ ANY OBJECTS because they may Disappear and never return to you!
    2) DO NOT TELEPORT anywhere because you may not be able to do so
    3) DO NOT USE LINDENS anywhere because the transactions may not work.
    4) Etc.
    5) ETC.
    6) E T C!!!!!!
    Then we can all just login, and stand there doing absolutely N O T H I N G!!! What a total waste of time SL is becoming! As a merchant here in SL, I can’t do anything to create, or make new inventory for fear of losing it, when trying to move from inventory… can’t buy things, or decorate my stores or home, because transactions may not work… can’t teleport anywhere to look at anything because then when I try to go back to my “HOME” location, I get an error telling me I can’t be teleported to my “HOME” because I am not allowed at that location??? What the hell is that… I own the land!!! I pay tier…. and I’m not allowed at my home location??? I’m trying my best to be patient, but this is an ongoing issue with SL, and not being fixed to anyones satisfaction. I’m paying for the service, so what am I paying for if I can’t enjoy my time in game!!! Its just so damn frustrating!!!

  70. penolope eldrich: We know. The purpose of these blog posts is to allow us to both inform you and get *new feedback*. Restating the issues we already know about take up our time. Please follow the instructions above in the post to help us solve the issues in a queue like fashion.

  71. Emma says:

    So far….searches are failing now and again, TP’s arent working now and again, my av is invisible, balance doesnt show, in world objects are missing, im showing as offline even though im online, apart from that everythings fine and dandy 😀

  72. Cherika Soothsayer says:

    The new land permission that you can set to group, create items, objects& scripts, i set those 3 to allow group only on land deeded to grp , I have that grp tag up but i cannot build, use scripts at all , so i switch back to allow all residents and i still cant build , i have ot clear cache about 3 times and relog 3x sometimes more , and then when i do build the prim im working on disappears like poof its gone, i sent a im to live help all they did was send me a link about database issues and to read the blog for more, which i had allready done and forums prior to notifying them please what do i need to do to only allow grp to build on the land and for it to work right thank you CHerika

  73. I’ve been experiencing an anomaly for about 2 weeks now where i’ll try to rez an object and it will say “Unable to rez *object*” or I’ll attempt to wear one and it won’t wear it, and later attempts to wear different objects on the same attachment point will report “Object pending for attachment point”. Also I’m having an issue where opening a script will say *loading* forever, but it will take 7-8 times to actually open a script (sometimes over 30-40 tries).

    I’m guessing I’m not the only one experiencing this issue and I’m told it has to do with your “asset server”. Is there any ETA on when you’re going to throw a few more hampsters in this server so I can go back to actually building and scripting, rather than just wandering around with a head full of ideas and futile wishes of expressing them?

    As always, thank you for your time!

  74. Nicole says:

    BUG: You can no longer edit/view full perm scripts in full perm objects deeded to a group you are owner of.

  75. penolope eldrich says:

    Chadric I didnt see any posts address invisable avatars nor are there any instructions. Invisible avatars are not addressed at all in the main message of the blog so excuse me for reporting what i thought was an unreported issue. I will nto be making any premium account upgrades or payments till my issues are resolved

  76. Zetaphor Tengu says:

    This is really depressing. I really do appreciate the work that you lindens do, and I really enjoy having a second life (most of the time). And I would love for nothing more than to get a premium account and start owning land. But I refuse to pay for a service that becomes nearly unusable every time it is updated. I get on today all excited about the new update, thinking “this time will be different”, and I am met only with dissapointment. I know you lindens work really really hard on these kinds of things, but its also very discouraging to spend your money on a product that barley works. You could make leaps and bounds in performance if you simply stopped adding new features, and focused solely on fixes. I have noticed that more the bug fix ratio is starting to outweigh the new features, but with ever addition comes more bugs to fix. I know you have heard this a million and one times, and I am overall not trying to be negative about your work, as I LOVE my second life, there have been times that I would have ended my first had it not been for the great people in my second. But its just so hard to enjoy myself when all I see are these problems afoot. Again, I really really appreciate all the hard work you lindens do for us residents, but please, kick the features down a notch and focus on bug fixes.

    Again, thank you for my second life, wishing you the best of luck in your code to come,
    Zetaphor Tengu

  77. Redux Dengaku: Thanks for the heads up. Please bug report the instance you have where this happens. Details on time, object, region all help us track it down. Thanks.

    Nicole: Thank you, please report it via the in world Bug reporter.

  78. Maia Corleone says:

    I have been having problems with searches and pulling up group and other information today. It began as a sporadic problem but has now stopped working for me at all. I’ve also noticed an incredible lag with teh secondlife.com website , support and help page (F1 from within SL) as well.

    About the time I noticed the lagging response on the web, I also was asking a question of Amber Linden on Live Help when suddenly they stopped responding. There was no close to the conversation, she just stopped typing without answering my last question. I have no idea if the two occurrances are related, but wanted to pass them along in case anyone else is having a similar experience this morning.

  79. Zendra Edelweiss says:

    Everything was working fine this morning. Now am no longer able to teleport, pick money off trees. Relogged and boom, invisible. Tried again, still same problem. Also when was logging in this morning I was back at the same place I was last night upon reentering after update. So I relogged and yup,back at the same place, not the place I was last. And I do have my prefs set at last place.

  80. Duke Mcdonnagh says:

    There are many more problems that what you are reporting here. Examples:

    – Linden water goes away completely if you leave region Until you relog
    – Items nto rezzing properely
    – Clothes are delayed being removed

    While some of the enhancements you have done are great and I applaud you for that. Your QA and testing process is obviously flawed.

    You cannot continue to blame everything on the Database. I’m sure your DBA will agree with me when i say that “Excuse” is BULL.

    Your developers are not testing properly pure and simple

    Still love SL though 🙂


  81. Maline Lesse says:

    Why is Chadrick Linden getting snippy with Penelope? She’s paying his salary, and the least he can be is considerate. I’m paying his salary too, and I can’t teleport, I have no money, I’m invisible, and inventory isn’t opening properly.

  82. Rognir Viking says:

    inventory missing, no money, no tp…
    database fucked up…

  83. Snoring says:

    half of chindo is missing

  84. Fay says:

    Was camping, had accumulated L$25 then game crashed and there was no TP back. I forgot where I was since my Landmarks are gone in my inventory, along with everything else. Not a rant, just a FYI. Good luck on getting the game stable. {{SENDING WELL WISHES and Compuer Healing your way!}}

  85. Liz Ferlinghetti says:

    I’m having problems tp’ing to practically anywhere, landmarks missing from my inventory and search isn’t working. Neither can I see anything on the map – guess I’ll have to stay at home tomight!

    Do like the updates on the friends list though!

    I work in IT (RL) so have some idea of what you guys are going though – keep at it!

  86. Bonnie says:

    Hmm, search not working is the only thing bugging me at the moment, I submitted a bug report so I am sure you’ll get round to it when you can, just covering my bases ;o)

  87. Duke Mcdonnagh: Thanks for you opinion. As to those other issues, We know about them. Please continue to report them.

    Liz Ferlinghetti: Thanks for the support!

  88. SaltOf Ersetu says:

    Itazura Radio Said:
    “I want to thank you for making the water disappear sporadically. I was able to locate … and a set of male genitals left underwater and was able to return them to their rightful owners. I’m sure the owner of the genitals is quite happy as well. Thank you.”

    One can only imagine how those genitals where lost in the water….LOL!

  89. Ino K says:

    Heres what i am experiencing at the moment.

    Profile lookups are REALLY slow or not working at all.
    Equipping inventory either doesnt work and giving the allready pending message when you try something else.
    Dropping something from inventory occasionally comes up with the O and the diagonal stripe through it, not allowing me to drop something.
    Mapping people isnt working.
    Teleports are not working (couldnt complete in timly fashion)
    Seeing people complain about not having money.
    Logging on gives the occasional ‘something went wrong’ message or takes really really long.

    Thats about all i have observed so far i think.

    For all the people complaining, dont go play a certain RPG in a galaxy far far away. Its for your own good. >.>

  90. Lennox Legion says:


    I’m brand new to SL.. so I don’t have any experience with lost inventory items.. but.. does anyone know if residents usually have lost inventory items returned at some point? Is it possible that they are gone for good? That has me concerned.. especially because one of the 26 items missing from my inventory is a really cool mixing console (which can be seen in my profile ‘picks’ section.. which can’t be replaced. I know you guys are working hard to restore everything.. but would be nice to read some success stories of resolved issues re: purchased items.


  91. attachments aren’t rezzing, tp is hit or miss, i’ve seen invisible water, texures aren’t baking, i’ve seen the rounded prims first appearing jagged thing, on hair worn by six kennedy; searching isn’t working much, searching inventory is slow, I had boxes I try to rez go missing, there’s lag beyond belief and as always my frame rate sucks. log out of world and log back in supposedly to my last location and end up at a point previous to that.

    Right now I want to stabbity the nearest linden.

  92. Suki Anadyr says:

    Logged in to SL this morning and had no problems at first, then as I teleported home I began having problems with a slow/non-functioning Inventory so I relogged…
    When I logged back in I was invisible, Linden balance gone, search and profiles not working and my Inventory was not allowing me to attach items — same problems I had periodically last night.

    Hopefully these bugs get resolved…

    On the good side, I love the new features and the improved performance! =x

  93. Amplebeak says:

    I agree with Boss Melnitz. In RL I am a network engineer and DBA for a Fortune 500 company. If my performance was a tenth as bad as LL’s has been on this upgrade I would have been fired within the first hour.

    LL is trying to convince corporate America that this will be the cutting edge of collaborative tools in the near future, but they want to retain the mentality that this is just a toy system for entertainment. Time to wake up. C.A. expects their communications tools to be treated as mission critical. They expect customer service that can and will give valid answers and ETR, not throw their hands in the air and tell us to “Read the Blog” (Which is currently giving no valid information).

    The real problem here is TOO MUCH MARKETING AND NOT ENOUGH ENGINEERING. Fix the basics LL, then worry about features.

    List of issues:
    My avatar is grey and naked in a grey landscape.
    All other avatars are grey and naked from my perspective
    For some reason the only things that are rezzing are birds.
    Movement controls do not work
    Screenshot does not work, nor can I submit a bug report.
    My inventory is missing all but the basic items I was given when I opened an account
    All the work I’ve done on a friend’s land (with permission) has been undone.
    30 second to one minute delays in IM and Chat.
    Amazingly enough I can teleport, only to have the same problems in another location.

    All this after I’ve been a paying customer for only a week. I had recommended SL to friends before this but I’ve withdrawn all recommendations. Wayfinder and others tried to warn me they did. But no, I had to waste my money on a company with worse service than AOL.

    3D interactive environments may be the wave of the future, but as an IT professional I don’t see Linden Labs and SL as part of that future without some major attitude adjustments.

  94. Zonax Delorean says:

    ‘I know that Linden Lab is working to solve all of the bugs, but I think things as that cannot happen again.’

    Yeah, yeah. This is at least the third time this year when things go really bad and wild after.
    ‘Cannot happen again’ – LOL

  95. Puck says:


    I have the problem that when i log in, i get the message: loading clothes… But they never load and my avatar is gone!!


  96. Adrian Sutter says:

    I’m facing the same problems in Wolchulsan.
    .. L$ not showing up
    .. Inventory appearing to be gone
    .. My avatar is invisible
    .. Cannot transport

    My buddy Skip Tracer is in Abbotts….same issues for him.


  97. Rognir Viking says:

    same problems like Liz

  98. When you you ‘loging problems”, does this include:

    1) getting a ‘failure to download clothing”
    2) failure to acquire an AV body
    3) unable to move, chat or TP because no body is present.
    4) after waiting for more than 15mins, still no body appears.
    5) 4 out of 5 times, the above happens when trying to log in.

  99. Cameron neely says:

    I was invisible for some time last night also. All I saw were my prim boots and my prim hair. Also, my bank account was empty.
    After about 15 minutes of standing there, I was hit with a deluge of IM messages that were sent previous, my body appeared and my bank account was full of money.

    I figure it was caused by the 15,000 people scrambling for the door at the same time.

  100. Zetaphor Tengu says:

    Sorry to double post, but I was reading through some of the comments here, and I do want to reinforce what a few people have said. I am SUPER happy that (when my client was working right) I did see some pretty phenomenal performance improvements. I have had problems where SL locks up, and my HD light goes solid for 30 secs-1min, while no longer. I dont know if my hardware was testy with some code, or if it was a client bug, but its gone so THANK YOU! That was one of the original things that set me off about going premium, especially when building. So, great job there guys, we still have a ways to go. I do want to say that unlike many people that just come here to flame your performance, I understand how hard bug fixing can be, being a coder myself, so fat props on killing so many problems in one update. Just keep up the good work, and maybe prioritize a little differently, and I will have no complaints. I understand software of this size and complexity will have its share of bugs, and thats ok, just so long as they aren’t the kind of show stoppers we have atm.

  101. Charles Berlin says:

    By Esselian, Charles Berlin – 2006

    ‘Twas the night before crisis, and all through the house,
    Not a program was working, not even a browse

    The Lindens prepared their updates with so much care
    But many knew the cutover hadn’t a prayer

    The Esselans were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While vision of Lindy bucks danced in their heads

    When out in the lobby there arose such a clatter,
    I sprang from my flat screen to see what was the matter

    And what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    But a Super Lindy Programmer, oblivious to fear

    More rapid than eagles, his programs they came,
    And he whistled and shouted and called them by name:

    On Update! On Add! On Inquiry! On Delete!
    On Batches! On Closing! On Functions Complete!

    His eyes were glazed over, his fingers were lean
    From weekends and nights in front of his screen

    A wink of his eye, and a twist of his avatar head
    Soon gave me to know, I had nothing to dread

    He chatted not a word, but went straight to his work,
    Turning specs into code, then tuned with a jerk (as always)

    And laying his finger on the ENTER key,
    The system came up, but not perfectly

    The updates updated, the deletes they deleted,
    The inquiries inquired, and the syncs completed

    He tested each whistle, he tested each bell,
    With nary an append, and all almost went well

    The system was finished, the tests were concluded,
    Even the NBC Christmas tree lighting was included

    And the Esselans exclaimed on blogs with snarls and a taunt,
    “It’s just what we asked for… but it’s not what we want”

    * Adapted heavily from the anonymous poem “’Twas the night before crisis”

  102. GigsTaggart says:

    Why are there pictures of lesbian avatars kissing on this page?

    I think it’s kinda hot, but I could see how that might not fly with some people.

  103. bruno says:

    hey markubis, 0%packet loss ?????????

    5%, 8%, or 10% packet loss here!

  104. Shipper says:

    I agree with Duke. I am a developer, project manager and UAT specialist. This has not been through any Q & A.

  105. johnny jewel says:

    I’ve been using SL (off and on) for over a year now and it seems to be getting worse every time I use it.

    why don’t you test your upgrades?

    aside from many functions sporadically not working, today for some reason, when I log on my av is invisible to me (except for hair) and to others my av is seen but is female!!! I am not female!

    what the heck is going on? have the developers found a good price on crack?

    I am on the verge of canceling my membership (paid)

  106. SaltOf Ersetu: That’s not a bug, its a feature ;P

    CronoCloud Creeggan: I’ll be sure not to come within your vicinity.

    Zonax Delorean: True. Most of our updates come without bugs that affect the grid this way. This particular update required a lot of backend changes that have obviously introduced some issues. Thanks for understanding how this works.

  107. Mark Barrett says:

    Good luck guys. Fixing problems with all the pressure from the community is tough. You’re probably already doing this, but keep the devs away from being exposed to the bulk of negativity as it can be pretty discouraging — just feed them the factually stated problems without the emotions.

    I’m going to take the liberty of claiming that we all think SL is really cool, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. It’s just frustrating to see something we enjoy so much not working as we want or even need it to. For some of us Second Life being unavailable is similar to our web host AND our ISP having problems at the same time, but more likely because we’re passionate, not dependent (some are). We complain because we care.

  108. Jeremy says:

    I am logging in and have gone invisible but have somehow TURNED INTO A JEVN VENDOR! I was setting on up prior to getting booted, after 4 times of clearing cache and relogging, when i log in, i have menu that asks if i accept money being taken from me and the JEVN SERVER OFFLINE wher my body would be. Also, all of my money is gone, as is my inventory that was not in a specific folder. My friends online all show up as the name “WAITING” even though I have been logged on for more then ten mintes now, i can not teleport. Live help is not responding, what does it take to get some help?

  109. Gerard Eldrich says:

    Ok, this is ridiculous. Above the sim I’m in, people’s objects from toehr regions are flying around.

  110. Fay says:

    Excellent. Everything is working now and I can TP back. I am at Brodie Rothschild’s Needful Things CASINO – Yeppeun 213, 114, 38 I went back to same chair to test and restart the Touch – I can sit down, so I play slot again I get this message after I click Pay : The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.

    Ok that’s it for now, just wanted to let you know how it all goes down when folks might be camping and a crash happens. I guess we loose our lil $L’s? No worries, I had a fun time with the slots tho! 😛 I guess I will stand up now. Lol take care.

  111. Richard says:

    I see a major flaw in the visibilty issue. If someone has made themselves invisable to you you can still go to search…people,,,type in there name and POOF they show as online. Also if you go the the websites friends online page they show online there as well, Seems if I want to be invisable for what ever reason…I want to be invisable everywhere

  112. burt biondi says:

    cannot see my avatar and seem to be stuck in mouse mode and when try to leave second life the whole programme crashes

  113. Gerard Eldrich says:

    *other.. that was a bad typo, stupid keyboard

  114. Kris Harmison says:

    My money cannot be transferred so I would have to assume it is actually gone.
    My clothes cannot fully be removed, a pair of underpants only came off when I removed a shoe base. My top won’t come off for anything. I can’t see my body this morning and I can’t add clothes so I am stuck in a sky box waiting for things to resolve. Yesterday was not too bad initially once I got logged in but things became progressively worse. I can not even open a notecard now. The land block I am in is Phylodesma.

    Is it possible that the more activity in the landblock the worse the simptoms become?

    I have done the basic troubleshooting such as a clean install of the client and testing on another computer there does not appear to be anything I can do to resolve these issues.

  115. TGirlLacy Lovell says:

    UGH!! It’s killing me. Skin texture not showing up, rebaking does not help, $L missing, can’t TP. Geez!! What’s Next?

    I know you guys are working very hard on trying to fix the problems. I and all of SL members do thank you for the hard work also.

    I just going through SL withdrawls. LOL!!

  116. Zetaphor Tengu: Thanks for the support.

    GigsTaggart: o.O

    Mark Barrett: Great advice, thank you!

    Jeremy: Email support. I’m not sure how your rendered body could be replaced with a prim object but if that is truely what you are experiencing, file a bug report, and contact support. It may be (and sounds like) a HUD…try right clikcking it and detaching.

    Gerard: Contact an in-world Liaison via LIVE help to come take a look at it.

  117. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    Absolutely NUTZ!!!!

  118. Fledhyris Proudhon says:

    Lindens – I know you guys are working as hard as you can and are as disappointed by all these problems as the residents, and I’m not trying to have a go, but I do think it needs to be pointed out:

    //This is why we don’t want LL to implement *any* new features until they are absolutely sure all bugs are fixed and they understand the old code well enough that new ones won’t magically appear each time something is tweaked. If this whole platform is an experiment in coding, that’s great for the engineers, but it’s not very kind to your faithful paying customers!//

    I love SL so much but it is *so* badly broken and I fear for its future, I really do 😦 I think it’s probably a good thing that investors only look at the company bank balance and rate of subscription, rather than actual platform performance and user feedback, or we’d all be shafted.

    Still, good luck on the fixing, no blame to any individual Linden! *Hugs* to you all for trying.

  119. Gerard Eldrich says:

    Gerard: Contact an in-world Liaison via LIVE help to come take a look at it.

    Whats the point? They never helped me before when my alternate account was deleted or when there were griefers initiating attacks on the sim.

  120. Bonnie says:

    Please guys, no-one is going to die because some things are flying around or we cannot tp. Sure they are annoying, but I’d like to bet that whatever frustration we’re feeling the devs and lindens are feeling as well, this is their baby, their creation, and something as complicated as SL is going to have hiccups, especially when an update has taken place. We can all help to make these hiccups go away by doing as we’ve been asked, submit bug reports and trust the guys to fix them. The more time we take complaining and demanding explanations the less time the team has to put things right! Reporting things as not working is one thing, but slamming the team or moaning excessively is not going to make things better! Take the dog for a walk, read a book, surf the net, go down the pub with some mates, there are lots of things to do out there that don’t involve bug reports, teleporting or rezzing! Let’s allow the Linden team the time and space they need to make this work.

    There, said my piece… :oP

  121. SaltOf Ersetu says:

    bruno Said:

    “hey markubis, 0%packet loss ?????????

    5%, 8%, or 10% packet loss here! ”

    Packet loss is caused by poor connectivity and sometimes poor routing. Try using myspeed.visualware.com to check your connectivity and download speed. The VOIP test will show you expected packet loss too.

    I just had the “cable guy” out for the third time in 3 weeks. This time I made him climbe the telephone pole and…Oy! The main cable line was nearly dangling. Replaced the end-coupler and tightened it down….I have see a drop from nearly 10% to between 0.1~0.3% loss.

  122. alphaTest03 Yohkoh says:

    Well, for me:

    . didn’t lose any money (yay!);
    . didn’t have any problems with teleporting (although a friend did);
    . crashed to desktop when someone bumped me hard (although this only happened once);
    . had problems with textures – someone I was looking at was clothed but she said she thought she was naked (rebaking didn’t help), and a bit later I was topless but an observer said I was fully clothed (solved by rebaking);
    . noticed a problem with prim hair on others – a bit of poke-through of forehead (not on everyone, just some types of hair);
    . invisible chunk of water – just the section closest to the beach, the water further out was okay;
    . cannot gift multiple items at once (although this might be me in need of an RTFM :o),

    On the whole, judging by the experiences of other people, I thought I came out of it all quite well.

    Now, where can I find an “I survived Wednesday 1.13” T-shirt? 😉

  123. Bjarne Haldberd says:

    Now my body is missing, no l$ showing and i cannot search or teleport..
    It worked ok for me earlier today, but now it is not possible to do anything.

  124. Cannae Brentano says:

    Just saying a thank you to the Lindens for the hard work on this last update.

    I tend to batten down the hatches after each update, and avoid major $ transfers, or rezzing most no copy objects until the grid is stable.

    And I read the blog and whats left of the forum to find out what the know issues are and if they are being addressed.

    I have to say, some of the blog responses are funny. One (dont ask me where) was b_tching in a rather long post that LL should have spend more time on the friends update b/c he didnt want to waste his time re authorizing mod rights. Of course, in the time it took to write that rather long post, he could have clicked the mouse a few times and did it himself.

  125. Emma says:

    I have a question

    Can we have a rough ETA, even a guess, as to how long this is gonna take?
    would appreciate it,

  126. Bonnie: Thank you. Your rationale is exactly what we need. Helping us discover *new* issues instead of repeating the ones we already have helps minimize the size of this blog and address these bugs without having to filter through multiple requests for the same issue.

    Bruno: Report it please, complaining here wont help fix the issue.

    SaltOf Ersetu: Thank you very much 🙂

  127. Cannae Brentano says:

    Bjarne Haldberd Says:

    November 30th, 2006 at 10:54 AM PST
    Now my body is missing, no l$ showing and i cannot search or teleport..
    It worked ok for me earlier today, but now it is not possible to do anything.


    A missing body will tend to make doing things difficult 😛

    I spent half of last night with only my prim hair visible. So I RP that I was a lighter than air hairball spit up by an over zealous furry. Gotta go with the flow.

  128. alphaTest03 Yohkoh: Your T-shirt is in the mail 😉

    Emma: As soon as I know, you’ll know.

  129. Chelsay Knibber says:

    I have been having ALOT of trouble and its VERY frustrating, I log on, either hair is floating body missing, body there hair gone, objects in inventory gone, money not transfering, money not showing up, things not attatching to avatar or saying its pending, things not detatching wont even show the menu for that “Detach/Detach All”, saying that i have to wait like 5 minutes before i can log on again… for instance 2006 – 11-30 10:34:30 Pacific Time was my first incident with this, i wait for 10:34 which is 1:34 for me and then it tell me i still cant then a minute later lets me on, i have a comment, if this is 1.13 version i liked the old one better!At least u could teleport, get money, make things, keep ur stuff, and have money and an avatar!.. please linden people fix this ASAP i am really missing the old SL … was fine before update!… I love SL but not the way it is being rescently!…

    CK ~ Big lover of SL

  130. scorpioseverine says:

    i lost three items yesterday that i tried to rez but failed and then was missing in inventory. Two dvd players and on security orb gone forever unless i buy them again.

  131. Rognir Viking says:

    tp’s and the search are working now… atm…

  132. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    “Possible missing inventory. According to our current data, it looks like much of these cases have been cleared up, or no longer being reported.”

    Stuff is disappearing and reappearing randomly in my inventory. Calling cards, clothes, etc. One minute it’s there, then it’s gone. A couple of minutes later it could be back again… Just so you know it isn’t cleared up yet.

    I understand the complexity of SL and that you guys are trying your best to fix everything but I do wish testing had been done a bit more extensively. I like the new features but it could have waited another couple of days if that had given you more time to test.

  133. Jeffrey Amadeus says:

    stil havent received my inventory from the nov 10th issue i have folders but the items are gone

  134. Bonnie says:

    Chad, you’re very welcome, can you find my lost tv screen for me now? Hehe ;o)

  135. Tam Pippen says:

    I read through this and didn’t find quite the problem I had today. My avatar kept walking forward, till it got to water and underneath it, and then its hair lowered down to its knees, and I could only fix this by relogging. Sorry if this has been mentioned before.

    Other problems I’ve had are similar to what others have had, items missing from inventory, tp not working, landmarks missing etc. And the lag has been very bad occasionally.

  136. Tickled Pink says:

    “Thanks for hanging in there, please continue to bug report issues you have.”
    Doesnt that mean to let you know of problems? I wasnt aware that it was our duty as paying customers to do the job of a Linden and read through the blogs before posting bugs as per the requst in the orignal blog entry.
    I hope to one day get a job where i can whine about how hard it is all day to my paying customers too. After all this is a profitable business, maybe one day a true business approach will be used.

  137. Chelsay Knibber: Please report those issues via the bug reporter in world. Posting them to the blog wont help get them addressed.

    scorpioseverine: Clear your cache and bug report it please.

    Rognir Viking: I’ve updated the blog to inform everyone we are disabling search. Teleports may go back and forth.

    Lyn Mimistrobell: Please report those issues via the bug reporter in world. Posting them to the blog wont help get them addressed.

    Jeffrey Amadeus: Please report those issues via the bug reporter in world. Posting them to the blog wont help get them addressed.

  138. james mommsen says:

    the only complain i have had was the long log in time last night. the tp thing was a minor nuisance, but so what?
    frame rate is up
    chat lag is alot lower
    i found it funny all the odd looking av’s because i was one too
    and the water thing? so what!
    lighten up people….take a deep breath and relax.
    also…maybe Linden Labs needs to cap the amount of new accts a week to help with server load…also maybe have a better welcome area for newbies like a school on how to act in the main grid, it seems most of them take pleasure in harrasing citizens.
    other than that a good update, there are always kinks, deal with it folks. not the end of the world

  139. Gerard Eldrich says:

    Its not the point of everything flying around, it’s the point that Linden always seems to find ways to just keep upsetting it’s users like they don’t even care we are paying customers and/or dedicated users. The only reason I’m still here is because I have some very good friends that i cant talk to otherwise and I’m trying to make some extra cash from selling things. Those two things are the reason Im around, not Linden’s “wonderful” job of keeping everything in order.

  140. Shadow says:

    Well great all my money and half my inventory is gone and my avatar wont load. What do I do now?

  141. Cannae Brentano says:

    Regarding missing inventory –

    Seems to me that due to the extreme lag, a lot of data is being delayed before showing up on the user end. Just because it looks like something is not there, doesnt mean its gone.

    I played around with the new friends controls and thought it was busted. Then about 10 mins later, the clicks started to register off and on again.

    Just sit tight, and wait for an update at this point. Report if you feel its critical, but odds are most missing things will resolve itself.

  142. Here’s more coherent info:

    This morning from say 9am to about noon my time (CDT), SL was working okay. Textures were even loading in a reasonable time period, without me having to mouse hover.

    I was in Amicita, hanging out with other fashionistas when one reported she could not TP out. That was the first sign. Then, the rounded prims first appearing jagged when changed (on hair). Then one couldn’t change prim hair at all. Then no accessory changing or prim rezzing was possible. Then it became impossible to change standard clothing and the chat lag became terrible.

    So some of us logged out. When I logged back in I was in a previous location, not the last, but I was wearing what I was last shown wearing, but not what was being shown worn in inventory. I also found that I had lost about 17 entries in my Slurlblogger .4 attachment, which is not a good thing to happen to a fashionista blogger.

    When SL was working well this morning I will concur with the others and say performance was a bit better texture rezzing wise.

    I still think LL’s problem is that releases are not given the brutal testing they deserve. I think it’s time to cut down the release schedule to once a month or less, to give more time for testing. It’s also time to start paying people in Lindens to test, you’re not going to get enough people to do so otherwise and without enough people the beta’s aren’t going to get the pounding they need. Do that and you might get fashionistas to test (to help pay for shopping sprees) and they’d certainly give the client a workout. The focus version is a good start, but not enough. And it would have been nice to have a new focus version ready when the new version came out. I had to switch back to regular SL from focus to login.

  143. Leo Zelmanov says:

    It seems that the Lindens are trying to update too much at once when they patch, I suggest a very small update every week instead of a larger update every two weeks. This would likely reduce the problems resulting from patches, and make the problems that do creep up much easier to identify and fix.

    Just my 2 cents.

  144. Chadrick is totally running defense today! Way to cover the point guard! Chadrick FTW!

  145. james mommsen: Thanks for the positive feedback.

    Gerard Eldrich: Sorry you feel that way. I assure you our developers are working hard to clear the issues up.

    Cannae Brentano: “…Seems to me that due to the extreme lag, a lot of data is being delayed before showing up on the user end. Just because it looks like something is not there, doesnt mean its gone….” Bingo! The truth is, we don’t know exactly what will happen yet. Typically in these situations we are able to recover lost items, but like I stated previously, as soon as we know…you’ll know. Thank you for your words of wisdom Cannae!

  146. Alma Fushikizoh says:

    This is not funny.
    I cant imagine how you can still make titles like “the morning after” for these posts. L’ve lost my SAVED SHAPE – the original dummie from help island overlaps it. I SPENT HOURS ON MY SKIN AND I’D BETTER GET IT BACK. lets stop been so witty about smart post titles and GET SOME WORK DONE.


  147. Shadow says:

    Well so far ive been a paying member for a 2 months and i feel it was a waste of money

  148. Groovyfingers Electricteeth says:

    I am having problems with my own visibility, tp’ing isn’t working, can’t search (but I see you have now turned that option off for the moment, and the map the same), and the live help doesn’t work for me so I can’t report it there either. Thankfully I still have my inventory and money, but I’m staying off sl till I hear things have improved. On the bight side today is the first day I haven’t crashed for ages lol. Keep trying guys :s

  149. Emma says:

    tempers arent going to get anyone anywhere
    everyone should let the lindens chase their lil bugs in peace
    maybe that way the program will run fine before christmas.


  150. Sphere Gasser says:

    This would be the right moment for a white knight acquisition…

  151. Cheetah says:

    With each update list, you guys should put “working on” issue…instead of Fixed so and so bug. Because that is nothing but being a false statement….things are still broke.

  152. CronoCloud Creeggan: Great feedback. Thank you.

    Leo Zelmanov: Sometimes even the littlest of changes can affect things in a major way. With this update, there were a lot of required backend changes for some very cool, simple feature changes. Thanks for the feedback.

    Alma Fushikizoh: We understand you are frustrated. We will do everything we can to get your lost items back. I also assure you that a witty post title requires no more blogging time or work than typing one that reflects boredom and work ethic.

  153. SaltOf Ersetu says:

    james mommsen Says:

    “lighten up people….take a deep breath and relax.
    also…maybe Linden Labs needs to cap the amount of new accts a week to help with server load…also maybe have a better welcome area for newbies like a school on how to act in the main grid, it seems most of them take pleasure in harrasing citizens.”

    Agree with the lighten up bit. As for newbie training…phphphtt. That is what the help Islands are for. In fact there are information kiosks about how one should act, but seriously, should anyone need training about how to act? Given the anonimoty(sp) of SL, especially for non-paid accounts, the potential for abuse is out of normal social bounds. My RL roomate is constantly trying to get me to, “kick that guy” or “squeez her boob”….I just look at him and wonder how the hell he manages in RL.

  154. Alma Fushikizoh says:


    you bet I’m frustrated.
    the point that updates should be mor frequent and minimal seems agood one.
    what do you think?

  155. Erica Talon says:

    Anybody noticed the bandwith? It’s not getting highter then 20Kpbs

  156. Seola Sassoon says:

    Chad, I just wanna say thanks for keeping us up to date. Kudos for keeping comments open, even if some are repetitive.

    However, I’m quite ticked. I’ve lost my chim (already bug reported), and just after I shopped to get new anims. If I had known, I wouldn’t have spent my money and cashed it out. I’m not making any and I still have to pay tier in a week on land I gave up 2 weeks ago. I can’t force you guys to pay my tier, but since many resi’s rely HEAVILY on thier income and many aren’t even able to see thier L balance, is there any plans for even moving everyone’s tier back a week or a few days or anything? Shopping and world interactions have been 98% down since the grid came back up. I’m not looking for 5000L or more time on my membership or anything else, just some extra time to recover lost sales to pay.

    Secondly, is there an ETA on the missing inventory (as in like tonight, tomorrow, next year)? Or at least when it will stop disappearing? I’ve got quite a few prims I wear or attach and at this point, I’m afraid to.

  157. Groovyfingers Electricteeth: We know, pelase report it in world.

    Emma: Funny 😛

    Cheetah: If it’s fixed, it’s fixed. The issues from this update are new issues. Thanks for the feedback!

    SaltOf Ersetu:”…I just look at him and wonder how the hell he manages in RL…”
    I know the feeling 😛

    Alma Fushikizoh: Good Suggestion, I’ll pass it on for you.

  158. Jenny says:

    I have downloaded the update and have successfully managed to log in to SL, but none of the items in my inventory work and I can’t teleport anywhere. Your notes state that these issues are now under control, but for me they aren’t.

  159. Groovyfingers Electricteeth says:

    I can’t report it in world Chad…thats my point it won’t let me

  160. Waster Skronski says:

    Tp to the mainland first then annywhere else..
    seems to work pritty ok with the “not allowed bit”

  161. Alma Fushikizoh says:

    the suggestion was Leo Zelmanov’s a few posts up.
    but I’m sure he is as grateful as I am you’ll pass it along.


    (I’m calm… No, I’m good. I’m cool)

  162. dingdong batz says:

    Hi Guys….Just a question for you…have there been any problems relating to anyone buying AV’s and then not being able to open them..I need to know whether this is a SL issue or whether the vendor has sold me a duff AV. As for everything else..well i cannot see myself..TP anywhere..see my friends..do a search for anything..place or anyone….I lost the AV from my inventory but now it has appeared..aaaagh! madness!!!

    I am sure you are doing your best to fix problems but like the other have said before me..perhaps you can limit the upgrades until extensive testing has been done!!


  163. Seola Sassoon says:

    P.S. Reading the blog title:

    Anyone remember the song the band was playing in the Poseidon Adventure? *grabs Chad’s hand and starts to croon*

    “There’s got to be a morning after!”

    “””””””””There’s got to be a morning after
    If we can hold on thru the night
    We have a chance to find the sunshine
    Let’s keep on looking for the light.

    Oh can’t you see the morning after?
    It’s waiting right outside the storm
    Why don’t we cross the bridge together
    And find the place that’s safe and warm.

    It’s not too late, we should be giving
    Only with love can we climb
    It’s not too late, not while we’re living
    Let’s put our hands out in time.

    There’s got to be a morning after
    We’re moving closer to the shore
    I know we’ll be there by tomorrow
    And we’ll escape the darkness
    We won’t be searching anymore.”””””””

    “Holy crap, we’re upside down!” (Paraphrased)

  164. Dovic Battery says:

    Ok I havn’t read all the posts to see if anyone else is having this strange thing happening… my avatar keeps folding over backwards like some for of circus freak lol, from the waist the top half flips upside down and although i feel no pain it is rather worrying and i’m worried everytime it does that my hair that cost me lots of lindens will drop off and be lost forever .. anyhow whatever the cause of this i hope it is being worked on and fixed soon… btw i got a couple of good snapshots of it lol ..

  165. Julie Apocalypse says:

    I would like to echo Sargent’s question with regard to the Partner system. I am totally unable to accept the proposal and Live Help haven’t been much help. I was told to email support, which I did, but they haven’t replied either.

    Perhaps you can say something in here???

  166. Flashdust Lamington says:

    i recomend NOT updating every week.

    im normally quite patient but this is getting out of hand. is it really necessary to update so often?
    ive seen very small changes, that do not seem worth the price of horrible performance quakes that last days.

    like that “wednesday flop” not too long ago when the lindens were panicking on the blog and there were some what like 3 updates in one day and then 2 the next day.

    “if it aint broke, dont fix it”

    im sure theres necessary reasons for all this that i am unaware of, im just a simple early 20s aussie surfer eating my pizza and pepsi and chef boyardee, but it seems to me that this is like the old capcom streetfighter days. where a new version would come out for any tiny change:

    they changed the color of guilse hair, and made a new costume for ken, and ryu’s hard punch now has 3 frames of animation instead of two, TIME FOR A WHOLE NEW VERSION OF STREETFIGHTER!! streetfighter 2 turbo maximum edition!

    honestly, all joking aside, is it not possible to update less often. its not that too much is being done at once, its that too many unecessary changes are being made.

    for example, we now see that “people are typing” in the IM windows. thats going to get very annoying very quickly. and the ability to hide on the map from someone on your friends list? thats contradicting, whats the point of having them on your friends list 😉

    this is all just my opinion, but in the end thats the point of these comment areas 😛
    ive seen many updates come and go, but never ever saw any change to imediate in our face issues. like textures that load slow or wont load.. which never got better with updates, only got worse and mophed into the “missing image” problem.

    pay less attention to “rearranging our menus and interface” constantly, and more attention to very simple issues that people care more about and face every day 🙂

    one more time, menus and interface:
    after each update it seems like a maid came and cleaned up the house, now you cant find any of your stuff cause it was all rearanged 😉

  167. Wolf FireFur says:

    The using of SL extremely slow, totally can not transfer the item to anyone and also can not receive money from others and their money was deduct from them. Teleport can not be using and also the Linden can not be shown, I am afraid all the Linden was gone. The SL world totally slow down since last 3 days, wish it could be solve as soon as possible and run well just on time.

  168. Cannae Brentano says:

    Leo Zelmanov Says:

    November 30th, 2006 at 11:14 AM PST
    It seems that the Lindens are trying to update too much at once when they patch, I suggest a very small update every week instead of a larger update every two weeks. This would likely reduce the problems resulting from patches, and make the problems that do creep up much easier to identify and fix.

    Just my 2 cents.


    Errrm. Yes exactly. We need to rotate the chronic complainers, you know, the ones who posted after every weekly update that LL needs to switch to once every other week.

    I was a floating hairball, but I’m not pissed. Actually, I thought it was kind of funny.

  169. SaltOf Ersetu says:

    CronoCloud Creeggan Says:
    “…. It’s also time to start paying people in Lindens to test, you’re not going to get enough people to do so otherwise and without enough people the beta’s aren’t going to get the pounding they need. Do that and you might get fashionistas to test (to help pay for shopping sprees) and they’d certainly give the client a workout….”

    Linden doods, this is a fantastic idea. If these fashionistas are anything like RL shop-aholics, they will bring SL (beta) to it’s scabby-bleeding knees faster than you can say, “CHARGE-IT!”. lol! Super-stress-performance-testing…a-la Fashionistas!

  170. dingdong batz says:

    Ps I have tried to contact the vendor but with no success..plus I cant report anything in world. Sos to mither…good luck guys!!!

  171. Seola Sassoon says:

    Flash: “””for example, we now see that “people are typing” in the IM windows. thats going to get very annoying very quickly. and the ability to hide on the map from someone on your friends list? thats contradicting, whats the point of having them on your friends list”””

    Hey, I got friends and phone numbers in RL, but I sure as hell don’t want them to know when I’m gettin down with another green dot in my house!

  172. Seola Sassoon: Only support can decide on the action to take regarding your particular issue. Hopefully we’ll be able to address this stuff soon. As far as an ETA on missing inventory, not yet. I would suggest against making any radical inventory or avatar changes if your account has already been affected. Sorry for the trouble.

    Groovyfingers Electricteeth: bugs@secondlife.com

    Dovic Battery: In world press Ctrl-P > advance graphics tab > uncheck ‘avatar vertex program’. Then clear your cache and relog, it should fix you up.

    Flashdust Lamington: We update every *other* week. Thanks for the feedback.

  173. Groovyfingers Electricteeth says:

    Thanks Chad 🙂

  174. Michele says:

    Hi guys,
    Amasing, only a member for two days and allready addicted. Yesterday I had so much fun though I still have a lot to learn, but I was teleporting my self the whole time, and saw amazing things (at the nude beach). Today though, nothing happens. I can not teleport anymore:-( the map works strange, and everything is real slow. They also trow me out.
    I know there are worser things in live, but yes I am upset…

  175. Alma Fushikizoh says:

    Leo Zelmanov: LOL (ok, you got me laughing now) ty

  176. Nerine Kasei says:

    My company currently is setting a sim for public launch in the next week. We came into today, after patch, to notice that half of the sim’s prims are now missing. It’s not a rez issue; the prims are just not there. While it’s an interesting look, it’s not what we left behind.

    We’ve emailed concierge@secondlife.com and also in-game bug reports, but no response as of yet. Is this a database issue or are we pretty much screwed?

    I know LL is dealing with a lot of bugs now, so any response is helpful.

  177. Alma Fushikizoh says:

    It’s CANNAE… LOL (see? still laughing) ty…

  178. Seola Sassoon says:

    Chad – Don’t apologize, unless you brought in the bug.. then… it’s OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!! But since you are here with us, chances are you didn’t or you’d be fixing it…

    Hey, I’m all for blaming in the proper context! 😀

  179. Amanda Ascot says:

    What they said … all of them … except the ones who want to lynch Lindens. If this were Microsoft we’d be expecting to pay to find the bugs in their software (I’m convinced Windows is actually in a perpetual beta state). As a newb who hasn’t upgraded her free account, yet, I’d like to extend my gratitude for the fun I’ve had In SL without having to pay anything — at least up until this latest upgrade. I continue to be amazed at this immersive experience and I can only guess at how much hard work you guys have to put into it to keep it working. However, I need to be convinced that the curent problems will go away and not come back before I can take the plunge and become a tax-paying citizen of SL.

    This latest upgrade can arguably be said to have “broken” SL. I was excited when I read about the new features, and then logged in only to find that everything was royally screwed. I don’t know know how many changes you guys made, but I’ve seen all of the problems people mentioned, except for the disappearing water and strange behavior of rounded prims, and possibly inventory missing issues. I’m not sure if my inventory is intact because I simply have too much stuff in it to try to account for, but nothing important that I use often is missing. I’ll be honest with you. I’d rather see smaller incremental upgrades more frequently than a large one less frequently where the potential of something going wrong (and even multiple things going wrong because of interactions betwen changes) is much greater). That almost seems like what happend here — too many changes too quickly, with resultant unpredictable behavior. We can’t blame it for server load. I’ve been on when lag was very bad, before, and we never had as many strange problems as we’re having now.

    One thing that alarmed me more than anything else (aside from a substantial quantity of very hard-earned cash — I was one of the people who wound up with nothing showing) when I logged in last night was that I didn’t recognize me … once my avatar became visible after the third log-in, that is. It was a completely different look — nothing at all like the look that it took me literally hours to achieve, and attempts to reload shapes and skins had no effect at all. My modified shape, etc., finally came back, but that was a very weird experience.

    Today I can’t teleport — anywhere. Neither could my spouse who tried to transfer some things over to me (we only use one computer for SL). He failed to rez things in inventory (strange, that), couldn’t put things in the Contents of objects, couldn’t teleport to another place to see if it would work there, or even rez objects on the ground, and, in the end just gave up and logged out, since he was stuck in a mostly abandoned region with absolutely nothing to do. Things like this render SL virtually unusable. It’s an inconvenience to those of us who are here just to have fun. I can imagine how frustrating it is for those people for whom SL is a livelihod.

    I know you guys are doing the best job you can, and I”m a patient girl, but I need my SL fix, and I’m almost afraid to log on right now. I will, anyway, in the, perhaps, unfounded hope that these problems will disappear in hours instead of days or weeks. Your programmers aren’t superhuman. Tracking down bugs takes time. I think, however, that something like this needs to be play-tested very hard in a sandbox environment so problems like we’re seeing can be discovered and corrected before they’re introduced into the SL grid. SL shouldn’t be another Microsoft. Let’s beta test things before releasing them into the wild to play havoc with the natural environment.

  180. Fledhyris Proudhon says:


    “Helping us discover *new* issues instead of repeating the ones we already have helps minimize the size of this blog…”

    I’d like to point out that in your original post, you fail to mention over half of the issues residents are currently experiencing, and since nobody has any faith in bug reports or Live Help (though why they’d have any more faith in this blog is beyond me…) they are responding with their experiences, *not* necessarily reading the 100+ and quickly rising other posts first. How are we supposed to know what has already been reported or not? We don’t have access to your bug report queues! People are telling you what problems they are having, after having been *asked* to tell you, and you are being snippy with them. I can appreciate that LL is having a very bad day but this is just another example of the poor-to-non-existant customer service we’ve all come to expect.

    Also, if you had a properly sized organisation for the kind of platform you’re trying to develop, you’d have *one* member of staff devoted to the blog, cataloguing and forwarding on new issues as they are posted. It’s not *that* hard to keep track of what’s new and what’s not. I’ve just read through the whole thing in under an hour (and laughed in some hysteria at the mindboggling number of weird problems, I have to say). Sounds to me like you’re trying to keep half a harassed eyeball on the blog while the other 1.5 are chasing bugs in the actual code. Well that’s never going to work well, is it 😛

    If you don’t want feedback, then don’t open your posts to comments. A simple ‘send bug reports in-world’ would have sufficed. You get what you ask for, so stop complaining!

  181. DanielleEber says:

    I concur with cronocloud with respect to brutal testing of releases. Do one of the following
    to encourage people to LOAD TEST the test grid:

    – Credit test grid users with lindens at least at typical in-game camping rates

    – Rent/Sell land in the test grid at discounted prices, with objects exportable to the main grid
    once the test update becomes loaded on the main grid

    – Pay substantial bounties for verified bugs found on the test grid

  182. Dovic Battery says:

    Thanks for the help Chad, everything is looking fine now. wasn’t a pretty sight me going around looking up my own ass lol

  183. Seola Sassoon: :D, good to know.

    Fledhyris Proudhon: I was asking for issues that havent been addressed already in the blog, that includes comments. If you have got new ones, by all means, pass them onward to us. bugs@secondlife.com works if you are having in world reporting troubles.Thanks for the heads up!

  184. Dovic Battery: Hey you bet. Glad it’s fixed. 🙂

  185. Zack Blabbermouth says:

    ever since the update it has been issue after issue after issue and so on, wow.

  186. Emma says:

    i got a real helpful post, here it is..

    chad are you single? rofl
    (cant chat ppl up on SL at the moment so i’ll do it here!)
    your prim house or mine? haha


    hows that for lightening the mood

  187. Puck says:

    Nothing’s fixed!!! It’s terrible. Lost my entire inventory!!!! Hope it will be back soon!!!!

  188. Fionnbhar Holyoke says:

    Hmmm, well, I have no body, no money, no clothes (well I do have my hair), and other issues…but it is my assumption that things will be back to normal at some time…Alma, I know you aren’t happy but things like this do happen in the electronic universe. Most ofther games I have had experience with see similar downtime when major upgrades occur, problems are inevitable. I, for one, do like the fact that Linden keeps you posted. There are several systems where the company falls silent. For hours, or even days. They don’t keep people in the loop, and they don’t keep them informed. Often, they get to the point where the customer is seen as a nuissance, and they just ignore them. It is refreshing to see a company that tries very hard to keep talking to the customer. They are taking responsibility for the problem, and trying to address it. THAT is something. Kudos to Linden for recognizing its customers, even when they aren’t happy.

    Officially, I am not happy with the problems, but am very happy with the customer response. Very nice job at keeping a rational and even sometimes light and humorous tone even in the face of understandably unhappy customers like Alma. Here’s to a quick resolution!

  189. Emma: Ha! I have no idea how to respond to that. 😉

    Puck: Report it to the bug department for us so we can look into it for you.

  190. Darek Deluca says:

    It is too bad that you treat this as a game instead of a business. Some people have alot of money invested here. If I introduced software into my business with so many bugs, I would be fired.
    Get your testing act together. Your “UPDATES” seem to be getting worse!

  191. Paul Shilton says:

    Just adding to this loooooong list:

    I am over 18 (32 actually) and I am not allowed to teleport anywhere today, the only success in that department came 15 minutes ago when a friend tp’d me to her location and I showed up invisible on my screen and she was looking at a male with boobs midget. This is continually annoying. I know it’s being worked on, yeah yeah yeah. And from what I’ve been hearing and reading above, I am skeptical about trying to even go to my SL job. How can one expect to make any tips when everyone is having money issues? Let alone seeing a freak guy/gir/midget avatar instead of the sexy dancer that I am! ROFL I strongly agree with Flashdust (above), no need to introduce new bugs, fix the ones that are there first. For the people reading this that are ‘working on it’: Please hurry, thank you.

  192. Seola Sassoon says:

    Hey hey, I wanna hit on Chad too!

    Hey Chad, A/S/L? 😀

  193. Joshua says:

    Im glad you guys work so hard!!!!! But please come on lets get things rolling now… THERES SO MANY things not working.

    TP’s keep unresolving
    Inventory Missing
    L$ there one moment and then not the next
    Whole sims not there

    I know you told us that your taking the search off! But that works and TP’s stopped.

    Come on guys! – Thanks for working hard as wee though!

  194. Duke Mcdonnagh says:

    Sorry Can’t resist this.

    I Think the real point is being missed. Before you do a “major release” there should be NO BUGS. Code it, test it, recode it , retest it, etc ,etc

    Save yourself embarassment and headaches and waste of valubable resorces responding to people like me because you failed to “do it right” in the first place.

    In this case if I was the QA manager id certainly expect to be fired as this is indeed quite an embarassment.

    Still Love ya


  195. Skidmark Saiman says:

    I’m new to SL – coming here just about a week ago after reading a little blurb about it in Esquire magazine.

    And so far, I gotta say, is that I am *NOT* impressed.

    Are all of these issues, lag, bugs, and packet loss normal? Or is this just a case of unfortuate timing???

  196. Fionnbhar Holyoke: Thanks for the kind support! We are doing everything we can to fix up the issues.

    Seola Sassoon: o.O

    Joshua: Thanks for understanding Joshua. We are working as fast as possible, I assure you.

    Duke: Thanks for the feedback.

  197. Seola Sassoon says:

    Guys, for all you talking about testing… they have started putting up test earlier.

    Secondly, there’s not a lot of resi’s there that can test this stuff when it comes to 400 online versus 16,000 online. Most of the people complaining about testing, haven’t even stepped onto the beta grid.

    Thirdly, LL does have some blame though for not anticipating the heavy server load with these new changes.

  198. Martin McConnell says:

    I think I caused my problem… not your recent update. Every couple of hours since 11/1/06 I’ve been checking the LAND status to see if I had my new island. No such luck until two days ago. I saw my Island’s name, so I rushed home and logged on.

    I did NOT have an in-game message but I did see my island so I teleported over there. The first thing I see is a big wooden textured box. Hmm, who has put trash on my island already? haha. Oh well, DELETE.

    Then for the next hour or two I happily learn how to terraform my island. Hmm, I don’t want anyone to see this until I finish so I set something to No Teleport but because I’m smart I remember to set my island as my home. Walla. That should work. I place a couple of structures and check the result versus my hand drawn map and everything looks fine. My dream will fit.

    My girlfriend summons me to her on the mainland and after visiting with her I decide to go home. When I try to teleport home I get a message which I’ve reported to Consierge, LIVE help, Bug and Linden Answers. The message basically says my parcel doesn’t exist. HuH?

    Isn’t this a problem that I caused? Was that box important? If I lock out teleports am I supposed to be able to teleport there myself? The Live Help Linden person told me to check the website.

    I’m afraid that everyone thinks that my problems were caused by the update.. but my problems started BEFORE the update. Now that I’ve shown the world what an idiot I am could someone help me? I can stand a little kidding as long as I can get back to my island. hahah.

  199. Lindens:

    After being in the IT Industry for roughly 10 years, I’ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge and know-how. Chadrick, I don’t know how much of an assessment you and the rest of the Lindens have done on the current infrastructure, however whether it be networking changes or just pure backend coding changes, the packet loss issue has seemed to pull it’s head back into the hole it came from.

    In regards to your database overload issues, I do have one idea / suggestion that could be viable, however I do not know how your current infrastructure is setup. I see quite a bit of LL owned land up for sale, I’m assuming these are full sims. If that’s the case, why not take those off the market for the time being, free up the server/s and add those servers into the database cluster. (assuming you have the database servers setup in a cluster) As I know quite well, it’s immensely difficult to keep a real-time updated database system with the current load that SL experiences on a minutely basis. This being said, could there be a solution in adding more servers to the cluster/s, adding an additional server cluster and splitting apart the database calls as to hopefully lighten the load on both ends, having all of the search information, user inventory and friends list on one cluster, and then pushing the object asset id’s (already created) onto it’s own, and having a final asset server that would hold the information for the newly created objects and their asset ID’s? Migrating the info from the new objects asset server to the existing asset server wouldn’t be hard, just a little resource consuming. Anyways, just a quick idea.

    SL Residents:

    As Chadrick has stated time and time again, PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE COMMENTS SECTION BEFORE POSTING!!! I know it may be tedious, but if your experiencing problems in-world, chances are, someone has already reported them either via the blog or the ever so useful Bug Reporting tool in-game.

    Ranting & raving about how “Oh look, new update just causes more problems” doesn’t solve anything. Sure it may slightly relieve your frustrations, but c’mon. The only thing that’s going to relieve frustrations to the full extent is getting the current issues that plauge the SL community fixed. So for those that actually read this whole post, thank you. For those that skim it, you probably won’t notice this part anyways, but PAY ATTENTION to Chadrick’s posts in the comments here. It will tell you who’s issues where acknowledged. Tedious as it may be, scroll back up, see what the problem was. Keep doing this until you finish the comments section. If your problem still hasn’t been adressed, file a bug report, contact Live Help and inform them that you sent a bug report, make sure they have it. Then, and only then, post your issue here on the blog.

    LL – Your working hard, we know this. Some of us have some pretty extensive experience with programming / networking issues. We could be of assistance if needed.

  200. There are two, possibly three enterprise RDBMS systems (i.e. relational databases) that can handle the session and object loads of a system of the scale of SL:

    Oracle (definitely)
    DB2 (not all the features of Oracle, but definitely a scalable, enterprise level DB.
    Sybase (I guess. Does anybody use Sybase any more?)
    SQLServer (LOL! I threw that in for fun. Of course it couldn’t handle SL).

    And finally, MySQL….three to five years from now, maybe.

    Unfortunately SL is on MySQL, now, and needs the added capacity yesterday.

    I’m in world as I write this, but I can’t rez a two-prim object that is vital to the site I’m building. Items from the distant past materialized out of nowhere yesterday, etc.

    Example of why MySQL is not up to the task :

    Several of the instances in SL need large (10s of millions of rows) tables. To make them easier to administer and faster they use pseudo-partitioning. They need true partitioning, something added to enterprise DBs years ago. It’s not available on their current DB. The problem with MySQL is not that it is Open Source, that gives it enormous potential. The problem is that it has decades of catchup to do.

    Oh, and yes, my human does work for Oracle, and these are totally off-the-cuff personal comments that have nothing to do with the company’s position, yada-yada-yada.

    So you can consider this just prejudiced ramblings of a partisan.

    Then again, as I predicted, troubles with the DB started at 9000 sessions and progressed to the point of unusability at 15000. I don’t expect further performance improvements barring massive hardware outlays or the use of alien technology from crashed spaceships. LL needs to bite the bullet and either buy in to an enterprise RDBMS or get a massive discount on one by letting them ‘buy in’ to the concept of SL by offering discounted licensing. (Hint: I’m not sales, I’m a techie, but you would do better with a buyin, IMHO, or the aliens landing with help thing. Enterprise RDBMS is not cheap).

  201. Seola Sassoon says:

    Hey hey Chad, can’t blame a girl for trying, can ya?

    Gotta have something to do whilst I can’t move out of my lil one room house!

  202. Neil Claxton says:

    last night it seemed like sim crossing in vehicles was better, instead of crashing i just fell off and they didn’t de-rez. oddly this am they started getting returned saying the public land parcel was full, after working for 5 hours.

    i’m glad that some of the mess is fixed…

  203. Madison Brenham says:

    I don’t know where to start…..
    Nothing works.

    I am a builder working on a special project with a deadline and very frustrated. The inventory issues, rez issues, invisibility, clothing, …..aaaargh….. and now my Rez-foo is not working.

    I hope these things get resolved soon. It has been a very difficult 24 hours.

    I’d rather not even go in world until it works.

    I know you are working hard at fixing things and tahnks for keeping us posted….just needed to vent.

  204. Taco Rubio says:

    Chad, is that picture icon really you? or is it just some stock picture that Linden Labs uses?

  205. Seola Sassoon says:

    Nah, if it was him, I’d be hitting on him harder.

  206. Emma says:

    lol seola

  207. Ravenswood Riverview says:

    Three times in two days I have been ejected from a camping chair without being paid. Is this a new policy?

    The first time was just before the update. The other two times were right after the update and right now a day later.

    A person is afraid to gamble or to spend any money.

  208. Acidic Tamale : Thanks so much for understanding. Your feedback will be passed on.

    Seola Sassoon: No blame assigned 😛

    Neil Claxton: Thanks for recognizing the times it *does* work, we are working to get the rest sorted as well.

    Taco Rubio: That’s really me. I’m not telling you A/S/L/ either. 😛

    Seola Sassoon: Uh oh.

  209. Sara Yugen says:

    It appears that my LINDEN$ has disappeared. 😦 Is this normal?

  210. Seola Sassoon says:

    Woo hoo!

    Yea, but next he’s gonna tell me he wears moon shoes and he’ll be just a big dork. 😛

  211. PedroRenaut Mariner says:

    I have a very big problem … im scripter and I working in the script of a vendor and now, before take to my inventory … is not possible to open or drag in my land to work in this script … please … sendme to my email my inventory … if its possible.

    I need finish my script, and im worried in case I now do not have it in the inventory.

  212. Aral Levitt says:

    damn, that Chadrick Linden is cute:P

  213. Ravenswood Riverview: Contact the owner of the chair to see if it’s something he experienced seeing as well. If not, report it to us so we can look at what happened to the Linden Dollar transfer.

    Sara Yugen: It’s part of our update troubles. Try relogging, clearing your cache and if that doesn’t work the file a support@secondlife.com ticket so we can look into your account directly. Thanks for understanding and being so patient.

    Seola Sassoon: I am a big dork. No moon shoes.

  214. Seola Sassoon says:

    Well, you can’t be a proper dork without the moon shoes!

  215. Seola Sassoon says:

    I’m gonna guess and say by that lil tiny pic, Chad is 29.

  216. SaltOf Ersetu says:

    Seola Sassoon Says:

    November 30th, 2006 at 11:48 AM PST
    Guys, for all you talking about testing… they have started putting up test earlier.

    Secondly, there’s not a lot of resi’s there that can test this stuff when it comes to 400 online versus 16,000 online. Most of the people complaining about testing, haven’t even stepped onto the beta grid.

    I would love to assist on the Beta grid. I have downloaded the UI a number of times but never seem to be able to log in. I use my Account name and Login Password, but get nowhere, or a message that says I need to be registered. I suppose that would/should be my first bug-report.

    Seriously though, is there some trick. Did I miss some crucial bit of info to log-in?

    And, btw, I agree that the complaining is really straining the limits of acceptable bitching. I work as a software end-ganeer on some fairly complex systems. I wring my hands and quaff mucho Jack-Daniels on release nights because I know….I know dang well my devs, SI-Testers and user testing just missed something…it just happens, just does.

  217. Seola Sassoon says:

    Oh and Location… Linden Labs… I bet he’s in Cali!

    And sex… well… I hope that’s a dude….

  218. Zebediah Godwin says:

    To Ravenswood Riverview: This has nothing to do with Linden policy, and everything to do with unscrupulous camping chair operators. If the chairs unsit you just before you’d be eligible for payout, the land owner still gets all of the benefits of having you camp on their land, without having to pay you for it.

    Please, people, let’s not go overboard blaming LL for things that aren’t their fault. There are plenty of problems in SL that are legitimately their responsibility; we don’t need to add spurious ones.

  219. Resident (paying) says:

    I know you guys say you are working at it but essentially we are 24+ without a working SL???

    First the upgrade (3 hours late coming back on line) and then to get in world and can’t tp, can’t rez, invis avi, $’s mucked up, inventory missing, inventory not working, lag lag lag, crash, crash, crash, and being stuck.

    My thought is that its more frustrating, and more of a headache to get on and not be able to do anything (nothing – can essentially do nothing). If you need warm bodies on line to load the system but the system isn’t going to work then can’t you just say that at the log in screen rather than give the false idea that the system is working?????

    i.e. “Welcome to SL that is not working, come help us out and be a warm body and not be able to do anything.”

    FWIW- Shut it down, fix it!!! Better to stand at the door then be frustrated in world????

  220. To the last Five Comments: Word.

  221. Seola Sassoon says:

    BTW, Chad… my roommate isn’t getting all the same blue Linden notice boxes I am, so you might have some issues there.

  222. Cedric Williams says:

    Very sorry to say , but I can’t logon at all since the update last night, getting the old logonscreen and
    afters is stops at the Verifying Protocol version, i get the message “unable to connect to Second Life, The system may be down ..” and so on.
    The previous version was login on smoothly….
    I’ve read many more problems like this here , any solutions?

  223. Digital Digital says:

    Come on people stop complaining at least we have second life 🙂

  224. Fledhyris Proudhon says:

    @Everyone in this blog who keeps saying ‘hey, lighten up, it’s only a game, go do something else til the problems are sorted out’

    (And for a start, I thought LL were trying to get this across as a serious platform, *not* just a game, plus in my experience every single online game ever created works better than SL after an update, and shouldn’t a system work well no matter what its purpose? But never mind that…)

    The reason people are worried, distressed, angry, frightened etc. is because they are LOSING PURCHASED ITEMS. Sure I doubt most people really care too much whether they show up as a floating hairball for a day or two. But people have been consistently losing NO COPY items over the past month or so, and so far, LL *has failed to do anything about it*. They are not obliged to, by their very own TOS. Your only recourse is to hope that the original vendor is still online and will be nice enough to replicate your item for you, out of the kindness of their own heart.

    Sure, okay, this update is causing so many problems of this nature that LL *say* let us know and we’ll try to fix it, but honestly, faith in that happening is very low. Plus, if you happen to have a large property full of objects, sure you’ll know that your leather sofa or your jacuzzi or whatever has gone, but will you recall its name? Where you bought it? The creator? Heck no. So how can you submit a useful item loss report in the first place? And all these missing inventory issues – how are we supposed to check through upwards of 10K items to see if something might be missing? Some of us own a LOT of stuff, painstakingly collected and *paid for* over our time in SL. We are rather hurt and distressed by the flippancy of people, Lindens and Residents alike, in brushing off our concern for when our things disappear.

    I guess none of you people have ever had things stolen from you IRL and gone to the police and the insurance companies about it, huh, because clearly you don’t think it matters. This stuff may be virtual but it still cost money and it’s still important to us, and if it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter, then what the HECK is the point in any of it??? It’s about time some people woke up to the fact that a lot of SL residents really care an AWFUL LOT about their time and efforts here, and that doesn’t make us sad no-lifers, it just makes us dedicated investors in the system.

    So yes, we’re not happy. GO FIGURE }B=8[

  225. SL Residents

    Correction to my previous LONG post.. If you didn’t happen to see the in-world annoucement by Chadrick, don’t flood them with bug report issues now. Just sim related issues =)


    No problem man. I’ve done quite a bit of software development and network infrastructuring in my days. I know and honestly, expected a bit of the issues that have popped up over the past few months with the immense growth SL has experienced.

    I’m just hoping that LL has the resources / financial backing needed to remedy these issues over a hopefully short period of time.

    Keep up the hard work! And from a QA stand point, your doing an exceptional job maintaining the communication lines.

  226. Charles Berlin says:

    Since no one commented on my first… you get another!

    By Charles Berlin

    There’s got to be a morning after
    If the update was only stable last night
    We have a chance to find the sunshine
    Now my avatar is just not right

    Oh can’t you see the morning after?
    It’s there right behind my flat screen
    Why don’t we cross the bridge together?
    But I can’t teleport… I’ll scream!

    There’s got to be a morning after
    The water is leaving the shore
    The Lindens say we’ll be there tomorrow
    But we can’t search anymore.

    * I hope that some humor can help both Esselans and Lindens, please keep the spirit and coding. I just checked my Real Life and so far I’m ok. I share concern for those that make a real living in-world, but I know you will get this working again.

    AS FOR ME – My avatar was a woman when I first came in, and I had no inventory nore money. I went to sleep last night and now I am a Man again (yeah) and had everything back. I did notice frame rate improvements. Good luck Lindens and we are here waiting our Second Life.

    Oh by the way, I just got my friend to sign up with a new account. The email is not working, and you should see the number of newbies stuck on orientation island looks like a plauge of Mr. Smiths from the Matrix without any clothes. They are all grey subdermals. hehehe

  227. PedroRenaut Mariner says:

    My object ‘Vendedor Multiple’ is lost …. where is my object?
    Hours and hours working in the script to lost now … 😦
    PLease send me in my inventory!!!!

  228. Alexander Regent says:

    I blame Linden Labs for EVERYTHING:

    1) The fuzzy fruit at the back of my fridge
    2) The unwashed car in the parking lot
    3) The pale skin from lack of sunlight
    4) The hole in the ozone
    5) The alien conspiracy
    6) The death of the dinosaurs

  229. Lolita Pro says:

    So, what are the odds we could just roll back to the grid from Tuesday and keep using it until these kinks are worked out?

    I’m not reporting any bugs, because all my issues have been listed already. I’m not even trying to get in-world until something is posted about the issues being resolved. It’s no fun to get in-world and not be able to go anywhere, do anything, or even move around due to the horribly low speeds.

    So, I’m losing money while you’re working on bugs. Yeah, that’s fair.

  230. Khatsworth Lazarno says:

    Well, there’s not much more I can report except the samd problems that have already been lsited a few dozen times already. Clothing issues, L$ not appearing, inventory missing, TPs not working, the works.

    On the other hand, earlier I did enter to a bunch of bugs and leave my avatar online for over an hour while I was cooking. When I came back my inventory was all fine and dandy and nothing was missing.
    That was a big relief knowing my 1000+ prim projects hadn’t suddenly vanished into thin air. :-]

    Hopefully you can all sort this out in a “timely fashion”, if not I’ll just wait a longer.
    It’s not like SL is pay-to-play anyways, and seeing how immensly complex the system must be to allow such customization, I wouldn’t think it’s easy to deal with bugs. Good luck with the fixing! ^^

  231. Emma says:

    it was fun…
    but C’mon!
    2 days now SL has been practically useless, and the website? well, i give up trying to use it. I want to use what im paying for, SL. Not sit chatting up some linden guy (even though its funny)
    why dont you take the grid offline and fix it. take the update off, reverse it, then do it next time after its been gone over with an extremely fine bug detecting comb.

  232. Susie Sabena says:

    When is LL going to realize that their entire “system” of software maintenance and management is fundamentally flawed? The quagmire of problems will never end, or even improve, unless you get people on board who KNOW HOW TO DEVELOP SOFTWARE!

    The culture of LL regards SL as just another game. The background of the management is in computer games. But, considering the resources, both in labor and money, that many residents put into into it, it is now more than a game. SL users pay for and deserve quality software and servers they can trust and rely upon! Not “game” software where bugs are typically not a big issue.

    Until this comes about, SL users are simply wasting their time. I, for one, am bailing out.

  233. Dana Surya says:

    *huggs* to lindens – ummmmm, if anyone sees my body i would really like it back, thanky…..

  234. Groovyfingers Electricteeth says:

    @ Alexander Regent…..I salute you lmao

  235. Seola Sassoon says:

    Fled, you make some good points, but as for comparing SL to other games. Don’t even try.

    Everything in EVERY SINGLE OTHER MMO OUT THERE is stabley hosted. There is no user created content, no open door for users to script in world, they introduce updates that don’t evolve. They stay static until THEY update them again. Just like LL introducing a new script thingy, it gets put in hundreds of other items that constantly have to go through servers. In other games, you get a sword, it’s like all the other swords of it’s kind, it doesn’t change, and it never has to keep refreshing for changes.

    I guess I think of SL as a social platform as opposed to games. If it’s so horrific, why are you still here? Probably because there’s no other ‘game’ that allows you what SL does.

  236. Seola Sassoon: Noted. Thank you.

    Digital Digital: Thanks for the support.

    Fledhyris Proudhon: Names of items, location you were at, what happened, folder it was in, time it happened – These are all good examples of info to be provided in a bug report. We DO understand it’s important to you, it is to us as well, thats why we’ve been working to fix things up. Thanks for the feedback.

    Charles Berlin: Hysterical.

    Alexander Regent: We are responsible for them all. Except #4.

    Emma: Thats a good suggestion, I’m sure it’s been considered but will make sure it’s passed on.

  237. Seola Sassoon says:

    Emma: “”2 days now SL has been practically useless, and the website? well, i give up trying to use it. I want to use what im paying for, SL. Not sit chatting up some linden guy (even though its funny)”””

    I don’t mind placing the correct blame, but it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet. At least credit the right time!

  238. Fledhyris Proudhon says:

    @ Seola

    Oh, what, so because I think SL has the potential to be better than every other system out there, I should just stay quiet and say nothing when that potential is clearly failing? The only people who are loyal to the platform are the ones who don’t say anything? I should just laugh with you at all the people who have such bad problems that they *are* considering leaving, that they have lost money and time and effort and torn out their hair and cried over this platform?

    I’d like to ask what *you’re* doing here, if it is so unimportant to you that you don’t care about any of these issues. Sounds like you’re causing extra system load for the rest of us who *do* care, and I don’t thank you for it.

  239. Starshine Herbst says:

    There was a time when LL used to pay ppl to log in on the beta grid at a set time. Maybe doing that again could help for getting the load testing of the betas? It’s really not fun to see work day after work day wasted because of the upgrades being done without the proper load testing first.
    You are doing a great job, and we have seen a great development during the 2 1/2 years I’ve been here, but you really need to have proper testing done before upgrading.

  240. Emma says:

    actually from start of update yesterday until now is 29 hours! so i call that 2 days, shoot me 😛

  241. Someone says:

    So, here is what I know now. I’m not a linden, just want to live in peace and so on…
    So, my starting position was always where I logged out before the update, no matter what I tried. Then I cleared my SL cache manualy, logged back, and working. The bad is that you need to do that every time as I can see before logging in…
    Bug report is not working as I can see, no mail notification. Or, maybe that’s a new feature? O.O
    I had a visit on the beta grid and didn’t noticed these problems.
    Hope I told something new. :\

  242. Fledhyris Proudhon says:

    @ Chadwick

    I do understand that you can’t help someone who just says ‘lost my nice leather sofa’.

    Trouble is, that’s probably the only information they *have*. It was the only copy they posessed, so when it’s gone, they have no access to name, creator, time purchased, UUID and all those other salient details that help you guys chase things down in the database.

    So then what?

  243. Seola Sassoon says:

    Fled, we and everyone else knows everything you’ve pointed out though. If you were introducing something new, then MAYBE it’d be different, but you compare SL to things it can’t be compared to, which makes your point rather invalid in many cases.

    If you are comparing to other MMO’s then you know that threats of leaving is nothing new to ANY game out there. EQ had it (and it stayed dominant for some time), WoW had is and is currently dominant, EQ2, SWG, JO, BF2, you can’t make all the of the people happy all of the time.

    Don’t get mad at me for taking this in stride. I’ve been alpha, beta, gamma, and all the way in between. Are YOU on the beta grid helping test this stuff? Sometimes, schtuff happens. SL hasn’t had this major of a problem for some time now, and back then, people were complaining about leaving, yet here we are with 16,000 people logging on the grid on healthy days.

    I am here because A) I like SL, B) I have the logical sense to realize the whole sky is not falling on me, and C) because I want to bother you.

    Nice that you reverse and ask me, but avoid answering the question of why YOU are still here?

  244. Seola Sassoon says:

    @Emma, sorry didn’t know you were counting update! 😀

  245. Andrea Kleene says:

    Other ideas for getting people to help load test the beta grid…

    A big problem with getting people to help beta test is that there’s hardly anything on the beta grid. When I go to the beta grid I can’t get to any of my usual places, and I can’t really build anything because I know I won’t be able to keep it, and none of my friends are on so I can’t really just chat. So… What is there to do?

    * Put a blog post or article up about what IS included on the beta grid, sort of like the exploration of the teen grid from the newsletter.

    * Sponsor special limited time builds you can only see on the beta grid. (Like: come explore (a space station, coral reef, the House of the Future) on the beta grid!) Obviously builders would need to be paid in the main grid for work on the beta grid.

    * Have an event there! This is the only way to load test — get lots of people on at once — and an event is what would do that. Experiences are one thing that you don’t feel a need to store in your inventory forever. How about a scavenger hunt? Hide objects around the beta grid with clues, give prizes to particpants on the main grid. What about a major music show, simulcast to several sims at once, with a big draw artist?

    * Shopping opportunities! One of the main things people have trouble with after upgrades are L$ balances and disappearing objects. Designers, maybe this is a good place to try out new products. Who doesn’t want to “try on” stuff before buying? The Lindens could sponsor a mall sim with the latest gear, easy to buy with our beta test money, but not transferable to the main grid. And it would whet our appetites to “really” own your products.

    * Scripting classes! What better place? Scripts can be easily saved to your hard drive so there’s no problem about keeping what you make, and if you accidentally create 15,000 tiny robots with your script when you meant to make 15, well, you’ve only crashed a beta sim.

    The masses of people needed to truly test a new release aren’t going to go on the beta grid out of a sense of civic duty if there’s nothing to do when they get there. We need people, so we need to make it fun and interesting. Let’s get creative! Who else has ideas?

  246. Fledhyris Proudhon: Please just discuss issues we have not yet identified. Otherwise, the posts slow down us identifying the solutions. Repeating over and over that it’s not working won’t help things go faster. If you have new issues that haven’t been reported in this blog, please pass them my way.

    Someone: Thank you. If that reporter isnt working you can report it here: bugs@secondlife.com

    I don’t want to shut of comments on this blog when we can use it to help us identify new issues, so please let’s keep focused on that.

  247. Elliott Eldrich says:

    To everyone who is currently unable to enjoy SL for various technical reasons, here’s my suggestion. Go outside. Look around. Check it out: The graphics are INTENSE!

    One suggestion to the Lindens: When you are going to do a major upgrade, one that involves multiple levels of changes throughout the architecture, why not let us all know beforehand that you are not doing a “regular” upgrade, you are doing a “major” upgrade. Maybe have “category 1” or “category 2” classifications for your upgrades? Perhaps color coded, as in “green” upgrade (little negative impact potential) or “yellow” (moderate negative impact potential) or “red” (serious negative impact potential).

    That way, people can do two things beforehand; they can go through and prepare in various ways (not scheduling major events in the hours and days after a major upgrade, make backup copies of critical inventory items, make lists of critical inventory items, re-bake their avvies, backup their shapes etc. etc.) and they can choose to take advantage of the anticipated rough hours / days to come to do things in RL and NOT log on for a day or so. This would help reduce your load while bringing SL back up from a major upgrade since many would choose to do other things during that time, and would allow people to feel that they had been properly warned.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    Elliott Eldrich.

  248. Seola Sassoon says:

    *Got yelled at so is sidestepping chat postings (I thought Chad loved me! okay okay, that was the last off topic I swear*

    Chad, as for some of the suggestions for getting people on beta, I hope you pass those along, they are really great ideas!

    Especially this one:
    * Put a blog post or article up about what IS included on the beta grid, sort of like the exploration of the teen grid from the newsletter.

  249. Andrea Kleene: Good post, thanks for the incredible ideas.

    Seola Sassoon: Great suggestions. I do love you. 🙂

  250. Alexander Regent says:

    spoken seriously as a software engineer……

    I do so feel for the code monkeys at Linden Lab…….

    Our software is not near as complex and still a trouble to manage……

    I can ONLY imagine the C/C++/C#/Perl/Java/MatLab/DB/Network Admin nightmare they are working with there……

    On one end Senior management…..”do it faster better cheaper”

    On the other end customers…..”I want it all and I want it now!”

    poor grid monkeys…..would someone PLEASE throw them a banana?

  251. Alexander Regent: “…poor grid monkeys…..would someone PLEASE throw them a banana?…”


  252. Waiting Patiently... says:

    “This update has NOT and I repeat NOT corrected existing issues! I have just LOST inventory when trying to take it out of inventory and place it in my home/stores. The objects comes out of my inventory, no problem. Then it never rezzes in game, and does not come back into my inventory. It is gone!!! These items I tried today, were items that I purchased last year from someone who is no longer part of SL. I can’t get copies, and they valued about L$2500. This is NOT acceptable. You will tell us to go to the originator of the object to get a copy… you can’t do anything to help us! Seems lately that is the usual answer from all your people! “Nothing we can do!” “Working on it!”. This latest update was supposed to address, the teleports, and the missing inventories, and the issue of Linden dollars not showing up on your account!! Seems NONE of this was taken care of… What about the comments you all made about adjusting the loads, etc… seems this hasn’t happened either. Rezzing takes longer than ever… items are going missing that can’t be gotten back, to our loss of money paid for them… YOU SHOULD BE TELLING ANYONE LOGGING INTO SL… TO NOT:
    1) DO NOT REZ ANY OBJECTS because they may Disappear and never return to you!
    2) DO NOT TELEPORT anywhere because you may not be able to do so
    3) DO NOT USE LINDENS anywhere because the transactions may not work.
    4) Etc.
    5) ETC.
    6) E T C!!!!!!
    Then we can all just login, and stand there doing absolutely N O T H I N G!!! What a total waste of time SL is becoming! As a merchant here in SL, I can’t do anything to create, or make new inventory for fear of losing it, when trying to move from inventory… can’t buy things, or decorate my stores or home, because transactions may not work… can’t teleport anywhere to look at anything because then when I try to go back to my “HOME” location, I get an error telling me I can’t be teleported to my “HOME” because I am not allowed at that location??? What the hell is that… I own the land!!! I pay tier…. and I’m not allowed at my home location??? I’m trying my best to be patient, but this is an ongoing issue with SL, and not being fixed to anyones satisfaction. I’m paying for the service, so what am I paying for if I can’t enjoy my time in game!!! Its just so damn frustrating!!! ”

    Ditto, dont get me wrong, i appreciate the effort in fixing things, but this is getting very bad… I spend a thousand USD on this simulator a month to do business in world, (buying rental properties, etc)… I have patience, but it is wearing thin 😦

  253. Rebel says:

    Amen Alexander!

    *thows nanners to the grid monkeys

  254. Seola Sassoon says:

    Woo hoo! I’m loved! Bout damn time! Now I can quit paying cash out!

  255. Amethyst Rosencrans says:

    Harry Linden and I were looking into object to object email problem last night. It seems that restarting the region having the problems with sending or receiving seems to fix the problem at least temporarily. In mainland regions or regions where you can’t restart the sim yourself you need to rerez your vendors. I think this problem deserves some serious attention since much inworld business is done through object to object email.


  256. Someone says:

    Little addition. I noticed that I can set another directory for the cache, so I cleaned my cache at the old place and set a new directory for that. What I noticed is that in the new cache directory it makes a sub folder with my inworld name but with full off small capitals. The new cache directory is still empty, except that subfolder, and still using the old cache directory. :\

  257. michi lumin says:

    Ok – Here’s one that I *KNOW* we reported in Preview.

    Sometimes, attachment avs (or all av attachments) rez at the pelvis attach point. I’ve had a few reports of peoples “entire avatar rezzing at their crotch” in release.

    This —was— bug reported repeatedly in Preview, but it looks like the fix didn’t make the cut (if there is one.)

  258. Seola Sassoon says:

    Oops, just noticed profile…. Sorry Chadrick.

  259. Fledhyris Proudhon says:

    @ Seola

    I’m comparing SL to anything else in the world that works.

    How’s that for you?

    As I did say, I’m still here because I want it to work, it has such wonderful potential, but things keep going wrong and it just seems that with the best will in the world, LL just *don’t* have the money, staff or infrastructure to avoid these kinds of problems.

    So for us, the complaining residents, we see ourselves paying to support a rapidly failing platform. Sure, we could just leave. That’s going to help things even less than complaining – if they lose subscriptions, they lose investment. It’s in LL’s *interests* to keep its residents happy, if it wants to be a prospering business.

    Sure, I understand that this is an experimental system and that there will be problems. But there have been *so many* problems, and so few resolutions, that it just seems like we’re all contributing our time and resources to an experiment which has gone wildly out of control, and yet, as *paying supporters*, we have no say in what happens! We apparently aren’t even allowed to express our concerns! We predict these problems, we attempt to help with our own ideas, and no perceptible changes occur!

    Yes, it is all very disheartening. Doesn’t mean I want to leave. I wish the best for SL. There *is* no comparable system out there. But I’m not going to ignore the pain of those suffering (and I’ve been one myself, plenty of times) just because of some strange attitude that ‘positive thinking will make everything go right’. That’s BS. If wishes worked then the whole system would be soaring by now. SL is clearly a very sick puppy, and putting on rose tinted spectacles and ignoring that fact really isn’t achieving anything except to make some of us wonder what kind of alternative reality you live in (and wish we were there).

    Feel free to contact me in-world to continue this argument, I’m sure we’ve taken up enough blog space so far and I for one don’t have anything to add.

  260. SaltOf Ersetu says:

    Seola Sassoon Says:

    Fled, we and everyone else knows everything you’ve pointed out though. …..
    I am here because A) I like SL, B) I have the logical sense to realize the whole sky is not falling on me, and C) because I want to bother you.

    LOL!! I like you 🙂

  261. Amethyst Rosencrans: Noted. I’ll pass it on as well.

    Someone: Bleh, I haven’t heard that one yet. Can you bug report it for us please? Thank you very much.

    michi lumin: Thanks, I’ll follow up on that issue with our Bug team.

  262. In my experience Live Help isn’t very Live, so telling people to contact Live Help isn’t going to be very “helpful” And it’s hard to write a bug report about an item/folder that you don’t have anymore. I’m not really worried about my missing items, they’ll probably come back eventually. But for a fashionista losing the ability to rez boxes, packages, prim attachments is a killer, admittedly it’s just going to be a temporary killer.

    I’ve been submitting bug reports lately trying to contribute that way.

    As for using the Beta Grid, as a fashionista blogger it’s mostly useless to me. I have Aditi installed though and have used it. I felt a bit guilty about that so I started using Focus, which was working fine. Just wished there was a new focus ready.

    I do want to report that until the other problems started manifesting (the lack of teleport function, etc.) the map was working great. Better than I have ever seen it, loading very quickly. So what ever you Lindens did there was good.

  263. Seola Sassoon says:

    @ Fled

    While I don’t have much left to say, I’ve said my peace there is one thing:

    “”just because of some strange attitude that ‘positive thinking will make everything go right’.””

    But negative, wrong and wordy posts doesn’t make it go faster. SL is a pioneering platform, it won’t run like butter on hot corn. We all care, but pointing out flaws that are blaringly obvious doesn’t really do much. While you say people lost inventories and compared it to real life, would you file a police report over 4 dollars? 10? If someone stole 4 bucks from me, I’d honestly not care.

    And actually, studies have proven that positive thinking enhances work ethics and has proven to be a great motivator in getting problems solved. So to LL, keep banging away and hire a cage cleaner.. do you want some fresh tea? Wait, it’s Cali… do you want some non-fat, low sodium, calcium enriched latte?

    @SaltOf Thanks! 🙂

  264. Doubledown Tandino says:

    12:45pm SLT 11/30

    Still cannot teleport anywhere
    Still cannot search for anything
    Still cannot retrieve anything from inventory
    Still cannot contact certain people through IM
    Still cannot locate anything with the map

  265. Quantum Daikon says:

    Hi, Just logged onto (and quickly off the Grid) I have not read all the posts above so soz if this has been picked up.

    1. I average 1700L$ per day sales – but today just 84L$ (I know grid down a lot but still 12K online)
    2. I can buy an item from myself + receive the item in my inventory but the money transfer does not show anywhere including the website accounts page.

    Am I losing stock without payment?

    Anyone else having similar experiences?

    Live help referred me to blog, I will read now but feel like closing down my stores while I check.


  266. Chokmah Paster says:

    Hang in there! Thanks for the hard work.

  267. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    wonder if you guys still think the bugs are sporadic and if there’s an eta for fixes or rollback..

  268. Someone says:

    I sent the bugreport about my earlier post and seems inworld bugreport working again (I got email notification about that, but not from the report before)

  269. CronoCloud Creeggan: Thanks for contributing with the reports. Your comments have been heard.

    Seola: I’ve just got off the phone with the cage cleaner 🙂

    Doubledown Tandino: Thanks. Make sure you file bug reports for those inventory issues. We are working on the others.

    Quantum Daikon: Linden Dollar issues are one of the things we are dealing with. Sales may be down due to lack of performance on the grid and if actual sales aren’t going through, please report those to support@secondlife.com so we can look into what happened to your balance. It’s highly likely that as soon as we get all this fixed it may just show back up in your inventory. Thanks for the post!

  270. coldFuSion Cheeky says:

    Aside from the widespread missing body shape, missing money and missing inventory there is another issue I wanted to mention.

    Regarding animation poses…..it has become a chronic problem that in the case of couple animations….the other person will not see the animation even though I do and vice versa. Only fix is relog. Having to do so very frequently…because after changing poses only couple times the issue recurs.

  271. Viper Antwerp says:

    I downloaded the game yestarday. Not knowing about the upgrade. I downloaded the new version today. Nothing works! I tryed to chat with your current members. They are so fustrated with the bugs and problems that they were rude. First impressions are important. We all know that. Right? As a newbee. Im not impressed. Not in the least. This after I was convinced to leave “There” because “Second Life” Is supposed to be so much better. I think my desicion to leave the other game was a bad one. After reading the comments left here about how every fix seems to make things worse. Sound like you’re regressing instead of progressing. Can some one let me know when things “work right” if ever…

  272. Seola Sassoon says:

    Chadrick, should we be sending another bug report if we didn’t get an email back on the ones we submitted?

  273. josh says:

    What an awesome idea, however I have not been able to get started yet. For some reason, my name isn’t matching with the password. I’ve been writing it down to make sure it’s accurate, and I’ve been entering it correctly. Also, where do we go when the screen “Second Life Grid Status
    Second Life is Open” appears?

    Keep up the awesome work. I’ll be patiently awaiting a reply in my email inbox. Thanks!

  274. Lyn Mimistrobell: Sporadic for some, constant across the grid. There are people not experiencing these problems which is why I stated sporadic prior.

    Someone: Awsome, thanks for letting me know.

    coldFuSion Cheeky: Thanks, I’ll pass it on. Please be sure to bug report it for us.

    Seola Sassoon: Please do 🙂

  275. les says:

    glad you guys took an extra week o_O

    i sure would love to be the boss for a day 🙂

  276. dawn traynor says:

    hi I have tried to go on line but when I do it says to download a new program and when I try it is triggering my virus detector and I cant install nay new program thought you should know i only signed up on tuesday and so far I have been able to usee the site for about a half an hour.

  277. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    This is beyond tiresome!

    Major issues in world, frequent freezes and crashes, corrupted textures, the list goes on endlessly!

    When if ever is Linden Labs going to institute the quality control processes needed to actually deliver a useable product?

    This release was delayed allowing more time for testing and debugging, you stated that you were very cautious about bringing the grid up after the update to make sure things worked properly, yet this is one of the buggiest updates yet. LL had better get their act together, your competency is is being called in to doubt.

  278. Andy says:

    The new SL client also seems hugely sluggish on my Apple Mac dual G5 (2ghz) compared to the previous version. I’m not talking lag, but app performance … e.g. menus take a while to open, redraw is slower … oh, and Activity Monitor reports SL is using 95% of the CPUs, which is a massive increase on last time. Something isn’t right, folks … any chance of fixing this in the next incremental release.

    Thanks for the hard work! 🙂

  279. Josh: What is your entire account name?

    Ravanne Sullivan: You aren’t the only one who feels that way but please restrict posts here to helpful commentary. Posting issues we havent identified will help us resolve issues quicker. Can you think of anything we haven’t addressed in the Blog posts or Comments here?

    Andy: Noted, I’ll pass on your troubles. Thanks for the support!

  280. Bonnie says:

    BTW Girls (and some boys probably) did we ever find out whether that is Chad in his photo?

    *Runs into the corner and promises to be good while chanting “new issues only, new issues only*


  281. Quantum Daikon says:

    Hi Chadrick

    OK I will un-ban my lands when I can tp back to them …but I hope you are correct 😉

    I am not loosing Lindens from my account — I am just not sure if I am receiving money for goods sold. But in the scheme of things I suppose that that is not important … getting SL stable again most definitely is (losing money is a little annoying though 🙂 )

    I am in SL because I love it, not to make money.

    Long live SL (unless you make me the 1st resident to go bankrupt lol)


  282. Io Zeno says:

    hrm, took a couple of tries to get in, when I did I was bumped to the Governor’s Mansion, invisible and unable to TP…. I’ll, huh… try back later.

  283. Susie Sabena says:


    >When if ever is Linden Labs going to institute the quality control processes needed to actually >deliver a useable product?

    I just did a post saying essentially the same thing, but it apparently didn’t make the moderator’s cut.

    I believe the big guns at LL come from a computer game development background, where bugs matter little and the cost of dealing with all of them would be prohibitive.

    But SL goes beyond being just a “game”, and deserves software management that knows how to develop quality software that SL residents are paying for!

  284. Bonnie: It’s not me 😛

    Quantum Daikon: Ha! I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first. o.O As far as: “…I am just not sure if I am receiving money for goods sold…” goes, yes – that may work itself out as we fix the issues. As soon as I know I’ll post on what the status is.

    Io Zeno: Relogging sometimes fixes this but we are aware and on it.

  285. Io Zeno says:

    K, I’ll give it a try, Chadrick but it took several attempts to log on, I was hanging at the “loading” screen. Are you still queuing log ins?

  286. Bonnie says:

    Aww Chad! Way to blow a girl’s dreams! It’s back to the old faithful that is Jon Bon Jovi I suppose…*sigh*

    …I know, I know, I’m going. 😛

  287. Selena Granville says:

    Hello everyone,

    Having loadsa issues and being tired of this a little :
    Impossible to work, create, insert a script anywhere
    I don’t have money,
    I don’t see myself,
    My inventory does not make appear stuff out of folders.

    Linden, Work hard and work well, for everyone yearning for a better sl-world to come.



  288. Bjarne Haldberd says:

    Add me to the list of those who lost some l$. Just won 40l$ somewhere and the bugs caused it to vanish on the way.

    Is it not possible to downgrade until these issues are fixed? I for one was pretty happy with the last version.

  289. Nuobu Heying says:

    hey i cant get second life to work… it freezes every time i try to log in…can someone help me?

  290. Anasaji says:

    Lindens thank you for the hard work, and very good communication, far above any of the other mmos i have played.

    I would like to mention the crazy lag and server performance issues at peak time- this is chronic and seems that the game is growing bigger and faster then could be anticipated. Perhaps instead of pushing new and broken versions that need fixing we can get the quality issues already existing addressed and fixed. Then go back to pushing new stuff?

    Just a thought.. Thanks again, very fun game just tediously laggy and buggy esp. peak time.

  291. Quantum Daikon says:

    Go Lindens Go

    I will check back later and trust my worldly wealth to you all

    ……(well at least my virtual wealth…. and I will hire a SL hitman if I am crossed 🙂 )

    Good luck today/tonight – and to the more impatient of the posters here…..what if there were no SL at all tomorrow….think on


  292. Maxx Mackenzie says:

    Dear LL, take your time, do things right, in the mean time i’m gonna go play BF2142 with the guys :3

    Keep up the good work!

  293. Io Zeno says:

    Hmmm… this time I got to visit lovely Korea… still completely invisible to myself, not even a name tag, although *other people* could see me. I tried changing my group, didn’t help. I still couldn’t TP anywhere.

  294. Letshava says:

    great work on reducing packet loss mine is only 75% now
    thanks 🙂

  295. Shipper says:

    Xcite purchase timed out but took the funds, I think.
    Not that bothered about 150L’s but how many businesses are doing this?

    You Guy’s need to either offline, or close all vendors.

    In the UK we would call this a complete cock-up

  296. Io Zeno says:

    Oh, but some other people were only partially visible to me or just their names floating there…

  297. Isabella Minogue says:

    Not sure if this is a bug or not – but I can’t make my ava move. I can turn left and right, hover – but can’t walk or fly, even after rebooting my computer as well as SL. Anyone else having the same issues?

  298. Someone says:

    Addition. Inventory loading very slow, can’t rezz things. Missing body issue – go to the sim next to you on foot or fly there, that will solve that problem (at least solved for me).

  299. Kitty Tandino says:

    umm im traped on an Island… no way out!
    no food, cant get into my inventory to get clothing “thank The Gods i was naked!!!!”
    im here with my ex hubby… no pose balls “””so i cant pass the time”” and worse off… didnt i not say i was TRAPED!!!! plz!!! i BEG of u one of u GODS Have Mercy on my SOUL!!!!!!
    save me plz! “”see my nic name thats me in world.. if u can just play ping pong with my avi i dont care toss me back n forth… its all good just get me out this BOX!!!!!!!

    roflmao.. ok sounds like im playing… BUT IM NOT!



  300. Io Zeno: The login issue is being looked into.

    Bonnie: 😛

    Selena Granville: Hi Selena, we know. Working to get it resolved as fast as possible.

    Bjarne Haldberd: I wish we could. Our team does and has considered our options and is taking the one that is the best for the grid.

    Quantum Daikon: Thanks!

    Letshava: Looking into it, thanks for the feedback.

    Shipper: Shipper thanks for the feedback. Please send all Linden Dollar support requests to support@secondlife.com .

  301. Kitty Tandino says:


  302. Darek Deluca says:

    Roll it back! The update has too many bugs.

  303. Solomon Devoix says:

    If you want to properly stress-test the Beta grid… AND relieve some of the load on the main grid… then start all free accounts on the Beta grid, and restrict them there for 30 days, or until they become a paid account, whichever comes first.

  304. Someone: Great. That makes sense. Some regions are performing fine, others not so well, so thanks for giving everyone the advice.

    Kitty Tandino: We are working on getting you back to your ex-husband as soon as possible. Wait that doesn’t sound right… 😉 Thanks for the chipper spirits!

  305. Kitty Tandino says:

    NO BABY! away! i wanna get AWAY!

    ~gets on knees… plz my LORD! save me!


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  307. Adrian Sutter says:

    Was visiting with friends in Badlands….got booted.
    Trying to login…appears Badlands is down.

  308. Deira Llanfair says:

    Apologies if this is repeating – but I seem to be suffering from a bad case of invisible avatar and empty inventory folders – most unnerving, but mind you , I think I have just worked out how you put prim hair together 🙂 😉

    Hang on in there guys – the very best software has the hardest birth.

  309. Solomon Devoix: That’s an idea, I’ll pass it on, thanks!

    Adrian Sutter: Try logging into a different region.

    At this point, I’m going to disable comments on the blog. We have seemed to have peaked at the reports of new issues. If anything else creeps up in the next few hours, please feel free to contact me in world so I can look into it, and be sure you file a bug report for us so we can be sure to identify the issue. Thank you everyone for your feedback and understanding while we get the grid back in shape. Cheers!

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