UP!DATE: Land Buying, Teleports, Partnering – Up!

[11:16pm SLT] The hour has finally come! As many of you in world have probably seen:

  • Most of the search functionalities, *all except for ‘Places’*, have been turned back on.
  • Most of the map items have been turned back on.
  • Land sales have also been reactivated – parcels for sale should be able to be purchased. They are functioning as expected.

Thanks for everyone’s reports and patience – today was a day of many improvements to the update we had yesterday and it seems to have ended well, agreed? For those of you who are still experiencing various data loss issues, we’ll update you tomorrow regarding our progress in those departments. Have a restful evening all, we’ll post back in the morning.

[7:41pm SLT] We’re continuing to receive reports of Partnerships not working for some; I just touched base with our Liaisons and they’ve heard the same. I wasn’t able to repro this (and now I’m partnered to myself) — nevertheless, I’ve communicated this onwards to be looked at. NOTHING STOPS THE POWER OF LOVE! -Torley Linden

[4:58pm SLT] The partnering feature which allows residents to become affiliated with each other is back up and working. All those divorces which had to be delayed last night can now be processed. 😉

[2:33pm SLT] Our Developer team has gotten teleports working accross the grid. So far there seem to be no hiccups with this feature and it should be functioning properly. There may still be *appeared* Teleport issues when trying to access a region that is down, so if you have a failed teleport please report ( the region you are coming from and going to) to our LIVE Help channel in world. The in world Search is still shut down as is the buy land feature, parcel queries have been turned off for now, so land sale searches and “Buy Land” via a right-click are disabled. Land buying will probably be like this until tomorrow. Cheers!

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