Today’s Deploy of 1.13 – Done!

[3:28pm SLT] The end of the world as we know it has been averted. The update is done, problems addressed and the grid is now open for all. Thanks for understanding during this process.

[2:56pm SLT] Logins are back up! It looks something is slightly awry with our login database though. We are letting people in but may have to toggle logins back and forth as we troubleshoot the issue.

[2:50pm SLT] We are restricting logins temporarily to lighten the load on the database.

[2:30pm SLT] The floodgates are open. Join us in world for version 1.13!

[2:05pm SLT] While the grid was down we did a little bit of network reconfiguration to help alleviate packet loss in some parts of the grid. This had some unanticipated side effects, so we’re performing one last piece of cleanup on this before we open the grid. Estimated login time is 2:30 SLT, we’re almost there.

[1:34pm SLT] The grid is fully up and we are smoke testing it now. Providing nothing blows up or implodes during the test, we should open the doors within the next half an hour.

[1:16pm SLT] Wondering why the grid is still down after the update? I’ve been asked to assure everyone we aren’t running around in world sitting in your chairs and playing Tringo.

  • We had an issue with one of the database configuration changes we made that we’re addressing. This should be complete very quickly and won’t cause much trouble.
  • Due to the extent of the 1.13 changes, we had many people helping and watching the grid as it came up, in the… um… “oops” department, we were overly cautious and thought we saw problems that turned out to be non-issues, so we’ve gone extremely slow to make sure there are no issues.
  • The grid is up and active for Linden employees and is being tested as quickly as possible by our Developers. It will be opened to everyone as soon as possible.

Once again, thanks for your patience.

[12:50pm SLT] We ran into an issue bringing the grid back online, we’re working on it. It is taking longer than expected and we’ll post here as soon as we have more information. The current grid status can be viewed at as well. Thanks for understanding during this update process.

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