UPDATE: Database Issues From Today’s Release

[8:08 PM PST] Back just in time to inform everyone the situation has stabilized for tonight and that some missing functionality has been restored. I’ll update the blog again in the morning with any updates we have come accross in the late hours of the evening. Thank you everyone for all your feedback and forbearing today. I assure you we will continue to work on the bugs and issues you help us identify, as long as you keep reporting them. You can read the various updates from today’s release by reading the rest of the posts below.

[7:29 PM PST] To the many who asked me personally, pardon, we don’t have an ETA on the situation. If we did, we’d gladly share it because we want things back up to speed as soon as you do! We’ll have a better idea what’s going on as we progress further.

And… w00t Chadrick’s back to update ya! *transitions the reins* -Torley

[7:10 PM PST] Summary of the situation thus far: after today’s release of Second Life 1.13, something changed which affected the database, which is now having difficulties handling the load. We’re continuing to work through the night to figure out what went wrong. Problems include being unable to:

  • teleport and map-track
  • display your L$ balance (don’t worry, it’s still there, just not showing!) and buy stuff inworld
  • use Search
  • show profile and groups info
  • change Friends permissions
  • rez (your avatar may appear invisible to yourself
  • and other connected issues…

In addition, we’ve had regions (sims) go down. James, our GridMonkey this week, has been heroically getting them back up as quickly as possible. Numerous other Lindens are working on this, this very second. I’m personally monitoring the blog and continuing to post these updates, because we don’t want our communication channels to go quiet on you. I know how anxious a lot of you Resis are to know what’s going on.

We warmly apologize for the problems this has caused, it sucks for us too. We’ll be by your side and continue to provide the latest timely news on our progress as the situation continues to unfold. -Torley Linden

[6:50 PM PST] Chadrick will be back shortly, I'm his understudy! As alluded to earlier, there are a number of things NOT behaving properly which are connected to the database load issues: profiles and group info not loading are also affected. My teleports are failing again — it appears some things won't function consistently for the next few hours. -Torley

[6:38 PM PST] Search is working unreliably — I can't look up anyone because it stays in "Searching..." So if you have that problem, you're not alone! We are totally aware of this, and our Operations team is working very hard right now on the database load we're experiencing.

Teleports appear better, and reports of "missing L$" have also decreased. However, if you're experiencing problems buying stuff and get a message like "Buy object failed because you don't have enough money", we also know about this issue. -Torley

[6:13 PM PST] Website's loading alright for me again and our webdevs inspected it. We're not under heavy load and we're contuing to watch for web issues. -Torley

[5:57 PM PST] Apologies — we're also aware our website is slow right now and pages are sometimes failing to load. We've got good people on it. Stay tuned. -Torley

[5:41 PM PST] Remember, comments are turned off on these entries because they're informational announcements and not meant for discussion, as well as helping speed up behind-the-scenes responsiveness of the blog controls (I continue to work on it to streamline future processes, and WordPress is holding steady, but a long page load is a long page load). Things are crazy right now and we need all the breathing room we can get — I promise you we'll be asking for plenty more open feedback on the blog in the future, across a variety of topics. Chadrick and more Lindens will keep posting updates; we're very much here with all of you. -Torley Linden

[5:23pm SLT] Also – Your Linden dollars may not show up on your account, it may show as blank or as zero amounts of L$. This is not the case, your Linden dollars are not gone. It’s related to our issues stated below. Don’t panic, we’ll get your funds back. Thanks for understanding.

Today’s update introduced an issue that is causing many of the in world problems right now. What’s a release day without some hiccups, right? We aren’t sure exactly where the problem lies but rest assured, we care and are frantically working to solve the issues. It’s likely that as soon as we identify the cause of the problem, we’ll be able to fix it quickly. As soon as we know more details we’ll post an update. Thanks.

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