Your Chance at a Busy Ben or Luna Spot

We’re pleased to announce your chance at a free 4-month lease in the shops in Luna Oaks Galleria and Busy Ben’s Vehicle Lot! Keep reading to learn how to get a free spot in these great areas for FREE!

The Luna Oaks Galleria and Busy Ben’s Vehicle Emporium (in Oak Grove) offer some of Second Life’s most desirable retail space, and both of these premier locations are ready to offer four-month leases to a limited number of merchants.

The Galleria offers a varied range of shop sizes, from 16 square meter Kiosks all the way up to breathtaking 1,300 square meter anchor stores – all boasting primitive allocations five-times above the norm. Busy Ben serves vehicle dealers with leases on individual plots of 32 or 96 square meters, featuring vehicle-friendly prim allocations, with the larger lots holding up to three vehicles for sale.

The lotteries are open to all active Residents, both premium and basic. We have set the land in both spaces to special merchant groups that lottery winners will be invited to. We no longer manage land auctions in these areas and the spots are only given out via lottery.

How to Get A Plot
Linden Lab will hold two different lotteries for each location (Busy Ben and Luna), one for the smaller lots and one for the larger lots. Residents will be able to enter the lottery by visiting the in-world lottery entry system. Please note you must enter the lottery in-world by 10am PST on Thursday Oct. 12, 2006 to qualify.

All winners will be selected through a blind-lottery held by Linden Lab on or about Monday, Oct. 16, 2006. Winners will be announced here in the Second Life blog and also notified in-world shortly thereafter.

Parcel winners will be invited into the appropriate land owners group and assigned a parcel of land. Winners will not be able to sell or transfer land, nor will they be able to rename it or release it. Prim limits per plot will have to be checked periodically to ensure a plot owner does not exceed their allocation. Autoreturn will prevent junk from collecting in the area. At the end of the 4-month lease, all existing members will be ejected from the group, and the new plot owners will be added.

Lottery Information
We will hold two separate lotteries for each location. The first will award leases for smaller retail spots (40 smaller shops at the Galleria and 38 single-vehicle stalls, several in each category at Ben’s). The second lottery will award leases for the larger spaces available at each location (six premium stores at the Galleria and four multi-vehicle plots, one in each category, at Ben’s). PLEASE NOTE: You are only able to enter ONE lottery. Lottery entries are due in-world no later than Thursday Oct. 12, 2006 at 10am PST. You will be able to select whether you would like a small or large space when entering the Luna Lottery and which type of space you’d like (auto, boat, etc) for the Busy Ben Lottery.

The Fine Print

  • All current occupants will need to clear out their items by Midnight (PST) on Monday, Oct. 16, 2006. New occupants will be able to move in on Thursday, Oct. 19, no later than 1PM PST.
  • Lottery winners must claim their spot by Oct. 27, 2006 or they may be reclaimed/redistributed.
  • Only one lottery entry per person, anyone found abusing the system with an alt account will be disqualified and removed from the lottery. Current occupants are allowed to enter the lottery.
  • All of those who receive a parcel in the lottery will receive a four-month lease during which they may sell their own items and those created by other Residents. Winners will be unable to sell or transfer their parcel.
  • Modification of the Galleria structures will be limited to interior changes that are not apparent from the outside and signs must be no higher than the top of the store. In Luna, items for sale must be inside your shop or kiosk. No items for sale are allowed on the concrete area in front of the shops.
  • You may hold events and gatherings at the Galleria and Ben’s, and merchants are more than welcome to direct shoppers to larger outlets in other regions (ex: “If you like what you see here, grab this landmark and visit my main store.”)
  • Items for sale must be no higher then store ceilings. Other items such as plants or non-for sale items can be placed on the concrete area directly in front of stores that is a part of that stores design.
  • Content included in these locations should be PG as these are PG areas.
  • Please no looping sound files. Please no scripts that would cause area lag. Please no particles used that would drift off the size of your plot. If you win but for some reason you don’t want the plot, you must notify Data Linden.
  • If you violate any of these guidelines, you may lose your parcel and be removed from the land.
  • Please IM Data Linden if you have further questions.

Enter Now
To enter the lottery for the Luna or Busy Ben lots, please visit the in-world lottery machines in each location, SLurl links below:

Enter the Luna Lottery

Enter the Busy Ben Lottery

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13 Responses to Your Chance at a Busy Ben or Luna Spot

  1. Neo Rebus says:

    Is there any way at all to enter these lotteries without logging into Second Life? I just moved and will not have Internet at home until after the 12th, so I can’t get onto SL, but I can access websites and such from work. Is there any chance I can enter the Luna lotteries without logging in?

  2. Jillian Callahan says:

    Yay to Data Linden for the very painless registration system! =^.^=

  3. Travis Manen says:

    What happens after the four months? Are there offers to lease at that point or do you just get kicked out? Or is there another lottery?

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the Luna Oaks Mall shops! It was a lot of fun.


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  6. Artioma says:

    Preved! Nice resourse! Kagdila? I’m medved

  7. zORIE Zuhrah says:

    please, i won a small parcel and i can’t find any information on how to collect my prize and the time is almost up.

    please someone tell me where to go

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