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We’ll be unmangling our blog’s layout shortly…

[10:58 AM PDT/SLT] It was just some bad formatting pasted in here, no worries. All good now!

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Thoughts on Lindens joining resident groups

In doing research for the international outreach, I joined several different groups within the currently established Second Life German community which has sparked a bit of controversy…

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Second Life 1.12.2 release tomorrow – CANCELLED

Earlier, we announced Second Life 1.12.2 would be released tomorrow on Sept. 27, with expected downtime from 7 AM – 12 PM SLT/PDT. This has been cancelled, and the 1.12.2 release is now tentatively scheduled for next week, October 4, … Continue reading

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Timestamps added on top, categories cleaned up!

Good news! Jose Linden’s been doing blog improvements. So now you’ll see timestamps at the top of entries next to dates—this was much-requested and it’s amazing how a little change can make a big difference. The font’s also a little … Continue reading

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Second Life now on the Beta Test Grid

As we near the release of Second Life 1.12.2, we’ve updated the Beta Test Grid to reflect the latest state of what will be in tomorrow’s upgrade. So in addition to the awfully brief previous Release Notes that some of … Continue reading

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Website slowdowns

[UPDATE – Sep. 25 @ 4:22 PM PDT/SLT] We’ve found out what was going on and restarted the webservers too. This is resolved. As I write this, portions of our website aren’t loading or are displaying the Grid Status page. … Continue reading

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The Land Guy is now the Land Guru!

What exactly does this mean? It means I have started a new job with an enlightened job title. I have joined the CSR team and will be handling all issues related to land on the mainland. Some of this is … Continue reading

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