Second Life Oktoberfest 2006 Party!

In celebration of the final day of Germany’s 173rd Oktoberfest, we will be holding a fabulous party Second Life style! Come drink, dance, and be sure to pick up your free special edition Oktoberfest 2006 T-shirt! We will be celebrating at the Biergarten am Mann on October 3, 2006 at 8pm CET/11am PDT, We hope you’ll join us for the party!

If you’d like to come to the party, want to be involved in the planning of this and future German events or in welcoming the German Community as we work towards localizing the client, please feel free to join the Willkommen Deutschland group!

Also, if you’re interested in supporting the German Community in Second Life, there are a few things you can do:
* We’re looking for German speaking volunteers, apply today!
* Want to be involved in the Second Life community international outreach? Feel free to sign up for International Mailing List to join in the conversation!

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  2. Lewis Nerd says:

    Is there anything planned for UK based players?


  3. Funaria Moose says:

    I’m german and a volunteer (greeter & mentor) already. But I didn’t know you’re looking for german mentors …

  4. Bob7k Akula says:

    i live in the teen grid, so i dont think im allowed to go. however, i do have a friend in germany who might be able to help you guys get second life in germany, but i havent asked, he might have a few leftover servers from his buisness, if you want, i could ask him to see if you can inspect the servers for the german thing, they arent like something in his room or anything. he owns a buisness, so its not like he can just go and damage them or something, but im sure you can afford your own servers?

  5. Isis Ophelia says:

    For the English speaking community (also UK) is the whole SL world open with its 1000s of activities Jim, because the language is not a handicap 🙂

    Jean, the Willkommen group is a great start and also that you have called German speaking members to help

    I will help as my time permits and have joined the group yesterday. You can also count on me if you start supporting Spanish speaking members

    I would wish all businesses would set Ramos translator in their shop so members (customers) who do not speak English were able to socialize with others, ask questions and get this way information. I have seen that some new members who do not speak English do not dare to buy items because they are afraid to hit the wrong button and get in troubles

    Might be that there are more translation tools around in SL, but the one made by Ramos (from Ramos furniture) is the only free one I know. It can be found here

    Hank Ramos’ Script and Gadget Shop – Grignano 98, 99, 28

    A commercial translator HUD made by Yossarian Seattle for 1.000L$ – Ukanipo 250, 182, 86

    In another 3d system where I used to chat they had integrated a translator on the client menu. Clicking on a button opened a window where members could paste the text they wanted to translate. Furthermore the chat program could be downloaded in English and German and clicking on a flag would turn all the menus, information, help text etc into German

    Not easy to achieve all this as there are so many languages, but somewhere we must start to make our communication possible 🙂

    Thank you Lindens, Jean, for the begin

  6. Isis Ophelia says:

    the creator of the free translator is not the Ramos with the furniture, jewelry etc shops

    uh uh just found out I got it confused.. lol

    Hank Ramos is the one who made it and the place where it can be picked up above is right

    Hank Ramos’ Script and Gadget Shop – Grignano 98, 99, 28

  7. Lewis Nerd says:

    Language is not necessarily the problem. Timezones are a big problem – which isn’t necessarily easy to overcome.

    Clearing detrius from the events calendar, so that people can more easily find true events happening in their timezones and/or their own language, would be helpful. There is so much spam from back to back *ingo, sales, grand openings that last for weeks etc, that it’s almost impossible to use.


  8. Paula Langset says:

    I agree with Lewis’ statement, to have a true and working events list would be very important for people in neglected timezones. By now it’s near to useless.

    Then, someone organising actual events at the right time will be needed…

  9. Lewis Nerd says:

    I’m sure I’m not the only one capable of organising an event at a euro friendly time.

    Unfortunately, as it stands, it would have to fight for notice amongst various back-to-back *ingo and yardsales which are 24/7 – which, by their very nature, are not “events”; an event is something special, not something that merely exists.

    Neither are rental or mall ads.

    Neither are “grand openings” that last a week.

    Neither are repeat postings of the same thing at the same time by different people.

    Neither are ‘unhosted’ events.

    Neither are clubs that are advertising the exact same event back to back but with slightly different themes, as I noticed earlier this week.

    Some of the ‘classes’ being run are also somewhat questionable. Earlier this week I saw an events posting from a ‘university’ advertising “How to Find Events”. Surely by simply turning up you’d already learnt around 90% of the subject matter.

    Clear that junk out, not only would people be more keen to run an event, but it would also give people looking the first time the impression that it’s not all about sex and money here.


  10. Jeska Linden says:

    Hope to see you all at the event tomorrow!

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  12. Jay G says:

    Just wondering how your Oktoberfest differs from our “American” ones…

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