Second Life 1.12.2(2) Release on Oct. 4, 2006

Hey everyone, we’ll be updating to Second Life 1.12.2(2) on Wednesday, October 4th, 2006, from 7:00 AM PDT/SLT to 12:00 PM PDT/SLT. The grid will be closed during this time and you will need to upgrade to the newest version to login afterwards.

You can see full release notes in Josh’s previous post.
Thank you Josh!

Also, another friendly reminder that our planned downtime for mandatory releases continues to be every two weeks on a Wednesday during the same time window. This means the next scheduled downtime is targeted for Oct. 18.

Thank you all for your continuing patience as we watch Second Life grow!

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23 Responses to Second Life 1.12.2(2) Release on Oct. 4, 2006

  1. “* Fixed a bug where inventory was showing unworn items as worn”

    🙂 Excellent!
    Does this also mean the inverse, i.e. that “Fixed a bug where inventory was showing worn items as unworn” was also fixed? That’s the one I was noticing a lot. Hard to track what’s being worn if it doesn’t show up in boldcase.


  2. Relk Akula says:

    Please do not mess up 😛

  3. Lee Ponzu says:

    Oh, boy. We can hardly wait.

  4. Why no reversion to SLT?

  5. Dzonatas Sol says:

    An Inventory feature broke within the last few versions. Before, I was able to search for an item by name with the search box. Once I found the item I would select that item. After it showed selected, I would click the “X” on the search input box (not the close inventory “X”). The selected item would remain within the pan of the inventory window. That is the preferred way, as it has is a very productive manner.

    Now, the selected item jumps out of the current view and the inventory pans to some random location. It’s terrible because now lots of time is needed just to find the selected item by scrolling up and down the inventory list, and when you have thousands of items it isn’t that easy!

    The preferred manner described above made the find quick. I was able to name folders uniquely, store items inside, and search for the folder for those items. Once I selected the folder, I hit the X. The folder would remain there in view for me to open quickly and find the desired object.

  6. Dolus Naumova says:

    Are you REALLY going to update it, or is it going to get pushed back again? 😉

    Nah, it’s good you aren’t rushing it. Hope this one goes better than the others have! (*COUGH1.11COUGH*)

  7. Richard Clifford says:

    Sorry for the slightly picky comment, but I assume that you don’t actually mean 7am to 12pm – you mean 7am to 12 am i.e. you’re planning a 5 hour outage not a 17 hour outage?

    Or, to make it perfectly clear 07:00 – 12.00 rather than 07:00 – 24.00

  8. Great! Can we get some clarification on the llPushObject? I have in enabled on all of our parcels, yet constantly have newbies coming by and busting up our trivia game in Indigo with llPushObject(); I’m hoping this has been fixed. Thanks for any info.

  9. thanks Biblio:

    The root issue around inventory items not displaying correctly is that the inventory tree wasn’t being updated. So this should have addressed the issue both ways (showing worn as unworn, and unworn as worn). Please hop onto the preview grid to verify!


    The llPushObject change mean that objects can’t be pushed, just as agents couldn’t be pushed before. So this should address the issue you’re seeing. Please hop on the preview grid and make sure it’s working as expected!

  10. Eponine Basiat says:

    Any luck with the avatar missing textures bug?

  11. Llauren Mandelbrot says:

    Richard Clifford: 12PM *is* noon. 12AM is *midnight*. 🙂

  12. Luciftias Neurocam says:

    Curious about the texture bug myself, Eponine.

    I thought it had been licked. Then this weekend I saw an avatar with missing texture pants.

    At first I thought it was simply clothes the user was wearing with a ripped “missing texture” texture. So I went to a welcome area to check it out. Only saw it a few times during several hours, but in each case it was a very (in the last 10 days) new account. Does this have something to do with the local cacheing of avatar textures (new accounts don’t have a home sim to cache textures to yet)? Or just coincidence?

  13. But… p.m. is Latin for “after noon,” and a.m. is Latin for “before noon.” Noon can’t be either before or after itself!

  14. Tamii Gwynneville says:

    Richard had his AM and PM reversed, but regardless, it will still probably be a 17-hour downtime.

  15. Jesse Kesey says:

    Can’t wait!

  16. Ivan Zelmanov says:

    We don’t mind you being picky. It gave us all a good chuckle. Ah, AM, PM who cares! Everyone cross your fingers and hope it’s not all day!

  17. SuezanneC Baskerville says:

    Will it be 1.12.2(2) or 1.12.2(3) that arrives tomorrow?

  18. Aki Madsen says:

    Well, yes, could you think of all the poos european people getting all mixed up with AM and PM ?
    Just had how many hours the grid will shut down to your message, that will do !
    So will that be a terrible 17hours or some little 5 ???

  19. Trajan Somme says:

    I am hoping that also in this release under server/database fixes will be Inventory fully displaying. Yes, I have cleared my cache and toggled object occlusion several times now (thank you Lucy Linden, btw) over the past few weeks and still, out of a 16k+ inventory only 10,970 objects show. At first, I thought I was the only one with this issue, but after talking to several residents, alas, I am not.

    This seems to affect the older accounts only, (as far as I can tell by who I’ve talked to), ones that are older than February 2006 and have >11K objects.

    Please advise.

    Thank you, & have a great update day. 🙂

  20. Cabalero Klopek says:

    LL I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and wish you all good luck with the updates today.

  21. Shimmer Ellis says:

    Great , I can’t wait. Second Life is fantastic and continues to improve with each update. Thank you Linden Labs !

  22. veronika says:

    hey what’s up?

  23. veronika says:

    hey what’s up everybody?

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