Second Life 1.12.2(2) now on the Beta Test Grid

I’ve just updated the Beta Test Grid with a preview of Second Life 1.12.2(2). Here are the incremental release notes from the last announcement:

Release Notes for Second Life 1.12.2(2) September 29, 2006
Other changes:
* llPushObject restrictions now apply to pushing objects
* Rolling update warnings are now broadcast repeatedly (5m, 4m, 3m, 2m, 60s, 45s, 30s, and 15s) and with earlier warning

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a bug where inventory was showing unworn items as worn
* Fixed “Copy to Inventory” and “Copy and Wear”
* Fixed a bug where descending into a parcel where you were banned would bounce you to 0,0
* Fixed a “level of detail” bug causing tori, spheres and cylinders not to align
* “Return All” and “Return Selected” in Estate Tools now function correctly
* Group members no longer blocked from group-owned parcel if payment levels blocked
* Estate owners/managers are now exempt from access lists on their own estates
* Error message “you cannot log in until [time]” now displays correct time
* Offline friendship message no longer says “(resident) has to be your friend…”
* MacBook Pro: Function keys should no longer cause arrow keys to be “stuck”
* Several simulator and dataserver crash fixes
* Lots of changes to make the client/server protocols more secure

Please come in and check it out, and let us know what problems you see.

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18 Responses to Second Life 1.12.2(2) now on the Beta Test Grid

  1. Why no reversion to SLT?

  2. Linnian Sugar says:

    Nice but it’s 5 updates later where is the sliding view bug fix?

  3. Ceera Murakami says:

    * Fixed a “level of detail? bug causing tori, spheres and cylinders not to align

    THANK YOU! Will that also fix the glitch that distorts textues at the edges of cut cylinders? The one that appeared when you mucked about with Cylinder LOD last time? Might even be worth the effort for me to go to the Beta Grid and test that…

  4. Ceera Murakami says:

    Nope. Not fixed yet.

    The glitch that causes no mesh to appear on the cut ends of cylanders with small cut values is still there, (0.010 cut = no mesh on ends), as is the texturing glitch. I demonstrated both for Milo Linden just now on the beta grid, and he entered them into the tracking system.

  5. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “llPushObject restrictions now apply to pushing objects”

    Thank the gods, the Lindens, and the little blue imp that tells me what to do in the dark of the night! I can put physical animals out again without having them orbited!

  6. turtlepee Lazarno says:

    “llPushObject restrictions now apply to pushing objects?

    Ahh, this could be bad. Think about when people use those orbit cages(gets past llPushObject restrict) and you get out. Then they just fly around the sandbox. Or, when a noob plays with physical spheres – the big one’s – and leaves it/them there. They cause lag, and now we can’t push them away.
    Now, I do agree with Argent, that little physical animals and things like that shoulden’t be pushed,
    but the big things could be bad.

  7. Peasan Kuu says:

    I wonder if anybody else is having the same problem as me. The beta client gets as far as ‘Verifying Protocol’ and then just hangs for about a minute and then announces that it can’t contact the server.
    I have exactly the same problem with the optional update on the main grid so I’ve had to revert to an older client.

  8. Vincent Nacon says:

    “llPushObject restrictions now apply to pushing objects?

    uhh.. don’t you mean this?

    “llPushObject restrictions now apply to pushing —other user’s— objects? ?

    Otherwise people will complain about how they can’t push their own objects instead.

    ( …yeah, I haven’t test it on the beta >_>; but it need to be said)

  9. Ceera Murakami says:

    In the beta test grid, it seems that cylanders, spheres and torii will line up again, with the same number of facets in the same orientations. I did a test the other day where I put together a half sphere, a cylander, and a torus with a 0.75 profile cut, and they all meshed nicely.

    While I was in one of the sandboxes this weekend, a noob insisted on playing ‘cops and robbers’ and setting off several ‘explosives’, in spite of the fact that the sandbox that I was in was one where weapons testing is not allowed. Since no-push was on, neither I nor the non-physical structures near me where affected, other than my being temporarily inconvenienced by not being able to see through the grey cloud of un-rezzed particle effects. The ‘bomber’ also has two vehicles (what looked like a freebie police car) parked right next to me, and they were [i]also[/i] completely unaffected by the blast, even though the noob himself was thrown a good 100 meters away by the explosion.

    Now, unless I am mistaken, a typical vehicle has to be physical. So I would take that as evidence that his blast was unable to affect physical objects in a no-push parcel.

  10. Ceera Murakami:

    We now have fixes for most of the LOD/texture issues you’ve reported, and should be updating the Beta grid today with the new code. So please come by and check it out, once you see build (3) go up.

    Vincent Nacon:

    Interesting point. I’ll follow up and see if there should be a special case for pushing one’s own objects. As Ceera points out, right now there isn’t a special case (so the noob can’t push his own objects in a restricted area.)

  11. Argent Stonecutter says:

    There definitely should be an exception for pushing ones own objects, and for a landowner pushing objects, just as there is for pushing avatars.

  12. les says:

    I’ll just direct service calls for my broken pool table to LL o-O

  13. Ceera Murakami says:

    I will definitely check the beta grid as soon as the new (3) build is posted. Thank you, Joshua!

    The noob’s police cars still worked. I saw him ride in one of them across the sandbox. So a script *within* an object can still push that object, and make a car move. And he was able to drag-copy the first police car to make a second one, and to position it manually. But his external explosion did not move the car, even though it was clearly his.

    Now, possibly the car was scripted so it only becomes physical when it is in use. I don’t know enough about vehicle scripts to say, as I have only built one good vehicle so far, and that using a boat script that was almost complely un-altered from a freebie boat that I own. But if a car has to be physical, and if that property wasn’t being toggled by the script when he drove it, then the blast was unable to affect it.

    I know the noob “hit me with a scripted object” at least twice, because I checked the ‘bumps and pushes’ report a couple of times after his explosions went off. I am pretty sure one was an explosion, and the other either an explosion or a bullet. But nothing affected me, so I didn’t bother to AR the fool.

  14. In a way it’s good that you can’t orbit those huge physical spheres/cubes/etc. because then it’s constantly causing physics calculations and it’s obviously impossible to catch up to it. By just having it sitting around on the ground, SOMEONE will eventually take care of it.

    I know several of the planes South of Serenity Woods are non-physical until piloted. Considering there’s at least a dozen planes out every time I look they’d have to be or else the sim would start running into problems. If the cars were properly programmed, they’d go into a non-physical state too when there was no driver. But as for drag moving the other one, that would suggest they weren’t, so who knows…

    I still seem to run into situations where a sim will download very slowly (I won’t fully rez for a minute or more, nor will my friends popping in after me, and they see it too). Might there be a bit of tweaking that could be done with the asset server?

  15. Anonymous says:

    “I’ll follow up and see if there should be a special case for pushing one’s own objects.?

    you’re kidding right? my objects should ATLEAST be able to push my own objects. I’ve never had any trouble with griefers using push on THEIR OWN objects.

  16. Besides, it wouldn’t be any fun if the griefers couldn’t grief themselves. 🙂

    Yeah, the code had been optimized for checking agents/owners, not checking objects/owners. We have a further fix in testing now.

  17. Scalar Tardis says:

    As a physics experimenter, if my objects cannot push my other objects in the SL sandboxes, I’m effectively going to be done with SL until a change occurs.

    How will I be able to continue work on my giant pinball machine, if the firing plunger cannot llPushObject the marble out of the launching lane? How will my bumpers be able to kick the marble around the table?

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