Information about Openspaces (void regions)

We’ve had quite a number of requests for information about Openspaces, so here is a more complete run through than the original forum post contained..

What are Openspaces and what is the cost?

For those Island/Estate owners wishing to provide empty areas such as water, hills and forest – we offer Openspaces, light use regions sometimes referred to as voids.

An order for an Openspace consists of 4 low prim regions for the same price as a normal private island – so USD$1250 initial fee followed by USD$195 per month thereafter. You cannot buy 2 or 6. They come in sets of four per order.

You must already own a normal island to be able to order Openspaces because they must be anchored to a normal existing Island that you own or be used in a series to create space between islands you own. In other words, they cannot be used to “float” space on their own.

Each of the four is limited to only 1875 prims.

Why are they ‘light use’?

Whereas normal private islands run on their own dedicated CPU, the Openspace regions run four per CPU: this limits their performance, as you would expect. Openspaces only ever share with other openspaces on a server.

It is therefore important to understand what these regions are; they are provided for light use only, not for building, living in, renting as homes or use for events. As a stretch of open water for boating or a scenic wooded area they are fine, but we do not advise more serious use than this and will not respond to performance issues reported should you not use them in this way.

We are happy to move openspaces when/if your regions move, but we do ask that you choose your initial placement carefully to avoid unnecessary work.

How do I order an Openspace?

If you would like to place an Openspace order, please email stating the following information..

  • Your account name and your real name
  • The four region names
  • Whether they are to be PG or Mature
  • The estate they should belong to
  • The name of the existing island they will anchor to. Please also provide any other placement details that you wish to pass on.

By default Openspaces are delivered as open water with all land at 0 meters.

Other rules relating to Openspaces

To continue to own Openspaces, you must also continue to own at least one normal island. If you transfer your last normal island, you must also transfer the Openspaces to someone eligible to own them or give them up, as you cannot own Openspaces on their own.

You can sell Openspaces to another resident if you wish (all four as a single transferable item) but the new owner will need to own a normal island already to be eligible to own them. The normal transfer fee of USD$100 will be charged to the seller.

We recommend that all four Openspaces be held in the same estate.

If you wish to convert a normal island into Openspaces, you can do this so long as you still own at least one normal island after the conversion, for the Openspaces to be anchored to. Similarly you can convert Openspaces back into a normal island if you wish. Either way, there is a conversion charge of USD$100.

If you wish to rename Openspaces, there is a charge of USD$50 per region.

If you wish to move Openspaces there is a charge of USD$150 per region.

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