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  • YES—Estate ban and access lists have been boosted from a max. of 63 to 300, matching the parcel limit! YAYZERAMA to Leyla Linden for doing this. Coming soon to a future Second Life near you.
  • If you’re wondering why there are some extra landmarks in your Inventory’s Library > Landmarks folder, it’s a bug and they’ll be removed. So no, we’re not taking requests to add new ones!
  • I learned Kelly Linden has just finished making a option for Estate Owners to allow Parcel Owners to subdivide and join their land. Very popular Resident request as seen in 1 2 3, we’ve listened and this is our followup… look for this to emerge in public soon, and please help spread the word.
  • There’s an ugly bastard of a bug slowing down Inventory searches as detailed here. We know about it, so hopefully there’ll be a fix soon.

Also, I need a better regular title for my regular community updates, because (1) helps you to find them easier and (2) it just makes sense. (I can’t keep naming my titles after drum and bass tracks!) Any suggestions? Please say so in the comments!

Signing off for now, this is Torley, keeping you in the SLoop! Have a superfantastic Tuesday and/or Wednesday!

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  1. Prokofy Neva says:

    >it’s a bug and they’ll be removed

    It’s amazing how intelligent bugs and exploits can be. They can now automatically sense what the top 7 clothing stores are, that are the same store landmarks often manually given to newbies in folders by Mentors and Helpers as they arrive at the OI and the WA. Yes, this is artificial intelligence at its best. Or…intelligent artifice?

  2. All I have to say to that is, I want those There dogs in Second Life. 🙂

    And I want them to bring me my landmarks. 😀

    Trivia: astute historians will recall when a skin named “DELETE OMG PLEASE” showed up in the Library. Accordingly, it was deleted.

  3. T_S_Kimball says:

    I’m assuming you refer to bans within parcels of an Island Region?

    As I remember, ban from the Region/Estate tool directly hid the island altogether from the banned party.


  4. Wrestling Hulka says:

    I have a few name suggestions for these type of posts….

    Torley’s Cyrstal Ball

    Linden Lube: Making Second Life Easier to Use Update

    Torley’s Shopping List

    Planes, Trains, and Future Updates

    Linden Love Letters

  5. Wrestling Hulka says:


  6. ^ Yes, Region/Estate > Estate tab, the lists on the right-hand side of the panel.

  7. Tsukasa Keiko says:

    It might be just me, but ‘Look, news! YAYZERAMA!’ seems like a good name for your community updates 😛

  8. Jesse Malthus says:

    Yey! This is why I love the new blog.
    Also, props to all the lindens who helped bring bugfixes to the linux world!

  9. Iron Perth says:

    “If you’re wondering why there are some extra landmarks in your Inventory’s Library > Landmarks folder, it’s a bug and they’ll be removed. So no, we’re not taking requests to add new ones!”

    Thanx for letting us know what is going on, it is greatly appreciated.

  10. Iron Perth says:

    “I learned Kelly Linden has just finished making a option for Estate Owners to allow Parcel Owners to subdivide and join their land.”

    That too 🙂

  11. Jeska Linden says:

    Update: The landmarks which were passed via an exploit into the Library were deleted from the account that houses the library earlier this afternoon. This removal is a short-term solution to the problem and we hope to have a permanent fix to the bug itself soon.

  12. Aaron Levy says:

    An exploit? So the people who pushed their landmarks out to everyone should be expecting a ban soon, then?

  13. Tsukasa Keiko says:

    As soon as anyone reads ‘the account that houses the library’, I think it’ll be pretty obvious how the landmarks got there.. 😛 (If you don’t want it getting out too much, maybe you should delete that comment and this one, FYI)

  14. Prokofy Neva says:

    Jeska, I’m sorry, but you’re asking us to believe that Linden security — the templates housed on your side of the servers, inhouse, was breached, so that someone was able to reach every single resident in SL through an outside hack. That’s actually rather hard to believe. I personally can’t fathom how a resident or outsider could hack or breach such a thing, or how a mechanical “bug” could achieve such a feat so easily.

    What’s far more likely is the following, given that *pushing these landmarks manually is already the norm for mentors, greeters, etc. in welcome areas*

    a) a new Linden assigned to the task of manually prepping the template for the next release innocently put them in there thinking that was the norm — she saw that everybody already did that everywhere manually in the orientation process and thought that was just how it was done, and thought she’d actually make it easier instead of making people always manually push folders.

    b) some Linden is consciously allowing “helpers” to set up the newbie template — already the newbie template in fact got skins made by residents like Nylon Pinkey, and this fact — that some residents are now given this highly visible showcase to advertise themselves through having their skins picked as default newbie skins (little noticed or discussed) — helped lay the ground for the idea that a select group of residents should prep these templates and help “fill them with content”.

    c) a Lindens’ own set of landmarks that they took from greeters’ folders or had collected themselves got into the template accidently because they didn’t keep the template account and their own account separate — most likely story of all.

    Humor error or human judgement is the far more likely story here on the Linden side, rather than “bug or exploit” implied from the resident side. For someone to make an exploit, they’d have to “just happen” to pick the top 7 stores and “just happen” to get access by dint of hacking to something pretty awesome — the ability to distribute content into every account. I’m frankly finding that very hard to believe, and given that our context is *already* the MANUAL distribution of these same landmarks by mentors/greeters/helpers everywhere, to the point that numerous ARs have been filed on them, that this bad practice creeped into your template situation.

    If you crack down on this manual distribution far more than you have been, I’m confident you’ll not be likely to see such a “bug” again.

  15. Eloise Pasteur says:

    If publishing the landmarks into the library was an exploit, why is at least one of the landmarks out of date?

    WordPress blogs allow for tags and a list of the tags to be searchable, in at least one case directly from links from the front page. Why not add that to this blog, so we can quickly filter down to the right places. Community news, known bugs, bug fixes, update history, resident experience etc. as the top level tags.

  16. Prokofy Neva says:

    Eloise, most of the landmarks are perfectly well up to date, take you to these stores, whereupon you find day-old newbies who also used them. I tried them today, and that’s what I found. I also wrote to the owners. They appeared to be unaware that they were in the library set like this.

    If a few are out of date, what of it? they get out of date when owners reparcel or even from patches sometimes. So? *Somebody’s* collection of landmarks was popped into the folder *obviously*. Whether by accident or design, the fact is *somebody* made up a list like that *which they tout*. It wasn’t randomly aggregated, Eloise, why is that so hard to accept? It’s a list of many of the top designers. The only “accident” is that Aimee’s store isn’t on there.

  17. Alpha Zaius says:

    Watchmen Reports ;p

  18. JW Russell says:

    As for the title of your reports: Coming up next, right after the update…

  19. Minoru Musashi says:

    Torley’s Tidbits 🙂

  20. Lewis Nerd says:

    Presumably an ‘exploit’ is something designed for personal gain, to differentiate it from a bug.

    So who benefits from having every resident get a set of non-deleteable landmarks nobody wanted?

    At least they’re going to be removed, although I don’t know how soon.


  21. Khamon says:

    Title the community updates “Community Update – ” or “Community News – insert date>”

    There’s no need to make it cute and confusing. That’ll just be hard on people transitioning from a focused announcement forum to a list of mixed article types.

    It will also help if the posters’ names are printed in something other than pale grey, 0.5 point font.

  22. Hiro Queso says:

    Great news on allowing residents to divide land within estates, ty ty, but just a clarification if you will: Will officers of group-deeded land have access to this, or only land ‘owners’?

    Also, is there any chance that a future update might bring the ability for estate owners to grant estate manager access without allowing access to toggle land sales on/off?

  23. MC says:

    So Has Kelly fixed the fact that “NO ONE” can subdivide or join group deeded land ?? I am having a big problem with that right now , and here’s what fritz had to say…

    “Thank you for your patience. Currently, to subdivide or join land, the
    land has to be in the Estate Owner’s own name, not deeded to a group.

    We are working on changing this.

    -Fritz Linden “

  24. MC says:

    My above comment pertaining to ISLANDS sorry i forgot to specify

  25. Thx for the suggestions and helpful feedback. =o)

    Hiro, I’ll ask about that…

  26. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I think you oughta call it “Will ya take a look at those watermelons!”

  27. Choice Sliter says:

    I like your use of The SLoop. How about using that as the title for community updates?

  28. katykiwi Moonflower says:

    The increase of the ban number is terrific and sure is needed with the increase in membership. Thanks for mentioning the lag lock up accompanying an open inventory window…I thought it was my pc!

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