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Nothing New in the World

So, of course, a resident got there first. SL Stats is a much better version of my little script. Cool stuff, although they’re clearly only scratching the surface of what you could do. The advantages of stuffing the data into … Continue reading

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Notes From Second Life Views: Part 4

The fourth session of the Second Life Views 1 panel, led by Ryan Linden, Creative Director, focused on the user experience, and included a look at some new designs for the orientation islands. Notes follow after the break. A final … Continue reading

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Linden Dollar Economy Announcement

Linden Dollar Economy Announcement: Stipend Change for New Premiums, L$ Sales by Linden Lab, and LindeX Circuit Breakers We are going to make several changes over the coming weeks in order to provide Linden Lab with more tools to manage … Continue reading

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Notes From Second Life Views: Part 3

The next session I want to post notes from was led by Daniel Linden, Director of Community Affairs. Daniel’s discussion touched on open registration and the problems with alt account creation and the lack of age verification, as well as … Continue reading

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My First Mashup and Another Billion Dollar Idea

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A Pattern of Ugly

Robyn Miller, who co-designed the game Myst and several of it’s children wrote a couple of posts about Second Life a few months ago.   Those posts penetrated the Linden mindshare, but the topics were nothing we haven’t talked about quite … Continue reading

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Notes From Second Life Views: Part 2

The first session of the day was led by Joe Miller, VP of Platform Development and Technology. Joe’s team includes QA, release management and what we have been referring to as ‘maintenance’ — the improvement of features within Second Life … Continue reading

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