Off to Boston!

I’m packing my bags for a 6 AM flight to Boston, where I will be attending ACM SIGGRAPH (Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques). It’s a really fun conference where you get to sneak a peak at what will be possible on our computers in 5 years, as well as art and interaction that is possible now. The SIGGRAPH crowd really gets SL too, so I will be having a good time demoing at our booth, while a few of the other Lindens give talks. If you are attending this year, stop by booth #301, and say hi (and pick up some sweet swag). Stay tuned for more from Boston this week!

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6 Responses to Off to Boston!

  1. whoareyou says:

    Ok cool, but who are you?

  2. SIGGRAPH looks cool but I can’t go, too expensive for me! Man I’ll miss out on SL swag AND meeting some cool Lindens! ;} I live about 30 minutes away from Boston.

  3. Haddock Trenchmouth says:

    I got all excited about this ’cause i live about a 3 hour drive from Boston. Then I found the registration fees. I guess they really don’t want any smallfry attending, huh?

  4. Sueblimely says:

    Fortunately it amuses as before…………….I’m trying to keep away from reading posts like this. It is totally meaningless. Ain’t it shame to post rubbish like this?

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