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Aren’t You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?

I’m currently in San Francisco for GDC and to visit the RL Linden Lab office to see the many Lindens that I haven’t seen in RL since the end of 2004 and to meet the many new Lindens that have … Continue reading

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Free Script!

Some folks have asked for a basic camera script, after seeing the movie I made for the release notes page.  Here is a simple "camera override" script that you can tweak a bit.  Toss it into a attachment, and put … Continue reading

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ETech Help Needed

I’m giving one of the high order bit talks at ETech on Tuesday and need some SL screen shots for slides.  I can’t promise any bounty other than credit in the slide deck, but if anyone has (or can make) … Continue reading

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Recruting Party in San Diego

Are you going to ETech?  Do you think that you could fill one of our many open positions?  If so, please swing by the Linden Lab ETech recruiting party!  Details: Church Lofts906 10th Ave. #101, San Diego (corner of 10th … Continue reading

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